Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Jets Fan Punched Woman Killed Previously

Trash versus trash.  From the NY POST.  Interesting quotes. 

Jets fan who punched woman once killed a man

The Jets lout who punched a female Patriots fan in a video that went viral after Sunday’s game is a Long Island bartender who once spent time behind bars for fatally knifing a teen.
Kurt Paschke, 38, was convicted of criminally negligent homicide and sentenced to nearly four years in prison for killing Henri Ferrer, 17, of Bay Shore during a fight outside a Sayville pizzeria in 1992.
Paschke, who was 17 at the time, was originally charged with murder but ultimately convicted of the lesser charge.
In a bizarre twist, he became best pals with Marty Tankleff behind bars, according to a tome on Tankleff’s own infamous crime. Tankleff was convicted in the brutal 1988 killing of his wealthy parents and then freed after his sentence was overturned in 2008.
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Kurt PaschkePhoto: Facebook
“I am deeply sorry,” Paschke said at the time of his own sentencing in 1995. I can honestly say I never sought the confrontation, but when it came, I did what I had to do.
Paschke’s excuse is eerily similar to the defense put forward by his family and friends nearly 20 years later regarding his punch-out of the woman at MetLife Stadium.
“He didn’t deliberately hit the girl, he was simply being defensive,’’ said Paschke’s mom, Colleen, to The Post on Monday.
The mother, 62, said her son, a diehard lifelong Jets fan, took her to the game as a special treat because she’s a breast-cancer survivor and it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month.
There was a group of Patriots fans antagonizing our friends the whole game … They were drunk and out of control,’’ Colleen Paschke said. “Our friends were in the same row and, for instance, they were even making fun of a girl because she just gotten braces.
As my son and I were leaving, the group came charging from behind and said ‘Let’s get them,’ ” she said.
"came charging" is past tense language.  Note that she now switches to present tense: 
They push through us to get to his friends and start throwing punches. My son wanted to break it up.
“Then the girl [on the video] was throwing three punches at my son … and with that, my son is just trying to protect himself and me.’’
That’s when the burly Paschke hit the woman with a right cross that snapped her head back.
note the action of Jaclyn Nugent in the video
Sources have identified the woman as Jaclyn Nugent. When The Post visited the Boston-area address of a 26-year-old woman by that name, a man who identified himself as her brother said the family had only just learned of the incident before adding “Go screw!” and declining further comment.
One girl was putting her middle finger in face, saying, ‘F— you!’ to me,’’ Paschke’s mom said. “The girl who was bleeding took the blood and threw it in my face.
Paschke’s dad, Kurt, a 62-year-old retired Suffolk County police officer, said, “They’re making him out to be animal. He’s very upset about this.’’
Paschke, who lives across the street from his parents, wasn’t home Monday night.
Paschke, who was wearing a Wayne Chrebet No. 80 jersey at the time of the incident, and a friend were quizzed twice by New Jersey state cops. As of Monday evening, Paschke had not been placed under arrest.
Cops also are planning to interview Nugent, sources said.
He’s a great guy. He’s not violent like that,” said Ward Roser, a Paschke family friend.
But the dad of his previous victim, Ferrer, told The Post that Paschke was a ticking time bomb.
I wrote the judge a letter that this guy is going to kill again,” said Robert Ferrer, 80.
He killed for no reason. He went out of his way to get a knife to stab my son. My son was involved in a fist fight, and he went out to get a knife and stabbed my son. They were the same age. They were the same size. He had no business killing my son.”
Antoine Ferrer, the victim’s brother, added, “[The punched female Patriots fan] should be thanking her lucky stars — she’s alive, my brother is not.”
According to the 2008 book “A Criminal Injustice: A True Crime, a False Confession, and the Fight to Free Marty Tankleff,” Paschke simply fell in with the wrong crowd, not realizing they were neo-Nazis, before the stabbing.
When he tried to break free from the group, they jumped him one night,and the man he killed, a skinhead, fingered him as he lay dying, the book said.
Paschke’s dad later became a champion of Tankleff, based on Tankleff’s prison friendship with his son in jail, according to the book.
Paschke’s trial lawyer was Thomas Spota, who is now the Suffolk County DA.


Anonymous said...

"There making him out to be animal"? Animals don't kill/hurt for pleasure.

Anonymous said...

What genepool is this insect from?Look at it's childish "pose"and its femenine ear rings?I suspect rampant homosexuality,repressed.

sidewalk super said...

Nice of the current president to give cell phones to these criminals so they can record their crimes.

elf said...

#1) its NEVER ok to hit a woman. #2) the suspects mom isn't doing her son any favors by lying for him and defending his actions.
How is he violent if he's not violent 'like that'? And how can anyone say he's not violent like that when there is obviously proof that he is violent like that? Dude STABBED SOMEONE BEFORE. Stabbing someone is an up close and personal crime. Stabbing someone to death is extremely violent. And kudos to mommy dearest for surviving cancer but when you raise a cancer on society you should probably stop playing the sympathy card.

Kate said...

Off Topic: The Parents of Lisa Irwin contact Greek authorities over similarities between gypsy camp girl and an artist impression of what their missing baby daughter would look like today

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2471296/Was-Maria-kidnapped-Kansas-City-Parents-missing-Lisa-Irwin-contact-Greek-authorities.html#ixzz2iSRBBmJf

C5H11ONO said...

Interesting connection with Martin Tankleff, who I am not convinced is innocent. I have transcript of the coerced confession. I am curious if in a coerced confession you would find language that shows it is coerced or goes against what the person believes. See below:

Martin Tankleff being duly sworn
Deposes and says that I am 17 years
Old having been born on August 29th,
1971 in Brooklyn N.Y. I live at #33
Seaside Drive Belle Terre. I’m a
Senior in Port Jeff High School.

I have been advised of my rights
As follows.

I know that I have the right to
Remain silent ______.
I know that anything I say can and
Will be used against me in a court of
Law _____. I know that I have the
Right to have an attorney present
Before or during any questioning _____.
I know that if I cannot afford to hire
An attorney one will be furnished for
Me free of charge _____.
I understand each of the rights
Detective McCready has explained
To me _____. I do not want to
Contact an attorney _____. Having
My rights in mind I want to tell
Detectives McCready and Rein what
Happened to my parents this morning.

Yesterday (letter scratched off – edited) I went to the
Mall shopping. I was supposed to be
Home early enough to set up the card
Table for my father and his friends.
When I got home about 9:10 pm my
Mother was mad at me because I
Didn’t do it. My father punished me
Mostly but my mother had been siding
With my father lately. I was angry
Because my father’s partner Dan Hays
Was going to stay with me when they
Went to Florida in October. They ruined
My summer by not letting me use the boat
As much as I wanted. They wanted me
To drive the crummy old Lincoln. They
Were fighting a lot and taking it out on
Me. When my mother sided with my
Father about the card table I was
Really mad. I decided I wanted to kill them both. I set my alarm for
5:35 to make sure I would be up before
Them. I decided to use the baseball
When I went to bed. When I got up I was surprised to see (scratched – self edited) the lights still
On. When I looked in my parents room
My mother was there. She was sleeping.
I went down to the office and saw
My father sleeping in the chair. I
Decided to kill my mother first. I ran
Across the bed. I got to her quick.
I hit her 4 or 5 times on the
Head. She fought me. I went to
The kitchen and got a knife. I
Ran back with the knife. I cut
Her throat. I don’t know how
Many times but I stabbed at
her also. Mostly I cut at her
throat and neck. I left to

1322 D/Sgt Horvath states
Atty Myron Fox Called – nothing further

Anonymous said...

#1) its NEVER ok to hit a woman.

it is that "presumed protection" that a man will not hit you, that makes you feel that women can get away with verbal and physical abuse on a man, which you have probably done many times, and then whine when you get beat. if it is wrong for a man to hit a woman, it is also wrong for a woman to hit a man. and that is the law, it is called assault. everyone has the right to defend themselves from an attack no matter who the attacker is.

she struck him about three times before he defended himself, and he was also threatened by about three others who were coming at him. he had every reason to believe their intent was to also assault him, which heightens the need to defend himself from the attacker.

if you step into a man's shoes, be prepared to get knocked out of them.
if your statement read as it should have,
#1)its NEVER ok to hit ANYONE.
and that would still be wrong because there are times it is ok.
who would be in the wrong in this instance?
would he have the right to defend himself?

without the video, how would the attacking woman's statement read?
i punched him three times and moved toward him drawing back to hit him again when whah eefffing wahh he hit me.

to assume that a woman cannot hurt a man, well, let any woman punch you in the face while you just stand there and let them, tell me how you feel about self defense through your toothless bruised mouth while you attempt to hold your swollen eyes open to prove you aren't lying when you say it didnt hurt.

true, if he had come from a different back ground, he may have handled the situation differently. goes to show you, you never know who you are eeefffing with, so it is best to not attack anyone. his priors have nothing to do with this case in the eyes of the law. anything and what ever anyone else says about this guy means nothing. there is video that proves what happened. the man was justified in his actions.

had that been in florida, i think he could have Zman'd all of them.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:13:

Did you witness what happened?

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

Maria: Police Investigate Lisa Irwin Lead

The parents of a baby who went missing in the US two years ago say the girl found in Greece looks similar to their daughter.

A baby who went missing in Kansas is being linked to the young girl allegedly abducted by a Roma family in Greece.

It is one of four promising leads being followed up by police in the US.

The parents of Lisa Irwin, who went missing in October 2011, contacted Greek authorities in the hope that the girl known as Maria could be their daughter.

Lisa was only 11 months old when she disappeared from Kansas City.

Her parents believe she was kidnapped and have set up a website offering a $100,000 (£62,000) reward as part of their efforts to find her

The American girl would be turning three in November.

However, Greek police believe Maria is five or six years old.

Lisa's family contacted Sky News by email and said "because of the physical similarities between Lisa and Maria we have contacted the authorities here, as well as overseas, and are waiting for their responses".

The family are waiting to receive an official reply.

The mystery blonde girl was discovered living in a Roma camp near the Greek town of Farsala on Wednesday after a raid by police who were looking for drugs and weapons.

A Roma couple have been formally charged with abducting the girl.

Hristos Salis, 39, and Eleftheria Dimopoulou, 40, have claimed the girl's biological mother gave them the little girl as a baby because she could not look after her.

They deny charges of abduction and procuring false documents relating to the girl's birth certificate.

DNA tests have confirmed the couple are not her biological parents.

Maria, who utters just a few words in Greek and Roma dialect, is being cared for in Athens by the Greek charity Smile Of The Child and is said to be "doing well".

Spokesman Panagiotis Pardalis told Sky News that Maria was still in hospital and waiting for medical examinations to be completed.

The charity has been inundated with more than 8,000 calls about the girl from around the world.


I pointed out on another blog it couldn't be Lisa since cadaver dogs reacted in the parents bedroom when they were finally allowed a full search and also in the backyard. There was also the use of past tense and the age differences. I am surprised the gruesome twosome haven't jumped on it but the age is a problem, they will no doubt claim gypsies do steal children and there is hope blah blah blah. Apaprantly there is a slo a report of a blonde child being found with Roma in Ireland

Tania Cadogan said...

Ireland: Blonde Roma Girl Taken Into Care
A child aged around seven is being cared for by Irish authorities after police raided a Roma camp near Dublin following a tip off.

A blonde girl thought to be aged around seven and living with a Roma family in Ireland has been taken into care, Sky Sources have revealed.

Police are understood to have swooped on the family after a tip off from a member of the public.

The girl, who also has blue eyes, was taken into care after officers called to a house in the Dublin suburb of Tallaght on Monday afternoon.

Concerns were raised after the member of the public saw the blonde girl being looked after by the Roma family.

Sky Sources have said that the parents were unable to prove the identity of the girl.

It follows the taking into care of a four-year-old blonde girl called Maria and the arrest of a Roma couple in Greece last Friday.

The youngster taken from the family in Dublin is now being cared for by Ireland's Health Services Executive.

Sky News has been told the couple who were looking after the girl are being questioned by police in Dublin.

Ireland's Sunday World newspaper reported that the couple were asked by police to produce a birth certificate but, at first, could not find one.

The parents, according to the paper, then claimed the girl was born at Dublin's Coombe hospital in April 2006, but inquiries with the hospital resulted in no record being found of the girl being born in the hospital at that time.

After two hours in the house, the parents eventually found a birth certificate but the Gardai were not satisfied that it matched.

It is understood police may seek to take DNA samples to determine if the girl is related to anyone in the Roma camp.

The couple who claimed to be the parents of a blonde, blue-eyed girl aged around four in Greece have been charged with abduction.


Sus said...

This whole article, top to bottom, sent me into fits of laughter. Sorry.

Among others:
"He's a great guy. He's not violent like that."
Yeah, that's why he spent time in prison for stabbing someone and he is on video punching a woman.

I especially like that he joined a neo-nazi group...without knowing they were neo-nazis.
You know...because a neo-nazi is very quiet and hard to spot.

Sus said...

Oh another...
His mother tries to work in the sympathy ploy. October is breast cancer awareness month, and that's why her son took her to the game.
They were innocent just by virtue of being there for a good reason.

They all use some version of this.
Devin Barnes and his wife were just trying to go out to eat when someone wrote the n-word.

Justin Dip was just trying to care for Ayla while Trista couldn't.

Debbie Bradley was just having a few drinks with her newly-separated and sad friend on her stoop.

Mark Redwine was trying to visit with his son.

I always look for "retroactive " excuses and self-soothing.

Anonymous said...

nice Sus, very nice. i like your angle. thanks.

Jen said...

I wish we had a 'like' button Sus!

Yeah Mommy, he sounds like a peach...is he single, lol!

sarah said...

OT--Lisa Irwin

Did you see this? Lisa's parents are inquiring about the little girl who was found with the gypsies, "thinking" she could be Lisa.


There was a quote in the article (from a previous interview) in which Lisa's mom said:

'When somebody abducts an infant, they don't take them to hurt them,' she said. 'Wherever she is, she is being loved and taken well care of, because they went through a hell of a lot of trouble to get her.'

I had never seen that quote before. That's ridiculous! A loving mother would NEVER in a million years assume a baby's abductor was loving them and taking care of them! And then almost laud the abductor's efforts!

Jen said...

Hi Sarah-

You are right, nothing Debra Bradley has said (including that quote) makes any sense.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say its not her, since Bradley's words and actions indicate she's dead, and 'Baby Lisa' wouldn't even be 3 yet, and they estimate this child in Greece is 5-6.

I guess the Bradley/Irwin camp is paying attention to the McCann's strategy...just keep pretending, and fundraising, and 'sighting', and 'leaving no stone unturned' (except the one that would actually end this farce...a confession.)

Jen said...

I just watched the video of this on YouTube and my question is...where are all the REAL men? The women were unruly, and it does appear that they were punching him, but why didn't any of the men watching and taping the spectacle step in to seperate them. When the neanderthal moron punched the girl, you can hear a collective reaction from the crowd, but they all just stand there gawking like a bunch of cowards! With all of those 'men' standing there, I would think ONE of them would have a backbone and a little integrity!

(Funny story I just have to share, my dad was the football coach at my high school, and one time he had to break up a fight on the sidelines between two girls who were majorettes waiting to perform. They were clawing and ripping each others hair out, and swinging their batons at each other. My dad jumped in between them, and he got hit by the batons almost every time they swung, lol! Finally he picked one of them up, like a sack of potatoes over his shoulder, and walked her off the field. He had a black eye, and a bunch of bruises from the batons, and he always joked that he would rather break up a scuffle between a couple of 250lb football players, than two 100lb girls, lol)

Shayna said...

Wow, he certainly paints a picture of a bratty,spoiled teen that used a lot of "I"s in describing how he killed his parents.
He also speaks appropriately in the past tense when describing his actions.
The details, such as setting his alarm for 5:35am to wake before them and 4 -5 blows to the head...liars tend to choose the number three (unless it's a DUI stop, then it's always two beers.)
I also find it creepy that he had to set the alarm to wake up and commit murder. It made me think of the adage that only a guilty person can sleep when first arrested and put in jail. Who could sleep before premeditated murder but a sociopath?

Anonymous said...

Debra Bradley is talking like she knows her baby is DEAD....and angels are lovingly taking care of her now.

She makes me vomit.