Tuesday, November 20, 2012

House Explosion: Statement Analyzed

Please note that the article is in plain text, but Statement Analysis is in bold type, with emphasis added in the quotes. 

She says she wouldn't wish the experience on anyone.The woman who owned the home that blew up Saturday is sending a clear message to anyone who thinks she had anything to do with the explosion.
In an extremely emotional interview, Moncy Shirley says she's stunned by what happened and feels lucky to be alive.
Shirley says she's devastated by what happened in her Richmond Hill neighborhood Saturday night and what she and her family are enduring now, with all the questions and speculation that they had something to do with the deadly explosion.
"She was screaming, 'I'm glad you're alive! I'm glad you're alive! It was an explosion in the neighborhood and we were looking for your body'," Shirley said.
That's how she learned her neighbors feared she might be dead after a neighbor called her on the phone screaming after an explosion in Shirley's neighborhood destroyed her home and the house next door, killing neighbors Dion and Jennifer Longworth.
"These people lost their life. I lost my house. Everybody lost their house. It's devastating and people keep asking me questions and questions, like I know something. I don't know nothing. I just left my house like we always do," sobbed Shirley.

Please note that this is not a reliable denial.  
Note the use of "these people" 
Note that "I lost" before "everybody lost" their house. 
Note that the word "left" here is sensitive:  70% likely due to rushing/time/etc, but 30% likely critical missing information. 
Please note "like we always do" is the same as "normal" indicating that this day was anything but normal.  When someone uses the word "normal" about a day, it is indicative of knowledge that it is sensitive and not at all "normal."  When someone uses the word "normal" to describe himself, it is indicative that he, or others, has considered him not normal in the past. 
It is often found in story telling, something that even young readers know is a signal:
"It was a normal night, just like any other, when suddenly..."

According to Shirley, she and her boyfriend, Mark Leonard, left Friday night for a weekend at Hollywood Casino in Lawrenceburg. Shirley's 12-year-old daughter was staying with friends and they boarded their cat. That's a move some have wondered about, but Shirley said that wasn't unusual.
"We always put him in a place for him to stay, 'cause he gets very nervous," she explained, saying that the cat has anxiety about staying alone overnight and vomits in the house if he's left for too long.
Shirley says she's talked to police several times since the explosion, as recently as Monday. But she's not considered a suspect - nobody is - because investigators still aren't sure what caused the explosion. Shirley says people have rushed to judgement, implying that she was responsible for what happened.
"It just feels horrible, like when everybody's pointing on you, like we did something wrong," said the native of Puerto Rico. "I'm a nurse. I cannot sleep, I do not eat. Everybody's been asking me questions."
Shirley cried that, aside from an uncle in Bloomington, she has been going through this without any close family to support her.
Shirley's ex-husband, John Shirley, told Eyewitness News Monday the couple's daughter sent him texts recently, saying the furnace in the house wasn't working so they stayed in a hotel. Shirley said the house was cold, so she got estimates from repair companies to come and look at the furnace, but her boyfriend changed the thermostat two weeks ago and the house warmed up again.
"It started working," said Shirley about the heat.
Investigators believe natural gas was somehow involved Shirley said she never smelled any, but said her daughter thought she did recently.
"She said, 'Mommy, it smell like gas in here, like in the laundry room'," recalled Shirley of their conversation.
"She says, 'Every time I come home from school and we open the garage doors, I smell gas in there'," Shirley also remembered.
With everyone asking how and why, Shirley said she is tortured by the same questions.
"Everybody ask me if I have enemies that somebody would want to, they thought I was inside the house and they want to kill me in there. I don't know," she said.
One thing Shirley said she is sure of is that she will never be going back to Richmond Hill again. It was a neighborhood where she used to feel safe, but said she'll never feel that way again.
She said the last time she spoke with police was Monday. She said she is not happy her ex-husband has spoken out about the situation. Shirley also said she is not in any financial trouble.
She told Eyewitness News, after her divorce, her house was up for sale, but she decided to take it off the market and worked extra hours and two jobs to keep it and make the mortgage payments.


Anon 19 said...

"It's devastating and people keep asking me questions and questions, like I know something. I don't know nothing."

Embedded in this statement is both:

1. I know something


2. I don't know nothing (therefore knows something)

Interesting case. Thanks for sharing it.

John Mc Gowan said...


Antivirus pioneer McAfee: I didn't kill my neighbor.

Peter,given that he does not name his neighbor,is this still a reliable denial?

By Alice Feigel
updated 2:00 PM EST, Wed November 14, 2012
John McAfee's neighbor was shot in the head, killed
Investigators in Belize want to question the famous entrepreneur

Investigators in Belize want to question famous computer entrepreneur John McAfee about a man’s death.

McAfee is famous for the Internet security company that he left in 1994, but that still carries his name.

Gregory Faull, a U.S. citizen and McAfee’s neighbor in Belize, was found dead Sunday morning with a gunshot in the back of his head.

McAfee has been in contact with Wired magazine and told them he did not kill Faull, but is hiding from police because he is afraid they will kill him. He says he is also concerned that whoever killed Faull actually meant to kill him.

“I thought maybe they were coming for me. They mistook him for me. They got the wrong house,” McAfee told Wired.

Police say they do not know a motive for the shooting, but are following several leads.

equinox said...

Investigators believe natural gas was somehow involved Shirley said she never smelled any.


"She says, 'Every time I come home from school and we open the garage doors, I smell gas in there'," Shirley also remembered.

Which is it?

I'm guessing she will have an equally bewildering answer to the mystery of where their two Harley motorcycles are now since they were not found in the wreckage of her garage.

Tania Cadogan said...

I don't know about the states. Natural gas has no smell so the suppliers have to put in a chemical to make it smell so that should there be a gas leak from a pipe etc it will smell and give warning.

Are they referring to natural gas as from a supplier, as opposed to gas (gasoline) or are they perhaps referring to a natural gas leak (methane) from the environment.

What is of interest is that she is distancing herself from what her daughter smelled. innocent parents would be checking real close if a family member smelled gas, they would be loudly proclaiming my daughter smelled gas, we checked it and reported it blah blah. They would be blaming the supplier, the local council etc if it was purely accidental, she would be demanding an investigation in case there were other leaks.
There are too many coincidences here for it to be passed off as a freak accident.

I wonder if she realised just how much damage a gas explosion could cause, did she think her house would be damaged and everyone else would ok?
Gas spreads and on top of there there is also the risk of blowback down te gas pipes which would affect other houses.

The thermostat is sensitive as she introduces it. I would be looking real close at the thermostat and also for drill holes in pipes.
She didn't know when it would blow, only that it would, she moved everyone important to her inclusing the cat away. I wonder if perhaps a few personal effects were also removed, too important for her to lose, sentimental reasons.

She is being deceptive, what would she have gotten from this explosion? insurance? sympathy. donations perhaps?

Why also does she feel the need to introduce the fact she is a nurse into the equation?
Nurses are angels and thus can't do no wrong perhaps?
Was her position at risk? i wonder what work records will reveal?

Anonymous said...

Equinox said, "I'm guessing she will have an equally bewildering answer to the mystery of where their two Harley motorcycles are now since they were not found in the wreckage of her garage"

I had not heard this detail before. Maybe they routinely board them when they go out of town overnight.

Lucy said...

C&P'd from another site:

Mark Leonard, 43, has a lengthy criminal record dating back to 1992. He has been convicted of several felonies, including intimidation, stalking, operating a vehicle while intoxicated with a prior conviction, theft, dealing in marijuana and possession of cocaine or a narcotic drug, according to Marion County court and Indiana Department of Correction records.

Also, according to neighbors, they were seen packing belongings into the van (his work van) before the explosion. And they took his work van to the casino but left the leased Cadillac in the garage.

Lucy said...

Hobnob said:
She is being deceptive, what would she have gotten from this explosion? insurance? sympathy. donations perhaps?

The house was valued at $230 K and mortgaged at $225 K. It was listed for short sale in 2011 for $150K but was pulled off the market.

John Mc Gowan said...


I thought i would give people a heads up about an upcoming program which you may find interesting.

Father of O.J. Simpson Victim Cries Foul on Serial Killer's Claim
November 19, 2012 Hot Topics

Getty Images
Fred Goldman, father of Ron Goldman, the young man whose death O.J. Simpson was found responsible for in a civil suit, isn’t buying an alleged confession by a death-row serial killer who says he was the one who murdered Ron and Simpson’s ex-wife, Nicole Brown, in 1994.

In the documentary "My Brother the Serial Killer," which airs November 21 at 9:00 PM on Investigation Discovery, serial killer Glen Rogers, who is currently on death row in Florida for another murder, claims he was responsible for the deaths.

The documentary does not include an interview with Rogers himself, but prominently features interviews with Rogers' brother, Clay, who says his brother claimed he was hired by O.J. Simpson to break into Nicole's home and steal $20,000 in jewelry... and kill her if necessary.

Fred Goldman’s lawyer released a statement on the matter. “The overwhelming evidence at the criminal trial pointed out one and only one person who committed the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. That person is O.J. SIMPSON. The fact that he was acquitted was a travesty of justice that tarnished the criminal justice system. Every guilty person prays to the altar of O.J. Simpson for deliverance for their crimes.”

The statement added, “You could pack a football stadium with a 100,000 Glen Rogers, and nothing would change the fact that OJ Simpson murdered these people in cold blood.”


Anonymous said...

I agree that there are too many coincidences.

Her double negative about not knowing nothing, however, could be due to the fact that she is originally from Puerto Rico and Spanish uses this construction.

Anonymous said...


Watch the full version of the video when Monseretta Shirley's boyfriend - becomes rather rude with the interviewer. He cannot answer a simple question.

mommaklee said...

The whole house explosion thing seems fishy.

Regarding double negatives: Double negatives are a part of common speech and it is not expected to make them a positive. For example, "I ain't doing nothing" should not be interpreted or corrected to mean "I am doing something." Peter addressed that recently in a blog post.

Re: Natural gas, my husband and I have lived in three homes with natural gas for cooking and heating. Smelling natural gas (methylmercaptan additive) is no joke. I would smell it a little when firing up the stove, but when the smell is strong and doesn't go away, you call and have the source of the leak identified. Once we had a pilot light go out and had to have it relit another time we smelled gas outside and had the utility come check it out. Sure enough our neighbor's house had a gas leak, and they had moved out a month before, so it was a good thing we called. I don't know where these people in the article are coming from regarding smelling natural gas, but they shouldn't have just dismissed something like that with a wave of their hand. You find the source and deal with it fast. You certainly don't sneak away.

OT: John, following McAfee- If nothing else, McAfee is totally self-centered.


The link below adds an interesting piece to the McAffe puzzle: McAfee's neighbor, Faul, hated McAfee's dogs, and the dogs were poisoned shortly before Faull was shot to death.


John Mc Gowan said...

Low and behold they have lawyered ..

mommaklee said...


Search Warrants issued

Monserrate Shirley and Mark Leonard have lawyered up.


Two men are in custody for questioning.


Anonymous said...

"Everybody ask me if I have enemies that somebody would want to, they thought I was inside the house and they want to kill me in there. I don't know," she said.

"in there" is extra words. She wants to stress that someone may have wanted to kill her in the house. She also uses "inside the house" with "in there" showing sensitivity around her not being in the house. She ends with "I don't know", either she knows someone who would want to kill her or she doesn't. What is not to know?

Anonymous said...

I thought she sounded questionable from the start. They lawyered up in days. Adding the packing and the stowage of motorcycles and it doesn't look innocent! I thought her need to persuade was indicative of possible guilt.

Anonymous said...


brosnanfan said...
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brosnanfan said...

Thank you, Peter, for taking the time to do analysis on this article and for breaking this down. I've learned a lot from coming here and I've learned a lot from this article.

One thing that jumped out at me that I didn't notice before:

'"We always put him in a place for him to stay, 'cause he gets very nervous," she explained, saying that the cat has anxiety about staying alone overnight and vomits in the house if he's left for too long.'

I have two cats. One thing I've noticed is that they sleep any time, anywhere, any way, any how. They don't seem to care if it is night, day, morning, noon, whatever; if they feel like sleeping, eating, pooping, puking, whatever, the time of day doesn't seem to make much difference. I don't even know if they know day from night, at least not in the way we know it.

My cats do seem to become lonely for us if they are left alone too long, or if I am gone for too long (I raised them from a few weeks old, bottle-feeding them and being "mom"). But day, night, whatever, doesn't seem to make a difference. What does the cat do when it is alone during the day? Say when everybody is gone to work, school, or whatever; does it not get anxious then? The cat only gets anxious at night? Can the cat tell time?

And you pointed out that Moncy called her neighbors "These people," as in, "These people lost their life." But in another article (http://www.wthr.com/story/20073398/owner-furnace-may-be-behind-deadly-indiana-blast), the ex-husband says this: '"Two very kind neighbors next door to us were killed. I know the whole neighborhood has been completely destroyed or devastated. I just can't imagine. In my own thought, I feel terrible, because I feel like had we had more of a normal divorce where I could still talk to her, if there was a problem with the furnace, maybe I could have given some better advice," he said.' He seems to feel more guilty than she does, and he didn't even live there any more!

Here is an article from today: http://www.wthr.com/story/20153611/former-atf-agent-explains-science-behind-explosion

A quote from the above article:

'Natural gas explosions don't leave many clues, we're told, but a trained eye could tell right away that the explosion in the Richmond Hill subdivision was set on purpose.

"Somebody ignited it on purpose and they must have, somehow, provided either a device or some other circumstance to ignite the fuel," said [former ATF agent] Dr. John Goodpaster.

Seeing the pictures of the Richmond Hill explosion, Goodpaster knew what happened right away.

"That a bomb went off," he said.'

People have said that Mark Leonard, the boyfriend, has a rap sheet as long as his arm and he knows how to get things done. I've also read negative comments made about Moncy from present and former co-workers on the news sites, running along the lines of their not being surprised.

I deleted my first comment because I felt that, while I have a hunch on just why, I don't feel that I have gleaned enough from using SA on this to back up my claim. Therefore, I'll hold off on that until I do have more proof.

brosnanfan said...

One more thing...I remember Peter saying that when a child is missing, innocent parents demand to be polygraphed, scream their innocence from the very start, and work with police from the very start. Does this also apply to cases like this explosion?

I say that because neither Monserrate Shirley nor Mark Leonard have specifically said they didn't do it nor did they have anybody do it. Almost immediately after the explosion, they lawyered up. And then this statement from their lawyer about a polygraph:

'Eyewitness News asked [attorney Randall] Cable if he'd allow his clients to take a polygraph test.

"You answer those questions when they come up," he said.'


Anonymous said...

"These people lost their life. I lost my house. Everybody lost their house.

Is putting ones self first indicative of lying, a liars trait... Or is it that the person in question is selfish and always thinking of themselves first. Does it make a difference where SA Is involved, do we follow the principles of SA regardless of what their motive is?

Siobhan x

Anonymous said...

Are there ever any exceptions to the rules in SA? Siobhan x

Anonymous said...

Lucy, ref your post concerning the listing of the residence in 2011, wherein you state the value of the property was $230K (was this the tax assessors valuation, certified appraisers valuation, or area valuation arrived at via realtor market analysis?); with the mortgage bal being $225K, and an asking price of $150K on short sale:

It is not legally possible for a mortgagor (owner of record) to list or sell their real estate for short sale at any amount that is less than is owed to the mortgagee (lender); unless they have obtained a waiver from the lender via agreement concerning less than full sastisfaction of the mortgage balance and any/all leins against the property, etc. Even if the real estate had sold for $230K it would not have been enough to satisfy the mortgage note plus pay all the costs associated with the sale and any arrearage in property taxes to date, atty fees, etc.

Short sales can only occur through actions taken by the lender and are listed BY the lender with a realtor AFTER all the proper legal documentation is in place by the lender and the lender agrees via negotiations with the seller to accept less than is owned on the mortgage balance.

A seller can (and does) agree with the lender to sell the property on short sale prior to the listing as the borrower is still liable to the lender on any/all losses in the mortgage balance; plus costs incurred to the lender due to the borrowers failure to meet the terms of the mortgage note demand (called a mortgage deed) and all related accrued costs; INCLUDING any unpaid IRS, county and state taxes owed by the seller, that show up on the title search.

It is the lender who determines what the asking price will be in a short sale, NOT the owner of record, as it is the lender who will have to swallow all the losses plus legal fees. It is up to the lender to waive the losses the borrower owes to the lender, or not to waive them. Some do, but many don't and can still come after the borrower AFTER the transfer of deed has been made to a new buyer.

There is no advantage to a seller to agree to sell their real estate on short sale, their credit is already ruined and they can still owe HUGE amounts to the lender who can and DOES go after them. It is best they allow the property to go into foreclosure and walk away.

If some unknowlegable real estate agent listed the property with the seller for less than was owed on it, (plus all related costs) then that agent (and the agent's broker) was in error due to the agent accepting such a listing, whether the broker knew about it or not, and both could have been held legally liable.

A seller cannot legally list or sell their real estate in short sale without first obtaining, in writing, permission from their lender and agreeing to forfiet the property to the lender. Among other reasons, (under Federal Truth & Lending Laws); this is why short sales are handled BY the lending institution and not the seller (owner of record), even though the borrower still must sign off on the sale being made by the lender, as the borrower is given up to the last day prior to short sale to satisfy their mortgage the same as they are under forclosure procedures.

Obviously, this woman needed to sell the property and was struggling to keep up the payments plus pay the real estate taxes, HO insurances and maintenance costs, etc. She was in over her head; had a high maintenance boyfriend and two motorcycles she didn't need to keep up, a gas leak and a gambling problem. I smell a rat!

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

A Texas woman has been sentenced to 80 years in prison for the murder of one of four children killed in a fire at her home day care.

Jessica Tata, 24, was convicted last week of felony murder in the February 2011 death of 16-month-old Elias Castillo.

Prosecutors say Tata left Elias and six other children unsupervised at her Houston home to go shopping, while a pan of oil cooked on a stove-top burner.

Tata, who still faces felony murder charges in the other three deaths, will serve 30 years of her sentence before she is eligible for parole, prosecutor Steve Baldassano said.

She has also been ordered to pay a $10,000 fine.

Defence attorneys tried to counter prosecutors' claims that Tata was an irresponsible day care owner who left the children she was caring for alone on multiple occasions and who ran an unclean facility.

A former manager at the store where Tata was shopping at the time of the incident told jurors she did not seem to be in a hurry after realising she had left the stove on.

Her attorneys argued that she had tried to save the children, who ranged in age from 16 months to three years.

An expert witness testified for the defence that faulty kitchen equipment could have sparked the blaze.

But prosecutors did not need to show Tata intended to harm the children, only that the deaths occurred because she put them in danger by leaving them alone.

Tata fled to Nigeria after the fire but was captured a month later and returned to the US. She was born in the US but has Nigerian citizenship.

I am disgusted they are letting her apply for parole after 30 years. She should be forced to serve the whole sentence. I trust that when she is found guilty of the the other 3 murder counts she gets the same sentence or longer and it must be served consecutively

Anonymous said...

I wonder, how long was the daughter, cat, woman & boyfriend safely out of the house before the gas explosion occured? When/where were they storing the Harleys prior to the explosion and did they store the Harleys elsewhere at other times? Why?

I can understand her boarding the cat when they made these overnight gambling juants, but did she frequently board the cat and can she prove it; or was this the first time? In any event, she was living WAY over her head; like she could afford cat boarding bills, motels, eating out, and God only knows how much she & her deadbeat b/f were blowing at casinos. Guarantee you she was charged out to the max on cc bills.

The only thing she would have accomplished by leaving the leased cadillac in the garage to be blown to smithrens was that she would have gotten out of the rental agreement, which she might have fallen behind on. The car rental agency would not have owed her another car; but she would still be liable to the agency for any monies she owed them that would be stipulated in the contract. If she in any way plotted to blow up the house/car, she is in big trouble with the car rental agency as they too will prosecute her.

Ditto for blowing up the house as she had no equity in the home. How long had she been living in the home? The reason I ask is that for the last past many years, homeowners have not been allowed to over insure their homes for more than its' appraised value at the time they purchased it, unless they can prove they made costly structural improvements to the house, and since she owed more than it was worth she had no equity; technically, not even enough to satisfy her inflated mortgage endebtness. Also, did she have a 2nd mortgage? If she did, there's more legal trouble.

If she had anything to do with this explosion, she will face felony criminal charges by LE for the premeditated murder of her neighbors, plus all the damages/losses/ injuries to the rest of the neighborhood, expensive repairs to the gasline and other utilities, the losses insurance companies will incur for settling up on insurance policies to all these entities; they too will file criminal charges against her, PLUS the additional losses to the bank and the car rental agency.

That being the case, she is looking at a lengthy prison sentence, possibly LWO parole, and making restitution for the rest of her stupid life that she will never be able to pay.

Vita said...

Update given by local LE and Mayor
linked below:

Snipped: In 2007, Shirley and her then-husband, John Shirley, filed jointly for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Court records show they had liabilities of nearly $410,000 and assets of about $316,000.

Among their liabilities were two mortgages on the house, on which they owed a total of $225,794. The house's value was listed as $230,000, according to court records.

The house was listed for $149,900 in late 2011 as a possible short sale, but it was pulled off the market in March at the request of the owner, according to real estate listings. The house had a gas furnace and a wood-burning fireplace with gas starter, according to descriptions.

The couple divorced in February 2011. According to divorce records, Monserrate Shirley, an intensive care nurse, assumed full responsibility for paying the home's mortgage. John Shirley is required to pay $1,000 a month in child support.

Cable said that as far as he knows, Monserrate Shirley is current on her mortgage payments.

Shirley's bankruptcy attorney, John Steinkamp, told the Star this week that the couple lost bankruptcy protection when they prematurely stopped making payments to the trustee.
The Chap 13 filing 2007 (I am assuming they the divorced couple were paying off their joint filing), they ceased paying last week. Now the house went boom days later.

The house did not simply go boom is that what the plan was? for it to be damaged beyond not blown to smithereens.


Anonymous said...

Equinox said, "I'm guessing she will have an equally bewildering answer to the mystery of where their two Harley motorcycles are now since they were not found in the wreckage of her garage"

The Harleys also had to be boarded at a hog care facility. If left overnight they would get anxious and leak oil all over the place.

I still say unless this woman has a track record of boarding her cat EVERYTIME she left her home for an overnight or longer trip this smells funny.

This lady sure doesn't seemed upset by her 'gas leak' causing her next door neighbors to be KILLED.

Hey Seamus, if someone uses the word house instead of home doesn't that show distance?

Anonymous said...

Hobnob, this is such a tragedy. All these precious little children (all just babies, really), burned to death, all due to HER total non-caring negligence. Actually, this is BEYOND negligence, leaving these children alone, even if she had not left oil cooking on top of the stove.

I cannot imagine that any expert witness could or would testify that the fire might have been caused by faulty wiring. ANYONE whose ever left oil cooking in a pan knows that once it starts to smoke or boil (it pops out onto the hot burner) or when it sticks to the bottom of the hot pan it will catch on fire very quickly.

I've had it happen where hot grease caught on fire on top of the range, blazing all the way up to the exhaust fan above the stove and spreading rapidly to the adjacent cabinets. I've even had my whole oven catch on fire (blazing!) when someone forgot and left an empty pan in the oven that contained grease. Once, years ago, my son left some popcorn popping unattended and the unpopped kernels left in the hot popcorn oil caught on fire! Man, were these fires frightening! I was just blessed that I happened to be standing nearby on these occasions and had a fire extinguisher at hand. Believe me, we have all been WAY more careful ever since. It is EASY for these fires to happen!

It is pathetic that so MANY home child care mothers are irresponsible and do not know what they are doing, and neglect, take naps, showers, whatever, ignore the children and will even punish them if they intrude on their 'space,' including some who work in day care centers or in the working mother's home.

Unfortunately, some parents learn too late that they can't be too careful where they leave their precious babies or who with; they only consider finding the cheapest sitter and don't bother to drop in and check on them frequently, nor do they pay attention to their childs' overall well being at home in the evenings, when there are usually warning signs that the child is not being well cared for, neglected (or abused); and particularly if the home care mother or day care worker does not have another adult on hand to assist her when she leaves them to their own devices, even momentarily.

But to go SHOPPING????! O.M.G. SO VERY VERY SAD for these babies. Heartbreaking.

Vita said...

The woman stated she is a Intensive Care nurse, she to speak of her daughter smelling gas, the vomiting cat if left alone.

From presser 11/15/2012: Shirley's 12-year-old daughter was staying with friends and they boarded their cat. That's a move some have wondered about, but Shirley said that wasn't unusual.

"We always put him in a place for him to stay, 'cause he gets very nervous," she explained, saying that the cat has anxiety about staying alone overnight and vomits in the house if he's left for too long.

Investigators believe natural gas was somehow involved Shirley said she never smelled any, but said her daughter thought she did recently.

"She said, 'Mommy, it smell like gas in here, like in the laundry room'," recalled Shirley of their conversation.

"She says, 'Every time I come home from school and we open the garage doors, I smell gas in there'," Shirley also remembered.
She does not say that she reacted to her daughter claims of smelling gas, by calling the gas company, no. She though speaks of the cat being ill if left in the house.

Is this her using the two as scapegoats, painting a picture? alike Brosnanfan I have never heard of a cat needing to be boarded, that it cannot be left overnight. As the woman claims it was normal " to board the cat". By her claims of the cat vomiting was she attempting to allude something was wrong inside her house? as in there was a slow gas leak? the humans though non affected.

Now LE is looking for a windowless white work van, supposedly tied to Boyfriend.

Neighbor quoted, press:
For about three weeks, Alridge said, he had seen a white van in the neighborhood and in front of the house that is considered the epicenter of the blast. He said it was a windowless work van, about 15 years old.

"It was out there about every other day," said Alridge, who did regular patrols of the neighborhood. "But you don't just see a van and automatically say, 'That's suspicious.'"

BF is said to have changed out the thermostat in the house, weeks prior to the blast.

In the last 48 hours it is said the explosion is a criminal homicide case. Was this more than gas? was this a controlled blast? on a timer? the gas left on as they scooted out on Friday?

I know someone that this happened to, not her, but her parents house. Her parents embroiled, won't go into it. She was moved out of her parents house for 2 yrs. Her brothers remained living there. She/hubs picked up her older brother unannounced, one night from the house. He they had to force to go, he wanted to sleep. He worked 70 hours a wk, had no social life. Thank god that they did. Or he would not be alive today.

They attempting to drive up the street, to take him home. They could not. Every LE/FIRE/EMS was blocking. The house BOOM leveled. Was not a fire, it was blown UP. After investigation was found inside two of the electrical sockets implanted explosives, they believed on timers. The Shirley house to bring this back.

If someone wants something bad enough and they surround themselves with the type of people needed, anything is possible. Outcomes may vary as the Shirley house practically took out the entire block.

Anonymous said...

They've both been arrested.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8:19, in referring to the two Harleys being boarded on a hog farm, you state: "if left overnight they would get over anxious and leak oil all over the place." How does a motorcycle get "over anxious"?

Kinda funny. Do you have a link for that? Tkx!

Lucy said...

Anon Nov 21 5:23 AM:

You obviously know far more on the subject of real estate and short sales than I do! I was quoting news articles, links to some of which have been posted here. I did think it was odd to short sell by that much, but the owners were involved in an acrimonious divorce and had a history of bankruptcy. They were obviously in way over their heads. And with the market so wonky since 2008, who knows.

Favor: can you pick a name when you comment? (Check name/url under the comment box, and then enter whatever name you want. No URL needed) Anonymous gets confusing, and you sound like you might have knowledge that could add to this thread. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

The link or video posted above does not state who the two are who were arrested.

Also, there is another interview where a witness who regularly patroled the neighborhood, states that the white van seen in the neighborhood where the houses exploded was a windowless white van, about fifteen years old.

The photo of the white van being shown in the video is newer looking and has lots of windows.

Anonymous said...


'Residents Whitney Essex and Brand Horton live next door to the mobile home. They were outside when the raid unfolded.

"The cops came over with machine guns and told us to get in the house," Horton said. They went inside their home and took cell phone video. It showed uncover officers at the back of the armored vehicle ready to make a move."

"It was absolutely not what I wanted to live next door to," Essex said.

Essex says the man who owns the home is Bob Leonard. She said over the past several days their neighbor talked to them about being questioned by detectives about the explosion.

"He was telling me about how they came over and asked me about the white van and if anybody came to my door to talk about the white van, that I never seen it," she said.

Essex said she saw a white van outside Leonard's mobile home for several weeks.

"He told me that it was only there for one day and that they moved a TV with it and I obviously know different because it was at his house for two weeks," Essex said.'

AHAHAHAHAHA apparently Ms Essex was not sufficiently impressed or intimidated by Bob Leonard or his version of events!

Bob any relation to boyfriend Mark Leonard?

Anon 9:06 here's that link for ya

http:// heresthatlinkforya.com

Lucy said...

Anon 9:31 AM (Pick a name!!):

Bob Leonard/Mark Leonard. Good spot! I missed that. Brothers, maybe? Hmmm... Curiouser and curiouser...

Anonymous said...

Lucy, I am a real estate broker with a real estate law background; this includes pertinent knowledge of Civil and Federal Truth & Lending Law as it pertains to real estate.

Peter has not chastised me for remaining anonymous; however, I will temporarily sign my posts REB. Should anyone chose to get testy with me I will no longer initial my posts.

I knew you were quoting posts made by others, likely true as posted. Homeowners have tried this weasel act before; attempting to list and sell real estate without the approval of their lender(s), thinking they can waltz into their lenders' office and offer them a so-called short sale settlement.

It does NOT work, there are many factors to be considered when a lender compromises a short sale agreement. The seller could have negotiated a short sale with the lender at the time the property was listed but reniged on the agreement, realizing that they were not going to walk away foot lose and fancy free.

Lenders will negotiate this because all they want is their $, not the real estate. However, should the seller default in the payments at that point, and refuse to vacate and agree to another attempt at short selling, the only choice the lender has is to file foreclosure proceedings.

Any realtor agent/broker could be brought up before the Board and the NAR, prosecuted in Civil Court and their license suspended or revoked, also assessed a hefty fine for accepting such a listing, without agreement with the lender and having full knowledge of the mortgage holders, AND knowledge of other liens and indebtness against the property. They could ALSO be sued by a potential buyer when they are unable to bring the sale with clear title to fruition.

It is the LENDER (1st mtg holder) who coordinates the short sale, accepts the offer for a short sale and transfers a new and clear title to a new buyer; as in actuality AND legally, it is the 1st mtg LENDER/mortgagor who technically owns the real estate (any subsequent mtg holder has to take a backseat to the 1st mtg holder as well as being placed behind any/all tax leins against the property, (tax liens run with the land and are permanently attached until removed; that is, PAID and released), which comes ahead of any/all mtgs; until such time as all endebtedness against the property has been satisfied by release of the present mtg by the 1st mtg holder and all tax liens satisfied and released.

95% of the time everyone else has no legal standing and takes a 100% loss in a short sale. All they can do at that point is sue the seller(s) individually. If however, there is any $ left in the proceeds of the sale after reduced settlement of the 1st mtg and any/all taxes owed by the sellers are paid and released by affidavit, (this includes personal income taxes owed to IRS if liens have been filed against the real estate); then subsequent mtgs and other leins, etc., are last in line. However, I've never seen net proceeds remaining in the short sale to be disbursed.

Realtors are required to negotiate their commissions with the lender, who is the one who will be paying them, which are normally drastically reduced. There is a lotta work for the realtor/broker in short sales. I do foreclosures but not short sales; I will not work for less than a certain % and won't allow lenders or sellers to screw me over, which happens frequently in short sales.

Real estate goes into short sale so that the 1st mtg holder can regain as much of their loss as possible and stop their ongoing losses. They have no legal liability towards any other mtg holder or subsequent liens against the property other than tax liens, which also might include local municipalities; all which the lender must pay out of the short sale proceeds before they can transfer clear title/general warranty deed (not a cloudy title) to a new buyer; and can reduce the short sale sales price to whatever amount they wish too and everybody else is left holding the bag other than as described above.


cuckoohead said...

Lucy thanks for explaining the ease of how to pick a name. I thought I had to have a url to complete it. Duh is me.

Bob has turned out to be an older brother to boyfriend of M. Shirley.

Anonymous said...

They board their two Harley motorcycles because they get extremely nervous when they are left alone overnight and vomit. Right!

drdebo said...

Peter- Thank you for that- a great analysis. and the comments were very interesting- loved the anxious bikes and 2-leonards-and now I know everything about house selling- good stuff!

Sandy said...

Anxious cat and super-nervous Hogs with two brothers who probably have tried to cover each other's backs.... leased car left behind... the only thing they didn't do is have any SCUBA gear for being underwater with this house...

Anonymous said...

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