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Blackburn Murder: Human Nature and Language

I receive many requests via FB for analysis.  I receive so many, in fact, that many go unread.  Until a few months ago, I did not know a folder existed where people who are not "friends" with me have written to me, including journalists who I have subsequently apologized to for not getting back to them.

I had received a large number of requests on Madden.  Until yesterday, I had not heard of this case and the analysis, although simple, shows what "guilty language" looks like.

The statistics of the blog show an increase in traffic from the Amanda Blackburn case.  This murder case, above many others, has caught the nation's attention.


The first person to contact me did so as a friend and a devoted Christian who had come across the horror but then was "bothered" by the reaction from the husband, who is a pastor.  Raised in Christian faith, herself, it was most "unexpected" to her.  Knowing her as one who is not suspicious by nature, I read the statement.

I was 'confronted' by the lack of emotional connection to the victim by a husband, and the theme of "moving on" for the sake of his career.  I knew that he would have to be cleared by police as the course of the investigation and due to the years of association with various Domestic Violence advocates, I was aware of the statistics that point to the death of a pregnant woman with the husband/boyfriend as primary suspect.

The statement was nothing I had expected from a husband, but even more so from his profession.  My instinct was, "narcissistic-sounding' and ambitious.

I then was pointed to his church's videos.

There, I was shocked.

Without belaboring the point, if I were a debater of Christianity, I wouldn't use the videos as proof; they would represent 'straw men' arguments, or a caricature  and would consider this akin to saying, "If you wish to know the average German today, look at Adolf Hitler."  It is not just wrong, it is inherently weak.

The videos showed two things:

1.  The performance
2.  The words chosen

I am not a body language analyst expert and in an interview, should a woman cry, I close my eyes or look away, and listen only to the words chosen, lest I be emotionally taken off the path to truth.
When a 7 year old's leg twitches, he may be on Ritalin.
When a woman sneers, she may have a sinus condition.
I have seen the rise and fall of the popularity of "Lie To Me" which followed the same with profiling and "Silence of the Lambs."

Lie Detection is hard work and takes formal training, years of practice, and intense follow up training.

When I post analysis, I recognize that anyone in the public can read it, and when the topic is popular, many will read it and this includes experience investigators, peers (analysts), criminologists, psychologists, legal experts, linguistic experts, and so on.

When I post a strong conclusion, which I do in perhaps, more than 90% of the time, I have a need to be accurate.

Here, the analysis shows deception via withholding information and guilt; though the source of guilt remains unknown; that is, unknown with certainty.

*Is it guilt of association with the killers?  The killers, if members of a gang, likely do not know Davey Blackburn; therefore, have no connection to him, but if sent deliberately to this home, collateral theft, the open door, the lengthy phone conversation while remaining outside the house, as well as the larger context of bad marriage, including pregnancy, come into focus. This association would produce the guilt within language, as well as reiteration of the pronoun "us" as plural, with "for us, we have nothing to hide."

If it is guilt of association, the association could take weeks or months to learn with the 'code of silence' difficult to break; especially if those directly involved did not know for whom they were sent.  This is something that the phrase, "code of silence" suggests;

it is not likely that neighbors, themselves, would remain 'silent' if they, themselves, experienced home invasions (very personal) and spoke collectively, (empowering).  Victims of gang violence who remain silent due so because they are personally threatened.  If you put them together, they are incapable of keeping the secret.

1.  It is human nature to communicate
2.  Being personally invaded is intense, increasing anger and rage;
3.  Being connected with others (plural) gives strength.

Silence is all but impossible.

If there is an association, it will be difficult to obtain, and would take infiltration of the gang or in the least, closeness.

If exists, the senior gang member who was behind this will boast.

If it is not guilt of association, could it be guilt of an opportunist?

There is nothing I could write, or anyone could say, that will cause the victim's husband to stop promotion.  He was incapable of concealing his priority from his first statement, on down, even though this 'corrected' statements, where he knew of the 'internet trolls' and came out with a complete social introduction and the strong word, "killed" and even used the pronoun "I" with more frequency.

Even here, he was incapable of concealing his priority of language:  promotion of his career.

There is nothing in the language to suggest an ability to stop using her death as a crass advertisement with "the best is yet to come" with its incessant promise of improvement of this life, which, by necessity , must weaken over time, if one considers his negative view of eternity in light of earthly success.

*Would guilt over capitalizing upon her death produce the linguistic change?


I do not see it as being powerful enough to eject the pronoun "I" from his language.

I consider a combination of factors that should be further examined in a larger context of guilt:

What if one not only feels a sense of guilt or shame due to capitalizing on his wife's death, but also feels the guilt of having a profound sense of relief that the death has spared him the possible divorce?

Repeatedly, investigators and commentators have said:  'this guy is not sad she is gone', to which the language agrees.  It is like the one who goes to a lawyer's office to receive word of a huge inheritance amongst a crowd of people wearing black, who deeply loved the deceased, while the one, dressed in sneakers and jeans, has to conceal his joy, glad the rich one is gone, but even happier at the windfall.

Could the combination of these factors contribute to the guilty language?


It takes an awful lot to use:

a.  distancing language
b.  pronouns where one 'hides' among others

Pronouns are powerfully intuitive so the constant, "we are feeling" and "we are puzzled" combines with the extreme distancing of "the family is devastated" (which directly avoids saying, "I am devastated!") but then to say:

"we" will "dialog" with their child.

Teachers, social workers, and other profesionals "dialog" with children of others.

It is part of the ritual of gang membership survival in prison to not disclose the involvement of others.  To do so would be to sentence oneself to "hell within hell" in prison.

It is not likely that the three in custody will give up anyone, and even if a non-shooter is offered no prison time, he still would have to return to his neighborhood as one who told:  this is not going to happen.

                              Human nature is human nature.

When you read the New York Times  saying "women and children refugees from war torn Syria.." and you see the actual video of 70-90% young male, you know you've been lied to.  But when these young males land in European countries but protest and riot, demanding to go to only Germany or Sweden, you may ask "Why?", given that they come from different countries and races.  The women and children are left in Syria to fend for themselves and the soldiers have stated that the country is not worth fighting for but something else is worth the violence:

Yet, human nature is your best guide.  Germany and Sweden offer the most money.

When you see human nature before you, you may either observe and accept, carefully attempting to not project yourself into their language, or you can simply listen and watch and learn.

Gang violence has elements of human nature that are constantly on display, including factors of self interest while maintaining loyalty, and its own code of conduct.  The only way to break that code is to make human nature's self interest appear pragmatically first in priority:  not a reduced prison sentence, but a free pass and a free trip to another state in another name with money, was the tool to break mafia-like concerted violent activity.

You must understand, even in a limited degree, human nature in order to properly align "the expected" in any allegation.

Although severely ilmited in percentage, there have been comments in defense of the victim's husband's language as the language of "faith", which, in one sense, is very important.

We should listen to his language from his perspective.

This was especially pointed out by investigators who are people of faith who said, "I'm not buying it."

To them, the language was 'surreal' and 'bizarre' ranging from "how can anyone still be selling while his wife's killers are on the loose?" to " nope.  no way. The coincedence?  No one is that lucky."

To consider the victim's husband "lucky", one must already think:

This death actually pleases him.

Herein lies exactly why this case has caught the attention of the nation in a very powerful way.

Think:  Scott Peterson.

S. PETERSON: I had nothing to do with Laci's disappearance. Even if think I did, think about Laci. And I know that there's a nation that wants to bring her home to our families. 

Peterson's pregnant wife, Laci, was missing, and Peterson, like Blackburn, went from TV show to TV show and spoke in grandiose terms, without connecting himself strongly to her.

People across the nation, without training, grit their collective teeth.

"I don't know.  This guy just gets me so angry...."

Peterson, too, knew the "nation" was watching him.

When Peterson was eventually arrested, people were not shocked and all the video "performances" were played again. They now knew what readers of Statement Analysis had already known.

The body language analysts came out of the woodwork with "I told you so!", yet, few actually did...before the arrest.


Scott Peterson's language was that of "anti-social narcissistic' type or 'sociopathic' with 'narcissistic elements.'  His marriage?  He said, "glorious is a word that comes to mind."  

For Peterson, a divorce was not only costly but 18 years of chid support awaited him.

Peterson brought suspicion to himself via his words.

Davey? Or, in the words of his mentor, "Crazy Davey"?

The cause of the "internet trolls", which is the words of the mentor, is Davey Blackburn, himself.

Once others were arrested, we heard the "experts" make pronouncements on how they 'knew' that he was not connected and "statement analysis is helpful but..."

Not so fast.

"Psychopaths don't feel guilt"

Not true.

Go back to Peterson.

Anti-social, sociopathic, etc...all feel the internal stress of lying as not only a disruption of the speed of processing language, but they are stressed at the thought of being caught, inclining being seen
as a liar.

Davey Blackburn is the architect of suspicion, so much so, that police have said he was "100%" not involved, and made arrests of those involved and people are still suspicious. 

Who are these "people"?

The public, including those who's life work it is to:

a.  understand language
b.  understand people
c.  investigate crime
d.  investigate murder

It includes people of all ranges of ages and intellect, by sheer volume alone.

What does this tell you about Blackburn's language?

His language is so extreme that even those without formal training, suspect a connection, and even official police "clearing" and arrests have done little to reduce suspicion.

Davey Blackburn is the source of suspicion; not  Fox News, nor 'internet trolls', though one may consider the mentor's call for apology a slick opportunist element as the inevitable pattern of human nature may now become visible:

Student adoration of Mentor

Student studies and learns Mentor

Student comes to the eventual independence of Mentor, with continued guidance.

Student relies less and less on Mentor.

Mentor senses the 'divorce'

Student and Mentor eventually face off in competition.

How will Mentor react when Student's book becomes "best seller" at Amazon?

How will Mentor react when Hollywood announces "Amanda's Story" will be made into a movie, starring a handsome young actor as Davey?

Human Nature will, once again, rise and be heard in the language, with the most important word of the sentence being, "but."

Follow the pronouns, too.  Human nature has a funny way of dealing with it, too.

"We are so pleased that Amanda's Story will now be told to an entire nation to the glory of God but I hope it will be accurate..."

Some people will hear or read that and say, "Yes, I hope it is accurate too" but others will see this:

""We are so pleased that Amanda's Story will now be told to an entire nation to the glory of God but I hope it will be accurate..."

Some will have heard..."Someone's envy is creeping out..."

Human nature.

"The Sinfulness of Sin" being so deeply embedded within human nature that even while guilty, it can present itself as righteousness.

A father told me he had not molested his child, he was "showing her" what "they" do, and was being a really "good father" so that she could protect herself.

We all reveal our understanding of human nature in our language.

Recently in a discussion about unjust laws being passed in history, I commented upon the topic of 'pendulum swing back' in human nature, which says:

'...unjustly punish a people long enough and eventually, their patience will run out and they will kick back. When they kick back, they will likely go too far. '

This is something your mother (or now, your grandmother) told you long ago:  "Two wrongs do not make a right."

Laws that are passed which use the same "wrong" to correct an actual wrong are doomed to not only failure, but provocation.

In Blackburn's language, Christianity had little connection with the reality of human nature, while in Amanda's father's language, it was the source of what he looked forward to:  conquering the hate and anger and rage and guilt he felt.

Parents who lose their children to cancer have guilt in their language, as if they 'could have' done something differently.  Some will even torment themselves with what foods they fed their child.  One even blamed himself for moving to a certain town that had "lots of electrical power lines."  In other words, their imaginations were so extreme that they made foolish connections to their own child's illness.

This is the very human nature Solomon highlighted.

Two women gave birth to sons.  Both similar in age, complexion and there is no mention of DNA or paternity testing as one rolled over upon her son, smothering him to death and stole the others, as they lived together in the same tent.

The local magistrates could not discern as both claimed ownership of the child, which led to the eventual appellate system's highest court:  King Solomon.

What is too often missed in the great Solomonic decision of exploitation of human nature for lie detection is, perhaps, the most important aspect:

Human speech.

Solomon called for a sword and said to his guard to cut the baby in half and give them each half a baby.

One woman agreed, while the other shrieked and said, "No!  Just give the baby to her!" which showed that there was a more powerful connection to a biological baby by its mother than exhibited in a mother who not only was lying, but who had recently suffered a tragedy and was either numbed by it, or murderously calloused in character.

Solomon had no intention of committing murder in his court.

Instead, he highlighted what is, in deed, highlighted in the very Book Blackburn quotes from:

language reveals us.

Language reveals what one is thinking.

"Tell us plainly, are you the King of the Jews?" was the charge, under oath.

"You have said it":

'Your own words have framed it.  This truth has come out of the mouth of the accuser.'

The human heart is very deep and beyond exhaustive understanding.  Denial, for example, is a powerful element.

When a young woman is perilously close to death by starvation and looks into the mirror and sees "grotesque obesity", we insist, and rightfully so, that professional intervention is needed.  Her brain processes what her eyes see as "overweight" to the point of such "disgust", that her appetite shuts down and she slowly dies.

From this abundance, or great volume of the "heart", that is the "intellect" and the "emotions", the words come forth and they reveal the truth.

Solomon had no intention on murder.

Why did he call for this object lesson?

Because his audience did not listen to the women and his audience did not listen to his words, either.

This is an early historical example of "dulled listening" and is why, before he called for the object lesson, he repeated the arguments from each mother. 

Their own words told us their priorities, but only if we are listening.

When my kids were little, I used to "amaze" them in opening Christmas gifts that said,

"To Peter and Heather, from Grandpa and Grandma" because I would then say,

"I think...hmm....(staring at the box, feigning psychic powers), I shall be the one to open this one!" and, lo and behold, (or behold and lo), the gift was something I would want far more than Heather.

Next gift,

"To Heather and Peter, Love Grandma and Grandpa" but this time,

I halted on the order of the names, AND I emphasized "love" instead of "from", to give the little ones the 'hint':

I then placed the package beneath my nose, like a bloodhound on a scent and said,

"I believe that I should not open this gift" and handed to Heather as the little ones were wide eyed with marvel:

As Heather opened the gift, it was something, likely, for the kitchen as she is an excellent baker and cake designer.

"Wowwwwwwww, Dad!!"


Dads only hold that vaunted status for a short time, but thankfully, get to regain it with grandchildren.

My next performance is but a few years hence.

Blackburn's own statements have been his best public relations as the free publicity, especially in the negative, will only increase sales.

The mentor is of strong intellect and he recognizes the power of "victim status" and how this phenomena both unites and empowers, howbeit unjustly, but why let a bit of ethics stand between today's headline and tomorrow's goal of New York Times Bestseller?

The publicity is good, and the negative publicity even better.

Mohammad Ali did not need a public relations team to churn up interest for his fights.  This was a needless expense.

Bob Dylan kept reporters following him, digging through his garbage and hiding out on the roof of his house (literally) by refusing to give interviews, but when he did, he spoke in such 'hip cryptic language' that his 'followers' were left puzzled, trying to analyze his every word, which...

sold quite a few records.

Even Stephen King puzzled over "the Gates of Eden", instead of simply watching the hollywood movies that influenced Dylan's language.  Fans were disappointed when, in 2005, they found a beautiful song of his had been directly lifted from Confederate poetry.

Today, celebrities often stage "outrageous behavior" to keep interest long past the limitations of talent.  In a game of "can you top this?" America went from Elvis suggestively shaking his hips to Miley Cyrus.  The intent has always been the same.

Sex sells and Shock sells so why not combine the two?

Blackburn "preaches" in jeans and tight shirts.  "Whatever it takes" is his ideology and he is no so much obsessed with sex as he is obsessed with success.  He is very intelligent and he knows that "sex sells" and so he talks about sex.  Howbeit, at age 30, he is quite limited naturally, and he appears to not grasp sexuality as the Scripture explains it, so he does what comes most natural to him:

he talks about himself, and his own sex drive and while he is talking, we learn the truth:

The contempt he holds towards Amanda.

This is a repeated theme.

He states it openly in his videos, but then he explains the source of it:  both in relation to his career and his own sex drive.  Had he been a licensed therapist, using his own sex life would have put his license in jeopardy.  This is why I wrote "inadvertent grooming of young people" by both choreographed "performance" and language:  it may not be his intention, but he is using "word pictures" and "visual imagery" to convey his message of his powerful sex drive; so powerful, in fact, that he is incapable of concentrating on his wife's words.

The insult was deep and it was public.

This, too, is what has caused professional investigators to say, "I am not buying it!"  and "He is selling, but I'm not buying."

He is the sole source of suspicion.

It was not Jeanine Shapiro who publicly spoke about how 'inadequate' Amanda was.

It was not Megyn Kelly who flashed a gun during a video performance days before her spouse was killed by a gun.

The Mentor needs to be careful here. He has shown his failure to grasp Hebrew and he may now show a  failure of grasping  human nature, too.

By calling out a national news agency, he is using "national" to broaden his exposure.

What if the agency refuses to apologize?

Will he back it up with a suit?

Here is where it gets interesting.

Imagine, for a moment, the defense using these video tapes and coincidental nature of the crime asking a jury, "What are the odds?"

Who also might be listening to the defense?

Amanda's family left bereft of their lovely and Godly daughter and of whom they may experience difficulties in seeing Weston as often as they want to, due to Davey's fame and book tour and his new girlfriend and...

They might hear the powerful defense arguments and begin to think...

They could seek justice the way that OJ Simpsons' victims family did:

To be held civilly accountable for her death.

Think of the pendulum or the metronome that sits upon your piano in your living room.

It swings one way and the more powerful the swing, the more powerful the backlash.

If they see Davey and Mentor beginning a national tour of competition at the expense of their daughter, they will experience negative emotions.

It is human nature.

Suspicion can destroy.  Even Elvis sang, "we can't go on with suspicious minds..." as it eats away at confidence and any single event can cause it to rise to the surface, even if the event is unrelated.  It is a powerful human emotion that can either be

starved with truth,

or fed with silence.

You may wonder how it is that when Brittany Spears went to Burger King and a Barber Shop to shave her head who called the paparazzi to arrive just in time?

"Reality" tv shows are anything but, yet, though I do not watch them (yesterday, I missed a powerful "honey boo boo" comical reference about giving Mountain Dew soda to a child), I recognize that they must be selling, lest they be canceled.  Apparently, America loved an overweight, rude uncivilized family implode in sexual abuse.  I had no interest until the implosion of statements as people asked, "Did the mother know?"

The analysis said, "yes she did."

The story then caught my interest, too.

Like the train wreck we all know we should look away, we attempted to look away but Davey yelled at us, "Don't look away!  You must see this!" with his bizarre "moving on", and "laugh" and dishonest abuse of Christian faith.  One devout Christian said to me, "The 'jesus' of Davey Blackburn has no resemblance to the Christ of John the Baptist's description."

John the Baptist's clothing was symbolic of his nature:  he did not seek "Front and Center", nor did he wear tight bi-cep fitting shirts to highlight his weight lifting.  In fact, his words mirror what Davey said was the "best thing" about Amanda.

John said, "I must decrease, that He may increase", seeking less popularity for himself.

Davey said the "best" thing about Amanda was that she did not want to compete with Davey for:

"Front and Center."

I continue to assert that I do not know the source of the powerful guilt evident in the language of Blackburn and use Hillary Clinton's example:

When her husband ran for office of President of the United States, Gennifer Flowers came forward and accused him of wrongdoing which prompted Hillary's defense:

'When the man I love and the man I respect is attacked, I will...'

The pronoun "I" is the most used word in English language.  It is powerful.  How powerful?  It is as powerful as one's own inclusion in life, itself, as language is the verbalized perception of reality.

But after 6 years of allegations of affairs, the powerful emotional devastation of years of betrayal impacted the language:

After the Monica Lewinsky 'admission', Hillary said,

'When the man you respect and the man you love is attacked....'

It took years and much pain to eject the pronoun "I" from her language.

Longterm readers here are well familiar with the many statements where the guilty went to the pronoun "we", where readers longed to ask, "Hey, you, who is this 'we' you're talking about?"

In my own interviewing, when a subject has used "we" where no one else was in the room, I have stayed silent.  This was a powerful signal of guilt which eventually led to admissions.

In a theft interview from a nursing home, the staffer said,

"We didn't take anything."

In the interview room, it was just her, me and the tape recorder on the table.

"We were reimbursed by check."

I did not ask who "we" was...yet.

In theft, human nature will do whatever it can to not only 'share' guilt but also 'hide' in a crowd, no different than a child.

Yet there is something else to consider in theft, sex abuse, child murders, and so much else:

The human nature will do almost anything to reduce guilt, including:


This is a powerful element of human nature.

Madden:  "she was looking for..." stopped in self-censoring. Too many child molesters have told me that the child 'asked for it' or was 'looking' for a sexual 'encounter'.

Shaken baby?

"The baby would not stop crying" is to blame the baby.

Human nature even can blame a child for a parent striking out:

 'It's not my fault, the baby would not stop crying,' with some young mothers even saying 'she is faking it.  I know her cries.  She is doing it on purpose to get on my nerves' as if an infant's intentions were known and justified an angry response.

In older abused (or murdered children), "Oh she was great and I loved her but you know hormones...." as a subtle shifting of blame upon the victim.

Human nature will go a very long way to convince one's own self that its unrighteous behavior is righteous.  This is how 'wicked' wickedness is.  It is never content, and even while 'accepting' responsibility, it is shifting it, just as quickly.

If police eventually arrest Blackburn because a tie to the gang was found, there will not likely be a populous "shock" from the nation.  A few Monday morning quarterbacks, yes, but most people will not likely be surprised.

If the guilt is solely from capitalization, I will be surprised.

If the guilt in language is from a large combination of factors, including a cocktail of:
capitalization, relief, and having a quick Amanda replacement on the sideline, I won't be surprised.

Guilt can range from inappropriate guilt (like the parent of a sick child) to mild and common, ('if only I had not gone to the gym') to powerful.

The language here was so powerful that the news agency picked up on it, beyond the simple crime statistic that says husbands and boyfriends are often involved in the murder of pregnant women.

The source of the language was the victim's husband.

If blame is to be assigned for Fox News having doubts, far more than the statistics, the blame rests at the feet of the victim's husband.

It was his words that caused the nation to react as it has.


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Anonymous said...

As someone who lives in the Upstate of SC and followed the career of the Mentor, this is all very disturbing. I would say the Mentor is extremely narcissistic, who constantly needs attention and reassurance. I've watched him say somethI got controversial, then when he is called out on it, he rallies his troops to take up for him and tell him how great he is. It sickens me to see so many people here in this state fall for this never-ending show. He is not a nice person, and if you read the Pajama Pages blog you will see how petty the organization is. I've followed the Blackburn case from the beginning and feel there is so much more. I will be surprised at nothing

Anonymous said...

Sorry autocorrect messes up sometimes. It is supposed to be "something controversial"

Louise K said...

Im not religious at all, but I have to say that still of DB waving his handgun on a stage (no doubt in the name of his God who seems very flexible) looks to me as though he's either

1. a deeply disturbed individual
2. possessed by demons (that I don't believe in)
3. a psychopathic, narcissistic completely out of touch IDIOT who lives in a bubble of his own Fabulousness

Pick one...or maybe 2...or maybe all 3

And you can add in Wife Murderer besides.

BL said...

Peter thank you -- this is so helpful and fascinating. I dread the thought that we may never see justice mirror what the language is telling us (i.e., Casey Anthony, the Ramseys ...) but prefer to think that truth will win out and we will all have a clear cut revelation of everything that really went on here.

Skeptic said...

I think God told him to do it. I'm not joking. I think he could believe that God told him to do something, therefore he should do it. What sort of mental illness would it be then?

Louise K said...


Which I'm not sure is even a Mental Illness rather a condition one is born with or develops over time.

One thing's for sure - Davey Blackburn and his God are very very close

God forgives EVERYTHING DB tells us. No sin too great.

Anonymous said...

@ Louise K 12:24 PM -

I would add a fourth-

#4. a con artist

Maggie said...

Just looking through Facebook - a female friend of Alonzo Bull is also a friend of someone listed as a friend to DB.

Louise K said...


Colour me surprised.


I KNEW there had to be a connection there somewhere

If we know so do Police

Wouldn't wanna be ya Davey Boy

Has he been on teev again yesterday? #readyformycloseup

Louise K said...

"Nothing Wasted"

Welp I have this here wife I no longer want or need

How best to Not Waste this situation eh...?

Anonymous said...

Who do they have in common?

Anonymous said...

Maggie, take screen shots!

Louise K said...

Now we know why DB thinks its okay to wave handguns around on stage...


YoMa said...

So close they may be one and the same.

YoMa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

There have been MANY outrageous lies posted in the attempt to prove Davey must have killed Amanda. Post ghetto thug Alonzo Bull's Facebook address, so others can see this alleged friend association with Davey.

Anonymous said...

Maggie, pls be sure to communicate that to detective Craig Converse, IMPD

YoMa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Where is the post showing the Facebook address of Alonzo Bull, so all can see this alleged connection between Alonzo and Davey Blackburn? Post the proof or you're a liar.

Lis said...

Anonymous said...
"There have been MANY outrageous lies posted in the attempt to prove Davey must have killed Amanda."

I admit there have been some bizarre and embarrassing conjectures in the comments. I just come here for the statement analysis. But you have to admit, peoples' minds are going in that direction because his response to his wife's murder has been so strange. He has not shown stress or grief, has continually put himself in the spotlight to exploit this tragedy for his own/his church's gain, and has used language that the guilty usually do. I stop there. Conjecture about what or how things may have happened is not statement analysis and you'll notice Peter is not writing such things, he is sticking to the statements, which speak for themselves.

YoMa said...

Interview with DB:
Speaking of his son he says Weston is a "perfect baby" because he "sleeps all the time." Goes on to say of Weston, "He's just a doll, just love him" while shaking his head *NO*.

BallBounces said...

Solid analysis.

Here's my two cents worth.

* There has been sustained, hateful commentary not just speculating about but asserting Davey Blackburn's guilt. So far, he has been accused of adultery with their baby-sitter, with Amanda's sister, and with a gay lover. He has been accused of sexually assaulting his wife, bludgeoning her, and ordering her murder-for-hire. He has been accused of arranging for her hit and then callously sitting outside while his wife inside bleeds out.

* He has been accused of hating his wife. Human nature is complex. It is possible for human beings to love someone while also envying them, resenting them, or whatever. It is not a binary; it is conflictive. He has also at times expressed love and affection for Amanda.

Here's the problem. While his speech and pulpit antics are terribly problematic, to my knowledge there is not a single shred of physical, tangible evidence on offer which connects Pastor Davey Blackburn to this crime.

Given this, and until such evidence is offered, I think the mentor's complaint about internet trolls has merit and we should aim, as Peter does, for more temperance in our comments.

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice that on AB's Instagram (wonder if DB posted for her) she posts a picture c of her year old with no clothes on and the hashtag

Anonymous said...

There is no link between Alonzo Bull and Davey Blackburn on Facebook. None.

Watch closely as a few venomous snakes will quickly create fake Facebook evidence to try to link these two males.
KNOW that i will report your fake Facebook pages by email correspondence with Facebook monitors. I will insist that your personal Facebook page using the same IP number is also removed. Lying does not help Amanda. Lying is evil.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Lis said...
Anonymous said...
"There have been MANY outrageous lies posted in the attempt to prove Davey must have killed Amanda."

I admit there have been some bizarre and embarrassing conjectures in the comments. I just come here for the statement analysis. But you have to admit, peoples' minds are going in that direction because his response to his wife's murder has been so strange. He has not shown stress or grief, has continually put himself in the spotlight to exploit this tragedy for his own/his church's gain, and has used language that the guilty usually do. I stop there. Conjecture about what or how things may have happened is not statement analysis and you'll notice Peter is not writing such things, he is sticking to the statements, which speak for themselves.
November 27, 2015 at 1:29 PM


Although I don't have time to read all the comments, I have not come across, nor heard referenced, any "lies" told to prove anything.

Davey brought suspicion on himself:

1. By being the husband

This is natural and Fox News' reference point

2. By his language.

This was and remains bizarre.

Speaking only for myself, I offer this:

Police are actively investigating to learn if the husband can be connected to the gang that killed his wife.

Even the most ardent of Davey supporters can grasp this. The coincidental nature of the crime and its timing demands investigation.

He then issued a challenge of sorts when he said, "We have nothing to hide", and spoke "for us", not himself, nor for someone UNASSOCIATED with himself. This is to, linguistically, draw attention to himself in specific connection to at least one other person. It is his language, not mine, and not yours, nor anyone else's.

I have been 'on the fence' on this and statements made subsequently to my initial suspicion has caused me to lean even more so to suspicion. This is why I say, "yes, the guilt could be an acute combination of factors, including girlfriend, bad marriage, not locking door and his incapability to restrain his professional ambition. It is possible.

Or it is possible that he may be connected.

That he specifically complained about his wife and sex bothers me that she was found almost naked. It is just "another" in a long string of coincidental facts about this case.

As one detective just kept on asking, "What are the odds?"


Anonymous said...

Don't forget that these same pukes also lied and said Davey's pupils were dilated implying that he is on drugs.

Anonymous said...

Facebook won't provide me with anyone's IP number. They will remove fake pages and then remove Facebook pages associated with that same IP number.

Maggie said...

DB is friends with someone named TRJ who is friends with a girl BW. BW is also friends with Alonzo. Don't know how much more I can post.

Not a lie. Look for yourselves.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Ball Bounces,

consider this:

A man publicly states how bad his marriage is, how pregnancy made it worse and publicly speaks of his sexual drive.

His wife is then found murdered.

Given the crime statistic of husbands/boyfriend being the # 1 killer,

I don't find anything hateful about speculating on THE VERY TOPICS the subject raised publicly.

Who introduced sex?


The victim was reported by media sexually assaulted, and later corrected to almost naked.

Every murder case of a pregnant woman is going to begin with the husband/boyfriend and is going to speculate on how and why the victim was murdered.

When someone publicly and repeatedly talks about his own sexuality, his own sexuality will be discussed.

I again admit that I do not read all the comments but the volunteers have have said that they have only had a low number of deletions.

If this was not associated with ministry, would the News "owe" an apology for questioning?

I do not know if Davey Blackburn will be connected to the gang, nor if he has any association or guilty knowledge of the murder, but each topic that you mentioned, sex, infidelity, babysitter, as well as car, telephone, career, and so on, are all part of a 'normal' questioning that people do in every public case.

Investigators ask these same questions in every homicide: life insurance, love triangle, and so on. These are associated with murders.

By the way, I may be accused of introducing the topic of "life insurance" in this case.

I did not.

Two things:

1. Davey introduced it to my vocabulary in his own public video
2. Every murder case that has a life insurance policy has a life insurance policy investigation conducted.

BB, I find your posts interesting. I have not seen, perhaps, what you have, but thus far, my only concern has been the relatively few comments which used this murder as a agenda of hatred against Christianity. They have been deleted, including some who do it in a passive-aggressive manner.

If there is personal hateful "trolling", I hope we will delete them all, but thus far, there have not been many, only a few "all ministers..." and "all religious people..." type of nonsense.


Anonymous said...

I found it Maggie :) It's easiest to search DB FB for someone with the name starting with B and last name starting with W. Once you find him, you can search BW's page for Alonzo.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Facebook has a very low standard for removing pages. As long as it is legal they leave it up.

But that is not relevant to Davey Blackburn's unexpected words and actions.

A said...

Someone should forward this friend link to LE. It may mean nothing--only they can determine that.

Anonymous said...

I also notice how this "anonymous" went straight up to hysterical at the mentioned idea that DB has a common FB friend with someone named in the probably cause affadavit.

Anonymous said...

One link I see between Alonzo Bull and Resonate is location, neighborhood, hood. According to his FB profile Alonzo "attends" North Central High School. Does this mean he still does? FB puts activities in the present unless the user gives a closing date. In any case, Alonzo knows young people who have come up through North View and North Central High.

Anonymous said...

Who is Alonzo Bull and how is he connected???

Anonymous said...

Anon 02:11 i think it means a lot personally, as evidenced by how upset some commentators have got just for even bringing up the link.....

Anonymous said...

TRJ also has Davey Blackburn in his friends list. . .

Anonymous said...

Alonzo and the guy on Davey's friend says they have 171 mutual friend...hmm, that's interesting.

Anonymous said...

Someone posted a lie on this thread that Davey Blackburn was linked to Alonzo Bull on Facebook. Try to find that link, Peter, You can't. Alonzo doesn't have a public FB page and DB has about 3000 friends. That was a lie.

I am attempting to keep some very vicious women from creating fake FB pages to link Davey Blackburn to Alonzo the murderer just because they don't like him. fI don't like him either, but I will report their fake FB pages deleted because it's EVIL to create fake evidence and lie.

Skepktic said...

If a person truly believes that God has called them to do something (like secretly have their wife killed), would that have any unique effects on their statements? Is there anything to look for in their language that would point to an underlying belief like this? It seems everything that comes out of his mouth is related to Jesus and God. No matter what the question was he quickly rolls back around to God and Jesus. Is he subconsciously ipointing the finger at God? Does he think God is responsible for this, and who is anybody to judge God's wisdom?

Anonymous said...
There is nothing on this page except the thug's ugly photo. There is nothing there to link Davey Blackburn to the murderer. There is nothing that says they have 171 friends in common STOP LYING.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


What we look for is that guilt would:

minimize or negate the action ;

very subtly blame the victim.

In the case of faith, "God", by definition, controls all, and therefore, 'If God allowed this to happen, and could have intervened but did not, such as having Davey stay home from the gym, and God is good', the person, no matter how great the suffering, is called on to trust that something this terrible will, in fact, prove to make sense in eternity.

The "best is yet to come" is something that we do not expect to hear mere days after a murder as it would appear that faith has "completely negated human emotion."

Not so.

It comes from the initial definition of "God" for him, as well as anyone else.

Every guilt person wants to minimize or lessen our guilt. It comes out in our language; all of us.

Although a person can (and has) used "God" in the context of blaming God (how many people have killed saying God told them!), I don't think it applies here and this is why:

He has already told us the "why" of Amanda's death even before the killers were caught:

so many would come to his church.


Squeaky-clean said...

Peter, thank you for your recent analysis. Another great post! When nothing else makes sense about this case I come here to find some understanding, and comfort in reading others posts. Nice to know there are many of us that can't have the wool pulled over our eyes. I have followed many cases but this one is getting the most traffic I think b/c it's quite possible his "guilt" will never be revealed. I thought Billie Dunn would have been arrested. She wasn't. I think in the case of DB won't either.

Anonymous said...

I also am following the Advance Indiana blog, the blogger Gary R.Welsh is an attorney and he has a post titled, Davey Blackburn mentor and his Church have been at the center of controversy in South Carolina, about NewSpring,Perry Noble and the Pajamapages blogger Duncan's harassment from former NewSpring Staffer. An update at the end of the article states Mr. Welsh had a menacing call originating from Ware Shoals,SC allegedly from his online computer service. This only furthers the opinions of the general public that we Davey Blackburn/? have something to hide. Mr.Welsh's previous post Making sense of the Amanda Blackburn killing timeline is a worthwhile read.

I am a former police civilian employee of San Francisco P.D. 1988,89,90,91 and Indianapolis P.D. 1997 for exactly 2 weeks,lol. Only paid 8.00 an hour too little money for the stress of being a dispatcher. IPD isn't exactly up to par with S.F. P.D but hopefully with help from The F.B.I because the rank and file of law enforcement here in Indiana is corrupt. Officers here have been arrested for rapes,robberies,drug dealing, etc. Someone at some point mentioned LE needs to find out if any LE is a member of Resonate or have any connection to Davey from the gym. Imagine a case linking gangs and murder with religion and a possible law enforcement connection would be something unheard since the Catholic mafia,law enforcement who cover up crimes committed by police.

Anonymous said...

Anon @2:35

Are you saying these Facebook people folks are finding are fake? None of them have been put up recently. Alonzo has a very "findable" fb page. Who are these vicious women and why do they hate DB so much?

squeaky-clean said...

@ anon who keeps claiming people are creating "fake" fb pages to link DB this gang... relax. Police know fact from fiction. Don't overwhelm your blood pressure. I see your posts as quite threatening. We don't go around calling people "liars" on this blog.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Can I get a link?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I also am following the Advance Indiana blog, the blogger Gary R.Welsh is an attorney and he has a post titled, Davey Blackburn mentor and his Church have been at the center of controversy in South Carolina, about NewSpring,Perry Noble and the Pajamapages blogger Duncan's harassment from former NewSpring Staffer. An update at the end of the article states Mr. Welsh had a menacing call originating from Ware Shoals,SC allegedly from his online computer service. This only furthers the opinions of the general public that we Davey Blackburn/? have something to hide. Mr.Welsh's previous post Making sense of the Amanda Blackburn killing timeline is a worthwhile read.

Anonymous said...

@Peter Hyatt


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
There is nothing on this page except the thug's ugly photo. There is nothing there to link Davey Blackburn to the murderer. There is nothing that says they have 171 friends in common STOP LYING."

Not lying at all...the link doesn't work on mobile, it only works on a desktop. I have nothing to lie about/no motive, just simply proving that the original poster saying that there is a connection between the three exists. DB is friends with TRJ and TRJ is friends with Alonzo. When on a desktop, the link shows the two guys' photos side by side and underneath that it says that they have 170 mutual friends.

Hmmm said...

Anonymous at 2:35,

I'm confused. I followed the link and it worked to show the overlap in 170 friends between the two men

Alonzo Dugoise Bull's page is public and with 2,051 friends, I doubt it's a new FB made to slam Blackburn. Also, there are joint posts with his wife that go back for about 2 years

I do find it strange, though that TRJs's timeline only goes back to November 14, 2015. With 1,050 friends, he's obviously had FB longer then that, but maybe he made older posts private. Why not recent ones too though?

I could not find an overlap between TRJ and a female BW who is friends w DB.

Why is Anonymous at 2:35 writing things that are untrue? Is this person Internet-challenged and assumed that since there was no "Alonzo Bull" on Facebook they didn't stop to check if there could be a middle name involved?

Skeptic said...

So Peter @2:41

Are you saying you think his motivation (if involved) stopped with him? He only care about new recruits for his church for his own purely selfish aims, and that he in no way cares about pleasing God? I'm not sure I understand what you are saying.

Anonymous said...

Alonzo Bull does indeed have a facebook page and the link has been passed around on websleuths ever since the PC document was released to the public.

After anon's little sexist jab about the vicious women, I conclude he is associated with Newspring, as that is their MO.

Anonymous said...

Go to TRJ's FB account and search friends, current city. As of now he is friends with Davey Blackburn.

Re the page that "only" shows Jones's back, that's his current profile photo. Of note, like DAvet he is a body builder.

The page youwith the big profile photo indicates his friend link with Alonzo.

Alonzo, on FB under full name Alonzo Duguoise Bull, is friends with
Treezy Riphellrellandliljay Jones

who is friends with Davey Blackburn

So, how many degrees of separation? Friend of a friend.


Hmmm said...

Anonymous at 2:59

Point of clarification, Bull and TRJ are not friends as of 2:15 this afternoon when I first investigated this person based on a comment above. They do share 170 friends though.

Skeptic said...


I guess what I'm asking is, can statement analysis go even further than indicating someone is attempting to hide guilt, can it indicate that the true motivation was that God called them to do it? "I prayed and prayed for a solution to my unhappy marriage, and God answered my prayers by calling me to do this" - type thinking. Is the amount of time he spends referencing God and Jesus significant in this way?

Anonymous said...

And treezy is flashing a bankroll from yesterday,hmmm

Anonymous said...

Hmmm - Thanks for catching that! When I had posted I didn't mean to type friends (between Alonzo and TRJ), I just meant to show that there is a likelihood of them knowing one another.

mom2many said...

I traced many FB friends of Davey Blackburn with up to hundreds of mutual friends with every named thug in this case whose page has been found. I forwarded my initial findings to LE several days ago, but have found many more since. I did not post about it because I didn't want the pages to go poof. These friends are as recent as this month and as old as years ago. LE has all this info and should be following up the links. At least one FB page has been taken down, presumably due to the investigation. That one is of a current inmate who should not have access to take it down himself.

Anonymous said...

And so it goes.... And so it goes....

Another pathway is cleared to continue speculation on Davey Blackburn.

There have been no dead ends yet.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm said...

Anonymous at 2:59

Bull and Treezy are not friends as of now. But acc. to FB they do share 170 mutual friends and Treezy is, acc to FB, friends with Davey Blackburn. I have a screen shot from Treezy's and Davey's pages in case of unfriend deletion.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous @3:14

I saw that too. Possibly a connection to the FAM?

Anonymous said...

It just occurred to me that in talking about gangs and culture of silence, maybe that applies to a group of white bros as well.

We still don't know WHY DB ran to PN instead of his or her families.

Anonymous said...

Yep it will continue to go until the truth is revealed. Majority of us, not just on this blog: main stream media, people all over the word, as well as from churches affiliated with DB, will continue to speculate a connection with DB & gang. DB brought this speculation upon himself. LE have stated this is an on going investigation. It's not closed. 911 call not released. Sounds like someone on here thinks they are smarter than LE. You are highly mistaken.

Skeptic said...


One more thought along these lines

He doesn't speak to anything proprietary about his brand, it's just the general product category.

Wouldn't you except him to subtly inject a promotion for his specific brand? "Amanda loved the Resonate church we started together just a few years ago. She poured her heart and soul into it and wanted everyone to have a deeply spiritual experience. She loved that Resonate fulfills the great need for a casual friendly place to worship. She couldn't wait for Sunday's. She loved all the wonderful people at our church. She loved everything about Resonate, the children's program and even the coffee hour."

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous Skeptic said...

I guess what I'm asking is, can statement analysis go even further than indicating someone is attempting to hide guilt, can it indicate that the true motivation was that God called them to do it? "I prayed and prayed for a solution to my unhappy marriage, and God answered my prayers by calling me to do this" - type thinking. Is the amount of time he spends referencing God and Jesus significant in this way?

Possible, I guess. It would be one for the books, though.

In this case, he could use 'God's will", if that is what you mean. Historically, it is been acute mental illness, but the bizarre nature of this case makes me remain open to all possibilities.

I continue to even explore for another powerful guilt motive that would impact pronouns.


Anonymous said...

Bankrolls on both sides. Davey's vision of his money machine:

"If we’re running a thousand people, as a church, which I believe is sooner rather than later, we are sitting there with 2 services at that facility with a potential of looking at a third, and at a thousand people, from a tithes and offering standpoint, statistically you would bring in $25 per person. Which means we would be bringing in in tithes and offerings a hundred thousand dollars a month. Now, the most we will ever pay out in rent at North View is going to be six to seven thousand dollars a month. So that means you got ninety four thousand dollars, of ministry money, that we’re able to use not, not (shakes head) to profit ourselves cause we’re a non-profit, but to help this city and to reach more people."

As for his thoughts on separation of church and state and the value of public schools:

"I don’t believe that North View’s auditorium was built for the purpose of seeing 'Romeo and Juliet' in production once a year. I don’t believe that. I know that’s what they intended it to be but I believe that God has placed that facility there so we can put butts in seats of people who do not know Jesus and they can come into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. That’s why God’s put us there." Video, published Oct 1, 2015


Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous Skeptic said...

One more thought along these lines

He doesn't speak to anything proprietary about his brand, it's just the general product category.

This is not supported in the language of his statements.

The language is overwhelmingly about bringing people to his 'company' and his slogan and his justification. He cannot even separate his personal slog with her death under criticism.

For further understanding consider his "disappointment" video.


Lis said...

Peter Hyatt said...
Although I don't have time to read all the comments, I have not come across, nor heard referenced, any "lies" told to prove anything. "

Peter, I am assuming the person is referring to comments where people have begun to conjecture about things that might have happened that fall outside of the analysis of the statements, i.e., whether the baby had been drugged to keep him quiet, etc. I get uncomfortable when the conversation turns to things that are not in the statements or the news stories. That's just my opinion, I scroll past those type of posts, but I recognize that people connected with Amanda could read here and find those types of things to be accusatory and painful to read.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for addressing the commentator who used threatening words.
This is a common tactic of The Mentor and his "church" as you can read at pajama A lawsuit was successfully settled against his "church" for their criminal acts to shut up the author.

We have seen comments here in recent days where intimidation was used to shut people up who speculated about DB's guilt. It is why many of us have decided to use "Anonymous" instead of using a name. The Davey Defenders (or Davey himself) seem to spend more time attacking when they have a name to use. I would imagine more than a few people have left rather than experience that. I hope you will warn your followers not to use their real names here as these are not ethical people we're dealing with.

Do not be surprised if God "tells" DB to write "Amanda's Story" and even gives him the words. Your subtle joke about The Mentor's understanding of Hebrew was not missed, which tells me you know of his insistence that God gave him the words for the Christmas Eve "sermon" changing the Ten Commandments to "sayings". When called out, his defense included the fact that his minions heard it too and backed him up.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused... been gone for a couple of days... what does TRJ have to do with the case? Or Alonzo Bull for that matter? Please help me catch up. Thanks!! In the meantime, I'll try to read all comments and catch up. :) -TJC

Anonymous said...

Was it ever posted on here that PN registered the website "" on November 13? I'm sure someone has a link around hede.

Anonymous said...

This afternoon the Indy Star reporter who wrote an op-ed against terming the accused "animals" had his FB page hacked with a still shot from a porn movie featuring black actors. There is a strong racist backlash against any unbiased investigation.

Anonymous said...

anonymous at 3:49

Whois Server Version 2.0

Registrar: ENOM, INC.
Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID: 48
Whois Server:
Referral URL:
Status: clientTransferProhibited
Updated Date: 13-nov-2015
Creation Date: 13-nov-2015
Expiration Date: 13-nov-2016


Anonymous said...

Peter, if this sequence of events is true it could speak to the guilt in DB's language:

Mdkd6262 said...
Here is something I find curious... Supposedly the live-in babysitter (Megan Griffith) moved out abruptly 10-weeks prior to AB's death. I looked at AB's fb page & she quit posting exactly 10 weeks prior to her death on Aug 1st. On Aug 2, MG posted on her etsy shop - which is named "nothing is wasted" (DB uses that as a hash tag repeatedly) that she needed to sell her entire stock that day all for $5/each. I think AB caught DB & MG having an affair and threatened to expose them and that was the catalyst that lead to her death... LK
November 27, 2015 at 5:07 AM

Anonymous said...


we don't know if DB ran to PN. when theres trouble in a branch office located in another state the CEO recalls his branch mgr to headquarters for a face to face.

Anonymous said...

Catholic mafia covered up crimes committed by priests,not police.

A said...

Davey's friend count dropped by 2 since last week. I wonder who the disappeared friends are.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I do not recognize "Alonzo" or the other names mentioned here.

Anonymous said...

You can't make this ish up! Link for the reporter or at least his/her name

Anonymous said...

Peter, way back in the Comments over the last few days, someone explains that Alonzo is in the gang/connected to the men accused of Amanda's murder (er...accident. er....event). If you look at his FB wall, the FAM is subtly mentioned. His girlfriend says on her page that he has cleaned up his life. Look through the photos on both their pages and you will see them holding up wads of money. These and other images would make you think "Gang" and wonder if Alonzo has, indeed, cleaned things up.


Anonymous said...

Peter Hyatt at 4.00PM said
I do not recognize "Alonzo" or the other names mentioned here.
Peter, `I found hm on FB byy following th emention in the Affidavit, which reads:

"Alonzo Bull was questioned by law enforcement and admitted that when Gordon, Watson and Taylor left his apartment shortly before the first burglary, one of them was wearing his black Pelle-Pelle jacket. That jacket is consistent with a jacket observed worn by one of the suspects in the first burglary. It is also consistent with a jacket observed worn by the subject seen walking on Sunnyfield Court and Sunmeadow Drive who was picked up the silver Chrysler Sebring."

His name on FB is Alonzo Duguoise Bull. His profile he goes to North Central High School. He may mean he used to go there. He states his relationship status as "Married." On Nov 24 one of Alonzo's friends, James Spalding, posted in Alonzo's Timeline, in part, "love u like my lil brother bro stay out the way."


Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 3:46 wrote -

"Do not be surprised if God "tells" DB to write "Amanda's Story" and even gives him the words...."

in one of the earliest long post-murder interviews with Davey Blackburn, he is reading from Amanda's journal words SHE supposedly had written - totally paraphrasing until I can find the interview to link here - "while I don't know all of the 'what ifs', I know God is the author of my story" and then finishes with "we don't know what the future holds but we know who holds the future"


How would Amanda know she was going to have "a story", her story, at the time she supposedly wrote this in her journal?

Just rubbed me the wrong way when I watched it again last night - he read it with that faux trembling voice and did his best to muster up some tears. Of course some will say she could've been talking about her blanket complete life story or whatever. . .

It is the interview where he is sitting in an auditorium with a ton of empty chairs behind him and a female interviewer, the same one where he talks about naming the yet-unborn child and tries unsuccessfully to choke up when talking about the baby's dimples.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 4:05

reporter Tim Swarens, he deleted the hack. His op-ed:


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, it was "killgang" that was mentioned in a message someone sent him. It seemed the friend was amused that it should have been "kilt". It must have been on the girlfriend, Donae Mitchell's FB that I saw the reference to "FAM".

Statement Analysis Blog said...


go to FB and look at my friends list and see if I have any connections to thugs and killers.

The list is large and I know only a small percentage of them.

During the Casey Anthony saga, I was accused of being connected to the Defense and the poster used my FB contacts a proof.

Let me know if there are any nefarious connections.

Thank you,


Anonymous said...

DB and AB are both pastor's kids, right? In the pg announcement, DB says he is praying for the congregation because you know how pastor's kids are. (Meaning what, i dont know)

We know DB has blogged about how he was caught in a lie in high school that tore down his reputation he had worked so hard to build. He references difficult teenage years where he gave his parents trouble. He blogged about how the family had to move right before his senior year started. (Unknown if this was dad work related to his behavior related)...

Can anyone fill in the blanks?

Anonymous said...

Peter left this message in the comments from the last article. I couldn't stand for it not to be seen by all of you.
Why would the Davey Defenders visiting this site want to threaten us and stop the discussion? Why? Because they know something has been hinky about Davey all along. His Mentor said so! Only Amanda's presence made him okay and she's not here any more.
Outing Davey as less than a good "pastor/person" tarnishes the entire brand, doesn't it...including the mentor who chose him.
Hence, the attempts to shut down the doubters.

Peter Hyatt said...
By looking at:

sex offenders
close associates
distant associates
credit card usage

and so on...

people are doing exactly what police are doing.

No one, however, is telling them how 'hateful' it is.

It is unpleasant, but far less unpleasant than murder.

If it were your loved one murdered, you would want no stone unturned.

November 27, 2015 at 2:35 PM

Anonymous said...

anonymous at 3:49

The domain name ending in .net was registered Nov 13. The dot com nothingiswasted was first registered in 2007. Whether it ever went live I don't know but currently it is hosted on mediatemple dot net and redirects to a hipster fashion business.
Updated Date: 08-aug-2015
Creation Date: 10-mar-2007
Expiration Date: 10-mar-2016


Anonymous said...

Anon at 4:31
Davey says that was a "terrible lie" he told back in school.
I wonder what in the world it was.
Perhaps the person or persons who were hurt by it will show up here?


Anonymous said...

Anon at 4:37
Someone posted yesterday that Noble was the actual name linked to registering just 2 days after Amanda's death.
Looking ahead to telling "Amanda's Story" and wanting ownership of a website to tell it. Yep.

Anonymous said...


at 4:24 PM said
"Let me know if there are any nefarious connections."

Sure. I'm not a specialist in nefarious, but will do.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

I think I am late to this party...

Anonymous said...
@Peter Hyatt

Who is Jones?

More importantly, is there a thought that the gang has a connection to Blackburn?

This is obviously something police are searching.

If there is a connection, it is not likely that the shooter or other 2 would give up any information. The code of silence is self preservation.

Also, possible that a gang leader who assigns such a brutal thing would NOT tell subordinate where this came from.


Statement Analysis Blog said...


Blackburn book

This, too, entered his language. Under criticism, he has been unable to refrain himself from capitalizing on the murder, from the first statement and right on through, even after 'correcting' the statements.


Anonymous said...

has the domain name AMANDAS STORY dot net or dot com been registered?

Anonymous said...

This is the link to the interview where Amanda supposedly wrote about "her story" in her journal - the relevant part starts at about 10:15 into the video (he starts reading from her journal at about 8:27 into the video)


He talks about "her last entry. . . umm. . . on Monday morning… so this was after Sunday’s service. . . .

this. . this is what her last entry was. . ."

She wrote "Thank you for letting me get to see all of this with my own eyes" (poignantly looks up at interviewer). "I love you Lord, glory and praise to you”.

Then he says "she wrote this a few days before. . uh. . before she was killed, and. . . I think it sums up what we feel" (we?, again?)
"and it says 'Lord, I don’t want my faith to waver because of something like that' (she was talking about an emotional situation she was going through). She said 'it does make me nervous to think about ‘what ifs’, but even if the ‘what ifs’ happen, I know it’s because of your plan. I know it’s because you are the author of my faith and this story."


Does anyone know of a timeline already created showing the various interviews Davey did on his circuit immediately following Amanda's murder - it would be interesting to know exactly how many days afterward before he was all fixed up and talking to all of these different news media outlets.

Anonymous said...

Peter, they may not tell now but somebody will one day use it for leverage out of a slam-dunk arrest, I would think.
Let's hope we're all still alive to see it.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous Skeptic said...
So Peter @2:41

Are you saying you think his motivation (if involved) stopped with him? He only care about new recruits for his church for his own purely selfish aims, and that he in no way cares about pleasing God? I'm not sure I understand what you are saying.

November 27, 2015 at 3:04 PM Delete

I don't think I understand your original question, Skeptic.

I should have asked for clarification first.

What is your question?

Please use "God" in quotes if you the reference is Davey's perspective rather than universal definition of Omniscience , etc.


Anonymous said...

mr Hyatt.

is Avinoam Sapir's book. ' unearthing genesis secrets using SCAN' available somewhere?

Anonymous said...

You know the saying - If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck...

I'm beginning to think the DB/PN style of preaching is the opposite.

If DB looks like a hulking thug, and talks like a hulking thug, what is he?

Though the business plan is perfect. Sell Jesus (not religion!); collect tax-free LEGAL cash!

Mentor other salesmen, start franchises, build empire. Roll in the money.

end rant.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

It's a good thing you are innocent until proven guilty in this country vs. guilty until proven innocent.
November 27, 2015 at 2:40 PM

This is an unnecessary statement. As such, it is very important. It is often said (in various language) when one feels that public opinion is in conflict with one's own.

When comments are agreed with, the unnecessary statement is...unnecessary.

Innocents love truth because the deeper one digs, the more truth will be uncovered and the innocent justified.

Those who fear deep discernment sometimes say, "I have nothing to hide", inviting in the curious minded.


Anonymous said...

-When one thinks about Amanda's life with Davey it is so sad, tragic and cold. Heartbreaking.

On top of his numerous and many insults of her publically as a woman, a mother, a wife, and sexually, openly attacking her very femininity; in the end he leaves her nakedness exposed and uncovered for every strange male among the EMT's, Fire Dept and Police Dept to walk in and see her most private area exposed while helpless and unable to cover herself. The b'stard couldn't even cover her nakedness while watching her die.

Davey Blackburn is the coldest man I have ever heard of, totally unfeeling for the privacy of a woman, any woman; let alone this woman being his wife and the mother of his child and pregnant with another of his babies; not fit to live among the female population. This alone, even if there wasn't more, tells me that he is rotten to the core, absolutely and 100% capable of causing her demise in the most brutal way. He wanted her dead with no dignity. ABB

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 3:54, Not surprising, the two vids I put up have been flooded with trolls and I mean flooded. Just wanted to say, this place is fantastic. Peter is a wealth of knowledge and the people here are very informed and open minded. KS11

Anonymous said...

Louise K, even though we cannot agree concerning spiritual matters, I do enjoy reading your well-written posts, even finding a little humor in some of them. ABB

Anonymous said...

I viewed Alonzo's FB yesterday. It is public. So is the girlfriends. I don't know about mutual friends but the page is certainly visible.

Louise K said...

Thank you kindly ABB

All this talk about God...

Poor God is up there with his ears burning -

Don't bring ME into this unholy mess, Blackburn

Corinthians reminds us that even Satan himself dresses as an angel of light, and to beware False Prophets who use the Lords name to hide their own evil.

No statement on this particular part of the Lords Word from Team DB...!

Louise K said...

...and as far as Facebook goes...

I was just waiting for the missing link

And whaddaya know

there it is - FB - and of course Police found it first!

Davey associates with gangsta style with his hoodies

He waves guns around on stage - "cool" I suppose...? Or just


If I ever went to a church Downunder and the Pastor waved a hand gun around, the audience would scatter and call police.

Davey's audience barely twitches.

They are USED to seeing him wave handguns about...? Mentioning them, talking about them...?

I know Men of God who refuse to even handle a Weapon of Death.

Not our Davey...he knows what his audience likes...

mom2many said...

If you are concerned about being tied to thugs (and I did not find any with this particular group of thugs from this case on a cursory search), you could create a facebook page for the blog and then only friend people on your personal page whom you actually know.

Anonymous said...


For a long time, DB's financial accounts will be watched to learn if any cash withdrawals are made.

They are also going back quite a bit to see if any cash accumulated.

If there is any link, I think they will find it. It is not that difficult but it takes time.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
@Peter Hyatt

Oops...there it is!
Someone should compare the Friend names to those on Alonzo Duguoise Bull's FB friends. They sound a lot alike.

Also, Alonzo's wife, on FB as Donae Mitchell tells on her wall that he has recently cleaned up his act. With help from a local "Pastor"? I wonder.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous mom2many said...
If you are concerned about being tied to thugs (and I did not find any with this particular group of thugs from this case on a cursory search), you could create a facebook page for the blog and then only friend people on your personal page whom you actually know.

November 27, 2015 at 5:41 PM Delete

No, just interested if this is something that is common to anyone who has lots of unknown FB friends, or if it is something of concern about Blackburn.


Concerned said...

In order to become a Friend on Facebook, one has to send the request and ones has to accept it.
Davey didn't get this friend accidentally.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

RE: The Gun and Davey Blackburn

Was it not young David who gave thanks for having his hands learn the talent of warfare? The reason that little boys were given toy guns was because society held an expectation that they would protect women and children from enemies, foreign and domestic, should this arise. Sports were designed to strengthen boys, build confidence and help teach them the team work necessary in community protection. The armor bearer was a young boy learning the skills of war. The man of God who refuses to defend his wife and children is no man of "God" but of his own cowardice and if a young man were to hold to this today and want to marry my daughter, I'd do my best to stop it. As civility continues to break down in our country, we may see manhood make a comeback. In Sweden, 1 out of every 4 women are raped. Rape is so common that Sweden has opened the world's first male rape clinic for men and boys. Cities have gone wild out of control and people are left incapable of defending their wives and daughters.

That DB had a gun does not bother me.

The War for American independence had "chaplains" who were armed Presbyterians. That it was a prop in a sermon bothers me, personally, but not in regard to the investigation.

What bothers me is the coincidence of waving around a gun days before his wife is murdered...the very wife he complained about.

My thoughts on him personally and professionally are separated. That the principles of Statement Analysis are evenly applied is affirmed by the many eyes able to look over my shoulder: I give my viewpoint AND the reasoning that got me there, making it easy to follow and if need be, correct.


Anonymous said...

Donae Mitchell, Alonzo's girlfriend/wife says he has cleaned up his act and is a God-fearing man.
With help from DB?
Check out the photo right below that post and see if this looks like the God-fearing men you know. Gangbanger much?

Anonymous said...

Re: 5:59

On Facebook page.

The Beckster said...

Did you forward the other ones -- that you found since your initial findings - to LE as well? And have they responded at all?

Concerned said...

Peter at 5:52
I'm not a body language analyst who reads micro expressions but the look on DB's face as he brandishes the gun in his sermon is frightening. He was pumped up and mighty excited I wonder to whom he was making eye contact at that moment.

Anonymous said...

When Davey did the fox interview, the reporter said he knew Davey had Amanda's journal with him and Davey corrected him by stating he does not have the journal with him but that he knows it so well, he can paraphrase... You've gotta be kidding me?! Anyone else catch that? Red flag 3,082. With police stating Davey Blackburn is not a suspect, the concerning angle is they did not take the journals into their possession and though the diaries may seem contrived, one would think that is exactly why they would confiscate them. If law enforcement had Davey on their radar immediately, as is expected with any pregnant wife's murder, why was the crime scene released so soon? And didn't he have the carpets cleaned the next day? Not sure if that's a rumor or fact, but to me, it doesn't appear law enforcement IS looking at Davey and if that is the case, if the patsies go down for it, then what? Davey walks a free life, for the rest of his life and if you dare question anything about it, you'll be labeled a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist. Why was Governor Pence there? He gets an "A" from the NRA and is a gun supporter. Interesting that he was there.

mom2many said...

Peter @5:43

I see. Yes, I had the same thought when I first started running names, but when I hit the third or fourth in a row with mutual friends, I decided this really is no coincidence. Also some of the friendships with ties date back to 2013 and 2012, so I do not think they are accidental. Every so often over the last period of days, I grab a few more names from his account to run, and they all have mutual friends in the double digits with the thugs named on the probable cause documents.

Here's another thought: If your wife had just been murdered by a gang of burglars, would you be accepting friend requests with obvious gang indicators on their profiles. These friends have cover photos and profile photos flashing gang signs. You wouldn't even have to navigate to their account profile to know that.

Anonymous said...


I personally think Davey is a narcissist and don't doubt that he cared more about his church than his wife and family.

But, I think it's somewhat unfair for you to dissect one side of the coin and say "what are the odds?" and not factor in the odds that the guys that are currently in custody did exactly what they have been doing for many years. Is it a further stretch that they'd commit a murder and/or rape when the right situation came into play ?

When you speak of the odds, without full context , you are misinterpreting the true odds of the situation.

I like everyone else, agree that a connection should be vigorously sought after vi law enforcement. But It's reckless to go about accusing someone of murder without fully evaluating the case - yes, evaluating the other side of the coin.

You are careful to come out and say he didn't do it, but the comments on this blog are driven by your skepticism. There is reason for skepticism, but if there is no balance in terms of -- what is the probability that these other guys did this without any connection ? You are facilitating a very one sided reaction from readers.

I personally have not heard enough evidence to know for sure if Davey is involved or not. But I have heard a TON of evidence that makes me sure that it's plausible that these guys just did what they do, and the odds very favorable if you take davey out of the picture.

I understand that you are coming from a statement analysis perspective, but it's not by any stretch of the imagination the full scope of this case. That's the reason these comments are mostly void of any objectivity. Statement Analysis is considered as junk science to many, and imo it's not something I could see as anything but another tool in the toolbox to gain insight. But tempering that insight with the full scope of the case, is an area your blog severely lacks in, thus the comments.

Saying 90% of my commenters/readers agree, is an example of you using biased data as a way to bolster your suggestions of how most feel. But you fail to explain that you have a highly biased readership at this point as they place more value in Statement Analysis than actual evidence and full scope of the case.

It's quite reckless imo.

Anonymous said...

*you are careful to not come out and say "he did it".

Anonymous said...

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mom2many said...

The Beckster @6:04
I did receive a reply that my info has been forwarded to the investigators. I have an open log in at crimestoppers that I should go back and add more links, but I haven't done that for a few days.

lynda said...

Another excellent post Peter. You broke it down very succinctly for us newbies.

I do have a leaning to disagree on the "rolling" of people involved though. There is no honor among thieves. It is all about self-preservation. While many may remain silent because of threats to their loved ones and such, there will be SOMEONE, some day that will link everything together to finally take crazy davey down.

I'm local to the national case of a priest murdering a nun at a hospital chapel. The members of the Catholic Church AND the police helped cover up this crime which is why the priest was not brought to justice for decades. Interestingly, when brought into the station to be interviewed about "the day" his first words were, "I took a shower"...hmmmm

The pro davey supporters remind me very much of Scientology tactics. Rabid. It's useless to try to have a "dialogue" with them. You just have to ignore them.

lynda said...

Anon @ 6:15

I don't think anyone is disputing the facts that the people arrested did what they were arrested for. The probability that Peter is talking about is the fact that Amanda is dead in relation to what Davey valued and didn't value in his life. As numerous LE have stated to Peter, "what are the odds" that she ends up dead? Read back thru Peter's post, he does not say that Davey "didn't do it." He states he doesn't know if he did or not (have anything to do with it) He lays out the facts. He has guilty knowledge of SOmething. What it is, Peter does not know. It is up to the reader to decide whether or not the odds are high that Davey had something to do with Amanda ending up dead.
One thing I've learned from reading Peter's blog, yes, he has opinions which he is entitled to but when it comes to SA..he is unbiased. He follows the rules of following the language.

Anonymous said...

In regards to the facebook "mutual friends" initiative by @mom2many.

I get the gist of what you are trying to do, but you do have to remember this guy was a pastor and lived in indianapolis maybe 10 miles from these individuals. I think you have to temper that a bit with the obvious possibility that he very likely knows someone who knows someone to a few degrees and it ends up with a great deal of gangsters/thugs in indianapolis, not just these guys.

I definitely think it's the right way to go for investigating for links, but I am a bit skeptical that this information at it's very base level means anything. I still ask myself - if there is indeed a link between davey and these guys. WHY would they not be blabbing right now ?

Anyone have a good answer for that ? I can't think of one.

Money would be the only motivator I'd guess in such a plot. But what good is money if you are doing life in prison ?

I am not sold on Davey being innocent or guilty at this point, but am interested in what the reason might be that they'd go to prison for life as opposed to implicating Davey ??

Mdkd6262 said...

I find it interesting the contrast of Davey's defender's anger & wrath toward anyone who dare question their beloved Davey but when it comes to the heinous murder of Amanda they are all soothe-sayers of choosing love and forgiveness ... nauseating.

kimisan03 said...

Does anybody know what this "100" thing is that is popping up on their FB pages? One of the men has a tattoo of it. Is it in relation to "FAM?"

Anonymous said...


I hear what you are saying, and I do see that he is careful to only state what it indicates, and nothing definitive in terms of his innocence / guilt.

But the comments on this page, clearly point to people biting hard on it as obvious guilt that supports their non objective views and totally disregarding the equally if not more convincing odds that these suspects just did what they always have done.

My point is that if your readers are only exposed to one side of the coin, how could you expect them to be evaluating a case objectively ?

Guilty of leaving a door unlocked that led to free entry by a burglar. Is that wildly speculative to think he might feel responsible based on that ? I don't think so. All I'm saying is that if you are piling on reasons to question him, but disregarding the odds of these suspects doing it without his involvement, of course you are aren''t being objective to this case.

So to use statistics regarding your commenters -- yes, it's reckless to suggest that is an objective data point. And yes, Peter used that data point as a means of suggesting "odds". What are the odds ? was his very question.

and again - I think there's a definite chance that davey is indeed guilty. But I place far more weight in real evidence and weigh everything before I start talking about "what are the odds"

I think it's reckless to not do so. Peter might be skilled at statement analysis, but maybe he needs to brush up on how statistics without proper context aren't reliable. The odds of these suspects being involved in a burglary at any random home in the 10 mile radius of their home without any other motive than burglarizing is through the roof.

And again - why aren't these suspects blabbing about Davey ? What could possibly be the motive to not singing now, with life in prison in the mix ? what are the odds of that ?

lynda said...

Anon @ 6:44

The police have spoken of a "code of silence" that is pervading the gangs. Obviously someone (confidential informant) doesn't adhere to that code. If the men that are arrested murdered Amanda, there is speculation that they perhaps received that "order" from someone else. If that "someone else" puts fear into the thugs that harm will come to someone THEY love or care about, they will not snitch. Fear is the persuader, money comes into play of course, but fear is the best silencer.

mom2many said...

anon @6:44
I agree. I don't know what exactly to make of the connections. That's why I initially sent the information just to LE. I commented here today when one 2nd degree connection was discovered, because a single connection is more likely to be coincidence. What I have found goes beyond one friend. I can think of other implications, but I'd rather not feed the thug's defense. Many of these friends are new this month, and that seems like that is not coincidental either.

lynda said...

Anon @ 7:04

I hear what you're saying and respect your point of view. It is valid. My above posts lends to my belief why no one is "singing," although the confidential informant certainly did. Even people that give no value to others lives, they value their own and those of whom they love.

Anonymous said...

@lynda - I definitely think that is a solid theory. I have theorized that ABull would be that person possibly ? He seemed to be in contact with the 3 throughout the night.

As I said, I haven't ruled out Davey myself. But I still hold to the gang hit being a little far-fetched too, to be honest.

I am fully in support of investigating that link. But again, even with that theory in play , the odds of this being exactly what it is being reported is far more likely.

I like to see the evidence before I jump to believing things. Many comments on this blog are in one extreme or the other. not quite an objective group.

Misha said...

The puzzling part about all this is that this young black executed her.

The only reason I can think of is perhaps he was in the position that, in order to have full membership of the gang, when the opportunity arose he was to rape and murder either on one person or on two, whenever the opportunity arose.

in other words, the burglary/ies was their prime intention that morning and this fiend who was left behind to guard Amanda (in case she had lied about the pin number), seized the opportunity to gain entry into some gang inner sanctum.

kimisan03 said...

I told her that we knew how to do long distance 'cause we'd done it before and this wasn't something we couldn't overcome.
--Davey Blackburn

Compare to:

It was not a positive, obviously. It was, you know, inappropriate. But it was not something that we weren't dealing with.
--Scott Peterson

I might have found that first comment quite touching if it weren't stated in the negative, and if it didn't remind me so much of the Peterson quote.

Anonymous said...

I'm fairly sure I's seen a video of Davey reading from Amanda's journal. At the time I thought, why don't the police have that. In this interview he says she would not want to read it - and he did, for TV. I recall thinking, Is he going to do what Sylvia's Plath's husband did, take control of all her papers?


Anonymous said...

correction --
anon at 7:25 PM
I'm fairly sure ... In this interview he says she would not want him to read it.


Anonymous said...

@lynda Yes, I hear you. Thank you for the respectful discussion. I do see it as reasonable if they are protecting another who would harm them if they flipped. But I guess my largest reason for seeing that as so far fetched is they spent the whole night burglarizing.

I understand that one might say "well, they did that to throw police off and make it more plausible that it was a burglary and not a planned murder".

Well, sorry, I kind of think that all that activity just increased the chances that they'd ever get to their final target and increase the chances of getting caught. I find it astonishingly implausible to think that "getting caught" would be part of the plan.

So yes, I have to weight the theory against - might they have simply been doing what they seem to be doing ALL THE TIME, and that's why they weren't as careful in so many ways.

I think the latter is more likely. But stranger things have happened.

Concerned said...

Anon at 6:15

Noting that 90% of commenters believe Davey is connected is just an interesting aside from Pater. If you come often, you'll find he does polls concerning our thoughts on various cases.
For the most part, this is an intelligent audience who find themselves here when something in the news sounds hinky.
If Davey had not made such a string of unexpected comments and had he not put out videos demeaning his lovely wife, we might not have run toward Statement Analysis. Then we began to learn the string of unexpected coincidences in the case.
We are more angry than the wronged husband in this case. Isn't that strange?
Don't be surprised if we now look at every tiny clue.
Because of Davey's own words, we are suspicious.
If you're looking for a group of people where 90% think Davey is innocent, go to the Twitter accounts of the mentor's minions.
But I won't be surprised if that percentage changes as they google Davey's name and read.

Pak31 said...

I saw the news that DB went public with Amanda's dad to say he forgives the killers. That it's what Jesus would do. I believe in God, I get forgiveness but it is so early and it's great when after time people can be courageous enough to forgive a person for a terrible crime. It's not the same forgiving as pardoning or saying I'm ok with it. It's a way of moving on and not being hateful which is what DB says he's doing. So I get it but it's too early to be acting this way PLUS he isn't Jesus. But I feel he thinks he is speaking for him t through him which is how men of God are. I really hate to judge s person for how they choose to react. It's his choice but I don't agree with it and I feel he's involved. He is hiding behind his church. He talks about Jesus way too much in interviews. Who is like that.? His wife's posts on Facebook and Instagram were normal. Something is wrong with him. He's very.into his image, working out and his sex life. He is very vain. I don't like or trust vain people. I really wonder how much of his preaching so he truly believes in.

Anonymous said...

is Avinoams Sapirs book 'unearthing genesis/SCAN available? cant find on Amazon. reference on SA blog says send check in Avinoam's name to Phoenix. is there a website or phone #? rather not send check not knowing if still available. interesting topic.

Anonymous said...

In this video, starting at around 14:00, while illustrating the boundaries placed around the marital sexual relationship, Davey states:

"Even in 'my' own life, 'we' go outside of this".....

Hmmm...a very noticeable shift in pronoun.


Anonymous said...


You get no argument from me on all things Davey and the possibility that he would do such a thing. I'm way beyond sold on that aspect being plausible.

But even you saying that you are more angry than the wronged husband, doesn't mean much if he just didn't love her, maybe even hated her etc etc

But there is this thing called evidence that you have to pay just as much attention to as what your gut or any statement analysis might lead you to.

I am completely in favor of investigating Davey or any potential link.

If you are one of those people who is SURE that davey is the killer, then you are one of the people I have issue with. Because you are ignoring some huge aspects of this case and building a case to fit your viewpoint based on a single element - the horrible husband. I get it, but that's not objective.

Sou just as Perry Noble is not trusted by me as objective, neither are those who are commenting here who don't acknowledge that it could very well be just as it appears - a burglary gone bad, by career criminals.

I say this having watched so many davey videos and being amazed at how big an idiot this guy is in every way. I feel so badly for Amanda, even before this murder, because life with him must have been horrific.

But, I can't ignore evidence. I can't ignore what career criminals do, without needing a motive beyond "More money".

So when I see statement analysis on davey. How about some statement analysis on larry taylor -- when asked if he was at the location, he said "possibly". Is that an unreliable denial ?

Are you objective about this case ? O

Statement Analysis Blog said... for Book on Genesis.


Anonymous said...

The people who did the job might not know who the client was. The guy who gave them the job would probably know.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 6:44
"Money would be the only motivator I'd guess in such a plot. But what good is money if you are doing life in prison ?"

Having money is extremely important in prison. Money in your commissary account means not only food that's more to your liking but also the ability to buy cigarettes and other goods to trade for your safety. Money lets you buy drugs and cell phones and sex. Yep, there's a whole free market economy in prison. Look at the story of the New York prison where the big escape took place this year. Prisoners could even buy a section of land and set up a BBQ grill!

trustmeigetit said...

I am with you. It's not natural.

Loosing someone you claim to love is devastating. Loosing someone you love to what was likely a very terrifying painful death is even more devastating.

He then found her body. Strangers have been tramautized by less.

I am not religious so I may struggle more with him acting like he's ok with everything because of his God...but I don't beleive his natural grief/trauma this early could be overcome by his beleif in God.

He is hiding behind God. He's a salesman after the next dollar and just choose God as his "product". I don't even beleive he believes in God that strong. It's just his product. That I'm sure of.

I've seen many a story about a murderer, molestor that his behind religion. Be it a priest or just simple that went to Church on Sunday.

It doesn't make you not feel emotion or horror.

Anonymous said...

@anon at 8:16

Naw, i think freedom trumps money.

But I do accept the plausibility of the "hit" being directed from above them, and implicating their leader could lead to death. Also see it plausible as anon at 8:07 that they might not even know who wanted the hit.

See, I can be objective!

But still see it weighing more heavily in the burglary direction as primary motive.

Concerned said...

Anon at 7:58
You got me!
I go back and forth at being objective but fortunately, I'm not on a jury.
I'm just Joe-Schmo sitting here at home hoping LE is taking advantage of the tips generated on this blog.
I pray that they're paying attention to Peter's analysis and the opinions of his fellow investigators.

This case probably makes me crazier than some others because I'm a Christian and I haven't seen DB doing anything for the cause of Christ while seeking money in His name. I only expect that to get worse.
My hubby put a piece of tin foil on my head today & told me the black helicopters were over the house!
He's right....I'm far to obsessed and need to step away...

Concerned said...

Anon at 7:58
It's me again, friend.
I would totally love to see SA on Larry Taylor or any of the thugs involved. They have lawyers so that's not likely to happen. Maybe at the trial (if they don't plead out) we'll see video of the police interviews. Then Peter can do SA and make us all happy!

What i would really like to see is an interview with the babysitter and SA on that.

Putting on my tin foil hat now.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand dropping the sexual assault charges, especially this early in the game (attorney's can bargain later). A verbal threat can be considered sexual assault, why is the fact that she was found almost naked not considered sexual assault? And was it just a rumor that Amanda was sexually assaulted or did LE state that?

Boston Lady said...

Anonymous said...

In this video, starting at around 14:00, while illustrating the boundaries placed around the marital sexual relationship, Davey states:

"Even in 'my' own life, 'we' go outside of this".....

Hmmm...a very noticeable shift in pronoun.


November 27, 2015 at 7:55 PM


I watched this entire video with DB preaching about sex. I caught that comment also with him admitting he did go outside that boundary. It was a brief comment with no further clarification. Amanda was in the audience that day. Wonder how that went over?

I don't understand this sect/group/whatever they are called with Resonate. The attendees become owners. Owners of what? I've definitely never been to a church like that. DB is teaching on sex with an audience of teens and families. I would not be comfortable with this with my teens. Where is he getting his knowledge? DB made reference to having spoken to "many" rape victims. Many? He's been there for 2 years.

The other theme with this sermon seemed to be DB's own personal issues in his marriage. Clearly he had a negative attitude about women. He stated that men think about sex on average 7 times a day. And then zinged Amanda with "And women think about it, when? once a month?" wow. He then tried to get the men onboard in the audience. Didn't seem to go over well. The more he talked, the more it became evident he was very immature in his perception of marital relationships. And then he admits when he goes to the gym he can't look anywhere but down because of the women who were not dressed to work out but rather to be worked out. seriously??? This is someone leading the church?

I did notice that the slogans - this sect loves to use snappy little slogans - were something he got from the main leadership of PN. The best is yet to come... Nothing wasted..those slogans were with Resonate and not just DB. They way they use them and reinforce them feels very much like a cult.

I wonder what it costs to become an "owner" ? Didn't realize that "church" sold time shares.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 9:01

Someone here said it costs 20% of your income to be an owner and you no pay, you no play.

Anonymous said...

what do they get for their 20% & being an owner? is it ground floor oppourtunity to share in growing or future revenue? wouldnt that require each person to be an 'ordained' minister? or an employee? a shareholder?? that would, could make the focus all $$ like any business.

Anonymous said...


I hear you, I know about the live in babysitter/intern as well. I get it. I mean, I totally get that it's what you are looking for in terms of motive for a guy like Davey.

I make no bones about it as I said, he's a creepy dude and NOTHING would surprise me in terms of what he might have did. But I do try to stay objective, because some times people are not good people, but innocent nonetheless.

Currently the one part I can't just write off is how involved ABull was, and I think that he should be investigated alot more closely purely based on the amount of contact he had with the suspects that night and seemed to be in a leadership role. They started the night with that guy. He supposedly lent his jacket to the one guy. If there is a link to Davey, ABull gets you a step closer to finding that out.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much just major holidays cost? Like can I get a cery very part time ownership?

Louise K said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You get no argument from me on all things Davey and the possibility that he would do such a thing. I'm way beyond sold on that aspect being plausible.

But even you saying that you are more angry than the wronged husband, doesn't mean much if he just didn't love her, maybe even hated her etc etc

But there is this thing called evidence that you have to pay just as much attention to as what your gut or any statement analysis might lead you to.

I am completely in favor of investigating Davey or any potential link.

If you are one of those people who is SURE that davey is the killer, then you are one of the people I have issue with. Because you are ignoring some huge aspects of this case and building a case to fit your viewpoint based on a single element - the horrible husband. I get it, but that's not objective.

Sou just as Perry Noble is not trusted by me as objective, neither are those who are commenting here who don't acknowledge that it could very well be just as it appears - a burglary gone bad, by career criminals.

I say this having watched so many davey videos and being amazed at how big an idiot this guy is in every way. I feel so badly for Amanda, even before this murder, because life with him must have been horrific.

But, I can't ignore evidence. I can't ignore what career criminals do, without needing a motive beyond "More money".

So when I see statement analysis on davey. How about some statement analysis on larry taylor -- when asked if he was at the location, he said "possibly". Is that an unreliable denial ?

Are you objective about this case ? O

November 27, 2015 at 7:58 PM

Yeah Hi

Im one of those people you have issue with

Let me ask you a Q

Have you ever felt someone watching you?

The answer to that will be, undoubtedly, Yes. (unless you are autistic perhaps).

We all know when someone is staring at us.

HOW do we know this?


It's a much squandered and undervalued human quality that most Police Investigators have in spades.

Being that this is Statement Analysis, when an Investigator declares the husband "100% innocent" my mind automatically ponders what 50% innocent looks like.

Add in the Circumstantial Evidence such as

1. Davey mentioned himself 17 times in original statement, Weston and Amanda once, Evertt not at all

2. Davey never said he loved Amanda until reminded to say it

3. Davey SMILED on GMA. Smiled...(see: Dupers Delight)

4. Davey appears to be linked to the killers

5. the murder itself appears to be an Execution staged as burglary gone wrong

6. Davey inexplicably did not cover his injured wife, nor make any attempts at CPR that we know of, despite having training (summer camps)

7. Davey was waving a gun around onstage just before the execution

8. Davey doesn't use language that shows any love for Amanda, nor regret, nor grief, nor sorrow, in fact he is ENERGISED by her death

But you don't want to listen, im not sure why, God knows there's enough examples of murderous Pastors about, and the bible itself tells us that even Satan hides in the light...! I bet my house DB has never lectured on 2 Corinthians 11.14!

Its a sad world when we all doubt our own human instinct.

Take a look around, the Entire World is yelling Foul on this one. This despite the 100% innocence reassurance.

Why? because people KNOW something in the milk aint clean.

You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you cant fool all of them all of the time.

The internet is the vehicle by which the Universe is yelling, Look Again to the Police...triggered, largely, by instinct.

Anonymous said...

@anon at 9:26

Is what you call instinct infallible ? Have you ever thought someone was watching you and you were wrong ?

Is it possible for davey to be a complete narcissistic douchebag and his house get burglarized ?

You don't give CPR to someone who is still alive.

Everyone has gut feelings. I have gut feelings about Davey as well. But I've had gut feelings about many cases and ended up wrong.

You don't build a case to fit your gut feelings. You use your gut feelings as a tool to guide you towards areas that need to be investigated. The EVIDENCE has a story to tell, and you cannot weigh it less than your gut feelings and be objective.

If instinct was infallible, we wouldn't need to investigate or have trials etc etc. Police are often wrong, even when following their instincts.

I hear what you are saying, but all it really means to an objective person is that you wouldn't make a good jury member. You should also hope that if you were ever in a similar situation that someone like you wasn't on the jury and had a gut feeling about you that wasn't accurate.

I'm not saying davey isn't guilty. I'm saying lets examine the full case, not just the parts that fit your gut.

southerngal said...

Where are Amanda's close friends? The pastor in my community who murdered his wife (just google Richard Shahan) - his wife confided in some close friends that if something ever happened to her, look at her husband. I find it hard to believe that Amanda did not confide in her closest friend about her suspicions. Are they afraid? Because, I certainly believe the DB had something to do with it!

Anonymous said...

*you don't give CPR to someone who is still alive/breathing.

trustmeigetit said...

If this is just "junk science", why even come here?

Those that read this blog see past what everyone wants us to hear abd see truth.

Call it junk if you wish. But then why even come here if that's how you see it.

I don't comment on blogs that I don't agree with. It's just a waste of energy.

I follow and comment on blogs that make sense and I agree with.

Anonymous said...

I said that it's considered as junk science to many. I believe it's a tool that can be used to gain insight. Do I believe it's a way of determining innocence/guilt definitively. No.

I came here to read the Statement Analysis, and can't even say I disagree with what he says. I don't think you need to do a big analysis to come to the conclusions he came to , as several videos are enough to see his motivations in life, his narcissism, and how poorly he treated his wife.

I am very clear about what I think is reckless. Which is loading up on one side of the equation and placing too much weight on something like Statement Analysis and ignore the evidence that points in other directions.

Peter is careful to not say he's guilty, but the comments are loaded with people willing to go the next step and disregard the true odds of the evidence being contrary to their gut, statement analysis, or any other motive for turning a blind eye.

My comments were in regards to him examining and concluding "what are the odds?" , without the full scope of evidence. I stand by that. It's reckless.

The statement was clearly saying the odds were crazy that he would be innocent. But if you take davey out of the equation and examine the suspects , what they say/do , and look at the odds. Seems like those odds make it equally or more probable that davey is not involved. imo

So I stay objective. Not reckless.

Concerned said...

Anon at 9;25
I totally agree about ABull.
Truly the manager of the evening, perhaps the one who knew Taylor needed to stay there to do the hit and had to be picked up when the others wanted to leave him. So unless ABull had it in for Amanda, he had a customer who did, right?
(He has a 17 year old wife at home - married when she was 16 - with a new baby. She looks like she might be high maintenance so cash would be nice.)
Davey says Amanda had no enemies. Why did he say that? I think the police must have asked him since this whole thing appeared hinky to them. They must have seen quickly that the evidence didn't show a random robbery.

Yes, I do totally think sex is at the center of this for Davey because he showed us in his videos that he is all about sex and the lack of it. I think it because he said it. No other reason.

I hope he isn't involved for Amanda's family's sake and for his son. I also hope the bad publicity gets him out of the "ministry" business. I think if it doesn't start to look promising on the book/speaking tour that his mentor will kick him to the curb. Someone suggested that he might be sent packing with a bucket of PN's money, never to be heard from again!

Anonymous said...

Southern girl, have to wonder about the friends. Although one came out and gave an interview or two. Her sister Amber's post yesterday was interesting. She mentioned Davey several times and I realize they are trying to keep Weston in their lives, but if I were Amanda's sister, I'd rather not post at all than to have to form one kind sentence about Davey.

On a sidenote, I'm sure by this point the FOI requests have been in for the 911 call, it will
be interesting to see when they release not only Davey's 911 call, but others who made 911 calls as well.

Concerned said...

Anon at 10:05,
Re: 911 calls
Now that I know Davey's call followed the neighbor's 911 by 5 minutes, I'm interested in hearing hers too. I don't think she was in on this (maybe he just shared her schedule) but I guess anything is possible.

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize Amanda's sister also uses the "nothingiswasted" hashtag as well.

Anonymous said...


I believe he said that because that's likely exactly what the police asked him - who would do this ? So when someone asks you that, if you don't know who would want to hurt her, you might say that. I believe he said that as an answer to the guy on GA who interviewed him and asked that very question. I think him saying "we" is far more suspicious. I get that. But I also see the possibility that he sees himself as spokesperson for the family in that regard. Not hard to believe that the police was asking the whole family -- "Who might do this?" Maybe even been asked many times.

Yes, I believe sex is in the center because of the murder scene description of amanda having her panties beside her and her shirt pulled up. But again, lets examine the guy who was the triggerman and was the for quite some time alone with her. Guy is young but recently charged with exposing himself in a target. Does this sound like a guy who you would be surprised if he attempted to rape her and that is what led to murder when she resisted and tried to gain control of the gun ?

Not that Taylor being a sexual deviant makes Davey innocent. But lets get real here and not just assume it's implausible that this guy did that just because who he is and couldn't do that unless involved in an elaborate hit man situation.

Anonymous said...


I agree on the 911 calls. It would be good to hear both of them. Why does it have to be the babysitter ? What about the woman 2 doors down being involved and being his lover ?

I think that every angle should be investigated.

I know it's tempting to just say it's the babysitter/past intern, and it's a good place to start.

I would love to hear from the family , and hear them answer the question of whether they think Davey was involved. I kind of think they have to be suspicious for all the same reasons we are.

Anonymous said...

She was still commenting on Amanda's Instagram photos after she moved out. Amanda commented that Weston was walking around lost without her saying "meh meh". It breaks my heart thinking about him looking for his mama.

Louise K said...


Try as I might I simply cannot look at an apple and think "hmmm...maybe its an orange"

Davey Blackburn is guilty and its not just me that thinks so.

What about all the evidence I presented? You just ignored it all.

Are the Resonate fambly infiltrating this blog....oh my...?

Louise K said...

I tend to agree $$$ is behind this, but also sex

Im just waiting for the nubile help maiden to pop up babysitting Weston...

Anonymous said...

There's a movie called Sins of the Preacher on tv as I write this. I got me thinking that I still feel something is amiss with Davey Blackburn. I just can't shake it.

Anonymous said...


Here is something posted on websleuths and is interesting, but not if you have made your mind up about this case i'm sure.

To preface this report, it was reported that the suspects moved out of the westlake apartments in early november.

1. Suspects in amanda blackburn murder lived in that complex until early november
2. please note the details of this burglary/rape - do they sound familiar ?

So, what are the odds on the suspects for blackburn case, who reportedly lived there, might be investigated for this crime as well ?

So, like I said, lets not just assume that Taylor doesn't do this kind of thing without a more elaborate motive. I'd say the probability of him being involved in that crime as well is higher than Davey being involved in amanda's murder. And if Taylor was indeed involved in this burglary/rape, then do the odds of him doing the same thing a few weeks later go up or down ?

"Sources say all three men will also be charged in three more burglaries, as well as a rape at the Westlake Apartments."

Does Peter want to analyze those odds ? What are the odds there ?

full scope of evidence can change the odds. All I am saying is lets not close our eyes to a very high probability that these guys were doing what they have always done.

If you didn't know about davey -what would your gut be saying now ?

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is where Davey picked up the Church & CrossFit message.

Concerned said...

Anon at 10:18

Since we've all stepped away from Statement Analysis and we're just "maybe-ing" here:

Maybe Taylor was chosen to do this since he was the young hothead known to be itching to kill someone? And maybe his arrest for sexual deviance made him the perfect choice to send in if the person who ordered this wanted Amanda raped?
Maybe he was supposed to rape her but was too wasted to follow through. Maybe he heard a noise (the baby?) and got scared.

As to the "Who would do this and Amanda having no enemies" question/answer - I don't know why the police would ask that if it just looked like thug-robbers were going house to house. Maybe they were just asking to see what he would say. Sometimes people involved in crimes start offering up likely suspects. Maybe they were looking for that and he didn't bite.

I'm back to hoping they carefully look at the chain of gang-bangers and hope somebody soon needs to trade information for a deal. A. Bull is in domestic bliss right now but if you look at his wife's page, that's only just since the summer. That harmony could turn around quickly and she might have a story to tell. Read a bit of her wall and you'll discover she can get cussin' mad in a hurry.

Anonymous said...

Louise K
"Im just waiting for the nubile help maiden to pop up babysitting Weston.."

Somebody should call one of the neighbors and ask if MG has stepped into the mothering and furniture-finishing roles already.

Anonymous said...


It's routine to ask that question in any murder. You don't assume anything. They likely asked the parents, siblings, friends, everyone.
They'd be incompetent to not ask.

This is not directly about statement analysis, but if Peter hadn't made the statement "what are the odds?" I'd have never posted. I think it's reckless to start down that path while completely disregarding the odds that the suspects were the very type that do this kind of thing regularly.

If Peter sticks to the statement analysis and and not evaluating probability without full scope, I'd have no issue.

That's why courts use full evidence and not statement analysis alone. I get that it's Peter's gig, but makes me wonder if maybe being more provocative with his words means more web traffic and that's the motivation ? In a sense, he has his congregation same as Davey and the product of a crazy twisted murder sells better than the same old career criminal doing what they do all the time?

Saying "what are the odds?" is clearly a way of saying - i'm not saying, but i'm just saying.

Don't dislike Peter, and value his analysis, but call it like i see it. objectively.

Concerned said...

Anon at 10:48

I'm not sure I get your argument.

Do I doubt that these guys are thugs and that robbing and raping are their chosen careers? Nope.
Would I be surprised if they had done these things before and after the Blackburn case? Nope.

If DB or someone close to him was looking for a hitman, would I expect him/her to choose someone unconnected to criminal enterprise? Nope.

Am I surprised that the chosen thugs committed a backdoor burglary at an apartment complex, left after knowing they were caught on camera and drove across town to commit another backdoor burglary, waited around drinking for a while, then committed a front door robbery (without even trying the back door), killing the woman of the house? Yes.

southerngal said...

But, you do have to consider "what are the odds?" and that only 10% of murders of pregnant women are random (not boyfriend or husband). That's only rational thinking.

Anonymous said...

Blackburn's blog (Dec 12, 2008):

"When you're knee deep in crap, you can't smell it. it's only a passer-bye that can detect the foul odor coming from your direction. Start sniffing with their fresh nose (from the outside looking in) if you ever want to get out of your fesces-covered situation."


FYI, I took a screen shot. You can access his blog through his Twitter account.


Concerned said...

Anon at 11:10
Objectivity is so yesterday.
Live a little!

Seriously, hang around here a while and you'll see that Peter is very careful with his words when doing statement analysis. The fact that he hasn't called Davey downright guilty of involvement in this murder must call for incredible self-restraint. It sounds like the investigators and psychologists he regularly meets with are struggling with this too. No one in his Tuesday group thought DB wasn't guilty of "something".

So we shall watch and see. I imagine the offers of $$ for interviews are coming in to the mother "church". How convenient that they will then be tax-free?! But the marbles will start to leak as Davey speaks and we'll learn more than he wants us to know. It's inevitable. Then you and I and these other nice folks can go could go back to whatever we used to do on Friday nights!

Louise K said...

One thing I notice about Davey Blackburn -

He's really, really good at telling other people what to do.

Anonymous said...


I've hung around for a while already, not just this case.

Saying "what are the odds?" is a way of saying, cmon... it's obvious. Do we need a statement analysis to read between those lines ?

The fact that you just heard that these guys regularly do the same thing, still has you coming up with reasons as to why they could do that and still be hit men is interesting to me. I'm even saying that is plausible still! But I'm not ignoring the odds of of which is more likely. Your perspective is such that you believe those odds are low. I get it, just can't agree objectively.

You don't have to be objective, most aren't. But thanks for the conversation, you did point out some interesting aspects that are worth thinking about. thanks again.

Anonymous said...

@southerngal said "But, you do have to consider "what are the odds?" and that only 10% of murders of pregnant women are random (not boyfriend or husband). That's only rational thinking."

I have never said that someone shouldn't weigh those odds. But you should ask yourself, what was the evidence in those 10% of murders. Because if you are being objective, you'll entertain the idea that career burglars doing exactly what they always do, as rather high odds for guilt in a case like this.

I still have a % of me that believes Davey is guilty. My gut says he can't be ruled out yet. But I ain't closing my eyes because someone throws out a 90% for ALL cases. Is this one of the 10% ? At least entertain that and be objective.

Even the evidence of them being career burglars and are now also likely to be charged for another burglary/rape earlier in the month, doesn't convince me Davey is innocent. But it sure as hell pushes me away from my immediate gut feeling that he was guilty, same as everyone else believes.

I am open to the idea that I can be wrong. Examine the evidence. The odds aren't as simple as what you stated or Peter's analysis and his comments suggest.

Keep looking for the links between davey and the suspects. But don't lose sight of how much more dangerous those suspects are on a day to day basis, without even a hitman motive needed.

Anonymous said...

@southerngal I should ask early on. Have you made up your mind already?

Concerned said...

Anon at 11:43
I love the civility of our discussion tonight.
We've had some "defend-Davey-at-all-cost-and-out-of-all-sense-of-reason" people here in the past week, calling others names and especially, disdaining that the commenters must be women. It's not like anything I've seen here before. It was as though Davey was in the midst of us and perhaps he was.
Thanks for the interesting conversation. I will keep you in my thoughts when my objectivity wains in the future.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I think I'm done for the night. My wondering based on all the comments I've seen over the the past week or so on this blog, is what % of people making these comments would ever be chosen for a jury if their comments were used as a determining factor.

If your goal is to not be on a jury, just talk about you using your gut instincts instead of evidence and making your mind up quick without fully evaluating all pertinent aspects of a case. You'll be out of there in no time!

But seriously, thanks for the discussion, I did get 2 good motives for why these suspects wouldn't talk about davey/hit if that was the true scenario. I admit, they are plausible. They should be looking for the links between davey and this gang to make sure all bases are covered.

lynda said...

Anon said, *you don't give CPR to someone who is still alive/breathing."

Totally UNTRUE. The old saying that you never perform CPR on a beating heart is NOT VALID per studies done. Unfortunately, people still think that you should not perform CPR while that person is lying there gasping or unresponsive. The chances that a lay person or bystander could harm someone by pressing on their chest are SLIM to NONE even if the heart is working normally. IT's better to perform unnecessary chest compressions on someone with a beating heart than to withhold CPR and circulation from someone that has no/or irregular heartbeat.

If Davey was "trained" he should have immediately rolled her over and started CPR. He should have been covered in blood by the time the EMT's got there. Do we have any information in regards to Davey's appearance at the hospital when police got there at 9:01 am to question him? Or from neighbors that saw him leave with the ambulance?

The number one thing, I feel, that people are not talking about and increases the "odds" of Davey having something to do with her murder is that he DID NOT convey information to 911 to the point where 911 would have dispatched EMT's AND POLICE. Just imagine that for a come home to find your spouse as Amanda was found, call 911, and are either so blase about what the situation truly is, or you neglect to tell 911 "My wife is lying in a pool of blood, naked from the waist down on the floor of our living room and things are overturned, etc....911 would dispatch police along with EMT. Whatever Davey said, or didn't say, POLICE were not sent!! EMT's had to call police once they arrived and saw a scene vastly different than what Davey portrayed in the 911 call. That sends off more hinky vibes than anything else in this mess in my book.

Anonymous said...

ok. so they are career criminals. got it. also 'another' burglary/rape. did they execute anyone else? specifically any other petite, harmless, probably defenseless, pregnant young women? not a stretch assuming the savages went through the entire house and knew of the baby in crib. yet he was not harmed.

southerngal said...

To anon 12:01 - NO DOUBT. I've already said it once, do I have to say it again? He is another Scott Peterson! Duh!

Anonymous said...


I apologize, I am speaking from my own understanding. I must be as old as the saying :)

You saying this will have me looking into that, thank you. I would agree that's a great question to ask Davey. I will admit that I don't know what is appropriate in the given situation.

I haven't seen the 911 call, but would very much like to hear it as well as a clearer accounting of what went on.

I have read the same thing you have said about the Police/EMTs, but I have not seen a report giving details like that. Can you point me to that information ? I would agree that if that if whatever he said didn't indicate that police were needed, there's reason to question that.

I have seen this said by people, but I've not seen a confirmed report of that. Would be grateful if you do have a link to that being reported.

Thanks lynda.

Anonymous said...

Yes, what Lynda said at 12:15am - Davey made the 911 call describing Amanda as injured and unconscious but not indicating in any way that it looked like a crime scene, that things were out of order. He made it sound like a medical situation only, hence the reason the police did not arrive at first..

Combine that with his description to his close friend and mentor Perry Noble of a "head wound"- same with the language to Amanda's sister - definitely was hiding the reality of the situation. He almost made it sound like a fall down the stairs - or maybe hitting and cutting her forehead on the corner of the kitchen cabinets....

NO DOUBT - I am so hoping LE is looking at Davey with fresh eyes - or maybe they don't need to and already know - because if their instincts were correct when walking into the scene and talking to him afterward, they have to have known from their experience that things were not adding up, not in the least.

Anonymous said...

Here is the link to the affadavit of probable cause -

and the relevant portion is on page 14 of 25

Anonymous said...

not a stretch to assume they were ratted out by the very one(s) who sent them. did DB express any fear the savages were still lose? police not on scene first.omission of facts to 911 ? police always arrive first IF a violent crime is reported

Anonymous said...

I think he waited on the driveway (where he could see activity and people coming and going) until the neighbor/owner of the house that was burglarized arrived home. He knew they would see what had happened in their house and would call 911 - which they did at 8:17am. Then, he called 911 at 8:22am (five minutes afteward) - thus establishing a pattern in the same neighborhood around the same timeframe. . .

Anonymous said...

@anon at 12:20

"ok. so they are career criminals. got it. also 'another' burglary/rape. did they execute anyone else? specifically any other petite, harmless, probably defenseless, pregnant young women? not a stretch assuming the savages went through the entire house and knew of the baby in crib. yet he was not harmed."

Yes, they are savages. I think that's my point is that anyone that did this, didn't need a hitman motive imo. I honestly don't know what happened other than it appears the bullet wounds would indicate a struggle. Other evidence we know about panties off and shirt up indicate that maybe there was indeed an attempt at rape.

In the other case, we have no idea if that woman struggled via reaching for the gun or something of that nature. What we do know is supposedly that in this case the murderer said that she came at him in some way and he shot her to stop her from scratching him. While not conclusive, it does seem like maybe a plausible response to a rape attempt.

In the san clemente burglary earlier in the night. What happens if someone woke up during the burglary ? Do you think murder is off the table ? Reportedly the suspect said he wanted to go back and murder her because they learned they were recorded.

All this is not proving Davey's innocence one bit. But it is making a case that these guys could be extremely dangerous in a given situation. So we have to evaluate that evidence and say yes, these guys are out there burglarizing and raping and if the situation occurs in a struggle - is it believable they might kill ? sure. I have no problem believing that. You can suggest that they draw the line at a given point, but for me... I think they don't need a hit request to be capable of murder or rape.

Anyone who is a rapist for that matter, you will have little trouble in getting me to agree that the scenario going any given direction off their plan could likely end in murder. That's not implausible to me in the least.

I can acknowledge that both davey and these suspects are capable of a murder scenario.

What you are seemingly trying to tell me is that only davey is capable and you are making a case for what these other guys did as "mmmm.. i don't know if they could murder unless it was a hit".

Sorry, I can't go there with you. I believe both are plausible.

Anonymous said...

@anon at 12:39

Thanks so much for that. I did read the probable cause, but I didn't catch that detail. I agree, if that 911 call is deceptive then that's real evidence that supports Davey was involved.

I do wish they'd release that 911.

It all depends on what was said. Because it's also not implausible that 911 might be at fault. Hearing the 911 tape should make that clear as to whether Davey misrepresented the situation or not.

Thanks again for that!

The Beckster said...

What is the protocol for LE releasing the 911 call? Are they going to or not?

Anonymous said...

@anon at 12:37

thanks for that. I do get that if he misrepresented the situation, that's subject to scrutiny. But that is the probable cause document, and they may or may not include all details regarding the 911 call. They might feel that it was only pertinent to say that he called 911 and gave information about his wife being injured/unconscious. Remember their narrative is purely to show probable cause to charge these guys. So there is likely more details that might clarify this , mainly 911 call. If not, I agree it's a significant detail that law enforcement needs to address.

lynda said...

anon @ 12:32 someone gave the link but here it is again for you..

page 14 is what is of interest.

The affadavit leaves out the impressions or appearance of Davey at the hospital. He very well could have changed into scrubs by then but I am hoping police confiscated his clothing regardless.

What Davey effectively did by not relaying appropriate information for the 911 to dispatch police is allow contamination of the scene. There were no police photos of Amanda as she lay which is VITAL to an investigation. He could have moved things, upended furniture, cleaned stuff, whatever. The scene is contaminated and there are NO crime scene photos with Amanda's body in them as she was already out of the house when police came. Coincidence or the work of a diabolical plan to contaminate? Hinky, hinky, hinky. I keep saying they are not releasing the 911 call because if they did, I think public opinion would be calling for Davey Blackburns arrest and even the great Perry Noble could not offset Davey's lack of concern or relaying of appropriate information regading the condition of his wife.

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