Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The World of Anonymous Posting

Can you name the opening song to the radio program?

I doubt anyone is really anonymous today, given the nature of how our government spies upon its own citizens, if indeed, we even have citizenship today, yet this is geared more towards the mystery of "Who Done it?" or "What Happened?" in today's news stories.

Like everyone, I have an opinion, and the older I have gotten, the less I trust my opinion, that is, until I feel confident due to having, for example, a lengthy interview where the subject give us plenty to go on.

I have confidence in the principles of Statement Analysis.

In the "wherefore and why", I struggle.

Readers, you are here because a case likely caught your eye, and you found Statement Analysis fascinating.

You also found that it is nothing like the television show, "Lie To Me" where not only are micro expressions instantly recognized, but actually interpreted as well, with the notion that not only has a lie been discerned, but the "wherefore and why" has also been completely understood.

Only in Hollywood.

After "Lie To Me", the "so very few naturals" seem to become "so many naturals", especially in social media.

Long term readers know that lie detection is hard work.  It takes not only learning of principle, and not only adherence to principle, but it takes a strong self of self awareness so as to not project oneself, or even an opinion, into the statement.  The statement, in deed, is what is "alive" to us, and even when I know someone "did it" but the statement worked on does not show deception, I am reminded of this powerful axiom.

Few people have the patience for this.

"Peter Hyatt said he was innocent!"

Yeah, no, that's now what I said.

I said that this particular statement is without deception.

"Peter Hyatt said he did it and he really didn't."

No, I did not say he "did it" but said that there is deception within this statement.

Sometimes a statement is lengthy and the accusation is the topic of the statement and I am able to not only discern "veracity indicated" or "deception indicated" but am able to grasp the "wherefore and why", that is, that the person really did "do it" and has lied about not doing it.  Sometimes, life is that simple, but not often.

I saw a young boy I know who enjoys seeing me and said, "Hello!  How are you?"

He did not acknowledge my presence.

"I see that you are not in school today, are you feeling well?"  He did not look up.  He was playing on a tablet or electronic game.

I tried a few more times, but he never took his eyes off the game.

Imagine what his teacher must go through?

Finally, I said, "Hey, Dex is here!" (he loves the pup).

He did not lift his eyes off the electronic game, thumbs furiously pounding it.

This is not a way to teach manners, in the very least, but, in the more concerning element:

This is not a way to teach a child to think.

We have lost our way.  We have lost our identity.  Even with the marvelous technological advances, more and more children are being said to have deficiencies in attention, but can wail through a video game like nobody's business.

They cannot think.

We see this, even here, at a blog that should be known for thinking things through, and careful listening.

I see it in the comments.

People want to issue expert opinions and will fearlessly draw powerful conclusions, rushing in where angels fear to tread...

but only while remaining anonymous.

I have also read comments where anonymous posters have taken a short statement and have drawn major conclusions where no conclusion existed.

The case of Leanne Bearden is one such example.  People have drawn conclusions, anonymously, that they might have been very embarrassed to do with their own identities.

"Peter Hyatt accused him of murder..." was a comment deleted...again, and again and again.

Others have made it very clear:  this is murder...and not that they are considering the possibility that it was not a suicide.

"Peter Hyatt has totally cleared the husband..." which is also inaccurate.  I have shown that there was distancing language which is often used to share guilt or responsibility.

Then there are those who argue emotionally with things like, "I never met her, but she lives within me..." which holds no merit. From anonymous posters, it will become a "who loves her the most?" contest of Hallmark Card like sayings.

I listen to the words spoken.  I might find deception, but is it related to homicide?  Is it related to knowledge of suicide?

The "wherefore and why"?

I don't know.

I do know that if it was homicide, there would be guilt, just as I do know that if it was suicide, there would be guilt.

Journalists have not interviewed him in a clear and concise manner where he had opportunity to clear up things.  So often articles are written without direct quotes, which leaves me in a place where I am not comfortable drawing a conclusion.

Statement Analysis has a very high accuracy rate not only because of its principles, but its practitioners are taught not to rush to judgement:  judge?  Yes, of course, one must eventually, but there are various judgments made in Statement Analysis:

1.  Insufficient Data
2.  Deception Indicated
3.  Veracity Identified
4.  Unreliable

1.  Insufficient Data simply means we need more sample (statement) to know what it is we are looking for.  We ask, "Has the subject had adequate time to issue a denial?  Is the subject aware of the accusation?"

There are times when there simply is not enough statement to know.

2.  Deception Indicated.

Okay, the statement has deception, but...

did he do it?

I quoted one recently in which a statement on theft indicated deception but it was not about the theft being investigated:  it was about a different theft!  The statement picked this up!

3.  Veracity Identified

This means that this particular statement, not the person, is truthful.  The statement could be truthful, yet the person still "did it."

4.  Unreliable Denial

The person has not issued a reliable denial.  Perhaps the subject did not feel accused?  Perhaps a few more questions is all it might take.

Analysis Conclusion.

Here is where Statement Analysis can give a feel like art form:  The analyst has worked through the statement carefully, and is confident that a conclusion can be drawn.

A good example of this can be found in televised appearances of a person who has a missing loved one, and has gone on television, and is involved in question and answer.  If the show has any length to it at all, we are going to likely know if the subject has guilty knowledge of the missing person's plight.   See Mark Redwine's appearance on The Dr. Phil Show, or the appearance of Billie Dunn on Nancy Grace, or Sergio and Becky Celis on TV.

Here is where the skill of the analyst comes into play.  This is not a 7 year old without an attention span.  This is not an anonymous poster boasting in a complete conclusion yet due to anonymity, cannot be called into question afterwards when the case breaks open.

Readers, pick a name.

Do not rush to a conclusion.

Do not post things as fact that you are unable to support.

Be patient.

Be patient by being careful to not rush to a conclusion where a statement may not suggest a conclusion.  Remember that if you use a microscope to find deception, deception is not likely there.

Yes, there are times when a single sentence can yield much valuable information.  Yes, this is exciting, but it is not always like that.

Be willing to be wrong.

Ignorance and arrogance is a lethal combination and is best left for bureaucrats to boast of.

On "Lie To Me", the star of the show could just look at someone and know he was having an affair with someone else.

It is not so.

Police do not do well in lie detection because they think everyone's lying and will often close their minds to the very words the liar is using, that if embraced, would lead them to the truth.

It is difficult to teach a 7 year old who can't pull himself away from the instant gratification of a video game, just as it is difficult to teach a jurist who embraces, "If it don't fit, you must acquit" rather than follow through an argument.

Thinking takes work.  While one is lost in a video game, another is learning through the debate club, how to consider "line upon line; precept upon precept" in thinking.

Politicians pander to the lowest common denominator.  They know that a slogan is far more powerful than a complete thought.

We must not follow this thin and beggarly manner here, even in our comments.

Lie detection is hard work, based upon simple principles, stitched cohesively together.

Stop, yield, proceed with caution.

Be willing to be wrong, so that you can be right.

Familiarity with the language of humility can go a long way in life.


Gail1925 said...

Thank you for the informative post. I have posted a handful of comments on your threads as anonymous. My reasoning is that I try to avoid anything that links to other accounts (due to safety and date precautions, not hidden identity purposes). It is simply easier and quicker to choose anonymous then to login through other accounts. I am trying the name/url option now.

andrize said...

Thank you for writing this, Peter, and for sharing with/teaching us.


Gail1925 said...

It worked. I guess I can leave my anon days behind me.

The said...


Local anon in the Hailey. Dunn case said...

Peter, right on target. When you can hide behind an anon there is no accountability. That is a big issue in society.

Local anon in the Hailey Dunn case said...

Welcome Gail1925 as an identified poster. I look forward to your posts.

C5H11ONO said...
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C5H11ONO said...

Can you name the opening song to the radio program?
That would be Baby Don't Lie by Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes.

My personal lieing favorite is, Liar by Three Dog Night.

SharingTheWealth said...

"Lying Eyes" by the Eagles

SharingTheWealth said...

Not the answer to the question but my favorite lying song.

Tania Cadogan said...

Hi Gail1925

welcome aboard xx

ATM said...

Can I apply statement analysis basics to statements made on social media? In other words, if someone replies to me on my Facebook wall and drops "I" how do I apply analysis. Thank you in advance.

Anonymous said...

Peter, this happened 15 miles from my home. It appears that independent witnesses saw the abduction, but I thought it might give you good examples of truthful statements and also, please pray for this little girl.


Grace said...

Sorry, I didn't read this posting yet to respond to it. I see by Gail's comment that it's about anonymous posters. I post anonymously almost always. It's easier to just click anonymous. Sorry.
(I just posted about the little girl being abducted near me).

John Mc Gowan said...


Amber Alert: Stranger abducts girl in west Springfield:


John Mc Gowan said...


'Balloon Boy' Update: Heene Family Still Denies Hoax And Shows Off Son Falcon's Metal Band (VIDEO)


Anonymous said...

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (WIBW) - An AMBER Alert was issued for a 10 year-old Missouri girl reportedly abducted early Tuesday evening.

A press release sent out by the The Springfield Police Department early Wednesday morning says that the suspect and vehicle was found, but Hailey Owens remains missing.

Police found the vehicle at a residence in south Springfield
with the suspect inside. The male suspect was booked on kidnapping charges.

The release says that a command post has been set up and thirty to forty officers have begun an extensive search that will continue until Owens is found.

If she still remains missing in the Wednesday morning, the Springfield Police Department will host a news briefing at 6:30 A.M.

Owens is described as white, 5'2" tall, and weighing 90 pounds. She has brown hair, brown eyes, and pierced ears. She was last seen wearing blue jean shorts and purple sandals.

Hailey was last seen shortly before 5:00 p.m. in the 3200 block West Lombard Street in Springfield, Mo. Officials said she was approached by an unknown suspect and then pulled into his gold 2008 Ford Ranger.

They were last seen heading south.

The suspect was described as a man in his 40's with gray hair.

He was reportedly driving a gold, 2008 Ford Ranger in connection to the abduction. The car has Missouri tags 1YF454 or 1YS454.

Authorities later extended the AMBER Alert beyond Missouri and Kansas to Oklahoma.

Anyone with any information on Hailey's whereabouts is asked to call 911 or 1-800-KS-CRIME.

i am praying for her.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

The post worked. A number of intelligent posters have chosen names!

thank you.


shelley said...

names are great. even if its just a first name like I use or a nickname. that way we know if you are a regular...

Anonymous said...

I have been guilty of anonymous posts, I will stop.

ima.grandma said...

I saw a bumper sticker a few months back that said:

Common sense just isn't that common anymore.

Peter, this post is common sense at its best. Thank you.

Annonymous17 said...

I am the commenter formerly known as Anonymous who asked you to do an analysis of the 911 call from the Florida copy who may have killed his fiance. Thank you so much for that post.

I left some comments about Josh Bearden that I thought he was suspicious. I like your point that a statement can indicate guilt, but that doesn't necessarily explain the reason the person feels guilt. I will try to remember when reading your analyses that statements can indicate deception for all sorts of reasons that may not include guilt of a crime.

I also left a lengthy amateur analysis of the creepy Canadian park letter (which I'd love to read your analysis on whenever you can). Will you ever post one?

Lemon said...

Welcome to all the newly named, formerly "Anonymous" :)

Red Ryder said...

Thanks for the post. Welcome to the newly named:) it is so good to have names to put with your thoughts and personalities!

ima.grandma said...

Lemon, once you have the time would you mind stepping me through how to place an icon to my blogger profile? i should have paid attention when you've helped others. thank you in advance. pam

ima.grandma said...
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Lemon said...

Log in to your Blogger Account
Click "Edit User Profile"
Scroll down to "Profile Photo"
Click either "From you computer" choose file (this is your picture file that you want your icon, or avatar, to be)
"From the web. Paste an image URL (<-the address of a web page) below.
Click "Save Profile

And remember, if you like your Avatar, you can keep your Avatar. ;)

QChick said...

Great Post, I have not been active here for awhile but it was hard to follow the posts after Leanne Bearden was found bc there were so many anon posters. I do admit that since this case is in my backyard I went totally emotional on it and ignored statement analysis. I really thought the husband was going to be the bad guy. I still have my lingering questions but the outcome is the outcome.

Karen T said...

Thank you. Good points.

Karen T said...

I updated my profile & added a picture. Just checking to see if it shows up

Question Marks this Spot said...

Fake names are still anonymous. Why do you offer the anonymous option if you're going to chastise the writer abd tell everyone what not to say? Also, your posts are previewed prior to being published, right? So you have the last say. I don't understand why this post is necessary from you when it is more efficient simply to dump the anonymous option or delete ridiculous claims (not post them.) It seems if you don't exercise your options there you will need to post this on every single news story for newcomers. Again, Im still anonymous though Im about to make up a name. I am interested in your reason in having this new policy but not using it, etc. Thanks in advance if yiu choose to address this one.

Unknown said...

I stumbled on this post and was going to just skim it but ended up reading it all. I haven't read the comments on your blog to which you refer, but your statements are true for every comment section I've ever read on line or off.

While I acknowledge the usefulness of statement analysis I've always had reservations about some of the conclusions drawn from it. Maybe your site will ease my concerns.

Unknown said...

Familiarity with the language of humility can go a long way in life.

This statement is one of those rare, brilliant thoughts that encompasses many different things and expands our thinking. not only does it sum up statement analysis but it explains love and life too