Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Not Expecting the Unexpected in Analysis

The correct expectation 

After many years of continual training, with a track record of near perfection, with polygraph, admission, confession and conviction affirmation, there is an element to consider, and never forget:

There will always be a statement that schools the analyst.

Human nature is, yes, this complex.

After formal training, and an initial period of intense rehearsal, the new analyst moves to application and ongoing guided training.  Once per month is intense enough for processed growth.  Even in years of incessantly processing the information through the lens and principle of analysis, human nature, as revealed in speech, will still surprise us.

That'll learn ya.

True enough, a 2 year mark of consistent, ongoing training has a 'magical effect' in which the analyst has now been broad enough to cover a wide swatch of human nature and will be so efficient that not only will he (or she) be prepared to tackle most anything thrown his way,

He will recognize the unexpected within the unexpected and seek help.

Group analysis guards against honing in upon a scent, which is natural and without group analysis, the only remedy is to complete the analysis, walk away, obtain an emotional and intellectual disconnect to the statement, and return to it.  With the potential for up to 40% more yield on the table, it is only through experience that this may be obtained.  In a room with several other analysts present, the experience is expanded greatly, on the spot.

We are impacted by deception.  It is insulting as it presupposes the idiocy of the audience.  When one picks up the scent of deception, particularly in the "aha!" moment, the scent (emotional/intellectual/hormonal) is in lock mode.

What emotions lock in on a single element of deception, particularly if it indicates guilt of the allegation?

"A killer is caught and justice will be realized!
I got him!
I can't believe he did this!
This guy would have ruined my business! 
I can't believe he thought he could get away with this!
My boss is going to be pleased!
I just saved us heartache. 
This stuff really works! 
What damage would have come had he gotten away with this!
Those who doubted me will have to deal with this, too!
I should get a raise for this!
I just saved my company tens of thousands in legal costs!
He would have killed again if the opportunity arose.  
I just got to the root of the problem!  She is going to be much better after this.
My client is now going to win.  I found the hole in their argument.  
What a relief!
What exhilaration!"

and on and on.  

This is a natural by-product of success and is something we do not want to "overcome"; as this would only harm our work.  

We simply need another perspective. 

The monthly training shows that learning is never ending, and the heightened professionalism only leads to more success and deeper analysis. 

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ima.grandma said...

"There will always be a statement that schools the analyst."
Wisdom derives more from mistakes and failures than from success.
Wise people continue to doubt themselves. 
Wisdom is a function of variables, time and experience.

Anonymous said...

I really would like to know what is going on in this picture!

Anonymous said...

I've followed your work since the Amanda Blackburn murder. I live in Indianapolis. Recently something else happened close to Indianapolis in a town called Plainfield. Someone was able to elude the police and FBI on the internet. I will summarize it for you since things have been happening since December. Someone started making serious threats to a person, shutting down a school. Threats continued and have continued. Images have been hacked from computers, information has been given and yet no one can identify this person. A simple google search of Brian Kil Plainfield can explain all of this. The reason I am writing you is because he has left thousands terrified for weeks. Now he has come out with saying it was all a joke and he lied. Police and FBI STILL haven't caught him. I want to know how true his recent statements are so we can all sleep easier. A search on Facebook of his name will show his recent statement. Thank you very much for any input you can give us here in Plainfield.

Sus said...

Anon 11:47,
I would also like to see Peter take a look at the threats. Obviously, they have to be taken seriously. I have some of them, but I don't think all, screenshot and would be happy to put them here.

What are your feelings about it? Do you think it's a student? I'm not sure. Some things seem to hint of foreign to me, yet near to the girl.

Hey Jude said...

Anon @11.31

Anonymous said...

I'm having a hard time believing their "truth" about it all. I find it hard to believe they randomly chose Millie to hack. If that is true then why start threatening schools, random people and malls? Either an extremely bored, sick person would do that or there was nothing random about it. If it is someone close to Millie or someone who somewhat knows her who had a problem with her they most likely were never going to go through with the threats. They probably just wanted to humiliate and scare her. They might have known they were losing attention and weren't going to follow through so they ended it. It all is very confusing. The amount of possibilities on who this person could be is crazy. I know there are ways to stay hidden on the internet but how they were never caught is scary. I would love to have someone look into all the threats and see what they can come up with.

What do you think about it all?

Sus said...

The first few, which caused the closing of the school and movie theatre, seem to center on Millie and anyone who associates with her. The writer includes graphic violence and nudity (hinted about with Millie.) Two things that ensure the writer got attention. The grammar was such that I thought possibly the writer was foreign.

In later letters, the writer adds taunts toward blacks and gays. I'm saying it nicer than the writer. Something about how they're ruling the country. He even adds in a couple of political comments, one about Bernie Sanders giving free education to immigrants. The grammar was better in these letters. Many were on their own Facebook and tumblr (taken down and brought back up repeatedly.) These made me think of someone more affluent. Educated. Possibly turned down for a college or scholarship in favor of a minority.

The last letter with the explanation that it's all a game...BS. LE is closing in and he knows it. My guess is that the ones taken in for questioning will lead right to him, or are them. It takes awhile to go through forensic evidence. LE is now matching up everything seized to everything posted.

Last thought...this was true psychological war fare. I do hope it was a local narcissistic brat kid. If it wasn't...If it was a hacker from "across the ocean" as he says in his last letter...look how he was able to shut down a town. Think what can be done to towns across America and to even small businesses with this type of tactic.

Anonymous said...


That is true that the threats seemed to change as time went on. In the beginning he seemed to have such rage towards Millie, then in the end he even stuck up for her at times on his tumblr page.

It's very surprising and scary how he was able to shut down the town as you put it. I really hope this doesn't become some sort of new norm. I'm still hoping it is some bratty kid who didn't get the attention he wanted from Millie.