Monday, June 29, 2015

Three Masked Men At Three In the Morning

Never say "never" when it comes to the number three. 

LINDEN - Cumberland County sheriff's detectives are looking for three men involved in a deadly home invasion robbery Tuesday morning in Linden.
Roderick Dean Scott, 28, was shot and killed during the robbery at a home on the 8900 block of Ramsey Street, said sheriff's Capt. Bobby Reyes.

The area is on U.S. 401, about a half-mile north of Coats Road, Reyes said.
The Sheriff's Office said three men wearing hooded sweatshirts and masks entered the residence about 3 a.m.and held Scott and his girlfriend at gunpoint.

Scott was shot and his girlfriend's hands were tied, the Sheriff's Office said in a release.
Scott died at the scene.

The three robbers, who have not been identified, left the area.
Around 11 a.m., crime scene investigators were still at the scene of the house. They were in the crawl space and in the yard using a metal detector, possibly looking for shells.
Anyone with information is asked to call the Sheriff's Office at 323-1500 or Crimestoppers at 483-TIPS (8477).


wreyeter72 said...

Interesting, so is it possible for someone to tie their own hands? I'm trying to picture it, and I do think it's possible - to a certain extent. Unless she had help. But I often wonder, what are the chances that something IS going to happen at 3 a.m. or 3 p.m., or that three perpetrators will be involved? It is statistically possible, of course. I guess the only thing we really know from this report is that we don't know enough. If the woman gives a statement full of red flags, then we take the "threes" as flags as well. Is that right?

blu said...

also interesting is that three men would be wearing hooded sweatshirts at the end of June

Anonymous said...

The number "3" will always be flagged. This is not to say that a robbery etc, didn't occur at 3:30 by 3 men in 3 cars. It's flagged for further questioning, time frame etc.

Anonymous said...

What happened to John? Anybody know? I haven't seen him here posting lately.

Anonymous said...

The number three raises it's head.

I have just been looking, researching, the amount of times the number three is used in fake reported crimes. Be it robbery, arson et al. It is staggering how often in false reported crimes, said number crops up!

Forensic evidence shows woman lied about being set on fire in 'KKK' incident
Sharmeka Moffitt, 20, told authorities she had been doused in flammable liquid by THREE men wearing white hoodies.

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to find out how many times the number three was used when the stories involved turned out to be true.

Anonymous said...

He's in jail.

Anonymous said...

"news" is no confirming relentlessly gay was a hoax

Anonymous said...

WHO is in jail?

Anonymous said...

If Anon @4:02 is saying the news is that there is no confirmation that relentlessly gay was a hoax; PLEASE give details.

Tania Cadogan said...

Hi Anonymous 9:01pm

Sharmeka Moffitt of Winnsboro has plead guilty to terrorizing and other charges after setting herself ablaze in October of last year, and blaming it on white racists.

Moffitt had previously pled not guilty to charges of terrorizing and filing a false police report in April of this year. Her attack, in which she claimed she was attacked by three men in white hoodies who set her on fire, had many Franklin Parish residents outraged and scared. For the record, La. State Police say they found her fingerprints on the cigarette lighter and the charcoal fluid found at the scene. Moffitt suffered serious burns over half her body.

Moffitt will serve at least 5 years in prison and has been ordered to pay over a $1,000.00 in fines.

Read More:

Lemon said...

I hope there is more information released on this case.

Anonymous said...

Oh.My.God. I could not believe my eyes when I saw Judge Belvin Perry on a commercial last night with the Law firm of Hudson & Hudson soliciting clients. Not sure where they are located, they gave only an 800 contact number.

There he was, in all his radiant glory, talking about how honest he is; how he was raised to always do the right thing and always had; and on and on he swooned about his integrity. Nauseating.

This is the same tooth sucking fat hog who had his married adulterous affair with another court house employee for years; the same pig who let Baez and both Anthonys lie and lie and lie committing perjury and never took the first action against any of their felony crimes despite his many threats. Hard to believe this man has not been disbarred.

Anonymous said...

Coming from the Law Firm of Hudson & Hudson, Atty/Judge Belvin Perry's commercial for this evening: "Where justice is delayed there is no justice". Guess he oughta know.

Anonymous said...

IMO, this girlfriend is highly suspect in her boyfriends' death. Her hands were only tied but he was killed? Three murderous home invaders did this, but spared her? Not buying into her story. IMO, there's more.