Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Statement Analysis: Sidney Moorer Called Heather Elvis

Frustration is increasing.  

Witness statements to police show that there were several calls between Heather and Sidney Moorer in the early morning hours.

Sidney Moorer had called Heather in the early hours when she went missing, to report to her that he was leaving his wife, Tammy, according to the report.

When asked to speak on camera, Sidney Moorer said,

"I can't.  I can't.  My lawyer and I just can't. I mean, I'd rather not. "

Please note that anything repeated is sensitive.  Here he repeats that he "can't" indicating that he is restricted by something. 

He says "I can't" twice before introducing his "lawyer."

When one "can't" it means that one is restricted, but what restricts him?

a.  One might be restricted by lack of knowledge
b.  One might be restricted by fear of consequences, including self incrimination

Please note that for one who "didn't do it", there is no legal nor civicl consequence for an actual innocent person (not simply judicially innocent) from speaking out.  

If Moorer did, as was reported, speak to Heather Elvis just prior to going missing, it would be important for him to take a polygraph, and issue a reliable denial about his involvement. 

Please note that when he added "I'd rather not", this may not be related to his lawyer.  This speaks to preference and "I'd rather not" is not a strong refusal to speak.  It is a weak statement that shows that part of his will is to speak. 

"I can't" and "I'd rather not" are both expressions used that show that the person's will is not in totality against speaking. 

The journalist should have pressed him at this point, though he did do a good job initially.  Here, the journalist could have said, "Do you want to speak on your own behalf?" as well as:

"Didn't your wife talk to a blogger?"

and on to the challenge of, "Why didn't you take a polygraph?" as everyone else has volunteered to take a polygraph. 

When asked how he was doing:

"Crappy because people are threatening to kills us and they're not in jail."

This is confirmation of "I'd rather not" (weak assertion) 
Who has threatened you?
Why have you been threatened?
Wouldn't a polygraph stop these people?

Family and friends willing to polygraph, but not Sidney Moorer. 

Also, this media report did not show, nor did police indicate, just how social media has interfered with the case.  Let us hope that social media is not being made into a ready-to-use excuse.


C5H11ONO said...

Why is this crazy lady asserting that social media and specifically targeting Heather's father about hindering an investigation? She has injected herself into this case by interviewing Sydney Moorer's wife, and in writing her article, she didn't post a single quote. What's with this hack?

Anonymous said...

this is the first time statements made me suspect tammy. if he can't because he's covering for somebody it makes sense the way he phrases it.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Tammy's post about Heather does not show knowledge of any crime.

This does NOT mean that Tammy does not know, or is not involved. It only means that THAT statement about Heather did not show guilty knowledge, but this conclusion ends with the statement.


Anonymous said...

what, wait...

he told authorities that he only called her that night because he was telling her not to call him back anymore.

i thought heather then called her friend crying because the married guy broke it off with her. after a two week trip to cali with his wife he had decided to stay with his wife.

this is what made people wonder if she had committed suicide over being distraught about the married guy leaving her. odd that she would kill herself or even care if the married guy left her as she had had such a great time on a date with a regular person, recently graduated and had future career to look forward to.
so i thought no suicide.
cant think of any reason why a man who decided to stay with his wife would kill his mistress.
but the wife says, well my hubby cheated on me with her.
i think the question was, "did you kill heather?" well he cheated on me with her.
like, mom he hit me. well she said i was ugly.
well, she had sex with my hubby... so she got her just deserve.

Randie said...

Tue Feb 11, 2014.

By Michael Smith, Charles D. Perry and Steve Robertson

"A task force of at least 15 local, state and federal investigators has been called into the search for Heather Elvis, who disappeared some time Dec. 18, according to Horry County police investigators.

Since Dec. 18, police say they’ve executed more than a dozen search warrants, administered several polygraph examinations and fielded hundreds of tips from the public.

Investigators have also released more information about the case.

For instance, police strongly believe that some time in the early morning hours of Dec. 18, Elvis drove herself to the Peachtree Boat Landing in Socastee.

Her vehicle – a 2001 Dodge Intrepid – was found abandoned at the boat landing on Dec. 18.

No cause for Elvis’ disappearance has been totally ruled out, though some explanations are less likely than others. For instance, investigators don’t think human trafficking is tied to Elvis’ disappearance. They also don’t think she ran away.

Rhodes noted that Elvis’ social media posts seemed to ABRUPTLY cease shortly after 2 a.m. Dec. 18.

"Most 20-year-olds who live by social media would've posted something by now," Rhodes said. “She lived by her cell phone and social media.”

Investigators don’t believe Elvis’ disappearance is connected to any other case.

Rhodes said about 15 search warrants have been issued since Elvis was reported missing. Investigators have fielded hundreds of tips, interviewed multiple witnesses and even administered “numerous” polygraph examinations.

Through the warrants police have searched Elvis social media accounts, including private messages accessible only by password. The contents of those messages have not been released.

Police have also searched homes and private properties, but Rhodes declined to specify where, citing the ongoing investigation.

“The reality is that we don’t have anything that we can share publicly,” the chief said. “We’re still working on it diligently. The leads have not stopped, which is a plus.”

Elvis drove herself to boat landing

Police do not think someone drove Elvis from River Oaks Drive to the boat landing.

Investigators also believe Elvis made it to the boat landing, but investigators would not elaborate about why Elvis drove to the boat landing or what may have happened when she arrived.

Investigators also confirmed earlier reports of cell phone communications between Heather Elvis and Sidney Moorer, a 38-year-old Horry County man with whom police records state she had a relationship history.

Those communications occurred as late as 6 a.m. Dec. 18, police records state.

Attempts to reach Moorer have been unsuccessful.

Investigators would not elaborate on the nature of the discussions between Elvis and Moorer.

They did say Elvis and Moorer exchanged communications between 2 and 6 a.m., mostly through PRIVATE MESSAGEING, but investigators wouldn’t say what those discussions entailed either.

A police report says Elvis’ roommate, identified as Brianna Warrelmann, received a phone call from Elvis at about 1:44 a.m. Dec. 18, police records state.

According to the report, the roommate said Elvis “seemed like she was crying and upset” due to receiving a call from Moorer.

“I’m not allowed to speak about that at this time,” Warrelmann said.

Moorer told police in the report that he hasn’t seen Heather Elvis since October, and then ADMITTED to speaking with Elvis the previous night, the report continued.

Squires, the Horry County investigator, said police now believe Shiraldi may have been mistaken about the time. Shiraldi has been ruled out as a suspect in the investigation, Rhodes and Squires said.

The receipts, dated Dec. 17, were from earlier in the day when she stopped at the Myrtle Beach Kangaroo on Mr. Joe White Avenue, and then the Carolina Forest McDonalds at International Drive.

According to the police report, the Kangaroo receipt was time stamped 4:18 p.m. Dec. 17, and the McDonald’s receipt was time stamped 4:34 p.m.

Maggie said...

I listened to about half of Peter's radio show interviewing Terry (I will finish listening but was pressed for time).
Peter did a great job giving him a platform to speak about his plight.
I did not get a guilty vibe off of him.
However, one thing I do not understand was his response when Peter was asking about what Heather had with her when she disappeared. He did answer Peter regarding her purse, cellphone being with her. But he also kind of skimmed over the important detail of what she was wearing (Terry himself brought this up as Peter's question made him think of this--he was not specifically pressed for this info) by saying that Heather had sent him a picture that night (the night Heather disappeared) and added that police think she MAY have changed clothes after the picture was taken. He said he does not know for sure as the police took what was in her apartment for evidence.
I am confused about 2 things:
1) Why does he not state what she had on in the picture she sent to him JUST IN CASE SHE DID STILL HAVE THE OUTFIT ON or any part of the outfit (ie. if she changed her shirt but not her pants or shoes, etc).
2) Wouldn't the police let the family see which clothes were in the apartment so that they would be able to tell as well as know whether she changed her outfit or not? Why wouldn't the police show Terry the clothes left in her apartment? He would then be able to see either A) the clothes Heather had on in the picture are not within the apartment so she probably still had them on or B) the clothes or some of the clothes she had on are in the picture are in her apartment so she does not have these clothes on?
This seems like WAY too important of a detail to not get straight whether he is being prevented from knowing or is confused. If I were him I would want to know!!!

JerseyJane said...

One of three things, I think Maggie..
I think that was his way of saying, his daughter did change without saying. You don't know what he was instructed to not say.. Second, there are investigative reasons why not disclosed. Third, I could be wrong about one and two because it may be on daughter's missing posters and dad chose to not be definite about it on air because he may think it's not 100% accurate. Who knows? I would say a close sister and maybe roommate probably has the best idea what is missing in her room..

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

A mother has admitted that she buried the body of her two-year-old daughter in a leopard-print suitcase after woke up and found the girl dead.

Rachel Fryer buried the little girl Tariji Gordon in the yard of an empty Florida home just two years after another of her children died - and investigators ruled it an accident.

When case workers from Florida's Department of Children and Families visited the home of 32-year-oldFryer on Monday, they expected to find four children living with her in a Sandford home.

When they got there, they only found three - and Fryer had no explanation as to what happened to her 2-year-old daughter, Tariji Gordon.

Later Monday, Fryer admitted to authorities that Tariji was dead and that she had buried the toddler in a shallow grave at a home in nearby Putnam County.

When authorities visited the home, they found the body of the little girl buried under dirt, a piece of plywood and a sheet of tin.

Fryer claims she didn't kill the girl - she told investigators that she went to check on her on the morning of February 6 and found her unresponsive.

Fryer told authorities that she made several attempts to revive the girl - CPR, administering the girl's asthma medicine, etc - but Tariji wasn't waking up.

'The child victim took a deep breath and exhaled, but showed no other signs of life,' a detective wrote in the police report obtained by FirstCoastNews.

Rather than call an ambulance, Fryer says she then called a friend - identified only as Tonya - wrapped the girl's body in a black blanket and put her in a leopard-print suitcase.

Tonya then drove Fryer and the body to the home about an hour north of Sanford at 117 Madison Ave in Crescent City and left them there.

Fryer then buried the body, slept on the porch of the home and called Tonya to come pick her up the following morning.

Fryer turned herself into police on Monday and told investigators where to find the body after it was revealed that her daughter was missing.

In addition to the body, detectives found a shoe belonging to the little girl and the leopard-print suitcase Fryer says she used to transport the body.

Authorities also have spoken with the baby's father, Timothy Gordon, but he hasn't been charged with any crimes.

So far, Fryer has been charged with aggravated child neglect and is being held at the John E. Polk Correctional Facility on a no bond hold.

This isn't the first time one of Fryer's children has died in her care - in 2011, Tariji's twin brother, Tavont'ae, was found dead in Fryer's home at just three months old.

The medical examiner ruled the death an accidental asphyxiation. Fryer, at the time, had fallen asleep on the couch with both twins and had accidentally suffocated the boy, according to the Orlando Sentinal.

A drug test revealed that Fryer had been using cocaine around the time of her son's death. According to the paper, authorities suspected Fryer's drug use may have been a factor in the death of the boy. However, she wasn't charged with a crime.

Fryer - who currently is pregnant with her sixth child - lost custody of her four remaining children after the death of the infant. She was given back custody in November of 2013 after completing a case plan approved by a Florida judge.

Less than six months after regaining custody, another of Fryer's children is dead.

The three remaining children were placed in foster care as Fryer sits in jail.

Fryer has been arrested several times on multiple drug charges. Additionally, she has been arrested for resisting arrest, battery of a law enforcement officer, petty theft and possession of marijuana.

Authorities say it will be up to the medical examiner to determine whether Tariji's death was accidental or if it was murder.

The girl's body was taken to St. John's County for an autopsy.

Read more:

Anonymous said...

Its all about character. When one hates a specific group of people and claims to be a christian, those are in direct conflict with each other. I say Mr Elvis may have something to do with his daughter being missing. If you can take a phone call and translate it into guilt, I believe hatred can be translated into the same thing. There is no proof anyone committed a crime except for what elvis claims. I assumed racists would support other racists and its proven to be true. His church hides their head in the sand and evidently endorses racism as well. When you label our president " The Nagga that stole the white house" in a picture, what else do you call it? I believe his character is such that he cant be trusted. Especially when he also makes threats.You people choose to believe him. I don't trust a thing the man says. Let law enforcement do their jobs and quit screwing the investigation up.

Anonymous said...

We all know Sidney called Heather and said he was leaving his wife and he wanted to be with her. Luckily Heather called her roommate to dish, or we may have never known who the last person to talk to Heather was because Sidney called from a pay phone and then lied to LE. Coward. Who knows what lies he has told his wife. He's obviously controlled by her. She's doing her best to emasculate him. I think she's succeeded.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:32/ trot on back to the CH FB page, you'll find plenty of other Sidney/Tammy apologists there. It's a fact free zone.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anon ^
for coming forward with explaining your comment about racism and how you feel it plays a part. Interesting.

Kellie Sue said...

It looks like Terry Elvis is going to be the catalyst for a whole new method of handling missing persons case and other crimes as well. The internet has enabled him to become an expanded version of John Walsh! Right or wrong the man won't give up and I say BRAVO! Law enforcement needs to accept that the internet isn't going away and adjust their techniques accordingly! It's still a new frontier and Terry Elvis is championing the new path.

God Bless the Elvis Family and I hope Heather is found safe, sound and SOON!

Mary said...

Sorry for the o/t and length. I wanted to email Peter the link for this article & when he has time to read it, give his opinion, but I have no email addy for them & yuk to FB!

I read a very disturbing investigative article last week ( that I want to pass on, involving many twists & ties of a very vast amount of circumstantial evidence tied to a police dept in Jefferson Parish LA for murders, coverups, buying drugs daily at a crack house, running a prostitution business from jail (employee resigned) repeatedly having evidence vanish over years (one employee fired for a few of the missing but claims she was set up. I wouldn't be shocked either way); fired the sheriff when he said something hinky going on inside the police dept & he's going to find out who & just goes on and on. Not to mention the 8 unsolved murders, who all had a connection to the police informant!

The first murder occurred after an officer shot & killed an unarmed man; the victim was a witness. It snowballed from there. Their own police informant was arrested for the 1st murder & her body was thought to have been transported in his truck. Investigators didn't attempt to get any forensic evidence from the truck, not even a pic of the truck itself! Worse, while the informant is in jail, he sells the truck to a police officer, who then has someone wash it inside and out at the carwash across the street from the police dept, and within a few weeks, the officer sells the truck for much more than he paid. The police dept said the fiasco was a "mistake" they regret allowing to happen. Because of the lack of evidence against their informant *AND* because the witness to the murder was also later found murdered, the murder charges against him were dropped. Along with many other charges against him in previous years. Other evidence has vanished into thin air over the years.

If this were a TV drama, it'd never be believed. Naturally, the residents in the community are afraid b/c of the murders & they're also afraid of their police. They'd noticed witnesses were the only ones murdered & called for an independent that independent team is their local peers, in a place known for corruption. Even though the murders don't fit the FBI profile of a serial killer, which have been close to 100% accurate in past profiling, the murders are still being labeled as the work of a serial killer. Funny though, while trying to defend his department against the mistrust the community has for their police, the new Sheriff Woods said, "The rumor's gotten out several times within this invest hat it has to be a law enforcement official that committed these murders because THEY can't be caught." If the believe the murderer is a serial killer, then who is the "they" the sheriff says can't be caught? Surely Sheriff Woods must know that when murders take place in other communities, rumors don't start about police involvement. Why would his own town just decide police are involved in murders, coverups, & many other crimes? Where there's (50 plumes of) smoke...?

The investigative reporter had a copy of the police files involving the investigations, after a FOIA request. This is one of the top 5 articles I've ever read, likely because of the huge amount shocking "stuff" going on & also because the reporter spent years investigating the allegations himself & interviewed witnesses. And yes, I wrote to the Justice Dept urging they investigate whatever the stinch is that's flowing from Jefferson Parish. When the community is afraid of their own police, fearing they're possibly involved in murders & cover ups, it's time to step in! Seriously.

Also, does anyone know if Peter is still writing his book?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous@8:49 PM - I am following the facts in this case. The facts are what are going to get answers.Defend Mr Elvis all you want, I care less. My concern is with the truth. I am tired of speculation being treated as fact. Mr Moorer could be responsible (I think a statement from his attorney might help the outrage), the violent ex could be considered, the sex offender Heather worked(and texted) with could be responsible or none of the above. I do not condone a man taking law into his own hands and trying to twist everything to suit the fact he hates the Moorer family. I thought Mr Elvis hands were clean when I first started following this. After seeing his actions and friends actions it made me question what was going on. If he indeed had evidence moorer committed a crime, then he needs to make sure the police have the evidence.I don't believe he knows any more than anyone else does about what happened. People insist he does but there is no proof to that affect. Its blind devotion to elvis that I'm seeing from everyone who wont look from every angle. I have proof Mr Elvis is a racist and that he puts on a nice christian face. If he is not ashamed of his pictures (, why did he hide them after last night? Every other detail is under scrutiny in this case unless it involves Mr Elvis. I was involved in the search for two missing boys where I live.They were later found thankfully. In both cases, the parents were very very vigilant but did not try to get any suspects killed or put bounties on peoples head who didn't agree with him. That's part of my problem. You may call Mr Elvis actions devotion and love for his daughter but is there something more we don't know? That's all I ask. A good christian man doesn't threaten people nor does he post pictures of our president calling him a "Nagger who stole the white house." You don't have to like the president but he is still our president. If these things weren't true I wouldn't be here complaining. I do have an agenda and its for the truth. I just wish people would look at every possible angle. Hate me, its fine.

Randie said...

Someone said earlier that the only contact SM had with Heather is him calling and breaking u with her.


Sounds like there is lots of lots of text messages between the two of them....between 2-6am!

"They did say Elvis and Moorer exchanged communications between 2 and 6 a.m., mostly through PRIVATE MESSAGEING, but investigators wouldn’t say what those discussions entailed either."

Kellie Sue said...

Anon @ February 12, 2014 at 9:56 PM

Have you considered that this experience has caused Mr Elvis to have a change of heart? I don't know what is in his heart and mind, but I do know that the goal regarding equality is for people to RECONSIDER their position. Traumatic experiences very often bring that about.

Randie said...

These are personal Opinions not facts:

1. "a man taking law into his own hands and trying to twist everything..."

2. "I don't believe he knows any more than anyone else does about what happened."

3. "You may call Mr Elvis actions devotion and love for his daughter but is there something more we don't know?"

4. " A good christian man doesn't threaten people..."

Again these are personal observations. These are personal opinions. These are not Facts.

This person said: "I do have an agenda..."


Maggie said...

Jerseyjane--I agree, it did seem like Mr Elvis was implying she had probably changed. I had wondered previously about why no description of what she was wearing was released in that they at least had the picture of her from that night. I guess it was mostly my own frustration thinking, oh geez, the cops won't even let them see what was in her apartment so that he would then know for certain whether she had on the outfit from the picture or not.
So odd how she was even up all night once dropped off by her date. She must have very upset about whatever was said between her and Sidney. Then the call from the payphone at 6 am--this call must have been from his wife??? Since it was on record that Sidney was talking to Heather throughout the night, I don't see why he would have called from payphone to disguise who was calling unless he just didn't have a phone.
I can definitely see why the spotlight is on these two.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that SM used a pay phone to call HE? If so, there would only be one of two reasons to do so. To hide the call from his wife who may possibly look at his cell phone records OR there was a plan in action and he knew the police would look at HE cell phone records.

He claims he was calling HE to tell her to leave him alone. If that were the case, I would imagine HE had been repeatedly calling/texting him which the wife would know if she is a "cell phone record checker." He
would not have to use a pay phone to do that. He could have told his wife he was calling HE to tell her to leave him alone...if indeed the wife never checked the records, he could have just called from his cell.

I don't know who is responsible for HE disappearance. But the fact this guy used a pay phone to tell her to leave him alone makes no sense to me. The roommate is claiming HE said he was planning on leaving his wife and kids for her. That makes more sense as to why he would use a pay phone but now it seems he has lied to the police or is he trying not to be in big trouble with his wife?

If I were him and innocent, I would get off of facebook, stop allowing my wife to taunt HE family, and run to the police station screaming for a polygraph. To hell with the wife. She already knows he cheated and she is not leaving him. She will accept anything...the children and family are what is most important.

But he is not doing this...why? Something seems fishy.

Anonymous said...

Being one of heathers long time friends. Uhm she has a shit ton of clothes. Her dad actually no one but her would know whats missing. She keeps a ton of stuff in her car. She changed a million times per day. Lol.

Anonymous said...

texts, mostly through PRIVATE MESSAGING.
they do not have heather phone, and even if they got his phone they probably deleted everything by then. and phone records do not show what the text was, only that it was a text.
the payphone call was first contact between heather and moorer? and the text were after, continuing up to 6am?
so he was not home when he used the payphone, was home when they texted.... did he leave his home between 6 and 10 am?
even though mr elvis is a business owner, attends church... it seems they are all white trash. look for heathers pimp.

Randie said...

Good Comment!

"Being one of heathers long time friends. Uhm she has a shit ton of clothes. Her dad actually no one but her would know whats missing. She keeps a ton of stuff in her car. She changed a million times per day. Lol.

February 12, 2014 at 11:02 PM"

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 11:02
she has..... live
She keeps.... live
She changed.... past tense = deceased

so what happened to her?

Randie said...

No one should be naive to what LE has on text messages. Today, at this moment in time, LE have access to all electronics.

We don't know WHO used the pay phone.

Anonymous said...

they found heathers phone?

~mj said...

@ Randie - excellent points.

@ Anon 9:56 - I agree with these points you made:

That speculation should not be treated as fact.

That taking the law into our hands is not wise and should not be supported by society as a whole.

That there are other likely suspects other than Moorer.

Seeking truth is important.

Please consider:

That Mr. Elvis has not been charged with harrassement and it has been reported that he is not considered a suspect in those harrassement complaints. (

That there is quite a bit of real, factual suspicion on Moorer.

And, the pic choice and racist comment, however distasteful, does not connect Mr. Elvis factually to guilt or suspicion.

Final note: Freedom of Speech should mean that you are welcome to express your opinions without being hated for it. Sadly, our society is skewed on that with high intense subjects such as this one. My hope is that we may be able to agree to disagree on some points and remain civil to one another, that goes out to all.

Anonymous said...

hhmmm.... i was wondering about maybe a pimp.... but it makes sense.... mr moorer could have been her "pimp" as he and his wife were into that sharing thing... deviant sex acts leads to more deviant sex acts. seems there was a falling out between heather and the MRS moorer, explains why she is so hateful. crime of passion. any sex crime indicators seen here?

Maggie said...

Anon @ 11:02--It wouldn't matter that Heather has lots of clothes. Heather sent picture of herself earlier in the evening before she went missing in which you can see her outfit. It wouldn't matter how many clothes she has--it would just require someone going into her apartment and checking to see if the clothes she had on in the picture in her apartment or are they not in her apartment? If they are not in her apartment, then one can assume she was most likely wearing them at the time she disappeared.
This has always bothered me about the case: They should say what Heather was wearing. If what she was wearing was "unknown" then they should state that. It just seems to me to be something which could only help.

Anonymous said...

Yes agreed! heather's friend, do you have any gut feelings on who could be responsible? You must have so much more insight then any of us here who dont personally know her world.

Carnival Barker said...

I'm trying to stay on point, but looking at this mugshot and that fetching couples pic, I just can't believe that this guy actually had women fighting over him. Ugh. I can smell the stale cigarettes through my computer. And to quote the immortal words of Maggie, his beard looks like a broom!

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know actual time that pay phone call was made?

Anonymous said...

Ha. i actually looked at him and thought when i wad her age i might crush on him hard. but being old enough to find him unappealing is nice. you can have some pretty wack taste when you are just starting out in this world.

Anonymous said...

I know the moorers both have motivation coming out of their pores but i have yet to read or hear a single word from either of them that indicates guilt of a crime. andi dont buy that sindey saying he cant, cant, prefers not to - INdicates anything beyond what he has to say may sound incriminating. in his case its. very beliveable that his truth will sound incriminating. even if he did not kill her.and had no part in what happened to her. nothing he or tammy has said indicates guilt of that. nothing disproves it - thats a truth - but nothing sounds like guilty language to me either.

Anonymous said...

I just feel like there is another villian. there must have been so many men who came through the bar she worked at. and the fact that it was holiday break and her roommate was outa town ..... somebody could have been waiting till she was alone for a while. i just think if sidney meant to kill her why was he bothering with hours of texting first? And if tammy did it how fid she accomplishe burying a body in morning daylight? there is just something stealth required to realy dissapear somebody .... i could be wrong but i think we are focussed on wrong people.

Anonymous said...

Did heather hsve a morning routine? Did she pick up coffee somewhere regular or anything like that. where is the first place she normally would have been that morning?

John Mc Gowan said...


Amanda Knox Posts Twitter Photo Saying 'We Are Innocent'


No reliable denial, and no better opportunity to issue one?.

John Mc Gowan said...

Link ^^^

Anonymous said...

When is the last time you have used a pay phone? The key to this whole deal is who was calling her from that pay phone. I didn't even know those things still existed.

Anonymous said...

I don't really know her you stupid twat.

Anonymous said...

I don't disagree with anything Terry Elvis is doing to find his daughter. I know if it was my daughter, I would hint, speculate, search, beg, anything I thought would help. Even taunt people I thought were involved. The police can do all they want, but I will do can.

Not long ago there was an article about a woman who was kidnapped in ?New Orleans?(somewhere in La.). Her family reported to the police that the ex boyfriend was obsessive and likely took her. The police went looking and found his vehicle abandoned on the side of the road. They told the family. The family went to the location where the car was found and spotted a run down shack overgrown with kudzu. It was visible from where the car was abandoned. But the police didn't look there. They walked around the house and heard screaming. The exboyfriend was stabbing her. Her brother knocked down the door and carried her out. She suffered many knife wounds. But she will live!

So, sometimes taking the law into your own hands is the only way. Some cops are only interested in taking a report. Nothing happens, and I know this from experience.

Anonymous said...

This is the article I referenced above. I got some of the facts wrong, but it is an amazing story.

Carnival Barker said...

Anonymous said...
I know the moorers both have motivation coming out of their pores but i have yet to read or hear a single word from either of them that indicates guilt of a crime.

You haven't read a single word indicating guilt only because they haven't spoken a single word (publicly).

I said in an earlier post, and I think it bears repeating: I would think Sidney Moorer would want Heather Elvis found almost as much as her parents do so that he can clear his name. On his own Facebook page he said that he has multiple surveillance cameras outside his house that "cover every square inch of his property." That seems like such a simple way to prove your whereabouts on a very critical night. Why not simply turn over that footage and absolve yourself and your family of this public scrutiny and insinuation? Instead, he is thwarting the investigation by lying to the police about his contact with her on that night, he fought with and heckled searchers looking for her and prohibited them from searching on his property. Again, his sophisticated camera system would show if he was just rolling in at 7 a.m. from the night before and if there was an unusual flurry of activity in the proceeding days. Why stonewall the very investigation that would prove your innocence???

Unknown said...

Interesting! Thanks for sharing.

SarahSmile said...

Why do people love to complicate things? The last person to speak to Heather and lie to police about it is in hiding. What does that tell you?

Anonymous said...

to Carnival Barker,
Wonder why he has every square inch of his property under cameras?

Just speculating here: Is he dealing drugs?

Gotta be SOMETHING!!

Anonymous said...

Carnival Barker said...

@Anon 11:54:
I was wondering the very same thing, why the need for such an elaborate recording system outside? In early January they posted a clip of someone trying to bang a K-turn and accidentally bumping into their fence. It was like a moving Wanted poster for the perpetrator of this heinous property damage!! Unreal. IGNORE the missing girl I was the last person to speak to, let's get the real criminal who would callously cause such irreparable harm to my fence!

Seems like an expensive endeavor just to catch a random fence-bumper or - GOD FORBID - someone that didn't curb their dog!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds similar to Carly Scott case... she was pregnant, last person to speak to her was the baby-daddy....

Carnival Barker said...

I keep checking for updates on her. They found her dog and her car (right near the ex's house), but not her.

Carnival Barker said...
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John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update.

Garden Ridge Police to hold press conference on Leanne Bearden

Anonymous said...

I don’t agree with NOT taking the law into your own hands.

More and more it is clear that LE either can’t get enough evidence or the DA won’t prosecute. Even with a body. Or worse, you can have a body, a mom that claims her child disappeared and she then spent 30 days living it up and still not be charged with murder.

We do not live in a safe world. We live in a world where people disappear and are murdered every day with no results. And in some cases, those responsible even profit from their crime.

When you think about the fact that the next victim could be your child, a relative or you? You may want to re-think that.

I think it’s time for a change! The justice system is clearly not working…..

And religion has no place here. God is not bringing these kids, wives, etc home……. So why does everyone have so much loyalty to him?

Someone kills my kid, I would hunt them down if it took everything I had left. I would want the only justice that would be right and that is 6 feet under. Someone that kills for fun or because they feel entitled has no right walking around on this earth with the rest of us. A person that kills their own child needs to die!


And I say if LE can’t protect us, we need to protect ourselves.

But a tip that a retired detective told me… If you do, make sure you are smart about it and most important…make SURE they are dead so they can’t come back and sue you.

If a retired detective feels that way…. that says a lot to me.

Lemon said...

A body has been found in Garden Ridge in the 21600 block of Fair View Circle, according to footage from Chopper 5. Garden Ridge police confirmed at 3:45 Thursday the body was that of Leanne Bearden.
The body was found down a few blocks from Bearden's in-laws where she was last seen.

John Mc Gowan said...

Any arrests Lemon?

Maggie said...

Carnival Baker--Lol! I'm glad my words have stuck lol that is one gnarly goatee he has!

Here is what I think may have happened: Could Sidney be leaking "marbles" when he says that he called Heather to say he was leaving his wife? (Initially he had said he called to tell her to stop calling him.)
Could both be true? Could Sidney have intentionally tormented her by saying "stop calling me...I'm done with you, don't want to see you anymore" to place her into a very emotionally upset vulnerable state, after she is upset enough crying all night, more messages exchanged...he calls from the payphone saying "I've changed my mind I want to leave my wife and be with you." Then he tells her to meet him at the dock. She is so happy and relieved he isn't abandoning her and wants to be with her she jumps right in her car and drives there. As you can see, this type of emotional manipulation would have made her very vulnerable, this type of back and forth I don't want you, OK now I do want you, in fact I'll leave my wife for you. He may have intentionally done this to lure her to the dock in order to harm her.
Has their property been thoroughly searched by LE? What is with all the cameras especially looking out onto the street??

Anonymous said...

I've been following this case since this blog broke the story. I want to make a comment about Tammy's comment about "cheating" even while in an open marriage. There are numerous ways that Sidney could have cheated because open marriages still have rules. Not all open marriages have the same rules. For example... perhaps the agreement in this particular relationship was "always wear a condom," "don't bring them to the house," "I don't want to know who you have sex with"-- or conversely-- "I WANT to know who you have sex with."
Hopefully that sheds some light on what Tammy said. I've been seeing a lot of comments about if she was really in an open marriage then "there's no such thing as cheating," but there is.

Anonymous said...

(Initially he had said he called to tell her to stop calling him.)

is that what he said, or was that what his wife said?