Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Screening for Violence in Job Applicants

In our Advanced Course, we get into some very specific strategies for hiring:  how to screen out those with an agenda other than employment and personal advancement.  Yet there is something else to carefully consider:


About the last thing any company, business, or department needs is a violent person. 

What is the violent person like?

How can we discern violence in the language?

What if the person has changed his or her ways?  Can we know this?

When law enforcement hires one with poor impulse control, the consequences can be deadly; both literally and figuratively.  Often missed, however, is the personality traits beneath the surface; the need for relevance, respect and recognition; things all humans possess, yet when an imbalance exists, trouble is not far behind. 

It is a complex study but one in which Statement Analysis can successfully discern within the language.  

"My record is clear, though when I was young, I had some issues."

When an applicant wishes to conceal something in his background, the concealment is on his mind while speaking or writing. This is key and using analysis, we will pick up the sensitivities and either get answers from the statement itself, as we now are 'looking for something' specifically, or we will know where to focus questions.  

Violence:  Male or Female?

Males are more prone to violence, with their higher levels of testosterone.  Even in a self loathing society that chooses to believe that gender is a preference, science says otherwise. 

Crime victims, too, have an opinion.  

Females who are violent when young:

What is their attitude towards violence now?

Are they ashamed of their background, or do they embrace it?

The violent seek to impose their will upon others.  They enter the personal property space, or even the personal natural space, of another to impose their will upon the victim.  Many "violent" learn to adjust their means of coercion and will stop being physically violent and learn to use their forceful personality to get their way.  The element of violating one's property or personal space remains the same, but the means change.  The violation is verbal.  

Violence Decreases With Age

This is a true statistic and valuable for probation and prison, but not for companies.  Those who are no longer violent due to "aging out" retain the same personality traits in later years as they did in younger years. 

They do not do well with authority. 

They do not do well in Customer Service. 

They often have difficulty getting along with others and although may not resort to physical violence, the same forcefulness shows itself in other ways. 

Violence is Eradicated Through Education? 

By now you likely recognize that the concern for Human Resources is not that the 45 year old male manager is going to punch someone in the conference room. 

We are looking at an intelligent, educated and sophisticated use of violence that is no longer physically expressing itself, but verbally. 

We listen to the common expressions of life, and are able to identify those who are likely concealing a background that contains violence, as well as those who still pose the risk of violence. 

Due to natural restraints in life, including education, consequence, position, manners, society, (and so on), some will never resort to violence in a business setting:  but they will bully, and bully they do, in ways and means that are nothing like the school yard bully of yesteryear of whom cartoons showed only needed a quick rap to the chin to deflate him.  

These are well educated and successful violent people who never raise a fist.  Yet: 

They destroy careers.

They destroy lives. 

They destroy health. 

They destroy bottom lines. 

They can psychologically crumble someone with just words.  

They do not, so much, disagree with the victim's view point, they disagree with the victim's entire life and existence.  The violent's intent is to get his or her victim to question the victim's own right to life.  It is to utterly defeat, exhaustively eradicating any possible threat of advancement.  

How can this be so?

The difference may be difficult to describe, unless, that is, you have experienced corporate bullying.  The bully is a non violent violent person, and will destroy a bottom line if it means keeping his or her victim from getting credit.

Bullies, therefore, flourish in bureaucratic standings where no profit bottom line exists.  They thrive in settings where they can shout down, ridicule, embarrass, backstab and harm the victim, without the accountability of profit. 

In police departments, should a bully be promoted, a good idea, that is, one that may even facilitate justice, can be buried simply due to jealous ambition.  

Strong leaders 'hire up', that is, they seek to hire those who will eventually threaten to by-pass the position due to talent.  

State governments, like all bureaucracies,  are notorious for "hiring down", that is, upper management and middle management promoting those who will not threaten their own jobs.  These are the same people working on new policies to govern, and influence the interpretation and application of laws, standards, rules, and simply accepted practices that will impact your life, your children, and your pocketbook.  This is where tyranny may begin in small ways, but serve one purpose:  increase the authority of 

More and more polls show how Americans do not trust government any longer, reflecting just how exploitive, by nature, a bureaucratic structure can be and what happens when the ambitious rule, including those who are consistently deceptive about their agenda.  

 Those who prosper in State government would likely drown in the private sector as personal grudges, sabotage promotions and other such tactics eventually harm the for-profit company and the bully is removed, yet, the damage remains. 

The same bureaucratic system that is ripe for bullying and corruption, is the same system which tells the successful business owner not only that "you didn't build that!" but something far more ironic:

"You can't ask personal questions of your job applicants!"

The very same questions that the government can ask, you are not allowed to, lest you face "discrimination" allegations.  

This is similar to the irony of someone who demands no border protection and no guns, while living safely behind armed walls, for his or her children, but not ours. 

This is a form of contempt.  

If you say, "this person is much more important and has more threats", it matters little to the victim of violence, who believes his children are just as valuable as another's.  

They, the government at the top, have the luxury of hiring the best and brightest.  Even Hillary Clinton had (until the press noted it) her top 6 advisors:  White Males, while posing a very different agenda.  "They" can hire the best and brightest in order to get the best results, while imposing upon you, a far lesser standard.  

Phrases and Figures of Speech

In the profiling of a job applicant, we often flag the "figures of speech" that are commonly used by others, yet, when other traits arise, particularly the "non violent violent" (the sophisticated violent), they take on a new importance.  This is not for the Statement Analysis 101 crowd that says, "just tell me, are they lying or not!"

It takes time, effort, and patience, and eventually, confirmation will come.  

"I love you to pieces!" may have a very different meaning coming from you than to one who knows how to tear another to pieces, verbally, and perhaps, without common restraint, physically. 

To commit violence, one must enter the personal property and eventually, the personal space of another.  

Is it any surprise that the sophisticated violent (bully) knows how to cut right into the personal space of another, linguistically?

Sometimes, these are those with passive-aggressive personality types and the greater the intellect, the more they will use criticism, not to blunt an idea, but to get the victim to consider their own life as of lesser value.  

Hire this one and watch morale tank.  

Promote this one and prepare for the damage. 

Give authority to this one, and spend your energy defusing escalated situations that should never have escalated in the first place. 

Perhaps the single best place to identify a violent employee who has already been hired is in the area of jesting.  When he is joking around, he is choosing language that reveals him.  Note how often his phrases correlate to the invasion of another's human space.  These words may be related to sports, true enough, but if you have already identified him as one who is violent, but due to professional setting and age, his violence is linguistic and emotional, you may realize that the same phrases you use, not only have different meaning for him, but greater frequency.  

In women, it is not only rarer, but easier to spot linguistically, including she targets one gender more than the other.  Here, there is less comical or humorous or more passive aggressive, especially an insult that begins as a compliment; a signal of higher intelligence, deep personality resentment, and satisfaction at seeing pain inflicted upon another.  

Promote her and, depending upon the scope of authority, watch an increase in employees calling out sick, potential increases for medical insurance issues, and eventually, increased turnover.  Men, in particular, will be hesitant to report bullying by a female superior, but will, if opened up, use language of humiliation (rage, for example) and justification.  

Learn what Employee Questionnaires can do for your business, company or department.  

Hyatt Analysis Services.  

The Advanced Course is especially of value to those who are in the monthly guided training.  This is the confidential and practical analysis that is monthly, with sufficient processing time between intensities, that follows a sound foundation.  The course is not open to those without approved formal training.  The untrained, no matter how well read, who have not been formally trained and who have not had the opportunity to grow from working with other analysts in live trainings, will often bring discredit to the science from the temptation to rush to "black or white" hard conclusions.  The monthly training is needed to scrub this off, as they quickly learn, in just a few sessions, how complex human nature is, and how, although the principles are correct, the rush to draw a solid line failed them.  

Not only is there the risk for discrediting the science, the talented, but untrained often experience discouragement and the potential they posses goes unrealized.  It is "lose-lose."

There is no substitution for formal training, but it must include exposure to other analysts and exposure to the wide variants that human nature exhibits.  They must learn that with each principle, exceptions exist, and how, over time, they guide us to proper conclusions, and learn to not confuse the subjective with the objective.  

After all these years, I continue to learn new lessons.  Each month, I learn.  In the East Coast Training, I most always do not look at the statement until the training begins.  I go into it "cold" so as to challenge myself, and learn from others.  

Analysts bring in life experiences and knowledge I do not possess.  I am privileged to learn from them.  "Island" learning is a dead end.  Those with natural talent and lots of self taught reading, often do well in training; first they must overcome the overly conclusive practice, as well as accustom themselves to 'being wrong' more than a few times, but eventually, the talent meets with disciplines and...the results are something special.  

The guided monthly training is now offered in two distinct time zones, East Coast and West Coast.

With more UK attendees, we hope to schedule one for Europe in English.


Nic said...

My observation, as an employee, is that life experience does nothing to protect you from a corporate bully. No matter how smart you think you are, there is always a level of "dirtiness" that you're oblivious to. I had to defend myself against a bully and "my performance" boiled down to a division email that was sent out. The bottom line was that a directive was disseminated under a mailing LIST and because I was part of the division, the ASSumption was that I was part of the mailing list, ergo I received the directive. I made a big stink and insisted that the VP stand at the admin's desk with me and have the admin click on the "to mailing list" to see if I had been "edited out" of it. Low and behold, my name wasn't on the list. So the VP "ordered" the admin to update the list. That's right! She trusted her admin and wouldn't "dream" that the admin would do such a thing as tamper with the mailing list. So no consequence for the admin and no apology made to me. Instead what I got was a "na-na-nana-naaa" smile from the admin.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


thanks for sharing.

Honest people; non violent types...simply do not understand just how destructive the corporate bully is.

I got an interesting birthday present recently...


Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

The father of the 19-year-old woman who was burned alive in her car says his daughter had known her attacker 'less than two weeks' and that his criminal record means he should have never been 'out on the street'.

Quintin Tellis, 27, was officially charged with capital murder on Wednesday in the grisly 2014 murder of Jessica Chambers.

In an interview with People magazine, Chambers' father Ben said that he's 'tickled' to see his daughter's alleged killer finally face justice.
At the same time, the trial won't bring his daughter back and he laments the broken system that let a man with a criminal record like Tellis out from behind bars.

Tellis has been behind bars in Louisiana since the end of August, when he was arrested on three counts of unauthorized use of a debit card. He is also suspected in the stabbing death of a Taiwanese exchange student.

'I don't know [Tellis],' Chambers said. 'I know by his record or whatever that he never should've been out on the street. The system failed, I know that.'

The victim's father also revealed more about the nature of his daughter and Tellis' relationship, saying they had only know each other 'less than two weeks'.

That complicates a report from the Clarion Ledger, that the two had been in a relationship at the time of Chambers' murder. It was also reported that the two grew up in the same neighborhood and went to the same high school.

Authorities previously said that the nature of the crime appeared 'very, very personal'.

'Someone meant to cause her great pain,' District Attorney John Champion said at the time.

Chambers was found lying barely alive on the side of the road next to her Kia Rio sedan by a passing driver at 8.15pm on the night of her death.

The teen was then taken to hospital where her parents rushed to see her before she succumbed to the burns, which covered 98 per cent of her body.

Lisa Daugherty told the channel WJTV she heard from one of the firefighters and from a nurse that her daughter said a man named Eric ‘did this’ to her.

She allegedly said that she did not know her attacker's last name but repeated the first name about 15 times.

She had spoken to her mother on the phone little over an hour earlier, at 7pm, to say: 'I'm cleaning my car and getting something to eat and I'll be home.'

Police have spent more than a year scouring the area and interviewing locals to identify a suspect, interviewing hundreds of people.

He is currently facing charges for allegedly using credit cards belonging to murdered Taiwanese student Meing-chen Hsiao, 34, who was found stabbed to death in her apartment in Monroe, Louisiana, in August 2015.

According to his Facebook page, Tellis got married in August 2015.

He was detained on three counts of unauthorized use of a card as well as marijuana possession 14 days Hsiao’s body was found.

According to an affidavit, he spent $1,000 with the card.

A press conference is due to be held in Panola County on Wednesday afternoon detailing both cases Tellis is linked to.

Chambers' mother Lisa has refused to discuss the case until the press conference.

Tellis was last known to be living in Monroe.

The Clarion Ledger reports he married his fiancee on August 8, 2015 - the day Meing-chen Hsiao was found dead.

Jessica's father, Ben Chambers, said he and the rest of the family are desperate for closure and want to see his daughter's killer brought to justice, reported the station WMC Action News5.

'Nothing will ever bring her back but closure,' said the grieving dad.

Read more:

Anonymous said...

This "Blog" is an "advert". Buy Peters product,or be" Stooooopid.

Nic said...

Peter, the only thing that "saved me" was that I was managing my own day-to-day electronic correspondence with lists. Being they were mine, I frequently edited them. Depending on the activity/project, sometimes I had overlapping members so I would edit out names so as not to duplicate recipients. It was an easy leap for me, not so much for the VP who trusted "her admin" who managed her correspondence for her. Again denial is a river in Egypt.

Bobcat said...

I much prefer jobs with very specific tasks that I can accomplish and track productivity. I quickly sort to the top as a valuable contributor. If my employer doesn't recognize/reward me in a timely manner, I resign and move on. They don't deserve me.

elf said...

What did you get?

Ali said...

Yes please. I agree with Elf. What interesting birthday present did you get, Peter?

Oh and Happy Birthday!

Ali said...

OT DeOrr Kunz

The mystery of the scattered/dumped cremains, solved.

I like this blog because it is not censored. Facts, suspicions, innuendo, red herrings. If I had posted that LE was involved with the contamination of a scene, or involved in the cremains dumping, on another site, I would have been censored.

“I’m going to be 64 at the end of my term, and I’ve been in county service for 42 years,” Bowerman said. “But my wife and I also operate a couple of funeral homes, and she’s been doing it all on her own. She’ll be glad to have the help.”

Thank you Peter for this blog. A single word can make such a difference.

In this case, the word 'dumped.' ( from a previous quote/post)

I guessed that LE,or someone close to them, was responsible for the cremains DUMPING because of the connection to the Leadore Crematory funeral home.

It is innocent enough in the context of a small town. It's a shame because I know it was scattering not dumping.

Ali said...

And a highly unfortunate red herring, please
God don't tell the media?

Anonymous said...

I've known 3 of them over the years in the workplace. All white male. Here are some characteristics I've observed: First impression: Calm cool demeanor, intelligent. Over time, strong need for control, arrogance, an underlying rage, a sense of being dealt unjustly, a belief that the company owes them. A lack of respect for children, and for women. Sexually predatory. Capable of criminal behavior, stealing, assault, rape. Women afraid to be in office alone with him. Relentlessly self-ambitious and willing to go to any length toward that end. Always having an eye on the boss's job. Belief that they are above the law, that the rules don't apply to them - to the point it doesn't occur to them the rules are for them too. Loss of touch with reality and almost constant threats in workplace. "If you don't do this, then I'll go to the union." or "If you don't do what I say, I'll retaliate and you'll be sorry." and so on. Throwing objects in workplace, kicking furniture, yelling. H.R. using the word "institutional terrorist". And of course all of it ending with firing, but what a long hellish ride for all.

Nic said...

Birthday presented... set-up by a corporate bully/a lesson?

Nic said...

Way back in the 80's I supervised a typing pool. Before I went on French language training I procured some micro-computer equipment. There was only half the number computers as there were typists, so the plan was that, while I was on training, the person acting in my capacity (another typist) would rotate each employee through a training appointment to learn how to use the new equipment. Upon my return I would hold a competition and each typist would be given the opportunity to compete for one of the positions. I finished my training two months ahead of training, so the rotation wasn't yet completed when I got back. One of the girls whose station was closest to me was having a hard time with the work I was assigning. The questions didn't jive to the time she had already spent on the equipment. I thought it might have been a confidence problem. Also, she was pregnant so I tossed some of the issues up to being preoccupied with her first-time pregnancy. I also noted some 'hostility' being launched by the typist who had been acting on my behalf against the typist in training. Things escalated to the person who acted on my behalf to "ploughing" through the pregnant employee and knocking her down, trainer's excuse being she "didn't see her". I invited the pregnant employee into my office to find out what was going on between them. She said that they use to be good friends, went to college together until she found out that half of her family was black. I didn't understand what she meant, as these two women had a long history together so how could this be "news". Apparently, while I was off on training, the girls were chatting at break and the pregnant employee shared a discussion her doctor had with her about the possibility of having a "black baby". This woman was bi-racial but looked white so the trainer always ASSumed she was white. Trainer it turned out was a racist and from there on in took to sabotaging pregnant employee's training with the intention of knocking her out of competition. I sent her home to relax, called "Maureen" in and talked to her. She insisted that she "didn't see her". I informed her that what happened was assault and if there was another incident our next meeting would include a union rep and she would be suspended. There wasn't a lot of time left to train pregnant employee but she was a quick study and the overtime being performed gave her some extra "study time" to reinforce the training. I spoke to the staffing officer and told her that I foresaw a huge problem if pregnant employee placed ahead of the person who did the training. So she had me go through the exam and literally assign each mark ahead of time. I also requested to use SIN#'s instead of names and that my direct report be the one to administer the competition so that nobody could say that I saw whoever's exam/number, etc. Essentially I would be handed a pile of documentation with sin #'s on them, the master list was with the staffing officer in another building. There were seven positions. I was incredibly satisfied when I finished marking them and the staffing officer called me with the results. The pregnant typist placed seventh and trainer placed eighth. It was a huge scandal and the trainer threatened legal action against me. The staffing officer and I SAT down with trainer to go over her exam and once she saw that every single mark was spoken for and that I had no idea whose exam I was marking, she backed off. She applied for a lateral transfer and left. Pregnant typist was happy to be heading out on mat leave.

Nic said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nic said...

Something to note about the results was that the seven typists who placed, placed in the order of their usual performance. There wasn't a huge gap in the outcome, however, the person who placed first refused the opportunity to act while I was away because her husband only "allowed" her to work if she reported to a woman. My direct report was a man, so opportunity lost. Violence is everywhere.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

A woman who accused five teenage boys of chasing away her father and gang-raping her in a playground in Brooklyn has recanted her story, a district attorney had said.

A series of revelations had emerged which challenged the 18-year-old's initial story that she had been attacked by a group of boys in January, who then forced her father to leave at gunpoint.

Mobile phone footage had showed the woman smiling, with her clothes partially removed, during the alleged incident on 7 January.

The boys had also told police that when they encountered the woman she was having sex with her father in the park.

Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson said he was dropping criminal charges against the boys.

He said: "That night, this young woman's father and the five young men engaged in conduct that was reprehensible and wrong.

"But because of the lack of reliable evidence, criminal charges simply cannot be sustained."

The boys had faced charges of rape and sexual abuse. They had maintained their innocent and said that the encounter was consensual.

Prosecutors will ask a judge to formal dismiss the charges next week against Travis Beckford, Onandi Brown, Denzel Murray, Shaquell Cooper and Ethan Phillip, who are aged between 14 and 17.

Authorities have no plans to charge the woman.

She initially told police her father was driven off by the boys, returned to the park but was ordered to leave by a boy who pulled out a gun.

The father later flagged down a police car for help, but questions arose about how much time elapsed before he got assistance.

He had claimed to have gone for help immediately, but said he had been turned away by two convenience stores. Workers at one shop said the man only asked to use the phone, but did not mention an attack.

In a statement, Mr Thompson said the woman provided "multiple inconsistent accounts" when she was questioned.

He said: "The complainant has recanted her allegations of forcible sexual assault and the existence of a gun, and she does not wish to pursue criminal charges against any of the defendants."

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Ali said...

OT DeOrr Kunz

WS really hate sleuthing! I made a connection between the sheriff, the crematory that he and his wife run, and the "dumped " cremains. I was clear that I believe it was an innocent mistake, and that the crime scene was inadvertently contaminated.

It was the word "dumped" that started me thinking.

And guess what. My comment was deleted in its entirety. WS is over vigilant in its TOS. It is very frustrating and they are doing themselves a great disservice by clamping down on would be sleuthers' observations.