Monday, October 21, 2013

Statement Analysis of Stolen Merchandise

Bob/ To John Doe

I Left the Warehouse at 5:35AM
Went to the Gas Station To Get Coffee
I Hit the Highway and Went to My first
stop Before I Got To Farley's Market
When I Left Farley's market, I Was On
MY Way TO Bangor, I Did my
First stop There, and Then I Went
TO Rachel's Market that's When I Notice
that My merchandise were missing and
then I called Randy Jones after that.

Here is the same statement with emphasis added, and Statement Analysis in bold type. 

Bob/ To John Doe

I Left the Warehouse at 5:35AM

The "leaving" of a place is sensitive, as the person's thoughts are on "leaving" rather than where headed.  There is missing information in the "leaving" of a place.  This is:

70% likely due to rushing, traffic, scheduling, etc. 
30% critical information deliberately withheld. 

This is why in Analytical Interviewing the questions are based upon the analysis of the statement.  Here, we will focus on the period of time just prior to leaving to learn what the subject is withholding. It may be that he was rushing or late, or it may be more significant. 

Went to the Gas Station To Get Coffee

Using the SCAN system of Statement Analysis, we find two "blues" close together; that is two specific indicators of sensitivity close together.  Here, the subject feels the need to tell us why he went to the gas station. 

When someone tells us, in an open statement, why they did something, it is a signal that the subject anticipates being asked, "Why did you...?"

The subject may have been asked previously, which would influence his statement.  This is why we are careful to not contaminate an interview by asking questions until we have the written statement analyzed. 

1.  The leaving of the Warehouse is sensitive.
2.  The reason for going to the Gas Station is sensitive.
3.  Missing Pronoun.  Going to the Gas Station is something that caused the subject to drop the pronoun, "I" and remove himself from.

The interview should produce the reason why this was so very sensitive.  It is very sensitive. 

Next, we need to ask the subject if he met someone, this is because "coffee" is often a social drink and usually enters a statement if the subject is thinking of someone else.  

That we have two blues so very close together concerns me. 

I Hit the Highway and Went to My first
stop Before I Got To Farley's Market

The language here is interesting including "hitting" of the highway.  The "first stop" is not named, making it important, as "Farley's Market" is specifically named.

Why would the subject not name the first stop?

Also, we note that he uses the capital letter for "My", which takes more effort.  Does he capitalize all "M's" in his statement, or just the possessive pronoun?  If it is just the possessive pronoun, the additional effort to capitalize is noted. 

When I Left Farley's market, I Was On
MY Way TO Bangor, I Did my
First stop There, 

We find another "leaving" of a location, making it sensitive.  With our third "blue" in the statement, it is becoming more likely that the subject is withholding information that may be critical and not just time sensitive.  

Note that he was on his way to Bangor.  He does not say he went to Bangor. 
"I did my first stop."

Did he not already have his first stop?

This appears to be out of chronological order for us.  

and Then I Went
TO Rachel's Marke

It is very likely that he went to Rachel's Market, as he uses the pronoun "I" and the past tense verb.  Yet: 

that's When I Notice

Here we have the switch from the past tense to the present tense

that My merchandise were missing 

note that he takes personal ownership of the merchandise with the possessive pronoun, "my"

Objection:  All of the drivers call their merchandise by this pronoun
Answer:   In the analytical interview, test this object to find out if it is true?  Get the driver to enter the Free Editing Process and see if he talks of other products or merchandise with this pronoun.  If he consistently does, we will know it in the interview, as pronoun usage is instinctive and powerful, and reliable. 

then I called Randy Jones after that.

He distances himself with the word "that."  What is "that"?  Is it the missing merchandise that he takes ownership of?  Or, is it the noticing of it being missing?

There are enough indicators within this statement to be very concerned that this subject took the missing merchandise.  Did he meet up with someone to plan this? 

The subject wrote to those who know "Randy Jones", therefore, no complete social introduction was necessary.  

Since the subject was writing about missing merchandise, it would be interesting to note the absence of any denial.  

Did he say "I didn't take the merchandise" during the initial questioning?


Shelley said...

He never did say it.

For those of you that may not have seen it, I had to share this link.

Gerry Mccann when asked point black if the kids were drugged the night Maddy went missing.

He avoided eye contact and pulled on his ear as he "tried" to deny it.

Gerry responds at first "Were not gonna comment on anything"

Then proceeds to comment....

But there is absolutely no way we used any sedative drugs (Gerry then looks down and grabs ear) or anything like that"

Then goes into how the have coorporated and will take any test (except a polygraph I guess)

And from what I have been able to find, they refused to allow the twins to be tested initally. But 5 months later, did. Which I think its safe to say if that is accurate, the drugs would be long gone...

Anonymous said...

it's a tough call --- you don't get the idea this guy has a lot of experience clearly writing out his thoughts. He also may be sensitive about things for other reasons. for example -- stopping for coffee on company time may be fround upon my management -- so he doesn't take ownership of this because he's a bit embarassed or nervous about admitting to it. glossing over all the locations that he stopped at -- may also be a genuine representation of how he stores these memories -- a truck driver making routuine stops day in day out is likely to reduce the significance of some of them in his memory, as that's a lot of innane information to stay present with. Also -- he glosses over more than one stop with equal lack of specificity -- so it's unlikely that's the key to solving this -- unless he was selling the stolen goods at multiple stops.

I think you need to ask him more questions -



It's likely he took it since there is no reliable denial -- but there's also no clear indicators of guilt IMO.

Anonymous said...

I Left = i think he established that he left early, to make up for and justify stopping for coffee on company time, to show he is a honest employee. Hit highway, most efficient, to show he is go getter employee good for the company.

My first stop = lower case, not important My owns it, he knows they will find nothing if they check his story there.

Bangor, I Did my First stop There = sounds like to me Bangor is a multiple stop, like a small town or mini mall. he mentions his first stop there, but does not mention the second or more stops at Bangor, instead jumps to Rachel's Market.

My merchandise = he was responsible for it while in his possession.
Notice + were missing = present tense language on a past tense event, too sensitive to say noticed + was, he is lying as to when he knew it was gone.

after that = that, distancing, he called it in like he was suppose to, it was off his head, no longer his problem.

not his problem is uncharacteristic of such a great employee he portraits himself as. why?
When I Left Farley's market,
I Was On MY Way TO Bangor,
I Did my First stop There,
and Then I Went TO Rachel's Market that's When I Notice

he "was" on his way to bangor, so he deviated from his path.
was he suppose to make more than one stop at Bangor? but he didn't service the others, only his first, because he was missing merchandise enough to get the other stops, but needed enough to service Rachel's Market. so was he cleaned out or just some of his haul missing? why go to Rachel's if he didn't have anything left? that would show him not having anything when he left Bangor.

Anonymous said...

he "was" on his way to bangor,
so he deviated from his path.

i should elaborate on that to ensure understanding.
why even mention "on his way"? because it was important to him.
something happened on his way.

should have said, i left farley's market, i WENT to bangor,

i'm betting he didn't have enough merchandise to fully service Bangor by the time he got to Bangor.

Anonymous said...

What I'd like to know is how the hell to get TO somewhere if you don't "leave" the place you left??!

You have to "leave" in order to be able to GET THERE!

Tania Cadogan said...

Anon. We know that, what is of interest to us is the fact he felt it necessary to tell us he left somewhere to get to somewhere..

We assume if someone goes somewhere they had to have left somewhere prevously, they don't need to tell us they left, it is a given.

When it is included then we need to ask why the subject felt it necessary to, in effect, state the bleedin' obvious! :)

Apple said...

Thank you for the analysis. I learned that I am horrible at SA still!

pips said...

If you don't deny it,we can't deny it for you!!! Plant "pips"in your mind"apple"get to the"core"of it!!!

Nic said...

Peter, Apple took the words out of my mouth, LOL...

You are a generous soul. When I saw your new post, I thought, "Oh goodie." I was excited to see how much I had progressed.

(!!!) Not.

There will never be enough years or enough BJD's to bring me up to par, let alone your level.

Re coffee. It was one of the first things I remember you sharing when I came to your blog. Yet [it] flew like a 747 over my head. I had completely forgotten that lesson.

Thanks for sharing your brilliant talent and analysis.

Anonymous said...

Great analysis! I learned a lot. One point I'm iffy on is this:

"Note that he was on his way to Bangor. He does not say he went to Bangor.
"I did my first stop."

Did he not already have his first stop?"

Peter, you have a period after stop. In his statement there is no period and he includes the word "There" I assume referring to Bangor. So he has his very first stop of his route, travels to Bangor, makes his first stop there in Bangor, then to Rachel's. He qualifies his second first stop, so he's not really repeating himself. I do find it odd he doesn't name either first stop.


GetThem said...

No denial, good one. I didn't see anyone else post that either.

Anonymous said...

Would we expect a denial if he hasn't been accused? I'd want to know the context of his writing this account. It seems he was asked to write about what happened without having been accused directly. On the other hand, the diner at Red Lobster was accused, so we'd expect a denial, but if this guy was suspected but his supervisors didnt let on they suspected him, should we really expect a denial? I'm guessing they got as close as questioning either how long he was on the route or how long it took for him to report, because he seems defensive about time. I think he stole the merchandise, I just don't think he's been accused at the time he wrote this.


lulu said...

OT, but seriously WTF

Anonymous said...

OT, the Daily Mail says that the child taken from the gypsy camp may be Lisa Irwin. "Her parents, Jeremy Irwin, 31, and Deborah Bradley, 30, have contacted Greek authorities following the rescue of Maria from Greek gypsy camp"...

lulu said...

So ridiculous. Why are they going through the effort of pretending "Maria" is Lisa?

Sus said...

"Thousands of calls about the girl rescued from the gypsy camp."

My God! How many 3 to 4 year old blond, blue-eyed girls are missing around the world?

Anonymous said...


lulu said...

"Maria"probably isnt Lisa.

Anonymous said...

Two words: boxed wine


sidewalk super said...

by the multiple cartons!

no straws!

joe taco owns a sports team in Rome?