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Statement Analysis Services Training Announcement

Statement Analysis Services is currently scheduling 2 Day Trainings for Law Enforcement and Businesses for Winter 2015.  Contact information below. Both open enrollment and private.  

Peter Hyatt 

Statement Analysis Services  Corporate Training

Those who are deceptive in their employment interview are many times more likely  to:

1.     Steal from your company
2.     File frivolous suits against your company
3.     Seek to “game the system” by deceptive means
4.     Put their own needs before the material needs of your business
5.     Bring problems to your business, rather than solve them
6.     Falsely accuse co-workers and superiors
7.     Denigrate your business
8.     Impact morale
9.     Impact Sales

For other companies:  Analytical Interview training is specifically designed for professionals in the social services and healthcare fields, where sensitive information is gleaned in the interview process.

By using Analytical Interviewing, your company will save on Unemployment costs, reduce shrinkage, theft, loss of time, and be able to hire those best suited to help your business prosper.

We have applicants answer questions before an interview is even scheduled!

Your company deserves to know the truth.

Statement Analysis Training

Analytical Interviewing is the most effective, legally sound ingathering of information that anyone can use.  It is non-confrontational, non-interpretive, and allows for truth to be discerned from deception, as well as uncovering what customers really want in sales.  It’s training begins with Statement Analysis, and moves to Discourse, or Verbal Analysis, and will always allow your company to know the truth. 

For law enforcement, knowing when a subject is lying can make the difference between justice and injustice, and learning how to not only analyze a statement, but conduct the interview based upon your analysis, followed by a concisely written report, will give prosecutors the edge they need to fulfill justice. 

Statement Analysis is not just for law enforcement, however, as more and more companies are enrolling in training.  

As Statement Analysis gets to the truth, the attendee will learn how to conduct the interview in the most sensitive portions of the statement, where the essential element exists. Knowing the truth of what happened, allows for the Interviewer to reach critical points in the interview where the subject recognizes that the Interviewer knows the truth. This leads to the highest percentage of admissions within internal investigations into corporate theft, shrinkage, lost time, fraudulent claims of accidents, discrimination, and so on.
It is this same method used in Employment Interviews to reveal which applicants are truthful, and which ones are deceptive.
Statement Analysis Services will reduce Unemployment costs, but better still, using Statement Analysis and the subsequent Analytical Interviewing process, you will screen out those who seek employment who are not suitable for your business.  You will learn how to place the right person for the right position.
The Statement Analysis Training is two days, and Statement Analysis Services support continues for 12 months from the time of the training.  This allows attendees to submit statements, have analysis checked, and properly plan the interview.  It allows for follow up question and answer, and sample interview questions to learn more about the applicant.


“I had the pleasure of working with Peter Hyatt on several criminal and administrative investigations since 2010. Peter’s in-depth analysis of statements has provided our department with insight into a writer’s intention and mindset when they wrote their statements or letters. 

Peter’s analyses has given us valuable information and provided us with additional investigative avenues in obtaining a more truthful account of an incident in some instances.  Using Peters insight and analysis into a subject’s writing we’ve been able to construction questions beneficial in getting to the truth in a more expeditious and direct manner. Statement Analysis has also been especially helpful in internal affairs investigations within our department.

I would like to recommend Peter as an examiner and instructor in Statement Analysis.  He provides a valuable investigative tool that would be beneficial to your organization.


Lt. David W. Nabors
Criminal Investigative Divisions
Office:  972-412-6215

“Peter Hyatt came to HLA twice to train on interviewing techniques and how to detect deception. Both sessions were extremely informative.  We have changed the way we interview…these techniques helped us recover $600,000 from a driver who was involve in an inside job.  I would highly recommend Peter…and look forward to future sessions with him.”

Michael Berro, Vice President Corporate Development
Harold Levinson Associates

Peter’s analysis was invaluable to formulating a litigation strategy.  Peter’s conclusions about the personalities and motivations derived from the written word proved to be always right on the mark.  In future litigation, I plan on saving many hours by seeking Peter’s analysis immediately.”

Thomas J. Budd Mucci, Esq.”

Statement Analysis gets to the truth.  In our two day corporate training, attendees are equipped with the time saving skills that are immediately effective in discerning truth from deception.  Peter Hyatt, nationally known Statement Analyst, authored the training manual “Agency Investigator Training” for the Department of Health and Human Services, State of Maine, trained agencies, social workers, investigators, attorneys, and has assisted law enforcement on missing persons cases around the nation.  His analysis has been on CNN, as well as on radio programs throughout the country.  He volunteers for the Center for Missing Persons, and Domestic Violence advocate service, “Time’s Up.”  His book, “Wise as Serpents; Gentle as Doves:  Dealing With Deception in a Fallen World” is scheduled to be released late 2014. 

Analytical Interviewing is a legally sound, non-intrusive interview process which allows the person’s s own words to guide us to the truth.  This form of interviewing, based upon carefully trained listening, is more accurate than the polygraph, and has a strong likelihood of obtaining an admission in cases of which the person is seeking to harm the company.  Those that employ Statement Analysis and the subsequent interview will find more cases solved with more confessions, while saving time, and clearing the innocent.

In harassment claims, the company will know the truth, including in sexual harassment, bullying, hostile work environment claims, as well as in time theft, intellectual theft, and various forms of shrinkage.

The Two Day Training Schedule:

Day One

1.     Statement Analysis principles:  Sensitivity in language
2.     How to spot deception in speech and in written statements.
3.     Taking the statement:  when to take a written statement and when to just listen
4.     Statement Analysis exercises
5.     Self Analysis:  Proving the truth
6.     Measuring a Statement for Deception

Day Two

1.     Measuring the Time of a Statement
2.     More Sample Cases:  Corporate Theft  and spotting the trouble-maker
3.     Analytical Interviewing, step by step
4.     Interviewing for Employment:  The Right Person for the Right Job
5.     Practice Interviewing:  Just the facts.
6.     Anonymous Threats:  Anonymous no more!
7.     Writing the Analytical Report:  or, how to write a business report. 
8.     Document, document, document and win.

The two day training includes the training manual, as well as 12 months of support in which attendees may submit statements, analysis, and strategy for the interview, including the follow up interview, where most confessions are realized.

Below is a sample from a case of theft.  The company’s client had an expensive iPad stolen. The local police investigated and concluded  “too many employees had access to it” and closed the case as “unsolved.”  The company turned to Statement Analysis Services for help.  They were concerned not only for the client, but that they had a thief among them that was not identified.  This left them not only worrying about future theft, but was impacting morale as they now had 7 employees who all felt “suspected” by others.

The company was instructed to have each employee write out what they did, from the time they arrived to work, until the time they left.  They were told: “Statement Analysis will tell you which one of them did it, when they did it, and perhaps even, how they did it.”
The 7 employees submitted statements about their day.
The following is the statement that showed deception:

To Whom It May Concern:

     Arrived at Anson House
app 7AM  Entered building stated
my name and sat at the table.
Kinda waited for someone to
at least speak to me.  When they
didn’t I asked where the green
books were.  I read the green
books.  Did dishes sat back
down with a client while he
ate.  Went out to my truck
to smoke.  Took my bag with me
because it was not locked up
and my wallet with cash was
in my bag so I felt better
leaving with it or putting
it in my locked truck.
The clients had lunch sat
and watched how they did it
after lunch I did dishes
Went for a cigarete.  Sat
at the table with client
and staff.  Fix a clients
Pipe so he could go smoke.  on
the porch.  Went out with him
a min. Came back in sat
at table and read my book.
At 1:30 nothing was happening
so I left to go home.
Libby gave me hell for leaving
didn’t know I couldn’t said I
was sorry and wouldn’t happen

Analysis of this statement is taught in the seminar, as well as how the Interview should be constructed.  In this case, we note change of language. 

Language does not change on its own; it is changed when there is a change in reality.  For example, “my car sputtered and I pulled over and left the vehicle for the tow truck.  A week later, it was repaired and I picked up my car at the station.”

Here, it was “my car” as long as it was working, but when it no longer ran, it became “the vehicle.”  Once repaired and running, it returned to being “my car.” 

In the above statement, the subject went to her “truck”, which later became her “locked truck.”  What caused the change of language?  It was the presence of the iPad.  We conducted the interview for the company and obtained a written confession.  The police had cleared this employee stating “she doesn’t even know what an ipad is!”  When she confessed, she also gave her motive, which is found in the beginning of the statement.  She said, “It was my first day there and all the young girls were excluding me with their talk of men.  I took it knowing one of them would be blamed!”

The same officer that had cleared her delivered the summons from the District Attorney’s office. 

Given the nature of revenge, one can imagine how she would have impacted company morale had she not been caught.

In another case, a chain store had been a victim of an armed robbery.  They, too, had yearly theft and hadn’t been able to recoup their losses through law enforcement investigations.  It reached a point where it became too expensive to submit to insurance, for rates continued to rise.

In this case, the hold up man made off with about $2,000 in cash.  The owner was fed up and frustrated with the mounting year by year losses.

The owner, working with Statement Analysis Services, had his employee write out a statement about what happened.  Statement Analysis Services concluded:  there was no hold up; it was the employee, himself.

The owner asked that the analysis be shared with local police, who then arrested the subject.  He pled not-guilty and decided to go to trial.  Just before going to trial, his lawyer asked if someone from Statement Analysis Services was going to testify and was informed that the analyst would be present.  His client pled guilty, paid restitution, and spent several weeks in jail.  This company now screens all potential employees for deception using the techniques from Statement Analysis Services. 

In fields where there is a 50% turnover rate, one company won every unemployment hearing over the course of two years, implementing Statement Analysis Services.  This same company had every human rights commission complaint dropped, as the truth, well documented, prevailed. 

We provide not only lengthy lists of employment questions to ask, but analysis of the answers, especially useful in employment screening. We do this before you invest your time in the interview process.  

Statement Analysis Services saves your company money, time, and the needless energy wasted upon those who seek to prey upon your business. 

MP3 recordings of all sessions are available free of charge to each attendee.  Certification awarded upon successful completion of seminar.  Discounts available for law enforcement, small businesses and non-profits, Domestic Violence advocates, and charity organizations.  Seminar includes 1 year of follow up support by Statement Analysis Services.


Anon19 said...

Very interesting. Where is the training being held?

Anonymous said...

Would you be interested in doing a Statement Analysis regarding Jian Ghomeshi and his Facebook post?

Tania Cadogan said...

If you decide to visit us over the pond i will be there pen in hand and ears on full :)

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous said...
Would you be interested in doing a Statement Analysis regarding Jian Ghomeshi and his Facebook post?
October 28, 2014 at 2:04 PM

It's up already.

If you are a fan of his, you might not like it.

I hope to visit the UK one day.

Nic said...


Peter, they re-arrested Steven Powell on previously dismissed child porn charges


Nic said...

Checking to see if anything is moving in the Heather Elvis case... coincidentally -
Second motion to compel evidence filed in Heather Elvis case


No further mention of Tammy's supposed pregnancy./sarc

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Off Topic:
Peter, would you be interestedin the case of the man who went missing a few nights ago from the Denver Broncos game? I will post a link.....

Anonymous said...

Here's the link....


John Mc Gowan said...
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John Mc Gowan said...


Katie Price: 'Oscar Pistorius Sent Me Twitter Messages During His Trial To Thank Me For My Support'

Katie Price has revealed that she received direct messages from Oscar Pistorius during his trial for the shooting of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.

According to Katie, the Paralympic athelete began messaging her after she wrote in her weekly magazine column that she wouldn't judge him based on media reports.

Writing in her magazine column back in March, Katie said: “No matter who you are or where you’re from or what you do, we are all equal when it comes to judicial undertakings and no prejudice or external factors should complicate the process.

"I’m certainly not going to judge Oscar on other people’s theories portrayed in the media.”

A month later, Katie's brother Dan, spotted the messages from the South African sports star.

“He said, ‘Oh my god, Kate – have a look at who’s direct messaged you on Twitter.’ I said, ‘It’s got to be fake.’ He said, ‘No, it’s from his verified account,’” she explained.

Earlier this week, Katie revealed she wanted to follow in Angelina Jolie's footsteps by becoming a Dame.

She told The Sun: “Dame Katie Price, it has a nice ring to it.”

However, she’s also admitted that her colourful past might be what’s holding her back from getting the chance to curtsy before Her Majesty at Buckingham Palace, adding:“I have come to the conclusion that whatever I do that is good it is never recognised.

“My personal life and pictures of my breasts tend to distract from that.”


Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

The Colorado father who was found safe in Pueblo Tuesday, five days after he went missing during a Denver Broncos game, told police that he took off because he 'had his fill of football,' it was revealed today.

At around 10.50pm Eastern time, the Denver Police Department tweeted that 53-year-old Paul Kitterman had been found alive more than 110 miles south of Denver in the City of Pueblo, and that no foul play is suspected.

Pueblo Police said they found Kitterman coherent outside a Kmart store near Highway 50 and Elizabeth Street after a citizen spotted him, Fox Denver reports.

He reportedly told police that he wanted to escape to some place warm. Police there said he appeared to be in good health, and has been put up in a hotel to await the arrival of his grown stepson, whom he had left alone during halftime at Mile High Stadium five days earlier.

According to police, they got a call from a family friend Tuesday saying they had picked up Kitterman at a Salvation Army and took him to a Rodeway Inn in Pueblo, but by the time officers arrived at the motel the man was gone.

Soon after, police received a call from the owner of Benfatti Furniture who spotted Kitterman and recognized him as the missing man from news reports. The 53-year-old was picked up next to a Kmart store near the Pueblo Mall.

Kitterman, who had no car and no cellphone on him, revealed that he had walked and hitchhiked from Denver to Pueblo located 112 miles away because he had his fill of football, reported USA Today.

The father also allegedly told police that he enjoyed taking walks, reported the station KOAA.

According to police in Pueblo, the divorced construction worker was surprised to learn that his disappearance has made national headlines.

Kitterman, who had been described by his family as someone who is not big on technology, told officers that he had not seen any television since he took off from the stadium.

Earlier in the day Tuesday, Kitterman's family had a scare when police found the body of a middle-aged man near train tracks in the vicinity of the football stadium, but it was quickly determined that it was not the missing dad.

Paul Kitterman's family have released a statement on Facebook thanking everyone for offering them support and asking the public and the media to respect the their privacy.

'The family is happy to report Paul has been found and they are now with him and he is safe,' read the status update posted Tuesday night.

Denver Police Sgt. Steve Warneke said that no criminal charges are expected.

'All we were trying to do was make sure he was unharmed, and he was,' Warneke said. 'So at that point, we're finished." Police referred all other questions to Kitterman's family.

Tania Cadogan said...

Kitterman was last seen on Thursday when his stepson left him at halftime to use the restroom.

On Monday night, Denver police revealed that a witness saw Kitterman inside the stadium during the third quarter, but it remains unknown where the man went after the game.

Jarod Tonneson, Kitterman’s stepson, as well as his friends, have publicly criticized investigators for allegedly not doing enough to locate the missing man.

'I think they should take us more seriously,' Tonneson said during an interview on Fox News Tuesday morning.

Tia Bakke, Kitterman's friend who took him to the fateful game on Thursday, told MailOnline Monday: 'He's now been missing for four days and we have had absolutely no leads whatsoever. But police don't consider it a priority.

'They say he is an adult and there is no sign of foul play so there is nothing much they

Kitterman, who is unmarried and lives alone in Kremmling, was at his first ever professional football game when he vanished.

Bakke and her boyfriend Jay Yust - for whom Kitterman has worked for the last 10 years - had invited him last-minute to go to Thursday's crunch AFC West face-off against the San Diego Chargers along with his 21-year-old stepson, Jarod Tonneson.

In their haste, Kitterman forgot his cellphone, took no credit cards and very little cash.

Still, Kitterman had memorized his friends' phone numbers and would have found ways to reach out if he wanted to leave.

'We are regulars, we are not season ticket holders, but this was the fourth Broncos game we have been to this season, and we have taken other friends with us before,' said Bakke. 'But Paul had never been to a game.'

The friends couldn't get seats together so Bakke and Yust sat in one section of the Sports Authority Field at Mile High while Kitterman and his son went to another, section number 230.

The foursome met up at halftime when the Broncos were leading 14-7 — but that is the last time that Kitterman, who works on Yust's MY Ranch in Kremmling, Colorado, was seen.

'He was super-excited about the game. It was the first time he had been and the Broncos were ahead and playing well,' Bakke, 24, told MailOnline. 'Jarod needed to use the restroom and we left Paul waiting outside for him - it couldn't have been more than 10 feet from where we had been standing.'

But when Jarod came out, his father was nowhere to be found so he went back to his seat in the south bleachers to watch the second half of the game, assuming he would soon rejoin him.

When the game ended in a 35-21 Bronco victory around 9.30 pm, Bakke called Tonneson telling him she and her 30-year-old boyfriend were waiting at Gate 8 ready for the two-hour drive back to Kremmling.

'He said he was waiting for Paul and asked me if he was with us, I said "no, I thought he was with you."'

Tania Cadogan said...

For nearly three frantic hours the trio searched the 13-year-old, 76,000-capacity stadium with no luck. They called the police, local hospitals, even jails and detox facilities in the hope that someone could give them a lead.

Tonneson told Denver's Fox affiliate, KDVR-TV he and his friends had looked in 'parking lots, trees, bushes, anywhere we could think of'.

Eventually they left for the long journey home, hoping against hope that Paul would be waiting for them when they returned to Kremmling. Bakke called the frustrating days following the game 'the longest, most miserable days of her life'

According to his son, Paul had four or five beers in the course of a four-hour span, not enough to become disoriented.

Tia Bakke told MailOnline that Kitterman has worked for her boyfriend for nearly a decade and has always been extremely reliable.

'Paul is the most trustworthy person you could ever wish to meet,' she said. 'He would hate the fuss that is growing up around his disappearance. Paul is just not the type of person who would do something like this for attention.

'He would never deliberately let anyone worry about him, that is just not who he is,' she added. 'He never wants stress or heartache or anything like that. He is the type of person that if you are having a bad day will do anything he can to be there for you.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2811992/Paul-Kitterman-Dad-vanished-Broncos-game-five-days-ago-ALIVE-safe-Denver-police-report.html8