Monday, February 3, 2014

Josh Bearden States that Leeanne is a Runaway

Josh Bearden and family reports now they believe that Leeanne is a runaway, in spite of having only $60, some credit cards and no cell phone, and the length of time that has passed.  Would she not have used the credit card by now?  Would she not have relied upon others to survive this long?  Wouldn't she have made some contact with family or friends by this point?

These are some puzzling questions and even in interviews, these questions do not seem to be asked.

Without evidence of a crime, police have called off searching for her.

 Here are some of the quotes from Josh Bearden:

"She was having some difficulty adjusting back  to life in the United States after being on the road."

"She is a budgeter she can stretch money out.   She could have stretched this out.  I hope she is just taking a time out or playing Survivor Woman or something like that.  That's,  that's what actually keeps me going. "

"There is no clues at all, and it,'s , I just can't believe it.  Like, nobody just disappears like that."

Note:  Regarding the past tense reference:

a.  Does it mean that she only had the difficulty in a specific time prior to going missing?

b.  Does he think she is still having difficulty now that she is "on the road" and still missing?

c.  Does he believe she is deceased?

With "budgeter" we have present tense language.  The expected is present tense language throughout unless a specific period of time in the past exists.

The word "that" is distancing language.  He does not say "this is what actually keeps me going..."
The word "this" refers to something close.  With budgeting, he uses the word "close" but regarding being able to "keep going", he uses "that."


John Mc Gowan said...
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John Mc Gowan said...
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John Mc Gowan said...

Peter, what would you say is a long enough time period for family members of a missing person to start using the past tense?.


If you live in the area… COULD YOU DO ME A FAVOR and check out your property and see if there is anything unusual out there?’

"Could you do ME a favor"

WOW..His wife is missing and he is asking for favors for himself. This is very odd language. He is not asking someone to lend a lawn mower as a "favor", his wife is missing, i would expect. If you see her out there please contact myself or LE etc.

'The second I lose my hope, LEEANE IS GONE,' he told KSAT. 'MY BIGGEST FEAR IS THAT I LOOSE HOPE.'

"Leeane is gone"

I have heard people use this type of language when someone passes away. Is this an embedded admission that he knows "She's gone"?.

"My biggest fear is that i loose hope"

He now tells us "loosing hope" is his biggest fear. Yet in a previous statement his biggest fear was that she got "Abducted"

Why would he loose hope. Surely he would cling onto any "Hope" be it how small.For him to fear loosing hope so soon sends up red flags for me.

As i have previously written, my biggest fear would be that she was found dead.

Something is off??
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Anon said...

Check the insurance policies. I think Josh and both families are covering for Leanne in her/his quest to disappear. Leanne's family is quiet. Why?

Anon said...

Check the insurance policies. I also think they are scamming for donations now (ins policy years down the road) I think Josh and both families are covering for Leanne in her/his quest to disappear. Leanne's family is quiet. Why?

JerseyJane said...

I hope she is just taking a time out or is playing Survivor Woman etc.........

I understand his anger but doesn't this sound quite mocking to say about a missing wife? A time out like a child time out? Playing Survivor Woman like a kid plays SuperHero?....

I referenced it as "acting like a child" because the playing and time out in same sentence. Is this his way to get the last word in a fight, which I believed happened.. Or a dig into a/his victim?
The husband saying "playing Survivor Woman" just mocked the whole 22 months of being on their own exploring and surviving other countries, which should have been a very proud time between him and his wife.... Why would you mock one of the biggest adventures u shared last with your missing wife????? Puzzling to me? Commenters what do u think?

Sus said...

Jersey Jane,
I am reading their blog. You hit on something I noticed.

The trip, as well as many aspects of it, was Leanne's goal. Josh tagged along. It seems he had a good time, but she was fulfilling a life's dream.

It is also obvious they were on a strict budget which Leanne enforced. She kept Josh in line like he was the little boy and she the mother.

Unknown said...

Hi Jersey Jane,

I think the idea that she would be 'playing survior woman', or taking a 'time out' is ridiculous. I think his whole story is ridiculous. Who goes for a run/walk/hike when they are expecting a job interview call in an hour??

Josh is making light of the danger his wife is facing by characterizing her disappearance as some kind of game.

Sus said...

"She is a budgeter..."
Present tense, telling us what Leanne is. What is a budgeter to Josh? He tells us in the next line...

"She can stretch money out"
In Josh's definition, a budgeter makes money last, gives him more things (and time) for his dollar.

"She could have stretched this out."
Now he goes to past tense. He's not talking about Leanne on the road now, but something in the past she didn't do. She didn't stretch THIS out, but she could have.

"This" is close to Josh Bearden, what he wanted and Leanne didn't make happen. "This" is most likely what they argued about. "This" is related to money...

OS said...

Jersey Jane, I agree with the mocking. It seems this to be his normal, discrediting Leanne. If he is the author of list written, About us, on their travel blog.

Tit for Tat

Her accomplished, achievements,her person is mocked. This is not partnership. This who he is? he her rival? he to admonish her at who's expense? Hers or his? Written by who? both in their 30's, the poking jests written of Leanne is not becoming. Below the pokes that stand out, copied.

Leanne is 5'3" (she likes to round up) and Josh is 6'0".

We met through friends at a bar. This is proof that you really can meet someone in a bar and Leanne doesn't even drink that much.

Leanne broke her foot as a result of running too much. Josh broke his hand as a result of playing a video game in Korea.

Leanne has run 9 marathons. Josh thinks running a marathon is one of the worst ideas in the world.

Leanne got her first gray hair at the age of 21. Josh got his first gray hair at the age of 35.

Josh's nose is 1/3 the size of Leanne's nose. There is hope for our children to have a normal sized nose!

Leanne learned the song "Fifty Nifty United States" in 4th grade. This means she knows all 50 states in alphabetical order, something that never comes in handy!

Marie said...

We find Biblically the Lord will always break someone and bring them suffering so that they can have compassion and be used for his kingdom. Just as Christ was brought to his goal by his sufferings.
I have been following this case and think about it daily. I have tried to wrap my mind it and every scenario of where Leanne could be. I have a hard time believing she just vanished without a trace but is still alive and living with a new identity. I think about my computer and cell phone history, there would be so many clues and a look into my personal life, thoughts and dreams just by searching the history or even looking at my pinterst page. I don’t see how the LE couldn’t come up with at least 1 clue if she was going to disappear on purpose.
This takes a very strategic plan with lots of moving parts that need to happen to accomplish this without fail and she couldn’t have acted alone. There has to be 1 other person out there who knows something.
There was a couple in our area this weekend that killed their daughter and they “disappeared” and they were caught in less than 12 hours actually TRYING to hide and avoid the police. This day in electron media and coverage how does Leanne hideout for 2 weeks without a trace? If she was lost or injured during the hike the searches and helicopter aerials would have found her. If she is hiding please contact someone, if she is gone forever then I hope her body is recovered for peace.

TopixNutt said...

Did he write the jests or did she?
If we knew for sure it tells a lot about the writer, if he, he's a jerk cutting his wife down, if she, she is lacking in self esteem.

Blogs are kind of hard to get an idea on true personality IMO, people try so hard to be entertaining.

JerseyJane said...

Sus, Jen Ow, OS, WoW, to the analysis u all brought forth!! WoW, again... My goodness, that tit for tat. What a glimpse into the husband's personality and feelings towards his wife. Also, the way he speaks in John's above post^, the husband sounds like what I call "a community person". Which is someone that pleases( will go thru hell and high water) friends, family, others in community so he comes off as all-good and all-knowing. But behind close doors with his wife(and kids; if have) is a complete no-doer, verbal abuser, and not a family man. But others see how he is in what I call on the outside, the community.... WoW, again, scary stuff... He appears worse cuz he broadcasts his wife's negatives( the tit for tat list)..that's making it scary to me for Leeanne in my opinion..

JerseyJane said...

Excellent read, Marie. Wonderful insight!
So true, TopixNutt:-) People can hide what they really feel by labeling it as entertaining. It's like the famous, "oh, I'm kidding!"

Local anon in the Hailey Dunn case said...

The writer of tit for tat mocks Josh more than Leanne. I think some of you are going down a rabbit trail on the tit for tat trail. Respectfully, local anon in the Hailey Dunn case

JerseyJane said...

Not if if the mockings against him are minor.. I would take 10 minor mocks vs. A gigantic mock against my nose, suggesting my nose is more then double my husband's size and an added double whammy of the thought of any of our future children being plague by it!!

Hell, 100 minors can't compare to a husband basically calling out your face as disfigured...

Local Anon this is all my opinions. It's nice to brain-storm and go back and forth with ideas.:-)

OS said...

I found their YT channel of many uploads. Their traveling documented. This particular video to stand out as it's short, them contained into a small space. Leanne is filming.

If you know the four elements of Fire, Air, Water and Earth and apply them to personality's, energies/action reaction within couples and or relationships.

She Leanne is fire, and he is water. She her energy swiftly changes upon his attitude and body language. She begins light hearted happily filming, and she is doused, her tone of voice changes. She absorbs his negatives, his complaining, he to derail their experience of a once. They to be traveling within Egypt, he to say of the train, expensive 60 per ticket, it was their only option of travel. He to handle the interior of the state room, as if it's trash, Thank you for representing American travelers, Josh.

All is beneath him, and he sways Leanne within seconds to be of no longer thrilled to be of this experience, his water puts out her fire. Ying Yang, she to quip because were foreigners. Excuse me? She instantly takes on his energy and begins to complain, she to make fun of staff, as in language barrier. They are in Egypt, they are the outsider, guest. No respect. They not equipped to figure out how to turn the beds down. Maybe it was how it wasn't asked vs language barrier. People who are offended by nature will respond to rude travelers no English, as in figure it out yourself.

Possibly RUDE is/was their forefront language upon their travels. This his said, the Train their only option. Why the ugly commentary, to film it, the train is perfectly acceptable. As it's transport and lodging affording them to their next destination.

I to find this within the entries of their travel blog. Entries of their experiences meeting others in foreign countries. They to stay in remote off the beaten path, of lodging. Hostels and or rooming houses, they or JB? to write snarks of the experience was less than tolerable. Due to the lackey, these persons who provided them lodging were not up who's standard? The quip over and over of language barrier, as neither of them speak Spanish of any fluency, they in South America.

Off the beaten path, they mocking of the persons, natives of their own villages, that they were not speaking fluent English. I found the entries trite.

Reading the entries of Bolivia, written again mocking the good people who they were graciously taken in by. To add insult to injury to post the woman's, lady of the house, her photo,(who harbored them) she in her own kitchen. JB/LB? to write of her cooking negative, her other boarders negative. The other boarders not to engage in conversation at meal times, within their stay. J&H to claim themselves world travelers I find amusing. Many cultures eat in silence, this to be respected, not mocked. No respect of others is throughout the entries of their travels. I am sure many remember who encountered them, as it is written the many complaints of, beneath standards, compared to what? as they were in remote practically 3rd world areas.

Who is the author of these entries, best guess: Josh
As he is negative in body language and verbal, within the videos I viewed of them. He is sloth, no offense to Sloth's the mammal.

My questions is who funded this world travel? and within the end of the ride, they landing in Texas. What was the collide that became indifference. How much could one person take, of negative. She to be enveloped in her last 2 wks, by more than one Apple? I would like to know if Leanne had a personal will drawn up, prior to this 2 yr stint around the world. If she had within her name a trust account, and or he to put a LIP upon her head, she not aware. Money to gain, wreaks within her missing.

Local anon in the Hailey Dunn case said...

Point well taken Jersey. But, perhaps the nose comment is not one she would find offensive. She is a very beautiful woman with a strong nose. My husband and I both have strong, prominant noses (that give us our good looks:)). We always joked that when we had had kids the delivery could clear the shoulders but not the nose. Maybe she wrote it because of the hope for children with smaller noses. So I I don't think it is necessarily a big mock.

Local anon in the Hailey Dunn case said...

"He is sloth, no offense to Sloth's the mammal."

I got a kick out of that OS.

mainah said...

OT:AYLA REYNOLDS 911 call transcript release.

Anonymous said...

I hope the cops don't let this one slide. you know there's a body somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Ayla Reynolds 911 transcript Part A
Ayla Reynolds 911 transcript Part B

From this link that mainah posted.

mainah said...

OT: Ayla Reynolds 911 transcripts

I just sent you a copy via Facebook private message. I don't think it's complete but I also sent you the link. I had to use Adobe Reader to see it.

I'm looking forward to your analysis!

SALurkerOne said...

I'm really looking forward to hearing the analysis on the Ayla Reynolds 911 calls. Although only two were mentioned - wasn't there three?

C5H11ONO said...

Ayla 911 transcripts released

OS said...

Local Anon No Rabbit Hole within my post. They are a newly wed, 4 yrs, couple of only the demands they set upon each other. The About Us, isn't a factuality of get to know us, it's of minced derogatory snark list upon Leanne, not measuring up, or she over achieved him, according to Josh.

Josh's nose is 1/3 the size of Leanne's nose. There is hope for our children to have a normal sized nose!

As it is written, Josh is the constant, and Leanne is the variable. There is hope for our children to have a normal sized nose!

Which is upon his nose being smaller, superior? or it's his hope for our children, not personal to either of them. As he never planned on having children with Leanne. Our doesn't equate US as a couple. As it is written in two separate thoughts, that do not correlate.

I find the entries very derogative upon a spouse writing this of their " About us" for readership.
As it's not a odd of one, it is one after the other. Black/White no Gray. She announced and denounced upon his perception of her, via his control? she, who is his wife.

**Leanne was in a band but quit for our trip. (Just a side thing, nothing fancy)

He cannot help himself. Praise for Leanne, then her achievement is fluffed off, then comes the slam.

She Leanne is not his first choice? He to compare her to who? Or is it he feels he cannot measure up to Leanne? She is healthy, educated, naturally beautiful, her of many achievements, talents. All the entries of praise mentioned, she devalued second breath, even her nose is evidently sensitive to Josh. Her nose represents her character, her individual.

To crop again, her size, her physical attributes, said by family in statements after her missing. The family added that while Bearden is athletic, "she is small in stature." Ying Yang again. Leanne cannot catch a break. She is approved, then not, a negative added.

They whoever is family, to note her body athletic, then to switch it, her athletic body is of no value? because she is small? What does her body size have to do with her personal strength?

Then came the Private Investigator Parker, hired by Will Bearden, Josh's father. He to have the Houston Chronicle post images of Leanne's identical wedding ring and band. They are photos from a Jeweler, not her rings obviously. He to say these identical rings are very unusual rings. No they are not unusual. If they were, he would not be able to find a jeweler local, present day, with the identical rings of 4+ yrs ago.

Her rings are off the shelf, mass produced, not unusual. Not made for her. Her ring size is unusual. This not the focus, of the PI to state, he to add her size, yet not to elaborate. Her ring finger is a 3 1/2. He is hired by who has the power of persuasion. Whatever is stated, is of the Bearden family. He to run off their saids. Can we say lack of objectivity.

This article of Will Bearden, he to speak on local radio, of Leanne. Everything he to say of witnesses, she seen, have since been retracted. Gee why? because his saids were of no validity. He to go local, and protest this info as factual. When it wasn't. At who's expense? the Beardan's or Leanne's. Leanne is voiceless. Anything they repeat enough, will become the truth, spun by them, slung by media. Unless said otherwise by LE. Who's side are the Bearden's on? why is there a felt division? within the press quotes of the "family" who are not named, yet are ambiguous. As if Leanne is a criminal, she taking advantage? Susan Powell anyone?, she represented falsely, via her husband, his squirrel bait father, as we are all so familiar. She never found.

sidewalk super said...

is anyone else surprised that this guy is at least twice the size of his wife, therefor hurting her would have been within reason.
He was on news program over the weekend, came across as totally uninvolved, not really interested, might have been reading a teleprompter.
Not looking good for wifey.

Sus said...

I am so glad you mentioned the family's PI, Charlie Parker.

His tweet the other day. "We're coming for you, Leanne."

What? That doesn't sound like he's looking for her, but instead going to get her.

Shelley said...

2 things..

Has anyone read anything about scent dogs being brought in? To me, an adult out walking that didn’t return is the perfect time to use scent dogs. It could take them to her…..

And the fact that she had a job interview in an hour but didn’t take her phone or anything to provide a method to know what time it was is a big issue for me.

Also someone above noted that no mention of taking a bottle of water. That to me would be more likely than a back pack for a short walk.

JerseyJane said...

Local Anon I don't agree with your comment on the statement that was made about wife's nose in relationship to husband's nose size.

Here is why. You and your husband BOTH have strong, prominant noses as a married couple. The comments you shared back and forth together, as I read, are just gushing with lots of love!! You and your husband are a joined force and show pride in what makes your face have wonderful character. Reading what you wrote and what was written tit four tat are from two different sides of the spectrum..

Your writing about you and your husband's nose showed love and respect for the whole person.
You can't compare both to one that is singled out plus then an add-on nsult is added..

I see OS has took note to the husband's pattern above^^^. and boy, what a pattern it is!! Excellent, OS!!

Marie said...

"She was having some difficulties adjusting back to life in the United States after being on the road".

Was it difficulties adjusting back to life after their 2 year travels or difficulties adjusting to being a married woman/wife and the 2 year "honeymoon" was finally over and she once she wanted out of her marriage things started to fall a part?

Anonymous said...

Why not put the "Leanne is missing" info on their travel blog? Friends afar might have ideas or clues.

Maybe they don't want to embarrass her if she has run away. If it was my sister, I would try to get the word out in every way I could.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to thank OS for all the posts, so informative and fascinating to read. I'm new here and wouldn't dare attempt to make an analysis. However I enjoy commenting and trying to figure this out with you all. When I first found out about Leanne, I sat around watching their YT videos for hours. I also noticed that Josh had a negative undertone and demeanor. He always found the downside to their travels and seemed bothered more than anything. He had a heavy energy to him. It's a shame someone pulled the Albania video where they were playing bumper cars. Again thanks to all for posting, I enjoy reading the thoughts and analysis daily.Yasmin*

Marie said...

The only reason I can entertain the theory she walked away on purpose was because she had nothing to leave .behind, no job, no kids, no responsibility, no commitments. as a woman I can see her wanting to get out before she is really locked into her marriage i.e pregnancy. maybe all she wanted in Josh was a travel companion, but knew he couldn't provide her the security of a husband and manage a household together.

Anonymous said...

I've thought about that as well^ although it seems highly unlikely. Unless she found someone that was supporting her the moment she fled. How could she go unnoticed with the coverage this case has received? I suppose it could happen, but my gut is Josh has done something, regardless of not being suspect by LE. I think he knows exactly where she is. I just wish this had a happy ending, which seems impossible now.

Anonymous said...

did you see any clues in his language how or where he may have killed her?

Carnival Barker said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Carnival Barker said...

Whenever a wife goes missing and there is no evidence one way or the other and the husband quickly jumps to "runaway" or "she ran off with another man" that convinces me of their guilt. (See Josh Powell) The ONLY reason to intentionally sway LE and the public to stop looking for your missing spouse is because you don't want them found in the condition that you left them.

Unknown said...

Is Leanne Bearden in Mexico?

Bearden's family says it has come to the conclusion that the 33 year old Denver woman, who vanished from her in laws home in Garden Ridge January 17th, may have been spotted on the Mexican border.

"Our private investigator in Laredo says there was a sighting of her down there," Will Bearden, Leanne's father in law, told 1200 WOAI's Michael Board, "Somebody said they saw her with a Mexican woman, shopping."

Will Bearden says that would be consistent with reported sightings of the woman on Highway 3009, which heads from Garden Ridge to Interstate 35, and at several places along I-35, between the Metrocom and Laredo.

Leanne had just returned from traveling the world with her husband Joshua and the family was staying with Joshua's parents in Garden Ridge waiting for tenants, who had leased their home in Denver while they were out of the country, to move out. In fact, the reason Will Bearden gave why Leanne did not take a cell phone with her when she left to go for a 'walk' in the early afternoon of January 17th was that prospective employers in Denver may be calling back.

"We are not angry at her," Will said. "She is not in any legal trouble, and if that is what she is worried about, please, we're asking her not to be concerned about that."

Prominent San Antonio private detective Charlie Parker, who took over the case when police determined that Bearden was not a victim of foul play, will be in Laredo today to check out the alleged sighting.

Relatives said Leanne had '$60 and some credit cards' when she set out on her walk. They didn't say if she had a passport, but obviously she had one from her round the world trip and it would make sense that she may have taken it with her on her walk.

It is not a crime for an adult to 'vanish,' and the Border Patrol or Mexican authorities would have had no reason to stop her if she did indeed cross the border. It would make sense for Bearden to be with another person, because officials said they have had no indication that her credit cards were used, and it's difficult to get anywhere with just $60.

Read more:

Marie said...

If Leanne wanted to go undercover and assume a new identity why would she have left at a time when Josh was home? She could have waited until he left to run errands and sneak out of the back door and never been seen or heard from again. Also, if she left at a time when Josh was away she would have more of an opportunity to take more of her belonging/supplies with her for a longer period of time on her own vs. a few protein bars and a small pack that would last a few days. As a woman if I am fleeing my home, I wouldn’t stop to say goodbye to my spouse. If Leanne was in danger she could have left the home for a “walk” and knocked on anyone’s door to use a phone to call LE or a friend to help her if Josh wouldn't allow her to have the cell phone. Texans are known for their hospitality and I am sure anyone would have assisted her if she was in a DV situation. If she is running and telling people she can’t return to Josh then I can see a lot of strangers helping her stay undercover.

Big Russian said...

The FACT that Josh Bearden is stalking Peter Hyatt on YOU Tube and making derogatory posts is pretty damn creepy.

Unknown said...

Big Russian, what derogatory posts is he making / saying?

Anonymous said...

Josh made a comment that for someone that seems so normal -meaning Hyatt -
is filled with so much hate. Good grief this is coming from a husband who has a missing wife. The last thing I'd be doing is leaving comments for anonymous individuals. Josh, you are not doing yourself and image any favours by talking. *Yasmin

Anonymous said...

Sorry for posting numerous comments but wanted to add: If I remember correctly, Josh is nearing 40 years of age. I would think that he would have learned that what others think of him, isn't his business. That may help a bit and perhaps Josh should realize there are a LOT of people "talking" that he would have to silence. What are you hiding Josh? *Yasmin

Sus said...

"...may have been spotted on the Mexican border."

So was the McStay Family.

Anonymous said...

Could someone here help decipher why Josh feels the need to defend himself? If he has a clear conscience, isn't defending oneself pointless. Or do those of innocent standing react this way as well? Thank you for helping, confused.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, I just checked the Facebook page and it appears the admins have done a lot of editing this morning. Last night was the first I had seen the page and I noticed that Josh was commenting. One of his comments stated that about 20 of them were out looking that day but organizing a public search was too difficult because everyone has to sign waivers and they have to follow trespassing rules. This struck me as some pretty weak excuses for not doing so. So I simply said so without trying to sound too accusatory, right? So this morning comments from that post have been slimmed down from nearly 80 to only
27. All of Josh's posts have been removed. AND for some reason I suspected this would happen so I took a screenshot of his lousy excuse. He also mentions that police still have his laptop so you know LE is working on this. My opinion is they know something bad happened to her and all this talk about her leaving on her own is a ploy to get Josh to slip up

Anonymous said...

Ignore last post. I had posted my comment under another post and I just found it. Josh's posts are still under that post too.

Still it's a terrible excuse!

Anonymous said...

Thank you anon for the facebook update.I think it's a matter of time before Josh slips up as well. I've never seen someone who is "innocent" behave so guilty. IMO

Statement Analysis Blog said...

When someone first goes missing, the family is generally too zoned on the missing person to care what anonymous comments are left.

As days pass, the comments may begin to catch up to them, adding to the pain.

Now, the pain felt may be unnecessary, as in the case when an innocent (not simply judicially innocent, but de facto innocent) is accused, or it may be due to guilt, but it may impact both.

The guilty party, (as we have seen) will become obsessed with "proving" innocence, while the innocent will be hurt, but continue to move forward with recovering the missing person.

It is a sad reality, but I think that if you read news articles, there are those who will post deliberately nasty and malicious things.

Recently, I was reading comments on a missing person case in which commentators discussed "having sex" with the missing person.

Certainly, if I was in the position of a family member, I would not read the comments because there are those who post only for attention; howbeit negative attention.

We have some here.

Some will post, hours per day, over and over, throughout the blog, only to be deleted, over and over.

yet they continue.

It may seem to us to be without sense, but to them, there are those who do not sleep well unless they have hurt others.

I take no personal shots at Josh Bearden, but do have an opinion on his words.

He has posted his opinion on my words. It is his right.

I hope Leeanne is safe and well, and whether he appreciates it or not, I will continue to cover her case, and help keep her name and face "out there" among readership.

John, you ask a good question. I will post response.


Local anom in the Hailey Dunn case said...

Good points Jersey and OS.

Curious said...

OS said...
Local Anon No Rabbit Hole within my post. They are a newly wed, 4 yrs, couple of only the demands they set upon each other. The About Us, isn't a factuality of get to know us, it's of minced derogatory snark list upon Leanne, not measuring up, or she over achieved him, according to Josh. do we know who the author of the "About Us" list is? What if it is Leanne writing in self deprecating humor? It's possible Leanne was self conscience of her nose. It's possible that the band remark was an attempt at humbleness.

Is there information tha states who the author is? Thanks

Curious said...

I don't like the fact that Josh didn't seem to care for Leanne safety....when she took a walk without a phone., that could be used in danger situations.

I see other red flags, but I'm not gonna waste time on nit-picking the writing of their blogs. (To support ones views or feelings of this mystery.)

I prefer to focus on facts.

Anonymous said...

wth, is he nuts, cops don't look for runaways..... hhmmm think about that for a minute.

Rachel said...

Someone above mentioned adding her missing information to their travel blog. This has been asked NUMEROUS times on their facebook page "Our Friend Leanne Hecht Bearden." It was asked again yesterday, and I finally commented about the number of times it had been requested and my curiosity as to why it hadn't happened. Today, I found my comment deleted, and a response from Josh in which he stated that he planned to put the information on their blog "as soon as he gets his laptop back from LE (law enforcement)." WTH?!?! Why wait?!?! That blog AND the missing info (poster, website link, etc.) can be accessed from any computer anywhere. Even the very device he was using to post on fb. The lack of urgency to make this happen is very frustrating!

Anonymous said...

Is there something LE can do to get a better read on Josh, other than a polygraph which isn't a reliable measure.

Has anything been addressed on his behalf to take away suspicion that many have?

I haven't seen Josh and Leanne's family come together, am I wrong?

Did he ever put the Albania video back up? Have most here seen that video?

Anonymous said...

Is there something LE can do to get a better read on Josh, other than a polygraph which isn't a reliable measure.

Has anything been addressed on his behalf to take away suspicion that many have?

I haven't seen Josh and Leanne's family come together, am I wrong?

Did he ever put the Albania video back up? Have most here seen that video?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Peter for this incredible blog analysis. I am amazed at how accurate you are, thrilled to have found out about your writings.

Anonymous said...

OS said
Then came the Private Investigator Parker, hired by Will Bearden, Josh's father. He to have the Houston Chronicle post images of Leanne's identical wedding ring and band. They are photos from a Jeweler, not her rings obviously. He to say these identical rings are very unusual rings. No they are not unusual. If they were, he would not be able to find a jeweler local, present day, with the identical rings of 4+ yrs ago.

Her rings are off the shelf, mass produced, not unusual. Not made for her. Her ring size is unusual. This not the focus, of the PI to state, he to add her size, yet not to elaborate. Her ring finger is a 3 1/2. He is hired by who has the power of persuasion. Whatever is stated, is of the Bearden family. He to run off their saids. Can we say lack of objectivity.


I can't understand your writing skills. I thought he mentioned the rings so that people would be aware of the description in case they were hocked at a pawnshop.

Anonymous said...

I was just looking at the FB page for Leanne and I saw a recent comment from Josh that immediately set off a little alarm in my head. He was responding to someone and stated that a week or so before Leanne disappeared, they had gone hiking at Enchanted Rock. First, let me say, I don't believe that any of the sightings that we have heard about are actually Leanne. I would also like to know exactly how long Josh's parents were out of town. I believe it's a possibility that she went missing before the date it was reported. That feeling has been nagging at me from the beginning. We have not had any confirmation from LE about the last time someone other than Josh actually spoke to or physically saw Leanne alive. I would be very interested in finding out what day they went hiking at Enchanted Rock. And if I was LE, I'd be on a fast track out there to search. I haven't been to Enchanted Rock since the mid 90's and I'm not aware of the exact distance from Garden Ridge. Would he be that careless to put out that information if he's guilty and that's where something actually happened? I don't know. But it definitely triggered something in my head the moment I read it.

Anonymous said...

I believe she was missing (deceased) long before hubby called a missings person in to LE. I don't think she just left to never return. I think it puts more of a RED FLAG on Josh now more than any time from the past.

Curious said...

Anon at 8:13. Excellent red flags. Your post triggered something in my head too. According to google maps, Enchanted Rock is 2 hours and 23 minutes away from Garden ridge. Bet his red backpack is there too.

Anonymous said...

Curious, I bet you're right about the backpack! Have you looked at images of Enchanted Rock?? I'm not psychic by any means, but something is telling me they need to get out there and search.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I also meant to add that it would also fit with why police have said there is no evidence of foul play at the house.

Anonymous said...

The missing person info is still not posted on their blog. I just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

In the Albania video when Josh references himself as a cat and we all know who the mouse is, would that be symbolic of a murder? I remember seeing Peter's comment on the YT video and how angry it made Josh. If anyone saw that footage, did you find it equally disturbing?

Anonymous said...

Just viewed the images of Enchanted Rock, looks like a place that if foul play occurred, LE would have one heck of a time locating the body. I hope they search the area.

Jinjer said...

LE needs to search Enchanted Rock and bring cadaver dogs with. I bet they find the red backpack and (sadly) Leanne too. My guess is he killed her when she finally said she wanted to leave him.

Theresa said...

I wonder if everything just came to a head on their trip...traveling can make or break a couple, depending on how well they do it. 24/7 with a person is taxing. I bet she realized she can't stand him while on the trip, and he didn't like that she was leaving.

Anonymous said...

i watched the bumper cars video. my take on it was even though he seemed quit bored he did the bumper car thing for her sake. before he got the camera,it looked like to me she was pooning him. he kept saying he was going to easily get her but it seemed to me she was getting the best of him.
i would say it was all in good fun and love, just typical male sporting competition touts.

Anon at 9:52 said...

I agree Anon at 6:19am on the bumper cars video. I sensed no hostility and the murder comments were in different sentences and not run together.

I think Leanne's disappearance is a money scam.

ima.grandma said...

Snipped from:

"We are not angry at her," Will said. "She is not in any legal trouble, and if that is what she is worried about, please, we're asking her not to be concerned about that."

Big Russian said...

I would like to see an analysis of the 911 call. As far as I know it has not been made public.

Pam said...

Has Leanne's family come forward? Every statement I've read has come from either Josh or his family. Why hasn't Leanne's family hired a PI? Have there been any interviews of her parents or siblings?

R said...

There are holes all over this story. So sad. Why is only the Bearden family suggesting she is a runaway?

Also, his latest video says that she was anxious and may have run away...but in earlier videos he said he had NO idea what happened; in fact, I think in one he specifically said they had not had any issues. I will try to find it.

Big Russian said...

I don't know who wrote this article about JB, but it is, to say the least, in poor taste. Photos of him - 11, photos of LB - 2. Is it just me?

Rachel said...

Their fb page is ablaze with talk of sightings in Austin yesterday and today. One thing raised my eyebrows: In a thread of comments, Josh says he's headed to Austin to track the potential leads. 9 hours later, he left another comment that he would go search the house to see if Leanne took the serape she bought on their trip. Austin is an hour(ish) drive from where his parents live. So, he was there (a local news article reports that he and his father were both there) for only approximately 7 hours before heading back home?

Anonymous said...

It makes me sad to think he is involved and then leads people around under the guise of caring husband. I can't help but feel sorry for those that think husband is innocent. I wonder how long until Josh throws in the towel. I wish there were ways to keep people on this site talking, but because nothing has changed, people change their focus.

Anonymous said...

I know this isn't grounded in SA but my beloved dog died. More often than not, when my grief is acute, I catch myself referring to him in present tense, for which there is no reason. I think it must be an unconscious mechanism of denial as I loved him more than my deceased relatives and have never had that issue and perhaps due to the period of preparation I had with them. So I do not but into his past tense resignation. If people love someone enough to post 100 items, even in the total absence of evidence, they will cling to hope. Past denial.

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Anonymous said...

I know this thread is old now, but I happened upon it yesterday when looking to see if any additional investigation was done into Leanne's "suicide". I have to say, I am EXTREMELY taken aback by the fact that the most recent updates to JB's facebook page are all about his continuing travels....Only 4 months since losing his wife, and he's mustering up the motivation to travel and take happy pictures with friends. Wow.