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Dylan Redwine, 13, Missing: Mother's Letter

Dylan Redwine, 13, disappeared last Monday from his father's home in Vallecito, near Durango during a court-ordered visit.

Dear Dylan
I don't know if you can see this and I know your not a big reader so I will keep this short. We are all in Durango looking for you.
I AM HERE and I will never give up looking for you. You are my ray of sunshine and the best kid a mother could ever have. I miss your laugh and your smile so much. We will find you and bring you home with us!
We all love you so much son and hope you are safe. You are the glue in our family so come home and stick us back together! your mother!
We love and miss you immensely and will never stop searching for you. Don't give up on us son we will NEVER give up on you.
Love Your Mommy.
and Big Brother and Mike!

Here is the same letter with analysis.  There are no indications of guilty knowledge by the mother.  Some aspects are not given much commentary for obvious reasons. 

Dear Dylan
I don't know if you can see this and I know your  (sic) not a big reader so I will keep this short. We are all in Durango looking for you.
Note how it begins:  Where someone chooses to begin is often important and can even be the reason for writing.  Here, she writes that she does not know if Dylan can see this.  It begins with pronoun, "I", even though it is from 3 people.  That the mother does not know, is critical, and the pronoun tells us how deeply personal this is.  It is also in the negative = very important. 

"Not a big reader" is also in the negative and an insight into education/life and struggles within the family.  

I AM HERE and I will never give up looking for you. 

Very strong statement, including the Upper Case by the mother. 
Note:  "never give up" may indicate desperation and hopelessness that may have, by now, crept into her thinking; or...
it could be something else.  The analyst must remain open and note any repetition as sensitive.  
You are my ray of sunshine and the best kid a mother could ever have. I miss your laugh and your smile so much. We will find you and bring you home with us!
Very personal.  Note when a plural statement goes to the pronoun, "I", it increases importance.   Here, he is a "kid."  In context, the "kid" is "the best" and she uses "laugh" and "smile" about him. 
We all love you so much son and hope you are safe. You are the glue in our family so come home and stick us back together!

Here, he is a "son" and there is emphasis on "all" and is in the context of "love."
use of "all" is emphatic and may indicate that Dylan may not have felt close to all included in the letter; perhaps the last person named. 

Dylan as "the glue" suggests brokenness; that is, the need for repairing glue.  At 13, he is not a "baby", and the mother may wish him to feel important, enhancing his own self worth and value for him to read. your mother!
It is in the imperative; very strong, and very personal.  In relation to being a "mother" he is, indeed, a "son", which suggests responsibility.  The sentence begins with "Son"; tender but strong. 

We love and miss you immensely and will never stop searching for you. Don't give up on us son we will NEVER give up on you.

Very sad.  The loving and missing is highly sensitive with "immensely" and she wants him to know this.  He may have felt or expressed the contrary. 

The "never" is sensitive (this is its 3rd usage) and suggests that Dylan may have felt "given up on" in the past, perhaps by one or more of the three named, or by his father.  Dylan may need this assurance.  It may not be just that there is hopelessness in the searching (it will "never" end) but may be something between mother and son.  If Dylan felt that they had "given up on him", it would make sense that the mother would repeat, "never" in her plea to him.  Time has gone by and fear has likely brought havoc to the mother, big brother, and Mike, but predominantly to the mother. 

This is highly personal. 

Love Your Mommy.
and Big Brother and Mike!
Note the order of the names.  
Note that "Mommy" is used, which is not often used in dealing with a 13 year old.  This is actual insight into how deeply she cares for him, and how horribly vulnerable she is.  "Mommy" is for younger children:  this mother is likely tormenting herself, particularly reliving his entire 13 years.  To her, Dylan may still be her "baby" and she is the "Mommy."

These maternal references show how immeasurably deep the pain must be.  


Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla

Dylan sent her a text message when he arrived with a scowling smiley face. She added that Dylan rarely visited his father as his father never exercised his visitation rights.

Dylan Redwine
Photo credit: La Plata Sheriff Dept.
Dylan's mother and father have been going through a custody dispute, and the boy was visiting his father as part of a court order, reports KRQE news.
Elaine is convinced that Dylan did not vanish on his own, and discounts sighting of him on Monday and Tuesday. She said her son was happy and he had friends and hung out at Skate City and began eighth grade in August, reports the Durango Herald.

Tania Cadogan said... your mother!

This sounds masculine, something a father would say to his son,
note Mother as opposed to mom.

Mom is a nice soft cuddly name whereas mother usually indicates uh oh she's found out, you're in trouble.

I also note the big brother isn't given a name, he is simply written as big brother, then at the end we have Mike! is he the new man in mom's life?

I wonder if this letter has contributions from several family membrs as opposed to just from mom?
It would explain the masculine elements, as a mom i would expect lots of soft terms even with him being 13 such has his name or a pet name, whnever i see son i visualise a man saying the words taking pride in him, this is MY SON, if you follow my thinking.

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla

A postal worker possibly saw the boy Monday on County Road 501, near Vallecito, and two rescue workers may have seen the boy Tuesday afternoon, said Dan Bender, spokesman with the La Plata County Sheriff’s Office.
Both sightings are unconfirmed, and, in both cases, the boy ran from rescue workers up a hill in the Vallecito area, Bender said.
“We’re assuming at this point – it may be Dylan – eluded searchers,” he said. “We’re leaning toward his being a runaway.”

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla

Bridget Redwine-Simmers Nov 25, 2012, 11:53pm EST
My brother would not withhold information that would help to find his son. He has been just as upset as everyone else that his son is missing. His ex-wife Elaine and his other son Cory have been in the media, but he is himself just as distraught as they are over the disappearance of Dylan.

[Paragraph starts with "my brother" last word "Dylan.]

As far as the custody dispute, a lot of couples go through bitter and angry divorces, and as I have said before, children sometimes hear things that they were not meant to hear and interpret them as something entirely different than what it was meant to be. I do know that Dylan LOVED both his parents and his brother and his brothers from a prior marriage.

Unfortunately, IN SITUATIONS LIKE THIS, they are going to LOOK AT MY BROTHER AS HAVING SOMETHING TO DO WITH THIS, but they should be looking at both parents and or anyone involved or related to their divorce proceedings. As mothers and siblings have in the past had involvement IN CASES LIKE THIS to get back at the other parent or parents if it is a sibling. SAD, BUT TRUE.

In any case, that is all I have to say at the time. As now it is going on the 8th day of Dylan’s disappearance, and I am just praying to hear some news soon. Hopefully we will hear something from my brother soon hear on our end. Until then, all I have is hope that Dylan will be found.

Anonymous said...

It amazes me when no reference is made to the state these situations take place in. I read and searched but find no name of a state. How can any of us know where this area is when counties or small cities we have never heard of are mentioned, but no state, unless one lives nearby or is familiar with the area?

Having said THAT, assuming it is COLD wherever this is and not located somewhere in the virgin islands or the south pacific; IMO no runaway would still be hiding out in the woods several days later with no warmth and no food. If the child ran away he would more than likely be with a friend or hiding in a bus station, etc. But what would he be eating if he had no money? I heard of one runaway who hid out quite comfortably in a Walmart for several weeks before he was discovered.

My guess is that he did NOT run away, but whoever was seen in the woods on the run possibly WAS a recent runaway, but also could have been a young man taking a walk and thinking he needs to run from strangers and possible pedophiles, or was up to no good. BUT, I could be wrong.

IMO, the letter was penned solely by the mother and straight from the heart, also was inclusive of others that may have had some misunderstanding with her son and she wanted to clarify their concerns for him. I DO wonder why the bio-father has not spoken for himself! Now THERE lies my suspicions. Why is HE not pleading and begging for his son?

Re the "mommie" and "son" issue, I find it very enduring regardless as to his age. Thirteen IS still very young. I have two grown sons and frequently called them "son" when speaking to them, it gave them a sense of manhood; also the use of mommie continued every once in a while throughout their childhood.

Even now, sometimes I sign my emails mommie for fun, and will leave messages on their voice mail, "hey, it's your mother"; or "your mommie", and laugh about it, even though they are grown. It all depends on what we are talking about, or sometimes in jest and for the fun of it.

More often than not, I sign and speak as "your mother", or sometimes just plain mother. They usually call me "mom" but I don't refer to myself as "mom"; neither did my own mother, yet I called her mom when speaking or writing to her but always referred to her as "mother" to others.

I so hope this young man is found, but for now it doesn't sound so good to me. Too mysterious. REB

Tania Cadogan said...

I do know that Dylan LOVED both his parents and his brother and his brothers from a prior marriage
Loved not loves?
Why does she use the past tense, does he not love anymore?

embedded in her statement. Do we know if he has taken a poly and what the results were?

What prompts the change in language from situation to case ( this is close , that is distancing)

The situation is angry and bitter divorce.
The case is when a parent or sibling does it to get back at the parent(s)

What is interesting to note is she introduces a sibling getting their revenge,
In custodial disputes especially if the divorce ia ongoing and/or acrimonious it is invariably one parent going after the other for custody, rarely is a sibling of the missing child involved.
She is correct about it usually being family related.
I assume Dylan is the father's bio son, what relation is the big brother to Dylan? A step brother perhaps?
Who is Mike?

Given it was court ordered and the dad seemingly shows no interest in his son i wonder if the visits were mutually disliked?
Who is living with the father currently such as new, any children?
What were the custody arrangements like such as child support etc? were they up to date or is this another facet of the court order?

Has Dylan ever mentioned not going to see his dad or rnning away if he had to?

Who sought the court order visitation?

Did dad demand it now he is 13, how long has it been in place?
is it in fact a way to get at the mom?

Who benefits from no Dylan?

Does Dylan have fruiends in the area he could stay with and would go to? It is almost winter, weather isn't going to be good.
Did he take anything with him?
Did he vanish before reaching his father or after he arrived?

As a matter of course, i would poly all adults who had contact with him inclusing siblings since Bridget introduces them into her statement

Tania Cadogan said...

HI Anon.

It's akin to being called by my proper name when i have been naughty.
I am so used to being called by one of my nicknames, even to being introduced to people by one of them (including a wedding - I signed the guestbook in my nickname as this is how they knew me. I can see years down the line, as they read it, asking "who the heck brought a dog and who taught it to write?"
Also if you ever visit the war museum in Calgary and read through the guest book you will know i have been there as well hehe)

Mom or mommy is always the good one, the one who comforts us and cares for us, who gives us treats and songs and bedtime stories and all the nice things we love.
Mom is all soft and cuddly and gives the most amazing hugs and always smells nice.
Mom always loves us no matter what we have done.

Mother is the stern one, she tells us off when we sneak a fresh baked cookie, decorate the family pets, walls, siblings, when she hears the "uh oh, run!" as something unbroken becomes broken with only the sound something expensive to replace can make.
Mother is who dad sends us to when he can't tell us off because he is laughing too hard.
When mother says do something or don't do something even dad listens and does as he is told.
Only a mother can do "The GLARE" and if the pointy waggy finger of I told you... makes an appearance at the same time, you better start making plans for makes amends real fast.

Anonymous said...

Durango and Vallecito are tiny mountain communities in southern Colorado. It's very cold there this time of year.

Tania Cadogan said...

As an addendum, I adopt parents like others have hot dinners, I am the kid they didn't know they had, needed or wanted :)

All my female ones have a different name, my bio mom was mum (UK normal)or mother when she was naughty. I also have a mom, a mumsie, mommy a gran and a granny.
I treat them as i would my now dead and terrorising wherever she is mum.
I also called my mum 'old bat' when talking about her with friends.
They all knew her and the soubriquet fit as she was going batty (god was gonna take her away in a helicopter - he didn't, and she would get cirrhosis of the liver if i had a pint of cider - she didn't)and another who is shorter than me (she makes me feel tall at 4'14") who is nicknamed the poisoned dwarf due to her bulldog, go rip their throats attitude to politicians even those in her own party)

I also have 2 non bio sister's ( they married into our family the silly sods) the nice one is called jules or wifey, the other not so nice one is known to all as the welsh tart.
My brothers are bro (Piers) misery or mr indecisive (craig who lives with the welsh tart) and my half bro Merlin( by wife #2 out of 3, bro misery and myself were by wife#1, wife #3 had no kids by dad) he is always Merlin since he always vanished at the first sign of trouble and is now an entertainer who does juggling, firewalking, escapology, juggling fire underwater, stilt walking and other what is considered in our family normal things.
Once met we are never forgotten, no matter how much therapy you have, ask anyone who has met me mwahahahahah.

Mainah said...

At Anon 8:12...Wow, the statements from the sibling of "dad" do not bode well...past tense, weak assertions, qualifiers. ..."I'm JUST(?) praying" ... "he has been JUST as upset"..."has been(?)", not "IS"...I could go on and many "oddities", so little time...

Peter, "the glue" struck me too...I could see how that might enter my language given similar circumstances. Hard telling, not knowing, but I think I can say I would become "unglued" if I didn't know where my young son was and he disappeared for several days. Follow-up questions by investigators would (hopefully) reveal that in my internal dictionary "unglued" is synonymous with unable to function, mentally falling apart, anger and lack of control of the situation. It's interesting that for someone else "unglued" may not have the anger or "crazy" component I associate it with. I realize she was saying he is the glue that keeps them sticking together and I'm not suggesting her word "glue" has the same meaning as my word, "unglued", I was just letting my mind wander for a bit.

Mainah said...

Anon 9:19,

Thanks for mentioning a pet-peeve of mine, too, the lack of good, needed information on flyers and such. The state missing is a common one, but also missing dates, contact number for the LE agency, etc.

I live here, not far from China...Rome is also just down the road...I'm hoping to travel to Washington next Spring. It's a quaint little town or about 1.300 people, located in Knox County...

Mainah said...

Hobs Said: your mother!

This sounds masculine, something a father would say to his son,
Yes, that 1950's Father Knows Best kinda way.

I call my 28yo son, "son" when I'm feeling "funny-stern and/or educational" Here are some (recent, lol) examples:

Son, why would you want to junk your car that needs $700. work and buy one for a $1,000. that you don't know what's wrong with it?

Well, son, I guess you'll think twice next time...(insert great advice).

Interesting. I'm a woman/mom but I've always been a tom-boy and now that I think about it, I did have to provide both roles. Dad did not get that "parent" is a noun AND a verb! Oye, the mistakes we make when we are young...

It's that whole internal dictionary again! I love SA! So much to learn!

Mainah said...

Hobs said: As an addendum...

Oh, too funny! We call my friend's mother "The Old Bat" too...her adult son came up with it.

My kids call me, "mah", usually, but the baby, at 26yo, still calls me mommy a lot too.

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla

Bridget Redwine-Simmers Nov 25, 2012, 11:53pm EST

In any case, that is all I have to say at the time. As now IT IS GOING ON THE 8TH DAY OF DYLAN’S DISAPPEARANCE, and I am just praying to hear some news soon. HOPEFULLY WE WILL HEAR SOMETHING FROM MY BROTHER SOON hear on our end. Until then, all I have is hope that DYLAN WILL BE FOUND.

Ivy said...

OT anyone else see the news that a computer search was done at the Anthony home the last day cater was seen there for "foolproof suffocation"? Baez 's response is that it's nOt problematic for his clue t bc it was done after George said she left the house(!) poor Caylee.

Ivy said...

Sorry about the typos. Worse than usual even. That should read the last day Caylee was seen and Baez says its not problematic for his client. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

The body of a Colorado boy who went missing from his home earlier this month may be located in a dam reservoir, cops said this week.

Members of the New Mexico State Police Dive Team spent Sunday searching near the dam at Vallecito Reservoir for Dylan Redwine, 12, who was first reported missing from his father’s home in Vallecito, Colo. on Nov. 19.

CADAVAR DOGS "HIT" on several spots near dam.

Not a good sign.

"The divers searched an area targeted by trained cadaver dogs on Saturday. The dogs had repeatedly “hit” on several spots near the dam while aboard watercraft, according to the Durango Herald.

The divers searched in about 40 feet of cold water, but no body has been found."

Anonymous said...

Much more details can be found in the article here including family names and eyewitnesses of possible sightings.

Anonymous said...

I went back and reread this mother's letter and it DOES sound like someone else wrote the last three lines. It's as if she could no longer go on after telling Dylan that he was the glue that held them together and to come back and reglue them back together. (Or words to that affect).

It appears that someone ele took over at that point, maybe the child's father, or a step-father, or the mothers' boyfriend. Yes, it does sound like a man speaking from that point on. REB

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I was praying he'd be found safely. :(
The paternal aunts statements are very weird for this situation!

Tania Cadogan said...

If it is his scent by the dam the next question is how did he get there and if on land whee is his body since bodies don't get up and walk.

if in the water, how far out and could it have floated there on it's own.

The onvious question though is

How did he get there in the first palce and in what condition?

Mainah said...

20 mins ago...

Mainah said...

"...and I know your[sic] not a big reader..."

very personal, speaking right to him about knowledge the two of them likely share and frequently discuss

What is dad saying? What "errands" did he run for 4 hours, beginning at 7:30 when he "left" the house. Who was the last person, before dad to see him? What did dad do from 11:30 until 5:00, when he finally reported him missing. What was Dylan doing when dad "left" the house? I'd love to hear his (911) call to police.

Tania Cadogan said...

the 911 call will tell us a lot as to what really happened and who, if anyone, is involved.

Tania Cadogan said...

IGNACIO, Colo. Nov. 26, 2012
The mother of 13-year-old boy Dylan Redwine, who disappeared a week ago during a court ordered visit to his father, fears that the dad may have done something to "remove Dylan from the situation."

Dylan Redwine was last seen at the home of his father, Mark Redwine, when he vanished seven days ago.

"I was married to Mark for a lot of years, and I know the way he reacts to things," Elaine Redwine told ABC News. "If Dylan maybe did or said something that wasn't what Mark wanted to hear, I'm just afraid of how Mark would have reacted."

Elaine and Mark were divorced and live about five hours away from each other, ABC News affiliate KMGH reports. Dylan was staying at his father's home because of a court order granting his father visitation rights for Thanksgiving.

Elaine Redwine told ABC News she believes her ex-husband was upset that she was the court-mandated primary custodian of their son.

"I don't think Mark treats him very well," Elaine Redwine said. "I would not put it past Mark to have done something to remove Dylan from the situation. You know, like 'if I can't have him, nobody will.'"

Dylan had been with his dad in Vallecito, Colo., for just one day before he went missing. Mark Redwine told police that his son was in his home when he left to run some errands at 7:30 a.m. When he returned four hours later, the boy was missing.

The search continues for Dylan Redwine, who... View Full Size
HandoutThe search continues for Dylan Redwine, who was reported missing from his father's house north of Vallecito Lake, Colo. Minnesota Man Allegedly Shot and Killed Teens During Break-In Watch Video
FBI's Most Wanted Fugitive Could Be Hiding Among Mormons Watch Video
California Drunken Driving Case: Woman Drove With Dying Man on Car Watch Video
Elaine Redwine told ABC News she was having a difficult time getting in touch with her ex-husband about their son.

"He hasn't had any contact with us. [My older son] tried to get a hold of him by texting him, and he wouldn't respond," she said. "I just find it odd that at a time like this, he would be so evasive."

Mark Redwine declined to speak to ABC News.

Police say they are considering a number of possibilities, including abduction and the possibility that Dylan ran away.

"Foul play is definitely something we are looking at, but we're hoping it's a runaway case and that Dylan will show up and will be fine," La Plata Sheriff's Office spokesman Dan Bender said. "Because we don't have any clues that point in any particular direction, we have to consider every possibility."

Dylan's mother and older brother both insist Dylan wouldn't run away without contacting them, or if he did run away from his dad's home, he would have gone to them.

"When he was afraid in any situation, he knew he could call me and I would drop everything and go out there, first thing," Dylan's brother, Cory Redwine, 21, told ABC News. "He knew that me, my mom, my step-dad, any of us, if he called us and said, 'I need your help,' he knew we'd be there."

Hundreds of people have turned up to help search for Dylan, but so far police say they are no closer to finding him.

"We had people in the air, on horseback, on ATVs, search dogs, and we got no clues from any of that," Bender said.

Tania Cadogan said...

Dive teams are searching nearby Vallecito Lake using a high-powered sonar gun, after searches this weekend revealed nothing, according to KMGH. Search teams are also combing the shoreline around the lake.

Elaine Redwine told ABC News she thinks somebody must know something, and she hopes they come forward.

"Vallecito is a small community. If anybody has seen anything or knows anything, no matter how big or small it seems, please tell us," Redwine said. "Everything right now is crucial to bringing my little boy home."

Redwine is described as 5 feet tall, 105 pounds, blond hair, blue eyes and fair complexion. He was last seen wearing a black Nike shirt, black basketball nylon shorts, black Jordan tennis shoes and a two-tone blue and white Duke Blue Devils baseball hat.

Anonymous said...

Elaine Redwine knows her dear missing son and her disgusting ex-husband better than anyone, and sounds like an honest woman and a good mother.

If she suspects Dylan's father in his disappearance, then so do I. I already did anyway. REB

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla

Kinda OT: I wonder if these grieving people want us to do SA on Paul's suicide notes.
A Durango man died by suicide Tuesday night at a motel on Main Avenue.
Paul Voit, 46, an employee at Walgreens, was found dead with a gunshot wound to the head shortly before 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Caboose Motel, 3363 Main Ave., said La Plata County Coroner Jann Smith.
Voit left several suicide notes, and no foul play is suspected, she said.
He checked into the motel Sunday.

cheri jones wrote:
To know Paul is to Love Paul.Since He came into my daughter Cheri and grandsons Mathew and Micheals lives, He became Family.The way He made people feel at ease with stories of his biking adventures across the country or the way He told a crazy joke, a body would feel right at home around Him. I feel his presence daily.We will keep the Love Alive! Dawn Baker Jones 

11/26/2012 11:23:19 am Report Abuse

cheryl stevens wrote:
It sounds from the previous comments, that we needed more of this wonderful man in the world. God does work in misterious ways. My prayers are with the family and all who knew him. God Bless, may he be at peace. 

11/24/2012 10:52:33 am Report Abuse
Julie Bach wrote:
I worked with Paul for years at Home Depot. My best friend is from Madison, and we shared funny stories about Wisconsin and the Packers. He was such a friendly, positive, fun guy to work with, and brightened our lives. We are deeply saddened by this shocking news. He will be missed by all who knew him. My thoughts and prayers are with his family during this holiday season. God bless you Paul, be at peace. 

11/24/2012 10:08:28 am Report Abuse
carolyn wise wrote:
Walgreens is one of my favorite stores to shop at. Paul was always very helpful everytime i went in there. He always had a smile on his face. My kids and I were in there a few weeks ago and there was a sale on an item that my son wanted, but there wasnt two of them, paul said he would give us the sale price. My son was so excited, it made his day. Paul will truly be missed. My heart was saddened tonight when i heard the news. I will think of his family and friends this through this holiday season. Thank you Paul for being so kind to us, we will miss you, may god bless you. 

11/23/2012 8:01:58 pm Report Abuse
Linda Ruby wrote:
When I first moved from Wisconsin to Durango I walked into Walgreen's wearing my Green Bay Packer's shirt and was greeted by Paul. We would look for him in the store just so we could say ''Go Pack Go'' and chat about the games. He will be missed by many and we are saddened by this news and great loss. Rest in peace Paul. 

11/23/2012 8:35:00 am Report Abuse
john LeDartes wrote:
A couple of weeks ago, I stopped in at Walgreens and Paul helped me out and then rang me up. I had never seen him before and was really please with the manner he helped me out. I remember all his Green Bay stuff he was wearing that day, maybe it was Sunday? I remember him very well because so many times when I shop in durango, the service is not very good, but that day at Walgreens with Paul providing service was excellent. Life is strange indeed. God bless Paul. 

11/22/2012 9:08:40 pm Report Abuse

cheri jones wrote:
Paul is the most beautiful man I have ever known. He is the love of my life, my best fried, my partner in crime. He touched my life and transformed me, and I will forever be grateful. He is loved by all who ever had the pleasure of getting to know him. Paul, I love you and will for infinite eternity, until we meet again. Until then I will keep you close within me. I love you, Cheri 

11/22/2012 9:37:35 am Report Abuse

Anonymous said...

The father's story does not appear to add up. Dylan had plans to meet friends at 6:30am, his father was expected to drive him approx. 20 miles to meet those friends, but he didn't. Dylan's father claims he last saw Dylan fully dressed at 7:30am when he (father) left for errands.

So where did he think Dylan was & how did he think Dylan got there when he arrived home & Dylan was missing? Did he attempt to call or text Dylan at any point? Apparently the father was aware of Dylan's plans, since he stopped by and asked Dylan's friends if he was there.

Yet he has criticized LE for not searching the lake sooner since a fishing pole is supposedly missing from the father's house.

We haven't heard much from the father, Dylan went missing on his watch...

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla

Ryan Nava, 13, a friend of Dylan’s said in a phone interview Saturday that DYLAN WAS ORIGINALLY GOING TO BAYFIELD TO VISIT HIS FRIENDS SUNDAY NIGHT but then changed that to meet them at 6:30 a.m. Monday.
Ryan said he and his friends expected Dylan’s father to drive him into town from Vallecito, but Dylan neverarrived.

Anonymous said...

OT: A 3 yo boy, Emilliano Terry, was reported missinga couple of days ago by his 20 yo mother. LE thinks that have found thebody in the trash (not confirmed yet) and the mother has been arrested. They have pics showing only little Emilliano's 2 siblings at the park with her the day she said he disappeared.
Her is the 911 call by his mother:

By: Tina Kaufmann,
CLEVELAND - Cleveland police have released the 911 call from Camilia Terry reporting her 3-year-old son missing from Kossuth Park on Sunday.

"I'm calling you because I'm at a park and my son is missing," the 20-year-old mother tells a 911 dispatcher.

Clearly upset, Camilia has trouble explaining which park they're at, with the dispatcher asking her to spell the name of the park that she sees on the sign.

"Kossuth," the woman spells out.

Camilia then describes her 3-year-old son Emilliano Terry to the dispatcher.

"He's wearing a red and black sweater with blue jeans and black and blue tennis shoes. He got a gray coat," Camilia explains.

Dispatcher: How long has it been since you last saw him?
Camilia: 15 minutes ago. I was looking everywhere for him and I can't find him.

The dispatcher tells her to stay at the park until police get there.

Dispatcher: Was there anyone else around?
Camilia: No, it was just me and my two other kids.

WEB EXTRA: Click on the play button to hear the 911 call

Still crying, Camilia hangs up with 911 after they tell her police are en route.

The young boy was reported missing around 5:05 p.m. Sunday. Camilia said she was pushing her 5-year-old in a swing and when she turned around Emilliano was gone.

The FBI is now involved in the search. They, along with Cleveland police, are looking at surveillance videos from nearby businesses to see what the cameras caught and corroborate the story.

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Anonymous said...

@Anon at 10:06pm

I have been following the disappearance of Emilliano too. Below is a link that reads the mother failed a polygraph (isn't it unusual for LE to say that? Don't they usually say a poly was administered and its the poly taker that gives away the results??) Anyway, the mother is being charged, FBI watched her garbage can contents get hauled off and isolated it and found Emilliano all wrapped up in plastic bags.

So sad, he was such a cute little boy, it is hard to imagine even getting mad at him.

Mainah said...


more statements from cop who reported hoax beating in Maine...

Mainah said...

“I live in Lubec, and, from what people have heard and read, my name is mud,” Lyons said Monday. “People come up to me and call me a liar. It’s been a very emotional strain. My injuries are healed, and nothing restricts me from going back to work, but they don’t want me back.”

Anonymous said...

“I was at the wrong place at the wrong time,” the corrections officer said. “I don’t know if someone was trying to throw some contraband over the fence, or what. I spooked somebody, and then they clocked me. I had lacerations to my face and injuries to my shoulder and the muscles in my chest, and my knee keeps popping out.”

Anonymous said...

Asked what possible motive Lyons would have for injuring himself, Smith said Lyons had used up all his sick leave and vacation days.

“That’s bull,” Lyons said Monday. “I’ve worked there 12 years, and I was just promoted to sergeant in April. When this happened I had 24 hours of vacation time, eight hours of sick leave and two days of comp time.”

Anonymous said...

I was also wondering about his need to "run errands" on one of the few days out of the year that he has with Dylan. It is very interesting that they missed a meeting with friends. I want to know who else lives with the Father. Wonder if they can trace the cell phone location. Hmmm fishing pole missing, how convenient. I think if there was a sighting of two boys walking with backpacks, someone would have noticed the fishing pole.

Really hate that it was CADAVER dogs, and not just search and rescue dogs. Perhaps that was misreported in the news???? One can only hope. But with the frigid temperatures, and him not being the "outdoor" type, it doesn't look good. Why would he want to go fishing if he was supposed to be at friends house? If the father went out to do errands at 7:30 and he was supposed to be over there earlier, even if he overslept, wouldn't he be a little PO'd that Dad wasn't there to drive him? Wouldn't he have sent a text or called and griped to his friends about having to hitch a ride? More information is coming out. Don't like the aunts use of past tense, Father hasn't made appearance, wonder if he didn't want to pay child support? Quick temper maybe?

Praying for answers for this family. Wisdom for law enforcement.

S + K Mum said...

Not liking the statement from the father's relative at all. So sad. :( I think if there's a custody dispute then it would be even more important for the father to appeal to his son (you are loved by us both etc..especially if he beleived he ran away). Past tense references by the relative made me shiver!

S + K Mum said...

Oh that poor little boy Emilliano! How awful! When I read this it reminded me of little Jhessye and her wicked mother.

Tania Cadogan said...

"I'm calling you because I'm at a park and my son is missing,"

Order is important.

The expected would be my son is missing followed by the location.
Because explains WHY something happened not WHAT has happened.

Thank goodness cctv proved she was lying as it only showed 2 children with her at the park.

I wonder if CPS were aware of her?

Red Ryder said...

Finally, a statement from Dylan's father (Mark Redwine), speaking from the front door of his home yesterday. "I know they're looking for my son, but I'd prefer not to say anything. I prefer to let the investigators do their work."
0_0. Wow. The first thought I had when I read this was Justin DiPietro, total kneejerk reaction.
I don't have time to put up much analysis but look forward to everyone else's thoughts. Uses "my son" ownership but no name, don't think there was much conversation that went on prior to this statement, just a journalist finally getting a quote out of a much sought out news story (NOW maybe they'll leave me alone?)
"I know.." is strong, sure, "I'd prefer" is weak, uncertain. The "let the investigators do their work" not typical of parents of missing children who are usually wanting to be in on every detail and lead (and maybe he is in constant contact with the LE and we don't know). However- this type of statement smacks of "let's see what they can find/what evidence do they have".
No calling of son by his name, no calling out for his son, no (apparent) assistance with the search for Dylan though he is right there.
Statement was from an article in The Durango Herald titled Frustration Mounting, sorry unable to link from phone.

Anonymous said...

Dads sis said "all I have to say for now". Seems to me she has more knowledge she isn't saying "now".

Red Ryder said... is carrying a story about how there is no active search planned for Tuesday. The article has Elaine R. (mom) questioning why Mark R. (dad) had no clothing to give to the search and K-9 units to helps in the search. Then there was an unattributed family source comment that dad could be violent. No direct quotes.
Hmmm. Not sure if in the bitter divorce one side is eager to paint the other black.
Durango herald article "frustration mounting" discusses how none of Dylan's belongings that carried his scent were made available the first few DAYS of the search! Yikes! What were the SAR or cadaver dogs using then?

Anonymous said...

Why isn't Mark looking for his son? What work is he referring to ?

Red Ryder said... has this response from Mark R. regarding his ex-wife's accusations toward him, that she is making "this more than it needs to be" and he "needs to not lash out at her".
I can feel my emotions getting stirred up and have to step does it go again about the statement is alive? (help someone?)
This - is close, his son is missing. Then he says more than it NEEDS to be....really?
Does he know something this heartbroken mother doesn't? After reading that I wondered if Dylan and he had an argument and D went off angry and dad thought meh-he'll be back~no big deal, so more than it needs to be. What does dad think is needed? Apart from the not lashing out at his ex-wife?
I am glad he is not lashing out whether through good character or other reasons. SA question~if he had nothing to do with the disappearance of D and "needs to not lash out" might a person make that comment because it is hard to not lash out so chooses to introduce it because of that?

Jazzie said...

Red Ryder:

I saw the same news/comment. I don't know what to think. I'm not good at SA. LE states father not a suspect.

"Mark has been extremely cooperative, allowing a search of his home, among other things."

Like in the Jessica Ridgeway case, the mother and great aunt... their words reflected badly but LE kept saying something different. I deferred to LE's words.

LE is being cautious. So I take my cue from them for now.

Jazzie said...

"Dylan's friends in Bayfield told The Durango Herald that Dylan was supposed to meet them Sunday night but changed that to Monday morning. They told the newspaper they think Dylan hitchhiked to meet them and then was abducted."


"Ryan said he and his friends expected Dylan’s father to drive him into town from Vallecito, but Dylan never arrived."

So which is it?

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla
I think it's this one.

Dylan's friends in Bayfield told The Durango Herald that Dylan was supposed to meet them Sunday night, but he changed that to Monday morning. They told the newspaper they think Dylan hitchhiked to meet them and then was abducted.

Red Ryder said...

Jazzie~yes, LE has not identified a suspect. I've noticed they often don't until the arrest. Regardless, where is this young man? I pray he is okay and is reunited with his family ASAP. His mom seems to have lost hope, I have read several statements from her with past tense references to Dylan. She thinks he is awful. Maybe she is a realist but I've never read of a parent doing this- not this soon. Didn't Peter say some parents continue to use present tense years after they know their child is passed away?
There was an interview with the dad tonight, I haven't heard it yet. I am interested to see what the SA will reveal. We know little about him. It may be that he is uncomfortable speaking out at all ieven in daily life, who knows? It must be terrible to be accused by your ex, by anyone, so publicly of a heinous act...

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla

Rumors keep surfacing throughout the community that Redwine has been found, resident Denise Hess said. One rumor was that Redwine was seen at the Bayfield skate park, another said he was seen having dinner.

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla

Bridget Redwine-Simmers Nov 25, 2012, 11:53pm EST
My brother would NOT withhold information that would help to find his son. (reported in the negative)

Dylan's friends in Bayfield told The Durango Herald that DYLAN WAS SUPPOSED TO MEET THEM SUNDAY NIGHT, but he changed that to Monday morning. They told the newspaper THEY THINK DYLAN HITCHHIKED TO MEET THEM AND THEN WAS ABDUCTED.

DYLAN SENT HER A TEXT MESSAGE WHEN HE ARRIVED with a scowling smiley face. She added that Dylan rarely visited his father as his father never exercised his visitation rights.

HE WAS PICKED UP SUNDAY BY his father at Durango-La Plata County Airport, his mother said Friday.
"Dylan WOULDN'T have left willingly," (reported in the negative)Elaine Redwine said during an interview at the home of a friend. "Dylan is a GENERATIONAL kid and TECH SAVVY," Redwine said. (It sounds like she’s been trying to figure him out; Generation Y)"He wouldn't have gone off to the mountains to pitch a tent or build a fire."
Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be
13-year-old boy who went missing Monday from the Vallecito area MAY HAVE BEEN UPSET with a court order granting his father visitation rights over the Thanksgiving holiday, SAID SOME FAMILY MEMBERS.
Dylan lived and attended school for years in the Vallecito and Bayfield area and is known by many people, Bender said.
Ryan Nava, 13, a friend of Dylan’s said in a phone interview Saturday that DYLAN WAS ORIGINALLY GOING TO BAYFIELD TO VISIT HIS FRIENDS SUNDAY NIGHT but then changed that to meet them at 6:30 a.m. Monday.
Ryan said he and his friends expected Dylan’s father to drive him into town from Vallecito, but Dylan never arrived.
MARK REDWINE SHOWED UP LATER ASKING WHERE DYLAN WAS but the three friends didn’t know.

“We asked (residents) about any sheds or barns where he could take shelter,” Fernando said.
“HONESTLY, I think he was walking into Bayfield and got taken away,” he said.
Wesley agreed.
“I don’t think he’s one to run away,” he said.

I think the Dylan may have tried to hitchhike into Bayfield on Sunday night. I don't believe his father saw him Monday morning. Ryan called and texted Dylans phone all day without a reply.

Lulu said...

I just watched the interview...I didn't get much from it except that Mark said, "I love THAT boy". Isn't that a distancing word?

Lulu said...

“That boy was my whole world,” he told the crowd. “I would do anything to find him. You don’t know how much I love that boy.”
Crap. Past tense too.

Malaise said...

Dylan's mum and older brother are also talking in the past tense about Dylan. Could this be because they expect the worst, given up hope or that they know he would contact them if he could?

Malaise said...

Sorry.... Link didn't post

Tania Cadogan said...

Red Ryder

The subject is dead, the statement is alive

Tania Cadogan said...

Anything in the negative is sensitive, when a subject introduces new words, note them.

Past tense in relation to a missing child is always a bad sign.

This is close, that is distancing.

Why the need to distance himself from his son not just once but twice indicating sensitivity.

Was my world?
Is he not part of "My world" any more?

"this more than it needs to be" and he "needs to not lash out at her"
What is the this he refers to ( this being close, that being distancing)
It is interesting he introduces the word lash into the statement.
Lash out implies something physical.
Did he use physical abuse on his ex?
Did he use violence on his son?

How did the son let his friends know of the change of plan?
Text or via a voice call of some kind?
Voice would show he was alive at the time the call was made, text could have been sent by anyone using his phone, it dosn't prove he was alive at the time it was sent.

6:30 am is real early to be up and about especually meeting friends, what were their plans that day?
What were their plans had they met the previous night?

If Dylan had arrived safely where were his clothes and toiletried that the dogs had nothing to work with?
What about his bedding? the pillows and sheets would be full of his scent and DNA.

Is there no trace of him on his bedding nor any DNA?
If not WHY NOT?
It isn't just what is there that shouldn't be, it is also what isn't there that should be

Does the father have to pay child support?
Is he current with it?
Did he demand visitation or was it forced upon him?
Who benefits the most from no Dylan?

Red Ryder said...

Hobs~right, thanks. For some reason I can't keep that straight in my bean!

Anonymous said...

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