Thursday, February 13, 2014

Statement Analysis: Terry Elvis on the Case

Heather Elvis, only 20 years of age, has been missing since December 17th, 2013.  It is, today, February 13, 2014. 

There is an expectation that family should have no patience.  This is the expected.  

In the recent news story, there were several quotes worthy of analysis.  

"We were scared to death.  I still am."  

We always note pronouns.  When a subject goes from the plural "we" to the singular, "I", it is generally a signal of something both very important, and personal.  Note both verb tenses:

1.  Initial report brought "scared to death" to all.
2.  Present day, the fear is unclose and personal, "I still am."

"still" reflects the initial expectation of finding Heather was not realized.  This means that the level of fear "scared to death" in the brain was extreme, and has not declined for the father.  This may be because others are in a state of numbness, which can be a merciful relief.  The father has not experienced this to date. 

For a father, it is likely that Heather is still his "little girl."  This adds to the frustration:

a.  Heather cried so father gave her a soothing bottle.
b.  Heather was scared at first day of school, so father gave comforting words and a comforting hug.
c.  Heather fell and cried, so father picked her up and bandaged her.
d.  Heather feared failing a class, so father helped her study.
e.  Heather needed a dress for the prom, so father...

and on it goes.  Daughter needs him, he responded.  Daughter needs him, he responded.  

Daughter needs him now, and he, a an of action, does not know what passivity means, or how to handle the utter helplessness of doing nothing. 

Father then believes, from the police report, that a man, Sidney Moorer, knows where his little girl is. 

Legally, he must wait upon police to get the answers. 

This is unbearable.  Think of the suffering of Desiree Young, mother of Kyron Horman, as she came to believe, from a failed polygraph and other things, that Kyron's step mother, Terri Horman, knew where she could find her son, and find closure in that horrible case.  Yet, she had to rely on the police to get the answer.  They were also bound to legal restraints, and failed to get the answer she needed. 

 "My heart tells me my daughter is alive," he says, when asked where he thinks Heather is today.   "I have to go on the assumption, and I have to go on the faith and hope that she's alive."

Note that when one refers to their "heart" it may be in comparison to one's "head", which holds fact.  The heart may reject the police report and the fact that so many days have passed.  The head thinks otherwise. 

This is a terrible internal conflict. 

"There's a lot of circumstantial evidence, but it all points in one direction," Terry insists.
He knows that  according to witness statements to police and those same phone records, there were several calls back and forth between Heather and Sidney Moorer the morning of Heather's disappearance. The roommate reported that Moorer called Heather, after she went out on a date, suggesting an element of control the older man may have had over Heather, barely out of her teens.

The disparate level in age transfers to sophistication.  The element of control, if true, is frightening.

Please imagine yourself in the father's shoes.  Heather's poor judgement can be viewed as youthful error, but Moorer is a middle aged man with children.

But should Mr. Elvis have revealed this?  Listen to his response:

"A lot of information that's been withheld and probably withheld with very good reason, maybe for the first week .  Maybe the first two weeks.  But not now," Terry Elvis says.

Two weeks is forever for a father of a missing child.  This may have been long enough and since Moorer did not cooperate, something needed to be done.  This was the same thing that Desiree Young did, when she began demanding, publicly, that Terri Horman reveal where her precious son was. 
The father  wants this information out there so it would encourage the flow of information in:  tips, witnesses and anything that might help.

Police in Horry County disagree.  They do not want vigilante justice, and they need more than circumstantial evidence to prove to the district attorney that the case is worth taking.

The father is less interested in a solid case, than he is in finding Heather.

Herein lies the conflict.

Horry County Police Lt Chip Squires said, "That's the kind of information that you don't want out there…it taints the case. Everybody knows what's in that report.  That means whoever's listening to that report, whether they had any involvement or not.  That means who's responsible for it knows what's in that report."

Note the distancing language with the repetition of "that" which may be because of his belief that the information may point in the right direction, but not prove out for a court case.  He wants to prosecute successfully.  
Regarding social media, he said,  "We've tried to keep information that we didn't want out there that would hinder the prosecution of the case or hinder our investigation," 
The word "our" shows ownership by Lt. Squires.  He 'owns' the case, which shows personal investment, something that reveals his own determination. 
Regarding the friend of the family, Bill Barrett we have this: 
"As a friend of a father that's missing a 20-year old daughter, you do what you have to do sometimes.  Did I do it intentionally, say I'm gonna break a law?  No, sir."
 "He reached out to a witness in the case and basically tried to conduct his parallel investigation with ours.  And in doing that, it interfered with our investigation," Lt. Squires says.

It is interesting that he called someone a "witness" in light of the above information. 
"So many people were not willing to come forward and talk to the police but they'd come tell me.  And I'd say here, please just call the tip line. Come forward and tell the police this.  No we don't want to get involved. I mean people would  actually, physically back their cars up the street so I couldn't get their license plate number."
This suggests that there might be those who fear involvement.  The element of fear is of concern.  
  "The Elvis family is still suffering.  And, you know, it hits me as a personal failure to, as a team, as a group, as a community that this has not been taken care of…that justice has not been served."
His pronoun shows that he takes it very personally.  If you believed that you could get information, and you believed information was there, but the police did not get it, would you get it?
Terry Elvis did not disparage police.  He cannot praise anyone because Heather is not home. 
 "I want to answer that the correct way.  As a father in seeing it day in and day out, I will tell you they are doing their job, but not to the best of their ability. Because I haven't seen results, and it's been 47 days."
Like Desiree Young demanding Terri Horman come clean, Terry Elvis feels the same about Sidney Moorer:
 "It won't stop until we find Heather.  It's not gonna stop.  I can't stop.  If I hurt your feelings, I'm sorry. I really am.  But if it brings my daughter back, I'm gonna hurt 'em."
Confidence in law enforcement has waned in recent years, with some high profile cases being seen as clear in the eyes of the public, yet not prosecuted.  

I don't know any father who would not do everything and anything to bring his daughter home.  
The fathers I know are far too used to doing for their daughters and nothing but bringing her home is a success.  


Anonymous said...

OT: Prosecutors: Mom, boyfriend beat, killed child, made up kidnapping story

April 20, 2013|By Naomi Nix and Matt Walberg | Tribune reporters

A 22-year-old Maywood woman admitted she and her boyfriend beat her 1-year-old son with a belt and plastic hangers and left him to die on their bathroom floor, prosecutors said in court Saturday.

The couple then disposed of the child's lifeless body in a backpack before devising an elaborate cover-up which included pretending that the child had been abducted, prosecutors alleged in court.

A Cook County judge ordered Lakeshia Baker, 22, held without bail. Michael Scott, 21, was held in lieu of $750,000 bail. Both are from the 300 block of South 10th Avenue in west suburban Maywood.


Both Baker and Scott admitted to authorities that they made up a story that "three Hispanic males" abducted the child, prosecutors said.


elf said...

I'd be insane if any of my kids were missing. A mess. I think Mr Elvis is holding it together pretty well.
One thing I've noticed with all of these cases is the innocent parents are always the ones that are wrecked inside. You just see a big ball of pain.

Lemon said...

OT Leanne Bearden

A body has been found in Garden Ridge in the 21600 block of Fair View Circle, according to footage from Chopper 5. Garden Ridge police confirmed at 3:45 Thursday the body was that of Leanne Bearden.
The body was found down a few blocks from Bearden's in-laws where she was last seen.

Anonymous said...

i dont blame anyone for not calling in a tip or going to police with information, they will be arrested and unlawfully imprisoned if the did because LE thinks they have a monopoly on the case. if someone knew something but have waited to long to speak, they withheld potential evidence from the police and will be arrested.
an important thing to remember about fake profiles on facebook, you dont know who they are. they may be the missing person, they may be someone who is holding or knows where the missing person is. after facebook pages and or relatives treat them like crap, they may just decide the hell with you then and you will never see the missing person again.
as for what is "wrong" with TE being racist, people who think that way also let that effect other parts of their lives, their morals.... think about it, TE doesnt like HE's tattoos, he talking big and making threats to people he doesnt even know. and i bet he made up the black jeep story.

Anonymous said...

leanna body found blocks from house she was last at with Josh. :( sad.

police have said they have "no comment".

betcha that means they see signs of murder, coverup.

if it was an accidental looking death they'd say that right off.

josh better cut up a ravin right quick himself.

Anonymous said...

glad they found body!!!! she's been dead since day one. better found than unfound. now Josh can get arrested and convicted and sentenced.

Anonymous said...

the elvis case is soo blurry to me. if moorer had nothing to do with her death but was texting with heatherall night -- making false promises, and who knows what else --- nobody is gonna believe he didn't kill her. but how many married men are out there texting with younger women all night -- a lot. a whole lot. it's suspicious as hell but I want to see something that shows me it's not incidental.

Shelley said...

I had a feeling Leanne was not coming home. I don’t know about the rest of you but when we talk about these cases and a body is actually found it always hits me hard. I know I always hope for a good outcome….

But I am looking at google maps, does not appear to be any water or drainage areas near there. So that means it was not leakage coming from Josh.

Anonymous said...

Sorry OT- This was brought up a while back on SA... and everyone knew the outcome....

Local anon in the Hailey Dunn case said...

Anon at 5:05, the private investigator hired by the family said no comment, not the police. The police are reportedly about to give a press conference in which they will comment. So we'll wait and see what they say.

Shelley said...

Heer is the address the body is found for those that may want to look at google maps. There are a lot of trees behind the home.

21643 Fair View Circle, garden ridge, texas

Local anon in the Hailey Dunn case said...

Live report, Very sad, It shows her body being lifted on a gurney.

Anonymous said...

oh -- thanks, so it wasn't no comment from police -- looking forward to knowing what they have to say.

anybody have josh's parents house address to map distance??

Anonymous said...

jesus -- death is awful

Maggie said...

I agree I don't blame Terry Elvis for seeking information and wanting answers.
I do have one question--I am wondering about the veracity of the story he told about being taunted by people in a vehicle after he left his work.
Also, has LE searched Moorer's property? Have they searched inside the house? If they haven't I don't blame Terry Elvis for wanting to go there himself.

Anonymous said...

I wish people would explain their vendetta against Terry Elvis. It's obviously personal. Let he/she/Emily Mooda/Paula Checker who is without sin, cast the first stone. It's getting really old. We get it, you think TE is the worst of the worst. I may not agree with his opinion of our President, but what's that got to do with Heather's disappearance? Please stop spreading rumors. I hope you are being paid well or is it just that you have to defend the witches of your coven? Witches gotta stick together.

Anonymous said...

Peter -

Would you do an analysis of the "creepy" letter than was left in that park a few weeks ago for the girl with the dogs?

Anonymous said...

This is an interesting interview of the boyfriend of missing Chari Scott. Could you analyze this?!/newsDetail/24721045

just curious said...

just curious... said...
"Yet, John Walsh tells families to take them immediately"

I've read a lot about this case but I can't recall if this question has ever been answered. Has the family followed that advice?
February 11, 2014 at 12:29 PM

Peter Hyatt said...
"Just Curious,

Your question will be answered shortly.

If you are a reader of Statement Analysis, or have read through other cases, you will know:

1. Statement Analysis has a very high rate of success
2. I have analyzed the words of the father (Terry Elvis) and have deemed them truthful.

To this, I expect polygraph results to agree."

Peter Hyatt
February 11, 2014 at 2:43 PM

Peter, can you define shortly? Or is your blog post today a part of the answer to my question? I understand you believe he is being truthful but does this replace a polygraph? Shouldn't TE be cleared by LE just as "the date" and "the roommate" were? Don't get me wrong, I also think the married couple should be willing to clear themselves. But if TE would or already has and it too were public knowledge maybe it would take away some of the social media circus that he has created going after the “fake profilers” for their speculations.

In your closing you stated “everything and anything”, are you endorsing his open threats of vigilante justice?

I mean no disrespect, I am just curious.

Anonymous said...

no vendetta. no hate. no coven. but no, I don't like him. I don't like the way he rants on his Facebook. I found his poetic posts early on to be really creepy. everything was about him -- but it's Heather who is foremost going through something. he's just not my type of personality, I suppose. also sometimes I wonder if he's telling the whole truth about everything, and in fact he's likely not. but what his reasons are -- could be well intentioned - I don't know. it still makes me uneasy from a distance. I thought his reaction to the fake texts was disproportionate to the greater problem at hand, for example. I don't like him and I don't have to like him. you don't have to dislike him. you can like him as much as you want. I got no problem with that.

Maggie said...

I do have to say that Terry's ranting (I choose this word bc I can think of no other word) on the find heather facebook page against a few who post negative things and even shutting down the page for a time to only family allowed to comment actually blows my mind. If it were my kid, I would NEVER close off comments for even 10 minutes--he's got 40,000 followers--if I were in his shoes I would be DESPERATE for one word, one sentence even coming from an insulting source that could shed any light at all on anything that could supply any info at all on where Heather is, or what has happened to her. I would be thinking only about my kid and my heart breaking for them worrying about them! For him to shut down the page to comments even for a second--that could be the second someone who knows something was going to post something that would help. Why does he care SO much about someone saying something negative? His daughter is missing--this should be his one consuming thought. (I do not know what the negative comments are, but why wouldnt he just block commenters if they are really bothering him?). I do this behavior is strange. I do not understand it. And I think it is counteractive to finding Heather.

Maggie said...

Should say "I do think" in comment above

Anonymous said...

I don't like or dislike him. But I did witness almost two months of a few people slandering him. He was accused of spousal abuse, child molestation, killing Heather, staging her disappearance to make money/sell books,, being a racist, someone even accused him of stealing their baseball cards when he was a kid. People set up fake profiles and private chat rooms for the sole purpose of insulting him without having to do it to his face. That's the definition of a coward. All these people did was add to his pain. I don't care who the person is,, short of Hitler and Osama bin Laden, no one deserves to go through the pain he' and his family is enduring and then have a few evil, petty busybodies add insult to injury.

Anonymous said...

Were there there any verrifications to the accusations in those slanders? I didnt know about that. i wonder what mitivated them. guess elvis has some closer enemies for some reasonor other. id be curious what the specific reasons are.

Anonymous said...

A friend i was telling about the csse too said hed be sure terry has some shady fibsncial dealings. he said copy shops dont make good money and they dont stay in busibess for long. it was kinda out of left field for me but maybe its a factor we arent considering.

Maggie said...

Anon @ 6:25--I didnt know what they were saying. Maybe those insults would be enough to drive someone crazy especially since he is already going through so much, but on the other hand, if there is no truth to any of the accusations (and I'm assuming there isnt), why would a person care? If it were my kid, I would be so terrified of where they are/what has happened to them that I dont think I'd really care if someone called me a spousal abuser--if he's not one, who cares? Block the person/people, sure. But shut down or limit the page? Why? It's for his daughter. Not him. Think of Trista Reynolds and how much she's been bashed. I've never heard her speak out complaining about it either.

Anonymous said...

I realize this goes beyond sa but i think we should remember heather could have vanished at any time over about 28 hours. from the time she last used her phone to when her can was found was 28 hours. a lot of scenerios we have no knowleedge could have occured in that time frame. what was everybody doing during that time? Only person who gave public account of this time frame was terry and he said everything was "normal".

Maggie said...

Anon @ 3:11--Yes you are right, he did. He used the word normal, I believe 3 times, one time describing it as "ominous normalcy", to describe his day leading up to nightime/early morning hours when Heather disappeared. I think mentioning "normal" big deal maybe. However, fixating on how "normal" the day was, repeating it multiple times in the same paragraph...this makes it sensitive and concerning IMO. In that same piece of writing he also makes cryptic references to water--how he had suggested Heather go snorkeling on a church trip she had taken "but she did not mention the water". Him waxing poetic or something more?

Maggie said...

Here is the quote from the article written by Terry Elvis with the word "normal"

"Wednesday, December 18 came and went without notice. The day seemed normal enough. Work was normal. Home for dinner, a little TV, and then off to bed. Without me knowing what was about to hit me, the next day also began with the same now ominous normalcy."

"December 18 came and went without notice"--The day prior to Heather's disappearance did not stick out as unusual. He uses the term "without notice"--he does not specify who did not "notice" anything. "Without notice" is a general term which means "noone" noticed anything "unusual". Interestingly, since this was the day before Heather disappeared, it was "normal"--she had gone about her business, sent her father a text of herself smiling and driving a stick shift, and had been dropped off at her apartment by her date at around 2 am of December 19. If the day was "normal", why does Terry comment that it only "seemed" normal? He further suggests that the "seeming" normalcy applies to HIS activities that day.

"Work was normal. Home for dinner, a little TV, and then off to bed."

He does not reference Heather or HER activities on Dec 18 in his statement about "seeming" "normal" although he was privy to those activities and even got a text with a photo of her sent to him that night. He only refers to HIS activities that day and writes that they "seemed" normal.

Maggie said...

I'm sorry--I want to correct my above post--got dates confused. Heather went missing on or around Dec 17, so for an entire day noone knew she had gone missing.
I still think that his repeatedly stating how "normal" the day was seemed seems odd to me.

Maggie said...

I apologize for getting dates confused and so wanted to clarify what I am wondering about in this statement from Mr. Elvis

"Wednesday, December 18 came and went without notice. The day seemed normal enough. Work was normal. Home for dinner, a little TV, and then off to bed. Without me knowing what was about to hit me, the next day also began with the same now ominous normalcy."

Why are his observations of the seeming normalcy of the day when Heather had actually first been missing focused on himself and his own activities? Why would there not be a tendency to reflect in such a way as "I figured everything was normal with her. I had received a text from her the night before in which she was smiling and having a great time on her date. I had no inkling anything had gone awry following the date, etc etc." I am only asking, as far as statement analysis goes, wouldn't the focus tend to be on how the parent had thought everything was "normal" (OK) as far as how their own child was doing during that time period?

If I am wrong, I apologize. I am simply wondering both about the repeated use of the word "normal" as well as the focus of the "normalcy" being his own activities that day rather than how he perceived his daughter's day to hopefully be going "normally".

Anonymous said...

maggie thanks for posting this quote - I had never read it just saw him say it on TV. what bothers me most is when he said "without realizing what was about to his me"…

it's crazy to me that that's his perspective, from very beginning it's about him. he should say without realizing something terrible was happening to heather. IMO/ this may just go to character, and not be indication of guilt -- but it pin points why he gives me creeps.

Maggie said...

Yes, I agree. The description builds up to "what was about to hit me"--without reference to Heather, specifically ie for example, saying "when I learned the terrible news about my daughter (Heather)."
It is also worth noting the dropped pronoun in the sentence "Home for dinner, a little TV, and off to bed."
When looking at this sentence, I also noticed there are no verbs although the sentence could have been written several different ways using multiple verbs:
One example would be "I WENT home for dinner, WATCHED a little TV and then WENT off to bed."
The way he has written the sentence, there is NO pronoun used. Therefore, he does not tell us HE did these things. Also, by removing all verbs from each of the 3 different actions, he does not tell us that these actions were actually done by anyone.