Thursday, November 19, 2015

Pregnant Women Homicides

The videos of Davey Blackburn have caused many negative comments about his speech, mannerism, and content, especially about his wife, but the same commentators seem to be just as unified in their view of Amanda:

"Lovely" and "genuine" and "authentic Christian", "loving mother"  and so on, are the most frequent I have found and heard. 

 From her own words, she did appear to be a lovely Christian young woman devoted to her God and her family.  It is a terrible time for her family who has not appeared on television.  He has been on Fox, ABC, Inside Edition, and others.  (At Inside Edition we have him change his opinion of the photos, but we also have him incapable of saying "I loved Amanda", "Amanda loved me" and "Amanda loved Weston", including the moment where he appeared that he was about to; instead, opting for "Amanda loved people."  

Statistics vary but show that homicide may be the number one cause of death of pregnant women with most killed by husband or boyfriend.  
The studies show "killings span racial and ethnic groups. In cases whose details were known, 67 percent of women were killed with firearms. Many women were slain at home — in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens — usually by men they knew. Husbands. Boyfriends. Lovers."  
  1.  St. George, Donna (December 19, 2004). "Many New or Expectant Mothers Die Violent Deaths"Washington Post.

* Pregnant homicide victims are more likely to have been killed early in the pregnancy; which can make it difficult to identify the pregnancy and relate it to the homicide. 

* Pregnant homicide victims are more likely to be killed with a gun.  

--Journal of Midwifery and Women's Health, February 20, 2001

Police may have one person in custody in the murder of Amanda Blackburn and must learn if her husband has any connection to the shooter.  This will be a thorough search to learn if the shooter has any connection or associations to the gym, the church, or anyone who has connection to Davey Blackburn.  They will need to check all:
a.  financial records
b.  phone calls, texts, tweets 
c.  computer post mortem 
d.  associations and identification everyone who knew him to learn if there is any connection.  
e.  months of video at the gym
f.  receipts, records of transactions 

Police are not ignorant of methods of creating layers, go-betweens and buffers in criminal matters and these investigators seem in earnest to bring justice for Amanda.  


Blackburn, himself, is the one who has brought suspicion upon himself.  

We would have known that Blackburn had no associative guilt in the murder if he had told us so.  Statistically, the reliable denial is very consistent in noting innocence.  It is highly reliable.  When given the opportunity to deny it, not only did he avoid it, but he gave an answer that raises the level of suspicion.  


"I certainly understand that's always the first place they're going to investigate and so I guess that was to be expected on some level
but on another level just going through this trying time with  our family it was definitely difficult  to try to even kind of swallow that 
so for us, we don't have anything to hide. "

The switch to plural here, following so close to singular, may suggest involvement with someone else.  

1.  "I certainly understand. "
2.  "I guess..."
3.  "For us, we have nothing to hide."

He begins with "I" and then continues with "I" which now has established a pattern.  He is alone and speaking for himself, but when it comes to the time to deny involvement, he is thinking of himself and at least one other person and about himself and this other person, they have nothing to hide. 
Not only does this avoid saying, "I didn't kill Amanda and I don't know who did", or "I am not connected to the one who killed my wife, Amanda" or anything similar, it is to introduce himself, with at least one other person regarding having something to hide about Amanda's murder.  

It is as if to say, "Pastor Davey, who has nothing to hide?" and
"Pastor, who is this 'we' you have now mentioned that, besides yourself, have nothing to hide?"

"I certainly understand that's always the first place they're going to investigate and so I guess that was to be expected on some level
but on another level just going through this trying time with  our family it was definitely difficult  to try to even kind of swallow that 
so for us, we don't have anything to hide. "

1.  With the close head shot murder of his wife, it is not expected that an innocent would allow for anyone to "understand" suspecting him.  This is something that is a red flag.  The crime is so vulgar that any suspicion should be met with a refusal to accept any of it. 

2.  The change in pronoun is consistent with deception rather than truth.  

3.  The pronoun "we" addresses unity and cooperation:  he seems himself in unity with someone else, or others, in having "nothing to hide."

4.  It avoids saying "I am not involved..." and is not a denial. 

Davey Blackburn does not, in this sense, issue a Unreliable Denial: He avoids making a denial.  


"The detectives have been extremely  gracoius and great keepuing us up to speed and we are really grateful for that. "

This, after telling GMA that they have not told him anything but what the press has been told. 
This gratuitous praise of police has come before any arrests have been affected and the killer is still on the loose. 
We sometimes find in guilty statements a praise of police, as if to be seen as good guys, while innocent people do not praise or thank police yet, not until the killer is found, or a great deal of time has passed.  


In Statement Analysis, leakage is subjective guess work. It is where the brain is thinking about what happened, and while talking, some words inadvertently 'leak' out.  

When asked about the gun, "I'm not sure of the viability of something like that..."

It is a strange term and made me think:  Did Amanda's family ask about the viability of their pre born grandchild?

When he spoke of suspicion, the man who not only talked about Amanda not satisfying his sex drive (the videos are still up at his church) he made an inappropriate sex joke about "bring the butter" to which the modest Amanda showed embarrassment and lack of understanding. 

It is with this in mind that I find it odd that he said, in the plural, that 'they' have trouble "swallowing" the suspicion that some have.  

Blackburn did not deny involvement and has kept the focus upon himself in the interviews, including "moving on" and using his church's slogan for advertising while speaking about Amanda.  All this is not likely lost upon Amanda's family.  

Here are some of the "oddities" or "red flags":

1.  He does not deny suspicion of being connected to the shooter. 
2.  He does not show any fear of the killer on the loose; not for himself, his son, or the neighborhood. 
3.  When he speaks about the killer in terms of identity or motive, he changes from "I" to "we,"
4.  He does not tell us he loved Amanda, or that Amanda loved him. 
5.  He complained about Amanda not meeting his sexual need.  We now learn Amanda may have been sexually assaulted before death.  

6.  He complained that pregnancy triggered the bad marriage.  Amanda was pregnant when she was murdered.  

The 911 has not yet been released.  This is likely due to the nature of the investigation.  When DA's are convinced the family who made the call has no connection, often the 911 calls are released to the public.  

If Davey Blackburn is not associated with his wife's murder, he certainly talks like one who is.  In the very least, his language and demeanor show someone who not only has avoided saying "I loved Amanda", but is glad she is gone.  As someone said today, 'I struggle to understand if his language is that of guilt, or it is from  this narcissistic bizarre blinding ambition for success that is talking."

For the dignity of Amanda, let's hope the resonate church takes down those videos. If the husband is involved, they will be likely a focus in court, just the same, but to hear a man over talk, embarrass, correct, humiliate and complain about his wife in this way, at this sensitive time, seems most inappropriate.  It is not how she should be remembered.  

I continue to search for, "I loved Amanda" and "Amanda loved me" but it is absent.  Perhaps tomorrow it will appear. 

"I love you, Amanda" is the simplest, easiest and most readily expected words from the husband.  

It is the most dominant in its absence.  


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Anonymous said...

He was good at using "I" when he said, "I love the fact that now she is in Heaven with Jesus..." in the Fox interview.

Anonymous said...

"We need you. It doesn't matter what you look like. Now is our time. Now is our time. I don't know what else to say. I don't know what else to say. I've seen this guy [referring to Hite] in the alleys of Indianapolis at 2 in the morning. I've seen him sit quietly in a dark room after Perry Renn was murdered. That's the level and the quality and the caliber of law enforcement you have in the city of Indianapolis. He has welcomed my agency, and the what I represent in and around the state of Indiana, into the city. It's not about what color our shirt is. Sheriff [John] Layton is the same way for more than the 30 years that I've known him. We can give you the answers, but we need you to help us. We need you to help us. Reverend [Charles] Harrison, I see you all the time doing extraordinary work for people you don't even know. Now is our time. Now is our time. For those responsible for killing Amanda, we are coming. We. Are. Coming. And I hope it's not long."

This is the statement made by authorities today. It is confusing to me, both with exactly who "this guy" is--it he referring to police or a perp? Really, it is mostly incoherent to me. Thoughts on what this statement is about? Maybe I'm dense:-(
"Now is our time" is repeated many times. Is this a hint to the killer that they're onto something? I wondered if "Now is our time" was something DB had said in one of his sermons, etc.

Anonymous said...

“They’ve assured us that they have the full breadth of resources at their availability. They’ve assured me that they’ve never seen this kind of a blank check that they’ve been given to be able to further the investigation, so we’re really confident and hopeful that very soon, some of these promising leads that they have will turn into being able to find the person or the people who are responsible for this,” said Blackburn.

Was there two conversations with LE that "we" heard some things but only "me" was told of the blank check to further the investigation? Is money more personal to him and the investigation is not?

John Mc Gowan said...

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown
54 mins ·
"We don't have anything to hide." Davey Blackburn.
Who is we? The only two people who live in the house besides Amanda would be her husband and her son. Since I doubt the son would have anything to hide considering he was in a crib at the time of the murder, Davey Blackburn should have said, "I don't have anything to hide." It actually is interesting he even brought up the word "hide." The Pastor just keeps raising suspicion about his connection to the death of his wife.

Anonymous said...

I am following this case closely. As a christian woman who was once married to a pyschopath I can tell you this pastor exhibits signs of being a PSYCHOPATH. What an excellent website this is. Im forwarding this site around. And to the author of this page, can you please analyze what the other pastor said during Amanda's eulogy when he said WHEN I FIRST MET DAVEY BLACKBURN, I KNEW RIGHT AWAY THERE WAS SOMETHING SERIOUSLY WRONG WITH HIM...
keep up the awesome work on this and God bless you.

Katprint said...

Peter, have you seen the entirety of the youtube videos the Blackburns filmed on a bench at a train station shelter, apparently on October 27, 2015 because that is when "Davey Blackburn" posted it, where they are answering additional questions sent in by attendees of their "Love Song series"? The first question selected was "How do you suggest implementing changes in your relationship over time without it feeling forced and unnatural?" and they both agree that change will always feel forced and unnatural, "and it will be ... make you very sore," but that feeling forced is OK if there is "love." It will make your skin crawl. Q&A Video 1 Q&A Video 2 Q&A Video 3

Skittles said...

It just occurred to me- after being completely confused as to his continual use of the word "we"- is it possible Peter that DB is still just used to referring to her in the present tense? Specifically, that he'd grown accustomed as a married person to saying "we" all the time and still hasn't broken the habit even though she is gone? Apologies if you've already addressed this in the recent analyses... I'm trying hard to quickly digest all the information you've so quickly put out in the past 2 days!

Skittles said...

I think the "blank check" with reference to the gun being (potentially) found was most bizarre. Not saying this is what happened, but that comment would, to me, certainly fit with the gun being planted. With purposeful intent that it would, in fact, be a blank check for police.....

Jill S. said...

Skittles - yes, the 'we' thing is what married people do.

Out of all of the bizarre stuff the husband has done, the 'we' thing is the least bizarre.

Infidel said...

I thought his trip to South Carolina was to give him time to grieve. And yet, he gives yet another interview, this time on Inside Edition, no less. Somehow grieving and Inside Edition don't fit together in my mind.

The more I listen to Davey Blackburn, both in interviews and his “sermons”, the more inescapable my conclusion that he is a completely loathsome individual. He does not possess an ounce of genuineness. And, he doesn't seem intelligent enough to convincingly fake it. How anyone could follow this vacuous and vile boy-man is completely beyond me.

Conversely, Amanda comes across as genuine, sincere, and a good person. FWIW, I abandoned fundamentalism, evangelicalism, and later Christianity altogether many years ago. I don't believe in Heaven or Hell or that consciousness survives death. Therefore, I see no “silver lining” in her death; to me, it is pure tragedy. I am truly sorry that she was killed—I think the world is probably a little colder because of it—and I'm sorry for any suffering she had to endure. I'm sorry that her son will not be raised by a loving, good and decent mother. And, I certainly feel for Amanda's parents. They must be heart-broken.

Thank you, Peter Hyatt, for this website and your insightful analysis.

Gemini said...

I find Amanda's sister's language to be odd as well. Not that I feel she is involved... But her portraying a sort of joy in her sister's death is something I cannot relate to in the slightest.

Gemini said...

Could the "we" that he keeps saying be Davey and a secret lover? Maybe they planned this together so he shares guilt?

Apple said...

There are so many comments on this case, I haven't read them all. Since I first heard Davey speak, my biggest concern is for Weston. I hope LE is on top of this.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Husbands and wives, after years of marriage, eventually do more than just echo each other's language, in Statement Analyss, we call it "entering into" each other's language. It is found no where else in language.

As to "we" is what we do in marriage,

me wonders why he bothers to use the pronoun "I" anyway, then.

"I guess..."

"I think...."

but there is a sudden change to "we."

Recall Dennis Dechaine, murderer, and his sudden change from "i" (being alone) to "we", and then back to "I"

He had his victim with him.

Pronouns do not lie. People lie.

to learn how far Statement Analysis goes back,

I encourage a reading of Solomon's wise decision with the two women.

Before calling for the sword, he knew.

He had no intention of slicing a child in half.

Do you see it in Solomon's own language?


OPN said...

Evangelical worship in facilities like Davey’s "church" focuses solely on making parishioners experience an emotional high. Immature Christians (those at church to meet their own narcissistic emotional needs or for entertainment) must always leave such worship services feeling like they’ve won the lottery or they stop attending. Since Davey wanted to keep his parishioners, he had to continue the charade of perpetual happiness. At such a “church”, he will never be able to express any sadness or despair. This would signify to his immature Christian parishioners that he had lost his faith or succumbed to the Evil One. He may be so immature in his Christian faith, that he would also believe this.

KD said...

In the inside edition video he literally gestures toward himself with two hands while saying the words "withholding information". I'm no body expert but what the hell?

Tony Snow said...

Well said, OPN.

KD said...

Anon @8:25 - what are the similarities you see between DB and your ex?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

This man does make my skin crawl. The showmanship and butchering of scripture aside, I hope he takes down the videos where he humiliates Amanda. His family does not need to hear him talking about their deceased daughter not satisfying the sex drive of this narcissist who has already moved on.

I had to rely on others' time markers for the videos. I even let my 15 year old daughter watch for awhile, knowing that her discernment at her age would be low. She has gone to private Christian school her entire life, has straight A's, and hopes to obtain a scholarship; she is quite smart.

She was shocked.

I think it has been quite telling that police did not release the 911 call for the first week of the investigation, even though they released the photos.

I don't think, "the best is yet to come!" will work so well should he land in court.

He is really quick on his feet, but "out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks" and "we" have nothing to hide.


It is an invitation to see what is hiding, which will lead to DNA testing and thorough going through of those tapes and all the words he used to describe how bad the marriage was, and all the nonsense


Statement Analysis Blog said...

It is cruel to Amanda's parents that those videos are still up there.

I cannot get over it. My son is DB's age, and he has a wife and two year old.

I cannot think of what her parents must be suffering right now.

John Mc Gowan said...

Why haven't Amanda's parents come forward, and released a statement to the public, to find the "shooter," or plead for any information about the morning their daughter and unborn grandchild were murdered. Why haven't they come out to support DB. Stand side by side in unity? It is very rare for in laws to not support their son/daughter in law, in cases like this. That is, unless, they feel something ain't right. Have they been advised or counseled not to? They are conspicuous in their lack of support for DB.

Tori said...

wouldn't Daveys' DNA be expected at the crime scene?

Statement Analysis Blog said...


although outside the realm of this murder...

I agree.

They are very skillful but like the website says, they will do anything....

Two weeks ago I was struck by a hymn we were singing. It was a few hundred years old and the lyrics took real concentration and I thought...

this is designed to bring us to God; to engage our intellects and our emotions, along with the peculiar abilities that we have to both understand music and express in music.

The music in those places is designed to entertain, so a person will return.
Where I was, it was designed to elevate me, us, my culture, towards God.

The two directions are opposites.

Davey used "I" to express disappointment in not getting 400 customers and he did in in comparison to what he claimed to be 16 salvations. "There is joy in heaven over one sinner..." yet for him, (and me studying language), he contextualized it negatively in comparison.

Yeah yeah, that's great BUT we DID not reach our goal! I am very disappointed.

To think that in all of his TV cameos, he has shown a stronger linguistic negative emotion to attendance than he did to his murdered wife is remarkable.

I continue to search for, "I loved Amanda" and "Amanda loved me" but it is absent. Perhaps tomorrow it will appear.

"I love you, Amanda" is the simplest, easiest and most readily expected words from the husband.

Gemini said...

The best is yet to come... Reading that just reminded me of Casey Anthony's "Bella Vita" (beautiful life) tattoo she got after her daughter's death.

Anonymous said...

As someone stated earlier, I bet Davey is studying this blog and working on his phrasing. Betcha he improves over the next days. I thought he did better today on the Inside Edition interview when he mentioned the baby having to grow up without his mother.

trustmeigetit said...

Another way to this of this...if you were sitting by yourself and I was all

"Jillian did take my pen"

being married or not now would you respond?

Would you say "no we didn't" or "no I didn't"

It's not about being married. I am too and when I'm addressed, and not with my husband i say "i" not "we"

Peter always say "pronouns are instinctive"

They are.

The reporter didnt ask his thoughts on someone in the family being involved, they asked his thoughts on him and him alone being involved.

We is NOT appropriate.

Gemini said...

I found this posted on another page and this, to me, is what a grieving husband sounds like. Heartbreaking and beautiful.

hutch73 said...

I live in Indianapolis and have been obsessed with this case all week. your blog is very insightful. I really hope we get some answers soon.

Shannon In CA said...

Not when saying things like WE have nothing to hide. So Amanda has nothing to hide, too?

I'm new to statement analysis butninknownthere are times when using we is expected and times it is not. The way he's been using it is unexpected.

Anonymous said...

I've also been following Peter's blogs and the comments on this site, and agree with those of you who say DB is involved. I do not live close to Indiana nor do I know anything about the people more than what I have read online. I was, however, once involved with a socio/ psycho path. When Lacy Peterson went missing, I knew without a doubt from the beginning that Scott Peterson was guilty - and the similarities between Scott and the guy I was once involved with were uncanny. Once you know someone like that, you can pickup on those characteristics, gestures, looks, etc. easily.

In the above post, Anonymous said:
"We need you. It doesn't matter what you look like. Now is our time. Now is our time. I don't know what else to say. I don't know what else to say. I've seen this guy [referring to Hite] in the alleys of Indianapolis at 2 in the morning. I've seen him sit quietly in a dark room after Perry Renn was murdered. That's the level and the quality and the caliber of law enforcement you have in the city of Indianapolis. He has welcomed my agency, and the what I represent in and around the state of Indiana, into the city. It's not about what color our shirt is. Sheriff [John] Layton is the same way for more than the 30 years that I've known him. We can give you the answers, but we need you to help us. We need you to help us. Reverend [Charles] Harrison, I see you all the time doing extraordinary work for people you don't even know. Now is our time. Now is our time. For those responsible for killing Amanda, we are coming. We. Are. Coming. And I hope it's not long."

My thought is this... The detective is reaching out to a criminal for something that criminal (It doesn't matter what you look like) knows about this case - telling the criminal not to be afraid to come forward and that he can trust this other detective (...quality and caliber of law enforcement... It's not about what color our shirt is...) and that they will help him in return (We can give you the answers, but we need you to help us).

I could be WAY off, but that's what I read into it.

Juliet said...

It will be interesting to see how Davey responds to the challenge to remove the videos - a decent person would have taken them offline by now - but then a decent person would never have found it appropriate to make them and to use them as 'teaching' material. What will be left of his website and ministry without Amanda, and without the videos? Denigrating his wife in perpetuity is not going to work for him, but it seems pretty much all he had to offer.

I think the police must have told him they have a blank check, no budget restraints in solving this case - that's on his mind - they're not settling for being 'baffled' - they're taking a 'whatever it takes' approach - he should be able to relate to that, so he's worried?

I noticed he went into the past tense when he said 'it was definitely difficult to swallow' - as he is still under suspicion until a perpetrator is caught, why is it no longer definitely difficult to swallow? He should be finding it difficult still, unless he has been given reason to believe that he is (really) not on the radar as being involved in his wife's murder. Was he thinking of something else, something in relation to Amanda, which he did and does have to hide?

Shannon In CA said...

We had a guy named Joe in the chat earlier and he knows someone who knows Amanda's family and he agreed there something weird about the sister and davey and there has been for years.

Shannon In CA said...

That's what a lot of us think.

Shannon In CA said...

According to "Joe" who was in chat with us earlier, the parents do suspect davey and have since she was on life support. He said he has a friend who knew Amanda before she got married and who apparently is still in touch with the family. So it all fits with our suspicions. I felt the same as you.

Anonymous said...

During the entire segment of the interview on Inside Edition there is one very important thing that DB never mentioned. DB completely omitted any mention of Jesus. The entire religiosity type spiel so common in his prior interviews was totally absent on Inside Edition.
DB did not go back to New Spring to mourn he went back there to be coached. Make no mistake about the kind of money that DB is angling for and what his backers will do to take it in. Jesus is a brand to them and as marketable as a pair of Nike's.
Is this what Christianity has been reduced to in America in the postmodern era?

Jill S. said...

Anonymous said...
Alrighty Jillian. Thank you, I will have a great night, hopefully. Sorry I misspelled your name. Oh, in case you didn't know, Tania and Shannon are two different people, not the same. BTW, I am not anon, I am ABB, which happens to be my real initials. YOU have a good night as well! ABB
November 19, 2015 at 7:31 PM
Anonymous said...

Alrighty Jillian; thank you, I will have a great night, hopefully. Sorry I misspelled your name. Oh, in case you didn't know, Tania and Shannon are two different people, not the same. BTW, I am not anon, I am ABB, which happens to be my real initials. I post it under anony because I have not registered my initials, see? YOU have a good night as well! ABB
November 19, 2015 at 7:33 PM

Hi Peter - can you do a statement analysis on 'abb', above? He first threatened me at 7:31 PM, and then added to his threat at 7:33

Gemini said...

Wow that's interesting! I am me to SA, but one thing I noticed is how much she mentioned Davey and how she put his name before Amanda's. I may be grasping at straws, but it just made me feel weird about it all.

Gemini said...


Anonymous said...

The ostentatious twisting of and soulful staring at the wedding ring for the camera is so contrived. So fake. Does he really think people are gullible enough to fall for that bs? I guess so.

In that interview he says " I just TOLD her, um I just TOLD her, we know how to do long distance we have done it before and this WASN'T something we COULDNT overcome.

The tenses are a bit jumbled here. "Know and have" are present tense and expected as he is telling us verbatim what he said to her but "wasnt and couldn't are past tense. Shouldn't it be "this ISN'T something we CAN'T overcome?

lyric said...

My husband died from a heart attack. We both went to bed alive, I woke up and my husband did not. I remember for weeks/months my overwhelming feeling was "how could this be happening?".

I find Davey's lack of shock and disbelief disturbing. He seems very composed for someone who walked in on what had to be a horrific scene.

Anonymous said...

The police have a "blank check" to find her murderer but the reward money is a paltry $1000.00.

Boston Lady said...

I just watched the Inside Edition interview where he spoke more softly than the last interviews. Additionally, he was playing with his wedding band and looking at it. It seemed rehearsed, not real. And the "almost" bringing tears forward when he said something about the long distance relationship at her bedside, gave me a bad feeling. I know that's not "statement analysis". It's just my reaction. One thing I did note is called "their" baby, "the" baby. He didn't seem to own his new baby, Amanda was carrying.

I get the impression that Davey is reading this blog, or someone is reading it and making him aware. He seems to be trying to incorporate what has been lacking and pointed out here.

I've said this before. I really hope he had nothing to do with the vicious murder of his wife and baby. But all of this added up raises my suspicion.

Juliet said...

Jillian -you might be over-reacting that's ABB being polite, 'cos you're new. :)

Anonymous said...

When asked by the reporter about how he feels that people suspect him, he showed no surprise and seemed to be referring to police when he said it's the "first place they look."

I thought he'd been cleared by police. Why didn't he say that?

Tony Snow said...

My condolences, lyric.

It's sickening to see him in these interviews.
His followers must be noticing the same things we are by now.
I hope.

trustmeigetit said...

After going to YouTube to watch more videos, the reality of how many shows he's been on is really high.

Usually after a murder there's little from the grieving family outside of requests for help to find the murderer.

Davey clearly isn't seeking that. He's seeking fame. I know others have said this but seeing the number of shows he's done really made it that much more obvious.

But keep going Davey...I'm hopeful your digging your own grave the more you speak.

Anonymous said...

wonder if this is happening right now?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Juliet. In my post above I was in every way being polite to Jillian after my initial post where I told her to (more or less) knock it off towards Tania and Shannon. In another post she claims I was being threatening to her, and "scary"? Sad. Tkx! ABB

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @9.40. You are right! He went back to SC (and out to dinner with the lead pastors ) to be coached. There is no doubt. That is why he is twisting his wedding ring in that transparent and revoltingly sentimental manner.

Funnily enough, that Perry Noble person tweeted that he was PISSED (his word and caps) that some media pundits were saying Crazy Davey should still be a suspect.

Why so angry at the media and not the murderer?

Tony Snow said...

My 73 year old neighbor saw him on GMA and said, "somebody told that boy he was cute and he never forgot it."


Anonymous said...

Talked to a neighbor of Amanda Blackburn. Said he had an idea the investigation was progressing well. What he knew at 6:30 on @WISH_TV
6:03 PM - 19 Nov 2015

Tony Snow said...

Roll call? What does that mean?

Jill S. said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Thank you Juliet. In my post above I was in every way being polite to Jillian after my initial post where I told her to (more or less) knock it off towards Tania and Shannon. In another post she claims I was being threatening to her, and "scary"? Sad. Tkx! ABB

November 19, 2015 at 10:03 PM

Polite? You were the opposite of that.

Peter: Seriously? The poster known vicariously as 'juliet' 'abb' 'shannon' 'tania' is just going to end up being a liability.

Anonymous said...

Jillian, ABB is a woman and Juliet is right. That's ABB being nice.

KD said...

I said this yesterday... He was going to the head honcho, Perry, to get coached up on how to turn this frown upside down for Newspring....and contribute to their > $34 mil annual income.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. I ca assure you that Juliet is NOT ABB. Oh my aching sides!

Anonymous said...

Spot on, KD.

KD said...

ABB has been nothing but polite, insightful and respectful in his/her comments.

BallBounces said...

"The music in those places is designed to entertain, so a person will return.
Where I was, it was designed to elevate me, us, my culture, towards God."

Peter -- I hope this Christmas song passes muster!

southerngal said...

Maybe the reason the parents aren't speaking out is because they are suspicious that Amber, the sister, was having an affair with Davey. I would never post, celebrate, find joy in, feel uplifted in the fact, that my baby sister was murdered so brutally. My sister is a Christian, but do you really rejoice that your sister is with God when she is brutally murdered? Where is the outrage by her family??

Shannon In CA said...

Does she think Tania and I are the same, lol? That's funny, since she and I were both on chat, talking to each other seen by at least 5 other people. Oh and she lives in England and I live in California...

Juliet said...

Interesting the Inside Edition interview is from inside Noble's mega church - an indication that Noble is supporting/believing him, even though he knew there was something not right with that boy, 'Crazy Davey' - even though he was given the impression that Amanda had suffered some kind of accident with a kitchen cabinet rather than been murdered by an intruder. I'd be hedging my bets if I were Noble, and offering a side-room for the interview - well, it's a big ship to go down, and it was he approved the start-up, the new church-plant? Just now, and regardless of Davey's involvement or lack of involvement, I'd be distancing myself from him, whilst trying to be supportive of him as the screwed up wife-abuser he has demonstrated himself to be. Yet, he's in Noble's church, whose website is similarly dominated by the theme of sex - I haven't viewed any of the videos there, but really, maybe Noble sees nothing wrong with it, that's perfectly acceptable to the mindset, and that's why Davey hasn't been counselled to take down the videos of Amanda, and the videos in which he berates her in his absence. Weird much.

I agree the reward is embarrassing, and that the mega church and Resonate Church has not found fit to vastly increase it speaks volumes - it is what it is - all anyone needs to know about them, the known unknown of what they were supposed to think about Amanda, and the not wanting to know.

Shannon In CA said...

Jillian, we are not the same people. Look me up. I'm an attorney in California. This is my real name. I'm on Facebook too.

Shannon In CA said...

And by look me up, I'm an attorney, I mean you can confirm my name with the state bar. And on Facebook. So please don't take what I said in some wrong way...

Tony Snow said...

Noble's church Twitter feed sure does give the impression that sex is a high ranking topic on Sunday's at Newspring.

Jill S. said...

Peter - I never claimed that ABB (aka: juliet,shannon,tania, etc) was 'scary', but he/she claims I did! (see:10:03 pm)

I think that that is worthy of analysis.

You have a rather whacked-out, anal-butter-sex obsessed weirdo here who posts under multiple names and acronyms, but... scary?

You tell me.

Juliet said...

Jillian - you're distracting - it would be more useful to stick to the topic. I only post as myself, very occasionally as Anon or no name, info or links - I do not post snide or nasty remarks unless in my own name, which is Juliet. Thanks for noting that, if you do. ABB is not a threat, she's just strong minded and (a bit) objectionable at times.. :)

Sus said...

I believe they said he preached there last night. Then gave the interview this morning.

You know, gathering up more souls in Amanda's name.

Anonymous said...


It is SO clear in his current interviews that someone is coaching him on what to say and how to look now. Is it family? Did he get a lawyer? He's gonna break if he thinks the police are on to him. I can just feel it! -TJC

Shannon In CA said...

Jillian did you not read my response to you above? I'll say it again, this is my real name. I live in California. You can find me on Facebook. Tania lives in England (as I found out today)z I've never talked to ABB or Juliet at all (but I'm liking them). With that, I done responding to you.

KD said...

Honestly, how sexually repressed are these men??!

Shannon In CA said...

Anon @ 10:33

Amanda's family apparently suspects him so it's not them. People suspect perry noble of NewSpring church in SC of coaching him. As far as we know, he hasn't lawyered up.

SS said...

Lest I be confused with ABB or other anonymous posters - changing my site name to SS, and claiming the 9:33 post by 'Anonymous'.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Amber and Davey were having an affair, but I would not dismiss little Miss. Intern/Babysitter who moved from SC to Indy just to be by them (him?)... they both love that phrase "the best is yet to come" and used it often. She was using it back in July when she announced on fb that she was moving to Indy to be with them. Very odd. This will be a lifetime movie. -TJC

southerngal said...

I agree!! If Amanda had been me, my father would have been absolutely adamant about finding the killer. Is the family afraid? If so, of what? Why the silence of the family?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Shannon! That makes total sense that it's the other pastor coaching him. Is that where he is now? Near him? - TJC

Shannon In CA said...

As I said, the family apparently suspects him and have not spoken out for that reason. Instead they are speaking to LE.

Tony Snow said...

I think that's one of their angles- "come to our church cause we know what people really want/desire/need. we'll teach your little wife how to be the wife Jesus wants her to be."

Shannon In CA said...

They probably don't want to accuse him of they aren't sure, also. I understand that.

Shannon In CA said...

I don't know where he is...I heard SC but that was just in the chat and I don't know where others heard that. I know he left Indy.

Anonymous said...

The IE interview was given inside the SC church.

Shannon In CA said...

Makes sense to think perry noble is coaching him then.

Anonymous said...

Do you think it is weird that nobody is defending CD in the comments on this blog? And nobody is calling us "haters" nor using the term "witch hunt"?

Are comments being deleted? I hope not.

KD said...

In the interview this morning on Fox they said he was in Anderson, SC, the HQ of Perry Noble/ New Spring Church. He also did the Inside Edition interview from the NS church there. He is being coached up on how to handle the media to best benefit the church.

southerngal said...

They know the truth.

Lemon said...

I believe there is a "we". I would not be surprised if the "we" is a she. I do not believe it is Amanda.

Anonymous said...

There have been people defending him in back posts, and no, comments are not being deleted as far as I've noticed. This seems to be a space where all opinions are equally valid and welcomed.

Anonymous said...

Peter, I applaud your thoughtful gesture, and I agree, taking down that video would be best. But, don't you think they've already seen it long ago? It has no merit online-- view able to any age. If they are going to teach courses as such, it should be private and directed to certain audiences-like married couples.

He is bizarre! This murder shined a light on him. I have to wonder now how many more bizarre are out there doing the same?

Given the recent burglaries, I do not think he is involved. Had it not been for that, I'd be looking at him closely. I do think we'll see him in the future, though. It is clear he isn't a believer. Maybe he once was and has gone astray or just lost his way. It can happen to pastors, too. Judging from what one guy said, I'd bet he's been this way a long, long time.

ABB is creep as well.

Skittles said...

Dude needs to stop giving interviews. Not only is he snowing himself under and making things worse, but he's starting to look exhausted. I'd say it's because everything is finally starting to sink in, but it rather seems like it's because he's exhausting himself trying to portray this image of "the best is yet to come".

I remain flabbergasted at his lack of concern for the safety of his child. He has not ONCE (please correct me if I'm wrong) said how relieved he was that his son was not harmed during the shooting/invasion. Honestly- this is one of the most concerning aspects of it all to me.

Anonymous said...

Just reading DB's Twitter posts. A few observations:
1. He has quiet a few comments and pics of him and his son. They appear typical, cute, loving in nature. Is definitely quite a contrast to see this "Daddy" portrayal with his nearly utter avoidance of any talk or reference to his son now. I am very unnerved by the fact that he NEVER has spoken of finding his wife in the house and then having a send of fear or panic and/or rushing to find his son. NOTHING. Still, the contrast of his Twitter posts Sept/Oct about his son are interesting to note.

2. Twitter post Oct 14, 2015. Sorry, I don't know how to create link for that! Maybe someone else can show it:-) He has a post about how he is preparing a sermon a month in advance. There is a picture of sermon notes on a yellow paper. If you zoom in you can see that he has circled in middle of the page "HOW TO GET RID OF WORRY." Most scribblings are difficult to read, but there are more references to "WORRY."

What was he "WORRIED about that coincides with one month from his sermon note prep--nearly to the day of his wife's murder?

Lemon said...

"I certainly understand that's always the first place they're going to investigate. I guess that was to be expected on some level," he said, adding that it was "difficult to swallow" at first. - DB as quoted by PH

I found his "difficult to swallow" strange and disturbing. I can't explain why.

Anonymous said...

They or some of their cohorts had been near Amanda before. Perhaps she didn't see them, but she knew something was going on at least 2 weeks prior. Maybe they'd broke in to the neighbors house and was staying there prior to the last day.

Anonymous said...

I just see your comments about DB not being concerned about finding his son after he came up on his dead wife. Yes, I have same feelings. It's shocking that he never expressed any fear or panic about how he would find his son. And, as I said, his Twiiter posts about his son do paint him as a kind of "typical" new dad--sweet, loving portraits of a dad with his first child. What are we to make of his sudden disinterest in his son's safety upon finding his dead wife and his now disinterest in the child not having his mom?

I would be interested to hear any insight on this contrast in his character.

Anonymous said...

There was a tweet from Perry Noble that said crazy Davey was having dinner 2 nights ago with merry Perry and the lead pastors in SC.

KD's post and anon at 9.40 are spot on. The church is a business and it is run like one. Anyone notice how most documentaries and articles about sociopaths/psychopaths say that often they hide in plain view as CEOs of major companies?

Tony Snow said...

I think there's no real concern for his son's safety because he knew he was never in any danger. CD knew Amanda was the target.

Juliet said...

Lemon - Amanda wouldn't do certain things.

KD said...


Anonymous said...

Perry Noble ‏@perrynoble Nov 17
Sunday @newspring I gave 5 Tips to be Sexessful with your spouse! Check it out here #BetterTogether

Per comments by Juliet and others - yes! This church is obsessed with sex. Maybe they should change the name from NewSpring to BedSpring Church. Sheesh!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 10.52 if you look closely at the sermon notes on the yellow paper you will see a list entitled "what do we worry about".

First cab off the rank is "Kids".

Second is "spouses".

It's all part of his "worship is a weapon to use on worry" sermon. Maybe "a gun is a weapon to use on worry" would be more accurate.

elf said...

The husbands DNA would be there anyways. He lived there and he 'found' Amanda.

Anonymous said...

I found it very interesting that Perry Noble chose to comment about something not being right with CD during her memorial service. It immediately struck me that he was trying to distance himself from him in public. Also stating that Amanda was the determining factor in his decision to hire CD and mentioning that she had given up CD for Lent (not sure if this was to humiliate CD in public or further the "sex" theme that seems so central to his and CD's theology). I found this all to be HIGHLY suspect and incredibly disrespectful especially given that he is speaking at a memorial service. My heart broke for her parents whom I'm assuming were there.

I believe CD's church was struggling financially (check out video in which he is disappointed by attendance) and have a bad feeling Perry Noble and/or his associate pastors are knee or waist deep in this case. He and his church have a well documented history of threatening and harassment of people opposed to his church teachings. In fact, there was an associate professor who spoke out against him/his church who recently won a lawsuit due to such. The lengths they went to with this man and his family are unbelievable so it would not be too much of a stretch to believe he would somehow be involved in this.

Shannon In CA said...

Luckily, Weston is with Amanda's parents now (or so we've heard).

Anonymous said...

I just read for the first time tonight that Amanda was sexually assaulted too. How horrific for this poor girl. I really felt her husband had something to do with it before reading that but now I'm not so sure. I wouldn't think a hit man would do that too. So very sad for her.

OPN said...

@ Anonymous
Not all Christian churches are like Davey's. Visit churches with reverent worship services. Look for God being worshipped and not parishioners attending to be entertained or to leave with an emotionally high. Here's one example in case you've never been in an Orthodox Church:

elf said...

What did you find threatening in those two post?

Anonymous said...

Here is a link in reference to my previous post re: Perry Noble and Lawsuit over threatening/harassment.

After watching several videos of Amanda's interaction with CD, is it plausible to think she was not in agreement with what was going on at Resonate or the message they were preaching? Is it possible that she was no longer willing to go along with it or even potentially expose them? She also, as being the pastors wife, has a responsibility in sheparding their flock - was she now as a Mom being convicted that perhaps their message had deviated fro her core beliefs/values?

I believe there is something very sinister at play here and I pray that anyone/everyone involved in this young mothers death is exposed and brought to justice.

Anonymous said...

This is a link to the news article saying she was sexually assaulted.

OPN said...

My two posts? There's nothing threatening in the Divine Liturgy of the Orthodox Church.

Tony Snow said...

Elf was replying to that Jillian nonsense I think.

Juliet said...

With regards Amber, Amanda's sister - I think she writes as she does because that's her spirituality, her understanding - everything has to be smiley and joyful, thanking God in everything, and Romans 8.28 - there's not much allowance for reality as others might see it - it's their version of 'reality' and they stick to the script. Obviously she is fond of Davey - I'd see that as a sister-brother fondness, bearing in mind she was raised in the same family as Amanda, and is probably similarly minded, and a good girl/young woman. Also, they've all known each other for years so have more or less grown up as young adults together. I wouldn't think she has eyes for Davey, but like others has been overly influenced and taken in by him - add in a bit of sibling rivalry, too. If that involved colluding with him to belittle her sister, or just ignoring how he was with her, she's likely to feel bad about that - all the 'amazing' best day of her life (her death) might be a form of self-comfort and trying to compensate, somehow. I don't know - but I don't think Amber is a distraction to Davey - she is Amanda's sister, and the splitting image of her, after all.

It must be a horrible time for them all; how could they not be furious to have had to sit through a celebration organised by the abusive Davey, with all those unanswered questions? Shannon, hi - yes, that's what I was thinking as to why we haven't heard from Amanda's parents - they don't feel able to support Davey and are talking to LE. What a terrible situation, especially as it becomes clear that the impression Amanda gave was not how things really were - heart-breaking.

Juliet said...

Amon at 11.44pm - Yes, it is reasonable to think that - Amanda knew the gospel, as she had received it, was being corrupted - she did not want to be part of it, yet was obliged to 'submit' as a good Christian wife. She also knew she wasn't obliged, and was no longer willing to go along with it as it escalated - he met an eighteen year old, but by twenty-eight she was maturing, saw Davey for the selfish megalomaniac which he is, using Jesus as his vehicle to mega-bucks, with Amanda as a useful prop, babies not so useful, and wanted out. IMO.

Juliet said...

Shannon - I hope that's true, and that Weston is with Amanda's parents - I hope he stays there, too.

Anonymous said...

1. Who is LE?

2. Is Perry Noble the one who gave them $100,000 paid salary for 2 years to start the church in Indy?


Lemon said...

TJC @ 12:37

1. LE is Law Enforcement.

The Beckster said...

daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn Mar 5

Date night = Shooting at the gun range, wings, and being mistaken for a 19 & 20 yr old #MyBestFriend

...From Davey's Twitter Account last spring.

Anonymous said...

If Crazy Davey and his minders are reading here to get tips on what to say to media they aren't going to have much luck. In the free editing process, truth will out. He might be able to memorise a few "expected" words, but, ultimately, if he continues to speak, he will continue to give himself away. His best bet is to shut up.

In some ways he is damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. Early on, astute listeners noted a high number of references to self ( I, I, I)
which indicated his narcissism.

More recently we see a high number of references to "We" in places unexpected, which indicates a need to share the blame (and that he reads here.)

Using the pronoun "you" is distancing.

Use of pronouns is instinctual. When we hear the "wrong" one being used, we are alerted to deception. He will continue to stumble over them if he attempts to modify them based on what he ( or his PR team) have learned here at this blog.

Juliet said...


Yes, Perry Noble gave them $100,000 to start Resonate Church, along with Davey's salary for one year. New Spring (Noble's mega church) also paid for Amanda's funeral.

Anonymous said...

Regarding his Inside Edition interview... He said " We'd done long distance before". Claiming that's what he said to Amanda in the hospital as she was dying. If he was still in love with his wife wouldn't he have said "WE'VE done long distance before"? We HAVE, not we HAD... "Have" would say they were still together, doing "long distance"... "HAD" says, in the past, it's over. Everything he says sounds so odd to me.

The playing with the ring looked so STAGED!!! And twice... *eye roll*

They also said he got choked up... I didn't see it. ugh

And wow, can you please say something about your wife being a good mother!!!! When they were talking about Weston, all he could say was she served others and Jesus and loved others.... He couldn't even say she was a good mom to their son.

PN is not doing a good coaching job!


Anonymous said...

Perry Noble yammered on about Amanda and her furniture restoration during the funeral.

Crazy Davey repeated it, almost verbatim, in his interview with Fox.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 1.37

I noticed something odd there too. I tried to find my previous post on it but it's gone.

I think he did say "have" not "had" which, as you say, would be expected.

The odd bit to me, was the mixing up of tenses when he is telling us what he said to her. Verbatim. word for word.

Instead of saying " this ISNT something that we CANT overcome" he says "this WASNT something that we COULN'T overcome". The difference is subtle to the casual listener but obvious to students of SA.

Actually, just writing that, it strikes me that he is speaking in the negative and that the sentence "should" be " this IS something we CAN overcome"

Anonymous said...

Oh here it is.

The ostentatious twisting of and soulful staring at the wedding ring for the camera is so contrived. So fake. Does he really think people are gullible enough to fall for that bs? I guess so.

In that interview he says " I just TOLD her, um I just TOLD her, we know how to do long distance we have done it before and this WASN'T something we COULDNT overcome.

The tenses are a bit jumbled here. "Know and have" are present tense and expected as he is telling us verbatim what he said to her but "wasnt and couldn't are past tense. Shouldn't it be "this ISN'T something we CAN'T overcome?

JMTO said...

I am confused.
Where on earth are you getting a threat out of this?
I see I must have missed A LOT in the past few days. Lol.

Unknown said...

Hi Peter and Everyone,

There will be DNA under her nails. That is perhaps how investigators know she defended herself.

I wonder if DB has any defensive marks on his body?

I don't think DB committed the crime, but he has involvement for sure. I've read a few comments that he was later than usual at the gym, or that he left home 40 minutes later that morning. I don't know if that is a fact reported by the media, but if it is true, it will be interesting to know why he was late or left later than usual.

Her parents have not made any public comment about the murder, and I assume it is because they have already been told who the police think the murderer is and whether there was a mastermind behind it. In that case, there will be no need for them to make any public statement.

In the Q&A with DB and Amanda, she said that during their days of dating her father would openly ask her how far their relationship has gone. I can't remember the exact words she used, but I got the impression that her dad was very open with her about sex before marriage. It made me think that she and her dad had a close relationship. It can very well be that she shared some of her marriage troubles with her dad and the heartache she had. Surely her dad will share his concerns with investigators.

Poor Amanda was raped and murdered execution style and yet no picture was shown to the public or any other info was released to the public for example, lock your doors, there's a rapist on the run. IMO, police are not releasing info, because they already know everything. They are merely building their case. If Amanda's credit card was used the night of her murder, it would have been known by police immediately. The police say they have a photo of the person using the card. Yet, nothing released to the public.

The public is safe, not from future crime, but from this crime and the people involved in this crime.

From what I understand DB left to go where his parents are living. Not sure if this is correct. If that is the case, he might have gone there for a 'chat' with his parents. He also had dinner with some of these church people. Perhaps, we never know, perhaps he confessed to them. Strange, a day after he left, at least 3 people were taken in for questioning. As was shown by Peter Hyatt, these people are more concerned about their business and the money aspect. This will be an immense scandal and will affect their 'numbers'.

I knew that nothing was going to happen in this case until after the funeral. And for sure, the can of worms opened the moment Amanda was laid to rest.

Anonymous said...

Ok no one wants to hear anything graphic, so if you have a sensitive nature, read no further please. This is a two part post due to length needed to articulate, sorry folks.

Words in the free edit process are not chosen at random, and often convey the underlying information trying to be hidden from the speaker’s intended audience (leakage).

His choice of words in this light are disturbing and should be looked at in more than one context, given the details that are emerging and the circumstances in this case, and his preoccupation with sex, and violence, and dying for Jesus and the company growth.

I had a close family member who was murdered in the same way as poor Amanda, during a robbery, shot in the face, and in the south, but where LE was not so savvy, educated or committed. She was three days away from a deciding child custody hearing where she was to win, her child was present in the home during the murder. Dad was on crack and a minor gangster, had no relationship with their kid, and only fought to escape child support. He was only superficially investigated after they caught the shooters, who tried to blame each other, and never copped to who put them up to it, and gave them her address. Once local LE had them, they stopped looking and asking why they targeted her, and the father has had similar leakage over his guilty knowledge ever since. We all saw it, like Amanda's family does too, I gather. I do not think Indy LE will stop there, as they see something off too.

CD’s latest statement, to me, was a mental image, instantly hideous and gruesome. Not just because of the absence of a R.D. of any sort, but also due to his chosen words and what they are usually applied to.

His words are not resonating with many for this reason that they seem loaded with several layers of meaning, which the subconscious and the gut feeling both sense. He even speaks of two separate levels of internal knowledge he has going on in his thought process. Perhaps he did not intend this in his word choice, but it is there regardless, and he chose them out of thousands of options to convey his thoughts and feelings.

He was asked to deny involvement, to reject suspicion upon him, he said this instead:
"I certainly understand that's always the first place they're going to investigate and so I guess that was to be expected on some level but on another level just going through this trying time with our family it was definitely DIFFICULT TO TRY AND EVEN KIND OF SWALLOW THAT so for us, we don't have anything to hide."

CD uses mental imagery in much of his language. IT IS HIS NORM.

Much of it is sexual, and inappropriate, and some is violent and also not appropriate, as well as not honest, as we have seen several times now. THIS IS HIS NORM, his personal baseline, it was at times embarrassing to Amanda, evidenced by her comments and reactions in their videos.

Even in her death, these themes keeps re-appearing at an alarming rate. Now we learn she may have been sexually assaulted.

Anonymous said...

Part 2
The first layer of imagery/meaning dredged up is a metaphor for something that is hard to accept into one’s inner mental reality, even if they know it is true. It includes the acceptance that others think it is true as well.

The last two share a physical association with the biological act of swallowing (breathing is akin to swallowing air as well).

One is highly sexual, and is something CD joked and hinted to the audience at desiring from Amanda, to her onstage social horror (see the video)...that which, as a prudish Christian wife she should or would not do, or did not like to for him...oral sex (yes, the BJ, also called head). There is a clear female connection to the swallowing of semen, and one's female pride and self -worth along with it, from the male perspective. Many women have a hard time performing this sexual act, as it stimulates the Vagal gag reflex, causing them to choke from laryngospasms/gagging, which can interrupt breathing as well, much to the upset of their male partner...This is a very common male jokey- complaint about their female partners, and a degrading one if made publicly, which he nearly did. He places women’s highest worth as a sexual object, not as mothers, wives or just equals, and his language and behavior is rife with male double standards. In Amanda’s teen video, he calls women whores for expressing sexuality via clothing, or adornment that accentuates them, which is often a rapist’s excuse, though he is A-OK for doing the very same.

The third layer is heinous…and is intimately associated with violence, death, and eternal silencing of the voice of the victim, and is very close to what happened to his wife.

People shot in the head, face or neck often choke to death on their own blood and tissues. My relative did as she died. As an EMS worker, I have also seen it, too many times. It is difficult to breathe and swallow when choking on blood, or other tissues, or when brain, facial or airway trauma leading to impaired breathing is involved.

Amanda was shot in the head, and the hand and body, but CD only ever related her “head injury” to others, not the rest. This is odd in itself. He never thanked her for dying to protect their son, the ultimate sacrifice, but instead initially insinuates she suffered some sort of home accident.The gunshot likely caused her cranial or facial damage, and he SAW her this way-- THE LAST TIME HE SAW HER ALIVE (and not on a breathing ventilator, which is artificial life essentially), WHICH IS NOT WHAT HE DESCRIBED IN HIS INTERVIEW. He DESCRIBES THE LAST TIME HE SAW HER WELL, AND UNHARMED instead, skipping the entire event of finding her.

Last moments by those that found their loved one dying or dead, typically includes the finding of the loved one as the last time seen, and convey this last encounter in detail as such, as painful as it is for them to re-experience it in the telling.

CD does not do this, but instead dances around this ”tragic” event, though it should be consuming him, with grief, guilt for not being there, not saving or protecting her, his baby to be or his son, not to mention the horror of seeing the trauma she endured, to her entire body. There are no babies in the head, only in the abdomen.

Davey, PLEASE keep on talkin’ and doin’ mad interviews, we BEG YOU, ‘cause all "WE" and LE want is the whole truth, and some justice for your murdered family. God knows if you are involved, and so do you, and God is making it come out of your mouth whether you want to hide it or not, so thanks for that at least…If you are not involved, say it outright, and let us be done with "all this".

Oh, and you might wanna lay off whatever is making you talk like a broken record on warp speed, also, causing your pupils to be blown and sluggishly reactive to light, even if its legal and over the counter… I doubt that’s a sympathetic nervous system response, unless you have an endocrinology problem, or fuckin LOVE the attention your wife and unborn baby’s murder bring you… Hello PEARL


Juliet said...

Anon at 1.39- Davey left out Noble's sentimental bit where Amanda arrives in heaven and Jesus immediately tells her to roll up her sleeves and set to work on restoring God's table - no way was Amanda getting to be that 'privileged' - she was just a bit like trash turned to treasure -- in God's eyes, not necessarily his.

I reckon as the days go on young Davey is going to have an encounter with reality, and begin to miss his lovely wife and family - when he sees himself as he is seen outside of the Resonate bubble, and the real truth of his situation, and of what has happened, dawns on him, and there's no Amanda to turn to, really no Amanda, because whether he knew it or not, It's very likely he depended on her and took his strength from her, like spiritual vampires do. He's going to be like the Amway or Dyson rep when he realises he can't make enough sales, or send out his own church planters...his product is not what it's cracked up to be.

It's almost like baiting him, knowing he's reading here and modifying his statements accordingly - and that it won't make any difference. As he said somewhere 'out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks' - it does, there's no getting round it, or what his heart has been speaking - money, sex, dislike and dissatisfaction with his wife, pregnancy causing big problems.


Keeper of Details - fascinating post, and sorry for your horrible loss and that the murder was only partly resolved. What's the Pearl reference about?

Anonymous said...

Two things:

My above post needs clarification on his last moments with her, alive...I meant to say his first interview where he talks about the last time he saw her before she died, he related her alive and well, and a convo they had.

Then we at the blog here bring up last moments, and his lack of expressing that...

THEN CD relates to us in a later interview, likely after he reads or is told of his mistake in not mentioning it, his last moments with her in the hospital, and the odd long distance comment...

Houston, we have a big ass time and info gap here...

the last time he saw his wife alive ON HER OWN, without artificial help keeping her BODY alive, was on the floor of their home, shot several times...Where the heck is this missing piece in his language? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

I think it is right under our noses, all starts with the mouth, and what mouths say and do...Hard to swallow, indeed.

Secondly, I'm dumbfounded he did not catch on to Amanda's subtle look of shock and disgust at the whore comments, and how women adorn and accentuate themselves and their femininity to "advertise sex" to men...YEAH, reproduction and sexual drive is a strong and primal human drive, ya can't get rid of it unless you are asexual...not happenin!

It is almost ironically comical that this is the very thing he proudly does with his clothes, hair, language, behavior and freaky sermons and demonstrations...Earth to Davey?!! Its no Love Song, more like sex muzak...its only wrong if you have boobs! Poor Amanda, she had not a clue what she bought into until it was too late, divo is highly frowned in that world, self-worth and Christian social respectability are built upon a good, lasting marriage and obedient wife and kids.

She saw through his shallow hypocrisy, and I think she knew she married a facade with a rotting under-layer she thought she knew...

He hid his real self from her, and it leaked out slowly over time, thus the comment about the "person you thought you know" or whatever it was...she was coming to the nauseating realization she married a stranger in sheep's clothing, cloaked in religion to validate.

She was not liking what she saw or how she was treated, but still was a loving and dutiful wife and mother...her diary were her private thoughts, she did not like him reading them, he even stated this, and violated her wishes even in death. What a slap in the face!! Thus his focus on "proving" her journal contained no information threatening to this fake ass image he presents to the world via the church, about himself and their marriage...this is why he read to the entire world a private journal from his wife, who he even said abhorred putting her personal life on display or a pedestal...

Juliet said...

The Best is Yet to Come - yes, the moment Amanda's killer or killers are convicted of her murder, and that of her unborn child.

I find it so difficult that they continued using that slogan and 'Nothing is Wasted' and that 'Whatever it Takes' is another. I don't care about all the justifying comments "well, they always use those catchphrases - they're just doing what they always do' - like Davey saying they'd be gathering for worship 'as usual' - if it is not obvious to them that none of that is appropriate at this time, I don't know what planet they are on - it's so inappropriate now, and will continue to be - they should scrap those slogans altogether, not to mention 'the church'.

Anonymous said...

Pearl is a diagnostic medical term for pupillary reaction...
Pupils Equal And Reactive to Light...

people on drugs, and with certain medical conditions, or in heightened states like intense sexual desire or aggression, excitement (adrenaline dump from sympathetic nervous system) will get dilated/blown up pupils that do not shrink much in response to a bright light, or get bigger with reduction in light...head injuries do something similar...

other drugs like narcotic make pinpoint constricted pupils that are also sluggish to react...something is wrong with his pupils in every interview, making his iris look black almost...combined with dry mouth(smacking and licking lips), stuttering when not a stutterer, rapid fire, often disjointed or discontinuous non-focused speech(cant answer shit with a direct answer) and the nervous habits like rubbing hands, crotch-grabbing and other subtle things he does, this indicates something is OFF...

He either is near ecstatic to be on camera (adrenaline a flowin'), or has some sort of medical issue, or maybe is on a substance of some sort. Weight loss and performance enhancing drugs, think gym or sex type, can have this effect, as well as other natural supplements, and prescription psych meds as well...

Oh, did he own a gun? I see he like the range enough to go on date nite, which explains that stupid "shoot worry" demo with the not cool


Juliet said...

Keeper - yes - the journal is significant, and his lack of self-awareness in telling the world that he regularly violated her privacy by reading it against her wishes. I'd go with whoever opined that what he was reading from was a daily devotional journal in which ther was nothing to incriminate him, something he was safe to carry round to interviews - he's probably destroyed the real private journal in which she asked God to fix Davey and laid out her fears.

Juliet said...

Ah, thanks for the explanation, Keeper. I don't know if they owned a gun - only that it sometimes turns out that a woman has been pressured into allowing a gun into the home, and taken to the range to learn how to use it, just in case there's ever a home invasion, and then the gun has been used to murder her by concerned, devoted husband.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words, its something our family will never get over, she was in her 20s and had everything ahead of her. I certainly feel for her Amanda's family, and hope they get Weston if Dave is involved.

Even just knowing what my relative and her child endured scarred us for life. Her child was seven, and the dad showed up and stole the child away for several years, no goodbyes, not contact at all...this happened the day of court, since he was the only living parent...

The courts never checked to see if he was safe, not a pedophile or drug addict, or had a home even, or if they had a relationship. His response to the judge as to why the mother was not present for the hearing: "She not coming, she got her face blown off two days ago". Thats when all the red flags went up.

My sister and I finally tracked him down, and fought him in court, and got the child last year, now a young teen and very damaged but healing. We could not find them because his family was passing the child around for the mother's SSN death benefits, so abuse, neglect,drugs, violence, racism (mom white, dad black, poor kid got constant shit for being both), you name it, she dealt with all of it, the courts and CPS NEVER checked on this child, as the aunt that had the child was big in the local church, so got the benefit of the doubt, even after the schools and the child reported abuse many times. Parents are supposed to protect their kids, not profit off them or the deaths of their mothers.

I only hope Davey is not involved, his child will be infinitely devastated to find out, on top of loosing his mom and potential baby sibling.

THis is why I am so un=trusting of CDs statements and emotional void he exhibits in regards to his wife, child, unborn child, and the trauma of seeing her mortally so many others, I saw what the murder, the trial, and the aftermath did to everyone, and everyone's reactions had a common thread binding them, even the murderers... CD is missing this almost entirely, and what does exist seems to be very shallow and fake and scripted. Its not our imagination.

I'm thinking they rented a range gun, and did not own one. I am extremely curious as to the caliber, location and order of her wounds, angle of entry and/or exit, and were she was when shot, as well as where she was when he found her. Hell, I'd like to hear anything about that morning form him, but he no speaky on THAT in particular...he still has not told us if she was AWAKE or ASLEEP when he left his house, or whether he locked the door.

If truly innocent, that info should not affect the investigation or prosecution, unless its of HIM, that is...


Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT posts Anony KeeperOfDetails, last one at 4:33. Brilliant. Hats off! ABB

Bas (The Netherlands) said...

In other words, he loves the fact she's gone? The word "love" bothers me.

Anonymous said...

I believe he did have a gun. There is a picture being circulated on Twitter of one that he got as a gift. In another mention, a few years ago, a friend referenced it as well. I believe that tweet was deleted but people grabbed screenshots.

M said...

I posted this observation in another article, but failed to tie it to a specific interview (he's done so many!).

Inside Edition interview when he is looking at and touching his wedding ring??? It seemed so fake.

MzOpinion8d said...

I get the feeling that "we can do long distance, we've done it before" conversation happened at a different time, before the end of her life. Like maybe he wanted to do something that was going to take him away from the home for a time and she was against it. Thoughts?

M said...

'Worship as a Weapon' is up on the Resonate page.

Anonymous said...

I saw the picture on Twitter of the gun post prior to it being swiftly deleted. CD' s friends post:

XianJaneway said...

Peter, by the way, the comment "her desire for me..." is a complementarian culture thing. Complementarians LOVE the verse Genesis 3:16, "Your desire will be for your husband, and he shall rule over you." It's part of the submission-to-a-loving-husband-like-Christ language.

Here's a blog post I wrote a year or so ago where I spoke of the danger of the language of "Christian Patriarchy" or "Quiverfull" sects. I only limited the post to that culture, because that's where I lived at the time. However, it's all through the "Gospel Coalition" fan base now. :( The two texts I quoted are very extreme, but the *results* of their advice to submit is the same as the more mainstream complementarians--submit whether you agree with your husband or not, because God said to.

SC said...

Davey did own a gun and the tweet is still up from 2013:

Anonymous said...

Why no details of the scene in the home concerning Amanda's murder, only silence from hubby. Who the hell does this man think he is that he could treat his sweet wife's gruesome murder with such total lack of concern, not even offering details of his own actions, as if what she suffered didn't matter. The b'stard.

As Tania and others have pointed out, the timeline does not add up. First he was a good half hour late getting to the gym. Neighbors heard gunshots at around 6:30 am? But he doesn't return until much later, so much later that ER didn't arrive until approx 8:30 am? Had she been lying there dying for a good two hours? I know, he was logged in at the gym, but for how long, when did he get home? What was he doing? Just staring at her as she lay dying, or helping her along?

I've never been thrilled about how he could leave her every morning to go to the gym in the first place. Did he have no obligation to help her with their baby should he awaken during the night or early morning, and Amanda likely exhausted and with morning sickness; or night sickness too. Low-life POS could have been satisfied doing a few push-ups at home, but no he had to keep his buff body exposed and ogle over other half naked bodies. SHE carried the load.

His degradation of her in life is appalling. Beyond words. The church is not the place to openly display or discuss one's sexual habits, likes and dislikes. Sexual relationships are discussed privately, in pastor counseling. I have attended many churches over my adult life and I have never experienced anything like this.

Raw sex discussions even tape recorded and video taped! I'm aghast, shocked, at even reading it, and I'm no prude; nor do I think Amanda was, she was being the lady she was. These sexaholic false prophets act like they just discovered sex. God, sex has always been around, even our grandparents knew how! These open discussions are sickening to me. How could Amanda stomach this type humiliation thrown in her face by her own hubby. She must have hated sex with him. I would.

Actually, I don't think this man was worth two shakes in bed. I think that's why he could find no satisfaction with Amanda in the bedroom; because he had none to give. I think he laid the burden on her to bring him to satisfaction and when she couldn't that made it her fault. (What woman could!) Poor Amanda. What a heavy load she carried, while all this time he's grooming other women to take him on, (right in front of her), with; 'I told you my wife couldn't satisfy me.' Dirty dog. I despise men like him.

He is so disgusting that it's hard to contain my words, and there he pranced, coaching and misleading young people. UNDER the guise of Christian leadership. They've played and replayed their 'best is yet to come' and 'nothing goes to waste', I've been waiting for them to come out with the scripture, "touch not thine anointed" that so many prosperity churches throw around; they will.

I have questioned his possible cocaine snorting, or whatever. I've seen those eyes before, as well as observed that manner of speech, and I've seen it in his eyes and heard it in his voice every time I've seen his photos and listened to the only two interviews I've watched. He is now or has been on 'something', just 'what' is the question. Amanda's life with him was a hell on earth. ABB

D said...

He sure cleaned up his act for his inside edition interview. I agree with others about the ring touching. That just seem so weird.

lynda said...

So in a bright new day we find out everything reported yesterday was rumor except that there have been 2 arrests of people that were questioned regarding Amanda Blackburn unrelated charges (probably parole violations) I'm not getting to worked up about that because I figure every black man picked up is questioned about her murder.

We know Steve the SCOOP guy at the news is an idiot and posts things that are unconfirmed and untrue and really creates quite a stir over nothing. With how quick LE came out shutting down his careless posting that she was raped they are probably none to happy with him and he has posted so many false reports I am inclined just to ignore his "scoops" at this time, among them that there are "suspects" being questioned (EVERYBODY is being questioned) Her CC was used all over town, she was raped, and whatever else.

We know that Amanda's parents are afraid (as they should be) that if CD never gets charged, they will lose their grandson, who is staying with them right now so they're lying low. We know they loathe Davey so at least their working from that angle.

I don't think Amber and Davey were having a currect affair but I do not discount them hooking up before CD and Amanda were married. The more she writes, the crazier she sounds also. These people just need to shut up for God's sake.

The one mistake that Davey made is that he didn't do it alone and they are gonna ROLL on him eventually.

I'm still not convinced that barring a physiological problem, DAvey's pupils are HUGE under bright lights and there could be possible drug use. Amanda said he gets up at 4:30-5 to do devotionals and stays up late into the night. Planting a church is hard work, and he needs to be awake more could also be thrown out there that bringing in the drug element would also add to motive. He would personally know unsavory types, drug debt, etc.

Those are my thoughts this AM.

D said...

I've never been to church, and have no plans in the future. But each week when a person goes, do they give money? I really have never thought about that before, just curious.

XianJaneway said...

D, many church members give a "tithe" or 10% of their income. Others give whatever they are able. After 20 years of following Christ, I learned to watch what any church I join spends its money on. If the staff feels no problem about going to Outback on church $$, when I have to *cut* restaurant spending in order to give, that's a problem. OTOH, our church uses that money for low-income families, education for the staff, childcare, etc.

OPN said...

His pupils are NOT dilated.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_635/article-pastor2-1117.jpg

Anonymous said...

Slaughtering the sheep?

My guess that would be about any church anywhere when a target is to perform functions for the benefit of the wolf.

A person could pick apart any church, any preacher, any priest at any time-especially the media.

Church is to be a refuge from the world, not a population upon which to wage war...especially psycho war. Many people attend that church and have access to the videos. No one said anything. Why? No fault was found until an accused was needed to fulfill their agenda.Not one neighbor said anything about their manner of running their lives. They had cookouts together! Just the stored in time videos discussing negative issues with people going through the same.

I knew when the FBI announced they'd get the guns from people not supposed to have them something was up. They have video, the stolen car, fingerprints, and the long will it drag on? Long enough to produce a kingpin I suspect. Bet he lives on the other side of the neighborhood.

The crap being reported: attempted burglary (wth?), rape of victim (not sure though), announcement of where to find neighbors discussing it (nextdoor),and suspects in custody...for another crime?

lynda said...

we know babysitter, Meg, protected her twitter account almost immediately but found this on Amanda's..

AmandaGrace ‏@AmandaGrace 2 Aug 2013
@MegsGriff kill. Jezebel.
10:56 AM - 2 Aug 2013 · Details

Hmmmm...doesn't seem to be a nice twitter, then 3 months later Amanda twitters

Megs ‏@MegsGriff
@MegsGriff's account is protected.
AmandaGrace ‏@AmandaGrace 22 Nov 2013
@MegsGriff that is a very false statement!

That's Amanda's nice way of calling Meg a liar

Biblically, Jezebel was an enemy of God and finally thrown out the window and eaten by dogs. She worshipped false Gods and was corrupt of mind and spirit

Thoughts anyone? Obviously, Meg and Amanda did NOT get along all the time and it appears that Amanda may have had Meg's "number" so to speak. I'm sure she was wary of her.

OldPsychNurse said...

His pupils are NOT dilated here either.

Anonymous said...

No one said anything because there hadn't been a brutal murder. Regardless of guilt, DB exhibits sociopathic tendencies and the statement analysis is key here.

Take off your tinfoil hat!

lynda said...

OPN...I based my opinion on the still from the interview in the church with the light directly on his face. I'm a nurse and THOSE are dilated pupils. I didn't say they were dilated all the time but in this instance, you betcha.

Anonymous said...

Steve the Scoop is an Indy resident, yes?
I wonder if mayhaps he is a Resonate church goer.

lynda said...

Right now I'm more interested in the tweets on Amanda's twitter account. How could we have missed them? Or did we discuss and I missed it?

Anonymous said...

Xian; I realize your question is to Peter, but if you will allow me graciously, I'd like to offer my own thoughts on the issue of a woman's subjection to her husband as it as been one of great concern to me throughout my life. THIS one comingled church teaching had led to many abuses of women and does to this day.

I am not suggesting that you throw out about half the Bible, but that's what this is going to sound like; if you will heed my thoughts, there is a very logical explanation and it's not what you think:

Reread those scriptures and tell me where you find the first one that came from the teachings of Jesus. You won't! Jesus never told women a thing like that, not once, not ever. You will find no chastisement of women by Jesus in any of His teachings, nor will you find him placing us under the leadership or subjection of man. Jesus loved, respected and valued women and held them in high esteem.

The Old Testament pertains to the lives of those prior to the dispensation of Jesus's life and death on the cross. We are not under the Old Testament rule of judgment. Jesus brought us all a new hope, a new beginning, a new way back to God that those of old were not able to follow. It is the teachings of Jesus ALONE that we are to heed and follow.

As you read the New Testament, notice that all those scriptures as given in the New Testament, every one, where Paul is telling the churches that the woman is under subjection of the man, and on and on he goes with this train of belief, ALL comes from the teachings of the apostle Paul and are never being quoted as spoken by Jesus. Jesus never said such a thing!

The apostle Paul was not one of the original disciples of Jesus during his life time of ministry on this earth. He came along three years after Jesus ascended. Jesus told us all we needed to know to be able to follow him. As he died on the cross, he said "father it is finished." FINISHED.

He did not send a new message down from heaven by a mere mortal preacher/teacher years later; I don't care who thinks He did, He didn't. He SAID; "take up your cross and follow ME, I am the way, the truth and the light." "Take heed that you follow no man lest you both fall into the ditch." "He that hath an ear to hear, let him hear." How hard so many work at trying to be religious (confused!) when Jesus never said these things. Because it 'sounds' good and they found it in the Bible, there they are, all trying to follow apostle Paul.

The apostle Paul was a MAN, a preacher (not saying he wasn't a good man later on after he quit killing Christians and changed his name from Saul to Paul); but I AM saying that Jesus never said this, not ONCE. And THIS is the problem I have with all these denominations out there who are following PAUL, NOT Jesus. They try to follow both but it's impossible.

Oh yeah, I've got my problems with these teachings that are in direct conflict with the teachings of Jesus, and I will never be able to accept following them, as I don't see where it's even possible to follow both apostle Paul AND Jesus. I believe that if you stick with the teachings of JESUS and follow HIM, you can't go wrong. Any other risk is too great to take. ABB

Anonymous said...


That Meg/Amanda twitter thing seems incredibly relevant.
Very good catch.

Tony Snow

Mary said...

I don't know if DB is involved or not, but this has totally reconfirmed my decision to leave my church that was somewhat like this. It was big on being perfect and looking perfect to the outside world, never showing true feelings. Ever. It was so hard being fake happy all the time. I don't miss that aspect of it for sure!

And it also warned us how outsiders would mock us for our beliefs, because we would be so different from the world. Having grown up in such an environment, this could be very well just the way DB is.

Many years ago, one of my good friends was killed in a robbery and I just wanted to cry and be sad. It was only one or two days after, and my mom told me not to be upset, after all, my friend was with Jesus. It was like human emotion other extreme happiness was a sin.

KD said...

I wouldn't make much of the babysitter comments from 2013. She LIVED with the Blackburns for a couple months after she moved to Indy from SC this year. I believe she moved out about 10 weeks ago to her new place (saw on her instagram before she made private).

Anonymous said...

Have we considered 'roid rage as a possibility, here. He was quite the gym rat - not out of the question that he was using steroids to supplement his workouts. Perhaps that led to aggressive (or even forced) sex that morning, which led to a confrontation, at which point he blew his lid and killed her?

OldPsychNurse said...

Sorry, Lynda, but I do neuro evaluations on dozens of patients 5 days/week. His pupils aren't dilated and he's not sitting with a light shining in his eyes. I knew someone would have to argue with me, so see for yourself:

Anonymous said...

The 2013 tweets between the sitter/DB/AB seem like good-natured joking. I don't think that there's anything malicious or telling there.

Anonymous said...

I'm seeing a lot of really uncomfortable parallels between Davey Blackburn and Nathan Leuthold and Chris Coleman.

Sus said...

His eyes certainly were dilated in the gma and the local interview of the same day. I don't have the dates, but they were his first interviews.

He has begun to calm down and I don't think his eyes are dilated in the insider interview.

My first thought was that he was on some type of speed when I watched the love song vids with he and his wife.

I then considered the possibility he was headed toward a split, a psychotic break. That's what I think now.

Juliet said...

I posted the Jezebel tweet a couple,of days ago, Lynda. My thought was that someone got a hold,of Amanda's phone and made that tweet ('fraped') her account - it seems out of character; she may not have noticed it was there. Otherwise some odd private joke they shared, perhaps.mi think there would have been tension - Meg was living in their home for some time. She posted photos and videos to her account of Weston - in one video she can be heard telling him 'I love you'. Personally, I find that inappropriate as he is not related to her - others might think different. I didn't like seeing the pics and video on her account especially as Amanda did not put her son on display - she posted very few photos of him in her accounts, and most of those, maybe all, we're not close-ups. I think she wanted to orotexpct his privacy, and for him not to regarded as public property on account of being the pastor's son - and along comes Meg plastering him all over her account, usurping, undermining the baby's mother. I can imagine Amanda objecting and Meg saying, 'Well, Davey said it's okay' and carrying on regardless - poor Amanda, I expect that's not too far from the truth. And Meg made those accounts private pronto - a bit too late though - lots of people would have seen what was going on there. Shameful behaviour -abuse of 'friendship'.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with Pastor Mark Driscoll but he has been criticized by many as being misogynistic and overly focused on sex in his teachings. He's a former megachurch pastor who resigned in 2014 under a cloud of controversy. Apparently he's going to speak at a leadership conference hosted by Perry Noble at NewSpring in March. Yuck!

D said...

I wouldn't be surprised if DB was chatty at the gym. He seems like the type to jump into anyone's convo and turn it into his. I wonder if anyone at the gym notice any difference in his behavior.

Anonymous said...

Xian @8:53, Love your post. I agree, I watch churches very carefully now to see where the money is going. I haven't always and it was a big mistake on my part. It won't happen to me again, however. Now I want to know, and ask, before I lay the first dollar on them. Now, I want an accounting of what percentage goes to other organizations too, such as the ACS, the Shrine Circus and so on.

Keep up the good work.

I hope my post above didn't cause you confusion. I've been confused enough myself (years ago) about the very questions you raised. Then I read the entire Bible and compared many scriptures back and forth repeatedly to decipher it for myself. I just pray I've got it right now, that's my biggest concern. ABB

lynda said...

YAY! I'm so excited that somebody finally believes the same way I do about Paul!! In going to church I am always away if the pastor regurgitates Paul constantly. I have a friend that says..If it ain't highlighted in RED..I'm not following

KD- i think twitter is relevant in lieu of what has happened. At the very least, whether she lived with them or not, at one time Amanda was wary of her and I don't think she was the type of woman to randomly call people liars, It just shows that there were times where they obviously had conflict.

OldPsychNurse - Well, we have to agree to disagree. I would chart dilated and 30 patients a day for 30 years..I've seen my share. I'm not going to argue anymore about it.

I don't consider kill. Jezebel and calling someone a liar with an exclamation point good natured ribbing. All I am saying is that at ONE time (almost 2 years to the date of her murder) Amanda didn't appear to be to happy with Meg and she wasn't being cow-towed by her either..she was speaking her mind.

Juliet said...

I believe the photos were quite recent - posted after Meg moved out of Amanda's home - or rather out of Davey's property.

lynda said...

I said..

In going to church I am always away if the pastor regurgitates Paul constantly.

I meant "wary" not "away"

Anonymous said...

Amanda tweeted and retweeted often. Almost everyday, a break for a few days at most but she had not tweeted anything since August 21.

lynda said...

Anon @ 9:56

I noticed that to Anon and I realized her stopping coincided with the birth of Weston.

Anonymous said...

Not CD's though.
Fatherhood didn't seem to have slowed him down.

Tony Snow

Anonymous said...

August of the this year. @9:58

Sadie said...

Hey, Buddy, where'd you go? What happened to the big info we were supposed to find out yesterday?

D said...

What was the guys name that was arrested on other charges? I just want to see if anything has been added to him.

lynda said...

Sorry Juliet...I knew somebody would have had to catch those tweets.

Juliet said...

That second tweet - it looks like Meg made her account private because Amanda called her out on something she had written, but Amanda is still making her point known. It's not ribbing - 'false statement' is not jokey. And what - was Amanda shut out of Meg's account. Nice.

buddy said...

Present and accounted for Sadie! Was yesterday a big news day?

lynda said...

Anon @ 10:01

You're right, I was remembering that gap from Jan. to August. I don't think she posted anything did she?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Police appear close to linking the 21 year old with the murder of Amanda...DNA.

He is now arrested on other charges; this tells us that he did not give up info and the delay is due to the processing of DNA.

It sounds like they are confident he is the shooter.

After that, they will then seek to learn if there is any connection to the husband.


Juliet said...

Keeper - terrible - I don't know what to say. It's hard to comprehend how a child could be so comprehensively failed for so long - I hope life turns out well for her, despite the trauma and separation. Cruel father - drugs are so destructive. :-/

Anonymous said...

Buddy, hi, missed you yesterday are you a local? you seem to know a lot and we were hoping you were in the discussion along with a friend of the family who was really helpful

Anonymous said...

Peter -

Are you getting your information from the same news sources we are? Because I don't think that the news reports make that seem all that certain. Perhaps you have better info than what is being reported?

D said...

I can't believe the Worship as a weapon was actually posted.

buddy said...

I'm a former local to the neighborhood and I'm close to locals, and some of the locals seem to know more than the media is reporting up to now. I was told that yesterday was gonna be big for news. I also got the impression the news was gonna be unsettling. Later yesterday I was told the police are rather certain. Nothing since then.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

No, I am just reading news stories; no inside info.
I am also trying to connect the dots.

They mentioned DNA

They arrested on lesser charges

DNA takes time

No release of 911 call for first week when they released the photos.

As to making it sound certain, Anonymous:

This is why I phrased it with "sounds like..." and not reporting as fact, and I did not include rape, even though one media continues to.


Elizabeth K. Casey said...

Also Peter said it too, 1 Peter 3:1. However I think much of what both Paul and Peter preached was ever meant to lead to the subjugation of women. I think it was meant to protect women for that time period since in that time they had 0 rights. Especially since Paul commends women as pastors, apostles, church leaders etc. I have an article being released in December by CBE Mutuality Magazine on this very topic.

On a different note, thanks Peter for your work. This story is horrible, to say the least, and points to a larger problem in many mainstream churches, that is the worship of pastors themselves. I think this constant praise of pastors lead them to believe they are invincible and can do no wrong. Davey may have even convinced himself (if he is guilty) that her death was literally a sacrifice that was needed for the betterment of his church (since he literally used those words). All of this is so unbelievable and yet believable at the same time.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


What did locals think was "unsettling", and...

thank you.


Statement Analysis Blog said...


regarding who 'wears the pants', this is something I have learned in 30 can take it or leave it.

a. The scriptural teaching that one is in charge comes from creation as its reference point, not culture.

b. In every marriage, one is the leader. Even in the most ardently pressing egalitarian marriages, when there is a firm unwavering disagreement, one will give in.

c. the scripture calls fall submission mutually, but it based upon submission way beyond marriage, but with childhood, school, police, and so on.

d. tyranny is always troublesome and is imposed upon weakness

e. leadership is sacrifice. When things go rough, one will take the lumps. It is supposed to be the man, which is the historic cry of "women and children first"

In talking to couples for 2 decades and 1 decade of studying their language, there is always one who is a bit more in charge than the other.

When atheism is the rule, the state becomes 'god' and the state does not have the ability to criticize itself. It turns to tyranny over time.

There is a great article in this morning's AT that you might enjoy:

Let me know what you think!

Heather lets me write this comment....



buddy said...

My source who revealed info from another source said he/she seemed unsettled/ unnerved about the info that was about to come out yesterday. In hindsight I guess that was about the sex assault.

MzOpinion8d said...

Juliet, it shows as private because Megan's tweets are private now, but if we'd seen it before she put her account on private we could have seen both sides of the conversation.

Elizabeth K. Casey said...

thanks Peter for your work. This story is horrible, to say the least, and points to a larger problem in many mainstream churches, that is the worship of pastors themselves. I think this constant praise of pastors lead them to believe they are invincible and can do no wrong. Davey may have even convinced himself (if he is guilty) that her death was literally a sacrifice that was needed for the betterment of his church (since he literally used those words). All of this is so unbelievable and yet believable at the same time.

Anonymous said...

If you watch Davey sermons online you hear a lot of violent language. He tells the audience that if anyone there pit's his hands on a woman then he can meet them in the parking lot to fight. If he (davey) can't "take" them, he'll call some of his football buddies to help. He repeatedly talks about his love of guns. In one video he says that if anyone breaks into his house he will shoot them. He says "people talk about gun control. Well if you break into my house I will control you with my gun." He also admits he has thought about killing someone, like when someone makes him mad in traffic. He says the 10 commandments aren't really commandments, but rather a reminder that no one can live by them and that we need a savior.

Anonymous said...

All the Twiiterers connected to DB and many of their recent Tweets have "Nothing is wasted."
This is reference to Corinthians 15:58. I guess it means they will use every opportunity to do their "god work"---even the "opportunity" in the heinous murder of one of their own.

DB and all the rest of them are "high" on rhetoric. All their Tweets point to some "magic" in their religious beliefs. They try to find some biblical secret/meaning in every minutia of life. Wack jobs, all of them. Davey will not find one of his "breatheren" who will question him, either. Check out his parents Twitter accounts--same weirdness.

These people feed off each other's outlandish rhetoric about Jesus/worship/salvation.

"So my dear brothers, stand strong. Do not let anything move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord. You know that your work in the Lord is never wasted." Corinthians

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I think that the technique of arresting someone on a lesser charge, while telling media this is in relation to Amanda's murder couples perfectly with the fact that DNA testing takes time, often weeks, suggests that no confession was obtained.

Had he confessed, we would have heard an arrest in the murder of Amanda.

Police want this and want to announce it.

Arresting someone on a lesser charge, in my opinion, is very wise. It has backfired in the past, but it depends upon the subject, himself, and how 'hardened' he is.

This was done in the case of missing 5 year old Haleigh Cummings. It did not lead to confessions but it did put them away for 14-25 years on drug charges.

The world is safer.

As the 21 year old sits in jail, he can contemplate making a deal, and we can await DNA test results. It makes sense to me.

Regarding the 911 call, every department is as different as every DA or ADA is.

Generally...when the family is "in on everything", they release the 911 call from the family.

When they struggle to budge someone, they sometimes release it to increase pressure: Sergio Celis 911 call.

It failed, but I supported the strategy.

They have not released the 911 call which tells us that the caller, himself, has words on that in which initially they did not want known publicly.

This, like Sergio, may change.

they may release it if they feel there is NO CONNECTION TO Davey.
they may release it if they feel it would help the case;
they may release it due to media pressure, including any state laws ('sunshine, FOI, etc')
they may release it strategically, or even as a matter of course.

That they did not release when they released the photos tells me that for at least now, they had or have questions about the caller, himself.

If the caller is completely unrelated to the killer, his words will have no knowledge that will show guilt.

Lastly, if the things Davey said on the 911 call reveal details known ONLY to the killer, they may not want to release it UNTIL they have arrested and charged the killer with murder. Then, everything becomes "discovery"


Anonymous said...

If you watch Davey sermons online you hear a lot of violent language. He tells the audience that if anyone there pit's his hands on a woman then he can meet them in the parking lot to fight. If he (davey) can't "take" them, he'll call some of his football buddies to help. He repeatedly talks about his love of guns. In one video he says that if anyone breaks into his house he will shoot them. He says "people talk about gun control. Well if you break into my house I will control you with my gun." He also admits he has thought about killing someone, like when someone makes him mad in traffic. He says the 10 commandments aren't really commandments, but rather a reminder that no one can live by them and that we need a savior.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous, "high on rhetoric" is a great phrase.

Here is where I am at with analysis conclusion:

I am either going to conclude:

A. Guilty Knowledge of death of Amanda
B. His language is so twisted with rhetoric and mental illness that he sees himself as "we", like acute narcissism.

If it were not for this bizarre use of knowledge, I would have had a conclusion.

I know it frustrates people but I have not indicated someone for deception, in all of these years, and been wrong, because I am cautious.

If I say "guilty knowledge", I put my reputation on the line.

In this case, I cannot conclude it.

He may be someone just so driven for success that he is glad to be free from her and sees himself in such grandiose terms, that he is "we" and "us" all by himself,


I have been kidding myself and his use of "we" and "us" during critical moments is not just guilt over not loving Amanda, but of guilty association to her death.

I recognize readers' frustration and many of you have concluded otherwise: I need to be certain.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

nonymous said...
If you watch Davey sermons online you hear a lot of violent language. He tells the audience that if anyone there pit's his hands on a woman then he can meet them in the parking lot to fight. If he (davey) can't "take" them, he'll call some of his football buddies to help. He repeatedly talks about his love of guns. In one video he says that if anyone breaks into his house he will shoot them. He says "people talk about gun control. Well if you break into my house I will control you with my gun." He also admits he has thought about killing someone, like when someone makes him mad in traffic. He says the 10 commandments aren't really commandments, but rather a reminder that no one can live by them and that we need a savior.

November 20, 2015 at 10:40 AM Delete

Please: which one.

I know the nonsense about the 10 commandments and heard the audio of his mentor and "deception indicated" about that, but where can I hear the violence language?

thank you

Anonymous said...

At first I found the silence of Amanda's core group (parents, extended family, close friends) odd. Now I find it telling. They are being private for a reason, I believe they have strong feelings and suspicions.

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