Monday, November 5, 2012

Elizabeth Warren Statement Analysis

Prior analysis showed that Elizabeth Warren was deceptive specifically about having Native American heritage.  What do you learn from the video below?

Issue:  Elizabeth Warren claimed minority status over the years.  Was this a truthful claim?  Is she a member of the Cherokee Nation?  Is she Native American?

Question for Analysis:   Did  Elizabeth Warren falsely claim minority status about being Native American?

Statement analysis is in bold type

Reporter:  "Are you, in fact a member of a minority group?"

This is a simple, "yes or no" question though it will likely be followed up with "what proof have you offered..." and so on.  The unspoken question is about Native American heritage, but the reporter, wisely, asked it in a very general term. 

Yes or No questions are the easiest to lie to.   

Warren:  "So, I, middle class families have been getting hammered.  I have been out talking to people about this all across the common wealth.  And what they care about  are what Washington is going to do about that.  My Republican opponent,  um, has made it clear what he is going to do.  He voted to double the interest rate..."

Please note that Warren did not answer the question, making the question "sensitive"to her.  The "rule of three" teaches that if the same question is not answered the first time, ask it again.  If it is not answered the second time, and if not answered, ask it a third time because most people will answer it when posed the third time.  If the subject does not, the subject is likely to end the interview.  Statistically, most will answer the question, repeated identically and without explanation, the third time. 

Reporter:  "Members of the Cherokee nation want to know.  They say you should come clean.

Warren:   "I, I have made the facts clear. And what I am trying to do is talk about the facts in this Senate Race.  What matters to American families.  What matters to the common wealth of Massachusetts.  Scott Brown has hammered on my family  at the same time that he, now, that middle class families are getting hammered and it is my job in this campaign...

The question is avoided a second time. 
Note the repeated or stuttered, "I" in the answer.  If Warren is a non-stutterer, this is an indication of an increase in stress or tension. 
Note "what matters" if offered in exchange for answering the question.  
Note that in "what matters" is specifically not regarding whether or not lying matters, or if falsely claiming heritage to gain advantage matters.  The sentence that is not completed means that the subject has stopped the flow of information. 

The reporter now asks why: 

Reporter:  Why did you claim minority status and stop?

Warren:  I have told you.  I have answered these questions.  I am going to talk about what's happening to America's families..."

The question "Are you a member of a minority?" is a sensitive question. 
The question about "why" she claimed minority status is sensitive.  She does not refute the question "why", which presupposes that the subject did, in fact, claim minority status.  
Note communicative language:
"told" and "talk."
Stating that she "told" is strong;
stating that she is going to "talk" is one way:  it will not be a question and answer speaking, but she will be the one who does the talking. 

There is something within her language, however, that suggests something important:

"these questions" is in the plural.  This is indicative of more than just claiming minority status, but of possibly benefiting from it.  The reporter was seeking to learn if she lied in order to gain advantage over another person without minority status.  

Plural means more than just a single question.  How many issues arise from the question of minority status?

Job advantage?
Attempt to exploit?

If a candidate lied to gain advantage, does it matter as an important issue to voters?  The question is asked in the negative, which shows that it is important to the Interviewer, but it should have not been asked this way: 

Reporter:  "Don't you think it is an important issue to address?

Warren:  "I have talked about these issues that are most important to the families   The families themselves have made this clear.  I have answered the questions about my background and my family.  I am going to talk about the issues..."

Lying causes internal stress.  Yes or No questions are the easiest to lie to; yet here, the subject will not even answer "yes or no", making the topic and issues (plural) of claiming and using minority status very sensitive to Elizabeth Warren. 

Why would Elizabeth Warren not answer a simple question?  Please leave your comments in the comment section.  Please choose a name when commenting to avoid the SPAM filter. 


Warren Claims 'Plenty of Pictures' Reflecting Native American Heritage

"Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren told a local TV news reporter she had "plenty of pictures" that reflect her claim to Native American heritage, but quickly added that she wouldn't show them. "They're not for you," she says.

The interview took place in Warren's home. Watch the video clip below:


John Mc Gowan said...

I have answered the questions about my background and my family. I am going to talk about the issues..."


When she says,"I am going to talk about the issues".

Is that the same as "I will talk about the issues"

To me "I WILL" seems a lot stronger than"I AM"

Regarding the video.

When asked.

"If she had anything in the house that reflects her native american heritage"

She replys:

"I have plenty of pictures Their not for you"

She doesnt answer the question,just states she has "plenty of pictures"

I have plenty of pictures also,so what pictures does she have?

She doesnt say,so we cant say it for her.

Also in the video when she responds,her right hand comes up which is very stern and she brushes aside the question.

sidewalk super said...

Yet another case of a candidate who is using lying and falsification to get elected.
These lawyers are setting a very poor example for the rest of us.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


The masses ignore lying just as businesses minimize liars as well, that is, until they see how the liar will steal and will cause inter-personal problems, and even cause good workers to leave and move on.

Liars, those who fabricate reality, do so for their own gain. They are found in all political parties and all places where humans gather. They are self driven.

John, you do good work.


John Mc Gowan said...

Thanks Peter..

Vita said...

Not knowing Warren's controversy within her initial said, she is Cherokee, I looked it up. Wow after reading more than one article, going back months even on the subject of her " claims' I am really amazed.

She at college level in her applications claimed she was Woman of Color minority. She then to chose Cherokee as her distinction. She rode this for years as charted as a " Minority " professor. She is not Cherokee.

She later came up with she is 1/32 Cherokee, as a what? consolation lie. With nothing to back this 1/32, her own staff cannot back it by inquiring her family history to prove her lie as truth. The issue being she rode her way, on paper as a Minority, Woman of Color. When it comes to education and minorities her to use this is as her in, is disgusting. Her grades transcripts were hers, when she applied? were real? makes you wonder. Why did she stump this, as her route to pave her way? why did she lie?

This is bothersome. She invented a color, ancestry for her own prosperity? the known that it passed and flew under the radar insult to injury. Did she receive funding? grants within her claims? if so she would be robbing another woman, a real Cherokee woman, woman of color, of her allocations, set aside.

My fathers parents, both have Cherokee linage. I have seen the countless photos of my ancestors. I would never put on any paper that I am Cherokee to use for an advantage. Anyone that would know the history is now deceased, and their knowledge as I have been told was slight.

As it was my father's grandparents on my grandmother side were illiterate. They were farmers in Kentucky, they had very little education if any. The all worked the fields. Lived remote off the land. The photos from the 1880's on to early 1900's. The knowledge is not there to prove anything, yet I know it is validated the pictured are of my fathers great grandparents (both sides) bloodline. None of my family has ever checked the box or wrote in Cherokee it would be foolish, and improper, without documentation to back it. If it's out there, would be a difficult task to find it.
On April 27, 2012, the Boston Herald reported that clearly-white Elizabeth Warren had identified herself as a Native American when applying to teach at Harvard Law School, and that Harvard later cited her presence on staff as evidence of its faculty's diversity. When it first went to print, the Warren campaign was shellshocked.

The Herald wrote that "campaign aides last night scrambled but failed to produce documents proving her family's lineage.

" A video showed Warren and her staffers frantically running out the back door of a campaign event to avoid the press. A week later, Warren finally told reporters that she knew of her supposed 1/32nd Cherokee roots because her "papaw" had "high cheekbones, like all of the Indians do."
Ouch, that's awful, like all the Indians do. Much more in this article of her saids, her used as convictions to get her where she is, exposed. Some are questioning still, today, if She knows who she is. SMH - all in the name of politics.

Anonymous said...

There are many people who are out there riding this same line of exploitation. It is theft on many levels. This woman was sworn to represent the people. She doesn't.
Why is she allowed to remain in office?

Anonymous said...

Oops signed, peppermint.

Tania Cadogan said...

It is interesting to see that when minorities are given preference/ entitlements/grants/perks etc many jump on the bandwagon so they too can benefit from the extra help.
Granting entitlements based on ones race or skin color helps no one, indeed all it does is encourage the snouts in the trough sense of entitlement we are seeing today. I saw on the news today something involving the Society of Black Lawyers. it got me thinking.
There would be uproar if there was a Society of White Lawyers. Why is it ok for minorities to have specific organisations but not ok if whites had one? there would be cries of racist etc.
There should be no favors granted because of one race or skin color, each should succeed only on their own merit otherwise as we can see it is open to abuse.
I, i would assume, be eligible for all sorts of perks because my great grandmother was pure-bred romany, she married out the tribe and as a result her caravan was burnt and she was treated as though she had died. I also have english, orish, scottish, welsh, italian, eqyptian and norwegian blood flowing through my veins according to our family bible. (i still want to know why the italian landowners daughter ran off with the irish tinker)
When benfits are granted because of some perceived sense of entitlement it breeds resentment. You only got where you are because you got help and allowances not because you worked hard, it encourages racism and dissent, it also leads to resentment by the recipients who are told they need extra help because of their skin color and race, implying they are incapable of being as smart as whites or asians because 'they is black' or native american.
Those who got where they are through sheer hard work will always feel patronised as the assumption is they got extra help, favors and legups.

Treat everyone exactly the same and you remove the racism, the taint of favoritism, the greed.
You got where you are because you put in the effort and hard work not because some beurocrat felt you couldn't do it on your own.

Vita said...

Hobs, I agree there is countless issues created by " labels", red tape, bi-laws. Merit to be the lax. As long as, a, b, c, criteria is met, you then are awarded.

When though there is endowments created, set aside with the intent for, to be used by, it is to me a gift of legacy. Was this the case, with Warren, I don't have the answer. Not sure what this woman was handed over by her falsifying her self. If she was handed anything, I don't know.

I went to community college, gave it my college try. I realized very quickly I did not have the tools, nor the study habits, for me to continue. As I continued to fail, grades failed, I bit off more than I could handle, too many classes 1st time out, working 2 part time jobs. It was beckoned to fail. My thought was I am working, gaining hands on, and earning money. I was 19. My brother a year older did not go to college, he enlisted. He to receive his education from the Navy.

At 20, I knew I had to chose education in order to better my future. I chose a vocational business school. One year program, 5 hours per day, 5 days per week. I felt comfortable with this, as it was alike my known High School.
I too was able to work nights and weekends.

It to cover all basics fundamentals of business, working in offices, with computers, a stepping stone or not, I needed to further myself.

My parents to provide their financials to the school to see if they qualified for tuition assistance. They did not, as it was said, they made too much on paper. My parents though did not have the cash on hand to pay my tuition, up front or otherwise. This aggravated everything. This mid 80's, the tuition near 10k for one year.

Enrollment counselor reaches across the desk for my mothers hand, and begins to whisper. I thinking, oh this cannot be good.

Maybe this isn't the right time for your daughter to enroll. If she can come back in say about 4 months, if she can become pregnant, right away, we can provide her with not only free tuition, but we will pay her 400.00 * tax free per month, for transportation and school supplies.

Oh Lord, Oh no, No you didn't.
The walls began to shake. The blood pressure in the room to hit the ceiling, the counselor to back away, slowly in her chair. Uttering her apology, she to say, I didn't meant to offend, I simply wanted to state your daughter has an option. *pregnancy was my option?

So yes Hobs, I get it. There is set up within " loops", on the down low, to be offered, as long as there are people willing to say, Okay deal. When the design fits the purpose, the purpose promotes the design.

I made a deal when the papers were finalized and I was enrolled, I graduated with a 3.9, top 4 of 100 students.

It was not easy, it was not free, and I am proud, very proud.
I didn't fail me, nor my parents. When I said, I want to go to school, wasn't that it was going through the motions, it was about proving myself, working hard, I earned it, I earned my diploma.

My newly learned, not solely the piece of paper, they though to go hand in hand, did open many doors for me. Doors that I never would have been afforded, had I not studied my tail off, had my parents not sacrificed. That they did, believe me I was told this every day for the 12 months, do you know what I had to do, to pay your tuition this month. It resonated.

Everyone has their own limits, and sets, it's when you push yourself, to be more, fail, keep going, never give up, it's not what it takes, it is what your able to invest in, give back to, become from. It all adds.

Freedom is not Free
Not for anyone, it never has been.
Faking it, doesn't build character, it destroys it.

CanadianGirl said...

Hobnob, read and learn about American History and then you'll know what certain minority groups have separate organizations, groups, scholarships, etc.

Lis said...

I agree, Hobnob.

These entitlements just instigate resentment and cheating. Just let people compete honestly.

CanadianGirl said...

Hobnob, read and learn about American History and then you'll know WHY certain minority groups have separate organizations, groups, scholarships, etc. and WHY there is still a need for this.
The U.S. was not built on equality and treating everyone fairly.

Tania Cadogan said...

Hi CanadianGirl.

There is no need for any minority to have seperate organisations, groups, scholarships etc, we have them in the UK as well.

All it succeeds in doing is formenting dissent.

Here we have positive racism and gender discrimination.
If you are of an ethnic minority or a woman then by law companies are obliged to hire you or promote you over others who are better qualified or more experienced.
You get hired because of your race or gender not because you are the best applicant.
Heck, here we have even had all woman candidate lists so that women can be better represented in parliament (particularly noticeable in the labor and liberal democrat parties) You must have such and such because she is a woman and not so and so because they are the better candidate.

Imagine working in a business, you studied hard, got no extra help or allowances, you got where you were through sheer slog, you then find out the worker next to you who is of an ethnic minority got the exact same job as you with better pay because through college she got extra credits, financial help, the company had to take her on or face being sued for racism and sexual discrimination. She is allowed extra time off because she has children, he gets extra breaks because of his religious beliefs and is exempt from working certain days, You cannot celebrate certain holidays because it might offend them yet they can celebrate their holidays and you have to accept it.
All that results is dissent and an unhappy workforce.
You are angry because they get everything for nothing whilst you gave everything for nothing.
Everyone must and should be treated the same with no allowances made bcause of skin color, gender, religion.
If you can't do it on your own, then tough.
You want something? then go work for it, if you don't want to work for it then you don't get it.
I know i would be pretty miffed if i learned people thought i had gotten where i was because of my gender, my ancestors. I want people to know i got where i am because i studied hard and worked hard.

You don't get something for nothing, it has to be paid for by someone, and i sure as heck begrudge paying taxes so some feckless druggie and drunkard can have upmteen kids by umpteen fathers who have never worked a day in their life as they can't read or write and had a migraine 20 years ago and can't work in case they get another one yet can work out to the penny every benefit they are entitled to.

Anonymous said...

""the masses ignore lying""

Yeah, just like you're nothing but a pig fat scumbag pig who ignores the lies of your scumbag Republican party and instead floods your own "professional" blog with lie-infested rants against the most truthful honest genuine compassionate leaders of the modern era.

FYI Elizabeth Warren is a former Republican so you might want to delete your messages trashing her you stupid ignorant uneducated clueless lying sack of shit!

Oh and

Obama = 4 More Years! LOL

Anonymous said...

8 years of BO= Donald Trump

Fauxchahontas will have to learn to deal.