Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hailey Dunn Case: Announcement Forthcoming


Nic said...

From LE? Really?!? (Hopefully.)

I've been away from SA for quite a while. What ever happened to the gentleman who found Hailey's remains and use to post here?

elf said...

I think the authorities asked him to stop talking about it, nic.
I hope the announcement is news of an indictment. ×fingers crossed×

DelayedJustice said...

News Flash --->
Pilly Jean announces "I'm Dunn"
and heads to a local rehab facility where she hopes to escape an indictment for the death of her own daughter.

turtle said...

I hope this is a REAL announcement about Hailey and not a tease

Anonymous said...

Excellent news, Peter! I am waiting for justice 4 Hailey.


Anonymous said...

All we all want is justice for Hailey!!! What evidence does local LE have, what is the hold up!! Is that they have tons of evidence or what Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins ur time will be up soon !!!! May y'all rot in hell!!!!! Also Curtis finally speak up for Hailey !!!!

Anonymous said...

Announcement about what? That's a tantalizing post, Peter.

I hope it has some worthwhile meaning and not something that does nothing to help solve Hailey's murder in the direction of arrests being made of Billie & Shawn and/or whoever else was involved in Haileys' murder; which, I've always thought there could have been more involved than just these two disgusting sickos.

tricia said...


Peter, why do you think the McCanns continue to spend so much time and energy to "find" a poor child they know to be dead?

I am near convinced by the evidence (cadaver dog hits, statement analysis, etc) that they were involved and she is dead,

My question is, why would they do this?

Anonymous said...


For more and more donations. Its a very profitable business in there case.

tricia said...

Thanks, Anon.

I also think they may get a certain "high" off of the media attention.

Anonymous said...

I`m praying,For...JUSTICE FOR HAILEY

Trigger said...

I hope that Hailey's killer has been arrested.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


I think the McCanns do very little and what they do is all in an attempt to continue to appear innocent, while, perhaps, making money off their story is in their minds.

It is a guess, since we are not mind readers, but I have read enough quotes to have this opinion.

As to justice for Hailey, no suspense here...I hope to stir the pot for justice.


Local anon said...

I do hope the announcement is an arrest or indictment for Hailey' killers

Confused said...

"No suspense here. I hope to stir the pot for justice."

If posting an upcoming announcement on this site is an attempt to make the guilty nervous and slip up or confess, then how is announcing, on the same site, that it is only a ploy to stir things up not going to tip them off? Doesn't that defeat the purpose? I know I must be misunderstanding or missing something here. :-/

Anonymous said...

""I hope to stir the pot for justice""

So in other words there is no "announcement", you're lying to get web hits

Kill yourself already you fact racist piece of shit

Anonymous said...

I know I must be misunderstanding or missing something here.
It's ok. we all have the ability to discern the truth, you are in denial.

tortuguita said...

Confused said...
"No suspense here. I hope to stir the pot for justice."

If posting an upcoming announcement on this site is an attempt to make the guilty nervous and slip up or confess, then how is announcing, on the same site, that it is only a ploy to stir things up not going to tip them off? Doesn't that defeat the purpose? I know I must be misunderstanding or missing something here. :-/

Good point, confused. I think you are thinking critically, not misunderstanding.

Maybe sometimes the pursuit of justice inspires desperate measures.

Tania Cadogan said...

Hi tricia.

The mccanns never physically searched instead whilst locals, ex pats, LE and tourists searched daily for their daughter for weeks they lazed around the pool, played tennis, dumped their children in the creche (despite concerns it could have been a staff member) went jogging, travelled the world, refused to answer questions or do a reconstruction, sued anyone who disbelieved their version of events and used the fund to pay their mortgage and hire a mottley bunch of crooks claiming to be PI's and wasting bux and in one case not suing one fake pi for conning £500,000 out of the fund ( kevin halligen)
They make appeals for money, even to charging people for posters, threated the MSM who paid out rather than go to court only to have them stand on the court steps and talk as if they had won a court case.
They were in financial straits before the trip and their marriage was on the rocks, it was make or break. They had the fund up and running within days and made plans for the long term despite the fact she could have been found anytime even the next hour.
They are so predictable that in their current libel trial against Goncalo Amaral (which they are losing badly) us regs predicted a sighting and behold a guy turns up claiming he saw her a couple weeks ago. Everytime something crops up that will make them look bad or give them unfavorable press we get a sighting. The best bit is they refused to do a reconstruction in Portugal claiming it would serve no use and they wanted a crimewatch one done. They then had a crimewatch reconstructiion done (to be shown oct 14) and they refused to have it filmed in Portugal as it might anger the Portuguese police ( who wanted it done) and also because it would be too upsetting ( yet their mockumentary filmed in situ wasn't upsetting?) they also refused to take part and had actors doing their roles which could be interesting as the last time someone played kate in their mockumentary , her role was cut as her story was unbelievable! I don't know what the reconstruction will involve since it was filmed in Spain, i dount it will include the checks since the timelines would make it look like a benny hill chase scene, the reactions to finding her missing ( will this include jemmied shutters, smashed doors and whooshing curtains ? shuuters and doors were undamaged and the curtains were neatly tucked behind the furniture so couldn't have whooshed) I suspect they couldn't allow her to be autopsied (prolonged sedation and possible signs of sexual or physical abuse looking at you gerry and david payne) will it mention the gaspar statements? the shower and bath by kate within 2 hrs etc? money may not have been their initial motive, it certainly became it when donations came flooding in.

Tania Cadogan said...

Anons , a helful tip. if you want posts to be taken seriously or do not want to be impersonated you can either post using a disposable name so we know who is who or better still create a google account with a disposable name, that way you get a snazzy avie, you can delete your own posts if you mess up etc and you cannot be impersonated since ever name is unique. it also makes it easier for us to reply if we can specify a name and particular posy rather than a generic anon.

Tania Cadogan said...
At 4:19

Oh dear gerry you have put your feet in your mouth haven't you

You mention about kids cry when they are getting bathed, when they are tired, when we are doing that and then he says
" And we did wonder if that was when they were being put to bed"

The brain knows what it knows and wants to tell the truth.

So gerry, who was putting them to bed if it wasn't you and kate?
If it had been either of you then the question would never have arisen as you would have been there.

This leads to the question of if they were being put to bed in apt 5a where were you and kate and who was putting them to bed?

If you and kate were in apt 5a where were the children being put to bed and again by whom?

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic
The grandparents of Erica Parsons have opened up the South Carolina home where the missing teenager was last known to be living as they confirmed that a portion of the dry wall has been removed so that red stains could be tested for blood.

Steve and Janet Parsons had rented the Salisbury home out to their son Sandy and his wife, Casey, but they recently evicted them over $26,000 back-rent and have allowed cameras inside the now hauntingly empty property.

Indeed, in an interview given when Erica was first reported missing two months ago, Steve Parsons aired his doubts about the story his own son had provided police.

Her bedroom has been gutted, bar one poignant stencil of a fairy etched onto the wall and the home from where Erica is sad to have left almost two years ago is littered with trash left behind.

In exclusive footage obtained by WCNC in Charlotte, Steve and Janet let cameras inside to highlight the issue of their missing granddaughter.

Erica's whereabouts have been a mystery since it emerged that she left her home in Salisbury, North Carolina in November 2011, aged 13 - although Casey and Sandy Parsons did not report her missing until July, 2013.
Casey and Sandy Parsons, who adopted the girl - their niece - as a baby, said they viewed Erica as 'a rebellious teenager' who was simply acting out.

They insisted they were not worried about her safety because they believed she was with 'Nan' - even though it later emerged that both of Erica's biological grandmothers were in fact dead.

Indeed, in September, the biological mother of missing teenager Erica Parsons has insisted that the grandmother with whom she supposedly went to live does not in fact exist.

Erica left the home of her adoptive parents in 2011, but was not reported missing until last month, when the couple told police she was living with her biological grandmother Irene Goodman, known as 'Nan'.

But her birth mother Carolyn Parsons has accused the pair of making the story up, saying: 'Nan and Irene don't exist.'

Carolyn Parsons has spoken out against the couple's claims, saying she will not give up looking for her daughter, who is now 15.

'I'm in somebody's nightmare and they will not wake up and let me out,' she told WBTV.

Casey and Sandy's lawyer, Carlyle Sherrill, said that it was Carolyn who introduced Erica to 'Nan', adding: 'That's who brought Nan to them and probably knows who Nan is.'

But Carolyn said: 'Nan and Irene don't exist. The only two people that know the truth are the only two people that won't give the truth.'

She also said she had not wanted to hand her daughter over to her in-laws, but felt she had to because she was unable to bring up the child properly.

'No mother wants to have children and just give them up,' she said. 'I didn't want to. She didn't deserve the life that I had.'

Carolyn says she has not seen Erica since January 2011, 10 months before she went missing.

A polygraph test carried out on Sandy Parsons was found to be 'strongly deceptive' when he described how he had nothing to do with her disappearance.

Sandy and his wife Casey appeared on Dr Phil's show in August to defend themselves against claims they murdered and abused adoptive their daughter.

Investigators are hunting for information about the whereabouts and the disappearance of Erica, who would now be 15.

They have released an artist impression of what they believed Erica may look like if she is still alive.

The Dr Phil interview was recorded less than a month after Erica's brother James reported her missing and alleged his parents had killed her.

Tania Cadogan said...

Mrs Parsons claimed that they left Erica at a McDonald's in Mooreville in December 2011 so her grandmother could collect her and take her to Asheville in North Carolina for three weeks.

Nan initially made contact through Facebook and the girl went to live with her a few months later, she said. They have not heard from Erica, whom they adopted at two weeks old, since that day, she added.

Dr Phil pointed out that detectives say Nan died five years ago and that his team have found no records for a woman with that name connected to the family.

Dr Phil also revealed how Erica's biological mother, a relative of the couple, denied the connection to the North Carolina town and said she has no idea what has happened to her.

'I am the birth mom,' she wrote. 'She has no family in Asheville and I nor her dad have no clue where she is and we love her and want to find her and know she is safe.'

However, the Parsons refuted the claims Nan didn't exist and said they were forced to come to terms with the separation after both Nan and Erica made plain their feelings that she should stay away.

'After living with Nan for two months, Nan said that Erica did not want to return home,' Mrs Parsons told Dr Phil. 'Erica wanted to stay with her permanently.'

'In the background, I could hear Erica saying, "I don't want that b**** coming to my birthday party" and "Tell that b****" don't come up here". That hurt a lot... That's the last time I heard from Erica.'

She added that Nan's phone was disconnected weeks later and she removed her Facebook profile.

But even though she could not contact her daughter, she said she had not been concerned.

'I wasn't worried, I knew that Erica was safe,' Mrs Parsons said. 'I understood that Erica was probably scared I would bring her home. I wasn't scared about Erica's well-being. This was a mutual agreement, it's not as if Nan had took her and run.'

She said that when she told relatives she wanted to contact the girl, they told her she was being selfish and that she should allow Erica to have a life filled with things the Parsons could not provide.

Her husband added: 'If it was OK with my wife, it was OK with me. I thought she was just being a rebellious teenager. It upset me - yes, I missed her. I still miss her.'

Numerous relatives of the Parsons have told police that the couple inflicted years of abuse on Erica, but the Department of Social Services has not turned up any evidence to support this.

However, investigators searching the Parsons' home uncovered a treasure trove of evidence they think may answer some questions about the missing girl.

In affidavits filed to obtain search warrants for their home, authorities alleged that they 'routinely abused' the girl before she went missing two years ago.

Officials found red stained drywall and baseboards that are being tested for the presence of blood, the documents said.

Two large knives were also taken from the house, along with a book detailing the disappearance of JonBenet Ramsay which contained notes about home remodeling, the paper reported.

A plastic bag filled with a magazine about Ramsay was also removed, as well as laptops, cell phones and a desktop computer.

'They're just looking for anything they can find that'll help,' Sherrill told media outside his office at the time. 'We want to help anyway we can to find Erica.'

Read more:

John Mc Gowan said...


Lord Sugar Investigated Over 'Hate Tweet'

Police say one of the peer's tweets featuring an image of a Chinese child has been recorded as a "hate incident"

S + K Mum said...

OT McCann

I also find it disturbing how the McCanns talk of showers, baths, children's hygiene, doors open, doors closed.
I am intrigued by what the reconstruction will show...I think possibly it will show other things happening when the Group were at the Tapas, (GM talking to JW, JT walking past them, eggman with child, anyone else around at the time) then the moment KM discovered her not in her bed. They can't show the alleged timeline of checks since they are all over the place and the only person to see Madeleine in her bed was Gerry. Do you think the PJ will get to view the reconstruction before it is aired? I would imagine they will have had to have some kind of input.
Hobnob, did you ever watch the Jeremy Paxman interview with GM? What do you make of it? GM saying he hopes that at 'the very very least' the fund will find Madeleine.
I am keeping up to date with the trial at the moment, now I am hoping if GM gets to speak he may slip up about the forthcoming revelations coming to us via Crimewatch!

John Mc Gowan said...

Hi, S + K Mum said...Doors Opening/Closing, windows opening/closing. Coverings; blankets, towels, etc.


Water; washing, bathing, showering, laundry, etc as possible linguistic indications of sexual activity including sexual abuse..

turd MAGGIE said...

Hiya maggie u evil crafty TURD,Stfu!!

catalina said...


Did the McCanns ever take a polygraph?

S + K Mum said...

Yeah John, it's disturbing!

@ Catalina,
No, they haven't taken a polygraph. I think they said they would but when offered one, they declined.

S + K Mum said...

OT McCanns

They also said they would take part in a Crimewatch style reconstruction to be televised but...... one has been recorded to be aired on BBC Crimewatch on 14 October and they declined to take part. Although, they will make a live appeal on the show, not too upset to manage that thankfully.
'Leaving no stone unturned'. I think they need to change their slogan, there are clearly some exceptions. Or maybe list the exceptions in small print somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Maybe shes buried under "a stone"?.

S + K Mum said...

I am also curious how they can do a reconstruction in a different place (country) to where the actual events will it jog people's memories?

Anonymous said...

The only memories are in the victims parents conciences.evil scumturds.

catalina said...

@ Catalina,
No, they haven't taken a polygraph. I think they said they would but when offered one, they declined.

Thanks for the info.
That would have been done first thing in the US, I believe.

I have noticed the press in the UK self-censors and seems afraid to print anything that even hints at the parents' involvement. Certainly they have been treated differently due to their profession and social class.

Anonymous said...

When is the announcement forthcoming, Peter?

dahbou said...

I'm glad IP addresses are being recorded so the immature person leaving these comments, who thinks commenting as Anonymous will hide him or her, will be held responsible for their words.

AugustWA said...

I hope you enjoy the secret service paying you a visit

SSS said...

" dahbou said...
I'm glad IP addresses are being recorded so the immature person leaving these comments, who thinks commenting as Anonymous will hide him or her, will be held responsible for their words."

I am glad as well.
They definitely need mental help.
Does anyone moderate this board?

patrice said...

I do hope their addresses get them kicked in prison. This site is amassed with idiots. It's hard to come here and read comments.

Anyhow, Peter keep up the great work.

Lemon said...

Please do not feed the trolls.

Shelley said...

That video Hobs shared still shows them in the same light to me as always.

I still find it interesting how they can talk about the night before and how Maddie asked where they were when the twins were crying...

And then they act like its "relevant to the case" as they said on this video.... And have said before that that they feel like the intruder must have tried the night before. When that makes no sense. Maddie can talk. If someone was in the room that woke her, she would have said that. She didnt. She asked "why didnt you come when we cried". Because they were NOT there. And lets not forget another hotel guess complained stating there was crying for over an hour.

Which meant the following night they had to eitehr not go or do something to ensure they were quiet. So that story is relevant ONLY to them possibly drugging the kids the following night to ENSURE they stayed asleep.

And I also love how Jerry says "we will leave no rock unturned" yet they didn't unturn a single rock looking for their daughter.

And I am beyond sick of them saying that they felt their kids were safe. What 2 or 3 year old is save alone? There is a reason that some states in America even have laws about how children have to be a certain age. I mean, all it took was for them to fall out of bed and hit their head to have a serious issue. They were minutes away. They would not hear and would not know. I have a son who is 5 now and I would never even imagine leaving him alone and even sitting at the house next door and that is much closer than they were. These people are doctors. They know this was not safe. They just didnt care.

When you put in more time and effort into stopping those that blame you than looking for your child, your priorities are clear.

Shelley said...


I just found a comment from a 2012 MacCann post where you basically said the same thing I did below about Maddie not saying anything about an intruder.

Hobnob said...
Also, if Madeleine had been the victim of an attempted abduction the night before, then surely she would have made mention about the strange man coming into her bedroom or even any man.

S + K Mum said...

Refused to take part in the Crimewatch reconstruction.
Refused for it to be filmed in Portugal. (Why are they allowed to dictate that?)
Refused to let any filming happen in their own home.

I can't help thinking they are not happy about it the upcoming reconstruction. It seems they have tried to throw a few spanners in the works!

sella35 said...

Billie supporters really come out when you post something about the case../shakes head..

Anonymous said...

confrontation( these con words show missing information) you wont win.
you won t win...I love you

John Mc Gowan said...


Upcoming book casts suspicion on Hannah Anderson case:

Tania Cadogan said...

Hi Shelley

IIRC kate suggested they may have done a dry run the night before.

Stop giggling at the back.

This is blatantly ridiculous if unbelievable.

Why would a paedophile child abductor do a dry run the night before?
if he got in and the chosen victim was right there in front of him and no parents to be seen, he isn't going to say, great i got in without detection, my chosen victim is asleep in her bed, there is no one around, i'll leave and come back tommorow night and then abduct her ( assuming of course the parents don't decide to be responsible and actually either leave them in the evening creche/ hire a babysitter/ have dinner in the apartment/or take the children with them)

If his chosen victim is right in front of him and there are no adults and not even regular checks by any adult, he is going to grab her and run, making the most of his opportunity rather than passing it up till tommorow when everything could have changed and he has no chance of getting near her.

They open mouth before engaging brian, almost like casey anthony's dead squirrels climbed into my car.

Anonymous said...

Originally Posted by kirby

According to Hailey's mother's facebook page, she has requested that the television show "Cold Justice" investigate the case. She is also requesting that others contact LE to encourage them to allow the television show access to the case. According to the website of this show, LE must approve their involvement.

Anonymous said...

Originally Posted by kirby

My guess is the announcement has to do more with television than law enforcement. According to Hailey's mother's facebook page, she has requested that the television show "Cold Justice" investigate the case. She is also requesting that others contact LE to encourage them to allow the television show access to the case. According to the website of this show, LE must approve their involvement.

I see an obvious snafu. If LE is still holding the poor child's remains, they must not believe this case is cold.

turtle said...

COLD JUSTICE producers are seeking law enforcement agencies who could benefit from additional expert help and resources for their unsolved homicide cases and possibly be featured on COLD JUSTICE. (Please note we are currently not looking at "missing person" cases.)

IF YOU ARE A CIVILIAN, PLEASE NOTE: We can only review your case if asked by the local enforcement agency. Please call the law enforcement agency handling your case and ask the agency to submit the case below.

Anonymous said...

Get a clue Pillie Jean Not Dunn Nothing:

Hailey Dunn case is NOT a cold case

FBI has custody of Hailey's remains

FBI still testing Hailey's remains

FBI refusing to tell Pillie Jean anything because Pillie Jean and Shawn are SUSPECTS

turtle said...

Billie knows what happened to Hailey, if she wants her daughter's case solved, then she needs to go turn herself in and so does her boyfriend, oh my bad ex boyfriend, oops secret boyfriend, or whatever he is at the moment.

turtle said...

Is Billie ever going to retake that pesky polygraph, or does she think everyone forgot about it??? It is taking her a really long time to find a polygrapher that she is comfortable with.

Oh yea and then there is that pesky issue of Billie lying about who took her to work that Monday. Which would mean she wasn't just waking up when Shawn was leaving, she was up with him, hmmmm did she ever clear that whole mess up???

Oh and then there is that whole issue of nasty pics, that she didn't know about, but some how knew Shawn had to actually dial her aunts number to send those pictures, kind of strange.

Then there is that issue of her telling us Hailey didn't die in her house, hmmm well Ms. Dunn please enlighten us to the exact location. Where did you and your boyfriend/ex boyfriend/secret boyfriend take Hailey that night??

Now that I think about it, why would this duo go and empty out the account to go buy drugs, the day after anyone credible sees Hailey alive. Did they use drugs on Hailey that they were supposed to be selling?? Where they tryng to pay someone back before reporting her missing and LE got involved. Over $100 is a lot of drugs don't cha think. And no it wasn't for groceries lol. So who did they pay off??

Anonymous said...

Anddddd did her and Shawn really leave town because of people accusing them of harming Hailey orrrrrrr is she avoiding someone in the Snyder/Ccity area, notice she never stays long. What are we missing hmmmm

Anonymous said...

She moved because LE put her in a position (due to her own lies) in which she was forced to accept a restraining order against Shawn Adkins in exchange for a get out of jail free card.

The only way for her and Shawn to get around the restraining order was to move away from the jurisdiction the restraining order applied to.