Sunday, February 16, 2014

"Statement Analysis With Peter Hyatt" on Blog Talk Radio Today

Peter Hyatt, 6:30PM EST 

Please join Peter Hyatt on "Statement Analysis With Peter Hyatt" on Blog Talk Radio today at 6:30PM EST. 

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Among other topics today:

We will view the case of Leanne Bearden, as well as the latest in the search for Heather Elvis.  

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Unknown said...

I was curious if you will be analyzing "The Loud Music" trial of Michael Dunn?
I've watched hours of testimony, read transcripts and feel that Mr. Dunn is being deceptive on multiple fronts. I'd love to hear your analysis. I've been reading your blog and have found your methods to be very strong and accurate. I look forward to the talk tonight.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Robin, where are the transcripts you read?

I have not heard of this case.

If you can either post or a link to transcripts, I will try to take a look.

I get too many requests so if transcripts exist, I might be able to.


Anonymous said...!/newsDetail/24721045

peter, heres a request to add to your collection. reporter posted a transcript!! great sa material.

Sus said...

This has part of Michael Dunn's testimony. I'll look for more as I'm interested, also. He used present tense to give his account.

Contagiously Complicated said...

Peter will you please watch these links on the Maura Murray case and give an analysis? Thank you.

DIY Detective | 2 hrs ago
From WCVB Chronicles:

Missing: Segment 1: “Where is Maura?”:

Missing: Segment 2: “Was She Alone?”:

Missing: Segment 3: “Internet Search”:

Missing: Segment 4: “Looking in Canada”:

John Q Publix said...

The case of Lynsie Ekelund is eerily similar to the Heather Elvis case. There was a much older married man that was the likely suspect, even refused to take the polygraph. However there was no physical evidence. The case went cold for 9 years when fresh eyes finally cracked it. In this case it was not the married man. Above is a small piece of the story. There is much more available.

I'm not saying that SM isn't a great potential suspect, he is VERY suspicious and maybe he is guilty. I don't know, do you? You just can't convict (except maybe in the eye of the public)because of suspicion, even when it seems open & shut. Evidence is still needed. I hope the task force will be able to find the evidence needed to convict whoever is guilty of whatever happened to HE.