Saturday, February 27, 2016

Missing Persons and Past Tense Language: Jennifer Hicks, Suicide

Police report that Jennifer Hicks died as a result of a self inflicted gunshot.  She was likely involved in theft from her company.

Her ex husband indicated belief in her death, and did search in areas of which a body would be found.
His language did not reveal knowledge of theft (though he may have known this, or association with thieves) but belief that she would not be found alive.

There is something important to learn here.

Statement Analysis teaches that where one is expected, through situation and relational status, to speak of one missing in the present tense, with hope that the missing is alive.  When this is not heard, it is an indication that the subject (speaker) believes or even knows, the missing person is dead.

The teaching on this shows that there are factors in play, including how close one is to the missing, but also how long the person has been missing, and the natural conditions, including weather and location, will weigh upon language.

Yet there is something else here that is worth considering:

In this case it was an ex husband who not only referenced her as dead (and searched for her) but he did so in specifically referencing her in the positive, as a mother.

This is telling.

One may 'slip' into past tense for nefarious reasons (Casey Anthony did, caught herself, and corrected) but another may slip and even surprise himself with this.

This was in Clint Dunn's language when we spoke long ago.  He even commented on it, as upsetting as it was, as time and the circumstances of his beloved Hailey's status wore against his natural denial.

In the case of Jennifer Hicks, the ex husband, while thinking of her as a mother, still spoke of her in the past tense.

This is not a 'slip' as above, but to accept not only that the missing Jennifer was deceased, but to accept that their daughter would no longer have her mother.

Statement Analysis:  This is to say:  he had strong or certain belief that she would not be found alive.

This means that a new level of resistance is broken:   having to accept that the mother of my child is gone, or "my daughter will be motherless."

This is something that has natural resistance in life.

A certain level of denial is common for all of us and the denial is worn down by time, circumstances (freezing temperatures) and of any information disclosed or found.  This might have included the knowledge that Jennifer was involved in theft and may have felt that there was no way out and could not bear prison, or bear the thought that her daughter would see her own mother as a common thief.

The ex husband searched from the air.  We did not hear news reports of him trying to exploit the public, emotionally or financially, but we did hear the past tense references plainly, and in context:

not only as an ex wife, something one may accept, but as the mother of his child:  something far more difficult to accept.

In understanding the principle of past tense language in missing person cases, we must not only consider context, but proximity of the relationship:

Contextual Examples

Length of time missing
Weather conditions
Known associations
Known or suspected substance abuse issues
Mental health status
Family status (such as a teenaged runaway struggling at home0

Familiar Examples:  the strongest are at the top

Biological Mother has the greatest resistance to accept death
Biological Father is generally second, close behind
Estranged but biological parents, Spouses
Step parents that are close
Grand parents

Siblings and ex spouses
Teachers, Community, Co workers, etc

Even a very close step parent will accept death before a distant biological parent.  The tie is more powerful than what we might consider, especially when a parent is estranged.

Blood relations have stronger denial, overall, even with estrangement, than non-blood familiar relations.   In this classification, however, married spouses are considered as "one"; that is, very close, and quite resistance to accepting death.


Natalie said...

I still think the husbands language is suspicious outside of past tense usage.

Anonymous said...

I think the news reporters language is suspicious. A claim of the theft having an impact on shareholders is telling of alcoholism, imo.

horse chestnut said...

This doesn't have to be nefarious. She may have left a note to the husband, or said something to someone that was communicated to the husband. At any rate, it doesn't have to indicate bad behavior on the part of the husband. Remember, folks, we only know what the police tell us. I think we (I know I do it!) forget that we are never working with the whole case file, so to speak!

Anonymous said...

What do you find suspect?

Natalie said...

What do I find suspect?

The facebook posts someone posted on other thread.

I get an O.J. Simpson kind of vibe from the whole thing, including parallels with OJ threatening Nicole with jail for money related issues.

Intro from older unattended facebook
"Owner at Loserville R Us"

May 30, 2012 - 2 posts

"Well just wanted everyone to know this is the new me. I have been through enough bull shit and lies with the woman who thinks she is better than anyone, and thinks nothing of our daughter."

"All the rumors about her screwing around on me with 4 guys are true, I have proof of all it. Yes she was wanting to drug me, I have proof of that, yes she has called the law on me, threatened me, and hit our child. She has issues and needs helps !!!"

He is a firefighter and truck dispatcher.

In 2001, he was arrested for OVI
February 14, 2016 at 8:35 PM

Evidently, this guy is a liar. Domestic abuser. This is typical with him lying saying she wanted to drug him, hit their child, has "issues", doesn't care about the daughter...He apparently does NOT feel she is a good Mom, so we need to regard his praising her as a Mom after the Mom has died with deep suspicion.

More to follow...

Anonymous said...

Natalie, did you know Jennifer was arrested a few years ago on domestic violence charges?

Anonymous said...

What is the significance of Eric Hicks being arrested for OVI 14+ years ago for when he was 20 years old?

Natalie said...

Feb 11, 10:13am
"I want to let ever in know that we are working on coming up with a detailed plan at this moment. If we need any help in any certain areas I WILL let everyone know. Please just try to hold all the calls and texts unless I have already talked to u. We are all trying to stay focused. Just because I don't reply to your msgs doesn't mean I don't see it. If u see any barn, shed, storage shed or anything like that please stop and check inside it of u can, it's just a thought but we don't know. Thank you and keep praying"

Feb 12, 10:28am
"Kaylee loves u Jen, she thinks u hung the moon. Come home for her please."

Feb 12, 12:56pm
"I want to just say thank you to everyone who has tried to help who has spread the word reposted texted called and everything else. But I most importantly want to say thank you for everyone who has checked on our daughter who has offered to keep her offered to take her somewhere to play with friends. It means everything to not just me but her family that there are so many loving and caring people out there willing to take time out of their day to check up on all of us and offer help. You see this happen all the time on the news but you never dream of it happening to you. Just keep spreading the word and if you see anything please call local police department sheriff department state police. Thank you again."

1) Most glaring would be this statement:

If u see any barn, shed, storage shed or anything like that please stop and check inside it of u can, it's just a thought but we don't know. Thank you and keep praying"

Note that he somehow has knowledge of where she has "committed suicide" while also asking people to check inside this type of structure "please stop and check inside it of us can". He also has knowledge that the individual may be unable to check inside the structure which shows knowledge that the structure that she was inside of was LOCKED.

2) "I want to say Thank you to everyone who has called, texted, and contacted me and Jennifer's family. You don't know what it means. I am asking all of u for some peace and quiet so I can be with my mini me."

He states in regards to people texting and calling the family (not him) that "you don't know what it means" which shows that he is withholding what it does mean, he is not stating appreciation such as saying "it means the world to them".

Secondly, the statement "I am asking all of u for some peace and quiet so I can be with my mini me." (Keep in mind this is when Jennifer was still missing). He claims thanks people for calling the family and then immediately tells people to essentially leave him the hell alone. Wouldn't he want information? Wouldn't he appreciate concern?

"so I can be with my mini-me"

This statement I find deeply disturbing. First off, in the land of facebook, it is unusual for a father to call his daughter a "mini-me". I feel this shows extreme possessiveness and a narcissistic relationship with the daughter whereby she is him, a mini-him. It also is very inappropriate within the situation where the child's mother is missing because it is a "cutesy" type thing to say, an overcompensation if you will, as if he feels the readers will think "oh isn't that cute he just wants to be left alone so he can be with his mini-me". I feel his use of the word "mini-me" within this context where the child's mother is missing is alarming. It shows possessiveness and an attempt to impress the reader of how "innocent" he is, like he is trying to charm the reader oh isn't that cute he wants to spend time with his "mini-me". He should have no need to charm the reader.

Natalie said...


No I did not know that. That is not unheard of in domestic violence situations for the female victim to be arrested.

All I know is what I am looking at in the language. I am looking at the language of a domestic abuser (whether verbal or physical or both). I am looking at the language of an individual with a narcissistic disturbed relationship with their child who did not want incoming calls or texts prior to her discovery. I am looking at the language of someone who had foreknowledge of Jennifer's "suicide" location as well as foreknowledge that the structure was locked (from the outside).

Natalie said...

It is interesting to note also the way in which Eric states that he appreciates most people "who called to check on the daughter" and that the mother had left work "to check on the daughter" presenting in my mind the possibility that he himself lured her from her work to come "check on the daughter".

Natalie said...

How often do people spontaneously commit suicide? In other words what I am asking do people ever make an excuse to leave their workplace to go commit suicide in a storage shed? Isn't it usually more planned at a time when they won't have to leave work to go do it?

Obviously, the question needs to be asked, why did she feel the need to hide her (dead) self and her car? If she wanted to shoot herself why couldn't she have just driven her car to an out of the way location? Why would she feel the need to hide herself and her car? In my opinion, this has homicide written all over it.

Me2l said...

Another case wher someone "sounds" guilty and everyone here jumps on that bandwagon, but the person is not guilty.

Anonymous said...

Natalie, that the storage unit was locked from the outside was just a rumor on Topix. There were posts on that very same Topix thread claiming Jennifer was a terrible person and generally a hot mess. Do you believe those rumors, too? If not, how do you pick and choose which internet rumors you believe?

Also, are you saying that an OVI arrest from more than 14 years ago reflects negatively on his character, but Jennifer's assault arrest from 2 1/2 years ago shows she's a "victim"? If you didn't know about the charges, how on earth do you know who she was charged with assaulting? What if it was her mother? Or her daughter?

Eric specifically tells people to contact the authorities with any information they might have. How would it look if asked people to bypass LE and contact him instead? Hint: Not good.

How do you know the negative fb posts about her are lies? Do you know these people personally? Do you know if she's threatened suicide before or shown symptoms of mental illness in the past?

lynda said...

Anon @ 9:37

You have to look at the language that Natalie has pointed out using the principles of SA. Whether or not she was this or that, Natalie's SA is dead on in my opinion and certainly is in line with what Peter has shown us. This man used past tense language and creepily notified everyone about sheds, barns, etc. If using SA, this would (someone correct me if I'm wrong) lean heavily towards "leakage".

ITA with Peter and Natalie

Lis said...

It sounds like they had a tumultuous relationship.
Not every man is an abuser.
Not every woman is a victim.
Asking people to search inside sheds isn't out of line. He searched everything he could see that was out in the open.
We aren't privy to the reasons he may have suspected one thing or another.
If there is more to the story, I think police will pick up on it and we'll hear about it.

Anonymous said...

Natilie, after Tenn., surely they've refused to let Floridians rule the roost regardless of Hollywood styled murders in which makeup and dress are at stake.

Hey Jude said...

OT - If William is reading, I just replied to your post of Feb 19th - not very helpfully - I hoped others might have had a look at it but it's quite an old thread by now. Sorry to have taken so long to respond - it slipped my mind till this evening, but it's an interesting case.

Hey Jude said...

Forgot to include the link back to the page:

Ali said...

She was last seen in her car driving down the highway. Why didn't he ask people to look for her at gas stations, the side of the road, toll booths, truck stops, ravines etc?

Asking people to look in storage sheds for your missing ex wife, and then to have her turn up, dead, in a storage shed is quite a coincidence.

Anonymous said...

A story about IS terror and forcing girls into prostitution above. They've shipped some to Germany to start psychotherapy.

This terror may be easier to understand than a woman in the prime of her life committing suicide-in a storage bldg- over a few bucks lost when it is apparent her employer is a big spender (look at the wieners).

Obviously she knew they'd be looking from the air. Why a storage bldg when Kentucky has plenty of foliage is disturbing. Perhaps she had household items in there as well. The news reports list her as a teller. If that is true, I doubt the money she took was excessively large unless she had computer access to other funds.
Even so, what would a dead person do with such funds?

Anonymous said...

Wasn't there a story in the news a while back about a young man who killed himself after being encouraged to do so, for months, by his girlfriend? Seems like she nagged and even bullied and badgered him to do it, almost daily. When he finally did it, she was full of "grief and sorrow" on social media. I'm not suggesting Jennifer Hicks' husband was pushing her to suicide, but maybe he was in on her plan or even helped plan it.

Anonymous said...

"Assisted suicide."

Anonymous said...

Lynda at 10:09 p.m., which principles is she using, exactly? It sounds like you're both using SA to fit a theory, which is not how it's supposed to work.

What specifically in Eric's language shows he's a liar and a domestic abuser?

"Evidently, this guy is a liar. Domestic abuser."

That sounds more like an opinion than SA.

Penny said...

I think you guys might be suffering from cognitive dissonance. Peter has already addressed a lot of the questions you are putting forth. When we have strongly-held beliefs and contradictory information comes forth, we choose to disregard our former belief OR disregard the new contradictory information. I think several people on here are leaning towards the latter response. Here is my take:

- Eric believed Jennifer was dead and that was shown by his past-tense language. Peter's analysis did not flag deception or guilty knowledge. The whole point is that the greater the distance in the relationship, the faster the person accepts the possibility of death.

- The Facebook posts seem to be a big point of suspicion. I'm a young person, have had social media for over ten years, and it is typical for people to air their business on FB. The inappropriateness is not unusual, and it is something I see in (for want of a better word) "trashier" people, or very immature people. It may not be something you would do, fellow commenters, but posts likr that tend to come from men and women who want sympathy or attention - and not everyone who feels sorry for himself is a narcissist or abuser.

- The "mini-me" comment on the recent facebook posts. This one is interesting. To me it's expected for a dad to call his son his mini-me, but not necessarily his daughter. What that phrase means to me is "closeness," in appearance and/or behavior. I don't take away anything inappropriate from it, and in fact find it to be expected from a parent who is realizing they are now their daughter's sole parent. If I was in Eric's position and brlieved my only son was now fatherless, I would be working to show my son I could be there for him as his father did, to try to bypass some of the uncertainty and "difference" that comes with him being gone. Basically, I'd be trying to make my son feel close and accepted and loved and keep him in that safe frame as mind until I had more answers from him. With that considered, "mini-me" is not unexpected in this context even as a parent of a different gender.

- Jennifer's statement that she was leaving to check on her daughter. I didn't know what to make of it because we had no broader context. Has she donr this before, was there a specific reason to check this day, was it implied that she would be returning? From what I understand, this was unusual for her to do, and the language ("check on" not "pick up") implies she was going to return. I now see this as jennifer's way to get out of the workplace to avoid arrest/detection of the theft.

- It was not a petty theft charge, the amount was substantial (over $10k I believe?) and held the possibility of seriously disrupting her life.

Penny said...

By the way, I was initially suspicious of Eric based on the past-tense language alone. There wasn't a whole lot else in his statement. He didn't insult or blame the victim (Jennifer), although that was thrown into the mix from the old facebook posts.

Upon rereading it he did seem to be leaking a belief that she'd committed suicide. This was around when her arrest warrant was issued. That was the big turning point for me. I also reconsidered Jennifer's reported statement about leaving to "check on her daughter." There were a lot of unanswered questions about that, and it seemed more out of place than any of Eric's remarks.

Just showing - opinions can change with new info.

John Mc Gowan said...

Something else to consider. Was he asked a question in the past tense? (context)

Q: What was she like?

A: She was like...

In his statement, as far as i'm aware we don't know if he was.

Edited sound bites can be very misleading at times.

Ali said...

I understand that the use of past tense language might have been because the ex suspected she was suicidal, or the way a question was phrased.

But what about the storage shed?

It's akin to the ex saying "check your backyard swimming pools" and Jennifer turning up drowned in a backyard swimming pool.

That's cognitive consonance.

Penny said...

Ali, I see the logic in your statement, but if you murdered somebody, would you intentionally lead someone to their body with your language? You go to the effort of staging a suicide (who knows whether Eric had the opportunity to do so, as far as I know this has not been confirmed or denied), and then you literally point people towards the scene of the crime. I feel that occam's razor applies here, it is more likely he believed she had committed suicide and mentioned such places because logic would place her there if her vehicle hadn't been previously discovered. If I had a kid with a missing parent I would want the mystery to be resolved ASAP so my kid could be allowed to grieve.

Ali said...

Hi Penny,

I don't think he INTENTIONALLY led someone to the body with his language.

I think he accidentally, "leaked" guilty knowledge with his language.

She was last seen in her car. If he suspected Jennifer was suicidal his language should have reflected that. As I said above, he should have been asking people to look on the highways, side of the road, truck stops, petrol stations, ravines, or car parks.

Not sheds and storage sheds. He actually said "sheds" twice.

John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Mc Gowan said...



The Calloway County Sheriff's Office says it received a tip, which lead investigators to her body. The sheriff's office is not releasing the name of the person who found her.

We asked if investigators ever searched the storage units where Hicks was found. They said they'd had no reason to believe she was in there. The unit wasn't under her name or a family member's.


I guess knowing if the storage unit was locked from the inside, outside or not locked at all will clear a lot up.

Ali said...

Thanks John,

Investigators received a tip. That clears things up a little. So the person who found her was not acting on the ex - husband's advice to look in storage sheds.

There was a tip to investigators as well. I wonder who from. Now who could have known she'd be in a shed; a storage shed, so close to her home?

Her murderer?

Ali said...

If my wife was missing and suicidal I would not even think to ask people to check storage sheds. Would you? Think about it.

And if he's asking others to check storage sheds, why the hell didn't HE check the storage units that were so close to Jennifer's home? Did he check ANY storage sheds, himself? Or just ask others to do it?

Dollar to donuts, he called the tip in, himself.

John Mc Gowan said...

Hi Ali

I can understand your reasons for your suspicions. He did reference her in the past tense very early into the investigation (5 days i believe?) that alone is a red flag, and the possible leakage is another red flag i agree.

It is also very rare for a female to commit suicide by shooting themselves, but not unheard of.


How close to home was she found?
Was the lock up locked.?
Was it from the inside?
was it from the outside?
Was it locked at all?
Where was the lock up / storage unit located?
Was it at a "dead end?."

The words "dead end" also slipped into his language. Another red flag.

If it was close to home how close?
Wouldn't it be one of the first places to search if it was "close" to home.
Was it close enough to home for the gun shot(s) to be heard.
Who's gun was it?
Why won't LE release the name of the tipster?
Where on her person was she shot?

Past tense. Making it sensitive, why it was, at the time, we don't know. something sensitive is just that, sensitive.
Possible leakage, the lock up.
possible leakage, "dead end"
"Sheds" was repeated making it sensitive.

These are just a few of the questions not answered as yet. They do not point to his involvement directly or indirectly, but in SA they should be flagged and rightly so.

Anonymous said...

Women don't typically kill themselves with a gun. Usually they hang themselves or overdose on meds.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the husband hoped she was dead and that's why some of what he said sounded hinky. Imagine your wife or partner goes missing and you don't really care, maybe even hope they're dead but have to keep up the appearance of being worried. Wouldn't that impact your statements?
In any event, if she did indeed shoot herself, I wonder if the husband knew she was suicidal and made the gun available. If he did, that woukd make him an accomplice of sorts and, again, impact his statements.

Anonymous said...

It's weird that he was so specific about where people should search, I agree.
I would expect to hear "search everywhere you can possibly think of!" Not, "check your storage sheds."
He knows more than we think.

Anonymous said...

"If u see any barn, shed, storage shed or anything like that please stop and check inside it of u can, it's just a thought but we don't know."

GeekRad said...

Media reports the county coroner who did the autopsy said it was a self inflicted gunshot wound. Although I have not seen or heard his statement it does not appear there is any question about that. My guess is the angle of the bullet entry and exit and gunpowder residue on her hand lead him to that conclusion. There may have even been a suicide note that LE isn't telling us about. I doubt we will ever the details because I suspect that is we are going to hear from LE. Eric's statements and searching for her by air reflect the fact that he knew she was suicidal. Who knows, maybe she had a habit of hiding out in barns and sheds when she was overwhelmed or wanted to be alone.

Anonymous said...

John Mc Gowan said...

Anonymous GeekRad said...

"Who knows, maybe she had a habit of hiding out in barns and sheds when she was overwhelmed or wanted to be alone."


You make a good point, if this is what she normally does, and it is not known, it maybe why it took so long to locate her. If it was known, wouldn't that be one of the first places to look given she was found close to her home.

We don't know however, what "close to home" geographically is.

Sus said...

I haven't followed this case. I simply want to make a comment on the ex-husbands language.

"If u see any barn, shed, storage shed, or anything like that please stop and check inside it of u can, it's just a thought but we don't know."

I'm not concerned about listing places to look. I do, however, wonder why he needed to justify listing them with IT'S JUST A THOUGHT. Of course, it's just a thought or an idea of where she may be. How could he know? But he qualifies it with JUST. Making a comparison in his mind. The opposite of thought is knowing or seeing.

He further explains his qualification of "just" by adding WE DON'T KNOW. He spreads the guilt with WE. Then has to tell us he doesn't know.

I'm suspicious of his tacked on extra info.

Anonymous said...

Yeh Sue at 1:01, I so agree! Also, what do you think of this: "'s just a thought but we don't know." ? Why the "but" placed where it is? Seems that "it's just a thought" and "we don't know" are equal statements. The speaker seems to betray himself by using the word "but" where he did. "it's just a thought, but we don't know." Like you said, one wants to reply to him "Of course it's just a thought and of course you don't know. Wait - DO you know??"

Anonymous said...

So, to paraphrase his words: "I had a thought you could search storage sheds, but I don't know."

Anonymous said...

I wonder why he felt it necessary to volunteer "I don't know". Maybe he felt the need to say it, after suggesting people search storage sheds.

Sus said...

Exactly. Why does he feel the need to tell us it is "just a thought"? That's what I thought...until he said he thought. Haha

Using "but" is a good point.

Lis said...

I wonder if when she left to "go check on" her 8 yr old daughter, it was more of a saying goodbye sort of thing.

Bobcat said...

"it's just a thought but we don't know"

Who is "we"? Is he hiding behind a plural?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if she made it to her daughter before she went missing?

Concerned said...

FYI to those who have explored the rumor of the storage unit being locked from the outside:

"The sheriff's office received a call from an individual who found the vehicle in a storage building that had not been rented," Calloway Sheriff's Deputy Richard Palmer told HuffPost. "It was not locked or anything. They found the vehicle and the female was deceased inside."

GeekRad said...

Thanks Concerned. I am glad that rumor has been put to bed.

Nic said...

"I am asking all of u for some peace and quiet so I can be with my mini me.”

I haven’t kept up on this case, but I will agree with Natalie that, for me at least, this statement is off on some level. “Mini Me” as quoted from the movie Austin Powers means essentially the same but a smaller version. As in the same sex, looks, behaviour, etc. I wouldn’t think it odd if her mom would call her “mini me”, but he calls his daughter “mini me”. Does AP even refer to his side kick as “my mini me” or is he just named “mini me”? I find the pronoun “my” in this instance a term of possessiveness, like maybe it is seepage in that the parents might have had petty arguments about who she is most like. And I find it interesting that he wouldn’t acknowledge “seeing” any of his ex in her but declare that the daughter is all him and not one iota her mom. (mini me)

Secondly, he references the news. (Projecting,) I wouldn’t want any communication to “stop” while my loved one was missing. “Peace and quiet” reminds me of BJD when her interview was interrupted by a cell phone. One of the readers here posted that she knew at that moment that BJD knew Hailey was dead because she didn’t react (hopefully that it was Hailey calling? eagerly to hear if LE was calling with news?) to the the phone ringing. She just acted perturbed that her “15 minutes” was being interrupted and side-glanced whomever it was with the phone to turn it off. It doesn’t impress me that he looked for his ex wife. He references missing persons in the news and there was lots of third party observation that BJD didn’t look for Hailey and CD went on record, in the news, that he was upset that neither BJD nor their son were motivated on any level to look for her”. So to me it’s possible his behaviour was contrived based on how he thought he might have been judged, (one step ahead,) as such more in keeping with how he would look in mini me's eyes, i.e., hero looking for her mommy.

I find it “coincidental” that he asked people to look in sheds, etc. I’m not familiar with the terrain where they live, but it’s a given when asking people to check their properties, that they would automatically check out buildings. Sheds? That’s an interesting one.

Apologies if my analysis comes across as harsh. It’s my opinion based on statement analysis I’m learning here and the dad’s behaviour. My doubt of his innocence simply boils down to that statement.

Was the daughter with the dad or in daycare at the time? If at the daycare, did they have to call the dad to pick up the daughter or was someone else called to pick her up? (The other parent doesn’t necessarily have to appear first on the list of “emergency contacts”. I’m just wondering.

Nic said...

Another thought: "Peace and Quiet" why request an element of "order", like to be quiet and respectful which is reserved for a church/chapel, funeral home, grave yard/mourning. He was communicating via social media. IMO, I would expect he simply request people to stop emailing/messaging/texting that he would when he felt the need to, and if they had information to call LE?

Anonymous said...

He did tell people to call LE with information.

Bottle Cap said...

Nic, I agree the search by the ex wasn't convincing. He searched from a plane in the air while he told others to search storage sheds. Did he know he couldn't possible find her from the air?

Bobcat said...

Bottle Cap,

Yes - a completely unconvincing search, but he got a free flight out of it.

Anonymous said...

these gives me the creepin willies...

For starters. He has posted umpteen photos of Kaylee and him, in, on or around water.

There were some in a hot tub I can't find just now.

Combine the mini me, kissing, hugging and water photos.... eeeewwwwwww.

Anonymous said...

Bad Juju said...

What's wrong with posting pictures of them "in, on or around water"?

Anon "I" said...

Bad Juju: Water is a sensitive topic to victims. It can be like a person
trying to wash off the disgust and shame. It is helpful to note as it could
generate more questions/answers for an interviewer to analyze. And, of course,
sometimes water is just water. Several sensitive clues together can mean
that there is more information to be gleaned.

I'm from FL, so the vernacular may be different in other parts of the country or world. Shed can mean a small structure for a weed-wacker and rake. Shed could be
understood to be a smaller barn-type structure. Then, there are garden sheds. I live in FL, so if you give me an hour, I can probably come up with a dozen more reasons and
names for sheds. (Wood sheds, hay sheds, animal sheds.......) LOL However, I think the shed that they found her in was a rental shed in a row of storage lockers. They said it wasn't being rented which, to me, leaves room for it TO be rented. They can be large enough that a car could fit. Many other of the lockers/sheds are much smaller. They can be room size to closet size. The smaller ones may only be accessible from an inside hallway. It wasn't locked so she could find a way to get into one without registering to pay. You literally can drive up and down large sheds to reach the one you rented for easy drop off and retrieval. They may lock the site at night, but people come and go during the day and it wouldn't seem unusual for someone to be seen in a car although driving into the thing might be noticed. They may find security cameras, but if nothing happened until they found her and the car, there wouldn't be any reason for them to watch ALL the footage. If there were someone in attendance watching the cameras, they might have missed something important if they were distracted or they might think she was backing up to get her belongings.

Bad Juju said...

Yes, Anon "I", I know what water means linguistically in SA, but what does that have to do with photos of people enjoying time at the pool, etc.? Is that person suggesting there's something wrong with all my Facebook pics of my son, husband and I playing at the beach, swimming at the lake and tubing down the river? Since when does SA apply to photos?

Anon "I" said...

That is what I meant when I said sometimes water is just water.
I meant no disrespect.

Bad Juju said...

No worries ... I didn't think you meant any disrespect. I just don't understand why some folks are trying to make this guy out to be not only a murderer, but also a child molester, apparently? Based on statement analysis of pictures? It's terrible.

Anon "I" said...

I wasn't defending statement analysis of pictures. I was trying to answer
your question since no one else had and it was several hours after you had
asked about it. I haven't been here for a while and your name was new to me.

Bad Juju said...

I didn't think you were defending anything. I'm sorry that I'm not communicating well :)

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anon "I" said...
Bad Juju: Water is a sensitive topic to victims. It can be like a person
trying to wash off the disgust and shame. It is helpful to note as it could
generate more questions/answers for an interviewer to analyze. And, of course,
sometimes water is just water. Several sensitive clues together can mean
that there is more information to be gleaned.

The principle has to do with the inclusion of 'water' and its relatives, distinctly in an unnecessary assignment of wording.

The distinction should not be missed.