Sunday, January 25, 2015

West Memphis Three: New Suspect

A "new" suspect has been named; one of the step fathers.

Readers here (and elsewhere Statement Analysis employed) knew this long ago...

from the Daily Mail:

New possible suspects named in the brutal 1993 West Memphis murders of three cub scouts - including one of the boy's stepfathers

  • Christopher Byers, James Michael Moore and Steven Branch were found dead, and their bodies tied up and mutilated in 1993
    Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley Jr. and Jason Baldwin, were convicted of the murders in 1994 and sentenced to death
  • They were released in 2011 after agreeing to an Alford plea

Four new possible suspects in the brutal killings of three boy scouts in Arkansas in 1993 have been named by attorneys in the case - and the stepfather of one of the boys is among them.
Terry Hobbs, the stepfather of eight-year-old victim Stevie Branch, has been named in documents released in Marian, Arkansas by the attorneys for Pam Hobbs, Stevie's mother.
The new documents claim that Hobbs and three other men killed Stevie and two of his friends after they caught the boys spying on them while they were taking drugs.
The bodies of Stevie, Michael Moore and Christopher Byers, all eight years old, were found naked, tied with their shoelaces and mutilated in a ditch in West Memphis, Arkansas in May 1993.
Scroll down for video
Murdered: New possible suspects have been named in the killings of Christopher Byers, left, James Michael Moore, centre, and Steven Branch, right, who were found tied up and mutilated in 1993
Murdered: New possible suspects have been named in the killings of Christopher Byers, left, James Michael Moore, centre, and Steven Branch, right, who were found tied up and mutilated in 1993
Three local teenagers who became known as the 'West Memphis Three', Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley Jr. and Jason Baldwin, were convicted of the murders and sentenced to death but staunchly maintained their innocence.
After the case garnered national and celebrity attention, the three were freed in 2011 after agreeing to an Alford plea, allowing them to maintain their innocence while pleading guilty.

On Wednesday, a hearing was held to allow her and the other parents of the victims to see the evidence of the case; during this hearing, attorneys filed a motion to name four further suspects.
Terry Hobbs
David Jacoby
Accused: A witness now claims that Stevie's stepfather Terry Hobbs, left, and his friend David Jacoby, right, killed them along with two teenagers after they caught the boys spying on them taking drugs
Buddy Lucas
LG Hollingsworth
'Killers': The witness said that Buddy Lucas, left, told a witness he was at the scene with Hobbs, Jacoby and another teenager LG Hollingsworth, right. He said he saw Hobbs stab the boys
On the list were Terry Hobbs and his friend David Jacoby as well as two men who would have been teenagers at the time: LG Hollingsworth and Buddy Lucas, WREG reported.
Their names have emerged after a witness stepped forward to claim that Buddy Lucas told him he had been part of the murders, years after they had taken place.
The witness said he learned that Hobbs and Jacoby invited the two teenagers to meet with them to buy drugs. When the men were smoking pot, they saw the three boys spying on them, he said.
Jacoby grabbed one of the boys and beat him while Hobbs ordered Lucas and Hollingsworth to grab and hold the other two boys, according to the affidavit.  
Anger: Mark Byers, step-father of murder victim Christopher Byers talks to media following the hearing on Wednesday into whether family members can see the evidence in the case
Anger: Mark Byers, step-father of murder victim Christopher Byers talks to media following the hearing on Wednesday into whether family members can see the evidence in the case
Hobbs then killed the boys with a pocket knife and mutilated their bodies, according to the papers.
The witness said he contacted the West Memphis police to tell them what he had learned but no one ever returned his call. Lucas has been described as mentally 'slow', WREG reported.
A new documentary about the murders, West of Memphis, also homed in on Terry Hobbs, claiming that his DNA was found on rope used to tie the boys' feet.
His ex-wife's family also said that Hobbs had a fraught, almost jealous relationship with Stevie, who was fearful of his stepfather.
Wrongfully convicted: Jason Baldwin was one of the three accused members of the West Memphis Three, who were released from prison last year
Wrongfully convicted: Jason Baldwin was one of the three accused members of the West Memphis Three, who were released from prison last year
Redemption: Jessie Misskelley was one of the three who went to prison for a grisly crime that they swore they didn't commit
Redemption: Jessie Misskelley was one of the three who went to prison for a grisly crime that they swore they didn't commit
Quest for justice: Damien Echols and his two co-defendants, insisted for years that they were not involved in the murder of the three boys
Quest for justice: Damien Echols and his two co-defendants, insisted for years that they were not involved in the murder of the three boys
Freed: The three, who have always maintained their innocence, were freed last year after an Alford plea
Freed: The three, who have always maintained their innocence, were freed last year after an Alford plea
Attorneys also said Hobbs' nephew, Michael Hobbs Jr, told friends his uncle murdered the three boys, but the elder Hobbs has denied any involvement with the murders. 
'I am content in my heart that Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley did not murder my son,' Stevie’s mother Pam Hobbs said as she pleaded for investigators to look at new evidence.
The three became the subjects of a series of documentaries called Paradise Lost which captured the attention of celebrities including Johnny Depp, who paid legal fees to free them, and Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder.
Joining the cause: Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder supported the West Memphis Three up until their release
Joining the cause: Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder supported the West Memphis Three up until their release


Anonymous said...

Peter: Could you please analyze the Bill Bellichick's most recent statements regarding "deflategate"? He spoke to the press again yesterday, and I'm guessing you could have a field day with what he said.

John Mc Gowan said...

Re Anons OT above.

Belichick: I had no knowledge whatsoever about deflated balls

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

SANTA CLARITA, Calif. – A man has been arrested on suspicion of murder after his three-week-old baby girl was found dead near their Southern California home.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's officials say the infant had been reported missing by the father and mother on Friday night.

After a search, the baby's body was found Saturday morning in the front cab of a pickup truck parked in a Santa Clarita apartment complex.

Deputies arrested 30-year-old Matthew Warner on suspicion of murder.

Det. Holly Francisco said Warner led officers to an area where he believed the child may be.

Francisco says the child's distraught mother is cooperating with investigators.

The child was found about a half-mile from Warner's Newhall-area home.

The coroner's office will try to determine the cause of death.

John Mc Gowan said...


Thanks Mr Cameron. My country is in safe hands!! Geeeezz. You couldn't make this up, and this in election year.!! The sooner the better!!

Hoax Caller Spoke To David Cameron, And Also Got GCHQ's Chief Robert Hannigan Phone Number

Anonymous said...

After extensive research into this case I am actually convinced Damian is guilty.

Anonymous said...

I read about the case. Everything relates to a media related kill: the first suspects had heroin addiction;the black man with blood at the restuarant;the different backplates on the watch; and the fact it happened near a truck stop.

The figure 8 used in the ligiture; castration of the heroin addicts son; a cult awareness group setting up shop soonafterwards.

Mr. Bojangles did it. The cast was most likly removable (velcro) and perhaps he had surgery for something that could have been cured with other means.

Heroin haulers dump in black areas. This area was predominately black with Memphis across the river.

The average IQ and emotional intelligence would cause panic and chaos-enough for a really good show.

There have been others: Oakland County Child Killer; Johnny Gosch; JonBenet Ramsey.

West Texas is notorious for hysteria as much as Florida.

Killing someone because they saw you smoking pot is ludicrous! Thin theory. The network that ran the show messed with this mother's head. Three grown men couldn't keep a secret any more than three teenagers-They don't want to change their moniker!

OldPsychNurse said...

'I am content in my heart that Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley did not murder my son,' Stevie’s mother Pam Hobbs said as she pleaded for investigators to look at new evidence.

Pam is “content in her heart” that Damien, Jason, and Jessie (who ADMITTED they killed her young child ) are innocent? Pfffft! IMO, Pam Hobbs is “content in her heart” because someone gave her $$$$$$ to make that absurd statement.

Everyone should read Damien Echol's psychiatric evaluation in a well-lit room in the daytime because he is the REAL boogeyman. He is now free from prison and could move into a house next to you. Realize that Damien’s psychiatrist stated he has psychotic episodes from his schizophrenia AND his bipolar disorder. Remember that he has a history of being noncompliant with taking his antipsychotic medication.

Immediately before the boys’ murders, Damien exhibited absurdly bizarre, violent behaviors which were documented by several medical professionals during several psychiatric hospital admissions. According to the psychiatrist hired by Damien's attorney, at the time of the boys' horrific mutilation murders, Damien Echols was not taking his medication and was PSYCHOTIC.

Before his arrest, Damien ADMITTED to others that he killed the three boys. Jessie also ADMITTED numerous time to various people that he participated in the violent murders. The three males incarcerated for the little boys’ murders ADMITTED they were guilty when they agreed to an Alfred plea.

Anonymous said...

“At no time, was there any intent whatsoever, to try to compromise the integrity of the game, or to gain an advantage — quite the opposite,” Belichick said.

“We feel like we followed the rules of the game to the letter in our preparations, in our procedures, all right? And in the way that we handled every game that we competitively play in as it relates to this matter, all right?

“We try to do everything right. We err on the side of caution. It’s been that way now for many years. Anything that’s close, we stay as far away from the line as we can. As far as I know, and everything that I can do, we did everything as right as we could do it.”

Only seven years after not doing everything as right as the league regulated they should do it.

“The guy’s giving signals out in front of 80,000 people, OK?,” Belichick said of Spygate. “So we filmed him taking signals out in front of 80,000 people, like there were a lot of other team doing at that time, too. Forget about that. If we were wrong then we’ve been disciplined for that …

“We never did it again. We’re never going to do it again and anything else that’s close, we’re not going to do either.”

Anonymous said...

old psych nurse - I agree with you.

years ago I watched the documentary on the case, and I'd assumed the three were innocent and the small town was just a stupid small town to lock them up. years later I thought about it --- documentaries are extraordinarily easy to use as manipulation. maybe I should do my own research. and I did and after some time I did a 180. its the big city celebs who were fooled. damian is guilty as the day is long.

Reader from Finland said...


Has Peter done any analysis in the past in relation to this case? I tried to search but I couldn't find anything.

Sorry my english.

Anonymous said...

Waiting for Peter to analyze the original statements from each convicted in the case. I'm torn on who to believe. However, the on thing that sticks out to me is the fact that jason Baldwin was reluctant to take the Alfred plea for quite some time. He eventually took it to appease the other two but was willing to wait it out in prison until he real killer was found and His name cleared. That doesn't sound like a guilty person to me. Waited a long time for Peter to bring up this case. Looking forward to more...

Anonymous said...

The Byers boy was clearly targeted. Man seen photographing him prior to the murders. Mrs. Byers car shutting down on the day of the murders. Two weirdos from California in the area not to mention another that drove a delivery truck from California that was investigated and failed the lie detector test.

Echols and girlfriend were going to California to be with other like-minded individuals who worship Alster Crowley and other deviants.

Most these high profile murders are related to Satanism which got its start in California and was promoted via US military as a human trafficking operation in the late 60s. New York got in on the money making machine when they realized they could call it "research" while freaking people out via their weird publications.

It's just a bunch of faggots utilizing shock value to sell ads while the human traffickers haul drugs and collect fees.

The only reason the want to prolong the drama is to promote terrorism. They've been dead since '93. To regurgitate the scenerio is to deny anyone within any distance, relationship, or naysayers to conform to the tactics of the retired FBI agents using the publicity to promote themselves.

If the three boys were jailed in error, one must look first at the media. They simply aren't smart enough to catch killers. One example of their foolishnish is seen in capturing Dennis Radar. The man left his address and name in a crytic code and the failed to even realize it while he continued a terror campaign for years. All this going on while the police relied on the media to do their job for them-convinced they had the tools to do better undercover work than themselves.

You only see these type of murders whereever people like Ted Gunderson has been in charge:Texas, California, Tenn., and his manipulation of the Johnny Gosch drama.

Film crew A and film crew B.

No one ever heard of these murders like they did the other murders of children. Why? Drug connections. No one wants those to be investigated. That's reality; not Reality TV.

John Mc Gowan said...

This is Mark McClish's analysis.

The West Memphis Three

An analysis by Mark McClish
Posted May 20, 2011

Anonymous said...

I'll read that later. I have to install a sweep on my front door so no one is able to slide skinny meth-head biker beotch investigations team member under for a research project. She's already been filmed in front of my mailbox at 4:30 am back in the day when the dedicated members of a normal society were inviting other intellectuals to people's homes in the middle of the night.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link John. The comment above fron another annon is bewildering. I assume he wanted it to appear is this annon. Not so. From the sounds of it Mark McClish is zoning in on the step father, terry, as I had suspected also...

Anonymous said...

i really like the "two weirdos from california" theory. haha, this could really be the explanation for every unsolved mystery.

OldPsychNurse said...

Go to Damien's FB page and see his Satanic gizmos and :cough: artwork for sale. The latests items appear to have been smeared with blood and pieces of human tissue. Keep scrolling through his FB page. Notice that Damien likes blood A LOT. Blood, human disfiguration, Satanism, and gore are the ONLY themes in all his art.

Don’t miss Damien’s latest art exhibit. It’s title is representative on how Damien has lived his life: Damien Echols: Do as thou will. In other words, do WHATEVER feels good. :shiver: Remember that Damien is the only person who bragged about mutilating and murdering these three little boys.

trustmeigetit said...

I had researched and read Marks analysis.

Mark said based on Jesses statement, he does not beleive he was there. To me that is strong.

Now, what sucks is they don't have original statements which would help. But as far as Damien, he was know to torture animals so that leads me to question how safe he is out in the world. He may have even been present. Hard to know woth out statements.

But Terry Hobbs to me is who I think is the murderer. Also...remember the boys had bite marks....Terry had all his teeth removed.that to me screams guilt. I hope they pursue him.

As far as the other boys, I do think they are all messed in the head and likely capable of murder. I'm just not convinced they did these. And people like them, sick in the head have and do confess. I am not sure why but I also don't see how you could enjoying tortureing and animal. But Damien did.

For now I just hope Terry Hobbs ends up in jail.

Lis said...

Hi guys.
John thanks for posting the McClish page After reading this one I don't see how anyone could think that Hobbs is not guilty.
It doesn't help that Hobbs and Jacoby look like a couple of guilt ridden psychos.

Falconwings said...

I don't believe whoever killed these boys did it because they were spying on them while smoking pot.
I have read a little about this case years ago and, at the time, felt the 3 jailed men were innocent.
I will have to read more about it though.
Something about this case reminds me of the book "The Green Mile" by Steven King, not so much in the sense of an innocent man being convicted, but I am picturing the kind of killer that was in the book that killed the 2 girls is probably the type who killed these 3 boys.
I think in the book, the actual killer was just a VERY BAD MAN who had done work for the family of the girls, but then I believe he actually planned the attack on the girls. He was just a vicious, evil person (the character in the book). I'm picturing the same: the killer knew one of the families, planned the attack, stalked them (that's why it is very hard to believe "someone got mad that they spied on him smoking pot because I think this killer stalked these boys) evil person and has murdered before, psychopath.

Falconwings said...

It is just weird, I picture that exact killer from the Green Mile, yet I don't remember many details exactly about him.
However, I believe the killer of these 3 boys would have been in and out of jail for various crimes, some serious. This is an impulsive criminal who wanted to hurt these boys, but I do not get the sense he was a family member. I am picturing more someone who knew one of their families but who was not necessarily close to the family.

Falconwings said...

I just checked out the Mark McClish link. No question the first guy is making it up. It is a bunk confession.

Whoever killed these boys, I believe was a predator who stalked them.

Reader from Finland said...

Thank you for the link John. I understood it was John Myers who removed his teeth, not Terry Hobbs? Also I remember that I read somewhere that those bitemarks didn't belong to adult.

Anonymous said...

Terryl Hobbs has a lot to answer for. No solid Alibi, his statements definitely need analyzing, he stumbles on questions often. However, if it were him he had to have help. How could he have detained all 3 boys without one of them running? Each boy had knots tied in different ways leading one to believe that there was more than one killer. Though Jesses confession does sound made up, he continued his confession for 3 months before his attorney felt they were coerced. One of the most puzzling cases I've followed. Everyone has a different conclusion: the W. Memphis 3 are guilty, not guilty. Terry Hobbs did it alone, or with help of an accomplice. An unknown transient who has disappeared into the wild. The bite marks they say were not that of an adult, yet all three children had bit mark. There was the theory of snapping turtles in the creek that could have done those. If it were Terry Hobbs, he did it in a fit of rage and with someone else. I also heard that his own daughter accused him of molestation.

Anonymous said...

Found this interesting Jason Baldwin wrote this on is FB page. Peter said the guilty have a hard time saying the names of those they hurt or killed. Jason says them all

When authorities fail to protect evidence they fail to protect us. Any faith we had in the system then becomes bad. Innocence doesn't stand a chance in such an arena.
Charles Jason Baldwin
One of the many surviving victims of the murderer of Steve Branch, Michael Moore and Christopher Byers.

Anonymous said...

SA proven accurate.

My husband was talking to another girl ALOT. Gut instinct caused me to look at our phone history.

He denied it was anything but friendship.

I thought, what would Peter ask now that he has denied any wrong doing.

Me: why should I beleive you
Him: cause I love you

That was all I asked. The lack of response "because I toldthe truth" told me what I feared.

I then looked harder. Discovered you can chat on Pinterest almost like IM. They were talking about "friends with benefits", how hearing each other's voice makes their day, and times they have meet and where. It was clear then he did lie and his inability to confirm he was "telling the truth" told me.

SA is real. If u ask the right questions , it gives you the truth.

Sad but I at least know now my gut is never wrong!

Kip said...

Written by Jason Baldwin

To the murderer of Steve Branch, Michael Moore and Christopher Byers:
In a sense you murdered me too. You murdered my mother, my father and step-father, all my grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins. You murdered my brothers.You murdered all my friends. My classmates. My teachers and girlfriend. You murdered my neighbor. You murdered everyone I ever knew and loved. You murdered the dreams we had. Murdered the dreams I had. You murdered me. No, you didn’t use whatever you used against Steve Branch, Christopher Byers or Michael Moore but in a sense you did it to me the same. I’m still coming to terms with all that I have lost and continue to suffer for your actions but I am healing. Whoever you are I advocate for you to be brought to justice. At the age of sixteen I did not choose this path for myself. It is one you put me on when you murdered those boys. It is a heavy and humbling burden. One in which I haven’t the slightest idea of how to carry but I do with all the grace I can muster. That is why I forgive you. I have to in order to have some measure of peace. I will never cease the pursuit of justice for you. I promise you that and this, whomever you are, that whenever you finally are brought to justice I will personally advocate for mercy and that your life be spared. In spite of everything. Be forgiven and begin your own journey of healing by accepting responsibility for your actions. God knows you need it.
Charles Jason Baldwin
One of many surviving victims of the murderer of Steve Branch, Michael Moore and Christopher Byers.

Kellie said...

There is a wealth of SA sample in the documentary "West of Memphis". Listening to tapped conversation between Terry Hobbs and his friend Jacoby tells it all! Terry uses "we" consistently. If you have any interest in the WM3 case, you must see it!

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

udge Jeanette Traverso halted the trial against the Brit businessman last month after claiming evidence from the prosecution’s key witness was “riddled with contradictions”.

But now a group of lawyers in South Africa have lodged a formal complaint accusing the judge of “gross misconduct” and being too lenient in axing the case.

They want her suspended while a probe is launched into whether the trial should have continued.

Bristol care home tycoon Dewani, 34, was accused of ordering a hit on his new wife Anni, 28, as the pair honeymooned in South Africa in 2010. He denied the claims.

Judicial Service Commission Sello Chiloane said: “I can confirm that we have received a complaint lodged against Deputy Judge President Traverso from an organisation named Higher Education Transformation Network.

“The complaint will be considered by the Judicial Conduct Committee at its meeting to be held in February 2015.”

During the trial the court heard how Dewani had slept with male prostitutes but was desperate to keep his bisexual secrets from getting out.

Judge Traverso dismissed the case two months into the trial after saying the prosecution’s key witness was not credible.

She said cab driver Zola Tongo’s claims about the murder of Anni were “riddled with contradictions” and “highly debatable”.

Tongo told the court that Dewani had approached him looking for a hitman to deal with a “business partner” but said he did not know till later that the target was Mrs Dewani.

He added that the Brit tycoon was going to pay him £286 for his part in the murder and even promote his business.

Tongo was jailed for 18 years as part of a plea bargain for killing Mrs Dewani.

Two others, Mziwamadoda Qwabe and gunman Xolile Mngeni, were also banged up for their part in the murder of the young bride,

Ms Dewani was blasted to death after her chauffeur-driven car was hijacked during a late-night tour of a township.

A legal committee will decide next month if Judge Traverso’s conduct in the trial will be probed.

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

Robert Allenby stands by assault, abduction claims following strip club news

Australian golfer Robert Allenby says his story remains unchanged after news emerged that he ran up a $US3,400 bar tab at a Hawaii strip club the night he claims he was abducted.

US detectives are continuing to investigate what happened to Allenby in Honolulu on the evening of January 16.

Allenby told police he had been kidnapped, beaten and robbed before being rescued by a homeless woman.

He now said he could cope with what he called trash talk, but his family had been devastated by media reports casting doubts on his story.

"The number one thing that you should remember is that my story stays exactly the same as the way I told it," he told reporters in Arizona, the site of the next PGA Tour event.

"I never lied to anyone, I only told you what I knew and what someone had told me. That is the bottom line."

The 43-year-old said he was in a wine bar after missing the cut at the Hawaiian Open before being robbed of his wallet, mobile phone, cash and credit cards.

The GolfChannel reported Allenby racked up a massive bill at a strip club and that two homeless men said he had fallen and hit his head.

Honolulu police said they were still investigating the case but not treating it as assault.

Allenby 'frustrated' by memory gap

The 2005 Australian triple crown winner reiterated he believed his drink may have been spiked and took exception to the conflicting reports that have emerged.

"There is no way in the world what I drank could do what was done to me, not a chance in the world," he said.

"What has been blown out of proportion is I was a victim, yet all of a sudden you (the media) are putting all the blame on me.

"I take full responsibility if I did do something wrong but as I said from 11:06pm to 1:27am I have no memory in my brain, I have nothing.

"I have been trying to go backwards and forwards and there is just nothing.

"I can't tell you how frustrating that is because we all want to know the truth, we all want to get to the bottom of it."

Allenby skipped last week's PGA Tour event in California but said he is now ready to get back into the swing of things in Phoenix, where he will be joined by Australians Geoff Ogilvy, Matt Jones, Steven Bowditch and Aaron Baddeley.

"Physically I am starting to feel pretty good, mentally I am preparing myself for one of the toughest weeks of my life," the four-time PGA Tour winner said.

"It hasn't been an easy week last week and it wasn't an easy decision to come to this tournament but I thought I need to get my life back on track.

"I am a professional golfer and why should I let controversy keep me out of the game I love."

Former world number one Tiger Woods is also in Phoenix for the tournament, sporting a full smile after losing a tooth in a collision with a cameraman last week.

S + K Mum said...

OT Sorry!
If anyone would like to join a Facebook page 'Find Allan Bryant jnr!' to lend support to a UK family desperate to get answers about their missing 24 year old son, it would mean so much to them. They are trying to raise awareness to then put pressure on local police to do more to find Allan. Sadly the family believe he has been killed.

S + K Mum said...

Meant to say, he has been missing for over a year now

Statement Analysis Blog said...


there are times I wish Statement Analysis was not so accurate and anonymous hit on it.

I am sorry for you.

It can be like a train wreck in life, so tread cautiously.


Falconwings said...

Here is a link to an interview with Damian Eccols to promote the film "West of Memphis". I have only watched the first 5 minutes, however I do find his language concerning.

He comments regarding whether the state is looking into pursuing a case against the stepfather by saying "it's just dead in the water".
Then he says of the state clinging to their belief these 3 were guilty: "They'll just murder you and sweep it under the rug".

I will comment further after I finish watching it.

Anonymous said...

If you want to find the truth about the WM3 go to the website WM3 truth or read the court documents at Callahan website. The documentarians and supporters spent years trying to convince American public that it was the other step father John Mark Byers. Now that didn't work they are trying to convince the public it's the other step father. Damien Echols is not a victim of a justice system run a muck. He was a disturbed young man at the time of the killings who still follows the teachings of Aleister Crowley. Even called his art show "Do As Thou Will" after Crowley's motto. The director Peter Jackson put 20 million dollars into getting them freed and instead of being exonerated in a new trial they pled guilty. I hate that this child killer lives in the same city. Read both sides before you make up your minds.

Carnival Barker said...

@ Anon 2:24 a.m.,

The WM3 did not plead guilty; they accepted an Alford plea because Damien was going to be executed. Their multiple attempts at getting another trial in an attempt to be exonerated have been denied. It should be noted that the attorney that prosecuted them is now the judge that denied their requests for a new trial.

Also, Hobbs denied seeing the boys that night at all, but the next-door neighbor (who was never interviewed by police) came forward to say as she was pulling out of her driveway to go to church, she had an interaction with one of the boys on her lawn and Hobbs was yelling at the kid to get back to the house. She knows exactly what time it happened because, as I said, she was on her way to mass.

I think it's very difficult to get around the fact that Hobbs' hair was found in the actual ligature used to hog tie one of the boys. That's not speculation or supposition. That one hair in the actual knot is much more evidence than they had to put the WM3 in prison and one on death row.

Falconwings said...

I watched an interview with Damien about the movie, and found his language to be concerning. He used the phrase "it's dead in the water" in the 1st 3 minutes. I looked on wiki, and it said the autopsy said the boys were drowned.
I also watched most of the police interview with the stepfather. You guys would probably be very interested to watch it! I was not getting red flags. I did find his "meek, soft-spoken" personality to be off-putting bc Ive seen that with psychopaths. One weird thing, he said when he picked his wife from work around 9 pm and told her her son was missing she supposedly said "He's dead." Now, he could be making that up, but if it's true, it's very strange.
He does make a denial, saying "I didnt do this". Although, I realize that is not an ironclad denial.

Sus said...

I don't know if this case will ever be solved. What a pity. Jessie M's confession was basically the only evidence, and his story didn't fit the crime scene details. His confession wasn't even used in the Echols/Baldwin trial as he refused to testify.

In my book, Jason Baldwin is innocent. He has always declared his innocence in a manner we on this blog know is true. He also twice threw himself under the bus for Damien Echols. He was offered a plea deal to turn on Damien and refused saying he wasn't there, he didn't kill the boys, and he didn't see Damien do it, so he wouldn't testify to that. The second time was taking the Alford plea.

Much has been made of Damien Echol's mental state. It is a valid point. He suffered from depression and certainly some undiagnosed personality disorders...still does. He shows no empathy for the murdered boys and their families. He obviously believes he's the star of the show. He's a narcissist. i can't find a reliable denial from Damien Echols. But I also can't find the evidence they found him guilty on.

I wish Jessie Miskelley would speak and tell why he gave that confession. My belief is that it mostly came from his neighbor, Vicky and from Buddy Lucas. I think Jessie was fed the satanic things by Vicky, some details by Buddy, and he was then convinced Damien and Jason did it. He set out to say he witnessed it (thus the "then I left" repeatedly) and the detectives kept coaxing more out of him. The story built each time he told it. Jessie M went in thinking he'd be a hero getting the bad guys caught, and get a reward doing it, and instead was embroiled himself.

Thanks for letting me think through this aloud.

Sus said...

The "new" suspects make more sense. I'm thinking through again.

By statistics alone, Terry Hobbs should be the prime suspect. Add in his history of child sexual and physical abuse, his criminal record, lack of an alibi when the crime was committed, seen with the boys, on and on. Why in the world wasn't he questioned more carefully in the month following the murders? Something stands out to me. Bear with me. Hobbs allegedly sexually abused his daughter who was four years old at that time. According to his wife, he was focused on her inappropriatly. In Mr. Byers' testimony he mentioned as an aside that just days before the murders his son, Christopher, said he had a girlfriend...Terry Hobbs four year old daughter. And Hobbs told him how Christopher had kissed the little girl, or wanted to. Now, Christopher Byers was singled out among the boys with bite marks to his cheeks and stabbed genitilia. Could the bite marks be mocking kisses? And the mutilation about the young boy's sexuality? I don't know. I'm no expert, but I find it highly strange and coincidental.

I don't know what to think about Jakoby except he seems to be now distancing himself from Hobbs. Suddenly he realized Hobbs wasn't with him through a significant portion of the night. Jakoby said he saw the boys go by his house at 6:30 while Hobbs was there. Someone really ought to hook Jakoby up to a polygraph and see what he knows.

Buddy Lucas, oh man. I certainly don't like how involved he was with Jessie Misskelley and the confession. I have always thought he might have been there and fed Jessie some details, saying it was Damien and Jason, though. He was awful happy to have Jessie confess. And then there's the tennis shoes that Jessie gave him either the day after the murders or months before. Either way, Buddy Lucas had the shoes worn at the scene of the crime.

The family of LG Hollingsworth spent an inordinate amount of time saving his butt and framing Damien and Jason. If you look at the witness list, his family is much of it. He himself was placed near the crime scene, gave another alibi which the two men flatly denied. This kid was lying about something.

Last, does anyone find it eerie that Buddy Lucas and LG Hollingsworth look like Jason Baldwin and Damien Echols?

Falconwings said...

Sus, interesting.
This case is perplexing.

I have a question. The stepfather tells police in the interview I watched that his son had just gotten a new bicycle the day before the killings that he was riding with the other 2 boys. Were any of their bikes ever found?

Also, on wiki I read that a kid told police shortly after the killings that he witnessed the boys being murdered by Spanish satanists. Probably just a rumor he was repeating? But what struck me is that the stepfather told police when questioned about if his marriage had been good, that it could have been better, and that they used to have pool parties at their house and that during one of them he found his wife "in the arms of a Mexican", a man she worked with at "Poncho's". The stepfather also says that when he picked up his wife from work, he told her her son was missing and that she said "He's dead." in an upset tone. Maybe a loose association but what if the kid actually did see Spanish-speaking men killing the kids, and these men, maybe one or more of them worked with the mother?
As far as Damien Ecolls, I do get a bad vibe off him. I also do get a bad vibe from the stepfather. The police interview with the stepfather on youtube is interesting.

stark3923 said...

Famous and WELL RESPECTED FBI Profiler John Douglas reviewed the case, interviewed all families and accused - on more than 1 occasion.

His reports keeps stating 1 person - who knew all 3 children.

BITE MARKS are from the turtles. 7 world renowned pathologist ALL AGREE- no knife mutilation - it is turtle biting flesh. Area was called Turtle Hill.

Please STOP the madness of stating double hearsay is evidence.


Damian may have issues as stated by his own attorney and doctor; however, that does not make him a killer. WM3 did NOT know the 3 children nor were they in the area.

Last known person to see the 3 victims and walking to area of murder scene is the step father who was angry that Stevie disobeyed his Mother and failed to return at 4:30.

ALL 3 bikes were dumped in water near the bodies.

1 boy died of blunt force trauma
2 drowned with blunt force trauma.


Thank you Peter Jackson and Wife - Bless your kind generous souls.

stark3923 said...

Terry Hobbs is the stepfather of Stevie Branch HIS DNA was found in the ligatures of the Moore child.

Stevies mom was angry when she left for work because Stevie did not come home at 4:30. When Terry arrived home from work, he then took wife to work at 5pm. Then returned home to look for Stevie. Terry was raged filed. (MOM work 5-9)

Terry raised his bio daughter Amanda who is a long time meth user and prostitute who children are being raised by her mom (Stevies' mom) - Amanda states her father beat her and was violent. Sex abuse is alleged to have taken place.

Falconwings said...


Hobbs strikes me as a domestic abuser with his meek, soft-spoken, measured way of speaking. I've seen it before. It's a classic abuser front that conveys the impression "who me? I am so gentle and meek. How could you suspect me of ever hurting a fly?"

It could have been Hobbs. Rage-filled because Stevie didn't come at 4:30. Believable. Motive for the heinous crime of killing 3 boys? I'm not so sure.

I am finding out more about the case and don't know as much as people here including you but, while looking into the case, I keep reading people saying that all 3 knots were tied differently, so that indicates 3 killers. What occurred to me though, is that one of the Boys, I read, was a Cub Scout. I am just brainstorming, but a scout leader would know how to tie the 3 knots or an upper level Boy Scout would. Just a random thought, I don't know what it would mean.
Also, it was a "boys parole officer" who found the 3 murdered boys? I find this an odd fact, perhaps meaning nothing, but peculiar nonetheless.

One odd thing I saw in an interview with Eccols, when asked about where he was at the time of the murders, he says he was talking with 3 PEOPLE on the phone. Again, may mean nothing, but this is the "liar's number".
It's definitely a perplexing case, just brain storming some thoughts.

Sus said...

The boys were on two bikes, and they were found nearby.

Falcon, the Spanish came from Aaron Hutchinson. He is one of the strangest parts of this case. He was a classmate of the murdered boys, son of Vicky, the neighbor. Meaning he lived beside Jessie Misskelley. His first story was that he saw Michael Moore get in a car with a black man directly after school. Then he told that the boys always played in the woods and spied on a group of men having sex. They spoke Spanish ( meaning he couldn't understand them.) He was certain the boys were caught by these men and killed by them. No mention of Jessie M. In later stories he was there, but got away. Even later he said he was forced to cut off the penis of Christopher Byers and tied them up and put the boys in the water. Aaron became the perpetrator in his mind. His later stories included Jessie, his next door neighbor and babysitter, and Damien who he knew by sight. Aaron was never called to testify. He now says he has no idea what is true and what isn't.

Stark, it is still debated about the teeth marks vs animal predation. Of course, each side wants to call it what they want.

The best place for primary documents: No slant, just the transcripts.

Falconwings said...


Thanks for the info about what Aaron Hutchinson reported and for explaining who exactly he is. I agree with you, as it stood out to me also as being the strangest aspect of the case I had read about. I can't help but think that there is actually something to what he said, I am just not sure what!
It is so hard also to discount the hair belonging to the stepfather found in the ligature. One thing that strikes me as possible leakage in light of what Aaron Hutchinson reported is from the statements made by the stepfather, Hobbs, to the police interviewer in 2007 when asked about if his marriage to Pam had been good. He said it could have been better in that at one of their "pool parties" he found his wife "in the arms of a Mexican" and he then whooped the dog and the kids and he said he probably shouldn't have done that. I wonder if he is leaking what may have actually been the reality that he himself was caught with a Mexican man in the woods and that he killed the kids who had seen him with the man. Even his describing "catching his wife with a Mexican" in the context of a pool party, I wonder if unconsciously, this was because of the water in the woods in which the boys were drowned.
Thank you for letting us know about the website with the documents. I am perplexed by this case and I would like to read them.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like gossip and slander more than being perplexed and curious.

Falconwings said...

Anonymous, What did you feel was gossip or slander in what I said? I actually am perplexed by the case and I went and read several documents off of the callahan website.
Someone killed these boys, and I do agree with John Douglas, it was someone who knew them. I am not convinced of who did it, but I do feel Hobbs is hiding something. In fact, after watching an interview with Hobbs' wife as well as reading transcript of her in court, I feel she is actually not being straightforward about something that she knows about. I am not convinced of who did it, however I am thinking aloud.

Falconwings said...


If you're interested watch the police interview from 2007 with Hobbs.
His demeanor is very disarming. He comes across as meek, soft-spoken, with a very measured way of speaking.
However, his description of finding his wife in the arms of a Mexican and admitting to violence towards the dog and the kids after he finds her is obviously said as a way to convince the interviewer, see, I am admitting to a little something, I am not perfect. However, I think he is lying about that incident. I don't think he found her with a Mexican. It is too strange the way he describes it poetically by saying he found her "in the arms of a Mexican", so I do consider it possible leakage. He is fabricating it and it is coming from somewhere in his head.

Kellie said...

The deposition of Terry Hobbs, when he attempted to sue the Dixie Chicks for defamation, is very interesting!

When asked about backhanding his wife and shooting his brother-in-law, he laughed.

Kellie said...

Also, Hobbs reaction when confronted with a past sexual assault charge is insolent.

Falconwings said...


Thanks for the links. I will watch them. One thing Hobbs' also does in his interview with police from 1997 (It's lengthy, about 1 hr 45 minutes) is when the interviewer is asking him open-ended questions to find out exactly what he did that day and to find out how events unfolded, he initially leads the interviewer to believe he first goes down to Robin Hood Hill to look for the boys AFTER he has picked up his wife Pam from work. But then when answering another question, he reveals he actually went into Robin Hood Woods to search at some point BEFORE picking his wife up from work at 9 pm. This, to me, is inexcusable and suggests he is hiding something because entering what he describes as a "jungle" (Robin Hood Hill) to search for the boys should be a pivotal point of the story and should stand out in his memory. You can tell in the interview, he hopes to get away with having that be the chronology of events that is conveyed that he only begins to search AFTER he gets Pam. Also, he reveals he does not voluntarily reveal to Pam her son is missing when he picks her up, but waits for her to ask where he is. This is unfathomable why he would not volunteer that info to Pam that her son is misding since he was actually in the woods looking for him before picking Pam up.

Falconwings said...

Kellie, I watched the link you posted at 11:56. Oh my word. He killed those boys didnt he. The motive was probably to stop Stevie from talking about his sexual abuse of his kids. He probably thought he had told one or both of the other boys since they were Stevie's best friends. He admits to making Stevie hold his hands in the air while he whipped him with a belt. That matches what the killer did as far as tying the boys hands (to their feet). I noticed in a couple different times in the video you can see what appears to be a large belt hanging on the wall?! Awful!!! So sad watching his daughter cry. Oh my God. That SOB killed those kids, and 3 innocent people went to jail! Just so awful!

Kellie said...

I think that's exactly what happened Falconwings. So many things were left out of the investigation and so many things were done by the police dept and the prosecution that are just undeniably, as one of the defense attorneys said, evidence of a witch hunt!

The demeanor of Terry Hobbs is rife with the general contempt vibe and it is strong! His meekness is transparent. He reminds me of every abuser I've ever known. I can't remember which video has the bugged conversations between Hobbs and Jacoby, it may even be the West of Memphis documentary, but Terry's tactics are so obvious in that conversation. Jacoby is sketchy too, and it feels to me like he's witholding info...

Buckley said...

I think Byers was the biological father.

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know the teenagera who said they heard damin say he killed the children have also come forward to say they lied. Im not god i can not say for sure who did this. But iam not closed minded and do believe that the investigation should continue. If the wm3 did committe these crime the family deserves to know what happened. Not what the media says. If they didnt do it...... well they still deserve to know. What really has got me in this case is no one is asking quesrion and getting answers. There is something wrong with this system

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know the teenagera who said they heard damin say he killed the children have also come forward to say they lied. Im not god i can not say for sure who did this. But iam not closed minded and do believe that the investigation should continue. If the wm3 did committe these crime the family deserves to know what happened. Not what the media says. If they didnt do it...... well they still deserve to know. What really has got me in this case is no one is asking quesrion and getting answers. There is something wrong with this system

Anonymous said...

I think the statement given in the top half of this page (that I've given the link to above) by Billy Stewart probably is the nearest to the truth. The sexual antics of the day have been played down, but have been documented elsewhere. Hobbs was also challenged on camera (youtube)as to why the police found him once standing over two young boys wresting, armed with a gun! I think that was one of his sexual/bully kicks - get young guys really high n drunk & get them to partake in sexual activity. Also it's documented many times that family members made comments about Terry being jealous of the attention Pam gave to her son - so there's a motive.

I don't think it was a planned killing I just think the boys caught them high & having sex.(Jacoby like Hobbs was noted several times as being "bisexual", Buddy Lucas later worked at JWags gaybar which he confirms in a police interview on youtube. Saying that I reckon it is not the first time Hobbs has killed. If he had planned to kill his stepson I doubt the body would be found.

B said...

Terry Hobbs bite mark was a perfect match. He's been charged with assault crimes and sex crimes. He was never investigated back then. The police messed up.

B said...

Lol did you see the interview with Hobbs in paradise lost 3 ? He laughed about the murders. He tells Pam to get over it a week after murders. He killed Pam's brother in a fight. Also laughed about that. Look on you tube for the bite mark theory. It's a perfect fit. Several dentist have agreed. Hobbs worked at a slaughter house. Kids were tied ankle to wrist. Kids had rebar marks that match a local manhole. Hobbs step son had green beans in his stomach. Hobbs did see him cause he came home for dinner.

B said...

Very true. LG died in 2001

B said...

Yes bikes were found. Have you seen the documentaries?

B said...

Good points but. DNA proves it wasn't west Memphis 3. Hobbs it does match but also 4 percent of the population.

B said...

Stevie had green beans in his stomach. He did come home. Hobbs worked at a slaughter house knee how to tie knots and knee how to clean blood. Wittness says they seen Hobbs with the 3 boys that day. Was calling them to come home

B said...

Gossip and slander put wm3 in prison. DNA got them out

B said...

2007 that's when Hobbs was first interviewed by police

B said...

2007 that's when Hobbs was first interviewed by police

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

You obviously are locked in on these three doing it because Damien is a dark individual?? They didn't even have the resources to kill those kids in one place then transport them there. You are clueless if you think they could have pulled that off without leaving a shred of evidence......

habundia said...

I read the tapes they had of interrogations of the 3 boys don't exist.....there is only one piece where 'an confession' is being made......i read it and didnt see any confession at all....i only read a story being told....made up....guessing....i dont think a 'confession" told in the way it was that it can be called an confession in any way.
When there is no evidence (tape recording) of full interrogations then you cant conclude 'a confession' is being made because you have no clue on what has done to the person whos being interrogated. ......this part sounds exactly like the interrogation done on Bredan Dassey.......these boys are being told they wont be charged if they 'tell the truth", if the "truth" they tell isnt what police wants to hear they keep changing the story untill they 'feel' police is content with their story. Later on their story changes again and it then stops fitting with their 'earlier truth' so police keep giving information so the accused one can use it to retell their makes me wonder how many more INNOCENT (juvinels) are locked up in prison because of this way of terrorizing (interrogation) if they have done it in 1993, in 2005......then i am convinced they still do it these days.

Its not that i think all cops are bad.......but i do think there are more bad ones then the public want to believe there are......untill we stop assuming all cops do a great job these crimes will continue to happen in interrogation rooms!
Because to me it is an absolute crime when police is coercing a juvinel to admit to a crime they did not commit....just because this cop or those cops have convinced themselves they "know the truth".....i think these type of cops are a shame for those who do a really great job by looking for real criminals....instead of looking for a confession made by anyone they can convince to make a false confession so they can use it as a real one!

Unknown said...

Almost everything you said is wrong. The same judge from their original trial was the one who kept denying them until he was elected to another office. The Alford plea is a guilty Plea. The just get to maintain their innocence. Legally they plead guilty. Please do your homework before saying anything about this case. There is enough misinformation. By the way, I am a supporter.