Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Death Of Ayla Reynolds Part III: Motive

Did you ever hear the expression, "Our sins look so much worse on someone else"?
It's true.

When we see someone do something that we, ourselves, have done, it looks worse to us.  What we don't see is the many small, desensitizing steps that the person took to get to the point of surprise.  "It took more than all this, your honor, that put that gun in my hand."  When the steps of a crime are carefully laid out, we can see how the insidious ending grew from a much smaller beginning.

When we see something hideous, we are often stunned and marvel asking, "What kind of monster could do such a thing?" not realizing that "monsters" are often built that way, a little at a time.

I once said this, aloud, in a hospital room looking at the beautiful blue eyes of a toddler, who's gaze was forward and straight, and her tongue fell off to the side.  She was hours from her death, and her brain-dead gaze will be forever with me.  I wanted to tuck her tongue into her mouth for her dignity, but froze staring at her.

Someone shook her hard enough to cause this to happen to her, and the perpetrator is waiting to speak to me; that is, he "was" waiting to speak to me.

A cop got to him first.

He screamed into his face, "You did this!  You're going tell tell me what happened!  Right now!  Tell me!"

I looked at the file.  The perpetrator was ex military.  He's used to being screamed at and did a good job tuning the blustering cop out.

I asked, "Officer, would you mind if I sat with him for awhile, and I will come get you when he is ready to talk?"

He said, "Yeah, he ain't gonna say nothing, so have at it."

I sat for the next hour or so, silently, with my head down in my hands, just like the perp.

The silence was broken by his soft voice, "I didn't mean to..."

He then went on to give an admission...well, it could be a confession, but, as is the case, he blamed the toddler.

It began before that, with a temper slap here, or a short yank on her hair, there, and he wanted her to quiet down.  He was coming down from his high and feeling the effects of withdrawal and she was getting on his last nerve...and he had told the girl's mother that he wasn't up to babysitting, so it was her fault, too, and on and on he went.

Within a few hours, a nurse would come and gently close those sparking blue, but lifeless eyes, but I had no intention of being there for it.  I had the information I needed, and gladly shared with the law enforcement official who was in a bit better shape after coffee and a break.  He had been up all night with the perp and was worn down by the refusal to speak.  The perpetrator's story was one of high school bully flunkie, joined the military, couldn't bear the discipline, got himself tossed out, and bounced from girlfriend to girlfriend, each with children and the perfume of desperation for a man.

There are those kind of men, unmanly men, who know little of the language of sacrifice of strength, but are fluent in selfishness.

Justin DiPietro is such a young man.

Reported to have been raised in Domestic Violence, confirmed by his mother's own choice of words, he was intelligent but being undisciplined, it would always be "the teacher's fault" or the "coach's fault" or anyone but Phoebe's precious son.  The refusal to embrace the sanctified disappointments of lie that prepare the young for adult responsibilities is the out workings of a neglectful, guilty parent, who must "make a fair shew in the flesh" by yelling at teachers or coaches, to appease the inner ache of a guilty conscience.  Many a good teacher has been victimized by such.

The child is raised to accept no responsibility.  Couple this with violence and we have an adolescent ready for trouble.

The parent prided herself at giving her two year old "choices" to show how "smart" he was, and how her child was special above all the others.  Now, at 15, the mother slaps all sorts of rules on him, fearing the damage he could do in life, but it is too late.

The bully is not masculine.  Masculinity is the sacrifice of strength for right purposes.  This is why Domestic Violence is such a terribly unmanly crime.  Raised with seven sisters, my father taught me and my brothers that no man should ever call himself a man and raise a hand to a woman.  It was inherently unjust, since men were created stronger; therefore, the strong were to protect the weak, just as those with are charged with helping those who do not have.  Sacrifice.

Love is seeking the highest good of its object.  I "love" you, means that I put you and your best interests above my own interests. The nature of love is sacrifice.  Christians hold to "God so loved the world that He gave His only Begotten Son..." as the ultimate display of sacrifice.  Non religious people often also prize sacrifice as an element of noble behavior.

A child is, by creation, vulnerable.

The child is incapable of self protection, therefore, relies upon the parent to afford protection.  When a child is sexually abused, for example, the brain does not develop as it should, and if the sexual abuse is by the parent, the element of confusion is at its highest level:  the child looks to the parent, who, rather than protects, exploits.  The repercussions will be legion.

Ayla Reynolds met her father later in life than most children meet their own fathers.  Justin DiPietro had a relationship with Trista Reynolds which resulted in Ayla being born.  Ayla did not ask to be born, and according to Trista, Justin did not want her born, either.

Her start to life was precarious, to say the least, and it may have been a stressor that triggered one event, which triggered another event, which triggered yet another, which led to her death.

What was the motive?

It is easy to say,

"A single, unemployed father of two children by two different mothers, bought a life insurance policy, not for, but against only one of his children; the child he, weeks later, reported kidnapped."

It is easy because it is true.

But is it the motive?  Wasn't the life insurance just one of those things added to a larger policy?

As I have said before, insurance companies like to pull "the best and brightest" out of law enforcement, into investigating for them.  They have money on the line, and their bottom line is different than law enforcement:  they are to make a profit.  Therefore, on average, they pay more than law enforcement and entice some of the more intelligent police officers away from law enforcement via a better paycheck.

An insurance investigator is trained in gathering information.  He or she does not need many hours of vehicle maneuverability or gun training, but can have the bulk of training and refresher trainings in interviewing, statement analysis, and evidence gathering.  Precious time is not lost aiming a gun. This is something necessary in law enforcement, but eats up training hours at a high rate.

An insurance investigator is going to note that a single, unemployed father of two purchased a policy (car insurance) not to provide for his children in the event of his death, but for his child to provide money for him in the event of the child's death.

If this was just a blanket policy, why not purchase it to provide for Ayla, in the event of the father's death?  This would have been sacrificial; that is, to sacrifice monthly money now, so that should the father die, his child would be provided for after his death.  Most people who have insurance do so to provide for their children.

Objection:  it was kind of him to buy insurance to pay for his child's funeral expenses.

Answer:   In Maine, he would have likely had no out of pocket cost to pay for Ayla's funeral.  The average cost according to journalist Carol Bengle Gilbert, was about $500. I don't think it would have cost him a penny.

 Justin took out a policy that would net him $15,000.

An insurance policy is a bet.

In sacrificing for our children, we are betting that which we all hope for:  that our children will outlive us.  It is often said that no parent should ever be forced to outlive his or her child.  Sadly, many of us know this pain.

But who, in their right mind, would make a financial bet against a healthy toddler?

Who could look at that adorable little face of Ayla and place a monthly financial bet that he was going to outlive the child?

Answer:  one who has struck that adorable little face here, and then there, and then...

Child abuse escalates while it desensitizes.  What was shocking last month, is routine this month.  Readers would be stunned to hear the litany of excuses made by abusers who blame 2 year olds for being...2 year olds.

A bruise here, a wrenched leg there, and then a powerfully gripped, anger laced yank...Little by little, resentment towards the child grows.

Couple this with:

the stressor of money.

Unemployed and chronically so, the "Uncle Eddie holding out for a management position" mentality of entitlement, along with a group of women providing for him, the father could not rage against Trista for "making" him pay child support.  This was a bitter pill, indeed.  Coupled with a selfish, self serving temper never kept in check by his mother, the perfect storm was brewing which would end with Ayla likely "buried" deep in the Kennebec River.

"The love of money is the root of all evil"; not so that "money is the root of all evil", it is that love of it, that sacrificing all to obtain it, that is not the evil, but the root of so many other evils.

When Ayla's case first broke, it was quickly followed by rumors of low level street peddling of pain killers.

With the initial statement by DiPietro, we heard "rumors floating" around out there, and we heard a father of a "missing" baby not only reference her in the past tense, as if dead, but a father claiming that his own emotions were superior in priority to Ayla's safety.  This ridiculously unmanly statement is the clear signal that the father was hiding his daughter's death, rather than taking responsibility.  This is why I say that when he is finally arrested, we will hear, likely in court, that this was "Trista's fault" in that Ayla died, by accident, falling down the stairs, or something along this line, and that it was out of fear of being blamed by Trista, that the Waterville Three concocted the kidnapping story, and will likely plead guilty to some form of illegal burial.

It is consistent with the inability to take personal responsibility by DiPietro.  When the second grade teacher seeks to hold your son or my son responsible, instead of "fighting for" your child, send in a "thank you" note to the teacher, and have your child do the extra work mandated for his correction.  When the coach overlooks your child and he has less playing time in soccer, tell your son to work harder than anyone else on the field and embrace the coach's decision.

In other words, let your child suffer a little bit now, to spare him greater suffering later.  Displease him now, so that he will not displease you later.  Discipline him now, and teach him respect for women, and  your future daughter-in-law will thank you later.

Here, women are sacrificed for Justin DiPietro.  Talk about the silly catch phrase from CNN on the "war against women" much?  Well, here is an example of someone who has women work for him, speak for him, lie for him and then ultimately...

Justin DiPietro sought to have a little woman die to provide for him.

He is the perfect example of true misogyny.

Mommy lies for him, sister lies for him, his buddy's mommy embarrasses her own family name defending the indefensible and Baby Ayla died to bring him $15,000.

Could this really be the motive?

Ayla was a thorn in his side.  He blistered under the child support and was going to fight for custody.  The mother's ability or inability to care for Ayla is not part of the argument.

Ayla was a financial disaster and would have been, for another sixteen years.

Although Justin DiPietro had two children, it was only one child that he targeted for life insurance.

Ayla was a nuisance with lots of energy and she was a walking, talking reminder of Trista, who refused to abort Ayla when she was pre born.

Then, there was the issue of drugs.

We heard rumors that Justin DiPietro had been selling painkillers on the street.  Whether you believe this or not, by itself, it is not enough.

Then we learned that there was a connection to drugs in the life of Ayla Reynolds; not specifically in substance abuse, which is dangerous enough, but in the far more dangerous world of drug trafficking.

In the selling of drugs, there are no receipts, and no 30 day money back guarantee, but a desperate element of risk that brings everyone associated with it into harm's way.

Addicts may want a refund.

Addicts may be displeased with the price.

Addicts may go into withdrawal and go violent.

Once cocaine addict told me that he needed just $10 from his aunt, who, when she refused, he took out a kitchen knife and stabbed her until she was dead.  He then took the $10, and went off to buy crack cocaine. He spent less than 10 years in prison and had come to see me to complain that his girlfriend's father was being obstinate in not allowing his daughter to marry him.

Drugs and children are a lethal mix.

Drugs desensitize just as violence desensitizes.

Justin DiPietro had a live in girlfriend named Courtney Roberts, who also, police tell us, conspired to be deceptive, via withholding information, about what happened to Ayla.  She has a sister, who has an apartment in Portland, where Ayla was reportedly taken, where police found a very large cache of drugs.

Drug wholesalers don't take Visa or Mastercard.

This large volume was enough to consider it wholesaling and Maine is a place where salaries are quite low and money is scarce.  Police estimated the cost to be about $25,000.

Here is the connection between money owed and the extreme life insurance taken out against one of the two children; the unwanted bruised and battered one.

Do I believe Ayla was killed for insurnance money?

I do.

I believe it was an "underlining" motive, a "traction" for the desire to be free from the child support payments and to be free from the reminder of Trista and the 16 years of burden that awaited him.

I believe the motive unveiled in the string of injuries to Ayla:  She was unwanted, and when he was presented with the fact that he needed to buy car insurance, the adding in of one child, not for, but against, became traction for the motive of wanting to be free from the burden.

I don't doubt, in fact, that Ayla fell down those stairs.

It very well may have happened, along with the wrenching of the legs, or the breaking of the arm, the black eye, and the various injuries, increasing with time, not specifically premeditated, but a process of systematic abuse from a selfish bullying irresponsible father, who, then knowing how unwanted she was, took out a policy which caused him to take a bet that Ayla wasn't going to live and he would then profit from her death.

Once purchased, the underlining thought became strong, overwhelmingly so.  Was there pressure to pay off the drugs?  Or, was it the hope of a big wad of money in his hand that could be used to purchase more, and sell, and...

No, this "great" man would not settle for a 'menial' job like truck driving!  He was too good for that!  He could turn that 15K around quickly, and make it into $50,000 on the streets of Portland, rather than Wall Street.  The other 'dummies' who work hard to earn 15% interest trading stocks, or those who cut coupons to afford a dinner...those who think hard work pays...he would show them.

Once the math hit, the death clock ticked against Ayla.

We have heard that DiPietro was even foolish enough to telegraph his now stronger plan by sending text messages to Ayla's mother, expressing 'concern' that someone might "take" Ayla.  Was this his way of attempting to blame Trista for the coming disappearance?

The DiPietro family has blamed Trista Reynolds.  How plausible is this?

Justin would have us believe that he has "no idea" who took Ayla.  Statement Analysis shows that this is just another verbal stop sign, as we all have ideas on just about everything in life.  But if he blamed Trista, wouldn't this limit the pool of suspects, down from 300 million US citizens, to just a handful who have had contact with Trista Reynolds?  How could he have "no idea" while feigning to claim that someone did not approve of his parenting Ayla?

By claiming that someone did this on Trista's behalf, he limited the number of suspects marvelously, so why then, would he not run to the camera, and negotiate for his daughter's safe return?

Now, I don't believe, for a minute, that he was "emotionally incapable" of not speaking.  But if I did not believe it, why did I call it "unmanly" in early articles?

The truth is found in the lie.

When someone is deceptive, they use language familiar to themselves.  This was seen when Justin said the toddler "got into a fight", not recognizing that children of this age do not get into fights.  Like Casey Anthony's "dead squirrels climbed into the car engine", the lie reveals the person.

Justin used not being "emotionally capable", perhaps guided by Courtney, yet embraced it as, in his world, it is acceptable for a man to not help his child (his female child) if his "emotions" overrule him.

It reveals how terribly unmanly this human being actually is.

Men sacrifice for the good of others.  Real men are not bullies, but help the weak.   Real men protect children, from exploitation, rather than exploit children.

Ayla Reynolds was a victim of child abuse which escalated to the point that the life insurance policy taken out against her looked more and more attractive.

The guilt that must run through the veins of the man that sold the policy must be so unbearable that he must deny it and defend it, instead, in order to cope.

Ayla Reynolds was unwanted but it was the Life Insurance policy against her that gave traction to the selfish love of money that ultimately was paid for by Ayla's spilled blood.

No greater love has man than he that lays down his life for another.  After two thousand years, this simple sentence remains as relevant as it was when first said.  Love sacrifices for others.

Ayla was sacrificed for money.

The motive was initially being unwanted, but it was the money, itself, that gave force and power that led, not to the spilling of blood, but to the greater intensity of spilling of Ayla's blood.  As her blood was spilled, it became a little less difficult with each blow against her.

Eventually, the lure money overwhelmed whatever restraint was still in place, and Ayla paid the ultimate price.

The love of money is the root of all evil.

Sadly, Ayla's life was cut short for this very reason.  It may not have started out that way, but it did end that way.

The opinions here are only that of the author.  No one has been charged in this case, to date, and all are judicially given the status of Innocent until proven otherwise.


Anonymous said...

This is more or less what I expected, but still heartbreaking to read.

Fly high, baby girl.

Anonymous said...

That was heartbreaking.

ima.grandma said...

I am genuinely touched but left still and speechless.

Trigger said...

Heatbreaking and true, Peter.

If Justin had been the man that "his women" would have us believe he is, then he would have confronted Trista with the videos and microphones at the court house.

It would have been easy for him to run after Trista asking her questions about Ayla, with the camera crew in tow, instead of the other way around.

Justin Dip is guilty of causing the death of Ayla Reynolds for financial gain.

Gainful employment and protecting his daughter was never an option for that mercenary.

Trigger said...

Did Ayla fall down the stairs or was she tossed, kicked, or tripped by someone in the stairwell?

I hate to think about the suffering that little girl went through because her father resented her so much.

She was the sacrifice that Justin made in an effort to collect the insurance against her life.

Anonymous said...

Let us not forget to sign the petition to bring this "young man" to justice! http://www.change.org/petitions/attorney-general-janet-t-mills-prosecute-justin-dipietro-courtney-roberts-and-elisha-dipietro-in-connection-with-the-death-of-ayla-reynolds

Anonymous said...

I understand the motive, it makes perfect "sense" (the sequence of events, the desensitizing, the money being an ever present thought in the back of his mind), but that still doesn't explain her death...what actually happened to her. Was this a beating that caused internal bleeding? Possibly sexual abuse? Neglect? Do you have a specific theory on the exact manner of death?

Anonymous said...

Did State Farm pay out on the policy?

Anonymous said...

Peter, I agree Ayla was abused. However, your theory that she was unwanted as the initial problem confuses me somewhat. If this were the case, why did Justin go out of his way to take Ayla so that she would be around him 100 percent of the time, even involving LE and pouncing at just the right moment when Ayla was off at rehab?

Anonymous said...

Oh, also Ayla was reported missing the the morning after Trista had filed for parental rights and responsibilites which meant she would be paying child support to Justin.

~mj said...

I have a thought on the "floating" and a thought on motive.

"floating" - While it makes perfect sense to look into the water aspect, it also serves a purpose to look into the idea that a phrase that is often used by many and especially in this case is, "floating an idea to divert attention" JDip used this word in relation to the rumors. Was he leaking that he himself was "floating rumors" (Trista being responsible) to divert attention and his use of the word floating rumors was really an admission into what he himself was doing?

The points made in this article are very valid and hold weight, in my opinion, because of Mr. Hyatt's profession. To add a thought, and perhaps it really isn't an addition, but as I see how this makes perfect sense, the crime that was eventually committed was messy, clumsy and appears to be not be very well thought out. Perhaps all of what is stated above is true, but JDip let his anger get the better of him and before he could follow through with the developing plan he went too far too soon, resulting in what happened to Ayla that night. Abusers rarely have the "control" they seek and clearly he prematurely ended her life due to whatever events took place in that home.

~mj said...

JDip had many women to help take care of Ayla and her being in his custody relieved him of a financial responsibility...child support.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Peter, I agree Ayla was abused. However, your theory that she was unwanted as the initial problem confuses me somewhat. If this were the case, why did Justin go out of his way to take Ayla so that she would be around him 100 percent of the time, even involving LE and pouncing at just the right moment when Ayla was off at rehab?

Because he and/or Phoebe planned to kill Ayla all along for the insurance money. If they didn't have possession of her, how could they follow through with that plan? Just my opinion. I still say Phoebe is the mastermind behind all of this.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous ~mj said...
JDip had many women to help take care of Ayla and her being in his custody relieved him of a financial responsibility...child support.

But unless Trista were paying HIM child support, he'd be paying for everything on his own. Food, clothes, diapers, etc., for Ayla. The cost of those things add up. That's why I'm not convinced that they didn't plan Ayla's murder all along.

Grace4Ayla said...

If he killed her for the life insurance money, where's the body? He won't get paid without it. Even if he waits 7 years and has Ayla declared dead, he dare not try to claim it. When he killed Ayla with abuse, he negated the life insurance policy. Not a smart thing to do if that was his motive.

He killed Ayla because somehow, the life insurance policy became null and void. Either because the abuse Ayla suffered would belie the "accident" claim, or because someone threatened to stop the whole plot.

Anonymous said...

Justin is an idiot. He probably didn't think those things mattered before he killed Ayla. This is assuming, of course, that his friend didn't mention those things when he sold him the life insurance policy because he had no idea that Justin was planning to kill her.

My agent didn't mention it to me either when my husband and I purchased life insurance on ourselves payable to our daughter's trust.

Mickey q said...

Phoebe orchestrated the plan by having the child grabbed while Trista was incapacitated.

She had him buy the life insurance. They had the baby gate story ready as an excuse for how the child fell down the stairs and died.

He killed the child in a rage before they could finish setting up the accidental death scenario. So they tried to quickly default to the abduction story.

This is why Phoebe is so angry. Her plan failed. She isn't in control.

Anonymous said...


GetThem said...

Reading this gave me a heavy heart. I hope and pray the W3 are caught.

I still find it confusing how Pheobe seemed to be in the know when she wasn't even home that night. That is why I think poor Ayla died before she was reported missing.

Anonymous said...

To some people children are a commodity.

If Ayla was in Justin's custody, he could collect many state benefits.

Such as TANF, SNAP, WIC ASPIRE, MaineCare to name a few.

He could even go to college or work training free.

Daycare would be provided at free or low cost.

He could get mileage reimbursement for about everything.

The state would help pay his vehicle insurance and give him money for new clothes, provide him dental care. The list goes on...

Trista would be on the hook for child support.

A pillhead like him with free MaineCare, he could score prescriptions and sell them, all at no cost to him.

~mj said...

Your point is valid. However, there are government assistance programs that will help with those items for unemployed single parents.

Speaking from experience on this, if a household is already sustaining 1 or 2 children, adding a second or third is not that big of a financial difference.

JDip had a household in which he lived, unemployed, that was already sustaining his sister's child and at times his girlfriends. Borrowed diapers from them, hand-me-down or shared clothes, clearly he was neglectful. I am not saying you are wrong, because you are not. Your thoughts are those of a responsible adult, JDip doesn't appear to think along those lines (I am guessing from his actions, I am not presuming to "know" him)

Anonymous said...

I think Phoebe knows how to milk the system, Justin would learn at the skirt of an experienced welfare mom.

~mj said...

"or because someone threatened to stop the whole plot."

Is the reference to Trista being involved in the original plot that is referenced in your blog? If so, please, could you link me to what evidence brings you to this conclusion? I am not asking in snide or argumentative tones, rather I am genuinely curious.

If this is not a reference to Trista's involvement, who do you think is the co-conspirator?

Anonymous said...

Good point, mj. I forgot all about government assistance. You've certainly poked a hole in my theory.

Trigger said...

There is no doubt that Justin would benefit from taking Ayla away from Trista.

He would be on the receiving end of all those state/taxpayer funded programs, but Justin had bigger dreams than the state of Maine could offer him.

He wanted cash to fund his illegal drug vending enterprise.

He had no desire to be gainfully employed or responsible for the care of his daughter, so he went for the temptation to unload his obligation and cover it up.

Anonymous said...

Trigger--the last thing I want to do is defend Justin, but he may have had some desire to be gainfully employed since he apparently was taking a truck driving class.

S + K Mum said...

I agree with Peter's view.

One question. Justin's supporters claimed he knew nothing of Ayla until she was about 7 months old but Trista says he wanted her to end her pregnancy. Are the supporters just trying to make him look good (he took in this child who he only just learned about) or did Trista lose contact with him and he had just assumed she had the pregnancy terminated? Then found out 7 months later she had not?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous said...
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Peter, I agree Ayla was abused. However, your theory that she was unwanted as the initial problem confuses me somewhat. If this were the case, why did Justin go out of his way to take Ayla so that she would be around him 100 percent of the time, even involving LE and pouncing at just the right moment when Ayla was off at rehab?

Because he and/or Phoebe planned to kill Ayla all along for the insurance money. If they didn't have possession of her, how could they follow through with that plan? Just my opinion. I still say Phoebe is the mastermind behind all of this.
October 1, 2013 at 3:33 PM >>

He wanted her for the money.

There is nothing within any statements that I have heard or read that suggests that Phoebe was in on it. She was deceptive, which suggests that she has a reason to be deceptive, but was not home that night. Did she know after the fact? I think so.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

Don't discuss trolls.

Don't copy and paste trolls.

Don't reply to trolls.


lake erie princess said...

Peter ~ We are on the same page. This was so sad to read. IF Ayla was not wanted by Justin, I would have taken her and loved her in a heart beat ! She would have had the kind of life a child deserves. In addition to Justin ending this baby's life for the ins. $$, I feel that in some way Derek is involved in the plot as well. He sold the policy and Justin purchased it. I cannot imagine any "loser" adult male, purchasing a life ins. policy which would benefit the buyer in the event of Ayla's death, unless there was an ulterior motive involved. RIP sweet little angel !

Anonymous said...

uhm no seriously, i must have missed where you used statement analysis to prove the motive was the insurance money?

annie said...

I would also add: Don't feed the trolls.

Anonymous said...

I wonder about Derek's possible involvement also, since he claims that he approached Justin about buying the life insurance.

~mj said...

I have a SA question.

When statements are made and the person stating them through social media and emails flop back and forth from saying that LE "told" and "said" something to them, is this deception, period? Or is it merely sensitive and the analysis would lead the reader to follow through to determine why it is sensitive? (FYI- the information from LE is the same info but in some instances it is reported that it was TOLD and in other instances it is reported as being SAID to them)

I am thinking that it is merely sensitive and it would be my job as the reader to dig deeper to get a better understanding as to why it changed. What changed in reality, if anything, before I could determine it deceptive. Like, the passage of time, a relationship change with the person that TOLD or SAID, perhaps the audience and/or circumstances in which it was being reported.

Is this line of thinking on my part accurate or skewed in SA?

Anonymous said...

I love how you explain the root of domestic violence as a mother giving their 2 year old choices to show how smart they are. I bet that's Phoebe did, spoiling her sons.

Trigger said...

"Did she know after the fact? I think so."

I agree, Peter

There is no doubt that Cindy Anthony knew after the fact, that Caylee was dead also.

Anonymous said...

S & K, I believe Justin's supporters are trying to make him look good. He knew about Ayla when she was born but didnt get involved in her life till later (I believe Trista said this). I believe it is true he wanted her to have an abortion.

Anonymous said...

What is a troll? And my heart is so heavy

REK said...

Petition to arrest Justin and entourage.. 511 signatures needed:


Bigmtn said...


Anonymous said...

Police pursue new lead in Lunsford case
Lewis County Sheriff Adam Gissy can't say with the fullest confidence that the latest information received by investigators in a 2-year-old missing child case will be the final piece of the puzzle that cracks the case.

"There are many different working theories," he said Wednesday. "We are hopeful it is going to help us, but I don't know how soon that will be."

Tuesday marked the two-year anniversary of the disappearance of then 3-year-old Aliayah Lunsford from her home in Weston. Since then, the FBI, the West Virginia State Police and other trained searchers and investigators have sifted through the information, hoping to find some clue as to the whereabouts of the little girl.

"It gives us hope that they are still getting leads," said Tina Smith, Aliayah's aunt. "We didn't think there was any new information. But since they are still getting leads, it shows that there is somebody out there that knows something."

Gissy said Tuesday the sheriff's department had received information regarding the Sept. 24, 2011, disappearance that very morning. But he said elaborating on the tip could jeopardize the investigation, though he noted it was part of a "working theory" his department has been looking at for a few months.

That lack of information is frustrating to family members who hold out hope that Aliayah will return home one day.

"We used to get updates," Smith said. "We don't get that anymore.

"If anyone knows anything, please come forward so we can bring Aliayah home," she said.

That the sheriff's department recently cracked a nearly 14-year-old cold case involving two missing Lewis County women gives Smith a glimmer of hope that one day police officers will announce they have solved the mystery surrounding Aliayah's disappearance.

"We're hoping it's real soon," Smith said. "It's already been two years too long."

In the early morning hours of Sept. 24, 2011, Lena Lunsford, Aliayah's mother, allegedly discovered her daughter missing, but then waited about two hours before notifying law enforcement of the situation. During that time, she reportedly was searching for the child.

She told authorities that she had checked on Aliayah about 6:30 a.m., because Aliayah was not feeling well. Lunsford said she went back to check on her daughter around 9:30 a.m., only to discover the child was missing. She waited until 11:30 a.m. to report her missing daughter.

The Lewis County Sheriff's Department, led by Sgt. Mike Posey, immediately began searching the area for the child. Posey said the department is "actively investigating" the case, and that he believes the little girl will be found.

In the coming days, the sheriff's department was joined in the search by the West Virginia State Police, the FBI and several volunteers from the community and throughout the country. Divers searched the West Fork River behind the Lunsford home for any traces of Aliayah, but found none. Professional searchers combed the woods near the house for days trying to find any clue as to Aliayah's whereabouts.

Anonymous said...

Community organizations also joined in the effort, many of which donated food and shelter to those searching for the child. The Bendale church became a central command area for the searchers to gather, or for those just wishing to drop off donations.

Four days following the missing persons report, the area was declared a crime scene by the FBI, which brought in child abduction experts to assist in the case. FBI Special Agent John Hamrick said searchers continued to work under the assumption that the little girl was alive, noting there was no evidence to suggest foul play.

While the investigation has continued locally, the West Virginia Intelligence Fusion Center continues to handle the bulk of the investigation. The FBI is offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of any and all individuals involved with Aliayah's disappearance.

Tania Cadogan said...

Hi ~mj

A good question.

Told is stronger than said.

He said the moon was made of cheese.

He told me the moon was made of cheese.

He said stand here
He told me stand here.
This is more an order a command whereas as said is more passive.

it is more emphatic.

often when told is used we see body position introduced as well making it more sensitive to the subject.

It is worth noting when they use words like said, told, ordered, requested etcit can reveal sensitive areas. It may not mean the subject is being truthful or deceptive, it can indicate another reason for sensitivity such as relationship, work status ( boss/employee) even if they like or dislike the speaker. Every word spoken has a meaning to the subject, sometimes it is obvious other times it is more subtle and we have to dig around to see why this is the case. We see also when it changes and if the change is warranted (a change in language indicates a change in reality)

Jen said...

Great article Peter, wonderfully written as always!

It makes me so sad that Ayla suffered like this, and spent the final months of her short life scared and in pain...without love or comfort. Such a profound and cruel betrayal, beaten and discarded by someone who was supposed to protect her. It goes against every instinct ingrained in a parent...(hell, forget parent...in a human being)...to abuse a defensless baby.

I refuse to call JDip Ayla's father, he was nothing more than her captor. He took her from those who loved her, to serve his own selfish purposes. I guess in the end, Ayla WAS kidnapped after all...by the Dips when they showed up to rip Ayla from the arms of the only family she knew, the people her mother chose to care for her while she got her life in track.

What a dispicable disgrace you are Justin DiPietro. There is truly a special place in hell for you, and those who have helped you eacape punishment.

~mj said...

Thank you Hobnob for taking the time on this. I am more confident on the matter now.

Anonymous said...

RE: Anon.....Lunsford case

"There are many different working theories,"

Police and other trained searchers and investigators have sifted through the information, hoping to find some clue as to the whereabouts of the little girl.

Gissy said Tuesday the sheriff's department had received information regarding the Sept. 24, 2011, disappearance that very morning. But he said elaborating on the tip could jeopardize the investigation, though he noted it was part of a "working theory" his department has been looking at for a few months.

don't get your hopes up, non-logical feelings reported by mental cases that should not be on the internet will not solve this case. smh

Masquerade said...

To the posters questioning why Justin would take Ayla, when he never wanted her to begin with, there are several different reasons why a parent tries to get custody, even though they really don't genuinely want custody. It's usually done for money and/or control. Control over the other parent, to hurt the other parent. Not everyone who "fights" for custody, fights for the right reasons.

Justin didn't even have to fight. He took the easy way out, as usual. He waited until Trista was in rehab, and pounced. Technically, being Ayla's father, he had a right to do so. I wonder who coached him during that process?

Maggie said...

Peter, thanks for responding to my question about Phoebe.
I believe there are many "behavioral" indicators that indicate Phoebe's involvement. Didn't Phoebe even accompany Justin to do the custody grab? Considering how "unmotivated" Justin is, I always suspected Phoebe was the one who encouraged Justin to do the custody grab (may have even pulled some strings since she works for the state). Another thing is Phoebe's absence the night of Ayla's disappearance, the mysteriousness of her whereabouts, who she was with, etc. I also wonder, as I'm sure many have, how normal was it for Phoebe to stay out all night? It is very hard to believe this was a normal or frequent occurence for a woman her age. These are ominous signs, in my opinion, that Phoebe was there in the beginning and mysteriously absent at the end. There is one theory I have, but it's been on the back burner so to speak: I wonder if Phoebe could have sold Ayla for cash that she has hidden somewhere. It would explain her enthusiasm about taking Ayla from Trista, especially since as has been pointed out, why would she have wanted Ayla in the household to begin with since the household was strapped for money, resources, etc.? It also may explain the life insurance policy, in that maybe they figured if they sold Ayla, they could also cash in on life insurance after she was gone for a long period of time.
Also, a recent statement of Phoebe's to Trista about Ayla "Then believe she is alive, and tell us what you did with her." Embedded in this (bizarre) statement is the phrase "she is alive".
Also, it would to an extent explain her and Justin's foreshadowing of a kidnapping, along with Justin's portrayal of a "benevolent" kidnapper (someone who according to Justin's words) "may feel they're doing the right thing", as in this person feels they are giving her a better home. I wonder how common this is--this kind of "benevolent" kidnapper angle?
I hope to God she is still alive, I have never been able to accept the possibility she was killed and thrown away like garbage.

Anonymous said...

Trigger said...
Did Ayla fall down the stairs or was she tossed, kicked, or tripped by someone in the stairwell?

in the stairwell?

The police are certain that the stairwell is the crime scene?

Anne said...

I am surprised at how long Justin and his followers can stick to their story. I always expect such weak characters to crack under all the pressure. I was surprised in the Haleigh Cummings case also by this.
The work and effort it takes to hold to their stories has to take a toll on these criminals.
The only reason I can think of for Justin's girlfriend to hold to her story and protect him is that she was involved. She would be more scared of not telling the truth otherwise.
I hope for laws that are harsh on anyone helping hide information in a missing or abused child case.

Anonymous said...

I think this presents motive a little too simplistically.

Justin may not have wanted Trista to give birth to Ayla, but once he got involved in Ayla's life, I think the plot thickens. IMO he got some gratification from being Ayla's daddy, but wasn't prepared for or interested in the day to day work or the sacrifices involved in being a parent. That's why some people say he was a good dad, because when he was with Ayla in public he seemed interested in her and showed her off. But in private, when he was tired or didn't feel like fulfilling the daddy role and wasn't getting gratification because she was demanding as all kids are at times, it was likely another story.

To me this is part of the essence of narcissistic abusers. Their "love" is about them, they put on a great show and maybe even have some genuine but very limited feelings toward their abuse subjects. They want the gratification without the work and become resentful of the work and build up rage against the perceived injustice of having to work for gratification.

Maggie said...

Also, in Phoebe's letter to the media she says they are "waiting for word on Ayla": this jumped out at me. There is something about this phrase that seems like it doesn't belong in the context of this letter. Then I realized: A LOT of times this expression is used when buying or selling something. For example: "We're waiting for word from the seller about our new house." "We're waiting for word to hear if the potential buyers are interested in purchasing our home." "We're waiting for word to find out if they'll go down on the price of the car." Just thought I'd point this out--very often this phrase is used when buying or selling something especially when it is a complicated transaction, people going up and down in price, etc. Maybe Ayla was sold?

Maggie said...

Last thing I'll add: In one of Justin's interviews he speaks to the kidnapper saying "You're not her parent." This is very interesting to me. This would make sense for him to think/say this if they sold her to someone who wanted a child and who now thinks they are her parent.

Nic said...

This is beyond sad.

Every time I read about blood at the bottom of the stairs I think maybe there was a gate to keep Ayla out of JD's "stuff" and she climbed over and fell head first down the stairs (bouncing on the steps on the way down) ... or that [they] were in the kitchen and she was under foot and she went through the gate (shoved, pushed, etc.) and down the stairs. Or simply the gate was up and she went over and down while everyone else was out of the room.

My second was a climber. I had two gates in the door (split level entrance) and she still wanted to climb up and over the both of them. I couldn't leave her unattended *at all*.

I could see Ayla going topsy turvy over the gate and they smoking and drinking and freaking out and not calling 911.

Everything afterwards (Ayla being hurt and secreted) and IMO, is inexcusable. Being intoxicated while in the company of minors in inexcusable.


Sus said...

I thank you, also, Hobnob. I had trouble understanding "told" or "tell".

Anonymous said...

Up until this article I've always read that the amount of the life insurance policy benefit was $25,000. Now it is only $15,000? What happened to the initial discussion of $25,000? So which is it, $15,000 or $25,000?

Also, regarding the claim that a child can be buried for $500 in the State of Maine (or even for free): How could this be when it costs more than $500 to dress the child, purchase the casket and vault, hire the hearst to carry the child to the cemetery, pay a crew to dig the hole and lower her into it, then pay the crew to fill in the hole. Also, the use of a backhoe would be involved, which are not cheap per hour.

Where did you get this figure? Funeral Homes aren't in the business of losing money.

AJ said...

Maggie, you mentioned a statement(letter) to media from Phoebe that sounded unique or strange.
It was
"waiting for word on Ayla"

it made me picture someone saying that as they waited for word at a hospital waiting area from a doctor with an update on an emergency grave- condition patient.

Sounds like a clue to the scene of the bloodstain patterns throughout the house that may be hard to erase in their head and comes out in their speech.

Anonymous said...

I thought that a wic appointment was missed however. And the explanation for not going to it was he didn't need it. However I have heard many deadbeat fathers say they wanted to fight for custody or joint custody to end the child support.. But they didn't really respond well when I asked if they realized it would mean they had to see and actually care for said children.

Anonymous said...

His advanced telegraphing of "taking" the baby may be the gist of it. No insurance. No death. No body. Just "taken."

Single guy with temper/drug/alcohol problems? Mother with convoluted ideas on how things work. Well, maybe not so convoluted, but out of the norm. College student girlfriend with apt. loaded with drug dealing sister.

Timed like the perfect storm. Dealer gets busted. Supplier walks. The rehab mother of toddler blamed;friends with family with drug issues arrested;father arrested;grandmother tells lies;childhood friends can write a story better than the media.

The body is too small to ever be located-especially if it's in the water.

No child support ever. No prison ever. Even the mother who thinks her parents aren't very smart because they told her to keep the baby away from the dude still acts as if she wants more punishment.

Nope! The life insurance never entered the picture, imo, it was just a rider suggested at the time because the child was probably with him when he went for auto ins.

Anonymous said...

Even Trista indicated that Ayla was the spitting image of Justin, especially through the eyes- the window to the soul. No doubt that Justin wanted to replace her with the insurance proceeds but could there be a deeper reason to want his mirror image gone? At the root of Narcissism is self-loathing and splitting, and Narcissists view their kids as an extension of themselves. Was he projecting his split-off all-bad childhood self onto Ayla?

Ayla was a beautiful little girl. May she rest in peace.

May Justin, Elisha, and Courtney be brought to justice! And if that doesn't happen, may they suffer tremendously for the remainder of their lives. And whether or not either of those two things happen, may they rot in hell for eternity!

Lemon said...

Word to your entire post PH - one of your best.

elf said...

State farm can't because ayla has not been declared dead. I guess that probably why none of the dipietros have been charged either.

Maggie said...

AJ--That is very true, I had not even thought of that, but the association you make w Phoebe saying "waiting for word on Ayla" makes a lot more sense. Right, I am picturing someone either having major surgery or having doctors working on someone to try to save their life after a car accident or some other bad emergency and the family in the WAITING room "waiting for word" on the injured family member.
What you have suggested might tie in to what another poster said on a recent Ayla thread wrote that they felt that the initial DiPietro plan was to take Ayla to a hospital after she was probably beaten by Justin and that they prob even started driving there but then changed their minds bc she was in such bad shape. The poster was even suggesting that roads close to the nearest hospital should be searched.
I really feel you've hit onto something with this!

elf said...

What about the blood?

Anonymous said...

Posters that try to distract and divert attention away from the analysis. Most likey, they've got a dog in one of these races/cases.

Anonymous said...

Peter, you've made several references to sexual abuse when talking about this case. Are you making an analogy or is there evidence of sexual abuse here?

elf said...

I'm sure there were/are baby gate(s) in place at the dipietros. Elishas baby is there. That's why gate(s) were used in the first place.
I went through a custody battle a long time ago. My daughters father was the original dead beat dad, never any child support. His circumstances at the time were better than mine. He didn't take me to court because he loves our daughter (he was a virtual stranger. He never even acknowledged her as his daughter until he got married). Long story short-term he got custody but the judge said I didn't have to pay support til the back child support he owed me was paid in full. He and his wife were enraged.
To me, the whole court process was an agony. To my daughters father, it was revenge.

Anonymous said...

Hae you read the newspaper articles or even the repostings here where fairly early on, the sheriff stated that a good amount of blood was spilled, later releasing that it's likely she's not alive, let alone the sheer unlikelihood of a child actually being sold for drugs, particularly given everything else we have here? Theories area great thing but I wonder if you're even reading and comprehending what the rest of us are.

Regarding the life insurance, I also argue it was just a rider to give his friend's sales a boost and was not done with telegraphing of cashing in on it mind. I don't believe the DiPietro's ever thought it plausible to dispose of Ayla and collect on the money, even once the last round of abuse was in progress. Where's any evidence of them trying to collect on it? Do we know for a fact Justin didn't have a policy on himself? even so, while I agree with Peter's write up and how selfish it can look, a good salesman can spin it to look differently. A good salesman can spin it to sound like, "Just imagine having to bury her in a pauper's grave if something happened, if the unthinkable happened, you know her mom couldn't be of any help..." Not to mention, as I already did, doing a friend a favor by boosting his sales. Justin was unemployed but he could have swung that, at least for a couple of months, we don't know that we would have maintained the payments, that he has a great measure of credit worthiness.

Perhaps Justin was planning on disposing of Ayla, perhaps he was just trying to unnerve Trista. Ayla's violent end would have been just as likely with those two factors removed (the life insurance and telegraphing) and I feel that's an extremely important point.

S + K Mum said...

Regarding the Life Insurance Policy.

If it was a rider policy to give a friend a cash boost then why would it be AGAINST Ayla's life? Why not any other kind of policy for anyone else in the home? Why that particular policy?
Why would Justin want to pay money out of his own pocket to someone else to give them a cash boost?

For me, the fact it was against Ayla's life and Justin leaked 'marbles' to Trista that he feared Ayla would be kidnapped speaks volumes. Did he specifically say someone had threatened to kidnap her?
The phrase, you have to speculate to accumulate springs to mind. IMO he was prepared to pay for a little while but he had no job, he wouldn't be able to afford to make payments in the long term.

It would be interesting to find out the date the policy was taken out and the date Justin was telling Trista of his fears. How close were they?

Anonymous said...

S and K
I wonder what your opinion on this is?
Trigger said...
Did Ayla fall down the stairs or was she tossed, kicked, or tripped by someone in the stairwell?

I hate to think about the suffering that little girl went through because her father resented her so much.

Anonymous said...

his fears. How close were they?

Anonymous said...

Guilty parents hinder the search and and do not actually go out and help search

October 1, 2013 at 11:50 AM

Anonymous said...

Why does Justin constantly play with Trista's mind?

Anonymous said...

He seems to enjoy hurting her

Anonymous said...

Poor Trista, Justin knows what happened to Ayla. His hiding and lying is causing suffering for Ayla's family.

Anonymous said...

Does Justin think he should be paid for Ayla's death?

Anonymous said...

Is Justin SO ignorant that he thought his motives would go unnoticed?

Anonymous said...

Where is Justice?

Anonymous said...

Maybe if Justin takes responsibility Ayla will be found...or if one of the others in his sleezy group speak up...

Anonymous said...

How can they look at themselves...knowing the suffering that their silence is causing?

Anonymous said...

DEFLECTING...Trista's getting sick of Justins games!!!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what mister important is going to do next?

Anonymous said...

My guess is that the coward will continue to hide, maybe he'll take his brother out for a ride and bully weak people. That's his MO.

S + K Mum said...

Anon 4.52AM
What do I think about Triggers comment about the stairs?
I think she probably went down the stairs at some point, either thrown or pushed. She was more valuable as a dead child than a living one to those who lived under Pheobe's roof IMO. Her father didn't love her and neither did his sister, girlfriend or mother. She was given no protection and shown no compassion.
I think she suffered at her fathers hands and likely at the hands of the others in that home too. It's difficult to comprehend how much suffering can be inflicted on a defenseless child but it happens and it happens every day :(

Anonymous said...

Shame on ALL who where around that little girl and neglected their duties.animals have more compassion.

Anonymous said...

you got to see this. gross!

Anonymous said...

Why against Ayla's life? For one, it isn't couched that way. It's couched as "you won't need it, it will end up being insurance that goes toward college" two, I already summarized the way a good salesman would spin that, putting a 'what if she were to die and you couldn't pay for a funeral..." scenario. Can we really expect him to know that Ayala could be buried for $500 or free or to even think that $500 is 'next to nothing' as one reporter's researching turned up? Particularly while in the moment of being approached about the insurance, in his *friend's* office, again, I emphasize *friend* because it was likely done as an "okay, buddy, sure" type thing, along with the "what if..." this were to happen scenario from Tudela.

I do not believe that is a far-fetched theory at all and makes far more plausible sense than thinking Justin actually thought he could kill Ayla, dispose of the body, have it found, have it investigated in a manner that didn't implicate him or anyone tied to him and walk away with the insurance money or have a payout from waiting for her to be declared dead. I do not think he is that daft.

Anonymous said...

IMO, I don't believe for one second that Aylas' death at the time it occurred was an insurance scam premeditated by Justin, his mother or anyone else. IMO, this is a silly idea that has sprouted wings and taken off flying. IMO, it is far fetched nonsensical thinking.

Just a little common sense would tell you that Justin could have (would have) gotten the child out of the home mysteriously and disposed of her all in one piece MAKING IT LOOK LIKE AN ABDUCTION, rather than leaving a violent blood trail mixed with vomit all over the house, in his shoes and in his truck, making it appear that he had killed his child; which in fact, is what he did.

Justin may have thought he would hoax up a kidnapping at some point, and had already started laying the groundwork; but on THIS NIGHT, Justin, who had no patience or love for Ayla, went into a blind violent rage and brutally killed the child, leaving plenty of evidence and everyone who was in that house that night KNOWS he did, including Phoebe.

Ayla had a price on her head but it was NOT the insurance money at the time of her death. It is true that Justin never wanted Ayla and never intended to support her. It was Phoebe who instigated Justin grabbing Ayla at an opportune time, with the help of her CPS buddy; with Phoebe convincing Justin; "Not only will you not have to pay support to Trista, but YOU collect support from Trista, YOU apply for aid to dependent children, YOU claim the IRS tax rebate for $5,000+ dollars annually as long as you report less than $50,000 annual income; YOU get the Medicaid benefits that includes YOU and YOU get the food stamps... and so on". THIS is why Phoebe wanted Justin to have custody and not any love they might have had for the poor baby considering that they had none. THIS was the price on her head at the time she died.

Anonymous said...

To the other anon @9:10, posted at the same time I did; my husband and I had gerber life and other life insurance coverage on both our children while they were growing up. As soon as they were born they were added onto our policies via rider attachments, including our auto coverage.

One of these policies accrued cash payouts to help offset their college tuition. THIS is a common practice. What surprises me is that some of these peeps apparently aren't even aware of these minor cost provisions in their insurance policies or either they just plain don't care.

It was, and apparently still is, a common practice. It was/is very reasonable to add them on, I think something like less than $2 a month all total for each child.

Anonymous said...

If Justin were a loving and responsible father, I could see him purchasing a life insurance policy to help with Ayla's college tuition years down the road. My mother-in-law purchased one for my daughter for that same reason.

But he is neither loving nor responsible. That is why the insurance policy makes sense to me as the motive. Before the plan to do away with Ayla (probably through a staged kidnapping, as he was already voicing those "concerns") was followed, Justin killed her in a fit of rage.

AJ said...

^^^^ I agreed with Anon 9:10a... Justin's mom was teaching Justin the family ways.... Poebe knew if Trista was going to have custody, it would drain Poebe's bank account. Justin being in and out of the workforce habits, Poebe wouldn't want her precious son to see a day in jail owing thousands. It would add up fast, those back support payments...

Someone mentioned he may of started to be resonsible with trying his hand at going to truckdriver school.... Not true.. I know of a man who the "state paid for" his truckdriver school. He was part of a program that if he looked for work and was not success and followed the rules to attend workshops "the state" in turn sent him to truckdriver school. (other recipients could choose other certifications to acquire a skill.. It is amazing what the government does for the low man on the ladder, absolutely NO reason to be a failure. Even after finding a job, they get 2 more years of FREE childcare!!

BabyBoy, angry little man, Justin just couldn't take even that, Mommy telling him what to do, Trista up his ass, woe is him!!! It is all about the BLOOD, no kidnapping, no selling a bloody broken baby, it's JUST'IN cold blood brutal force murder on an abused innocent little girl !!!!

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous said...
IMO, I don't believe for one second that Aylas' death at the time it occurred was an insurance scam premeditated by Justin, his mother or anyone else. IMO, this is a silly idea that has sprouted wings and taken off flying. IMO, it is far fetched nonsensical thinking.

Just a little common sense would tell you that Justin could have (would have) gotten the child out of the home mysteriously and disposed of her all in one piece MAKING IT LOOK LIKE AN ABDUCTION, rather than leaving a violent blood trail mixed with vomit all over the house, in his shoes and in his truck, making it appear that he had killed his child; which in fact, is what he did.

Justin may have thought he would hoax up a kidnapping at some point, and had already started laying the groundwork; but on THIS NIGHT, Justin, who had no patience or love for Ayla, went into a blind violent rage and brutally killed the child, leaving plenty of evidence and everyone who was in that house that night KNOWS he did, including Phoebe.

Ayla had a price on her head but it was NOT the insurance money at the time of her death. It is true that Justin never wanted Ayla and never intended to support her. It was Phoebe who instigated Justin grabbing Ayla at an opportune time, with the help of her CPS buddy; with Phoebe convincing Justin; "Not only will you not have to pay support to Trista, but YOU collect support from Trista, YOU apply for aid to dependent children, YOU claim the IRS tax rebate for $5,000+ dollars annually as long as you report less than $50,000 annual income; YOU get the Medicaid benefits that includes YOU and YOU get the food stamps... and so on". THIS is why Phoebe wanted Justin to have custody and not any love they might have had for the poor baby considering that they had none. THIS was the price on her head at the time she died.

Hence, the "traction" of motive. This underlining thought, especially with a terrible temper coupled with the thought that Trista was going to fight him for custody and it all comes together...


Statement Analysis Blog said...

I have not seen any linguistic indicators of sexual abuse in this case.

I have not seen behaviors signals of sexual abuse in this case.

It doesn't mean that it does not exist, but I have not seen anything that links this case to sexual abuse.

If someone has something else, please let me know.


Anonymous said...

You are entirely correct AJ. I couldn't agree more. NO WAY was this baby sold and her with a broken and bloody body! Sold to WHO, for christs' sakes?!

NO WAY could this be an insurance scam AFTER this child had already been brutally murdered right there in the home and with plenty of evidence to show for it! What Justin may have 'thought' he might do down the road (that would be based on some mind reader thinking he could read Justins' mind) and what Justin actually did are two different things entirely.

I tell ya; most of these are not dumb people, but the way some of the imaginations fly away with some of these posters leaves me shaking my head in wonderment that they are even able to make it across the street by themselves without assistance.

I agree also as it concerns the truck driving training classes. I knew a man who had been in and out of prison a few times for stealing (he had been employed by me), and he had an open door to cash in on a truck driving training course with certification, paid for by the state to give him a chance at being able to make a living, which he finally did accomplish before landing back in prison for stealing.

Trigger said...

I agree with you, AJ. Justin was not a responsible adult.

Justin was required to jump through some hoops to qualify for state sponsored work training programs to keep himself eligible for other programs like free childcare and financial aid.

If Justin really wanted to be a truck driver and be gainfully employed, he would be working in that capacity today.

Justin had dreams of being an all cash drug vendor like Courtney's sister Brianna Roberts. Justin is a "walk on the wild side" type of guy who is trapped by his own lack of independence.

Trigger said...

I agree, Peter.

There is a dynamic involved in this case.

The underlying "motive" of the insurance money that could "stake" Justins's dream of an all cash business. Justin's temper and the upcoming legal battle with Trista came together like a deadly cocktail for Ayla.

Anonymous said...

Riiight, it makes far more sense that he bought the policy, telegraphed Ayla's death and disappearance, left a bloody, vomitous mess, then planned to collect on a plan he just started paying on

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

...I tell ya; most of these are not dumb people, but the way some of the imaginations fly away with some of these posters leaves me shaking my head in wonderment that they are even able to make it across the street by themselves without assistance.

I didn't realize you were psychic yourself. Why, if the police need help solving this crime, they should just as you since you know for a fact exactly what happened to Ayla. I can see now why you're disgusted with the rest of us and are idiotic theories. Boy, are we stupid!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, right?

You ARE being sarcastic aren't you, Anon @ 11:19?

Sus said...

Another moving post. I am heartbroken to think how Ayla suffered alone when she had a mommy she clearly loved. I hope Trista keeps the pressure on Maine prosecutors in honor of Ayla's love for her.

I do worry about prosecuting the Dips right now...unless MSP has more evidence than has been revealed. Comments on this blog and others show people are divided on what happened to Ayla. I'm afraid a jury would also be divided.

Sus said...

The blood evidence and quick clean up, along with escalating abuse show Ayla was killed in a fit of rage. The last incident may have even begun as an accident (by neglect), but it ended as a murder.

The comments about the gate still bother me. Angela Harry/ Heidi Tudela felt it necessary to add in tha the gate was put up on the morning as IT ALWAYS IS. Why the necessitaty to add this? And no mention of the gate through the night? I can't help but think someone threw Ayla down those stairs.

The life insurance surely played a part. As Peter points out, it was in the back of Justin's mind...when he's hungover, withdrawing, so tired he didn't want to care for a crying hurt baby. He could think if she were gone, I would be $25,000 richer. Justin may have leaked (thus telegraphed) those thoughts to Trista.

Now why he bought the insurance in the first place is questionable. I think it definately tied into the drug business. I thought at first Derek Tudela was in on it...I'm not so sure now.

But Justin went deliberatly to his bff to change car insurance carriers and bought life insurance...WHEN HE MOVED BACK TO WATERVILLE. Except he basically did not move back to Waterville. Justin found it necessary to switch insurance and buy LIPs before even moving his belongings. Buying the insurance from a friend was deliberate and a plan.

Jen said...

Anon 9:28

You are correct that a loving, responsible parent may take out a LI policy on their child as a rider to their own existing LI policies. We did just that when our son was born, and we completed our wills...and when we have another baby we will ALSO add them. You are correct, it only costs pennies per month to add a rider to an existing policy. If dealing with a reputable company the policy will be limited to a small amount..usually no more than $7, 500-$10, 000. These amounts are meant to cover funeral costs in the event of a tragedy, borrow against for college, or roll over into an adult policy at age 21-25.

The difference in what we did, and what JDip did lies in a few small details. First, JDip DIDN'T have LI coverage on himself, which if he were a 'responsible parent' would have been completed before even thinking about policies for his KIDS. Which leads us to the next issue...he only took out a policy against ONE of his kids...the one he never wanted to begin with, and the very one that 'disappeared' a few weeks later (what are the odds!)

Also in every LI policy we have ever signed up for (and we have several seperate policies provided by my husbands company, along with our own) you MUST insure a primary policy holder for a higher premium price before you become eligible to add spouse or dependent policies at all, (much less for a discounted price). So no way I'm buying the Dips and Turds story that this policy was just an afterthought, or a few extra pennies to boost a buddies commisions. That's not how it works. I mean when is the last time your CAR insurance agent tried to talk you into taking out a policy AGAINST your healthy toddler? I'm guessing never!

As Peter said in the article and then clarified in the comments, the LI policy was an 'underlying' motive. Taken in context of the overall situation, it's just one part of a 'perfect storm' scenario. If you only focus on one detail, like the LI purchase, its easy to say..'well what If this, or that'...but the totality of the evidence is very damning.

Maggie said...

Anon @ 12:50--I have read basically everything about this case. Please cite an exact statement from LE saying there was a large amount of blood spilled in the house. Initially LE said the amount of blood was more than a small cut would produce. Is it really a problem with my comprehension skills or does "more than a small cut could produce" not equal "a large amount"? How naive you are to think if they have evidence of assault or murder that Justin would be walking around free right now. (However, I do believe there may have been a murder, however, I don't believe it would have been from Justin losing his temper--there are way too many indicators Ayla's "disappearance" was planned ahead of time.)
Also, I did not say "sold for drugs". I said "sold for cash".
Perhaps they have not even received full payment yet, hence Phoebe's use of the phrase "waiting for word on Ayla". Although AJ's suggestion I believe is a better one that this may indicate Phoebe thinking back on Ayla being invery serious condition.
Also, it occurred to me, Phoebe's statement that Ayla has the bluest eyes and this (her blue eyes) would be a good focal point in looking for her could be an indicator Ayla's hair may have been dyed if they sold her.
There are way too many linguistic indicators that this was a premeditated crime of some kind. I look at the words, I listen to what they tell me. I look at this from every angle. This is how you solve a case.

Maggie said...

In fact the clue of the life insurance policy makes more sense if they sold her. Because, please correct me if I'm wrong, is the other theory that Justin bought the policy just in case he beat Ayla to death in which case he wouldn't be able to collect on it anyway?

Sus said...

What was Derek Tudela's role in Ayla's disappearance? Yes, he sold Justin insurance, but it seems to be more.

Derek T was the last known witness to see Ayla alive. That was on the morning of the 17th when Derek T says he was visiting in Justin's home.

I think Derek T witnessed something that morning that he hasn't told...maybe Justin hit Ayla, or even Ayla being thrown...something that changed his mind about Justin being a good father and somehow he felt a part of. Or he was convinced by Justin he was a part of.

Heidi Tudela: "...that he (Justin ) would harm his CHILD and then talk OTHER PEOPLE into covering for him, TWO OF WHICH have BABIES and are very loving mothers."

Note HT has a change in reality...Ayla is a child with Justin, but the loving mothers have babies.

Justin talked OTHER PEOPLE into covering for him TWO OF WHICH...Hold on. There are only two other people said to be in the house. Those two cannot be "of which" or among others. Who else is Heidi saying was talked into covering for Justin? I believe that is Derek Tudela.

Derek T is very concerned about Justin being shown as a good father.

Derek Tudela : I feel like I'm a pretty good judge of character. Ive known Justin for most of my life. He's been one of my best friends. I know the type of person he is and the integrity he has. It irks me that they make him out to be a bad parent, and that he could have any involvement. I trust Justin with my child any day of the week."

Derek T begins with how he feels like. Others may disagree.

HE'S BEEN one of my best friends...is he not now? Why the change?

Note Derek T feels strongly ( irks) about others not seeing Justin as a bad parent...more important than his involvement. Why is it so important that Justin be seen as a good parent?
Parent, not father...distancing

Earlier in the interview Derek called his child "my son." Note the change in reality from son to child when he is with Justin. anyday of the week is extra and weakens the statement.

Derek Tudela, December 19, 2011
"Where are you getting this bs. Do your research. The father never once mentioned anything about people who were in his home or reason to believe anyone there was involved..."

Hmmm. First thing Derek T is concerned with is the people in the home and their involvement.

"Never once mentioned anything.." Wow! What a round a bout way to say Justin isn't talking.

ANYONE there was involved. One person on Derek's mind. Could it be himself?

Maggie said...

Also, Phoebe's statement to Trista "Then believe she is alive, and tell us what you did with her." needs to be looked at more closely.
And does anyone remember what exactly did Mark Redwine say to his ex-wife about Dylan. He said something similar, that since she is Dylan's Mom she should have faith he is alive. But I want to know his exact words.
The 1st part of Phoebe's statement is not very sensitive. Had she spoken in the negative saying "then believe she is not dead" or " believe she is STILL alive"--with these there are indictators of sensitivity. I'd like to know what Mark Redwine said. (Dr Phil show)

Maggie said...

Sus--Good catch on the "two of which". You are right, this is an indicator Heidi knows he has talked more than just the 2 people in the house into covering for him.

Maggie said...

Oh, one more random thing, I had noticed that in 1 of Justin's interviews he addresses his plea to "the person who DOES have Ayla". He uses this phrase "the person who DOES have Ayla" a couple times. I find it odd and unnatural (regardless of whether he is lying or not).
Why wouldn't he just say "the person who has Ayla?"
Call me crazy, but this DOES added to the sentence it's just unnatural.
It's like let's say a person is upset bc noone respects them. They might say "she's the one person who DOES respect me.". Or, he's the person who DOES understand me. It's almost as if there is something "complimentary" about the use of the word DOES in this context. I hope I am making sense.

Jen said...

LE later claimed it was 'more than a cup full' of blood, which is a large amount considering that it came from a small child. I don't have time to look for the link right now, but it has been widely reported and you can review some of the prior analysis for the direct quote.

Also the information revealed by Trista details quite a bit of blood splatter throughout the house, which was missed in the attempted clean-up, as well as the luminol enhanced photos which showed much more blood not visible to the naked eye.

Sus said...

The blood was not the only bodily fluids found in the house.

Ayla's vomit with her blood in it indicates some sort of internal bleeding and/or head injury.

Most telling to me was the saliva found in the blood. This means Ayla could not breathe in. There most suredly was something in her lungs (blood?) or a puncture to her lungs. ( broken rib?)

I am sorry to be so graphic. But the evidence shows Ayla suffered before death. Ayla deserves for people to see and know that.

Maggie said...

Jen, thank you for updating me on that. The police seem so unsure, along w they do not arrest Justin for child endangerment/neglect on the blood finding, that and the fact that the blood seems to be located in such different places/around the house/car it is very hard to have confidence in both the amount and the cause (could it have been from separate incidents?). Why is he not arrested? This alone is mind-boggling!
Sus, thank you, and I agree that it is extemely disturbing. Ayla does deserve for people to know she suffered, and I did not mean to minimize her suffering. I hope it did not come across that way. Ayla was abused and quite brutally--I do not question that. I am not convinced she died of an abusive episode gone out of control. There are way too many indicators of a premeditated disappearance.
I want Ayla to be found. These 3 (4) are walking free with no sign of resolution anywhere in sight. It horrifies me to think they will get away with this, but I don't think it is hopeless. I believe their words contain clues.

Anonymous said...

Justin's actions are attention seeking, he's saying "LOOK at how bad I am"

Anonymous said...

Hey Justin, do you have a "hollow feeling"

Anonymous said...

Derek stated that he was there, at the DP house the morning of the 16th, not the 17th. Ayla was reported missing on the morning of the 17th, already to have disappeared.

Supposedly, Derek was there for a "playdate" on the 16th for his son (with Ayla) I presume. Derek corrected his mother who somewhere said that Derek had visited the DiPietro house on the afternoon of the 16th; Derek made a point of saying that he didn't know how his mother came to make that mistake.

I believe that Derek is involved in, at least, the aftermath of what happened to Ayla. The clean-up of the scene and perhaps in helping Justin dispose of the body.

Justin may have called him in a panic when the "accident" to Ayla occurred. Derek believed that it was an accident, and that Justin could never do such a thing as to harm Ayla. Why no "accident" was reported and Ayla not taken somewhere for ER attention raises a few more questions. Could whatever happened to her be because of neglect and she fell down those stairs? Could what happened to her not pass muster for an accident with LE and the ME?
if so, she would have had to be "abducted".
When? We don't know. Maybe a full day or more before she was reported.

Whatever the motives of the Tudela family in backing Justin to the hilt, the fall out has been severe for them if it is true that they have put their home up for sale and Derek's dad, (and presumably Derek) is no longer a SA agent.

Derek's wife was a partner in the Heidi Tudela day care located at their house. Is that still operational?

Mainah said...

I think a contributing factor was also how Justin must have viewed Derek and compared his own circumstances to Derek's over all the years as friends.

Justin grew up with his younger sister, Elisha and older brother, Lance, in a duplex apartment in a HUD low-income housing project complex. Welfare was their primary means of income. It paid the rent, heating, food, Phoebe's schooling, etc., etc. She later bought the modest home on Violette Ave with money left from selling her parents house after their death, along with a mortgage from Maine State Housing. (see Kennebec County Registry of Deeds)

This was near the polar opposite of how his bff, Derek grew up. By all accounts Derek had a sweet life with two loving parents and vastly more income. Hidey and Darrell are currently selling their half million dollar, sweeping-views, mc-mansion, as we speak. (Price reduced! Take a peek: http://www.zillow.com/homes/186-North-Reynolds-Rd-Winslow_rb/)

The two met as youngsters and remained BBF's into adulthood, yet look at the differences in how their lives were at age 25.

Derek married his long-term sweetheart in 2008. They had their first child, a son, three years later, in a stable loving home, with two loving parents. Derek was following in his fathers footsteps of becoming a successful SF Agent.

Whereas, Justin was unemployed, had no job prospects, no long-term loving relationships, had two children with two women in two years but, was not with either of them by the time of the births. And, he was looking at residing in his mothers dungeon on welfare for a very long time.

Low and behold, on Friday, here comes Mr. Perfect life with his delightful son for a play date. Derek has money, a loving supportive family, nice home, good job, sexy cars...and what did Justin have? No job and his mothers basement. A loser cellar-dweller, back on welfare.

He may have felt resentful, hence easily lies and manipulates his friend, perhaps even costing Derek his own successful career.

I think after Derek left that day, Justin looked at Ayla as the cause of his miserable back-on-the-welfare life. I think he was embarrassed and jealous seeing his bestie success, while he continued rapidly downward.

Sus said...

Anon 5:55. Thank you. Sorry I had the dates wrong.

Yes, Heidi T said that Derek was at the Dips home in the afternoon. Derek corrected her to say it was the morning instead. I find it strange that Heidi had that, or did she? Heidi involved her cousin/ friend (?) Angela Harry within 24 hours because she saw AH as a good writer. Yet, Heidi didn't have her facts straight on when her own son was there??

Mainah, good points. Justin had to see Derek T as "having it all" and was very likely envious. I doubt Justin minded taking advantage of Derek by using him for an insurance agent. I earlier thought Derek was probably in on the purpose for insurance. I have since changed my mind, and think Justin used Derek.

The way Derek not only defends Justin, but attacks Trista, on the internet tells me Derek was fed a lot of bull by Justin. I think now that Derek tried to help Justin "outdo" Trista in the parenting department by suggesting insurance. That fed right into Justin's hand.

I continue to believe Derek saw something that made him question Justin as a father that morning. Something he should have reported and he knows he will be in much trouble for not.

My theory is that the first hit in the presence of Derek wasn't life-threatening. Derek left the Dip's home thinking Ayla would be alright...not knowing Justin continued the beating. That is why Justin called Derek the next morning...he lied and said Ayla died from what Derek saw.

My opinion only.

Maggie said...

I notice a lot of people viewing motive through a lense which seems to say poor=evil, envious, low morals. Rich=good, pure of heart, non envious. It's a sterotype and an oversimplification of life as well as a misunderstanding of the disguises evil can wear.
Question: Was Derek actually at Justin's for a "playdate"? (I thought I read this?) Any chance this playdate ended in Derek actually taking Ayla w him out of the house?

Anonymous said...

Sus...interesting theory. But I think Derek must be more thoroughly involved than just witnessing one slap or even two. His mother is also heavily involved and also his dad, if their interview from the mansion on the Morning Sentinel is any record.

Heidi took it upon herself to become Justin's PR agent and lay counselor along with involving her cousin, AH, who lied about talking to Justin on the phone everyday. And then, she had to confess she had not seen Justin since he was 8 years old.

Why the lying? To give Justin a background of all 'round fine fellow? No, it was to make Derek's best buddy, ever, seem perfectly innnocent, so that Derek, by association, seem also innocent.

The LIP must have been a real worry to the Tudelas.

I agree that Justin probably fed Derek a whole bunch of nonsense about how he was "violated" by Trista! How she held him down and captured his sperm and maliciously produced Ayla!

Maggie said...

Humor me for a second: Let's take a look at Derek's language. Derek has said that he approached Justin about the life insurance saying "it is one of the most loving gifts a parent can give a child." OK, let's pull out the phrase "loving gift". Where else do we hear this? In the pro-life movement, you will often hear "carrying a baby to term and putting that child up for adoption is one of the most LOVING GIFTS a mother can give her child".
Now, let's look at Heidi Tudela who said "2 of which are loving mothers". Is it possible Heidi/Derek may have ever commented that Trista was not a "loving mother"? Certainly.
Now let's look at Justin's language who says of the "kidnapper" "you may think what you are doing is right" "you have no right" "You are not her parent".
Now, let's look at Phoebe who refers to whoever will come forth to give information about Ayla as a "Good Samaritan" (this could be leakage that if they sold her to someone who they viewed as a "good parent" as opposed to Trista "bad parent" it is believable they might use this term "Good Samaritan".
Did Derek often go over Justin's for playdates? I'm sure it happens, but I have actually never heard of 2 men arranging a playdate. Wouldn't Ayla have her cousin to play with? But are we to believe these 2 men just wanted to get together for a playdate, drink tea, exchange recipes?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone think that it is very odd that the Tudelas took in the whole Violette crew because they had only "the clothes on their backs" and "nowhere to go"... after LE made them leave?

Why no place to go?

Phoebe had a sister and Elisha an aunt, and perhaps other DiPietro friends and relatives to take them in.

Phoebe had her SO "date" with whom she supposedly spent the fateful Friday night of the 16th/17th out of the action.

Courtney and her son had CR's apartment in Portland in the building her parents owned. Justin surely would hae been welcomed there.

It's all so mysterious. was Heidi giving a two-week seminar in "How to Weather an Investigation When You're Guilty as Sin"?

Something smells mighty like "accesory-after-the fact."

Or am I just a conspiracy nut?

Maggie said...

No, you're not crazy! It is very strange they would all be "housed together".
According to Heidi, Derek came to her saying these poor folk are homeless, only the clothes on their back, etc. And she was the (oops should I say it?) Good Samaritan who took them in!

SALurkerOne said...

OK, something terrible happens at your home. The police need to do an investigation - your out of your house.

Would home owner's insurance cover the cost to stay at a hotel?

Darrell & Hidey would have surely known if this possible.

Does anyone know if it is? That insurance would cover a temporary dwelling while you couldn't enter your home?

Anonymous said...


Maggie said...

I just looked on unitedforayla and happened to see a link showing a comment Derek Tudela made on facebook shortly after Ayla went missing.
Derek Tudela wrote "I am all for a mother raising her child when she is responsible and loving but this mom has been to rehab...MORE than once! Is she really crazy enough to believe that filing for custody was a good idea? She is frigging homeless!!!"
OK--hadn't Trista filed for "custody" (parental rights and responsibilities) the morning before the night when Ayla vanished? Derek places himself at Justin's home the morning (when Trista would have been filing) yet his mother places him there at Justin's in the afternoon (which would have been after Trista filed).
He's involved. Sounds like Derek probably gave his buddy some more advice on what would be a "loving gift" to give his child, like don't let Trista have her. Maybe he is even such a sicko he suggested that they kill Ayla so Trista couldnt have her. Why would Justin have called Derek right before the 911 call? Obviously these 2 conspired something together.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Derek killed her. It makes me want to vomit when I write this, but just looking at the diagrams of the blood evidence on unitedforayla, it looks as if someone followed her from toom to room beating her, tormenting her. This would have had to have been a sadistic person, not merely an abuser "losing control". Since this guy Derek was over there he should be just as much
on the suspect list. And why Maine hasnt arrested anyone? Just a travesty of justice.

Anonymous said...

if someone followed her
The blood evidence suggests Ayla was carried

Maggie said...

Yes, she was probably carried but to me it looks like she was attacked maybe in the living room on couch, then maybe she ran to her room, grabbed her doll for comfort, then was carried down to the basement and beaten more, slammed into the TV and then beaten on Justin's bed. I was puzzled when I read of the blood evidence, but seeing the diagram has horrified me!! It most likely started upstairs and then it looks like she may have been trapped in the basement and tormented more. It looks like this was a deliberate attack with at least one, but possibly 2 people torturing/ tormenting her. These people should fry in the electric chair!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

it looks like she was attacked maybe in the living room on couch...LOL crime blood analysis. Got SA?
I've got guesses about the blood evidence too...

Maggie said...

Well, how did the blood end up in all different rooms unless she was running away from him/them? That's all I'm saying. It looks like at one point she ran to her room for her doll to comfort herself. It is just horrible. It has the appearance that she was tormented in different rooms. I just hope all responsible fry in the electric chair. Do they have that in Maine? I hope so!

elf said...

I don't think he chased her from room to room. Ayla was a baby. Dipietro is an adult male. My guess is that the blood evidence found in aylas room and the living room were from a past beating. His basement bedroom and the car might be from aylas last day(s).
I wonder how on earth trista has been able to get out of bed in the morning? Or how she's been able to not attack every member of that family? I don't think I could be as strong...

Anonymous said...

After all the nit-picking of lingo is done, then what?

It was planned ahead of time that the child would disappear. As it turned out, she disappeared prior to a legal move that would give her back to her mother. What with the drug dealing, college kids, and insurance agents, who knows which group could have had her last?

As Peter will say, the insurance companies hire the brightest from the police force. It is for this reason they are better at concealment.

I know of one that took a 13 year old, got her hooked on heroin and never looked back. No one even thought ill of him.

The brightest may still be dull.

Anonymous said...

This sentence gets me every time: "...she ran to her room for her doll to comfort herself." How scared that poor baby must have been.

I can't see Justin beating Ayla to death and then taking the care to buckle her in her carseat on the way to dispose of her. Maybe the bloody carseat was from a prior beating, too.

Anonymous said...

I can see Justin buckling Ayla in her car seat if she wasn't dead and was thrashing about.

Anonymous said...

where is that doll?

Maggie said...

Great points everyone.
Here are 2 things I find very strange
1) the bloody sheet in a bag in the basement right next to the TV and fan with the blood on them
----"Hiding" a bloody sheet in a bag in clear sight right next to the most suspicious area of blood evidence only makes sense if the person who did it is
1). really stupid
2) was hiding it only "superficially" from others in the house but did not worry/care if police found it

The other thing I find very strange is that Derek sold Justin insurance on Ayla' life the 2nd day she was living with Justin. Just an enthusiastic salesman or something much more sinister? And I dont necessarily mean he and Justin plotting for life insurance money, what I do mean is was this an omen? Was this Derek's way of, in his twisted mind, "owning Ayla", in essence putting a price on what her life was worth ($25,000)? In his sick mind, does he feel he does this at his job, selling these packages that determine the "worth" of someone's life--combine this with some kind of sadistic focus on her or to hurt her and maybe selling the LI policy in his sick mind is some kind of power trip--he has determind her worth/ he "owns" her now??? Why was he there immediately wanting to, in essence, determine the worth of her life?

Anonymous said...

Maggie, could it be you are making too much out of Derek selling Justin the add-on rider LIP for Ayla?

Derek was a young man on the ball and working out of his fathers' agency, trying to build up his business in any way he could and taking advantage of an opportunity. This is standard practice for all insurance agents.

It is conceivable that whatever Justins' motives might have become would not have been Dereks' fault, or that Justin would have told his friend what his long term plans were for the LIP. Be reasonable. Why would he?

Jen said...

Tudela was selling policies..he was not investigating claims, which is where former LE may play a role. He is not the best and brightest of anything, lol.

Anonymous said...

While I believe that Derek suspects Justin did something to Ayla, I don't think he knows for sure or helped dispose of her body. I can't see a man who is married to his high school sweetheart, and is a loving and responsible father of a toddler having first hand knowledge of the violent death of his toddler's little friend, and remaining silent. But maybe that's my naivety speaking. Do we know anything of Derek's background from a legal standpoint?

I'd be curious to know if Derek approached Justin with the life insurance option for ONLY Ayla, or for Justin and his other child, too.

Anonymous said...

I think that if the Tudelas' could go back and do it over, they would run as fast and far away from the DiPukes as they could get. Their relationship with Justin has brought them nothing but trouble, even affecting their livelihood if it is true that the Tudela father is no longer an agency owner for State Farm, while their housing Justin and his family for a period of time affected Heidi's day care business, and now they are attempting to sell their home.

It would appear that Justin has cost them all nearly everything they had worked hard for. These were well-known, affluent and respected leaders in their community. Just goes to show, you can't lie down with dogs without expecting to get up with fleas.

Maggie said...

Anon @ 12:02--Yes, I could be making to much out of Derek selling him the LE.
But, what really caught my attention was Derek words he wrote on facebook right after Ayla went missing. Not only were his words about Trista the most vicious public statements said by anyone out of this cast of character, he also asks, chillingly, "Did she (Trista) really think it is a good idea to file for custody?"
Ayla "disappeared" immediately after Trista filed for custody.
Derek was over at Violette Ave the day before the night Ayla went "missing" with supposedly just the 2 of them there. However, do we know for a fact Derek was not there alone with Ayla for any period of time?
What if Derek said to Justin "dont worry Trista won't get Ayla, she is not "responsible". What if he told Justin "I know a responsible family who will take her in". What if Justin was motivated to have Derek "disappear" her for other reasons, like we keep reading about blood and saliva being found--what if Justin had knocked Ayla's tooth out and the evidence of his abuse was piling up and also this would explain why he did not want Trista to see her and also would explain why she was not brought to the doctor arm appointment they missed. What if she were missing a tooth/teeth? What if Derek said he knew of some other family who would take Ayla like up in Canada or something and told Justin to leave so that Ayla would leave with him with less of a fight/less crying? So, what if when Justin leaves he actually ends up killing her?? And then he disposes of her. It would explain him "hiding" a bloody sheet just well enough so that the family would not immediately find it
but shrugging off whether cops found it bc it is in Justin's house.
What if Justin and Derek's plan all along was to just report her missing the next morning and he calls Derek just to let him know he is about to make the call. Maybe he was simply nervous about doing it and needed Derek to give him some encouragement.
Derek had also written on facebook "I'm not going to BEAT around the bush--it was just a one night stand (between Trista and Justin).

Anonymous said...

Maggie, you have a very vivid imagination with nothing to go on but speculation of the many 'what ifs'.

It was already known that Aylas' birth was the result of a one night stand between Justin & Trista. It was also known that Trista was lacking in the mother department as well, inasmuch as she had been in rehab for alcoholism at the time Ayla was snatched by Phoebe, her buddy at the CPS and Justin and had been homeless. Apparently more than once. No new news there either.

I have to agree with Derek, Tristas' own lousy addiction and prior behavior doesn't lend itself to her being a good mother, all which has nothing to do with Dereks' remarks. Was he not merely telling the truth in his posts on Facebook?

Anonymous said...

Derek has been one of the most vicious in his attacks on Trista, but by no means the only one online supporting Justin with deflection techniques pointing to Trista as the Wicked Witch of Maine.

If anyone said Justin looked suspicious; Trista was evil incarnate. Her mothering style, character, lifestyle, relatives were all fair game to deflect from the lame stories Derek's mother and her cousin were telling on line which made the DiPietros saintly victims of a kidnapping.

As soon as Justin was accused of looking suspicious or his story didn't hold water, or he never acted as a normal concerned parent with a missing child, vicious attacks on Trista countered any suspicions about Justin and his family. As if the "word" came down from ON HIGH that the rank and file of true believers should, now, start the cascade of rants against Trista. Online attacks against her seemed orchestrated.

I say they were led by the Tudelas. And to protect Derek's involvement in a crime against a baby. How was Derek involved?

I think somehow the "bromance" with Peachy DiPietro was more important than anything else in Derek's life and he would do anything to protect his BFF. Or, Derek is intimately involved in what happened to Ayla on the day he claimed to have been at the DiPietro house for a "playdate".

Was he a witness to an accident of neglect on Justin's part, or did he see direct abuse of Ayla like Justin slamming Ayla against a wall? A swift kick to the abdomen to get her to stop crying?

If it was an accident like falling down the stairs, why no reporting, why no trip to the ER? Because there was former abuse to Ayla, and Justin could not stand the scrutiny. Thus the "kidnapping" and disposal of Ayla's body by the two best friends.
Just my take.

Maggie said...

Anon--I actually slightly misquoted--Derek wrote "Is she actually crazy enough to think that filing for full custody was a good idea?"
This statement is very angry, it is very personal; some might even see it as threatening--just change the 'was' in the sentence to 'is'.
Anon @ 5:03--It is interesting you use the word "bromance". I noticed Derek's fb comment he is very possessive of Justin, angrily telling another facebooker how this couple would never reunite--it was just a one night stand (between Trista and Justin). Were Derek's feelings towards Justin more than just friendship??? Yes, this is a serious question--his comment reveals jealousy about Justin's involvement with Trista. Did Derek want to have him all to himself?
(I will write more later--dont have much time right now.)

Anonymous said...

Anon @4:03 and Maggie @5:11, you both make some good points in both these two posts.

Derek certainly has appeared to be very possessive of his friendship with Justin. This does make one wonder why, when in fact, the whole Tudela family should have been looking out for their own interests instead of jumping into a nasty mess they had nothing to do with; that is, if they didn't?

I know I certainly would not have involved myself in something as serious as a battered, beaten, abused, helpless child and then that child to go missing if I had nothing to do with it. I would have distanced myself from the DiPukes as far away as I could get. Surely they aren't so simple minded that they felt they had to stand by an old deadbeat dopehead
friend who wasn't even in their own league. Sorry, but that's when our friendship would have ended. Makes one wonder,'eh?

Anonymous said...

Maggie, and Anon 7:05, Derek really got anxious when anyone would bring up the word "relationship" betwen Justin and Trista.

Justin must have impresed Justin more than once that it occurred once and then Ayla came into the picture. Poor Justin, didn't know what hit him. Trista completely forced him to have sex with her and produce a baby against his will.

We know that there was an ongoing sexual relationship between Trista and Justin, including the time when Justin and Courtney were supposedly a couple set for the big wedding. (At least in CR's mind.)

Derek had never been able to handle that fact that the relationship between Trista and Justin seemed to be ongoing in at least a sexual way, if not more for Trista. Or Justin has "burned it" into Derek's brain that Justin wouldn't go near Trista with a ten-foot pole. How the deceivers are deceived!

Maggie said...

Anon @ 8:32--Thank you for this info that Derek became upset anytime there was mention of a "relationship" between Trista and Justin, which, quite clearly, there seems to have been. In my opinion, this "jealousy" is even stranger considering he is supposedly a loving man married to his high school sweetheart.
Also, I believe I read that Derek was over at Justin's a couple of times in the week before Ayla vanished (once for a poker game)--this is kind of a lot of time for a married man w a child to be spending at a male friend's without the wife. Was he just there for the beers, or was there interest in Justin beyond friendship?
Ayla was the "walking, talking result of whatever relationship Justin and Trista had, whatever fondness they had for each other.
The truth is oftentimes stranger than fiction--perhaps Derek's jealousy of Justin's feelings for Trista played a role in whatever terrible fate befell Ayla.

Maggie said...

Anon @ 7;05--Excellent point--why did something that would have pushed most people away (far away!) draw the Tudela's closer? Just as a hypothetical: Could Heidi have known in her heart of hearts something about Derek or something he might be capable of? Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Maggie, it is almost (note, I said "almost") understandable that the Tudelas would have taken pity on Justin & his family when they were first put out of their home due to the investigators search of the premises, IFF initially they really believed him to be innocent; however, as soon as
Aylas' blood was discovered all over the house, right there any clear thinking adult would have taken another look at what had happened to that precious helpless baby in the throes of death in the DiPuke home.

In fact, where was their head from the beginning when Phoebe lied in her first interview, which is a good indicator that she also lied in her second interview? That alone should have been the first key for them to run like the devil was after them, but what did they do?

They loudly came out in support of the DiPukes, took them into their home with Heidi giving all kinds of defensive interviews to the press in support of their innocence. There the dummy is, supporting baby killer suspects and allowing them to stay in her home while she and Dereks' wife are running a day care center out of the home. How stupid can you get? Naturally, some of the parents withdrew their children as they should have, knowing a baby killer suspect and his co-conspirator relatives are living on the premises.

For the life of me, I can't imagine what the Tudelas were thinking to do such a stupid thing; and THEN to continue to defend them after knowing full well there was/IS blood evidence of Aylas' brutal death in the DiPuke home which tells the story without a doubt that this poor baby died a violent death in that home (and with the knowledge of those in the home, including Phoebe), at the hands of Justin DiPuke.

It is understandable that anyone would start to wonder what was Derecks' possible involvement in Aylas' death that caused his mother, Heidi, to come out so vocally in support of Justin and his family of suspects; even to the extent that she risked her husbands' business and her own business? To risk everything, there HAS to be a reason for this that outweighs money and the ability to make a living. One doesn't just throw down everything they have worked for all of their adult lives just to support a friend in a baby killing crime. But they did. WHY?

Anonymous said...

Why did the Tudelas take the whole bunch into their homes for two weeks when all of them undoubtdedly had other places to go?

To keep them all sequestered from the public and press, only allowing the DiPietros contact with the world outside if that contact was filtered through Heidi Tudela.

It seems that heidi Tudela was running the show. Now, Phoebe is running it. Where's Heidi?

I understand there is a group on TLLOM, now, where Elisha and Courtney defend themselves and tell what happened to Ayla. But only "accepted" people can read and post on this offshooot of the original TLLOM.

What is so secret about your innocence, Elisha and Courtney that you don't trust the outside world to hear it?

Vita said...

My conclusions are my own, based upon statements found online/typed by persons who have interest: Ayla not being found.

The infamous Tudela Interview:
March 11,2012 Morning Sentinel

Meanwhile, public perception was turning against the DiPietros, Heidi Tudela said. “They were devastated. Their granddaughter, niece, daughter is missing. All they did wrong was have a child that was missing,” she said.
HT: Order " All they did wrong" was have a child, " that was" missing.

Their Granddaughter: Phoebe/?
Niece: Elisha/Derek
Daughter: Justin/Trista

Derek online posted: No Pronoun, NOT If MY mom reallly," If Mom"
derek 5/16/12 11:49 PM
Actually “eve” If mom reallly said afternoon she was mistaken.
Consider it CONFIRMED I saw Atla that Friday morning.
Vigil Held 12/21/2011 Waterville Church, The family members of Justin Dipietro, held a vigil for Ayla Reynolds.

“I can tell you, they are working just as hard as if it was their own child,” Waterville City Manager Mike Roy told the group at the vigil at the First Congregational Church.

Who Attended/on video: Justin, Heidi, Derek. Not on camera, they did or did not attend: Phoebe, Elisha, Lance (?)
Video of J/H/D in church: http://youtu.be/VDYY8lDFrLE

"working just as hard as if it was their own child" who is they? that are working just as hard, as if " it" was their own child. Ayla is an " It" as if she was their own child? He is not speaking of Ayla?

The City Manager has inside knowledge of " they" were working on IT, as IT was their own child/or this is their own child? related to they by blood? The City Manager, his assistant who was married to the Ex of Darrell Tudela's sister. Domini her name then/she remarried/remains his and is asst to Waterville Mayor.

HT: All they did wrong, was have a child, that was: missing. Was missing, they found (him) with 4 drops of blood? Adam his internship Waterville LE, Spring 2011, he learning how to collect forensics. http://www.waterville-me.gov/departments/police/content/1501/student-intern-program-2011.php

They missed a childhood: Justin?
He & Derek missed out growing up in the house of Tudela, with their Father (?) Darrell. Their granddaughter, niece, daughter is missing. 1st Priority of HT: Their Granddaughter

Paternity established?: To protect the precious Tudela Crest, Namesake ($-bank account) Derek to write his despise for Trista/she not good enough for Peach: Trista not acceptable mother material or it was decided they as a family already lost one, to a mother alike Trista. Not repeating History again?

The only Statement made by Darrell in press: “Suffice it to say, Justin is still very confident that eventually police are going to get to the bottom of it and find Ayla,” he said.

“If whoever out there has her could help speed that process up, that would make thousands of people’s lives better.”

LE: get to the bottom of it?
Ayla tossed where? in the Kennebec? there is no Bottom as it consistently flows

His: IF whoever out there has her, could help speed that process up: Done, the river current sped up the process, yes it did. His: that would make thousands of people's lives better: his clientele? his business failing as he/Derek signed off the LIP, he the registered agent/Derek filed, Justins: bounty on Ayla's head
Tudela stamped.

Money in the Bank? or was it. Tudelas: we'd like to keep our money, after this is all over with, we'll invest in you Justin. You will find a real woman, get married, and have a real baby. Like your brother Derek. When the paternity was found out? it kicked ON Derek/Justins Plans. Trista became the Plan? Ayla's demise a preventative measure/in case of their Paternity/brothers being found out: Derek & Justin know the truth, if it's not true, a test would prove it + /-

Anonymous said...

Jazzie asked "Unless Justin is referring to himself, who else would he plead immunity for?
Just wondering."
Jazzie, I think this interview was designed to show us that Justin believes Ayla is with Trista, through one of her relatives' taking Ayla. He's appealing to the person to do the right thing and return Ayla, perhaps with immunity offered.

When people accuse the DiPoetros of not wrrying about Ayla in the hands of a stranger-abductor, it because Justin and the rest of his family think a someone took her for Trista. Or took her because neither of Ayla's parents were doing right for her.

But it's all nonsense, a deflection to the Reynolds family, and so cynical on Justin's part to seem to perpetuate this idea when there was Ayla's blood in the house and no explanation from any of them of what happened to Ayla.

Justin proclaimed: "I have no idea what happned to Ayla."

Really, Justin, and so what did you tell the police when they answered your 911 call? "All I know is that she is gone." Didn't yo say you thought she was probably kidnapped. Or that Ayla got up and toddled away in the middle of the night? You don't have a teeny idea of what may have happened to her, Justin?"

As Peter called it, a definite effort on JD's part to stop all questions. He don't know nuthin', so don't ask!

Jazzie said...

"I think this interview was designed to show us that Justin believes Ayla is with Trista"

If Ayla was with Trista, there would not be an investigation. LOL

Anonymous said...

Jazzie said...
"I think this interview was designed to show us that Justin believes Ayla is with Trista"

If Ayla was with Trista, there would not be an investigation. LOL

Too right! As if LE hasn't invetigated Tirsta and friends and relatives to the umpteenth degree. They would dare not, in case they ever did go to trial.

But as long as Justin can hold enthralled his female fan base who perpetuate the idiocy that Trista or a relative acting for her has Ayla, no one will talk. Why should they speak? They're not Mensa candidates, and actually have made some pretty stupid blunders in the cover-up of Ayla's death, but the DiPiertros have successfully buffaloed the Maine prosecutors because they hid the body too well.
That's why each of the people involved in that horror house can act so smug and arrogant. They know that Ayla's body is safe and sound.

I hope I am wrong.