Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Heather Elvis Case: Murder Without A Body

Many prosecutors are slow to move on a murder case without a body.  Even as Terry Elvis expressed his frustration towards law enforcement, it was frustration only due to Heather not being found, and, as he made it clear, not an indictment of their work, nor their dedication.

Yet, without a body, law enforcement has the courage to go forward with murder charges without a body.

What does this suggest?

Before we go into suggestion, it does show a strong and likely passionate conviction within the prosecutorial team to seek justice for Heather.  Do not think, even for a moment, that this is a calloused machine that operates by numbers.  What we may be seeing is men and women with children of their own, and Heather's youthful age is something that has gotten to us all.

Heather was just 20 years old.  Most kids at that age are still living at home and are still in school.  At 20, parents are not ready to let go; not even close.

Heather had made a poor decision to get involved romantically with a bad man, many years her senior. This was likely a source of contention between her and those who loved her, and it may have been that it was Heather, not Sidney, was breaking it off.

Each and every claim from camp Moorer will either be viewed through the lens of Statement Analysis, or with a grain of salt.

If we have direct quotes from either of the Moorers, Statement Analysis will tell us if they are deceptive or not, but if it is their supporters making such claims, it is something different.

When one lies, the lie itself is discerned because of intent.  When one intends to deceive, it is within the intention that we are able to discern.  Yet, when one repeats a lie, believing it, there is no intention to deceive and it will not be discerned.

For example, if I drive a red car, but deceptively describe myself as the owner of a blue car, given enough words, you might see the lie.  But if Person A believes me and repeats the lie about the red car, no deception will be evident.

From the Moorers I expect to hear them blame Heather.  I expect nothing but a follow through of the viciousness that Tammy displayed in her Facebook posting; something so vicious that it led me to think that she may not have had guilty knowledge.  The post, itself, does not indicate guilty knowledge.

Most guilty parties will seek to present themselves in the most positive manner; like thug Justin DiPietro, employing "yes sir" and "yes ma'am" when speaking to 911.  Gone is the vile street language and contempt he holds for society, as he sought to present himself in a respectful posture.

Tammy Moorer did not care how badly it made her appear:  her hatred burned as she blamed the young girl, while buying into the lies of her husband.  Guilty people often leak out their contempt, yet Tammy let it all hang out for all to see.  This is an insight into the character that Heather met up with that fateful morning.

Heather had gone out with a young man, of whom police cleared, and appeared to be on the proper road, once again.  This date may have been the answer to prayer, as anyone would be concerned about someone so young being exploited by the middle aged Sidney Moorer.

Somehow, in some way, Sidney Moorer was able to get Heather to leave the safety of her apartment, and meet him where, it appears, a surveillance camera was in operation.

The attorneys for the State have boldly charged both Moorers with "murder", after initially charging them with lesser crimes, which may have been tactical moves in a larger strategy for justice.  I applaud them.

What was it that has given them the confidence to charge the Moorers with murder, in spite of no body?

It may be that what was seen on the surveillance video was so extreme that they were confident no person could survive such;

it may be an eye witness to the crime, in which they would have strong confidence in;

it may be that physical evidence left behind by the Moorers is so much, and so strong, as to give them the boldness to make this conclusion...

it also may be things within the interviews of Sidney and Tammy Moorer that the physical evidence, including any video, has confirmed.

Tammy Moorer is older than her husband, and was unafraid to post her hatred of Heather Elvis.  This, itself, is not only unexpected, but frightfully chilling.

The connection to Disney will only heighten the 'chilling factor' and it may be that Hollywood has stood up and taken notice.  "Pennywise the Clown" still haunts those who remember the movie, "It" (or the book) and the obvious disconnect between "Mickey Mouse" and violent deliberate kidnapping and murder is something that will likely be explored in criminal circles, psychological circles, and by Hollywood.  Tammy Moorer, likely the dominant of the two, will continue to blame Heather, much to the anguish of Heather's family.

When Sidney Moore first spoke to police, he misled them, but quickly realized that phone records would link him, so he admitted that he called Heather (not the other way around) to tell her to leave him alone, that it was over.

I do not believe him.

I believe that Tammy, the dominant force, full of envy of the younger, beautiful woman, with full realization of her own aging, may have pushed Sidney to contact Heather, if, and this is a big if, if it was not that Sidney, himself, was enraged that Heather had successfully broken away from his older, mature, seemingly sophisticated control.

Remember: A woman in a domestically violent relationship is in the most danger in the hours and days after she breaks off the relationship.  This is when the abuser loses his control, and the violence can erupt.

Was this the case?

Or, was it Tammy, plotting her own form of revenge?

I don't know, yet, which it was, but Statement Analysis will get to the truth, if and when Sidney Moorer and Tammy Moorer speak out.  The expected?  They will blame Heather.

The truth?  It will be something different.

These two Mickey Mouse weirdoes in their "open marriage" will now have to face justice and should, by every account, give to Terry Elvis the location of Heather's remains, if only to assuage the anger of a public who has demanded answers from Sidney Moorer from the beginning.

Left behind is the incessant pain of the Elvis family who will likely be faced with a myriad of confusing and conflicting emotions, hurting over Heather, while demanding justice.  Satisfaction with justice, however, will not bring their precious Heather back to them.

Like many of you, I squeezed my daughter just a little bit tighter after interviewing Terry Elvis on radio.  I did not sleep that night, as the frustration in his voice, even in all of his heroic attempts to stay on topic, has echoed deep within me.  He and I are about the same age, love our families, and share a similar faith.

Tammy Moorer posted her vile hatred, unafraid of what the world would think of her.  Sidney parsed his words more carefully on Facebook:

"A few years ago the neighbor attacked my handicapped father in law.  I  pulled the neighbor off of him and all three of us got arrested. Long story short, all charges were dropped. For some reason people think I'm ashamed of this. I'd do it again in a heartbeat if someone attacked my father in law today."

"A few years ago the neighbor attacked my handicapped father in law.  I  pulled the neighbor off of him and all three of us got arrested. Long story short, all charges were dropped. For some reason people think I'm ashamed of this. I'd do it again in a heartbeat if someone attacked my father in law today."
Interesting how he introduced "a neighbor" with the article, "the" to start his post.  
Note also "Long story short" is a skipping over of time and information.  
He tries to portray himself as a hero, which is the expected, but Tammy lets it all hang out and shows her open contempt of Heather Elvis and her father Terry Elvis.  

Now she is charged with murder.  Now he is charged with murder.

Heather Elvis' blood is crying out from the ground for justice.

Horry County law enforcement has shown that it is up to the task.

We have not seen silly bickering about jurisdiction, nor any hedging of their bets.

They went for it, and are on the line, now, not for just a few charges, but for kidnapping.

I tip my hat to them.

Murder without a body has been done before, but we have all heard various district attorneys throughout the country telling families that they "need the body" in case after case.

Horry County.

Horry County took courageous and extraordinary steps, and I salute them for it.


Local anon in the Hailey Dunn case (soon to be GeekRad said...

I salute them as well. Authorities had conviction and courage to follow through. We don't see that much anymore.

debbie ponder said...


Anonymous said...

Sorry if this posts multiple times. I'm having a hard time posting.

Sorry to be OT on Heather's post. There is a horrible case going on in MA involving Justina Pelletier, MA DCFS (who are under public scrutiny as it is, for not just this case but other horrific cases), Boston Children's Hospital, and of course Justina's heartbroken family. I'll post a few links, but her story is easily searched on Google. The Blaze has been following her case pretty well.







Delilah said...

Peter, I applaud the sensitivity you've used when writing about Heather's case and bringing the truth to light. It's been painful to watch it unfold in my town, but I'm very proud of the way Horry County Police Department, Chief Saundra Rhodes, CUE Center for Missing Persons, thousands of volunteers, and all the outside agencies which pulled together for the Elvis family.

Like everyone else, our prayer is that Heather is found, that the focus continue to be on Heather and bringing her home, and all the other missing persons from Horry County like Brittanee Drexel, Zach Malinowski, Angie Pipkin, Johnny Brown, Kareem Ward….and these names are only a few….they ALL need to be found and justice served. It's hoped that the media will remember these folks as well.

Thanks for always doing a great job getting at the truth!

MsCabinFever said...

I think they are confident that they will find the body.

They saw something on those surveillance tapes that that showed to them that Heather couldn't have survived. I am afraid to know what they saw.

Thank goodness they bold enough to seek justice, even against what others would see as huge obstacles!

Ivanna-Anna said...

Does anyone know how much the tide changes water depth in Myrtle Beach? On 18th Dec, low tide was at around 2 am. High was around 7-8 am.

Anonymous said...

I just dunno about the surveillance tapes...surely they would have looked at tapes at the docks before now and if they had seen something on the tapes,it seems like they would have arrested Tammy and Sidney before now. Could the tapes be from somewhere else -- a third location? I mean, in addition to the two sites of indecent exposure. (Shudder.)

Amaleen6 said...

Part of the delay may be because the surveillance tapes had to be enhanced and analyzed.

Anonymous said...

(without a body, law enforcement has the courage to go forward with murder charges without a body.)

(it may have been that it was Heather, not Sidney, was breaking it off)
YEP, that is why she called her friend crying and upset about it?

(It may be that what was seen on the surveillance video was so extreme that they were confident no person could survive such)
Thay used the same "what ever was seen" to get a kidnapping charge first, I don't see how they didn't see it as murder to start with if it was as bad as you guess maybe it was.

(He tries to portray himself as a hero, which is the expected, but Tammy lets it all hang out and shows her open contempt of Heather Elvis and her father Terry Elvis.)
so he is expected innocent, but she is unexpected guilty for being angry at TE and his supporters when they threatened her young children? ok.

Anonymous said...

Part of the delay may be because what the surveillance tapes showed wasn't really a crime and they had to twist it considerably to concoct a crime out of it.

Anonymous said...

Come to think of it, you're probably right. I saw somewhere (can't remember where) that on Christmas Eve, someone with LE told Terry Elvis they could deliver Sidney to him in a body bag or they could move slower and build a rock solid case. He wanted the case....

~mj said...

TM's rant on FB disturbed me from the get-go. I said then and I will say it again, without even calling out guilt on her, it takes a truly sadistic person to post something so hateful when someone's life is at stake (a missing person with Heather's circumstances, it was clear her life was at risk)

That sort of hatred that TM was able to so easily dish out (and any supporters that sprouted after her post, saying how the "other" woman deserves those words because she didn't obey the sanctity of marriage) IS the exact reason that our society is coming apart at the seams.

Assuming TM had nothing to do with Heather's disappearance she had an obligation as a human being to have some sort of empathy for Heather's plight. Obviously, that is not to mean TM should have went out searching for Heather etc...not that kind of empathy, but a natural respect for another human being is certainly in order. Anyone who does not have that empathy for others and is raising children that will learn from that example is frightening to me.

Now add to that already established issue of TM's ability to be so callous and look at the possible motive for her venom...scary. What I find even more scary is how many people defended her right to talk about Heather that way... that should have raised flags for those people. I am not saying that AT THE TIME anyone should have condemned TM for being upset about the cheating, but it should have raised flags that something was off about TM when she was able to talk that way about a missing young lady!

Then when the details came out and what it is looking like occurred, all of us that are part of a larger community of being humans together, would say, "Ahhh! No wonder those flags were raised!" Instead we have all these people crying "foul" because they don't personally know the details yet.

I am afraid for where our society is heading.

Maggie said...

I was reading comments last night under a newspaper article about this case. Someone commented that another young woman named Angela Pipkin seemingly vanished into thin air 2 miles from where Heather went missing on the date of Jan 16, 2014 (almost a month to the day after Heather went missing). This should raise the possibility of there being a serial killer on the loose.
2nd thing I want to comment on:
Peter analyzed TM's facebook post correctly. She did not show guilty knowledge and she also showed her true colors (that she is a mean nasty person) as well as revealing how deeply flawed her marriage is. Neither of these things is expected from someone trying to hide their guilt. It doesnt mean she's not guilty but it is not the expected.
3rd thing: There has been unexpected language on both sides and one example of this is that I was surprised to hear Terry Elvis refer to SM as a "gentleman" when he was being interviewed after the 2 had been charged with kidnapping. My impression of this is that he was concerned with appearing "polite" and I am merely stating this is not the expected.
I feel LE should give more info about the charges as well as about what they found.

~mj said...

I don't understand why you read this blog if you are irritated enough to pick through the posts sentences like this. I like to think the best of people, so I assume you have a valid reason for why you are frustrated and with that, I personally, would like to hear your reasons instead of nit-picking the sentences.

Please consider:

What is peer pressure in LE? They have laws to follow, peer pressure is irrelevant.

Heather could have been crying for a variety of reasons, please remember that LE has been adamant that what the roommate stated Heather said that night, conflicts with what Sidney claims he said... also brought out, something about Sidney leaving his wife for Heather??? A way to lure? A real claim? A false claim? The variations are endless, and yes, some women do cry when they decide to break it off. End result: WE DO NOT KNOW ALL THAT LE DOES.

It has already been stated that the kidnapping charges were brought on based on what was seen AND a tactic used to legally buy the time to get the evidence they were looking for. Whatever was seen on those tapes, IF what Mr. Hyatt suggests is true, one would see the culprit preventing Heather from leaving (kidnapping) and then something that she could not survive (murder).

I have zero idea how you translated "he tries to portray himself as a hero" to equal "he is expected innocent" - Trying to portray oneself a certain way does in no way equal BEING that way.

* Please note: I agree that in no way should anyone EVER suggest harm or insinuate harm or threaten harm on innocent children - THAT is wrong.

Nanna Frances said...

More information will be released in this case.

Amaleen6 said...

Apparently, neither defendant has given Heather's location yet:


Skippy said...

The full text of the solicitor's statement from the link Nanna Frances posted:


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - On Tuesday afternoon, Horry County Solicitor Jimmy Richardson released the following statement addressing the high-profile Heather Elvis case:

We understand and sympathize with the public's desire to know more information about this tragic case. But the fact remains that while the Moorers have been charged with Obstruction of Justice, Indecent Exposure, Kidnapping and the Murder of Heather Elvis, this investigation is ongoing. In the interest of justice for Heather, her family and friends, and the entire Horry County community, we simply cannot risk jeopardizing either the current investigation or future prosecution at this time.

The Circuit Solicitor's Office commends the work of the Horry County Police Department and the many different law enforcement agencies who have worked tirelessly in this case. We also appreciate the interest and cooperation of the public as we continue to work together with law enforcement. As soon as we are able to release more information without the risk of jeopardizing either the investigation or prosecution, we will do so, as we know it will help answer questions and provide some degree of closure to a grieving family and community.

Jimmy A. Richardson II, Solicitor for Horry and Georgetown Counties

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

An age-progressed photo has been released of a three-year-old girl who went missing from her West Virginia home in 2011.

Aliayah Lunsford vanished without trace from the bedroom of her house in Lewis County on the morning of September 24, 2011.

The image, showing her at age 5, was released by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children as the search for Aliayah continues.

No arrests have been made and no suspects identified in the two years since she disappeared.

'Sometimes the last image of a child we have is of someone who's very young or an infant,' a forensic expert who helps create age-progressed pictures, told WSAZ.

'We're able to create a more up-to-date image in order to assist an investigation and a lot of times get these children found.'
The FBI has not said whether agents believe the little girl, whose mother last saw her playing in her bedroom, is still alive.

After she was reported missing search parties scoured the surrounding areas, including a river, but no trace has ever been found.

Prayer vigils are still held in the community where Aliayah had been living with her mother, Lena, who has seven children including twins.

Ms Lunsford spent eight months in prison after her daughter disappeared, after being convicted of welfare fraud.

A $20,000 reward has been offered for information leading to the discovery of the young girl, or an arrest.

Read more: issing-2011-3-look-police-continue-search.html#ixzz2uOAPPAfa
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

JerseyJane said...

Here are Tammy's words again:

"Enough is enough and today this family will start filing charges against everyone we possibly can. I will no longer feel SORRY for you or let ignorance be your excuse.

With that being said, we do NOT owe this to any of you, but here are the FACTS!"

~~The above was Tammy's words before she started listing her and her husband cooperation of the many things 'she allowed' LE to do...
~~I didn't copy and paste Tammy's List it was too long! lol It was much easier to just see and read the words she put all in CAPS. LOL Definitely much easier read!!! LOL


Juliette said...

Hobs, your link didn't work so I found this link...


Anonymous said...

jersey, no offense, but commenters here were picking out words in Josh's statements, and although there were some questions raised, for the most part, people were way off base.

Mainelady said...

Maybe TM found out he was cheating... Probably more than 3 times.. And played it off to him that she was fine with it (cause of her boyfriend on the side..)and Asked him about meeting her. I hate that smirk!

Unknown said...

From Nancy Grace tonight-

NG: Lt., thank you for being with us. Why are they charged with murder? Why are police convinced that this is a murder case?

Lt. Robert Kegler: Well we have been investigating the disappearance of Heather for two months, and it's been day and night that we have been working on her case, and during the course of our investigation, our task force has been able toobtain enough evidence to show that murder has taken place, and as a result of that, we have charged both Sidney and Tammy Moorer with the charge of murder.

NG: Lt., I know that you can not comment on the evidence specifically, but I know that you have searched the home and found disturbing evidence, is that the evidence that makes you believe that a murder has occurred?

LtK: Yes we, like you said, we did a search warrant on Friday the 21st, and there was multiple pieces of evidence that were taken from the home, the property of the Moorers, and that evidence has been gone through, and is still being gone through. As a result of that search warrant we were able to get enough probable cause to secure murder warrants on both of the Moorers.

Anonymous said...

OT: Latest on Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony threatened to walk out of deposition, court papers show
Anthony questioned over daughter's death
UPDATED 6:23 PM EST Feb 25, 2014

Gonzalez' attorneys indicated in the deposition they would ask the judge to order Anthony to answer their questions. Gonzalez' defamation case against Anthony has been moved to federal court, but it is continuing.

Read more:


MizzMarple said...


Thank You for the update on this case.

Also, thanks to the posters for updates and links.

elf said...

We, the commenters here, are amateurs at statement analysis. Please excuse our mistakes. We are still learning.

Lemon said...

Would that those in Scurry County et al been as courageous. . .

thisisme said...

Hello all, brand newbie here. I have been following along lurking up until now. I just wanted to throw an idea out there for all regarding the police report the moorers made saying they were shot at sometime back in Georgetown area. I just wonder if this was in some way part of his pre-planning in case it ever came a point in time when his vehicle may be combed over from the police during the investigation, and something gun related, whether gun powder or a bullet hole, or a nick from a bullet, etc...because that's potentially how they killed this young girl. Trying to cover their butts with a false police report. All just my humble opinion of coarse, but I don't put anything past those two!

Anonymous said...

In my opinion the "surveillance tapes"will show the "2demons"grabbing/forcing"their victim into their car.Just my opinion :)

Maggie said...

Thanks for all the info about the investigation everyone.
It is hard to understand why they cannot at least disclose info about the more minor charges like the indecent exposure--at the very least stating which surveillance cameras captured the indecent exposure. I am starting to wonder if it is a witness who came forward rather than a camera to say they saw this. I can't remember where I read this, but someone from LE had said it would be "improper" to say whether they found "her blouse or some toothpaste". I'm not sure what to think. Right now, there is no transparency, so it is hard to know what is going on.
These 2 had motive and seem crazy.
It is concerning about the other young woman who went missing a month after Heather did. If the Moorers are guilty could they have been responsible for other crimes also? I hope LE will provide some info soon.

elf said...

Ok. You would have to have a lot of direct evidence to bring a murder charge so confidently, my first thought was the gun (the one in Sidney's gross hairy Tammy tat pic) but if Heather hasn't been found yet, that's only potential evidence. The only other thing I can think of evidence-wise that would directly tie both of the moorers to kidnapping and murdering Heather is a souvenir... a trophy... cause they are collectors ... Tammy volunteered the information that their Disney trailer was searched (sensitivity? ).
Why else would they keep anything tying themselves to Heathers disappearance?? Creepy couple.

Anonymous said...

They found PROOF of something horrible that took place! They have evidence that Heather is dead. They have not found her body, but they have EVIDENCE that she is deceased. A serial killer??? Really???

Unknown said...

Welcome thisisme!

That is an interesting possibility, one that I hadn't considered. Could the Moorers have been trying to stage an excuse for the presence of gunpowder residue or other firearm evidence? My first thought was that they were trying to shift the public sympathy, and focus away from Heather and her family, by making themselves appear as victims. I'm like you though, nothing would surprise me with those two! The very idea that they were exposing themselves, (and presumably engaging in sex acts together, as they are both charged) during the same time that they were also plotting and commiting Heather's murder, absolutely boggles the mind!

thisisme said...

Thanks Jen Ow for the welcome. What made me think about that was because he gave an odd almost impossible description if I recall about their height, but according to report, he never seen them standing? only sitting, so how could he provide a height description? They seem to be able to premeditate things so I was just thinking along those lines. Now I will go back and re read many things they have said and try and see if there is a pattern so to speak like that in their various sayings, posts, reports, etc..that are available for now.

Lemon said...

Welcome thisisme, and thanks for introducing yourself.

Anonymous said...

it would be easier to just take the car door with the bullet hole in it off the car and trash it, replace it with .... of course... a black door.

Tania Cadogan said...

Hi Thisisme and welcome aboard.

Thanks Juliette i need to go back to my copy and pasting 101 class

I don't want to do lines cos that would involve copy pasting, can i clean the board instead?

elf said...

Or in maine. Or kcmo.

thisisme said...

Thank you Lemon, and Hobnob as well, for the welcome :) Anon@11:01, wouldn't that draw some sort of weird attention to themselves? a door replacement?..rather than make a false report that would potentially explain something that may be up and coming their way in the investigation? I mean there was already riff back and forth between people in the area with them and staging a fake attack toward them wouldn't necessarily seem so out of place?

Anonymous said...

uuhmm yeh, people might think they are drug dealers.

Iva said...

Don't worry thisisme it's just a stupid "inside" joke from the land of anons. I like your theory.

@jerseyjane that's a good catch "SORRY NOT FACTS"

Red Ryder said...

Welcome Thisism! The Elvis family has a hard enough road to walk without it being made harder by jeers, taunts, and verbal assaults. Mr.Elvis comes across as a real man who stands tall in the face of adversity and is the protector of his family.

I also applaud the HCPD for moving ahead on charges without Heather's body. (I am so sad to write that.) They seem to be carefully executing a plan. I wonder if they are not working to set up a deal to get Heather back by promising no DP. Otherwise, I just don't see any incentive for either of them to disclose.

I have seen Peter mention a couple of times that this might have been a sexual homicide. Was there something in SA or was it the indecent exposure charges that led to this thought or what? Is this still a viable theory? Thx~


Anonymous said...

Two thoughts:
1) The picture of SM showing the Tammy tattoo...that is one ugly tattoo and an ugly pair of Mickey Mouse boxers.
2) I'd love to know if the fact that Sidney can be made to spell Disney just by swapping 2 letters had anything to do with TM's attraction to him. She probably saw it as fate.

Anonymous said...

Amy D some"12 year old boys"have a higher intelligence than YOU.Don't start with your sexist rascist attitude here,you stupid question asking trollop.

Anonymous said...

lmfao, kudos anon.

Anonymous said...

LE handles this case great.
They seem to belive the murder was prepared in advance, planned. They seem to have tape evidence of the indecent exposure and the kidnapping and physical evidence of the murder. I trust, they will find Heather.

Iva said...

@amyD the FB post wasn't a private message. She had posted a picture of her home, a friend commented that it was a nice house to which TM said thanks, my stupid husband built it. Then went on to explain why he's so stupid. This is a paraphrase from what I was told because I also thought it was a private msg. I wish I could see the statement in its full context because any way this came into conversation is strange because she's gotta know everyone is going to see it. She also led the conversation there like it was her plan to put this out there. I don't think TM is entirely stupid and while she's an oversharer, I believe this was almost like her "alibi". She may know or intuitively feel that if she openly denounces her that she won't appear guilty. There's also part of me that believes she fits the description of a pathological liars, and those type of people lie so well they convince themselves, it becomes second nature (eg Casey Anthony)

Iva said...

Tammy admits to stalking her social media accounts. She says 4 months of posts have gone missing over the past few weeks<---- at the very LEAST she was stalking her accounts for the past few weeks. So up until heathers disappearance her every move (online) was being tracked by Tammy. She claims she could care less who SM hooks up with but the unacceptable part is that TE threatened her kids. If she didn't care she wouldn't have been stalking Heather. This was planned.

Iva said...

There is so much wrong with TMs FB rant. For instance, after her dramatic explanation as to why her husband is "stupid" she continues... Heather got his business card out of the office at her work. 1) how does she know this? (Maybe twitter) 2) does she think that's the only way she could have gotten Sidney's #? 3) if she doesn't care that Sidney dates, why should it matter how their 'courtship' occurred? She continues: Heather supposedly fantasized about Sid in March but doesn't name him until July. Umm so what? And again, how would you know this? Then she reveals she doesn't care that Sidney dates because she has a boyfriend, blah blah. The ONLY problem she has (now) is Terry Elvis! Heather is no longer a problem to her (because she's gone and TM knows it) What was sensitive to TM was the relationship (now over) and Terry Elvis

Iva said...

Just made my first trip over to the S and T are innocent FB page and see this was posted yesterday:

Ok everybody. When you say pray for the family and such, to whom should I pray?
Judging by the people who have come here, based on their choice of language, I'm think some people aren't suited to be advocates for Heather. Unless of course, you reflect and fit right in with Heather's lifestyle and morals.

^^ really? You're going to bash Heather? There are some seriously sick people on these internets, huh Fartsy?

JoAnn said...

Welcome thisisme, from one former lurker to another!

This is OT: it appears that Amanda Knox's former boyfriend, Sollecito, is backing away from their joint "we are innocent" stance. He says Amanda went home to take a shower & returned very agitated, saying there was blood in the bathroom & the apartment appeared broken into. He questioned why she didn't call police. He feels he should not be blamed for " someone else's peculiar behavior."

Local anon in the hailey Dunn case (soon to be GeekRad) said...

I agree Lemon, if only LE in the Hailey Dunn case would follow suit. I know part of the problem there stems from it being a multi-jurisdictional investigation. The latest report I have seen was in a local newspaper on January 5th stating that the FBI now has the lead and is asking for information. I am not getting my hopes up. They haven't even acted on the child porn and it has been 3 years since they obtained possesion of Shawn and Bille's electronic devices.

JerseyJane said...

Thanks, Iva...

Thanks Elf, always making me laugh! I see you picked up my LOL
"SORRY NOT FACTS!" Tammy's CAPS- I basically was just cracking on her last post to all her "peoples"(followers/friends).....naturally, this is not a humorous subject..but the fact that Tammy comes off as "above the law" with her "I allowed LE to search, etc..etc,," and her mothering bitchy self she displays in
this last writing entry on Facebook before she went on vacation to the BigHouse just shows she believes she is all-powerful. Her ego to exist during this time after possibly murdering someone is so very evil. This woman is soooo very high on herself!! As Jodi Arias didnt roll on herself, I fear Tammy won't either. This woman is soo convinced of herself, lol, so unbelievable!!.. It will take the little man, Sidney that
needs to roll and tell all.. Sidney appears so majorly asswhipped by her. I don't think the man was even allowed to think. I also think it was Sidney's first time cheating and he was in his glory, felt love from Heather, his appearance was changing, etc etc... Tammy used the word open marriage cuz she was the first to leave him when she fell into her old "rockstar lifestyle"< lol... I think she was testing if he would cheat on her... Really, do any of us see Tammy have an "open marriage?? With that personality? I don't even see Sidney looking sideways or Tammy would say he was cheating.. Why all Disney trips? I believe it's a land of families vs a beach of young adult females. Myrtle Beach is a playground, big beach, like a Flordia, yet they were always going to enclosed "tons of families" Disney?? I find that odd..no denying Tammy ran and imprisoned her kids and husband on her papa's land.. O well, enough of her shit, I'm just seeing her as the driving force to it all and him the puppet, clown, pus, little man whatever... I am overjoyed the children may have a chance at life and pray for them to be blessed with a loving parent figure to help them thru this situation. Who knows the children may actually feel relief from their sick parents, especially from mom, Tammy. I think her children were starting to rebel.. Tammy always had to bring them up like she was the best mom.. A REAL best mom doesn't kiss her own ass like that... In in ur heart what u do for ur children and it shows in ur children. I see alot of good kids come out of bad bad families, mainly, cuz there is a teacher a silent family member that is loving and keeping the child whole inside themself.. God Bless the Children, all my prayers go to the innocent and their mentors in life!!

Anonymous said...

Local anon in the hailey Dunn case (soon to be GeekRad) said...
I agree Lemon, if only LE in the Hailey Dunn case would follow suit. I know part of the problem there stems from it being a multi-jurisdictional investigation. The latest report I have seen was in a local newspaper on January 5th stating that the FBI now has the lead and is asking for information. I am not getting my hopes up. They haven't even acted on the child porn and it has been 3 years since they obtained possesion of Shawn and Bille's electronic devices.

February 26, 2014 at 8:52 AM

Local anon --

The Hailey Dunn case is so frustrating. I fear an arrest will never be made but hold onto hope since they haven't received the remains. However, I don't believe there was actual child porn. As the wife of LE (which doesn't make ME LE), I've asked about it and DH is confident that they would have arrested Shawn much earlier had there been actual child porn. No agency, including FBI, would just let that go.

Local anon in the hailey Dunn case (soon the be GeekRad) said...

Anon at 8:52,
I have long held the unpopilar opinion that there was no child porn. I know Patrick Tooms made statements that he saw child porn but he may have seen what he considered child porn and it wasn't by legal definition child porn. Heck, when I see pictures of Jon Bennet Ramsey I consider that to be child porn. I get attacked every time I say that here but the FBI isn't going to let child porn go. There have been MANY arrests for child porn, including multiple arrests (ring arrests)for child porn in this area since Shawn's devices were confiscated. In my last post it was wishful thinking that there was child porn and a reason to arrest Shawn.

elf said...

Its just occurred to me- the first line in Tammy's Facebook rant slamming Heather -- 'well Sidney cheated on me in the months of September / October ....' (not verbatim) LOOK AT THE MONTHS SHE CLAIMED HE CHEATED! September and October = ALIBI BUILDING!!! I don't know exactly Heather was seeing Sidney but until I caught that I had assumed the affair was still more or less still going on up til December. But Tammy put the timeframe in that post-including the liars number- like because Sidney cheated all the way back in the fall and that was it until winter when Heather inconveniently came up missing and yet again messed up Tammy's perfect open relationship (guffaw).
Thanks JerseyJane:) and I think you and I are pretty simpatico on this case lol very good catch on the word sorry too :)

C5H11ONO said...

If on February 6, the Moorers filed a police report claiming someone in a pickup truck fired shots at them (Link includes lots of info hmmmm...perhaps even a phone number or two)

Could it be possible that because the charges were aggravated assault, they were forced to conduct an investigation that lead to obtaining video along King's Highway and in the process of that investigation, let's say one of the officers asked to obtain video from December 17 or 18 (depending on the time Heather disappeared) and alas they found their smoking gun! Perhaps a video showing them together at the time they said they were at home sleeping or whatever their alibi was. This lead them to be able to obtain an arrest warrant for lying to police. Then as they processed this video and enhanced it, they saw what led them to conclude Heather was "kidnapped" or not allowed to leave on her own. Maybe the video tapes led to other tapes along the highway which allowed them to conclude that these two were responsible for Heather's disappearance. This evidence gave them the ability to obtain a search warrant, and at their house they came across the murder weapon. Maybe in the search of the camper they were able to find a small speck of brain matter that was traced to Heather and that is what allowed them to determine that she was murdered. I would give me a certain sense of satisfaction to know that they were caught because of their own "stupidity". Tammy seems to think she is smarter than Sidney, and oh wouldn't it be really nice to know she came down due to her stupidity too!

The link to the article about the "shots fired" on 2/6 is below:

rob said...

Jersey Jane, I agree with every word you said!
In SC, we are a bunch of dumb azzes, but we will prosecute in a minute, without a body. Sure you going to mess up sometimes, but, you get results. In Columbia SC, a 23 year old mother (Zinah Jennings) lost her baby and refused to tell LE where he was. They did find drops of his blood on a blanket in her trunk, and they prosecuted her for unlawful conduct for refusing to tell where the toddler was and she got 10 years. She was pregnant again at the time and I guess she had the baby in prison.
Anyway, just like some of these other cases, you MIGHT just put some of these people in prison, instead of letting them live their lives as if they didn't kill their own children. I think most juries would see it the same way.

John Mc Gowan said...

Welcome thisisme :)

N987SA said...

Mark Korson is no doctor, he is actually a liar, a charlatan, a fraud, and a quack at the best and possibly much worse. His purported tales of 'dysfunctional mitochondria' are fake fibs made by him and other medical professionals like him. We are helping Justina, nay, we are SAVING Justina. Her mind is a battlefield and it is under vicious attack by the Sorcerer-Doctor Korson, her family, her friends, and her life before us. We will win this MindWar.

Hail Schäfer! Hail López Rega! Hail Moreno Gonzalez!
Hail Sendorsee!

I am N987SA and I speak the Truth.

AmyD said...

Thank you for being civil and answering my honest question.
All along I've thought it was a private message that got leaked by someone.
I guess with it being a cellphone screen shot, we can't see the rest of the conversation.
I am in no way defending her, I was simply curious.

@ all the anonymous posters who seem to think picking at people is cool... I guess that confirms why I don't usually post on forums of any kind...

Nic said...

This was likely a source of contention between her and those who loved her, and it may have been that it was Heather, not Sidney, was breaking it off.

I'm going to disagree with this, in part. TM is on record that Heather wouldn't stop calling and that she responded to a "blocked" number (which supposedly was Heather) and Tammy said that she told Heather to stop calling. I understand that Sidney and Tammy had an open marriage. So I can't argue the fact that Heather overstepped her boundary (married man) because evidently, there wasn't one. But something changed in the marriage dynamics. I suspect Sidney was forbidden from seeing or even talking to Heather because as Tammy discovered (by stalking Heather?), contrary to the open marriage "rule", he had more than just a physical investment in the affair. Compound that with having to compete with a young, "soft" and beautiful *girl*, Tammy's self-confidence couldn't compete so she nixed his fun. I wonder what Sidney said to Heather that she would be so brazen as to continuously call his house thereby setting his wife off. Did he know she was on a date with an age appropriate boy and he couldn't stand her with someone else? Did he tell her he was leaving his wife? Did he in fact tell Tammy he was leaving her? But Tammy countered with withholding the kids from him? Or, she beat HIM up putting the fear of God into him? That's purely speculation on my part based on Tammy's abusive and callous way of posting, so who knows. Given that Heather was killed, the rules changed and Heather didn't get the memo - or wouldn't take no for an answer and made like a little acorn in Daddy Oak's pants and lost the battle.

Regardless how it is that Tammy injected herself, IMO, the point of Tammy being there wasn't just to "tell" her to leave her husband alone.

There is something else that tugs at me. Tammy refers to a threesome someplace? Am I remembering wrong?

1) Three is a liars number. 2) Could it be that Tammy talked Sidney into taking their open marriage to another level and "sharing" (threesome) Heather with the intention, all along, of hurting Heather? I know I'm projecting when I say I couldn't see Heather going for something like that. Or maybe someone like her. ! So it could be that if Tammy talked Sidney into a threesome under the guise of "taking care of Heather", it was unbeknownst to Heather (kidnapping).

That scenario is purely speculation and me just trying to figure out how the three of them ended up at the boat launch when no witnesses would be around to see anything. The three of them, when the wife was never part of the equation in the first place.


Nic said...

Heather Elvis' case really hits home how young and inexperienced a twenty-something is in comparison to their wonderlust/trust/know-it-all persona they wear at that age. The world is their oyster, they're working, paying their bills, etc. It's all about them. One bad decision is a life changer - or ender as in this case. I feel so awful for her parents. There was nothing they could do.

I am heartened that this LE won't put her case on the shelf, letting the trail go cold and her murderers be free, all in the name of "no body". Thank God there is pursuit of justice somewhere.

Prayers for Heather and her family.

Red Ryder said...

Hi JoAnn! Thank you for the OT on Amanda Knox case. That is a significant departure from his earlier testimony about the night Meredith was killed. Knox's response via her Facebook "The only reason he has been dragged into this is because he happens to be my alibi." Pronouns are one of the first things we learn. Follow the pronouns. MY alibi~she owns her alibi.
Is this like my guilt? Would it be the same principle? Thanks!
I'm sorry for interrupting Heather's thread, I am always hoping I will check and Heather will have been found.

Red Ryder said...

I apologize, AK's Facebook response was to a slight distancing comment Solecito made last week. I guess her "alibi" is tired of being dragged around because of her. Finally!

Anonymous said...

Just a thought: Brittanee Drexal went missing in Myrtle Beach in 2009.

Anonymous said...

Very well written article.

Anonymous said...

Poor Heather, in time she would have seen SM without rose colored lenses and he would have been laughable AND forgetable. She didn't get the chance though. I pray that TM loses her distorted lenses too. I hope she starts to realize she is going away never to be a momma to her kids, never to have privacy when using the bathroom, or to even to enjoy your favorite foods. Life is gonna sick now. All because she just had to keep a husband that didn't even care enough to move off her daddy's property or keep steady employment. Prison is the perfect place for all her hate, . Lol she'll have a Mickey cell, and a Mickey bunk and Mickey shower shoes.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:48 LMAO! She probably will have her cell all decorated Mickey! Maybe her prison mama GF will even put on some Mickey ears for her. She'll have the rest of her life to cry in her Mickey pillow. Those poor kids, they'll never recover from this. And yes, all for a "man" who certainly seems to have nothing worth fighting for.

Anonymous said...

Nic, I've followed this case from day one & have never seen the statement by Tammy that SHE called Heather & told her to stop calling. The claim has always been that SM called & told her to stop calling. I've also never seen Tammy mention a threesome. It's been determined by LE through her private messages on social media that she did, in fact, drive herself to the landing. My guess is he told her to meet him there, she was chatting with a friend whom she told (or the roommate during the phone call) and they ambushed her :(

Anonymous said...

TM lied about the open marriage else how could SM "cheat" on her per her FB rant? She obviously paid close attention to this relationship since she knew everything on HE's twitter and was so aware that she knew about tweets being deleted. She was enraged that her "stupid" husband cheated, got sick of it because it would not end, went craz(ier) and killed her. In her twisted mind, she believes she was justified because this girl was a threat to her marriage and her family. Her husband should have been the center of the blame, yet she gave him excuse because he was "stupid". Like the puppy that you love, but it keeps pissin on your rug. Makes you mad but you overlook it because it's not smart enough to know better. The anger of being cheated on by a young, beautiful girl was way to much for this sociopath to handle. I think she caught them, and finally went over the edge and went too far. He panicked and helped her cover it up or was desperate to keep his wife. He would have left his wife if he was that into HE, but he wanted it all. His family AND a little something on the side.