Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Heather Elvis: Heartbreak

Even as the Elvis family experiences heartbreak, so it is that the Moorer supporters have taken to the internet to defend Tammy Moorer by specific means:

attacking the Elvis family.

Terry Elvis was, as expected, utterly unprepared for the vicious comments that appeared across the internet, on blogs yes, but especially on news articles.

The comments section in news articles is an interesting part of news today, and with freedom of speech comes both responsibility and...

the unexpected.

Terry Elvis has a family, and Heather a baby sister.  The family is subject to a specific pain that only a few know:  no parent ever believes he will outlive his child.

Even fewer could ever imagine their precious child, on the cusp of discovering life, to be brought to death by violent and deliberate means.  Car accidents, fire, illnesses...all unexpected, but murder?

No one could predict such a horrific start to Heather's adult life, first, falling in with immoral people, and then to disappear.

Terry Elvis and his family and close friends, were forced to watch Sidney and Tammy Moorer withhold information on where Heather was, and to find themselves vilified by a small number of Moorer supporters who, unable to defend the Moorers, instead took to attacking the Elvis family (and friends), who had, expectedly, grown inpatient with Heather remaining missing.

Vowing to disclose 'dark secrets' and mocking the faith of the family, there are some who know no boundary to cruelty, and as the ancient text says, find no sleep until they have brought pain to others.

The heartbreak for the Elvis family did not conclude with the murder charge.  Heather remains unburied.  For these people of faith, a proper Christian burial is something they need to have happen.

The twisted Moorers have yet to disclose where Heather's remains are.  With no voice of her own, Terry, as well as forensics are all that remain to defend Heather.  Given Tammy Moorer's vicious attack upon Heather, it is to be expected that she will, perhaps through her attorney, blame Heather and claim 'accidental' death.  Her insane jealousy fueled rage will not allow her to accept responsibility for what she and her husband Sidney did to Heather, as as water seeks its own level, we may expect Moorer family and friends alike to seek to inflict more pain upon the Elvis family, by attacking the young girl's reputation.

Tammy Moorer's attacking post was off-the-charts unexpected.  Most guilty people do not wish to be seen in this manner. They will slip out words of hatred or blame, not openly, but in a subtle manner, as they seek to conceal the burning hatred within them, but are betrayed by their own words.  Not so with Tammy Moorer.   Her open hatred of a missing person is a window into the darkness that is her soul.  Itself, it tells us a great deal about Tammy Moorer, including her raging envy, immorality, and desire to cast all blame upon the victim, while clearing her weak and beggarly husband.

It is also an indication of the rage that the young, and very small, Heather, met in that fateful encounter with Tammy, who did not feel the need to masquerade her animosity nor did she seek to conceal that she is the dominant 'leader' of the two, speaking boldly for her husband. I will not be surprised to see a split, eventually, between the two.

Yet, their supporters will continue their vile postings.

It is all they have to 'defend' the indefensible.  It is similar to avoiding a question, while attacking the one posing the question.

For in murder, there is insanity.

The insanity and power of envy, that which not only wants what another has, but if denied,  wants to take away that which is possessed.

The older Sidney Moorer exploited the youth of Heather Elvis, and we now see the character of the beast he was married to.  Perhaps it was that Heather represented an innocence that neither Sidney nor Tammy could abide.

When the Moorers attack and blame Heather for the murder, both forensic evidence, and the unbroken strength of a father, will be Heather's voice...

even while the heart continues to break.


Chipmunk! said...

Well said.

Terrence said...

"Moorer supporters..." You mean both of them?

elf said...

The murdering-moorers deserve the death penalty. We all know Tammy hates Heather (even still) but I hope now that Sidney is away from Tammy, protected by his jail cell, he will step up and say where they put Heather.

elf said...

Lol I wish there was a like button on this page. 'Both of them' that's funny :)

troll 101 said...

visiting the nasty facebook page &commenting there only feeds the troll admins. they thrive on the participation & are stimulated by the outraged visitors. if everyone would avoid it & not comment, the trolls will lose. there may only be a few page members, but the page activity records &insights are prob large numbers because of the comments, visits, etce im sure pleases the troll admins. this is prob not their first troll page. if you know of any other recent similar troll pages, check their activity and look for similarities or even decrease in posts because of their new page

troll 101 said...

Think about it------why is that page supporting the moores??
are the moore supporters supporting the innocent until proven guilty? they dont give a flip about the perverted moores---------they just want to win the argument & will mess with your head, prob laughing their butts off while doing so.

do you get it now?
they win------you lose when you participate

troll 101 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
ima.grandma said...

The Moorers, particularly Tammy, apparently have a minute group of cult-like followers. These irrational minions not only believe Tammy's fictional tales, but they must have internalized those stories to the point where they rewrite their own memories to be consistent with them. Perhaps, they themselves have had similar circumstances, i.e. perceived unfair persecution, occur in their own lives. What a sad social group of society!

S + K Mum said...

Great post Peter. Thoughts are with Heather's family :(

Quincy Mom said...

Thanks, Peter. Always appreciate your wisdom. Helps bring clarity to a very murky, dark situation and it's one of the reasons why I frequent this blog. I not only enjoy SA, but I also enjoy the morality that you bring to the table and the lens through which you view these tragic situations. You put forth a humanity that is lacking in all other news coverage.

JerseyJane said...

I was looking at old photos of Sidney. He was looking blown up and out of shape in his first mugshot ( in Peter's past postings).. The mugshot was from when he and his father-in-law had a physical fight with the neighbor.. In his recent mugshot, he appears as if Tammy was in charge of his looks( parting his hair down the middle, coloring it).. I think the trimmed nicely groomed facial hair and sideburns and newer in shape body was due to a physical change he had to possibly falling for(dating) Heather..Sidney looks like he was changing back to the Sidney for when Him and Tmy met. As we can see, Tammy wasn't physically changing at all, her with her plumpness and no style hair.. Tammy was left in the dust and Sidney was immerging rapidly.. Much to Tammy's dislike. Sidney returning to his own identity gave Tammy, I feel, like she was losing control of him.. I look at his jail pic and already Sidney is swiping his hair to the side, wearing his hair as he wants.. Tammy was wayyyyyy possessive of Sidney. From the tattoo of her name put so close to his manprivates so that any female that came to that area of his body would see Tammy OWNS Sidney and that part of him too. I feel this is the closest Sidney came to his freedom from her. I am not sticking up for him, just showing her possessiveness, obsession, controlling, etc... Tammy's Disney-themed life is clearly an example of that part of her brain, I believe that showed how she controlled the one that should be closest to her. I hope she was more fixated on Sidney then her children. Soon as teenagers, I'm sure her children would have been her next ones to destroy or create as I feel she thinks she does for them. This is all-around sad, all from a evil queen bitch that reigned, I believe, because she lived on Daddy's land, her Disneyland.

Unknown said...

Last night I was catching up on reading articles from links posted here, and in the comments section there was a supposed 'friend' of TM, defending her, and painting her as a saint. As Peter said, the 'friend' was attacking the Elvis family, and stating how 'you people would be shocked to know what they are really like', their 'fake Christians', etc. Then the 'friend' said something that left me choking on my sweet tea.." to those of you saying Tammy uses a photo editor, your wrong, I HAVE SEEN HER IN PERSON, and she is beautiful".

Where to start, lol. How bizarre for a 'friend' to have to state that they have in fact seen their friend in person! How bizarre that this person would attempt to alter the reality of TM's haggard looks, when her mugshot speaks for itself. How bizzare that all of her supporters feel the need to address her photo doctoring. SHE IS CURRENTLY CHARGED WITH MURDER, her shallow need to fake photos is the least of her worries!

My conclusion is the same as Ima.grandma's...these Moorer apologists must have a similar warped psycology to rush to the defense of the indefensible. While others are rightly disgusted by the Moorers, these dissidents seek to justify them. It's pathetic.

Local anon in the Hailey Dunn case (soon to be GeekRad) said...

I have been off the grid for a few days and am catching up. This is some amazing police work. They had the conviction and perseverance to collect the veidence and make the arrests. If only other law enforcment could do the same. I agree with Peter, arrest Shawn Adkins and he'll talk. For that matter, I think Billie will too. And what about poor Dillon Redwine? In my opinion the Casey Anthony trial has LE unwilling to make an arrest unless they have a video tape of the crime. Sad, but true.

Unknown said...

Death penalty is a possibility if Heather was pregnant. Remember someone posted to get death penalty in SC you have to kill more than one person. So Hahahaha to the Moorer’s. The Moorer’s are SICK SOB’s and those few followers are ignorant, heartless, and cowards for not standing up to the FACTS. May God be with the Elvis family and bring Heather home to them.

Unknown said...

SM is beginning to look worn down. He'll break at some point!

Anonymous said...

did one of them talk???

still mystery to me how murder could have taken place at landing when there was no sent picked up by dogs. even if she had just been in her car the dogs should have picked up her sent. & if she was in water they should pick up her sent too.

what a mystery,

Kosmo said...

I said from the beggining that I think she was pregnant and that is when all hell broke loose. We don't know that a sent was not picked up at the landing... We still don't know a lot about what LE has

Anonymous said...

in the beginning of the investigation they brought dogs down to landing - on discovery of the car. The report was that they found no sent.

course i don't know what other discoveries have been made -- but no sent is no sent.

Anonymous said...

i don't know obvs. but from her twitter -- check out the lack of change in mood as it progresses, i feel like if somebody gets pregnant and esp if they plan to keep it -- you'de see a shift in the tone of their tweets. but there's no shift.

C5H11ONO said...

TM apparently likes guns. I could have sworn yesterday her "Disney board" had a statement from her saying she likes guns and today it's gone. But the picture is there for all to see. With her shotgun.


Anonymous said...

TM has taken her last trip to "Sidneyland" and I imagine that when SM gets into prison he'll quickly become somebody's pretty little b!tch. No way anyone in prison calls him anything but what's plastered all over his belly. I hope he endures whatever they did to Heather and then some.

Anonymous said...

just saw tons of pics of young Tammy with …rockstars. huh. she looks good too,. & her children are adorable.

whats interesting is I don't see lies in Tammy's posts.

that does NOT mean she didn't murder Heather, I think she almost surely did, but just --- it's interesting.

C5H11ONO said...

Anon at 2:03 -
What I didn't see pictures of were of TM herself (2,000 pictures and only the ones of her on page 2 when she was young and posing with her few "rock star" friends. And oddly enough she posted herself twice on page 2 and 3 with her shotgun!

Unknown said...

I believe they said that the scent dogs did not track Heather's scent AWAY from the car, or boat landing. I remember discussion on this, and posters saying that it likely meant Heather was intercepted immediately, possibly by another vehicle, or killed there, and placed in the water.

If anyone has links to older articles, with information about the tracking dogs findings, please post them. TYIA

Either way, scent dogs are not infallible. From what I understand, the level of reliability depends on a lot of different factors, from their training, their handler's training, the terrain, the recent weather, and the weather conditions present when the scent was deposited, etc.

Maggie said...

I was reading comments last night under a newspaper article about this case. Someone commented that another young woman named Angela Pipkin seemingly vanished into thin air 2 miles from where Heather went missing on the date of Jan 16, 2014 (almost a month to the day after Heather went missing). This should raise the possibility of there being a serial killer on the loose.
2nd thing I want to comment on:
Peter analyzed TM's facebook post correctly. She did not show guilty knowledge and she also showed her true colors (that she is a mean nasty person) as well as revealing how deeply flawed her marriage is. Neither of these things is expected from someone trying to hide their guilt. It doesnt mean she's not guilty but it is not the expected.
3rd thing: There has been unexpected language on both sides and one example of this is that I was surprised to hear Terry Elvis refer to SM as a "gentleman" when he was being interviewed after the 2 had been charged with kidnapping. My impression of this is that he was concerned with appearing "polite" and I am merely stating this is not the expected.
I feel LE should give more info about the charges as well as about what they found.

Anonymous said...

oh I didn't see shot gun pic!!

I find it's pretty typical of some women, mostly moms of preadolencent children - to start posting pics of just their family without them -- maybe they just don't like the way they look as much anymore or it becomes habit that they are ones holding the camera. not that it doesn't denonstrate ceratin things -- but I also think it's pretty typical.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see onld dog sent articles posted too!

it was actually never clear to me how the dogs could not pick up her sent even if she hadnt been there at all -- because one way or another she had been in her car recently.

as I remember it they said dogs didn't pick up her sent at all - but I agree that makes no sense - and must have somehow been missinformation.

I've also heard that dogs really are amazingly good at tracking. so not that they can't be infalliable -- but that they are generally very good.

it dies make sense tho -- that they've get her from one vehicle to another right quick. it'd be the most effecienct way to do it. esp if sidney was bait and tammy was hiding in back seat or somethin.

Vita said...

Heather how she was affected by Sidney Moorer he 19 yrs her Sr.

Myself mid 20s, myself, my daughter living in apartments, I was naive, yes. I saw a woman and her daughter moving in, I took her coffee, we spoke. I not to see her again.

I to see a man around the same age as my dad. Me looking for the young woman. He to say oh my daughter, granddaughter, they helped me move in. He was the only tenant.

I became his focus. He not to accept my no thank you for the umpteenth time, he attempting to gain me inside his apt. He said to me as he stood at my door, he not to gather No meant No. " These apartments are all alike. All I need is a credit card and I can unlock your door, don't be surprised if one time you wake up and I am in your bed next to you"

I did make a complaint to the manager. I moved into a different apt, way in the back. The Mgr her thought out of sight out of mind. She not to think he was a danger, he was a bored dirty old man.

Months to pass, nothing from him, I was relieved. Me thinking she the manager was right, out of sight out of mind. No. A Sunday morning that began with continuous harassing phone calls. Then he appearing at my door, banging on my door, he pressing his face into my window, I know you are in there, he scared me to death.

I called my parents house, begged my brother to come over. Me not to call LE. Why? Idk.

I told my brother what had happened, I begged him to come to my apartment. I said don't tell dad. It was a little over an hour and I called my parents house. My brother answered, You're safe, he won't bother you again.

Yes, he did tell our dad. My dad and bro went to my old apt. He was outside his door, on the balcony, he was music blaring, drinking, and spoke first. He to ask my dad can I help you? my dad to ask him if he knew me, his replied yes I know X, beautiful girl, he to utter the word slut under his breath, my dad to let him talk..

My dad asked did you go to her apt this morning? he to admit he did.

He to ask my dad, he attempting alpha, they the same age, who the hell are you? he being a smart axx, My dad to inform him who he was, oh yes. My bro: he pixxed his self, once dad picked him up, carried him into his apt by his neck, as he informed him. My bro to stand outside, he to witness and state, he had not one tooth left in his mouth, upon our dad exiting his apt, he to say let's go home.

I received a call next day at my work from my local LE. They to say a complaint was made by Mr. X and that in his complaint, if I did not stop my yes, sexual advances upon him, stalking him, that he was going to serve me with a restraining order.

The officer to say, I did see his physical appearance. I quiet. The officer to state, I suggest next time if someone is harassing you, your person that you call us first. Is this clear? I was silent.

I think of Mr. Elvis, my dad. This man 30 yrs my senior, as Sidney Moorer is close to Terry's age.

Had Heather called her dad, he would not need her the fill in the blanks of how or why Sidney came into her life, all would be needed is her to call him. She not to call her dad? is how she felt at that moment. Exhausted. She Heather, she was worn down by the communications that transpired.

She desensitized, his utterances, he being near the age of her dad, he to have this over her.

Heather to bring this event back into my mind. I know this doesn't make sense. Had he been a guy my age, would I have reacted different? called LE onset of his threats? Me confused, and compliant, he being 30 yrs my senior.

My dad was not reported, I was who he made the complaint upon. He chose not to report my dad. Had he reported my dad, then he would have to share how and why my Dad arrived at his door. Lesser of two evils he chose me, to report, not my dad. My point, how much of a factor Sidney being 19 yrs Heather's senior affected her? her judgement? she felt she was to obey him? he using his authority age? she not to call her dad, she may have, he to miss the call early am, our unknown.

~mj said...


Humanity and what that stands for as a society, I am compelled to point out that I am dismayed that I do not see a notation from Mr. Hyatt to the effect of "alleged" or "if this proves true".

We all have opinions, certainly. There is a lot of circumstantial evidence, I understand that. I personally feel the Moorers are guilty as charged AND (not but) AND there is still something fundamentally connected to a progressive and successful society that plays by the rule book. LE has to play by that rule book and so should all of society and that rule book says, innocent until proven guilty. That should at the very least be noted in posts as these. Especially since Mr. Hyatt is regarded as a professional in his field, he bears the responsibility to set the example.

Further, a few things I have noted in the comments:

"the dogs" have been mentioned a lot. Are we talking tracking dogs or cadaver dogs. That would vary greatly on whether they caught a "scent" at the landing. If no scent from either, it makes sense that perhaps Miss Elvis was "kidnapped" and stowed in another car, killed leaving behind evidence for the police to believe she was murdered there and driven away. That would account for no scent.

US Marshal's: I have no idea whether this is connected, however it did occur to me it was noted yesterday that the Moorers were followed on their Jan trip to Florida - there may be something that connects there.

Posts to FB: Anyone can easily tell the drippy, sappy, "I love you" crap both Moorers inflicted on FB after the crime. No doubt LE has noted this too.

Regarding friends that defend the Moorers, please remember that at this point the majority of the common people do not have the details that LE have or are educated in Statement Analysis, Body Language, etc. all they see is this family they have grown to care about who profess their innocence. I would expect their friends to be standing tall now. When the trial starts, or more details or proof are released, that I firmly believe LE have, this should decrease and those still standing for the Moorers would then be subject to criticism (obviously, if the charges have enough evidence to be proven true.)

Regarding Mr. Hyatts analysis of TM's FB rant. He did not say that SA showed she was innocent or that SA showed she was not guilty. It stated that based on that post alone, it did not INDICATE guilty knowledge AT THAT TIME. Everything he stated after, he even said was his opinion. There are so many factors regarding that post that may or may not have been taken into account. Would the conclusion been different had Mr. Hyatt had the whole conversation? Meaning the post TM was responding to? Also, it was so aptly mentioned that TM may very well feel no guilt for what she is being charged with doing, IF that is the case, obviously guilty knowledge would not appear. Too many variables in this instance for anyone to conclude that SA is "wrong" - In the event that someone was able to successfully PROVE SA was wrong here, well, there has been so many "rights" that this would simply be filed away onto that 1% of SA inaccuracy. Big whoop. Kudos to Mr. Hyatt for owning his "opinion" as off a bit.

I thoroughly enjoy this community and what I learn from it, just remember folks, that we do not have all the facts that LE has...

Lastly, Elf, your comment on the last thread about their "Disney shit" was so funny I literally laughed loudly whilst my family slept! I love your sense of humor!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I agree. Innocent until proven guity. Facts before all else. Unimpassioned justice is most just.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

oh I didn't see shot gun pic!!

I find it's pretty typical of some women, mostly moms of preadolencent children - to start posting pics of just their family without them -- maybe they just don't like the way they look as much anymore or it becomes habit that they are ones holding the camera. not that it doesn't denonstrate ceratin things -- but I also think it's pretty typica
Maybe they never did like the way they look. I like guns too Doesnt mean I'm a murderer

CarlaP said...


I don't doubt there could be a serial killer loose in the MB area, but what does that have to do with the Heather Elvis murder? The Moorers weren't charged with kidnapping and murder on a hunch or a whim, the police have evidence, including surveillance camera footage. Angela Pipkin has multiple arrests for drug and prostitution charges, increasing the possibility of being a victim of a serial killer as prostitutes unfortunately tend to be easy prey for them. Or she could have just disappeared of her own accord. But again, how do you think that correlates to Heather Elvis?

Anonymous said...


She did post pics of herself from that cruise to her photo bucket.

Anonymous said...

There are reasons there are standards to convict, and reasons journalism requires the words "elliged" or however it's spelled.

for our own best interest - we should allow for the unknown as we express our suspicions.

look at how we derailed ourselves with Josh Bearden.

one of the reasons I return to this site so much it the clinical quality of the posts, while the coments can swell with prejudice presumption and passion -- the statement analysis remains clinical and scientific,. it's an awesome combo., when the post loose their discipline and become impassioned oppinion -- I understand -- how can you resist when you feel so strongly -- but it's also frustrating. it feels like editorializing -- when we (at least I) are/am looking for the straight story.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:13, Kosmo 1:05 and Anon 1:11 - The word is SCENT not SENT. Thank you.

Anonymous said...


I don't doubt there could be a serial killer loose in the MB area, but what does that have to do with the Heather Elvis murder? The Moorers weren't charged with kidnapping and murder on a hunch or a whim, the police have evidence, including surveillance camera footage. Angela Pipkin has multiple arrests for drug and prostitution charges, increasing the possibility of being a victim of a serial killer as prostitutes unfortunately tend to be easy prey for them. Or she could have just disappeared of her own accord. But again, how do you think that correlates to Heather Elvis?
What about Brittany Drexel?

Anonymous said...

ha -- thank you!! I can use all the spelling help I can get. esp with those suckers that spell check doesn't notice because it's just a different real word, thank you. no joke.

scent scent scent.

I sent the dog to see if he could pick up a scent but for his two cents there was no sign she had ever been that way.

Maggie said...

Hi Carla--Well, Angela Pipkin has been missing quite a while now, and her cell phone goes to voicemail, so it is unlikely she is missing of her own accord. Her father was driving her to a friends, he left the car to get an icecream and when he came back she had vanished. (Some similarity here with Heather also gone missing from her own vehicle). Also, the scenario of how she went missing would seem to not have anything to do with prostitution/drug use bc she went missing from her father's car when he went to get an icecream. Cops in the Heather case have given no information explaining any of the charges including what surveillance camera(s) captured the 2 instsnces of indecent exposure or even explaining what the indecent exposure was. Same with the other charges. No info on what was found leading to the murder charge. No explanation for how it was determined Heather was kidnapped and killed at Peachtree Landing. I see everyone on here guessing and guessing about all of these unknowns, yet, we don't know anything. If they explain how any of the charges were reached I will believe the Moorers are guilty 100%, but I do not understand the lack of ANY information about any of the charges.

Anonymous said...

If this goes to trial, I expect to hear that all (or most) of Sidney's Facebook posts praising his "amazing, hot, blonde" wife beginning in late October/November were actually written and posted by Tammy Moorer and not by Sidney. Those posts were meant for Heather to see. My guess is that Sidney told Tammy he had ended it with Heather, she discovered that he had not, and all hell broke loose.

That said -- I think there were six calls from Heather to Sidney -- right? What we don't know is this: Was Sidney answering his phone or was it possibly Tammy?

Maggie said...

Oh, also, I should add, with this other young woman missing a month after Heather, if the Moorer's killed Heather, could they have also killed Angela Pipkin? Why won't cops explain the many charges against TM and SM?

Anonymous said...

thanks mj

Anonymous said...

Any links to these "good" pics of Tammy before she morphed into sweathog?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 4:54pm, the only link to pics I have seen is this one:


CarlaP said...


I see where you're coming from now, I didn't see what the connection was earlier because it never occurred to me that you were thinking the Moorers could be responsible for other murders. Anything is possible, especially since we have very little info from LE to go on. My gut says no, just Heather, but who knows, these two seem really twisted with the bizarre sexual escapades.

Anonymous said...

i used the link somebody else posted earlier to see the pics - the one that was supposed to be with the gun. didn't see the gun but saw few younger tammy pics after scrolling down.

Vita said...

My point being Compliance, for who didn't grasp my post.

Heather upon the communications unknown to us, she complied. She naive, the voice of authority an older person, she obeyed. The two Moorers to be older, wiser and of directives, motives. Or one of them, she complied to their order. She drove to meet one or both. Unknown.

This movie trailer, linked below, is based upon a true story. It's not fiction. Compliance

This came out as an Indy film. That is was shown at chosen locations. On IMDB, you can read the reviews. That people left the theater, upon the first portion watched, that they said no one could or would be this stupid.

They walked out because it made them feel uncomfortable. Easy answer no one could or would be this stupid. It's psychology used in the negative. That gains a response of I obey.

It's thought provoking to see that one would not say NO, I will not comply, I will not obey. The reaction of the manager, she not only to comply and obey, she to enforce upon the 19 yr old, her own doctrine. I am your boss you will do as I say. The elder woman who is boss to use upon the 19 yr old her authority, as if she was her mother. You will comply or he says you are going to jail.

She the 19 yr old did nothing wrong. She to be victimized by her boss and coworkers, under the order of a prankster? or over the directives of the restaurant manager? He calling into the restaurant, using a voice of authority. His directives the boss complies, without asking any questions, as she feels she is the authority. She the oldest over all the staff, her duty. He pretending to be law enforcement, she reacts with I will do whatever you say.

Heather, she on her 22nd hour that night, wee hours of, she exhausted. She to be of communications within Sidney calling texting, or Tammy disguised texting as him. She said to be upset, her roommate, she was crying due to the communications with SM. Who demanded they meet ? as she felt she had to, or she was told to? or else this will happen. She went.

Trailer http://youtu.be/WdONydDX44I

Reviews IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1971352/

elf said...

Perhaps they killed Heather in her car. Between the two of them moving her wouldn't have been hard. Another possible scenario would be they subdued Heather in some manner, took her to their own home, killed her then took her on their Disney trip. OR it happened in Heathers car and she was carried to the water by the two.
Any possibility is horrendous.
sometimes its hard to be objective :(

elf said...


Anonymous said...

scent... cant anyone spell?!

Theresa said...

Her kids were cute they were smaller and seemingly happier. They look miserable and unkempt in those photos.

Theresa said...

Morphed into a Sweathog!!! Omg! Best line ever.

Kosmo said...

Get over yourself to all the spelling gods.. seriously

Anonymous said...

Hahaha my thoughts exactly


Anonymous said...

Tammy was transferred to the Georgetown facility yesterday. Last evening for several hours, peachtree landing was closed off and local and state police were there. Concidence or a possibility she confessed? Probably too much to hope for. I see her spineless husband rolling before her. He must feel so lost without her there to tell him when he's allowed to so much as fart.

Amy said...

No one would say Tammy looks “good.” You’re either blind, or you’re Tammy/Moorer clan. 95% of Moorer “supporters” online are fake profiles created and controlled by Tammy herself. The only Moorer supporters are the voices in Tammy’s head!