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Angela Merkel: Profoundly Shocked

Mama Merkel 
Is Angela Merkel lying to the German people and to the world?

Of all the bizarre coverage of the Islamic terror attack in Paris, (including close mic'ing Geraldo Rivera verklempt off camera) people around the world waited to hear what one political leader, in particular, would have to say. 

Angela Merkel, the embattled pro Islamist German leader.  

She did not disappoint. 

She said she was "profoundly shocked."

This is to take "shocked" to a highly sensitive level where the shock is "profound."

Let's examine what might make "shock" so very sensitive to her. 

Merkel has imported, by the lure of money, 1.5 million migrants to Germany.  In following her statements and press releases, the number was 800,000 at first, with most being Syrian women and children and the men highly educated doctors and engineers which would save Germany's falling population. 

However, as summer progressed, her greatest enemy was the iPhone in the hands of citizens.  Pictures, video, and text messages to social media destroyed her deception.  When the spotlight hit her fully, and Germany appeared to be overwhelmed, she boasted that "all were welcome" in Germany.  Citizens in Germany fear their own government so they are using e communication to send out the images and video that uncover the deception.  

Citizens in Germany fear their own government as they did in the 1930's and 40's.  
Condemns Nazis while employing Nazi technique

European nations bristled.  

In other countries, migrants became violent demanding better accommodation and passage to Germany.  They did not want asylum in safe countries, they only wanted Germany, or in the least, Sweden.  When Hungary, with its own Muslim invasion history of bloodshed fresh in their memories, said they would take Syrian Christians, Merkel and her government called Hungary "Nazi, xenophobe" and "racist."

Hungary built a fence. 

At the refugee centers rape and violence became the norm, as iPhone users expelled the German myth of Syrian women and children war refugees by revealing:

1.  70% to 90% of the migrants are males, 18-35, with a grade school education equivalent only. 
2.  Less than 20% were from Syria, with all Syrian birth certificates "lost"
3.  Lots of money. 
4.  Rape epidemic including social workers binding together to reveal what the media refused to
5.  Robbery, home invasions and violence
6.  Refusal by many migrants to use indoor toilets and clean up.  (In case one thinks this is a minor complaint or urban legend, the government produced brochures on bathroom use due to the extreme feces in the streets and particularly, smeared on the walls of businesses).

The proof was overwhelming and main stream media finally admitted their role in the deception, which they claimed was for the good of the people.  

The violence in Germany has been overwhelming since the summer's migrant crisis began, but it was overwhelming before that, too, though Merkel worked closely with the media to hide it.  The no go zones and Muslim enclaves of crime rivaled the Islamic gangs (11 well known in Berlin alone) that ran drugs and prostitution in the cities.  

Germany responded with motions to cease property and silence citizens.  Each condemnation of the protestors as "Nazi" and "phobic", has led to increase in protestors and galvanized the opposition to her policies.  

In fact, if you deny the holocaust in Germany, you will be fined, but could face prison time.  She announced through the education minister that they needed to hire 20,000 additional teachers, and then announced that, nation-wide, all test score standard will be dropped for the "foreseeable future years" to make schooling more accommodating for the Muslim children.  Due to Islamic first cousin marriages, the number of developmentally disabled children of Muslims had already overwhelmed Germany, France and the UK's social service systems, including statistics showing the greatest number of children in state custody are Muslim.  

Lowering the standard will, in a single generation, forever change the German reputation for excellence and manufacturing.  

Angela Merkel said it was the German guilt of World War II in the holocaust that demanded humanitarian action of taking in "refugees" from the middle east and north Africa. 

Profoundly Shocked 

In squelching the violence through media and now arrests and confiscation of iPhones and computers,  Merkel has brought her country to the point of civil war with the German population dealing with an ideology far worse than national socialism, and with severe gun restriction, the arms are all in the hands of the Islamic criminals. 

In Germany, not only is every school child taught about the German guilt of the holocaust, but one who publicly denies that 6 million Jews were murdered faces arrest. 

Unless, of course...

Muslims are known for Jew hating and holocaust denials.  This comes from not only citizens, but from Muslim political leaders.  The Koran's most hateful venom is directed against Jews.  

In Germany, Muslim schools are exempt from the law of holocaust denial. 

In claiming that Germany must take in migrants due to what they did to the Jews, they have imported the most Jew hating, Holocaust denials on the planet, with 1.5 million in 2015 alone.  When family reunification takes place, the leaked documents conclude that it will be from 2015, alone, a total of 

6 million Muslims. 

That number sounds familiar to the ears of Jews, who have left Germany in steady numbers since MENA immigration began, but have begun to leave in earnest in 2015.  

How many are there?

No number is certain with 250,000 being at the high level, but with 2015's change, it may be much less at year end.  The Jews have been vocal in telling the German government that they are not safe, but this falls upon deaf ears.  At least, however, the Jews are not called "hateful Nazi islamophobes" as their gentile neighbors are.  

In the name of saving Jews, Merkel has imported those of an ideology with a pathological hatred of Jews, and a consistent denial of the Holocaust. 

In recent weeks, she has threatened military action against neighbor countries, condemned Hungary for not taking in Islamists, refused to comment about the Islamic countries which have refused to take in migrants, though they have both the land and resources,  ( Saudi Arabia did offer to build 200 mosques in Germany), and has yet to comment on the promises of ISIS and others who said,

"We have operatives among the migrants."

Italy's government announced that "no terrorists are within the migrants) this week, yet within hours, Italian police announced capturing one of Al Queda's top men hiding among the migrants.  

That she defends her immigration policy based upon the Nazis is ironic that she has then imposed Nazi tactics against those who disagree with her, including suspending freedoms. 

She has not commented upon what has recently been found by journalists:

the strange behavior of many migrants who, once granted asylum, have thrown away their phones in groves. 

Why would so many thousands of cell phones be discarded?

Journalists began to dig...

What is the saying?  "Follow the money"?

It has ben discovered that thousands and thousands of migrants, including the tens of thousands that are in their early 20's but report being 16, have gotten the average of $5,000 to $10,000 euros to pay the people smugglers to land in Europe...

where did the money come from?

How come the men are fleeing war but are so well dressed and have so many euros on them?

Journalists are building the story:  Saudi Arabia, Iran, and other Islamic countries may be financing a large portion of the migrants to Europe.  

Follow the money?  CAIR negatively speaks of the violence while funneling money out to terrorists.  It is a fight among supremacists.  


The doctrine of Islamization by immigration.  

"Profoundly shocked."


They warned they would do this and in spite of a doctrine allowing Islamists to lie to further Islam, violence is a topic of which they keep their word.  

What CAIR, Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, Al Quada and other Islamists are doing .  The core beliefs, however, represent the ideology that is anti-freedom. 

What some call "extreme", Islamists call "devout" with Islam the only "religion" in the world in which violence increases as followers become more devout.  It is an ideology that closely links sex and violence, including in the afterlife.  

There was no "shock" to Merkel.  Her own advisors have warned her and police have warned her and her citizens have been crying out for protection, but she refuses to yield.

Instead, she continues to lie.  


Anonymous said...

An 87 year old grandma was sentenced to 9 months in jail in Germany for "holocaust denial." I wonder if she was just complaining about what's really going on?

anon anon said...

I read between the lines, extrapolate,
is she just like bho ?

Anonymous said...

This all has its roots in two separate but interrelated things - the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan and the Cloward-Piven Strategy.

The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan (Angela Merkel won the Coudenhove-Kalergi Prize in 2010) was financed by the major European banking families of the time (Warburgs and Rothschilds) and openly called for a cross-fertilization of communism and capitalism, the elimination of individual countries into a form of global 'regionalism', and the interbreeding of Europeans with third-world peoples to make Europe into a rootless mass with no identity that could be easily manipulated and controlled.

The Cloward-Piven strategy was a plan drawn up in America in 1966 to overwhelm the public welfare system, bankrupt the country, and create a crisis situation that would allow others to step in and create drastic 'reforms' to save the system that they themselves destroyed.

The people in charge of refugees and migrants with the UN are representatives of high finance and multinational corporations.

Peter Sutherland, the UN migration Chief, told the EU in 2012 that they needed to "undermine" their "national homogeneity".

Peter Sutherland is also the chairman of Goldman-Sachs International, the founder of the World Trade Organization, the "father of globalization".

This is part of an enormous power-play that has been going on for at least a hundred years. Europe and its culture are being literally sold out.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

This is not likely to make much news, but it highlights that the enemy is not "ISIS", but the ideology behind ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, and so many others:

the prescriptive violence under the guise of supremacy.

This is a 16 year old boy. I shudder to think of the terror he felt. I have watched some of the be heading videos and it is all small knife beheadings and each one shows a delay....increasing the suffering of the victim.

This specific cause of death is specifically called for in the koran.

Muslims world wide who believe in peace MUST DENOUNCE the Koranic teaching, even though the Koran teaches death to those who criticize it.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous 10:38, please choose a name.

Your post speaks of the common theme:

follow the money.

Somewhere people are profiting off the pain and death of others. It has been this way from the beginning.

I know little of the 1960's "Eurabia" deals but have begun research into it. I do have the premise of "follow the money" and just as in World War I, the war was instigated by arms manufacturers.

I know that Europe's elite have prospered with cheap labor, while tax payers have suffered, (financially) and have lived with rape, crime and bad schools.

The elite afford private schools, gated neighborhood and armed security.

The very things they deny to others.

History shows that human nature does not change.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

1 – 5 of 5
Anonymous Anonymous said...
An 87 year old grandma was sentenced to 9 months in jail in Germany for "holocaust denial." I wonder if she was just complaining about what's really going on?

If you listen to Germans interviewed, it is as comical as Seinfeld's pithy, "...uh, not that there' anything wrong with that" line.

They complain about safety, yet each sentence is then peppered with "I'm not racist", "I'm not xenophobic", or "I'm not against the migrants, it's just..."

It is very sad.

At least John Kerry is now telling the world that the Syrian war is responsible for Paris. I am waiting for Barak Obama to blame the Crusades again.

Or, perhaps, they just need jobs.


Anonymous said...

My my, Merkel has a purdy mouth....

Statement Analysis Blog said...

this poor woman. Saudi Arabia leads a UN commission on human rights while leading the world in flogging and beheadings.

More and more people see their government as their enemy, rather than a servant.

We live in historic days.


maudes harold said...

I am Seriously tho, I posted that stuff this morning.

I've posted this before. Obama didn't start the fire, but he's keeping it alive and well fed.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Some of you know my connection to Fox News, but notwithstanding, I prefer the news to be reported without the drama. There is enough drama in life as it is, and they "bend over backwards" to make sure "both points of view" are heard...I would prefer just the news.

I recognize the bias of MSM and of MSNBC being so extremest that there must be an alternative, but I think the best alternative would be a reporting of the news, professional hosts with great speaking voices, without the "sexy Fox News babes" mentality or the silly "balance" where every story has to have rebuttals.

What I want is less commentary and more news.
Maudes, you are anonymous.

Which? :)

Thanks for the link.

I am new to American Thinker of recent months and am impressed with some of the writers. The focus seems to have a single universal point of logic.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

That article is from 2008!

I urge readers to take the time with it:

It now seems prophetic.

The underlying theme of all the revolutionary thinking is brought to the surface:



We could make a list of these things without having to research anything.

I am interested in readers' responses.


maudes harold said...

It seems prophetic because it was planned, long ago. This kind of info can lead down to rabbit hole conspiracies. The horrifying thing is that a lot of it has real merit.

maudes harold said...

I was at my 14 year old nieces' choir performance this week at a public high school in Los Angeles. The entire theme was "Revolution."

Her high school play will be on revolution and immigration--forgot the name of it at the moment.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

A sad note:

People in France reporting "missing" loved ones...

This is a terrible reminder of the days after 9/11 where families were searching for their loved ones...

Maudes, the folly of education today is not seen only in the lower grades but in "The Picture of Dorian Gray" in this morning's American Thinker.

Did you read it?

The one professor who called for a violent removal of a journalist gets paid more than police.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

Islamic Supremacy groups are promising more to come, including another shot at Russia (200+ dead last week) and the UK.

Reports that one of the murderers was, in deed, a "woman and child refugee" that came in last month through Greece.


maudes harold said...


I have been an educator (special ed, low-income) for over 20 years. Due to health issues I can no longer work full-time and have subbed for a few years. What I have witnessed has been horrifying and systematic-- "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America"

I am soon off to another niece's soccer game and haven't read the article. I did post on another thread an article by Alan Dershowitz.

My 20 year old niece was considering two programs in Germany and Sweden for women and science. I advised her NOT to go to those places now. She has good opportunities here(JPL). I hated having to tell her that, but I think it's just too dangerous and not worth the risk when she has opportunities here. So very sad.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

"We are importing Islamic extremism, Arab anti-Semitism, national and ethnic conflicts of other peoples, as well as a different understanding of society and law." — From a leaked German intelligence document.

Anonymous said...

This is probably a stupid question so I apologize in advance. How is Merkal being lured by money?

Statement Analysis Blog said...


my daughter's private school is considering a trip to Europe next year which takes quite a bit of planning and fund raising.

The school's leadership has both eyes wide open, and are not PC orientated, which has allowed me to say, "Let's see..." rather than "no."

As the school works out details, I think she will go. It is an excellent opportunity to expand her learning and I am certain that the teen girls will not go out alone, nor will they be ignorant of what neighborhoods in London, for example, to avoid.

I doubt they have interest in Rotherham!

It is sad, but it has come down to this.

Islam's hatred of mankind was much better when it was isolated to Islamic lands. Until the ideology is eradicated, there will always be danger, and travel advisories, and so on.

The story of the truck driver who was arrested for having a stun gun was tragic.

People last night went to a concert to hear music, and a soccer match, to see sports.

When ISIS is defeated, the new government will be another Islamic organization and we will declare them moderate, arm them, and then they will kill us too.

I think it is going to take many more dead before the politically correct emotionally driven finally throw in the towel and say, "Mein Kampf = Nazi and Koran = supremacy violent sexual ideology.

We studied Mein Kampf to defeat the Nazis and will have to study the Koran to defeat Islam.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous said...
This is probably a stupid question so I apologize in advance. How is Merkal being lured by money?
November 14, 2015 at 4:01 PM

This is not a stupid question but a great question and one I need an answer too, as well.

Why is George Soros so intent on having no borders?

I think a lot has to do with big business, cheap labor, specific business (housing), (arms), and with campaign contributions.

I think Merkel is the latter.

Look at the Clinton Foundation.

Counties that made huge donations had petitioned the Secretary of State for various approvals, internationally.

They got approvals.

They made major "donations" to the Clinton Foundation.

I also believe that greed is what is behind wars, at least for the aggressors. I have just begun to read Bat Ye'or so I am not ready to comment on the labor deals made with major European industrialists through the politicians they supported, but perhaps others are.

Also, if you are interested in the answer, how about using a name, and doing some research, too?


maudes harold said...

I hear ya Peter, but then I read this:

A local college student killed in the attacks.

A second cousin of mine who lives in Paris FB posted around 4:30PT yesterday that he was safe.

My high school friend was on the 2nd plane that hit the World Trade Centers. Her daughter was the youngest identified victim of the attacks.

This stuff has hit home, close for me.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


see anonyous question about Merkel profiteering?

maudes harold said...

As to Merkel, it's quite possible money might not be motivating her, but rather her 'place in history as a Revolutionary General' or some such rubbish along those lines.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

As to studying abroad:

LONG BEACH, Calif. (November 14, 2015) — California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) student Nohemi Gonzalez, 23, was killed during the attacks in and around Paris on November 13. Gonzalez, from El Monte, Calif., was a junior studying design. She was in Paris attending Strate College of Design during a semester abroad program. Specific details of her passing are not available at this time. The university will hold a vigil at 4 pm on Sunday to mourn Gonzalez’s passing and to grieve for all the victims of the atrocious attack. More information about the vigil will be shared as details are finalized.
“I’m deeply saddened by the news of the passing of Long Beach State University student Nohemi Gonzalez. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends during this sad time,” said President Jane Close Conoley. “Our university stands with our nearly eighty foreign exchange students from France as they struggle with this tragedy. We will extend all support necessary to comfort them. We will also extend support to all students, faculty and staff who are in need.

- See more at:

Statement Analysis Blog said...

PS on the money trail:

We would have to know campaign contributions not just to her, but to her party. I can only analyze her statements second language, and they do show an emotional and irrational thinker, but she certainly is not one to admit her mistakes and will only dig in her heels under more attacks.

The profile of Hitler said childhood disturbances would lead him to suicide in the end. They were correct.

Merkel was deeply damaged by the early communism she was under and caught attention for being pro free business in her early days.

As she moved more and more to social engineering, we have seen a deep fear and inability to handle differences of opinion. She resorts to the same silencing by name calling, but then goes further: the legal silencing of tyranny.

If a policy cannot be debated, it is not strong.


rob said...

I can't wait till the 30,000 Syrian refuges that Obama has promised us arrives. Too bad he wasn't able to take up the guns before they got here. I guess the ones with the biggest guns, fastest shot will survive.
Maybe they will be sent to Chicago. Then only the strongest will survive.

sidewalk super said...

I suspect only Hawaii will be spared.
Chicago and Ferguson would be interesting indeed.