Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hannah Anderson Online Questions

Lakeside teenager Hannah Anderson is once again answering questions on the web site, providing new details about her alleged kidnapping, and the deaths of her mother and brother.
During one online exchange, the 16-year-old insinuated that family friend James DiMaggio had handcuffed her during the ordeal, which is why she could not escape.
An online individual using the name Wanda Rivera asked Anderson the following fragmented question on Sept. 30:
"I don't want to be rude or anything but something I always want to ask you is, why when the horse riders see you for first time, you say oh oh we in trouble now? Or why when you was in the car alone you never run, he never have you handcuff or anything."
Anderson responded, "How do you know he never had me handcuffed? Because there you are wrong. Don't assume things you don't know. Just stop."
Please note that the subject did not bring herself to say "I was handcuffed" which means we cannot say it for her.  
The teen also posted that she had read the San Diego County Medical Examiner's autopsy reports on her mother, Christina Anderson, 44, and younger brother, Ethan Anderson, 8, while she was at school.
"I know I'm in shock. I found out about the autopsy at school and I read it. I felt so sick I almost went home. I was crying all day," Anderson wrote on Sept. 28.
Note the important word "almost"
It would be interesting to learn what has caused her to go home sick previously, as "crying all day" did not cause her to go home from school on this date. 
Anderson posted that she had considered transferring from El Capitan High School to Patrick Henry High School, but later decided against the move.
Another online user asked Anderson why she was carrying a Starbucks drink at her mother's funeral.
User: What was the story behind the star bucks at the funeral that everyone keeps talking about?
AndersonMy friend randomly showed up with Starbucks and I guess she got me one.
When someone uses the words "I guess" it means that they are not committed to the sentence.  Here, one might wonder about the lack of commitment 
Userlol with that (S)tarbucks incident alot of people flipping out over that....i bet ur friend felt bad that u were getting accused and all just cuz of a dang starbucks.
AndersonYeah it's stupid what was I suppose to do.? Just throw it away when she gave it to me.? People just find the littlest reasons to bash on me.
Note that she does not respond to how her friend felt.  
Anderson initially started answering questions online just 48 hours after FBI agents shot and killed DiMaggio, 40, in Idaho on Aug. 10, but she suddenly shut down the site following news media reports on her postings.
The teen began answering questions again three days ago.


Anonymous said...

of course she is answering questions again, her 15 minutes of fame was fading way too fast for her.

REK said...

"How do you know he never had me handcuffed? Because there you are wrong. Don't assume things you don't know. Just stop"

everything about this answer seems off. The comment in question was pretty complex and included references to what she said to horsemen, being alone in car and having ability to run, and commenter proposes her ability to get out of the car was due to being handcuffed. Her answer is passive to the question at hand (we never found out if she was handcuffed in the car the whole time and that this prevented her from leaving or that she was truly handcuffed for that matter) and also defensive to her own perception of what people know. also she says “never” had me handcuffed which leads me to believe she was not handcuffed in the car since she does not address that she was. She is trying to float the idea that it happened “at some point” in the journey but its not likely (to me) it was in the car

John Mc Gowan said...

People just find the littlest reasons to BASH on me.


Interesting choice of words.

Wasn't here Mum beaten around the head.?

John Mc Gowan said...

Her ^^^

REK said...

Don't assume things you don't know..... speaking in the negative.. a touchy thought to her

Anonymous said...

John, according to the autopsy report Hannahs' mother WAS bashed about the head. The report of the little brother could not distinguish whether he had also been bashed as the fire damage to his body was too severe.

Anonymous said...

I think She was John.

amber said...

why do you seem so okay with everything. you answer these questions it seems without emotion. what you have been through is tough and you had a lot of peoole praying for you, in fact I did. It just seems so weird that everything that has happened to you doesnt seem to effect you at all I'm trying to stay strong. And get out the truth. You don't know I could be crying answering these questions at the moment. You can show real emotion over social media. Do you really think I would be Ohkay with being kidnapped and hurt Nd finding out my dog lil brother and mom was killed.? Your fucking crazy. about 1 month ago <---- further down her page......

amber said...

Did he take u because he wanted to be with you or out of hate? He took me to get him to the river. I had to carry 50 pound backpacks up mountains back and fourth. about 1 month ago <<<<< it's rather odd, we can see the lies she types plain as oh I don't know, BLACK AND WHITE

John Mc Gowan said...

" Do you really think I would be Ohkay with being kidnapped and hurt Nd finding out my dog lil brother and mom was killed.?"

Order is important..

amber said...


Anonymous said...

Amber Hagerman (Amber Alerts) case links to Hailey Dunn

be patient as you look through the first site, then go to the 2nd one.

it all makes perfect sense once you read this page

worth the time

rob said...

She really likes to talk. Why can't she just give a play-by-play of what happened? The way she talks doesn't make sense. Reminds of Amanda Knox trying to tell her story. You speak English, just tell what happened!
How easy would it be to say-"he had me handcuffed to the car seat, I didnt' know what had happened in the house. When we drove off I asked, what did mom say, he said she said, have a good time on your trip."
When she found out her mom and little brother had been killed, she didn't act like there was any grief in her. Odd bird, I just don't believe she is totally innocent.

Anonymous said...

She lived her dog in a differenti WAY,dont be nasty.

Anonymous said...


Picked a Name said...

I agree that her statements from the beginning have been concerning, but I wonder how a "groomed" teen's behavior differs from that of a teen who has not been groomed by a pervert. If I assume she knew that the a-hole was going to kill her mother (and brother? probably not her dog, from the sound of it), could her seeming complicity be due to the grooming and preparation he'd done? Would that change the way her role would be seen?

confused&sad said...

I need help. Can someone analyze this exchange:

Female- "sometimes I feel like you think I'm stupid or something."

Male- "believe it or not I give you credit for intelligence."

Anonymous said...

I follow this site, but I'm not very good at analysis. I just don't believe some people, which is the case with Hannah, I never believed he story from the get go.

I know people react differently to things, but this girls reaction is very,very strange.
If this had happened to most people they would be a basket case.

Anonymous said...

Wow, interesting how the anon @ 1:05 making a sarcastic comment to John's post doesn't put a space after their commas just like John doesn't put a space after his commas. Everyone else who comments here puts a space after their commas.

Anonymous said...

Female- "sometimes I feel like you think I'm stupid or something."
--she only feels like the male thinks she stupid sometimes. This statement is weak and she reduced the commitment of the statement by adding the unnecessary words "sometimes" "feel" "like" and "something".

She only feels like the male thinks she's stupid sometimes, leaving open for that feeling not to exist at other times.

"sometimes I feel like you think I'm stupid or something."

He only makes her feel like she is stupid, not that he makes her feel stupid. This is further reducing the commitment of the statement.

She could have said, "You think I'm stupid", but she couldn't and she qualified her statement.

Male- "believe it or not I give you credit for intelligence."
Order is important. believe it is first. Note that he doesn't deny the accusation. He could have responded, "no I don't", but he couldn't.

It appears this is a song and dance the couple does in order to engage in an argument.

Anonymous said...

Also, he gives her credit for intelligence. What does he take credit away from then? Looks? Behavior? Stubbornness?

RhondaI said...

OT 2 years since baby Lisa disappeared:-(

Anonymous said...

somethings very fishy here

Dozens Search for Missing Boater in South Columbus
Updated: Wednesday, October 2 2013, 01:51 PM EDT
COLUMBUS (Kellie Hanna) -- The family of a missing man, Buddy Leslie, who was fishing this past weekend, was back out along the shore to search for him.

Over a dozen family and friends gathered behind the Lowes store on South High Street near I-270 where two friends went out in a boat to go fishing during the early morning hours of Saturday September 28, 2013.

The boat capsized in the middle of the quarry about 3:30 a.m. when the two tried to change places in the boat. 

One man was able to swim to shore, but for reasons unknown, didn't call 9-1-1 until two hours later.

That friend along with Leslie's fiance were out Wednesday morning among those looking for their loved one.

They say they still have hope he may have made it to shore and is somewhere in the woods. 

Columbus police also continue to search off and on for Buddy Leslie. 

Leslie does have three children including a two week old baby.

Mainah said...

OT: Hailey Dunn, Amber Hagerman, HUD Homes & Porn Ring connects to Bill Fry.

Thank you for posting the links, Anon. 12:49

Disturbing, on every level...why so long? And a persistent journalist is solving the cases? Where the #$#$ is the FBI? Please pardon my "language".

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Also, he gives her credit for intelligence. What does he take credit away from then? Looks? Behavior? Stubbornness?

Anonymous said...

Anderson initially started answering questions online just 48 hours after FBI agents shot and killed DiMaggio, 40, in Idaho on Aug. 10

Why was Hannah out of protective custody ..."just 48 hours after FBI agents shot and killed" ...her abductor, and before the horrible murders of her mother and brother were investigated/solved???!!

Why were online bloggers the only option for Hannah?

Anonymous said...

so glad you are taking on anderson case in your blog.

I find it sooo interesting.

My thoughts on just these Q&A ----- the handcuff thing sounds like a total lie -- I do not believe she was handcuffed. BUT she might (might might might) have felt emotionally "cuffed" to him -- and that's too hard to explain even to herself - -so she'd rather insinuate that he cuffed her. That could be liegitimate -- she could be lying but also have been a victim - entirely.

BUT I think she was a collaborator. The way her mom died makes me think so more than anything, the kind of rage and odd array of combined methods of violence -- makes me think she was a major player. that's teen rage, assisted by adult-man planning -- -IMO.

~mj said...

She is a vulgar, disrespectful teenager. She behaves as though she is entitled and I don't see any strength in her. She rudely lashes out at people who ask the tough questions, when she put herself out there via social media. She is not mature enough to handle the public this way. Does that make her guilty? Not necessarily- but that doesn't mean I believe she is "100% a victim" either.

Her words give her away.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone think it is strange that she finds out the autopsy reports at school? Does LE usually release that info to the public before the family? I would not think they would go to the school to tell her that horrible news.

I also find it odd that she did not go home early. Anyone would understand if she did choose to leave, but instead she makes the decision to stay even though she was clearly very emotional. I think she enjoys the attention she is getting from her classmates at school and online.

I don't know if she is guilty or not, but she is really self absorbed at the very least. She might be a sociopath . She reminds me of Casey... It's all about MEeeeeee!

Anonymous said...

Did you ever hear the expression, "Our sins look so much worse on someone else"?...NO
It's true.
"Our ( distancing language, this cliche lacks ownership) sins look (implies observing another instead of self) so(shows sensitivity to subjest"sins" as per Avinoam Sapir) much ( quanity of sins)worse ( as opposed to better)on someone else ( the ho moved onto someone else?)"?.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

Former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky has been denied a new trial after being convicted of sexually abusing 10 boys, a Pennsylvania appeals court ruled.

The unanimous decision by a three-judge Superior Court panel came barely two weeks after they heard oral arguments by Sandusky's lawyer and a state prosecutor.

Defence lawyer Norris Gelman said he planned to ask the state Supreme Court to review the case.

Sandusky had argued his trial lawyers did not have sufficient time to prepare, a prosecutor made improper references to him not testifying on his own behalf and the judge mishandled two jury instructions.

The opinion by Judge Jack Panella said trial judges have discretion about whether to allow pre-trial delays, and that in Sandusky's case the judge carefully considered the continuance requests.

Sandusky was convicted last year on 45 counts involving the abuse of 10 victims over a period of 15 years.

He had wanted the trial judge, John Cleland, to give jurors an instruction about the amount of time it took for nearly all of the victims to report their allegations.

Judge Panella wrote that Judge Cleland should have evaluated the need for such a jury instruction based on each victim's age and maturity, but his failure to do so did not harm Sandusky.

"The trial court specifically instructed the jury that they were to consider any possible motives of the victims in coming forward," Judge Panella wrote.

"The vigorous cross-examination of the victims and arguments by defence counsel, when combined with the trial court's instructions on credibility, clearly defined the issues for the jury."

The appeals court also turned down another jury instruction claim, related to weighing a defendant's good character against the allegations.

Sandusky, 69, is serving a 30 to 60-year prison sentence at a state prison in southwestern Pennsylvania.

His arrest and subsequent trial rocked the Penn State community and led to the sacking of long-time head football coach Joe Paterno.

Paterno died within months of being let go by the university due to complications from cancer.

Three other Penn State officials face trial over their alleged role in covering up claims of child abuse.

Anonymous said...

Are there any quotes from Hannah's dad?

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

Police in Northern California reopened on Tuesday the case of a 7-year-old girl who vanished from her family’s front yard 25 years ago.

Amber Swartz-Garcia hasn’t been seen by her Pinole, California family since 1988, but officials bowed to pressure from her mother and local community members Tuesday by agreeing to reopen the case in order to use improved forensic technology.

This, despite a 2009 confession to the girl’s murder by known area child killer Curtis Dean Anderson.

Though her case had been subsequently closed, not everyone believed Anderson.

‘I think he wanted to make a name for himself and get off of death row,’ Amber’s mother Kim Swartz told KTVU.

Swartz was joined by 1,300 others who signed a petition to get the case reopened.

The announcement was made Tuesday night at a Pinole City Council meeting.

‘The bottom line is Amber wasn't found and we want to make sure we do everything we can to locate her,’ Police Chief John Hardester said.

Meanwhile, Hardester was clear that there is no new evidence in the case and that Anderson, who died just a month after his confession, has not been cleared in the case.

Swartz was still buoyed by the new turn in her young daughter’s tragic case.

‘I'm totally excited,’ Swartz said before a cheering crowd. ‘Like maybe my days of running into brick walls is over with.’

The FBI offered Pinole police the use of their forensic labs in order to expedite the investigation.

'It is hoped that opening the case will encourage information exchange regarding the case,' police said in a statement, 'and to generate information that might lead to the recovery of Amber Swartz.'

Anderson told authorities that he forcibly took Amber from in front of her home in 1988 and eventually killed and buried her in Arizona.

Amber's body has never been located. His death came, according to police, before he could be 're-interviewed' regarding his confession.

Amber is among eight females Anderson was convicted of kidnapping and murdering, including the most recent victim Xiana Fairchild. Fairchild disappeared December 9, 1999.

Despite his death and confessions, the FBI is still ‘seeking the public’s assistance in identifying alleged victims’ of Anderson’s.

Read more:

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

The judge in the murder trial of Etan Patz today refused to release the man accused of killing the six-year-old after the prosecution reminded him of the brutal crime he confessed to.

Pedro Hernandez, from New Jersey, appeared in court today, where his lawyer asked that he be released from jail immediately due to the slow-moving case and lack of evidence against his client.

But the prosecution asked that this request be denied, reminding the court: 'Let's remember he killed a six-year-old child.'

Manhattan state Supreme Court Justice Maxwell Wiley said that due to Hernandez's mental state, he would remain in prison until the trial, which is due to begin in Spring 2014.

Hernandez, who was led into the court handcuffed by police, said nothing during the short hearing.

His lawyer Harvey Fishbein expressed his frustration at the speed at which the case was moving, referring to it as Groundhog Day, and accused the prosecution of dragging their feet while his client is languishing in jail, where he has been since May 2012.

Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Joan Illuzzi-Orbon said prosecutors are moving as fast as they can.

Fishbein has always maintained that Hernandez is schizophrenic and bipolar, and that his admission was false, peppered with questionable claims and made after almost seven hours of police questioning.

Hernandez has entered a not guilty plea in the case.

Etan vanished on May 25, 1979. The anniversary was later named National Missing Children's Day in his memory. He became one of the first vanished children pictured on a milk carton.

Hernandez was arrested last May after police got a tip that he'd told people years before that he had killed a child in New York City

He then told authorities he'd seen Etan at the bus stop, offered the boy a soda to entice him to a corner store where he worked and choked the boy in the basement.

Hernandez said he tossed Etan's book bag behind a basement freezer, put his limp body in a box and left it with some trash about a block away.

No body or bag has ever been found.

Under New York law, a person can be convicted based only on a confession if there's additional evidence that a crime was committed.

'The evidence before the grand jury (that indicted Hernandez) amply supports the offenses charged,' prosecutors wrote in a filing this winter.

Read more:

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic and WTG parents

The father of a 12-year-old girl killed by a teenage boy has filed a lawsuit against the boy's parents for negligence.

Anthony Pasquale filed the lawsuit against the parents of his daughter Autumn's murderer, Justin Robinson, in Gloucester County Superior Court on September 23, according to

'If you're going to raise a murderer, you're going to take responsibility for it,' said Kathleen Bonczyk, Anthony Pasquale's attorney for the civil complaint.

Pasquale claims in the lawsuit that Robinson's parents, Anita Saunders and Alonzo Robinson, should have known that their son was troubled and should have sought treatment for him.

Specifically, the lawsuit claims the parents should have been aware that their son was 'possibly engaging in the theft of bicycles' and had been negatively affected by witnessing domestic abuse in their home.

Robinson, 16, was sentenced to 17 years in prison this month after pleading guilty to aggravated manslaughter and admitted to strangling the Clayton Middle School student to death in October last year.

He apologized to the family and said, 'This was not supposed to happen,' as he called the killing a 'mistake.'

The New Jersey teenager had lured Autumn to his home with an offer to trade bicycle parts.

Prosecutors faced difficulties during the trial including a lack of physical evidence to determine whether he or his brother Dante Robinson, then 17, killed Autumn and they struggled for provide a motive for the killing.

The teenager will now spend the next half of his life in prison for the crime, however he will be eligible for parole after 14½ years.

'I'm sorry. I never meant for this to happen,' he told Judge Walter Marshall. 'This was all a big mistake.'

Relatives of the girl did not see it that way, and some wanted the judge to issue a tougher sentence than the one agreed to in a plea agreement.

More than 8,500 people signed an online petition at demanding a stiffer term, but Superior Court Judge Walter Marshall Jr. in Gloucester County accepted a plea deal agreement and the sentence of 17 years.

During Robinson's sentencing, family and friends of Autumn — many who were hoping for a harsher sentence — packed one side of the courtroom.

Autumn's parents spoke of their pain since losing their daughter.

Addressing the court, Anthony Pasquale said that Robinson's sentence was not nearly long enough and called him a 'murderer who does not deserve to live.'

Tania Cadogan said...

'I believe the defendant deserves more than 17 years,' said Mr Pasquale, who as a mail carrier had delivered letters to Robinson's family in Clayton, where the families of the victim and her killer had deep roots. 'I believe his fate should be nothing but death.'

When he pleaded guilty, Justin Robinson said he acted alone. During a sentencing proceeding, neither he, his lawyers, nor prosecutors shed light on a motive for the killing, or even what happened beyond what was already known: Pasquale went to his house several blocks from hers after receiving a Facebook offer to trade bike parts on Oct. 20. When she didn't return home that night, her family, then the entire community, set off in a frantic search. Two days later, her body was found in a recycling bin behind the home next to Robinson's.

A break in the case for investigators came when the boy's mother, Anita Saunders, called police after seeing something troubling in a Facebook post from one of her sons.

Speaking briefly during the sentencing, Saunders told the judge that media accounts of what happened were incorrect. 'Nobody knows exactly what happened the day of the accident,' she said.

Robinson's lawyer, Jean Faulkner, told the judge that the boy had post-traumatic stress disorder from being physically abused as a young boy and seeing his father strangle his mother more than once.

'This is a learned behavior,' Faulkner said.

Pasquale's family told the judge about Autumn, whom they described as a loving tomboy who wore mismatched socks and loved to ride her BMX bike.

They talked about how her disappearance and death touched the town, located 25 miles southeast of Philadelphia. Her old soccer team, once known as the Clayton Comets, is now Autumn's Angels; her jersey number, 14, has been retired from the Clayton Middle School sports teams; a bike path and a park are now named for her.

And they told the judge how members of the family, including her siblings and young cousins, are in therapy and dealing with nightmares about her death.

'When I see the blue recycling bins out, I cry to think Autumn's innocent life was so easily discarded like a piece of trash,' said the girl's maternal grandmother, Mary Pasquale, who had taught Justin Robinson in school.

A slide show of pictures of Autumn were projected onto a screen in the courtroom.

About a dozen family members recalled her as happy, lively young girl who made others laugh.

Read more:

Anonymous said...

‘I think he wanted to make a name for himself and get off of death row,’ Amber’s mother Kim Swartz told KTVU

Swartz was still buoyed by the new turn in her young daughter’s tragic case.

I'm totally excited,’ Swartz said before a cheering crowd. ‘Like maybe my days of running into brick walls is over with.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic again

A Colorado teen charged with abducting and killing 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway last year pleaded guilty on Tuesday to all charges including sexual assault on a child, against the advice of his attorneys.

Austin Sigg, 18, could be sent to prison for the rest of his life for murdering Jessica in Westminster, Colorado, in October 2012.

Jessica was snatched off the street while walking to school, and her disappearance panicked thousands of residents in Denver's western suburbs.

In court yesterday, prosecutors for the first time accused him of sexually assaulting the school girl - which he also pleaded guilty to

Sigg also was charged with attempted murder, attempted sexual assault and attempted kidnapping in connection with the botched abduction of a 22-year-old woman near the girl’s home months before the Ridgeway killing.

He also pleaded guilty to these charges.

Prosecutors said Sigg entered the pleas because of overwhelming evidence against him. His trial would have started Thursday.

'The writing was on the wall,' Jefferson County District Attorney Peter Weir said after the hearing.

Sigg faces a minimum sentence of 40 years in prison with the possibility of parole afterward when he is sentenced after a hearing starting November 18.

Prosecutors asked Judge Stephen Munsinger to impose consecutive sentences on some of the other charges so Sigg spends the rest of his life behind bars. Sigg's lawyers argue the law doesn't allow that.

Sigg cannot face the death penalty because he was 17 at the time of the slaying.

'In this case, there has been justice for Jessica,' Weir said.

Defense attorney Mitch Ahnstedt told the court that Sigg was entering the pleas against his lawyers' counsel but he didn't explain why.

Sigg's father, Rob Sigg, said in a statement that he was thankful that the Ridgeway family would be spared the ordeal of a trial.

'We ask the community to continue to support the Ridgeway family and keep them in your thoughts and prayers,' he said.

The families of both Jessica and Sigg were in the courtroom Tuesday. Sigg spoke only to answer the judge's questions about whether he understood what he was agreeing to

Tania Cadogan said...

After Sigg pleaded guilty, prosecutor Hal Sargent started to describe how Sigg grabbed Jessica, pulled her into his car and tied up her hands and feet, leading Jessica's mother, Sarah Ridgeway, to leave the courtroom. Munsinger stopped him after defense attorneys objected, saying they weren't disputing the evidence.

Jessica, a fifth-grader who loved purple and performing in a peewee cheerleading squad, left home to walk to school in Westminster on October 5, 2012. She never arrived.

Hundreds of people helped search for her. Jessica's backpack was found two days later in Superior, a town about six miles from her home. Days after that, human remains later identified as Jessica's were found in a park.

Authorities, meanwhile, urged residents to watch for any suspicious changes in neighbors' behavior. Officers guarded crosswalks and photographed cars in the area.

Parents escorted their children to and from area schools. Mailboxes and trees were encircled by ribbons in Jessica's favorite color, purple.

On October 19, 2012, a resident contacted authorities to alert them to Sigg because he reportedly had a fascination with death, Westminster police Detective Luis Lopez testified at a preliminary hearing. FBI agents took a DNA sample from Sigg.

On October 23, Sigg's mother, Mindy Sigg, called 911, saying her son wanted to confess.

Investigators said Sigg told them some of Jessica's remains were hidden in a crawl space in his mother's home, where he lived.

They said Sigg described how he abducted Jessica as she walked past his car. He said he bound her arms and her legs, drove around for a little bit, then took her to his house.

There, he told investigators, Sigg tried to strangle the girl and then used his hands to kill her. He also allegedly told investigators that he dismembered Jessica in a bathtub.

Lopez said Sigg's DNA was found on Jessica's clothing.

Sigg dropped out of high school after the 11th grade and later earned a GED. Former classmates say he was intelligent but complained about school and was bullied for having a high voice.

When asked about his criminal record on the 911 call, Sigg told the dispatcher: 'The only other thing that I have done was the Ketner Lake incident where the woman got attacked. That was me.'

In the attack on the jogger, investigator Michael Lynch testified that Sigg used homemade chloroform to attempt to subdue the woman. She escaped.

Read more:

REK said...

I also found it very strange that she read the autopsy report at school. How and why would she get ahold of it there? did a police officer come to her school to give her a copy? is this type of thing searchable on the internet? did she research it during study hall? just don't get when she had the opportunity and how she had the means to read it?

elf said...

The family is notified first. I think she's a drama.queen. don't most teens take their phones to school now a days? She probably Google's herself constantly. She seems very vain and self centered.

Lemon said...

RIP Tom Clancy (1947-2013)

Anonymous said...

To anon at 12:49

I went to those websites, and something is very off. I can't put the alias's together with the family tree, but they seem like a bunch of inbred law breakers, if not child pornographers. with all the comments, it appears that people are very aware of what is going on. I even saw comments from Peter Hyatt on there. How is it that LE has not gotten ip addresses and made arrests? Owners of Hud homes who live in a different state, but give keys to sexual predators? Go for the homeowners!!

Anonymous said...

"Did you think about your mom or brother today? When don't I think about them.? "

^ A question from 3 days ago.

brosnanfan said...

I have thought since I first heard of the story that this girl was not as innocent as she has made herself out to be.

There has to be a smoking gun in there somewhere. I hope that Peter can root it out. most liars, she believes she can talk her way out of trouble. I think she believes if she talks enough, she can manipulate the situation.

Ticked off Canadian said...

Anonymous said...


John Mc Gowan said...

Q"Did you think about your mom or brother today?"

Hannas answer: "When don't I think about them.?"

First: This is a yes or no question,and requires a yes or no answer.Its her prerogative not to answer yes or no but we have to wonder why she doesn't.

Second: When she does answer she answers with a question.

When someone answers a question with a question, it is a signal of sensitivity, as the person may be stalling for time to think of the answer.

Q: Again why would this be sensitive to her.

A: It may be sensitive to her because she has lost her Mum and her brother.Yet how many of us who love someone we have lost not show our love for them even if it is still very raw.

REK said...

she also answers in the negative alot...and leaves it "open" to all possiblities.. when dont' i think of them is a means to persuade she thinks abotu them all the time.. how do you know he never had me handcuffed? once again the possiblilty of of any given moment since "never" is used..

she doesn't answer the question

Local anon in the Hailey Dunn case said...

Thanks for the link to the Hailey Dunn case anon 12:49. And Mariah, I am with you. Surely the FBI , and the TExas Rangers, can't dismiss the possible link. Are they investigating Fry? It doesn't sound like it. Maddening!

Anonymous said...

Lemon i recognize that name from the Ghost Recon video game.

Anonymous said...

The girl is full of it. Herself, that is.

Agony over the loss of a loved one with grief and heartache is impossible not to show and she has shown zilch, nada, zero, none. That's because she doesn't have any grief or heartache over the loss of her mother and brother, much less agony.

And why not? Because she's glad they are dead, particularly her mother, and had her own part in their deaths. I suppose killing the dog was just for good measure?

Shelley said...

Wow, that linke Amber posted.

That is very alarming!

I hope LE is all over it.

Hollywood goodbye...
Hello river?

Um really?

I have been sure something was off with this chick from day one. Everyone can say that teens use social media to vent and cope but I dont buy it. Maybe for a break up or fights with friends, but a brutal murder of your family? I just dont think so.

I think that you would be tramautized and withdrawn.

Hanna appears just fine to me.

And that photo she posted which is now gone... That is scary.

I am sure she will have time now to come up with a lie. I mean, hey, I was going to the river with my mom and brother when I got home... But I do not buy it.

Lets hope LE is on top of this and show up on her door to ask her what that comment meant.

Jen said...

Hi Shelley-

No way that will happen. If LE /FBI pursues leads like that pic and acknowledge that it's clear Hanna is more than just a victim...then they have a problem. That would mean they used deadly force against a man who was not an immient danger to Hanna's life.

Obviously they would still have needed to track DiMaggio down, since he left a burning house with two bodies inside...but if not for the idea that Hanna was a kidnapped victim, in danger from DiMaggio, they would have likely taken him alive. (And then would likely have learned what role they BOTH played). Now they have to stick to their story and investigate no further, or face the embarrasment (and legal implications) of being outsmarted by a 16 year old girl.

I was shocked when LE came out immediately calling her 'a victim in every way', (paraphrased). They hadn't done any investigation to know that for sure..not even the autopsies. But they had their own butts to cover, so no investigation into Hanna. I hope DiMaggio's sister pushes this issue..if Hanna was capable of such violence against her own mother and brother, then she is a danger to anyone who crosses her path. smh

Anonymous said...

As a personal Friend of DiMaggio, I would like to say that there is absolutely no way he acted alone. Hannah, is a attention wh&#e that seems to careless if her mother and brother are gone. I can not think of any teen I know that would be out on a party bus, homecoming, school or anything else if one of their parents and sibling had been murdered. I have a child whom is Hannah's age, she is also very pretty and gets lots oxf attention. The difference in that reference is that my child has had the correct home training and knows right from wrong. It is very Aparent that Hannah was never led down the path of right and wrong, nor does it seem that she has any remorse for anything. Where is her father or grandparents when she is posting all of the garbage that has people in an uproar? Obviously not supervising her or her actions. Hannah just keeps digging herself a hole that is just getting deeper and deeper. I anxiously await the time when the truth comes out, DiMaggio will stop being accused, and Hannah goes to jail. Remember folks Karma is a B%$#h and she never forgets.

John Mc Gowan said...

Hi Jen,

I never give that a thought,excellent pick up..

Shelley said...

Jen - I still feel the cops can be supported in shooting him.

At least according to news he "fired at least one shot at FBI rescuers before agents killed him"

Even with out Hanna, if he shot at the FBI, then they had the right to shoot back.

But you still never know. We all know cops, FBI etc do and have lied to protect themselves. As horrible as it is that those that should be upholding the law are often the ones breaking the laws.

But I still hope they look into this more.

I know there are big red flags going off for me. And teen girls have killed their parents. It's not like we are talking about a young 6 yr old girl or someone that even appears tramautized.

Then, "Friend of DiMaggio" It seems that his friends and family all feel something was off with Hanna.

What I can say is, that when I was a teenager I have had people around that I just felt uncomfortable around and I NEVER would have then gone on an out of town trip alone with them. Its not like shes said "I went to Hollywood with him because I was forced to".

In fact, shes really only spoke in circles or asked questions of questions and then used those statements as fact.

And her comments that she is online answering questions to get the truth out... Shes not offering any detials about what happened that really gets any truth out.

When someone says "why didnt you run, its not like you were handcuffed" and you only respond with "how do you know I wasnt" thats alarming.

I have heard many statements from victims that later were freed and when asked "why didnt you run" they would explain. "i was afraid for my life", "he told me he would kill my family". Its an easy thing to explain.

Hanna didnt. She just used her questioners own statements as her own.

PLUS, hello, she says she didnt know her mom and brother were dead.

So, here was a chance for her to say "i was scared he may hurt my mom and brother". I mean, that was my first thought before she started speaking and making herself look involved. She was probably scared for them if she didnt know.

But she has not said it. She is not shy, shes not avoiding talking. But she is presenting very alarming responses and that photo.. that really sold it for me.

rob said...

Jen, I thought LE shot him because he pulled his weapon first?

rob said...

I sorta took it as 'the gig is up, death by cop'.

Jen said...

Hi Rob-

The only word we have to go on regarding whether DiMaggio posed a threat to Hanna's life, pulled a weapon, (or even had one) during the final shootout... is LE. They have released little detail, and would be motivated to conceal evidence otherwise, as DiMaggio's sister has gone public with her doubts and concerns.

Remember back when this man hunt was going on all the reports were 'DiMaggio is the obsessed killer, arsonist, etc..Hanna is a victim, abducted', etc. This was during the search to locate them, at which point there was no way of knowing. All they had at that point was a burning house with two unidentified bodies inside. After DiMaggio was killed all we have is a statement from LE that Hanna is a 100% victim,...yet everything Hanna has said/done, along with other evidence suggest there is much more to this story. (the letters, the pic linked above, 13 calls/texts between she & DiMaggio that day, her lack of affect, her social media comments hours after the ordeal, etc).

DiMaggio's sister, the LI investigator or SOMEONE needs to investigate this further. I imagine if their phone records were examined, it would reveal quite a bit about the real nature of their relationship.

Anonymous said...

she used the "i was afraid he would kill them" card on the horseback riders, (who never saw a gun let alone a rifle).
a rifle would not fit into a backpack, he was holding a kitten when the horseback riders came through, not a rifle.
LE said Jim fired ONE shot.
Hannah said Jim fired his gun into the air.
LE came back to say, Jim fired one in the air, then lowered the rifle to his shoulder and fired a second shot towards LE.

Sheriff believed there was no reason to think hannah had been kidnapped or against her will. that was when the horseback riders saw them. then Gore heard about Jim's dad and thought Jim was following in his dad's footsteps. that was when Gore changed his story to hannah was a victim, and i believe that is when he gave the orders to take Jim out.
i believe Jim did not have a weapon when swat murdered him.
all that took place before any forensics returned, before any autopsies, before LE had proof of anything. they had no proof Jim killed two people in his home. they had no proof Hannah was being held against her will or in danger.

Anonymous said...

why would she think he would kill the horseback riders and be afraid to ask them for help. supposedly she didn't know her mom and brother were dead at that time, she didnt learn they were dead until she was "rescued".

REK said...

i wonder what her reaction was to her family being murdered too.. how much info did they feed her prior to a reaction? did she wonder what happened if she truly didn't know dimagio had done that?

wouldn't you wonder, did they get in a car accident? what happened? if you truly didn't know

Jen said...

Exactly! Furthermore, if she didn't know that her mother and brother were dead, then why would she cooperate at all? Why would she help him carry his bags, hide his car, hike miles into the wilderness, or pass up her one chance to be 'rescued' if she wasn't aware that he had already killed?

Teenagers are willful and often hard to handle in the best of circumstances. I would think that a teenage girl that was abducted would be more of a hinderance to someone trying to escape. Why would she cooperate if she were truly a victim with no knowledge of her family's fate, and her captor is a man she considers an uncle figure. Why would she believe her life or anyone else's was truly in danger?

Shelley said...

I just thought about another part of her story that I am confused on.

Now I have tried to see if I could find more specific details… But no luck so far.

But, at one point Hannah said “He told us he was losing his house because of money issues so WE went up there one last time to support him, and to have fun riding go karts up there but he tricked us”

So, then it was also stated that in the “hours before” Hanna and Jim exchanged about a dozen texts. Her explanation was that it was about picking her up from Cheer camp. And her comments that he didn’t know the address, or that she was going to be in the gym instead of the front of the school means she was at camp “hours before” and Jim picked her up.

Yet she has stated “we went up there” when speaking of her mom and brother. I took it that she went WITH her mom and brother “up there” and no where has she stated that Jim picked her up, her mom and brother were already there or came later that I can find.

So, has anyone seen a clarification on that?

Or is this another place Hannahs story is not matching up?

Shelley said...

Also, she was "scared for her life" yet says the ONLY reason Jim brought her along was to help him carry stuff.

That also is not a statement that someone forced and fearful would say. That makes no sense.

He used you to carry stuff. That was the only reason you feel you are there. Have no clue your mom and brother are dead (not to mention where was she then when this brutal murder occured where I think its safe to assume there was screaming at some point) yet you are fearful that this man who you have gone on overnight trips with, the man that just prior picked you up from school... Yet now he may kill the horseback riders?

The more I think about all of this, the more I realize she is really contradicting herself over and over.

Anonymous said...

good point Jen.
here is Hannah on a facebook page that got taken down,

Hannah Anderson
I can do what I want. And If I wanna grieve over the enternet I have every right too. For everyone else on this page. You all disgust me and hope you guys get help.

Hannah Anderson
I didn't want to go alone. If always want a friend with me but he would get mad and my told me to be respectful and bond with my "uncle". And I'm done answering questions.

Hannah Anderson
If I didn't get rescued I probably would be dead by now thanks for be cruel.

Hannah Anderson
Omg you guys seriously irritate me. Jim took my brother to football practice while my mom dropped me of at cheer camp. My camp ended way after his practice did so my mom and Ethan went to Jim's first and Jim offered to pick me up and have me meet up with my mom and Ethan at his house who was already there. I'm not explaining anymore. You guys believe what you want I'm done.

Hannah Anderson
And they were txts the news said calls and I hope you see now that they don't always get info correct. And yes Im very strong in many ways you couldn't even think of. And yeah I've never been at the camp before either so it was hard giving him directions so therefore there were a few txts.

Hannah Anderson
Seriously you guys make me so mad. And I'm trying so hard for it not to bother me because that's what you want. But the way I dress or have dressed like at parties or anything has NOTHING to do with this situation so please grow up.!

Hannah Anderson
This is helping me grieve I was raised to fight back and what your saying is heartless. Leave me alone. And those calls weren't calls... They were texts. And because since he was picking me up from cheer camp I had to txt him the address and to meet by the gym.

Hannah Anderson
Can you please check the dates of the pictures when you stalk me because I hurt my knee a Lon time ago on my right knee. And then in Idaho I sprained my left so I had a brace. Come on common sense. You people are so pathetic and it hurts to see so many adults can be so cruel

Hannah Anderson
How exactly do you know I don't have marks.? There's where your wrong. And everything you are saying is wrong. And it's not gonna bother me because I know the truth and what you are saying is all lies. Please get a life.

Hannah Anderson
And just letting you know the outfit I'm wearing in this picture was for my sweet 16 party and my mom was there. So you guys look dumb because you don't anything. And I'm done argueing with you gross people.

Anonymous said...

Hannah claims she did not know her mother & brother were murdered until investigators told her after she was rescued. "Funny thing is, she said in one of her comments: "I wish I had done more to save them." DONE MORE?!

Now how could that be if she wasn't there? ummmm...?

PROOF exists that she WAS there. LE had previously stated that DiMaggios' & Hannahs' cell phones were both turned off between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., then turned back on. Later, during the search of the burned out DiMaggio home debris, there was Hannahs' cell phone in the debris!

Hannah Anderson was SOO involved.

Anonymous said...

Trying to "float the idea."

Did someone dispose of something in water?

John Mc Gowan said...

Shocking Hannah Anderson photo shows how she grieves:


Hannah Anderson admits to switching leg brace:

John Mc Gowan said...
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Anonymous said...

According to her profile she has been with her boyfriend for over a month.

elf said...

Re: Hannah Anderson ask.FM
(1 month ago)
q: did you have your phone with you when you got kidnaped?
a: no it was burned in the fire with everything else

q: how did you manage to f****d up your knee?
a: I twisted my knee hiking.
The phone question seems off because of her inclusion of 'everything else'. She may have not known the details but she knew her mother,brother, and dog was inside DiMaggio 's house so is she referring to them as 'everything else'?
The twisted knee- I'm not that great at sa but her answer is off the chart as to what he expected would be. Hiking is usually used to describe a pleasurable outdoor nature experience, not an abduction experience. Ibwould have expected her to say I twisted my knee when he was making me climb a hill or something like that. Because she's a teen and it would be natural for her to place the blame for her injury on her captor, the way she answered was not expected for a teen in my opinion.

John Mc Gowan said...

q: did you have your phone with you when you got kidnaped?

a: no it was burned in the fire with everything else.

Instead of a yes or no answer she goes outside the boundaries of the question making this question sensitive to her.

Why does she feel the need to tell us it was burned in the fire with "everything else",that wasn't the question..

Is she giving us this information so as not to be asked later,if so why..

Im not savy with smart phones,i was wondering if photos can be retrieved by the network provider,or do they when erased or "burned" disappear..

If so,was there sensitive photo's on her phone.

REK said...

since she adds being burned with "everything else" it's like a reassurance to her that any sort of evidence she was there was burned (imo)

REK said...

That photo IS shocking.. it was taken the day of the funeral.. the gun to the sky is also alarming.. and those are "gun" references.. i've seen lots of teen cousins on my facebook do that gesture

REK said...

not only did she switch which leg her brace was on.. but she refers to how she "f*cked up my left in idaho" once again.. referring to this place as a 'destination'..
Hannah "on the road to idaho" "in idaho" "hiking" all of these phrases do not sound like they belong with someone who is being held captive or doesn't know where they are headed.

i'm not sure if she's explained it otherwise such as... "he told me he was taking me on a trip" so she went along with him..yet she was scared..and "handcuffed" so none of that adds up

Anonymous said...

q: did you have your phone with you when you got kidnaped?

a: no it was burned in the fire with everything else.

when kidnapped.... she had her phone with her at cheer, it wasn't shut down until 4pm the next day. so she would not have been "kidnapped" at 4pm aug 4th.
she is using the word "kidnaped" to describe a PLACE, in her mind she wasn't kidnapped until she was "rescued".

Shelley said...

So I sent Ms Hanna some questions yesterday. I dont expect her to respond. They were pretty direct. And I sent them seperatly. Since she will answer a post with 3 questions, but only respond to one.

I dont recall the exact words but some of what I asked was?

What did you mean with your post..."bye hollywood, bye malibu"... "hello river"?

Did Jim pick you up the day of from cheer camp or did you go to his house with your mom and brother. You have said both. Which one is it?

If you said he only had you there to help him carry his stuff and you had no clue he had harmed (i know harmed is mild comparied to murder, I was trying to be sensitive here) your mom and brother, then what did he do exactly that made you fear for your life?


Why should we believe your version of events?

Again, I do not expect a reply. But will post if she does.

I just flat out do NOT trust this girl. All these selfie pics, smiling, running around answering direct questions while stating "I want to get the truth out". If she didnt want to talk, thats one thing, but she clearly put herself out there. Then avoids direct responses on everything.

Shelley said...

john said...
Im not savy with smart phones,i was wondering if photos can be retrieved by the network provider,or do they when erased or "burned" disappear..

It can be if she has an iphone with the icloud. That means everything on your phone is saved to an online space if you will. Now I have it, but dont use it so it would only be there if she did.

But the texts can be recovered by the cell phone company. So if the texts were really just about picking her up, they can prove that with those.

Even with Dylan Redwine, they have all the last text communication with his friend.

What I found with that was that Dylan was very insistant with his friend about coming over the next day. He even said "you better get up when I get there'. Dylan really wanted to see his friend. So aside from thinking Mark is guilty... That trail confirmed it for me. Dylan did not refuse to wake up. Dylan did NOT want to be at his dads and was motivied to be with his friend. He would have gotten up.

John Mc Gowan said...

Thanks Shelley..

Shelley said...

I also want to comment on everyone that says people "greive" different.

I still belive that if you loved someone, regardless of "how you greive" that you will be devestated.

That only those that do not care or were responsible do not greive or struggle with "faking" it.

I think Hanna is struggling with her fake it act.

Everyones comments that everyone deals with greif different while that is true... its not true in the way everyone means it.

When you love someone. You are devestated

When you dont care or were responsible. You act like you dont care or struggle to fake it.

I am sharing a sitution with my husband that I think more than backs me up here.

My husband was raised in an abusive home. Had a mom that was never loving. Who had a trail of men in and out of her life. Most were drugges/abusive to her and/or the kids.

He was raised with the mind set BOYS/MEN DO NOT CRY and was often hit for crying.

He is a huge man who works out 2 hours a day so is physically also very strong.

And for those who know a little about astrology (please dont comment about how its the devil or evil, its simply the stars in the sky and how it effects personalities and events in the same manner that the moon effects the tides) but he is a capricorn. They are known for hiding their emotions.

All that in his background... and being a man....

His sister was killed 6 years ago in Iraq.

Not only did he cry non stop for about 2 weeks. He barely got out of bed, ate etc.

I dont think he smiled for months.....AND... He still crys to this day if its the anniversary of the day she died. If he sees her photo. If he sees his neice who is the spitting image of her or hears a song she liked.

That is what people do.

His mom is less emotional than anyone I have ever know. I stock it up to the years and years of domestic abuse...
But even still, she did not smile the day of the funeral. She didnt laugh, joke around. She didn't go out and have fun and live it up. She greived. And while she didnt have display of hysterical crying, she was quiet and said very little for months.

Hanna is not greiving.

Hanna looks like she is having a great time.

Its not like her boyfriend broke up with her and shes "trying" to look like she doesnt care and is living it up.

Her mother and brother were brutally murdered. This is one of the worst things a person who loves their family could expereince.

I watch alot of true life crime shows and have seen alot of parents, kids etc of a family member that was murdered and years later..10 years, 20 years later they are still heart broken. They still have tears when speaking of them.

Sorry Hanna. There is something wrong with all of your stories.

Jen said...

Hugs to you and your family Shelley. I'm sorry for your loss.

I agree, Hanna isn't getting any Oscar's for her performance. She is not behaving normally, and none of her story adds up. I wish her dad would make a could be very telling to see if he defends her behavior and what excuse he provides for her.

REK said...

I also have a unique grieving experience to share. I dated a man for just over a was a very intense relationship.. he was an alcoholic and abusive, took every last dime i had and then some... finally i was able to escape one day and went to the police when I feared my life was on the line. i was able to get away and start a new life..then met a man whom I married the next year. About 1 month after we got married.. I got the news that my ex was killed in a car accident.

I was devastated. sure he was abusive, and an alcoholic..sure he wreaked havoc on my life and my finances..but guess what? in my heart I was still sad for his potential to have a good life..for his loved ones, and for the glimmer of the good person i saw inside of him. everyone around me didn't understand why I was sad.. they said things like "well now you never have to worry about him again" and "why are you sad.. you have a new husband and he abused you" etc.

but it was still sad.

Anonymous said...

How does a girl say that a dude is a creep, gives her the creeps, yet she leans on him when things aren't so great with mom, and he supports her emotionally, and she takes rides with him and trips with him? BULLSHIRT.

I think it an equally reasonable theory that Ms Thang may have gotten a bit too close to Mr Creeper and mommy was about to close it down. Ms Thang couldn't have that happen, he was practically her doting sugar daddy running her all over the place, on trips, etc. She was sure all smiles in the pics taken with this dude.

From there it's just not too far a stretch of the imagination (or looking up any number of same-scenario stories on tru crime) to having Ms Thang say, well if you want me you're going to have to do away with my meddlesome mother, and maybe even the little brother (that told mommy on us) and by the way, kill my bratty bros stupid dog too, it always did chase my lovely cat.

It bothered me when from the get go they described this gal as a victim in every way.....who were they trying to convince? I've never heard that before, especially with all the other news stories of crazy murderous teens (whether or not involved with an adult) going around at the same time.

I think HA is a deceitful little con artist, and maybe some day the truth will come out. Of course Mr. Creeper can't give his side of the story now, and he surely is NOT innocent because he was old enough to start thinking with the big head not the little head.

MizzMarple said...

from the

What things did you loose in the fire?

My family. Phone. iPod. My dog. My ID some money. about 1 month ago


Hannah says she lost her phone in the fire -- which means she was at DiMaggio's house AFTER he picked her up from cheerleading practice -- and BEFORE they "hit the road."

Remember, there were those 13 text messages / phone calls between the two of them BEFORE he picked her up from the cheerleading practice.

So she KNEW what was going on at DiMaggio's house with respect to her mother and brother because she was there AFTER her cheerleading practice since she lost her phone IN the fire.

She WILL get away with murder because the police and investigators have too much of an ego to say that they made a mistake !

Unbelievable !

Rose said...

This girl is really lucky that the police screwed up and now want the case closed. She is obviously involved in the murder of her brother and mother. Under the laws of the state of California, Hannah's participation would be the same as if she did the act entirely by herself. What I mean is, she should have been charged with two counts of first degree murder, arson, etc. This girl is a very, very dangerous person and it will not surprise me not one bit the day I read that she is involved in yet another violent crime.

This girl has not been "groomed." She was raised to be a low class person with low class values. Going out with a 40 year old man would just be a part of that. DiMaggio was her boyfriend, period. She was not afraid of him and willingly took off with after the murder. Her own statements prove this. She shows zero signs of mourning, and the only death she should be sad about - DiMaggio's - has been usurped by all the attention and fame she is getting.

What really scares me is that this girl is now convinced that she lies well enough to get away with murder. Hannah Anderson is going to have a very troubling life. I have no doubt about that.

Ticked off Canadian said...

Ticked off Canadian said...

MizzMarple said...


Good points -- and I totally agree !

Anonymous said...

I wish there was more info with interviews of those who knew Hannahs' mother and little brother. Also the father.

Aren't there any videos with neighbors, friends and schoolmates of Ethan or with people who knew the mother, Tina? Surely they had personal friends, close relatives and contacts who knew them well. Where are the journalists on this case, aren't they doing any research at all into the background of the Anderson family, or did they just accept carte' blanche the final (hasty) conclusion LE put out, that Hannah was a victim in every way? (NOT!)

The father seems rather close-mouthed. All I've heard about him was how he quit his out of town job and went back home to finish raising Hannah; as if she needs any raising, when it will likely be little tart Hannah raising daddyO. Using WHAT for money?

Earlier on there was one short interview with someone who knew Tina, who said she was an assistant for a medical group and was very close to her children, that she spent all of her free time doing things with them. Surely there is more about this family that we don't know?

Anonymous said...

@anon, October 6, 8:33am

You ask,'Using what as money?'

Jim DiMaggio left an insurance policy for $200,000. in Hannah Anderson's father's mom's name, I don't know her name. It was recently changed, the original name on the LIP was Jim's sister.

Anonymous said...

anon 8:33
one of ethan's friends had a picture posted.
soon after the "rescue" the father said his publicist wouldn't allow him to do interviews.
hannah had issues with her mom and also blamed her mom for father moving away.(motive)
@anon 11:15
it wasnt 200k

Anonymous said...

The life insurance policy James DiMaggio had on his life was reported to be $110K, not $200K.

DiMaggio had changed the beneficiary from his sister to Hannahs' paternal grandmother because he had once stayed in her home for a long period of time while he saved up the down payment for his home.

At some point, he also said that he did not trust Hannahs' parents. I guess if anyone knew them well it would have been him after sixteen years of personal friendships. Too bad he trusted the little piglet Hannah. BIG mistake.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11:15, your answer does not explain how Hannahs' father plans to make a living after quitting his out of town job to go home and raise Hannah. The insurance policy was not left to him, it was left to his mother.

Anonymous said...

dad made enough money from a book/movie deal that he could afford to move back to california and not have to work.

Anonymous said...

Peter can you do an analysis of her Instagram post on her brother's birthday. This is what is posted:
Sorry for blowing up your instas but I wanna say happy birthday to little E. Today he would have turned 9. And it breaks my heart to think how excite he was to celebrate it. He was always ready for his birthday and knew his plans a year before. I love you Ethan there's not a day I don't go without missing you. Today is gonna be probably one of the hardest days of my life. I know we fought and I know sometimes I could be a brat but we are brother and sister we were suppose too, and I'm sorry you had to go so young, I can't imagine how strong you were to stay alive as long as you could. Your my little soldier. You were and still are amazing in everyway and I promise to do everything I can to have you and mom memorable and thought of by millions of people everyday. Keep up the good work up there. Your doing a awesome job of watching and protecting me. Happy birthday baby boy. I miss you with every bone in my body, and I know I never said it enough but I love you. Now go have mom cook you one of her incredible cakes. I'll see you one day. ️ #happybirthday #9yearsold #misshimsomuch #ugh #birthdayboy #october8th #loveyou #lilE #ripethan

Anonymous said...

I saw this recent interview Hannah did:

"When I got into the house, he handcuffed me and zip-tied my feet and then sat me down on the couch and told me what his plan was," she told Guthrie. "He told me he was going to kidnap me and take me to Idaho, where my intention was just to carry his backpacks to the river. And that he was gonna live there. And then he'd get me home afterwards."

(MY intention?)

Hannah says DiMaggio told her that her mother and brother were in the house and alive, and that she feared for her life when he made her play a game of Russian roulette with a gun.

"When it was my turn, I started crying, and like, was freaking out," she said. "And he said, 'Do you want to play?' And I said, 'No.' And I started crying and then he's like, 'Okay.' And he stopped."

If you could do an analysis of this interview, I'm sure it'd be a doozy!

Anonymous said...

^ also, how do you play russian roulette when you're handcuffed? Were her hands cuffed in the front? Did he uncuff her for this "game?"

Anonymous said...

Hannahs' comment to Ethan: "I can't imagine how strong you were to stay alive as long as you could." Hannah knew the boy fought for his life as long a he could hang on. Dead give away! Exactly HOW would Hannah know how strong Ethan was able to remain as he fought and died?

Conclusion: 1) Hannah was there watching as Ethan died. 2) It is obvious that Hannah has no religious background or real knowledge of God or the Bible in her birthday post to Ethan. No where in the Bible does it state that one is baking a cake for another in the hereafter, or that the deceased is watching over any of us. It's just not there.

Shelley said...

This girl... the more she speaks the more she is revealing…

The comments about Ethan… Both that he “was gagged” and now the one shared above by anon 7:34 where she said "I can't imagine how strong you were to stay alive as long as you could” again is awful. How does she know he didn’t sit there gagged and that he was maybe killed instantly. We don’t know how he died.

I feel like Hanna may tho.

I am still also stuck on her comments that Jim was starting a fire to get help! Seriously.
I even was thinking of what she may say to explain that. Such as stating that he was going to now send her home. But that also would not work since he planned to live there and if he killed them, he would not want to bring authorizes to him, but rather if he wanted to send her home, he would just return her.

So… I really think LE needs to step it up. Or I hope at least maybe his family is watching and calls LE to get on it.
Also good catch anon 7:34 about the handcuffs/playing Russian roulette.

Shelley said...

I wonder if there were even handcuffs found anywhere in the car or their site at the "River" where she was heading #hello#river