Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Terry Elvis This Week on "Statement Analysis With Peter Hyatt" Broadcast

This week, Terry Elvis will join us in highlighting his missing daughter, Heather's plight as we seek to broadcast her story to reach as many people as possible, on "Statement Analysis With Peter Hyatt" on Blog Talk Radio. 

Terry is fighting for his daughter.  He is seeking information, and like other frustrated parents, is desperate to find Heather.

Our show will begin at 6:30PM EST on Sunday, February 9th, 2014.  Our chat room will be open one hour earlier. 

          "Statement Analysis With Peter Hyatt" 

To hear the show live, or download it afterwards, click HERE

Heather Elvis went missing in December of 2013.   Heather's father, Terry, is waging a battle to find his daughter, facing resistance from those who had contact with her, and must battle the frustration of law enforcement's failure to locate her.


Ivy said...

Congrats on the show, Peter!

In light of the recent guilty verdict, I wondered if you would analyze the "911" calls from Rafael Solocito. Here is a link to the two calls and translation. There is commentary and context, particularly about the timing of the calls, but I am curious about what you think about the content. Specifically, the breakin, that many believe was staged, the victim's locked door, and the blood, which is not mentioned until the very end of the call. This call has greetings -- but if you believe Raffael and Amanda, they were just calling about a break-in, not murder or kidnapping. Also, since these are translated from Italian, there might be issues there, but I think it might be worthwhile.


Local anon in the Hailey Dunn case said...

I look forward to the show!

Statement Analysis Blog said...


thank you.

With 2nd language, we have to step back and view it from a distance.

Still, however, I am going to look at it.


Anonymous said...

Can you ask terry if / when he went to heathers apt to look for her? I always found it so strange that that step was not part of his account. id also like to know if it was normal for him not to reply to his daughters text. &how he knew for sure those texts were false information - right away. good luck on your shoe congratz!

Anonymous said...

maybe ask him who could have made that gas station pay pone call to heather that night she was last seen.

and if he could describe his relationship with bill barrett -- re: did any family friend seem at al lfixated on heather?

when it's not an immediate family member - or a boyfriend - it is very often somebody still in inner social circle like a family friend.

what's his take on the car being found where it was? does it look to him like somebody other than heather put it there?

how is it possible that the dogs didnt find her sent in it??

Anonymous said...

If Tammy Caison Moorer was aware that her husband and Heather had sex (in the backseat of Heather's car) then perhaps she knew the location thy would meet for those encounters? Has Law enforcement checked out where those apparent sexual encounters took place? Additionally, Is Tammy Caison any relation to Monica Caison that is head of search in this case?

Anonymous said...

Peter, I can't wait for your broadcast! I'm a long time reader of your blog. Did you know that Sidney Moorer has a police record of ASSAULT / ASSAULT & BATTERY 3RD DEGREE in 2011? Very alarming to say the least with Heather Elvis missing. I pray that she is found and the Elvis family gets justice.


Nadine Lumley said...

Oh man rough case. This is where following the Rules books / Rules cud save a girl from a horrible man like this.