Thursday, October 23, 2014

Rene Zellweger Denies Plastic Surgery

Headlines said, "Rene Zellweger Denies Plastic Surgery" and then gives her statement.  In it, there is no denial.  This is common in media today.

She avoids the question, "Did you have plastic surgery?" instead, and media reports it as a "denial."

Although Hollywood stories are tabloid-like, they still highlight principle within Statement Analysis.

If you did not have plastic surgery and were accused of it, what would your brain produce?

"I didn't have plastic surgery. "

Yes, it is that simple!

AP/REUTERS Renée Zellweger at the 2004 Golden Globes Awards (at left) and on Monday at the ELLE Women In Hollywood Awards (right).
No No 
Here is the Statement:
A reliable denial would be:
"I didn't have plastic surgery."  
"I'm glad folks think I look different! I'm living a 
different, happy, more fulfilling life, and I'm thrilled 
that perhaps it shows. My friends say that I look 
peaceful. I am healthy.  For a long time I wasn't 
doing such a good job with that. I took on a schedule 
that is not realistically sustainable and didn't allow 
for taking care of myself. Rather than stopping to 
recalibrate, I kept running until I was depleted and 
made bad choices about how to conceal the 
exhaustion. I was aware of the chaos and finally 
chose different things.  People don't know me 
healthy for a while. Perhaps I look different. Who 
doesn't as they get older? Ha. But I am different. I'm 

Renee Zellweger's Latest


Jo said...

"I kept running until I was depleted and made bad choices about how to conceal the
exhaustion. I was aware of the chaos and finally chose different things."

I think we know which "different things" she chose. Different eyes and nose for starters.

John Mc Gowan said...


This is great for Analysis.

Spot the Ooops moments :-)


The speakers are two 911 emergency dispatchers and apparently one of the murder victims' two sons, Lyle, who sobs continuously. Sounds of anguished cries heard in the background appear to be the other son, Erik. The tape includes the call to 911 and a call from 911 dispatchers to the house.
Call to 911 emergency dispatch:
Woman dispatcher: ''Beverly Hills emergency.''
Caller: ''Yes.'' (Yelling in background.)
Caller: ''Some ...'' (sobbing)
Woman dispatcher: ''What's the problem? What's the problem? What's the problem?''
Caller: ''Somebody killed my parents.''
Woman dispatcher: ''Pardon me.''
Caller: ''Somebody killed my parents.''
Woman dispatcher: ''What - who? Are they still there?''
Caller: ''Yes.''
Woman dispatcher: ''The people who killed them?''
Caller: ''No, no, no.''
Woman dispatcher: ''Were they shot?''
Caller: ''Erik 3/8 (garbled) ... Yes.''
Woman dispatcher: ''They were shot.''
Caller: ''Yes.''
(Muffled sound of dispatcher giving orders on another line; shouting in the background from the caller's end.)
Caller: ''Erik, shut up 3/8''
Woman dispatcher: (to another dispatcher) ''I have a hysterical person on the phone.''
Woman dispatcher: ''Is the person still there?
Caller: ''I don't think so.''
Male dispatcher: ''What happened? Have you been able to figure out what happened?''
Caller: (sobbing)
Male dispatcher: ''Who shot who?''
Caller: ''I don't know. I came home and found them.''
Male dispatcher: ''You came home and found who shot?''
Caller: (muffled) ''My mom and dad.''
Male dispatcher: ''You're in bed?''
Woman dispatcher: ''Are they still in the house, the people that did the shooting?''
Caller: (sobbing)
Male dispatcher: ''Let me talk to Erik.''
Caller: (sobbing)
Male dispatcher: ''Who is the person that was shot?''
Caller: ''My mom and my dad.''
Male dispatcher: ''Your mom and dad?''
Caller: ''My mom and dad.''
Male dispatcher: ''It's OK, hold on a second.''
Caller: (sobbing)
Male dispatcher: ''OK, we're on our way over there with an ambulance.''
Caller: (sobbing)
End of call
Call from 911 emergency dispatch to Menendez home:
Answerer: ''Hello.''
Male dispatcher: ''Hello, this is the Police Department.''
Answerer: ''Yes.'' (sobbing)
Male dispatcher: ''OK, I want you to come outside.''
Answerer: ''I've got to get my brother.''
Male dispatcher: ''You tell your brother come out the front door. Everybody come outside.''

Anonymous said...

ummm.... nope, I don't believe she has had plastic surgery, or more appropriately, cosmetic surgery. Closely examine the differences between the two photos.

In the photo on the left she looks youthful, fresh, vibrant. In the photo on the right she is tired although smiling, does not look youthful and vibrant and appears to be in her forties.

A good cosmetic procedure would have taken a good ten years off her had she had one done. Photo editing may have reduced some fine lines in the more recent photo but even that is debatable when considering the distance from which the photo was taken.

Sorry, have to disagree with you on this one.

John Mc Gowan said...

She uses the word "different" 5 times making it very sensitive to her. This could be due to the rumors that she has had Plastic surgery. My guess is there is a strong possibility she has, given she doesn't issue a reliable denial also.

Sus said...

Look at her words. It's the younger Renee who had work done on her face "to conceal the exhaustion." It's obvious in the first picture she has plumped lips, collegen in her cheeks, and Botox. She's natural now.

John Mc Gowan said...

Hi Sus,

I'm not to sure. In the first picture she is is carrying a more weight. Her lips are almost in a pout position, which would make them look fuller.

In the second picture she is smiling which would stretch her lips and make them look thinner. I would like to her being interviewed and more statements ?.

trustmeigetit said...

Look at her high school photos.

She was not doing things to her face.

and we have seen her gain weight (Bridget Jones diary) and get so skinny she was called anorexic. But one thing..she still looked like Renee.

She no longer looks like Renee.

She looks awful and I always thought she had a cute unique look.

She just destroyed her movie career.

Women stop cutting your faces! Just be you.

More often you don't look better. You look weird and fake.

Just be yourself

trustmeigetit said...

Peter – Would love you to take a look at this or any of you good with SA…. And interesting, Avinoam Sapir also once had some input on the case. See below for that.

It’s about a missing girl, Jennifer Marteliz and quite an usual story about where her remains may be years later.
She went missing while walking home from school in 1982 in Tampa.
A few years back, a woman named Anna contacted the police about her.
Anna lived next to a man named Steve Visnosky in Pennsylvania when the child went missing. She says he was a bad man and did some horrible things to her and her sister who has since committed suicide.
She says she recalls when the child went missing because Steve had an article about the little girl. AND said he knew her as he had another home in Tampa and lived just a few blocks from her there.
Steve had been Tampa alone (with out his wife and son Lester) at the time child went missing.
When he returned, there was a large hole dug on the property (sounds like they lived in the woods) and then after he pulled a very large garbage bag out of his trunk and disappeared into the woods with it.
Anna says later, the hole was filled.
Then, to add to the case that has a direct link to Statement Analysis is there was another man, next door neighbor Thomas Peter Welnicki (was a suspect) who at one point told police he had a physic vision and she was kidnapped and killed by 2 men. The men he described would fit him and well, Steve. The SA connection is that Avinoam Sapir was asked to review the guys “physic vision statement” and he said the man was being truthful and was speaking of himself. So I think he was involved.

There are not a lot of statements or really information and what I have are just snippits. But it appeared to me that Anna was being truthful in the parts I saw. AND… found Steve’s son (steve has passed) response odd.
Anyways, It sounded like the car Steve drove was one described by a possible witness at the time of the kidnapping and while they didn’t share what else, there was enough of a link that the police did go look on the land. That was in 2012. They found nothing but It’s a large area. They said they would return in spring when cadaver scent was fresher and they never did that I can see.

Would love Peter or one of you to chime in.

ANNA statements (more details that are paraphrased on the link)
“He got into his trunk, pulled out a thick plastic bag and told us kids to shoo, he had some garbage to take care of,”
“The fellow (the police detective) was very nice; he asked a couple of questions ... and I just assumed things were taken care of, as far as Jennifer,” Cummings said.
“I did not see him put the bag in a hole, but there was only one hole filled in after that,”….“So there is a black bag somewhere in that woods.”
“It was more of the attitude, ‘Look, see, she's famous, she's in the paper, and we know her,' ”
“I know she's back there,” Cummings said. “There's no doubt in my mind that he took her, none.”

LESTER statements
When asked about his father’s involvement
He did not want to comment on the search, but said that many of the details reported in the affidavit "are just not true."
Lester Visnosky said police should be wary of the tip, and of Cummings.
"The only thing I can say is consider the source, consider who emailed you," he said. "Because I know the family well."


Unknown said...

I've been debating this for days. The articles I read stated that her appearance raised questions 'due to her perfectly smooth, wrinkle free skin'.

To me she appears 'puffy', and her skin seems loose. She does appear to be thinner in the newer picture, (than when she accepted the award) but her eyebrows have given way to a completely different shape nearly flat/straight across, rather than arched and taut. I do agree that her skin looks 'smooth', but in a chemically resurfaced way (which is essentially burning off the top layer of skin cells with acid), rather than a youthful way.

She asserts that she is healthy now, and living a different life, and she states that she..."made bad choices about how to conceal the exhaustion".

To me, this is a distant way to describe either surgical/cosmetic procedures, or possibly even drug use. (Which prematurely ages.)

On one hand, when I look at her I see something reminiscent of Priscilla Presley, Kenny Roger's, and other plastic surgery disasters. Beautiful people who ruined their looks by plastic surgery, and who's skin is now so stretched it looks abnormal.

On the other, I see someone who possibly hasn't had actual SURGERY, but who appears to have definitely had procedures, which left her looks severely altered when they were discontinued. (Resurfacing, fillers, botox, etc)

Either way, by her own statement she took steps to 'conceal' parts of her appearance she found problematic during times of exhaustion.

That seems like an admission, which was somehow interpreted as a denial.

Apple said...

Unreliable denial and her eye lids are missing.

trustmeigetit said...

Hoyer had run across a flier on her desk for the Laboratory for Scientific Interrogation and sent Mehl to take the course. That's where he met Avinoam Sapir.
Sapir, an orthodox Jew from Israel, deals in linguistics. He trains law enforcement and security personnel in analysis of written statements.
It seemed destiny had struck again.
When talking about the case, he and Hoyer discovered they shared the same birthday, Nov. 6, 1949, down to the minute.
She was born at 6 a.m.
He was born at 1 p.m.
There is seven hours difference between Florida and Tel Aviv.
It was all there, hidden in black and white, according to Sapir's analysis.
Welnicki had been talking about himself when describing the killers in his story. The linguistic evidence was everywhere if you knew what to look for.
For example, Welnicki specifically said Jennifer put her left arm around the killer's neck. Those kinds of details usually indicate the subject has memory of the incident, Sapir wrote.
Most mistakes made by deceptive people being interviewed happen in the first 10 to 15 minutes. As time passes, they learn to fix whatever slips they made, according to the report. After his initial setup of the tale, the report indicated Welnicki made a slip: "The, ah, man takes, tells her to go inside the house...".
At first, Welnicki said Jennifer ran into the house by herself and jumped into the cross-dresser's arms. But Jennifer had been taken inside the house by her killer, if the report was correct.
At another point, Welnicki talked about the older man who supposedly killed Jennifer, saying: "He looks at it like, ah, I could get in trouble for it and I, ah, you know, I, ah, but it doesn't really."
The report pointed out that the first person is used and the interviewee stops in mid sentence. It concluded that this is a quotation from the murderer.
It also said that Welnicki seemed to defend the young man.

Anonymous said...

Sus - you may be right, she was having the cosmetic treatments before and now we see her natural look.

Buckley said...

Do we know she was asked point blank "Did you have plastic surgery?" Or was it "People are noticing you look different, can you explain?" Or "Did you have anything done?"

Doesn't the denial hinge on the question?

I think she did use Botox and now is not.

Anonymous said...

Obvs she had surgery. but why should she be required to say so? She doesn't deny it. so shes not lying. she's just not stating the obvious.

Kellie said...

She looks like she has an illness to me. Something about her hand. She doesn't look healthy at all.

Anonymous said...

Renee didn't deny having cosmetic surgery. She simply avoided addressing it. It's a rude question anyway. Good for her. It's her own business and nobody else's.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous said...
Renee didn't deny having cosmetic surgery. She simply avoided addressing it. It's a rude question anyway. Good for her. It's her own business and nobody else's.
October 26, 2014 at 1:00 PM

Explain your certainty, please. Your assertion is strong and I am curious as to what brought you to this conclusion.

thank you,


Nic said...

I think it boils down to personal vernacular. Maybe in her mind plastic surgery means elective/vain. Conversely, maybe the reason she chose what the mainstream would consider plastic surgery might have been out of necessity. (Losing peripheral vision because of the eye lids hanging down and around the eyes.)

Jennifer Grey had a nose job and ruined her career. Maybe RZ is thinking if she admitted to "plastic surgery" producers would use it as an excuse to find a younger starlet to cast instead of her and her opportunity to work would dry up. There is talk of another Bridget Jones Diary.

Bob Seger looks more like Kenny Rogers than Kenny Rogers looks like himself since his "blepharoplasty" (eye lift/plastic surgery).

I couldn't imagine being under that kind of pressure to maintain your "brand" (face).

Ajnos62 said...

Why do they deny plastic surgery when its so obvious. Oh well who cares. Her face, her money and her own vanity! Majority of celebs always deny platic surgery. I guess its only them that age backwards 🤣🤣🤣

Ajnos62 said...

Typo correction "Plastic surgery"