Wednesday, February 3, 2016

How To Stop Rape By Finnish Government


VLW said...

I just had a look at this video on another site. SERIOUSLY? Some petite gal putting up her hand in a commanding "stop" gesture is going to deter a would-be rapist? Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

It's a great advice video. For women with superhuman powers that can emit scorching fire from their hands.

maudes harold said...

I've used humor as a coping tool my whole life. When I saw this video I broke into a rousing rendition of "Stop In the Name Of Love" by the Supremes and ended with Madonna's "Vogue".......and then sat bewildered at the lunacy of making it the victims problem/responsibility.....again.

John Mc Gowan said...

Fury in German town after mayor tells families to keep their children away from migrants to avoid 'provoking them' when they wear fewer clothes in the summer

Residents of a small German town have reacted with fury at their mayor's response to a resident's concerns migrants have been sexually harassing his granddaughter.

About 100 people from Bad Schlema, in eastern Germany, were gathered at a town hall when the mayor told them to tell their children not to 'provoke' the asylum seekers, it was reported.

This prompted outrage among those in attendance as they claimed they should be allowed to walk wherever they liked.

Scroll down for video

It comes just weeks after a spate of sex attacks across German cities saw hundreds of women report to police they had been sexually assaulted by 'Arab or North African men'.

The video shows an elderly man raising concerns about his granddaughter with mayor Jens Muller, from Chancellor Angela Merkel's CDU party, Breitbart reported.

According to the translation, he states: 'I have a question regarding the school - about physical education in the school gym.

'She's under 10 and it also happened in a nearby town. The girls have been harassed by the refugee children... The asylum seekers, and they get harassed from the windows [of the shelter] and things like that.

'How will this be in the summer when the school girls wear less clothing?'
Attempting to bat away the question quickly and easily, the major responded: 'That's easy, just don't provoke them and don't walk in these areas.'
But his response caused outrage among the audience, with many jeering and lambasting him for the dismissive response.

Members of the audience could be heard crying out: 'You cant even walk in your own city anymore!' and 'go home, boy, who the hell elected you?'
Others were heard shouting: 'They [the migrants] come here and we're not allowed to walk here anymore!' and 'boy oh boy, you've got some nerve. What kind of mayor is this? He should step down!'

Despite the poor reception his comments received, Mr Muller continued enraging the audience.
'Well, it's not technically necessary for the girls to walk there. There are alternative routes for going to school.'
An audience member responded: 'It doesn't f****** matter if there are other routes!'


John Mc Gowan said...


The mayor then quipped: 'Do you think this doesn't exist among Germans?', only to be told: 'That has nothing to do with this! Germans go to prison for this,' by a resident.
In recent weeks German authorities have attempted to mitigate the fears caused by the waves of sex attacks at New Year that were blamed on migrants.
Social workers in Cologne have been giving migrants special training to prepare them for the city's traditional, and boisterous, Carnival celebrations.
The effort comes in the wake of a string of robberies and sexual assaults on New Year's Eve in the city that police say were committed largely by foreigners.
German authorities are keen to avoid a repeat of those events during the five-day street party starting Thursday.
Caritas, a Catholic welfare association, hosted a lecture Tuesday for 150 migrants who got a crash course from teachers dressed in costumes and with performances by local musicians.
Hundreds of thousands of revelers are expected to party on the streets and in the city's pubs and bars until Ash Wednesday.

Anonymous said...


John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

Brand New ‘Making A Murderer’ Documentary Flips The Case On Its Head

Nic said...

Anna, that was awesome. I particularly enjoyed the "bionic" sound. (Reminiscent of the 1970's program, The Six Million Dollar Man.)

ON a serious note, I wonder if any women have been arrested for assault while trying to defend themselves with their purse. Personally, if truly permissible, I would be carrying a brick in mine.

John Mc Gowan said...

OT: Making A Murderer

Phone calls:

Edited from the programme.

Transcript - May 13, 2006 ( Brendan Dassey to Mother)


Brendan (B)

Mother (M)

M. Did he make you do this?

B. Ya.

M. Then why didn't you tell him that.

B. Tell him what/

M. That Steven made you do it. You know he made you do a lot of things.

B. Ya, I told them that. I even told them about Steven touching me and that.

M. What do you mean touching you?

B. He would grab me somewhere where I was uncomfortable.

M. Brendan I am your mother.

B. Ya.

M. Why didn't you come to me? Why didn't you tell me? Was this all before this happened?

B. What do you mean?

M. All before this happened, did he touch you before all this stuff happened to you.

B. Ya.

M. Why didn't you come to me, because then he would have been gone then and this wouldn't have happened.

B. Ya

M. Yes, and you would still be here with me.

B. Yes, Well you know I did it.

M. Huh

B. You know he always touched us and that.

M. I didn't think there. He used to horse around with you guys.

B. Ya, but you remember he would always do stuff to Brian and that.

M. What do you mean.

B. Well he would like fake pumping him

M. Goofing around

B. Ya but, like that one time when he was going with what's her name Jessica .. s sister.

M Teresa?

B. Ya. That one day when she was over, Steven and Blaine and Brian and I was downstairs and Steven was touching her and that.

Full Transcript

Anonymous said...

RT News 1-17-16.
Sweden. Stabbing death of 15 year old boy by Arab migrant classmate Inside the School. Report says the 15 year old tried to help female classmate who was being harassed by Arab migrant classmate who swore revenge on the boy who helped her!!!!!!! The Arab migrant classmate stabbed him thru the heart with kitchen knife.

lynda said...

Anna - That about sums up what they think that video is going to do! I'm dazed, thinking WTH? Really? That's what you do to defend yourself? What about against 2? Or God forbid, a mob?

Trigger said...

Oh yea, that government video is going to be really effective for women to stop a would be rapist. Just put up your hand on an outstretched arm and yell stop!

Who woulda thought? This government approved technique will put an end to rape world wide. (yeah, right)

I don't think that there is a rapist alive that understands the word "stop."

Q.How do you say "stop" in Arabic and then get them to comply immediately?

A. You say"stop" in any language, then show them your gun.

Anonymous said...

I can see them in court now, accusing the victim of waving at the feces stain because she somehow held up her hand the wrong way.

Why even bother pretending when it's this obvious they don't know or care in the slightest how to solve the problem they worked so hard to create and fund.

Anonymous said...

I thought the headline was missing punctuation, but after reading the article, it's accurate - this is a rape by the Finnish government!

It reads like the tobacco companies' anti-smoking ads that were specifically researched, fine-tuned and designed to actually encourage kids to smoke.
These encourage women to be passive, submissive and not respond with self-defense.

rob said...

Trigger, your plan would only work here in the USA. You know, us people that hold on to our "guns and religion". Us people that Obama would put an end to given a few more years at the top.
These other countries that do not have access to guns will probably start buying on the black market, and there won't be any background check.

Kitt said...

Oh, good. No more rapes in Sweden.Right.

~mj said...

Rape is already an awful crime that no word exists as to how awful it is.

When rape is committed in the name of religion... that speaks to something so awful and dark that it crosses into the supernatural.

When a person is sexually aroused and is capable of performance, by violence, the need for dominance or children, the sane portion of the population understands it is because of a sickness. One that is deserving of death, but a sickness none-the-less.

However, when a person whom appears to be relatively sane engages in rape because their "god approves of it" - all in the attempt to eradicate the heathens. Well, now we have something more pervasive. Something that a typical, reasonable person might get snagged into thinking is OK. Something that screams Sodom and Gamorah.

In that it must have been some serious satanic influence for the village to surround Lots house in order to demand sexually with the visitors.

This "rape" trend is bible prophecy in reality. Scary.

Michele said...

Have y'all heard about this? It was supposed to happen all over the world, but he has now canceled his rallies.

Tania Cadogan said...

I heard Michelle.

Apparently he was concerned for his safety :D

Anonymous said...

I wonder if it's mandatory to say stop before you hit the rapist with your purse?
Let's say the first thing you do is kick him in the ding ding Are Finnish women going to go to prison for trying to protect themselves out of order?

This video is just plain redic.

Hey Jude said...

Perhaps they could issue all women with those hazard signs as lapel badges, too - just to be on the extra safe side. :-/ Ridiculous - I suppose it's meant to be more for the information of would-be nuisances, harassers rather than determined rapists, just so they know that such a reaction means 'don't approach or bother me' - less excuse to claim ignorance if there are public 'information' videos. Sad that women are being told to do that, and that men would need such a signal to understand that approaching or harassing a woman Is unacceptable - obviously it would not deter anyone who was intent on rape.

Lis said...

I came here wondering if you were going to cover this, Peter!

Are leaders that out of touch?

Are they mocking women?

Wishful thinking??

I guess, bottom line is, we women are on our own :-(

Trigger said...

Yes, they are mocking women, Lis

Next, they will be accusing the Swedish and German women of volunteering or accommodating the Muslim rapists by being "uncovered meat."

The most degrading thing to a woman is to be considered "meat" that is ready to butcher by a group of violent men who feel entitled by Allah to rape them at will.

Yes, we are on our own according to LE in Los Angeles that have warned Californians to arm themselves with guns as there are not enough police to protect the them from violence.

CathieD said...

This was one of the lead stories on the news here today. Word got out and the meetings were cancelled.

Bottle Cap said...

Wow, that's a great way to get your purse stolen.

Heres' the original source of the video, Yle Broadcasting, Finland's national public-broadcasting company. I had to look it up to make sure it was real and not some parody.

Looking at the comments, the Finns are angry that their taxes go to produce this insulting, dangerous and beyond stupid video.

John Mc Gowan said...


Although this is a retrospective analysis. We can see how the principles apply.

'My baby's not breathing': 911 call of mother accused in disabled teen's death

The 911 call made by a mother accused in the death of her disabled daughter was played in court on the second day of the woman's trial.

Cindy Ann Sherry Ali has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of 16-year-old Cynara Ali, nearly five years ago.

Ali was arrested when police were called to a townhouse in Toronto's Malvern neighbourhood on Feb. 19, 2011. When they arrived, they found the teen unconscious and not breathing.

The teen girl, who had cerebral palsy, was taken to hospital and died the next day. Her cause of death has never been released.

Ali has pleaded not guilty in the death, and told police at the time that her daughter had been injured during a home invasion.

The courtroom heard Ali's call to 911 on Friday, where she described the invasion and her daughter's condition.

The call was made on the 19th, shortly after 11:30 a.m.


"Emergency, Police, Fire or Ambulance"


"Please, could you hu..hurry?"


"Well what's the problem Maam?"


"Somebody just broke in."

Note she begins alibi building before asking for help for her daughter

The expected:

"Ambulance, police, etc. Address.. Please hurry. Giving as much information as possible


"Please, could you hurry?"

This is to say. If it's convenient, "could you hurry" The word "could" is also used to make a suggestion. It is a polite request. It is not expected.


"Well what's the problem Maam?"

"Somebody just broke in."

Somebody is gender neutral and is often said to conceal identity.
Note later her alibi changes from the singular to plural.

"Somebody just broke in."

The word "just" can be used to minimize, compare, or when something has "just" happened. "My friend "just" left five minits ago.

Ali can be heard hyperventilating, before telling the dispatcher, "I did everything. My baby's not breathing".

"I did everything"

Again we are faced with the unexpected. To say she has done "everything" is to say she has exhausted all other possibilities. This goes against all parental instincts, more so, a Mothers. I have highlighted an example of this further down said from the first responders.

"My baby's not breathing".

Although she takes ownership using "My" this is an incomplete social introduction.

John Mc Gowan said...

She told the dispatcher that someone had broken into her home, but she didn't know who that person was.

Two minutes later, firefighters arrived at the scene. The firefighters can be heard in the background of the call.

"There's no other footprints, so there's no one that's come in here," a man's voice says, telling Ali to get up off the floor.

Police found broken glass in the entry of the home. A table was overturned, and drawers had been opened, though it appeared that the contents were untouched, officers said.

As emergency crews worked to save her daughter's life, Ali sat on the couch with a blank stare, one of the paramedics told court. She did not answer questions.

"Most of my experience with moms… They're hysterical and we have to pull them away from the child. This seemed unusual to me," paramedic Sohail Bastani recalled in court.

Ali later told police that the alleged invaders were masked men in suits, who had Jamaican accents.

Here we have the change from singular to plural.

The Crown said in one account, Ali told police she saw a man holding a pillow near her daughter. Another time, she told police he had a pillow over her face.

The Crown claims that Ali laid her daughter on the couch and suffocated her with a pillow.

Also within the call, not in the written article, the operator had to ask her what service she requires. This should be one of, if not, the first thing to be relayed by the caller.

John Mc Gowan said...


MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry: I Was Almost Killed by a Crazy Man Ranting About Nazi Germany! (Maybe)

Anonymous said...

Still disappointed you're taking a pass on Peyton Manning's lack of candor about his use of HGH.

horse chestnut said...


How's this for a choice of words? The subheading and headline gave me goosebumps, literally.

Horsey C.

jenniewren said...

I saw that too. Why would anyone say such a thing?

Penny said...

STEVE: Let’s meet your ex wife and your sister Michelle.

MICHELLE: You never told me anything like that. You never had been there when he spanked the kids. You’re a liar.

SISTER: Yes I have -

MICHELLE: No you haven’t!

SISTER: - when you were in the bathtub.

MICHELLE: You’re a liar!

SISTER: When you were in the bathtub I told you and you told me to open the door.

MICHELLE: He never molested these kids, he never touched them, ever.

More statements including water and doors in questions of sexual abuse. Michelle’s sister accused Michelle’s husband Nathaniel of beating and sexually abusing Michelle’s children. The sister was telling the truth about witnessing him beating the kids with a wooden object. He failed for pulling their pants down when hitting them, but passed when denying the sexual abuse.

I noticed the sister admitted to “dragging [the statements] out of [her nieces]” the first time they allegedly accused Nathaniel of touching them. After this admission (which she did not seem to see as problematic), Michelle came onto the stage and the transcribed exchange took place. I noticed the statement “open the door” when watching the show the first time, then backed it up and noticed the water language in the same exact part of the statement. I think it is possible the sister (aunt) may had been sexually abused as a child and was transferring some of her experiences to the situation with Michelle’s kids. She knew Nathaniel, the stepfather, was being physically abusive and it triggered concerns of sexual abuse. Thoughts?

Source: at around 33:00 in the video

ima.grandma said...

horsechestnut, fyi:

May 1988 article

Trigger said...

I just read the statement of Rueben Ebron about his remorse for the death of Lonzie Barton.

He still can't tell the truth or take responsibility for Lonzie's death. He claims that Lonzie died "at the hands of others" in a court apology, after he took a plea deal. His story that Lonzie drowned in the bathtub after being locked in the bathroom is another fabricated story.

Drug abusers are neglectful to the children in their care.

Peter, you have described this type of lifestyle as dangerous to children many times on this blog. Lonzie Barton's death is another example of this.

Rueben Ebron threw Lonzie's little body away like rubbish.

Both Rueben and Lorna have earned jail time for their behavior.