Saturday, February 27, 2016

Training in Statement Analysis

Peter Hyatt, trainer 
Learning the truth within a statement is an amazing thing.  

Getting to the truth, using it for the purpose of justice, and watching it work out before you in life is something special.  

Reading the feedback from those who, after completing their Statement Analysis training, were able to attend their first live "Go to Meeting" training, reveals the thrill and excitement they felt.  Challenged (and even a bit pushed) they dug and dug at a statement until they were in the victim's shoes, and they knew what happened, what caused her to use the words she used, and where the case would eventually go.  Receiving confirmation of their work from the investigating detective only heightened the satisfaction they felt.  

They were accurate in their analysis. 

They got to the truth.  They learned what happened, but also this:

It not only happened, coming from memory, but it happened when the subject said it happened, and not perseveration from her childhood, even though they were correct about her childhood, which, too, was confirmed in the investigation.  

It is not enough to say that something comes from memory.  Here they had a sexual assault victim who had made the same allegation years ago, while growing up.  

Was she perseverating on the past due to post trauma?  It happens and it happens more often than most of us realize.  

The challenge was answered and the words entered into, and grasped. 

The denials made by the alleged perpetrator were highly persuasive and his boldness in "I will polygraph!" further heightened the tension.  

At the conclusion of the day of training, the confirmation of their work was such:  the alleged perpetrator failed his polygraph.  

For the professional, this means deep satisfaction and traction for his or her career.  

Obtaining justice for society, or even for you company, is something that builds within us and is a great reward. 

Our training course, when successfully completed, allows you to enter into confidential monthly guided training covering an unpredictably wide spectrum of cases; from emergency analysis in a murder statement, to ongoing professional profiling for employment; the results come through work and dedication. 

Statement Analysis Course 

This course is taken at your home, and contains 100 page fact book, chapter tests, practice statements, submissions and a final examination.  The lectures are on MP3 (CD disc included) and the tuition covers the shipping, and 12 months of ongoing e support where your work can be continually checked, with assistance given.  Should you department or company require support in legal proceedings, court testimony will be made.  This support, for a full year, is invaluable.  

You learn the principles, how to apply them, and will not be granted certification until you understand them to the point of being able to easily explain them to the non trained ears. 

If you have a professional license, CEUs (Continuing Educational Units) are available accredited through the University of Maine.  

Many professionals have found that their department or company has reimbursed the tuition,  after paying, and  we allow for all professionals to make payments, via paypal, with no additional cost.    

The training is challenging and will prepare you for the ongoing training, profiling, anonymous author identification and the profiling, in particular, will not only have verification, but will be instrumental in interview strategy. 

We also hope to have some Video Lessons on Analytical Interviewing; the legally sound, non intrusive manner of which the most information is obtained, with the greatest possibilities of confessions and admissions, as Statement Analysis is applied to the interview, and the subject is brought to his or her own words.  Its impact is powerful enough to even be used by sales professionals, just as it is by psychology experts, doctors, therapists and counselors.  

In Human Resources, professionals can see the result of their work, often within a few months, which includes placing the right people for the right position (which affirmation is more long term) but also in screening out the deceptive, the exploitative, and the agenda driven; all of whom bring stress and trouble.  

Enroll today and begin to build your tomorrow, sharpening skills, strengthening your resume; all by getting to the truth.  

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