Sunday, February 23, 2014

Did Tammy Moorer's Rage Fall Upon Heather Elvis?

We are known by our speech.  "Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks" 

Did Tammy Moorer make Heaher Elvis pay the ultimate price of the rage of Tammy Moorer?

Did Tammy get Sidney to lure Heather out that night, so that she could get 'revenge' for infidelity?

Who Did Tammy blame:  Heather or her husband, Sidney?

The "heart" is the seat of the intellect and affections; what we think, and how we feel about what we think.  What we feel is based upon what we think so that when our thinking is wrong, our emotions follow suit.  If you were told that Person A just insulted your child, you would be angry at Person A, yet if Person A actually did not insult your child, but assisted your child, your emotions would be wrong.


We reveal ourselves by the words we speak.  What do we know about Tammy Moorer?

Unfortunately, in the one interview she gave, few direct quotes were afforded us, instead we are left to the opinion of the Interviewer.  This is a critical mistake in the gathering of information.  In Analytical Interviewing, we allow the subject to control the interview, and guide us with her own words.  We listen, and do not interpret.  We then take the very words given to us, and frame our questions based upon the subject's own words, allowing the subject to interpret for us.

When President Clinton said, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky" he did not lie.

Look at the strength of the statement:

1.  The pronoun "I"
2.  The past tense verb "did not"
3.  The specific allegation "sexual relations."

This is a reliable denial.

The only thing missing was that Clinton's personal, subjective, internal dictionary gave "sexual relations" the definition of "intercourse"; according to both him, and Ms. Lewinsky, who he explained to her that they did not have "sexual relations" in his understanding.  Later, he said, "while being technically true, I misled the American people..."

Much deception comes from sentence by sentence truthful words.  Later, President Clinton was seen with a black eye.  He said that he liked to "roughhouse on the White House lawn with Chelsea."

He did not say that he got the black eye from roughhousing with Chelsea.  Some think that after his explanation that "sexual relations" was strictly intercourse, that his wife, Hilary, did not share his personal, internal, subjective dictionary.

In teaching this principle, I ask investigators to tell me what they think of when I say a word, instructing them to quickly write down their thought.

I say, "boy" and the responses from investigators in the class shows how varied the personal, internal, subjective dictionary is.

One will think of her seven year old son playing Little League, while another thinks of his new-born grandson, just days old, while yet another thinks of his son, 21 years old, in combat.  In just this quick experiment, there is a disparity of 21 years between people of the same culture, in the same room.

In Analytical Interviewing, we seek to enter into the subject's personal, internal, subjective dictionary in order to "decode it", as taught in the SCAN Technique.

Recently, I was watching "The Armstrong Lie" documentary in which Tyler Hamilton said he saw Lance Armstrong doping, even while shaking his head "no", which could lead people to thinking he was lying.

He was telling the truth.

Body language analysis must establish a baseline.  Many people shake their head "no" while telling the truth, if they feel shame, or even disbelief.

Armstrong's claim was that his comeback in 2009 was to "prove" he could do it without drugs, which was the common conclusion, and that he denied using in 2009.

Not so.

He did not outright lie.  He said, "I wanted to show them how I could compete clean."  This is not to say, "I did not use EPO during the 2009 Tour" or "I did not use a blood transfusion" as was alleged before a particular shocking stage result in which his power, missing up to that point, suddenly showed up (along with spiked red cell count that should have headed south).

He did not lie.

He deceived.

Listening to the words chosen, a person will reveal himself, and what is important to him.  In an investigation, we let the subject control the interview, something seemingly anathema to many in law enforcement, as they are often taught, "Control the interview."

Here is why we do not control the interview:

If the person "did it", what do you think the person is thinking about while talking?

If the subject wishes to go off in a tangent, we note the need to avoid certain questions and will take the words employed, and seek to gently bring the subject back to the allegation.  This means patience, something that not all interviewers have.

Heather Elvis, 20, went missing on December 17th, 2013.  While she was missing, Tammy Moorer posted the following.

In an interview, we were not given many of her words, and when a journalist is not trained and reported that "Tammy denied...", readers here know that this statement, itself, is unreliable.  Often we have seen headlines of one "denying" an accusation, only to listen to the interview and note that the subject did not deny the allegation.  This is quite common today.

The writer wrote that according to Tammy, the only thing she was guilty of was loving Disney.

The writer says Tammy wants us to know that the "love triangle" had nothing to do with Heather's disappearance, and then adds that there was no "love triangle", begging the question:  how did it have nothing to do with Heather's disappearance if it did not exist?

The article doesn't include quotes, instead editorializes and is a wasted opportunity for information that could have been vital to finding Heather Elvis.  A course in shorthand, and an understanding that "out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks" could have given valuable information to Heather's father, Terry Elvis, and the investigators.

When disparaging a victim, the guilty often use subtle language, whereas this is blatant
and initially led me to believe that in writing such harshness, may not have been told by her husband of what happened to Heather.

I must re-think this opinion, as it may prove wrong, in light of the arrest of Tammy on sexual charges and obstruction, and now on kidnapping.

Since most guilty only disparage the victim in subtle ways, does this open rage give us insight into the rage that may have been lashed out upon young Heather Elvis by Tammy?

This is a frightful and sobering thought.

It is all too much to bear.

Yet, we are known by our words.  Look at where Tammy places the blame for infidelity inspite of the 'open marriage' where they could only cheat by rules.

What words does she use to describe her husband, Sidney Moorer, versus the words she reserves for Heather Elvis, victim:

Sidney:  stupid,

Heather:  "psycho",  "whore", "crazy" parentage, "twisted person", "hoe"

That she started her post with her husband's cheating, we note that in Statement Analysis that often where someone begins a statement may be the reason for the writing.  This leads to:

Husband cheating versus young girl in peril (missing).  Which is the priority?

The post is 27 lines.

Lines about infidelity:    21

Lines about missing Heather:   1

Lines about Terry Elvis:   5

The math indicates that the emphasis of her post is upon her husband's infidelity, with not only a strong disparagement of the victim, but nothing written about Heather's plight.

This is not expected.  Even the guilty often masquerade the animosity towards the victim.

Yet, the baseness and shear viciousness of her post may suggest otherwise:

Does she seek to justify what may have happened to Heather Elvis?

The hatred burns.

We are all known by our words.  The "abundance" of the heart (intellect/emotions) is extreme, even with the brain's connection to even childhood abuse, for example, seemingly 'unmanned' in the consciousness, while the body, itself, seems to remember the trauma, for the rest of the person's life.

Now that Tammy Moorer, like her husband, has been charged with kidnapping in relation to Heather Elvis, the above post sounds like a lethal dosage of rage from a very evil, twisted woman.  As she has been the one to speak for the two, did she coerce her husband into luring Heather out that fateful night?

Will Sidney Moorer crack in jail, while Tammy remains locked into her rage?

What to make of the self-professed Mickey Mouse/Disney addict who is now charged with kidnapping?

This immoral 'open marriage' yet "Sidney cheated on me" paradox of twisted living and practiced deceit now comes to center stage in what could prove to be a sexual homicide...

yet, Heather is not found, and in spite of the charges and the length of time, we continue to pray for her return...

Stay tuned.


JoAnn said...

TM's facebook words reveal the deep humiliation she felt at her husband's infidelity with a younger, beautiful woman and her rage is clearly directed toward Heather Elvis. From humiliation to rejection to rage to murderousness is not a huge leap.

Maggie said...

This is one thing I don't understand about Tammy's facebook post. She quite clearly expresses rage, and, logically, I would think she would have felt humiliated by her husband's affair. However, if she was humiliated, why did she write it on facebook for all of her, I would assume, hundreds of friends to see? I initially felt that this was shocking that she shared this with everyone. I have seen people "overshare" on facebook, but Tammy's, it is just really hard to understand how someone could share something that humiliating with hundreds of people. Looking at it now, though, if she had killed Heather (and I hope to God she did not), perhaps the horror of that act made a facebook confession about her husband cheating seem small and inconsequential.

Anonymous said...
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JoAnn said...

Maggie, I read her facebook post as an attempt to hide her humiliation. She mentions her own "boyfriend" and downplays SM's relationship with Heather as his stupidity for "banging a hoe." In the same way a teenage girl hides her humiliation & feelings of rejection with bravado and disparagement of her rival. The need to post about it in the first place speaks volumes.

Iva said...

About the FB post. Wasn't it a private message to someone on FB and not a public post? If so, who was it sent to?

Iva said...

About the FB post. Wasn't it a private message to someone on FB and not a public post? If so, who was it sent to?

JoAnn said...

The facebook post could have been a public status. The screen shot shows a pending message, but that is just what was showing on the FB page of the person who took the shot. Did that make any sense at all?

Unknown said...

Peter Hyatt has no clue (where did find this blogger Diana Long?)
Peter then addressed Casey Anthony child with the name being “Hailey” in the woods.
( I was thinking to myself, go back and replay that section of his internet cell-phone, ?talk show~) yes, uses the name Hailey instead of Casey.
So Mr. Perfect
Peter Hyatt bashed the blogger, not to mention the host of a radio interview who featured
Heather Elvis story. (Why hate on us, Peter?)
Peter doesn't need to shoot the messenger.

Scurry County Texas was his victim for the night.
Peter rambled on very briefly on that issue of law enforcement then quickly off trying to go back to Heather Elvis. Once maybe twice he was unable to go back to where he left off.
Like an ADHD child bouncing off the walls. Short and it suux JS
Scurry County, Texas ?I was very confused listening this podcast.
Hailey, who?

Peter Hyatt seems like a nice guy, so was Ted Bundy and we know where that went~
Another friend posted the link earlier. The host rambled, was trying to find out what happened to Heather Elvis.

Unknown said...

What is your 'yankee' explanation for KIDNAPPING charges?

Maggie said...

Joann--I see what you mean with Tammy's bravado on her facebook post, with her whole "I cheated too, so it's not like I really care" act. I was just going on the premise that if she hadn't told anyone about the cheating, they wouldn't know, and then no need to be embarrassed in front of hundreds of additional people. It just seems like something a person would only want to tell their closest friends about. Another poster pointed out on the other thread that she seems to have a complete lack of boundaries; I would add to that lack of inhibition, and I am thinking maybe even some masochistic tendencies. Writing that post, if she was in fact feeling humiliation about her husband's cheating (and I believe she was), was like rubbing salt in her own wound, despite her insulting the victim, she also exposed her marriage's weakness as well as the way she had been betrayed sexually by her husband for all to see.

Anonymous said...

@ Za perkins .... lmao i was thinking the same thing.
if you dont want to listen and would rather read the show, this blog post is what peter read for the show.... although he ADHDed off topic a few times, im sure his "normal" listeners could follow along just fine.

Kellie Sue said...

lol nice one Jen Ow!

Obviously a friend of the Moorers has discovered Peter's BLOG! ~~~waving~~~ Welcome Moorer apologist... :)

Anonymous said...

@ Jen.... kept the kid from walking out into the street = kidnapping (held against his will).

Iva said...

Yes joann that makes perfect sense, but do we know for sure whether it was private or public, I'll see if I can find out. I've always thought it was private, not sure if I read that or just assumed, thanks

On TMs FB now her "aunt" says I hope the elvis family is happy now. ---seriously, delusional people

Unknown said...

I guess we'll see when the arrest warrants, and charging docs are released.

If the kidnapping charges originate from the Moorer's grabbing a kid to keep him from walking out into traffic, (as you suggest) then I'll send you on an all expenses paid trip to Disney, I'll bet you can even use the Tammy's Mickey Camper...she won't be needing it in jail.

cheryl said...

Scurry County is where Hailey Dunns body was found in Texas...

Nic said...

[snip] ...All you have to do is research this girls Twitter **although 4 months of it has gone missing in the past couple of weeks ** and her Tumblr to see what a twisted person she truly is. I could care less seeing that I had a boyfriend of my own for the past couple of years, *but* when someone brings my children into the scenario it's a whole other story.[end snip]

She delineates the amount of time she has been "researching" (stalking) Heather's acc'ts and can say when and how long some of her acc'ts have gone missing.

I suspect that Tammy's "boyfriend" was much more in her head than a reality by the word (but) and that naming her kids (possibly getting close to them?) threatened her as a mother and her "pecking order" in her husband's life.

I'm not entirely up on this case, but it appears to me that the open marriage "boundary" was broken by the fact that Sidney fell for Heather/vice versa and Tammy felt threatened (researching husband's girlfriend's acc'ts). Maybe Tammy talked Sidney into a threesome and things went crazy and "stupid" Sidney found himself in the middle of a nightmare.

Purely speculation based on the twisty turvies of this case; however, it is very clear that Tammy knew about Heather for a long time and she was jealous.

Unknown said...

My understanding is that is was a public message. TM's rant was a response to a friends comment on one of her pics. From memory, the context of the conversation was as follows, (paraphrased).

-A friend complimented a pic of TM's house. TM responded, 'thanks, my stupid husband built it'. The friend asked why she called him stupid, and she responded with the above rant.

Iva said...

Thanks Jen Ow

Anonymous said...

The kidnapping charge was listed on the Horry County Public Index for both Tammy Moorer and Sidney Moorer Sunday afternoon. Solicitor Jimmy Richardson CONFIRMED Tammy and Sidney Moorer's KIDNAPPING CHARGES are DIRECTLY RELATED to the case of missing 20-year-old Heather Elvis.

Nic said...

As per the link Nana Frances posted on another thread. ( )

There is so much to analyze but unfortunately, none of it was "taped" so what the reporter reported is basically from memory. However, I found this really intriguing.:

As for the talk about the Moorer's marriage: **It's irrelevant.**

I believe that is a direct quote.

Anything stated in the negative is sensitive. That Tammy doesn't think talk about Sidney and Heather is relevant to Tammy and Sidney's marriage/Heather going missing is a huge red flag.

From what I read about open marriages, there are rules. The common theme is that the third person introduced is someone who is agreed upon and/or shared and the level of intimacy is merely "physical". Or that if the other part of the union goes out on their own, it's a "one time" thing. The theme always being "just physical". The divorce statistics for open marriages are very high for the mere fact that many have not been able to keep their heart out of the "set up".

So in the case of Tammy and Sidney I'm wondering, what rule was broken? IMO, I think Sidney went beyond the physical and had an affair of the heart. Tammy is very clear about minimizing what was between Heather and Sidney. i.e., She reports that Sydney only had sex with Heather "three" times (liars number) in the back seat of her car.

If there was nothing between them, how is it that Tammy is intimately aware, over a prolonged period of time, what Heather posted/tweeted, and how many times they "only" had sex? Tammy introduces the word stalk when talking about Heather; however, I suspect it was Tammy who was stalking Sidney and Tammy which is why she knows that number Heather and Sidney hooked up to be much higher -- and in a fluffy bed, not the back seat of a car.

I suspect that Tammy was the stalker and jealousy got the better of her.

She also alibi builds in the article (just got back from California).

I'm thinking Sidney fell for Heather and Tammy saw her as a threat and therefore removed the threat.


Anonymous said...

Am I a homophobe? Look, I work in show business. I am awash in gay people, as colleagues and as friends. I’m doing Rock of Ages one day, making out with Russell Brand. Soon after that, I’m advocating with Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Cynthia Nixon for marriage equality. I’m officiating at a gay friend’s wedding. I’m not a homophobic person at all. But this is how the world now sees me.

Anonymous said...

I’m self-aware enough to know that I am to blame for some of this. I definitely should not have reacted the way I did in some of these situations. I don’t have these issues with waiters, traffic cops, store clerks. I know there’s an impression that I’m someone who seeks to have violent confrontations with people. I don’t. Do I regret screaming at some guy who practically clipped my kid in the head with the lens of a camera? Yeah, I probably do, because it’s only caused me problems.
But—I’m sorry, I can’t let go of this—do people really, really believe that, when I shouted at that guy, I called him a “faggot” on-camera?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Peter, your post are excellent. Very smart guy. And I agree, looks like some of the Moorer supporters are offended by his "spot on" analysis.

Anonymous said...

The "interview" conducted by CH was merely her opinion based on what she "felt". I wish things would have been handled differently and I am sure CH does also now.

polywog said...

Both charged with murder!

CarlaP said...

I'm anxious to hear what the evidence of murder they found at the Moorer home is. I think all of our thoughts are with Heather's family at this time. Although Terry Elvis has been pushing for resolution, it must be devastating at the same time to finally get an answer that yes, it is murder.

I posted a link to Tammy's posts on the Disboards that in her own words, detail her fixation on her marriage, skewed self image and need for people to think she has an amazing life despite evidence to the contrary. Someone on another site posted what she wrote on, which is really nothing more than an information harvesting site.

Tammy Caison
Age 41
Socastee High School ' 90
Myrtle Beach , SC

After High School I continued to study Photography and Journalism. It was a passion of mine. I went on to tour with several rock bands and had pictures published in quite a few national publications! It was an exciting time for me. Lots of parties, Celebrity friends, Traveling all the time, and I really had a LOT of fun! In 1995 I settled down somewhat. In 1997 I met my future husband (who is four years younger than me.) We were married in March of 1998 and started our family about 13 months later. We now have three gorgeous children. Two sons and one daughter. My husband has his own company so I get to stay at home with my children these days. My life is a dream. We travel all the time. We love to go to Disney World (anyone else visit there frequently? We'd love to talk about it w/ ya!) Last year we stayed at Disne for more than 40 days!!! (4 Different Trips...needless to say we are Disney JUNKIES!) We have a VERY nice home that we built ourselves.

She's so boastful, and has feels the need to prove she has a great life. Most people who do, it speaks for itself, no need to constantly point it out. To me, this sentence really sums it up: "My life is a dream". All fantasy. The Disney fixation also plays into this fantasy world she created. Sidney Moorer's affair with Heather no doubt destroyed that. I think she murdered Heather because of the injury to her ego. There was never an open marriage, she took immense pride in having a younger husband (she makes note of it several times) and her sense of ownership of him. Anyone that threatened her marriage had to be eliminated.

Anonymous said...

Nice post carla..i think ur spot on. Ego shattered...the ole " im the only one that can cheat" and "im perfect, how dare you sydney" ..may have a histrionic on our hands here. i hope they tell le where heather is. i was hoping they kept her alive..but evidence of murder? not good. poor elvis heart breaks for dad. this is suchh a disturbing story

Anonymous said...

If this proves to be a "sexual homicide". Then maybe the Moorer's should be looked at for the disappearance of Brittanee Drexel. Where she was last seen was not far from the Moorer's residence. If they offered Brittanee a ride, she might have felt safe to take it from a married couple. The MO is similar. Young women who disappear who are not located right away, if ever.