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Q & A: The Murder of Amanda Blackburn

This past week, Pastor Davey Blackburn returned to his home from the gym to find his pregnant wife, Amanda,  had been shot in the head, and was unconscious.

He phoned 911.

Within two days, she and her pre born child both died at the hospital.

Police told media that her husband, Davey, was "100%" not a suspect in his wife's murder, and have now reported that surveillance video from neighbors has likely shown the shooter.

There has been a string of robberies in the area and police reported that this is a crime of opportunity, that a criminal intent upon robbery saw Davey leave his home to go to the gym and took this as an opportunity to rob the home, only to be met by Amanda, who, they reported, struggled with the assailant.

At the home at this time was their one year old child, who was unharmed.  Police told the assailant through media that they would get him.

The following is Question and Answer as this account has caused much interest here at the blog after I had analyzed the public statement of Davey Blackburn.

Q.  Have you concluded that Davey Blackburn is complicit in the death of his wife and pre born child?

A.  No.

The statement has brought me concerns which I outline in the analysis here.   These concerns include:

a.  A focus upon himself including his job which suggests a sense of 'controlling narcissistic tendencies' including 'divinity' like control and an artificial  divorcing from human emotions under the use of religious language.
b.  There is no mention of his deceased pre born child.
c.  There is no concern for justice for Amanda.  
d.  There is no concern for a dangerous killer who is free to kill again.
e.  There is a rapid "moving on" within him; negating natural human emotions through religious language.

f.  There is no 'safety' afforded to Amanda and her pre born child.*

In short, there is enough to be concerned that if he is not complicit in her murder, he has some need of professional intervention.  When I reviewed his one hour lecture with his wife, Amanda, after the analysis was posted,  my opinion of 'controlling narcissistic tendencies' was affirmed. The seminar also, in my opinion, revealed some strong sexual issues as well as misuse of Scripture regarding sexuality.  Sex was a dominant theme and quite revelatory.  

He is talented and uses the format of ministry to promote a celebrity like status under the pragmatic guise of reaching young people.

Q.  Is it ethical for you to cast suspicion upon a grieving and suffering man?

A.  Yes.  He did not speak privately to family, friends, or even his church.  He spoke to the "nation" (his own words) publicly which presupposes that when anyone speaks publicly, there is an expectation that some will agree and some will not agree, but all will have opinions.  When any of us offer a public opinion, we know the public will have an opinion on what we say.  I expressed my opinion, and expressed specifically why I have suspicion. 

Q.  Isn't this a form of religious hatred and bigotry?

A.  No.  

My own background allows me for a strong reference point, especially in his perspective which is a strong principle in Statement Analysis itself. 

We set up an "Expected Versus Unexpected" scenario which presupposes the writer is innocent and truthful  By doing this, we allow ourselves to view what is not expected for analysis. Since I share a background in faith, and a background of being a husband and a father, I am able to better "enter into his shoes" and ask what I might say.  

His statement is short, and it was his first after the murder, making it very important.  That it is short speaks to how only the most important information is going to be included.  

I find that he is the main topic of the statement, more than the victims, with one victim not even mentioned, while he mentions his career as going forward.  This is not expected.  What is expected?

1.  Fear.  His wife and pre born child are murdered and the killer, who did this to her head, is on the loose.
2.  Despair.  I expect to hear heartbreak. 
3.  Hope.  Since he is of faith, I expect a submissive posture to trusting God while not understanding why suffering has come to him.  

In his follow up post to the "nation" at large,  he said he is, in fact,  working on Sunday and that they will "laugh" and "cry" together.  Mere days after his wife's death he mentions "laughter" is not expected, nor is it consistent with faith. 

There is nothing in Scripture that negates nor suspends human emotions in tragedy. I even cited two examples in my analysis, showing my own reference point:  David's mourning over his son, Absolam, and Christ's mourning over Jerusalem.

We have seen in our day a silencing of opinions, especially through labels.  When someone disagrees, he is said to be morally unfit to have an opinion, and mentally incapable of expressing it.  The two most common silencers are "hate" and "phobia."

My policy is A.   If you do not agree with it you are "full of hate" and have an irrational fear against topic A.

This is commonly seen in anonymous postings.  When Julie Baker stole $43,000 dollars, I exposed her deception but was said to be "hateful" and "homophobic."

This was asserted rather than address the analysis.

When I analyzed Hillary Clinton, I am "misogynistic" and "partisan."
When I analyzed George W. Bush, I was "playing politics" and "only target" one party.

Rather than have a healthy debate over principle, name calling suggests a form of tyranny that seeks to impose an indefensible position upon others by silencing them.  It belies the weakness of the position.  

What makes Statement Analysis unique is this:

When someone makes a public statement, anyone listening will have an opinion on whether or not they believe the speaker.

With analysis, the reason for belief or disbelief is plainly stated, allowing for the engagement of dialog.  Dialog is the curse of tyrannical imposition of agenda.  When one needs to "shout down" a message, they have nothing to add to dialog.

Q.  Have you had a lot of nasty comments that needed to be deleted?

A.  No.  I have been pleasantly surprised.  The misuse of the commentary policy is done anonymously and is often agenda driven.  The volunteers edit out comments that are like that, and if it is severe enough, it is put in the "spam" folder, where the IP address eventually gets automatically learned for deletion.

Disagreements are always welcome unless they deliberately misuse the principles of Statement Analysis.  "Here, the word "but" is used and indicates deception"

This is not a blog to propagate ignorance.

Statement Analysis needs healthy scientific skepticism to improve.  When I conclude "deception indicated", my name, reputation and livelihood are on the line.

Q.  Doesn't his religion teach against vengeance?  Could this be the reason for the absence of justice in his statement?  Maybe he thinks God will protect the neighbors?

A.  One question at a time:

First the question of vengeance:  No, it teaches against personal hatred, but not justice.  The justice is assigned to the government and it should be entrusted to such.  Where the government fails to procure justice for its people leads to all sorts of trouble.  Consider "The Quartering Act" and how this endangered women and children, and forced men to arms.

We have seen cases where citizens have sought their own justice and it rarely ends well.

If he has no concern for his neighbors because God will protect them, it does not address the murder of his wife and the absence of protection and is against his own teaching of love and concern for his neighbor.

It is my opinion that such a brutal, calloused and frightening double murder is almost as bad as it gets, with the only element making it worse is the unknown.

Why was my wife killed?
Will the killer come back for my child?
Will the killer come back for me?

My expectation is that the shock of this being so severe that the very first thing needed is protection for his child, himself, and his vulnerable neighbors.

It is missing and this is of concern to me.

Q.   Police have said he is cleared.  What are you thinking?

A.  I am thinking that police need to clear him as having any connection to the shooter.  They have concluded that he is not the shooter.

I am also thinking:

I hope I am wrong about my suspicion. I hope he had nothing to do with it.  He needs help, desperately.

Q.  Besides the points in the analysis, what else concerns you?

  The setting.

A.  Trouble in Marriage 

October 27, 2015   Davey and Amanda Blackburn give a "performance" about marriage for their church.  Hipster like, front and center, he spoke a great deal about sex, made an inappropriate joke, and talked about the gym. 
The "gym" was in relation to sexual temptation.  He pays $10 a month to track himself on line.  He is, in my opinion, obsessed with sex and projecting this towards young people.  He was at the gym where he experiences sexual temptation while she was murdered. 

Both Davey and Amanda spoke of serious problems in their marriage.  

This was given a specific trigger:  pregnancy.  

Amanda was three months pregnant when murdered.  

The seminar appears, in my own personal opinion to be conducted by someone who over talks his wife, is controlling,  very competitive, and it appears like two people who just don't like each other. 

Again, this is posted for the public to view and have an opinion.  I hope my opinion is wrong.  

B.  Stressors

He said that pregnancy was something that made the marriage worse, while she referenced his work. 
In his announcement about his murdered wife, he mentioned his career.  

C.  Competition 

He appears to compete with her for the spotlight and corrects her, with a subtle insult about purity.  He then reveals that they negotiated "date nights" because the marriage turned bad immediately after the honeymoon and this "negotiation" including having to have sex before going out to dinner, otherwise he cannot "concentrate" on the dinner. 

This is insulting to Amanda and a narcissistic airing out of his problems publicly which only adds to her humiliation.  

Q.  What does narcissism have to do with your analysis?

A.  This is a murder, regardless of who committed it.  Any murder investigation begins with the circle of suspects beginning quite small and widening outward.  This means that when someone is murdered in her own home, the home is first viewed. When a spouse is murdered, the surviving spouse is first viewed and cleared, and then immediately family and then connections to the family and on to the public at large.  In domestic homicides, the spouse is viewed.  There is a correlation between narcissistic tendencies and domestic violence, and this is logical.  If one believes himself superior as a person, his views will be paramount, and if disagreed with, the narcissistic type can become very upset.  The greater the view of oneself, the higher the element of disappointment.  

The most dangerous time for a woman in a domestically violent scenario is the first days where she breaks free and he has lost control. 

This is not to say that Davey Blackburn is a narcissist.  The analysis of his statement showed narcissistic like language, including 'divinity' like attribute noted.  The video affirmed this narcissism, even while, at times, giving sound advice to his audience.  He is obviously very talented, has a good intellect, but has some serious sexual issues and this should be dealt with privately, not at the expense of a young audience, nor to the humiliation of his wife. 

Narcissistic tendencies and violence are related.  

Q.  Why did you write about Amanda as a "mother"?

A.  I found it odd that he did not mention her as a mother, nor about the death of the pre born child, nor even about his one year old being motherless.  

For a young man who is a father and just lost his child's mother and the expected baby, it is not expected that this would be missing from his language.  Statement Analysis deals with what one says and what one does not say.  As an expecting father I recall the months of speaking to my pre born child, playing music for him or her, reading to him or her, and so on.  In Statement Analysis, we put ourselves into the shoes of the subject and presuppose innocence.  What would an innocent victim say in this circumstance?  

Q.  What did you make of his address of his wife?

A.  There is something very concerning that I did not address in the original analysis. 

Heather said, "This is the first time I ever heard a Christian address a deceased loved one without saying, "She is in heaven.  She is at home" as a priority." 

Does he think she was unworthy of heaven?  This question is far more important than you might realize.  

Guilty parties do, at times, justify the crime by insulting the victim, with most insults being subtle, or benign appearing.  Is that what the sense is here?  It is a legitimate question.  Since he loaded down his statement with religious language, it is certainly an expectation.  The first statement is always so important.  

His wife was murdered and these are the first words he committed to the public.  

He did not mention his murdered child.  
He did not mention his motherless child.  

He did not comfort himself with the murdered wife and murdered child in Heaven.  I consider this a blaring omission. 

When you view the video tape, you may get a better sense of why this is.  The video is persuasive and the persuasion is of a very troubled young man in a very bad marriage. 

He does not use her name, initially, which is subtle distancing language, even though she is "my wife" and "woman,"  Where he does use "Amanda" it is about her in relation to others, not to him, nor their child. "Amanda" serves everyone, but this does not include her own children.  

Did he not consider her a good "mother"?

Did he not consider her worthy of Heaven?

Is this just a bad marriage where the remaining spouse will suffer, not only from the loss of his wife, but suffer from being left with bitter memories, rather than fond memories?

Or is this a justification of murder?

There is a good deal of focus upon himself, and not upon his child, and how they are to survive without her.  

Q.  How does social introductions fit in here?

A.  We begin with the social introduction and then look to see how he addresses her. Who is she, under which circumstances?

Given his age, and later his obsession with sex, is she his "lover", even in polite terms?  His seminar did not seek to stay only in "polite" terms, including his inappropriate joke made at her expense.  

She was his wife, and she was the mother of his children.  Exception is not only a complete social introduction, but a warmth and closeness that language can reveal.  

It was not what the focus was.  

Instead, the focus was upon himself and his career.  

Q.  How do you think this will end?

A.  With an arrest.  

Hopefully, it will be the dangerous shooter and only the dangerous shooter, with no connection to Davey Blackburn.  If so, I hope Davey gets the help he needs as he must face the death of his wife and pre born child, and face life as a single parent.  It is a tough road.  

This gives me the feel of a show in the name of 'persuasion' of Christianity.  He has deliberately addressed the nation and that this is a chance to spread the Gospel.  

Q.  When do you get involved with police?

A.  When I am involved with police on a case, the blog never knows it.  This is to protect the integrity of the case and the investigators.  If I comment on a case that is in the media, I am not involved in it privately.  If a case is posted and I later become involved, I no longer comment on the case.  

Keep in mind, these are all public statements that are visible to all.  

The successfully prosecuted cases that I assist in do not get published here.  

Q.  Were you conflicted about posting this story?

A.  Yes.  I received the request from a Christian woman who felt concerned about the statement and I know that opinions can add to one's hurt, yet I reminded myself that he invited opinions by the public statement.  Later, in acknowledging the "national" coverage, I felt more at ease with it.  I feel terrible for Amanda's family and wondered how they felt viewing the video of him correcting her, over-talking her, and humiliating her.  If she had been my daughter, I would have upset.     

I consulted with some trusted friends that are investigators, as well.   

Q.  What do you mean by "stepping back" from a statement?

A.  By this I mean to 'think about it' in general terms and ask myself how I feel about the circumstances.  Here, it looks like this:

A man talks about how bad his marriage is, and that having a baby was a trigger, and the gym holds sexual temptation towards infidelity for him.   Bad marriage, baby, gym.   

Next, his pregnant wife is murdered, along with the pre born child, while he was at the gym. 

Then, he releases a statement that is void of anger and sadness and shows no desire for justice nor even catching the killer.  

That's a lot of coincidences.  That's a statement worthy of a second look.  

Q.  What would help you decide if he was involved?

A.  A statement. 

If police release the 911 call, I will analyze it.  In many cases, a 2 minute 911 call has shown guilt.  

Or, if he is interviewed nationally and the TV interviewer has the presence of mind to say,

"Hey, I am so sorry for your loss and all you are going through and admire your faith.  What do you say, however, to those who may think you are involved?"

Hopefully, we would all hear a reliable denial.  

Q.  What are the possibilities here?

A.  The two possibilities here, in general:

a.  His wife was the random victim of a home intrusion break in and robbery.  

This has some questions, however, and the questions may all have ready answers, but media has either not asked the questions, or police have not provided answers.  This includes:

1.  Was there a sign of forced entry?
2.  If not, why was the door unlocked?
3.  Is this the norm?  In a neighborhood where break ins have been noted, is this the norm?
4.  What was stolen?
5.  What was the value of the stolen items?
6.  Where was the baby?

  With the cruelty of a head shot, this leads to questions of:

7.  Why would a robber need to shoot a pregnant woman?
8.  Why the head? 
9.  What would cause the pregnant mother of a one year old to fight a robber?  It is more expected that a woman would say, "take what you will, but don't harm me?
10.  This leads to:  Did she recognize the shooter?
11.  Did the shooter fear that she could recall his or her face?  
12.  Did he have more than just a hoodie to cover his face?
13.  Is he a her?
14.  Is this an organized gang?

b.  Davey Blackburn is involved. 

1.  Did he meet someone at the gym?
2.  Was someone hired to shoot Amanda?
3.  Was the last straw another pregnancy?
4.  Was the issue of sex between them so severe that it led to this?
5.  Was his job so important to him that he would murder rather than divorce and lose his job?
6.  Did he have a girlfriend?  As months go by, will we hear, "Amanda would want me remarried" and "I have to to avoid sexual..." and so on?

If he is involved, we will look back at the language and learn.  We may then consider the subtle justification of the murder of someone 'not worthy' of Heaven, for example. 

Or, it could end that he had no connection to the killer, and now is a  troubled young man in need of help, who will have few comforting memories, because of the troubled marriage.  

I hope he was not involved and get the help he will desperately need as a single father left to cope with an extreme tragedy.  


Analysis Exercise:

Being in the subject's shoes, what would you say in your initial statement?

One short paragraph only.  Leave in comments section.  


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Statement Analysis Blog said...

Analysis Exercise for Readers:

Analysis Exercise:

Being in the subject's shoes, what would you say in your initial statement? This is the "expected" and it comes from the position of the subject, including the subject's setting, as best you can.

What would you say?

This is: What you expected him to say.

One short paragraph only. Leave in comments section.

Thank you in advance.


John Mc Gowan said...

How often does he go the gym?
Does he have set days he goes the gym?
Was the day of the murder(s) one of his usual days?
Was there a change in his routine?
What time does he (usually) go the gym?
Did he leave his home the usual time the day of the murder(s)?
Did he leave early?
Was he late?
Did he, when arriving at the gym, check in at the usual time?.
Whom does he train with?
Does he train alone?
Does he buddy up?
If he doesn't train alone, is it male or female?
Does he spot for anyone? M/F
Does anyone spot for him? M/F
Did other gym members notice any change in his demeanor from the norm?. That's if anyone was there whom he regularly talks to and or trains?
What time did he leave?
Did he leave at the same time everyday, or when he went?
Did he stay longer than usual?
Did he go "straight" home?
Or did he stop off anywhere?
How far is the gym from where he lives?
Is he caught on camera leaving?
What time was it? And how long passed after he left the gym to when he called 911.
Does the time line fit?

Questions, question questions?

Some of these may very well have been answered and iv'e missed them.

Sus said...

I would expect him to speak as "Weston and I." I would expect him to speak of Amanda as his wife, partner (not support), mother to Weston, best friend, confidant, and his future. He left out that she was his future. I would expect him to say something about missing her and seeing her in Heaven. I would expect some type of anger, at least annoyance with the person who took her life. And some worry for his neighbors, especially since the people two doors down were burglarized, also.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

The additional point from Heather is brilliant. She was simply talking about "the expected" and caused me to go back and review the analysis.

That it is not there and that guilty people find ways to justify their crimes, really caused me to think.

Is this a subtle insult?

Is this a subtle justification?

Or, is it just his feelings about his bad marriage?


Sus said...

Yes, it is. I included it in mine. Heather is correct in that it's in practically all statements. If you look at her friends, they have included Amanda is safe in Heaven or with her Lord. I wonder why Pastor Davey did not?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I think it is not there for one of two reasons:

1. Because she did not 'deserve' the status in his mind, which justifies his action, or at least, eases his conscience somewhat.

2. Because she did not 'deserve' the status in his mind, because of how bad the marriage was.

They both used some very serious wording about how bad the marriage was. I am aware of the possibility of "testiphony" in which they think that the worse the marriage the greater the power of Christ---therefore, exaggeration, but in the negative descriptions, I do not hear sensitive attempts to persuade.

According to her, the marriage went bad upon returning from the honeymoon and both use strong terminology as to how bad it was.

This is not a grieving husband missing his wife, even if he is not connected legally to the murder.

Sus, did you watch the video?


Statement Analysis Blog said...

To the individual who committed this crime: You are not as good as you think you are,” said Eric Hench of Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, according to USA Today.

This tells us that investigators believe:

the suspect has a high view of himself.

In what area?

I do not know.

I am not a fan of this type of bravado unless it is strategic. Recall the same from the Baby Lisa case. At one point, as the Sgt boasted, it tipped the scale to weakness and signaled: no arrest forthcoming.


Tania Cadogan said...

My wife and unborn child were murdered in cold blood in our house sometime between (insert times)
I am devastated, i loved them so much and now they are gone.
My son (insert name here)loved his mom so much and now she is gone.
How do i tell my son his mom won't ever be coming home, that she is in heaven?

I want justice for my wife and unborn child.
I want justice for my son who will never see his mom on earth again
I want you caught and sentenced to death.
If anyone saw or heard anything between (insert times) or have anything suspicious on their cctv they need to contact the police immediately.
If you know who did this speak now or face charges.
There is a killer out there, he must be caught before he kills again.

To the man who killed my wife and unborn son i say this:
What kind of man are you that you could kill my wife and unborn child?
My son has lost his mother and i have lost my wife.
I will hunt you down like the rabid animal you are.
You cannot hide from me.
I will find you.

You better hope the cops find you before i do

Anonymous said...

"you're not as good as you think you are" statement ranks right up there with "We're Watching You." Pfff! who cares?

Of course they aren't good! What professional would choose a cul-de-sac for a burglary-one that would involve a car anyway? A stolen one at that! In spite of exterior video surveillance obvious from the street!

Young black men aren't the best James Bond types needless to say.

They are too young to have a record yet or have one and it hasn't been discovered yet.
I am of the opinion they live/visit nearby.

Shannon In CA said...

As to some of the questions in peter's original post, i think we do know some of the answers.

I don't believe anything was stolen from the Blackburn house but there were things taken from the neighboring house.

There was no forced entry.

It seems that the baby was, in fact, upstairs.

Anonymous said...

Peter, have Heather view the video. I'd like to know what she thinks when he gets to the part where he makes a rhyme with the word desire. How would she have reacted afterward...after he said what he said.

This may be the "cornerstone" upon the personality trait.

Sus said...

Yes, I listened to the first song of love and watched the video of the question and answer.

I was offended for Amanda. She was coerced into believing her worth to her husband was sexual.

Where was Pastor Davey, the young pipsqueak, teaching his young audience about knowing his wife's wants, emotions, and then giving to her?

Pastor Davey has it backwards.

Anonymous said...

My statement would say how sad I am for my wife because she did not deserve to die this way. How I'm sad I will never get to meet my unborn child who was precious to me. How sad I am that my son will not get to remember his mother or meet his sister. How this was such a giant loss for anyone who knew her because she was so wonderful, caring, perfect etc. How I get some comfort that she is in paradise with her savior and lord and How I and her family need prayers and for the community to lift us up.

aliasapology said...

Wow you said EVERYTHING I was thinking. Something else I noticed...I viewed every picture I could find on this couple. I wanted to study the couple's body language. In every photo of the three of them, Davey, Amanda and the baby, it is Davey who is always holding the child. NEVER Amanda when the 3 of them are present in the pose. I found over 6 photos going back to when the child was first born. All of them showed Davey holding the baby. Amanda looks like an after thought. Very telling. I told my husband. "If I died, was shot execution style and you went on to say "the best is yet to come" Either you are guilty or glad my ass is dead!"

Anonymous said...

Other things to note:
Amanda only knew him from dating him "long distance" before marrying him. Anyone can be on their best behavior for a few days at a stretch. It wasn't until after she married him and after the honeymoon where problems began.
Note he took her away from family and friends by moving to IN. Controlling narcissists isolate their victims.
Controlling narcissists are very, very good at getting people to be "on their side" and making like they are the victims.
Controlling male narcissists love their mini me boy children and often ignore their female children or show definite favoritism to the male children. They knew Amanda was expecting a female.
I eagerly await learning more about this investigation.
I do not believe Amanda's murder was random at all.

Sus said...

I found an interesting comment below a local news site. According to his neighbor. Pastor Davey ALWAYS left for the gym at 5:30 am. Every. Single. Day. For. Years. Yet, on the day his wife was shot, he was delayed till 6:11. However, we know from the police there was a burglary two doors down at his 5:30 leave time.

aliasapology said...

Amanda was not far away from family and friends...her dad has a church an hour from them and she also grew up in Indiana for a while.

Sus said...

Here was my first reaction after watching the question and answer. I think Pastor Davey saw his wife as his controller, and he's secretly relieved to be rid of her. Controlling narcissists always see others as controlling them because their DESIRES are insatiable.

SusNovember 14, 2015 at 11:59 AM
There isn't much doubt in my mind after watching their videos, that Pastor Davey is a narcissistic sex addict. Strong words, but he tells us himself, that he has no self control over the "flesh." He is all about external locus of control...he wasn't tempted since they had a long-distance relationship; her father kept him in line; he has internet blocks. All because he can't stop himself.

To a narcissist, the strongest external control is his/her significant other. The narcissist spends his life walking a fine Pastor Davey's case, battling Amanda for what he wants, yet expecting her to keep him in line.

I wonder how much of a problem those videos caused. Pastor Davey was exposed. It was painfully obvious after his rant on Internet blocks. I can guarantee you he would blame Amanda.

I just keep wondering if from the point of making the videos, something changed. If the need to get rid of his external control - Ananda - grew inside him.

Another point is that Pastor Davey wants the "perfect ministry" like Jesus. Jesus was not married. Then he brought up Paul, specifically that Paul was not married to be able to minister.

Putting it all together, it seems Pastor Davey believes a wife is a hindrance to his "perfect ministry" and his wants of the flesh. Now, did that lead to her murder is the question.


aliasapology said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
aliasapology said...

Davey is not, nor is he surrounded by, christian mentors at all. Davey as well as the people he runs with are wolves in sheep's clothing. The man who helped him establish his church financially is Peter Noble. They are in constant communication. Peter is the pastor of mega-church NewSpring in South Carolina where Davey used to help co-pastor....this church is on the top 10 of highest grossing churches in America. These are FALSE churches teaching false doctrines. Making big money. Peter Noble even re-wrote the 10 commandments for a sermon he once preached. These people are evil people. All the way around.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a link Sus?

Sus said...

In the comments. Look for "Andy"

Anonymous said...

thanx Sus!

Elementary said...

Stumbled upon this site through another that is discussing this murder. Peter Hyatt's analysis eloquently lays out much of my split-second intuition I had when listening to the Q& A session audio. I'm old school, and I felt the session was designed to be almost voyeuristic for the listeners, with WAY too much info. Some of it may have been appropriate in gender-segregated groups, particularly Amanda's pitiful admission that she gives her husband what he wants BEFORE going on their dates. I felt embarrassed for the wife, that she was being both over talked and demeaned.

I read some of his social media tweets or FB postings in which he said he is "crazy about" his wife and he "hopes they'll have 60 more years together." Just seems like constant, over-the-top publicizing of EVERY personal aspect of life.

aliasapology said...

Correction to my above comments...the Pastor's name of NewSpring Church is Perry Noble...not Peter.. For reference for whoever would like to do more research of their own into this so-called "church" speaks volumes to me because all Davey cares about is getting more people to come to his new church. All he wants is to make money off the gospel (& what he adds to it)and he wants to be the star of the show.. He could care less about Amanda. He made that blatantly obvious with all his creepy "statements" He is actually hoping to already profit off of her death! And he is enjoying the fame by mentioning that this is making "national news" If he isn't complicit in some way I will truly be shocked.

Anonymous said...

Sus, I couldn't find the exact quote as you posted. The nearest I found was:

He leaves at 5:30ish...every day for as long as I have known him. Obviously 3 hours isn't enough time to shoot someone twice and escape. You're right again!


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By Andy (could copy the name at the time)

What little I did read sounded like he was mining for gold with his wit and intellect. I'd say young person who trolls crime and waits for rewards.

If there is a post exactly as you posted, I'd say person who does advertising and maybe manufactures lettering and magnetic signs for vehicles and trolls the neighborhoods as well.

Anonymous said...

where is the video?

Sus said...

I wasn't quoting him. I found it interesting that a neighbor says Pastor leaves at 5:30, but that day it was 40 minutes later. Why?

Anonymous said...

Sus, you've been here on Peter's blog for quite sometime. Has your sniffer played out? Or, do you not typically read the crime news?

It would be interesting were it true! Judging from what I've read, I highly doubt it.

Shannon In CA said...

Did anyone read the church's Facebook page? It asks people to come to the memorial for Amanda (today I think) and it directs (not suggests...directs) everyone to wear jeans. JEANS. To a memorial service.

Is it me, or is that weird? I've been to only a handful of funerals/memorials. My aunt's memorial was the most casual one ever...her kids served donuts and coffee (she lived for donuts and coffee) and it literally was us all just hanging out and remembering her. If she hadn't been dead, it would've been a party, no joke. It was a true celebration of life.

And no one wore jeans.

Just seems like he thinks so little of her that people shouldn't bother dressing up. It doesn't say "hey, Amanda loved jeans and thought they should be worn to everything, so I'm asking you all to wear jeans." I could get behind that. But to a memorial service at a real church (not their middle school church)?

Shannon In CA said...

And they live streamed the memorial. I shouldn't be so suspicious of that since the entire country has picked up on this story. But that still doesn't seem a reason to live stream it. Just seems like another way to get pastor davey in front of lots of people.

The link to the FB post is below.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


the jeans is part of being "unconventional" and is a pragmatic way to "reach kids with the gospel", which suggests the Gospel is too weak and needs help.

The jean wearing becomes the 'norm' and a badge of honor but it belies a casual view of the Gospel.

Would they wear jeans to a job interview?

I saw more of the church and more of his videos and I am convinced that he is someone laden with some real issues. It does not mean he hired someone to kill his wife, but he has some real issues and reminds me of how cult leaders get going.


Shannon In CA said...

Yeah he seems like a cult leader.

Someone on the comments about the service actually asked why no one is talking about their unborn baby. Someone else said "now is not the time!" And original commenter essentially "no, I'm seriously asking because if she'd lived and the baby died, they'd have been mourning the baby right? So why not now?"

So people are picking up on this weirdness.

And the jeans thing...okay that makes sense. But it's a memorial service. I don't care how hip your church is. Show some respect. Who wants to bet that people didn't wear jeans? At least a good chunk didn't I'm sure.

I'm leaning 60% he had something to do with it only because the coincidences and strange things we have to accept are just too many. Burglaries don't usually happen at 5:30. He just happened to be gone. And others.

But like you, I hope he wasn't involved and just has issues. Because issues can be worked on and his son needs him.

Shannon In CA said...

Another thing I noticed. One of the pictures of them is in a two seater convertible. I suspect it wasn't a rental. Can you imagine this conversation:

Amanda: Davey, I'm pregnant! We are going to need bigger car!

Davey: ...........but....I like my tiny convertible.

It fits with the other things we are seeing. He liked his life before and the kids didn't fit well (although I believe he loves his son based on pictures and he at lest has said he needs to be a dad and shepard Weston). Unfortunately, Amanda probably annoyed him, didnt put up with his sexual demands, and was popping out children. I agree that if he didn't do it, he's sure not unhappy.

The absolute lack of conversation about the unborn baby scares me. I really don't think he wanted that baby.

Anonymous said...

The memorial will be held tomorrow, Sunday, and will be live-streamed.

In her obituary, when mentioning her survivors, Davey plugs his ministry gig at the church before even mentioning her parents. I can't stand this man. He is so full of himself.

"Amanda is survived by her husband, Davey Blackburn, and son, Weston. Davey is the pastor of Resonate Church of Indianapolis. She is also survived by her parents, Phil & Robin Byars; siblings Gavin & Amber (Byars) Wilkinson, James & Angela Byars; and grandparents, Jim & Bobbi Cook; Lavoy & Mildred Byars."

Shannon In CA said...

Yeah...who cares what his job is???? How is that relevant to her unless you are going to say how much she loved ministering and so on. But it doesn't say that. It's all about him...even though they founded the church together, right? Shouldn't it say that at least?

I swear...he just gets worse and worse the more I learn.

Juliet said...

I would have expected something like this:

You will have heard our tragic news, and by now know that my wife, Amanda, along with our unborn baby daughter, has died; Amanda was shot by an intruder, who is still at large. I am at a loss to understand what type of person would do such a terrible thing to a young mother in her own home with a baby present; the shock is such that I can barely begin to comprehend what has happened, but I hope and pray the murderer will be apprehended before he can devastate any other family. Please pray for swift justice for Amanda and for our unborn daughter, and strength for me to be able to go on, and for comfort for little Weston, who is confused and wanting his mommy so much - we are heartbroken; I don't know how to be mommy and daddy to this little guy, but I will be learning fast - he was Amanda's pride and joy, she loved him so much. It's heartbreaking that she will not be here as he grows up, and that our new baby will not spend even one day with us in this world - we have lost so much and so unexpectedly, that I barely know how to express my anger and dismay at what has been done to our whole family. It is a comfort to us that Amanda was able to pass over peacefully and with dignity, surrounded by her loved ones - my gratitude to all the medical team, and others, who helped us through Amanda's final hours. Thank you, church members and the wider community, for your messages, cards, offers of child-care, meals, and for everything - it is much appreciated and Amanda would have done the same kindnesses for you. Details of Amanda's funeral, and of who will be conducting church services in the meantime can be found on the website. Please pray that I will be able to conduct myself with grace as the investigation into Amanda's murder continues. Thanks again for all your prayers, concern, kindness and practical help.

Juliet said...

Hmm, on second thoughts, that's no good - he sounds like he likes and loves her. If I was in his shoes and didn't like or love her, it would not have come out so complimentary, unless he was being deceptive. Well, that is what he could have written if he just even tried to create the impression that he loved her. He wasn't making that effort - should we wonder why not? Would that point away from his involvement - or did he not even try because he already knew the videos tell their very sad story, so any effort would be too easily discernible as ingenuous? Or does he not want to go into the area of personal because he's trying to be professional and speaking to his congregation. He had no trouble speaking about very personal things to his congregation on video, though. I don't know what to think I would think in his actual shoes rather than those I think he should be in, and what he should be saying, if he were a loving husband and father.

elf said...

The more I read the more I learn.

Anonymous said...

Boston Lady said...

Sus said...
I found an interesting comment below a local news site. According to his neighbor. Pastor Davey ALWAYS left for the gym at 5:30 am. Every. Single. Day. For. Years. Yet, on the day his wife was shot, he was delayed till 6:11. However, we know from the police there was a burglary two doors down at his 5:30 leave time.

November 14, 2015 at 7:04 PM

Very interesting Sus. I also wanted to add, are home invasions or robberies typical at 5:30 in the morning? I can't get my head to wrap around it. 5:30 the sun is coming up. People are getting up for work or the day. Seems like a terrible time to break in, steal and leave. And the neighbor indicates the husband was delayed until 6:11. Was that the time he left home or arrived at the gym? Being cynical and suspicious, I'm wondering "if" it was the husband, did he go to the neighbors at 5:30 to rob them to make the break in look more real at his home?

I'm not saying I believe he did this. I don't think we have enough statements to analyze. But the first one "to the nation" was flat. I didn't read any love in it for his wife, mother of his 1 year old son , or for the loss of the baby yet to be born. He just seemed to gloss over everything and went right to "good things yet to come". I would have expected him to speak more of his grief and anger at this moment over the loss of his life partner, mother of his children . I hope he is not involved. But everything surrounding this is not what is expected.

Deejay said...

1. A widowed pastor is much better off than a divorced pastor, career wise.
2. DB gets to keep the son 100% of the time.
3. DB is doing superficial things 'to show love'- wear jeans, sad speech.
4. Financials just improved: Money. Insurance. Keeps house. No child support.
5. Sexual nonsense. What woman wants sex then a date? This is some sort of weird control issue. Self-centered to the max. Concentrate on dinner??? What is that?
6. Narcissists are all about the 'show'- ie Did I fake it good enough?
7. Narcissists both initiate flirtations and cannot manage to turn down advances- spouse or no spouse.
8. Often seen- Church 'power' and sexual issues seem to go together, sadly.
9. Hours at the gym everyday when you have a wife and small child? That much free time?? This guy is a jerk, at the least.
Agree with those who say DB does not seem too unhappy wife is gone.

Guessing if it was DB- he either had a girlfriend, who used blackface/hoodie, and did it herself. May have even staged prior break-ins in the neighborhood as cover.
This could be jealousy- shooting uterus, then head. DB promised future relationship. DB may have intentionally left the door unlocked and 'staged' something nearby to steal. Or made up that something was stolen.

Or DB met a down-and-out gangster-type guy at the gym. Untraceable phones, paid him money, etc. Still staged break-ins. Unlocked doors.

But how many guys in the population are under 5'4" ? Probably less than 2% But it is the average height of a woman. huh. I think this crime will be solved.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't part of expected response also be guilt for not being home and protecting his wife and unborn child. No matter how unrealistic it is to think you could have protected someone, I think most spouses or parents will always feel they somehow should have been able to protect their loved one.

Anonymous said...

Peter, in his sermon "Will It Hold Up" most, if not all, the points you made prior are revealed. It's more than odd. More than odd.

Back to bodily fluids as the topic of discussion (He wet the bed until 12)
He tells "stories" from the Bible which, imo, weakens the message or at least his belief in the message.
Discusses tampons and his son. (Off colored euphemisms)
False accusations w/homicide implication once.
Tries to talk streetwise by using words such as narcotics, crack and appears to have some psychological terminology(may indicate his target congregation, I don't know).
Talks about an English teacher in school he loved until one day he saw her armpit hair when she wore a tank top and when he saw her FLAWS, he quit learning-from her that is.

I would have a difficult time believing many women could come to appreciate him.

Most importantly, he talks about another member gaining access via dropping his name at some seminar as if he was the reason the person got a "backstage pass". You'd gasp at that part, not choke up-gasp!

He isn't my cup of tea, though that doesn't make him a suspect.

lynda said...

Analysis Exercise:

2 days ago, an animal came into my home and murdered my wife and unborn child and is still out there. He has left me without the love of my life and our son, Weston, without a mother. I am fully confident that LE will track down this murderer and bring him to justice in this world and because of my faith, I know he will have to answer to the Lord when brought before him on judgement day. Please pray for Amanda's soul, myself, my son, and our family while we struggle to make sense of this senseless crime and pray that I may be shown the glory of God and his mercy to be able to start the process of forgiving this murderer. May God Bless you all and keep you safe until the police find the murderer.

Something like that...

I said yesterday morning...

" He will ride this "tragedy" out for a long time, tv appearances, media, print, the whole shebang. I predict that no later than next week he will appear on television...the biggest platform for him to "spread the WORD" and become famous "

Later on that day he mentions "national news". Yep...Davey's going all the way. He knows that the memorial service will be streamed live to the WORLD and he will be front and center. He will have to have sex first so he can concentrate on the appropriate "mourning" face for his dead wife and child.

I LOATHE when grown men call themselves by their little boy names. Davey, Timmy, Mikey, etc.

If he has a mistress, it is just for sex, or to use her to do his dirty work. Little Davey has all the makings of a cult leader.

Davey has announced that the "name" he and Amanda decided on for the new baby was "Evie Grace" Davey has auto-corrected himself from his first mistake of not mentioning his unborn child being murdered by now naming her for the public. Of course no one can dispute the name since the mother got "capped".

I would not be surprised at all to find the killer to be female, or a young person that Davey has been ministering to and he will say that the killer took it upon themselves to kill Amanda..blah, blah, blah. The devil is at work in Indy folks, and his name is Davey.

Rant over.

Juliet said...

I don't think it's possible to say everything he should want to say in one short paragraph - mine was edited down into one from four, and it's still too long to be a short paragraph. I think one short paragraph means he didn't want to say anything about her.

Boston Lady said...

I just saw this on a facebook page. I read this as the Pastor telling people not to talk to the media ...

Amanda Blackburn | Comment by Pastor Davey Blackburn:

"Amanda’s story has attracted national news.

I know that Jesus is going to make good come from this, so in the event someone from the media tries to speak with you, simply respond by asking everyone to join us in prayer for my family.
You can let them know that we have extremely heavy hearts and although we are hurting tremendously, we are still hoping and believing that great things are still yet to come."

lynda said...

I just got done watching Davey and Amanda's Q & A #3. The question being is the scripture stating that wives are to submit to their husbands outdated.

(Since everyone knows I love to transcribe ha!)

Davey states, "Jesus calls husbands to love their wives like Christ loved the church. Ok? To literally, listen, lay our lives down for her. K, so let me put a pause for, for a second..Wives, scripture calls you to submit to your husband, I understand that that's a difficult task, but understand the difficulty of what he's called US to do. He's called us to DIE, ok? so, so husbands your called to even, even, go even further, sacrifice even MORE then what, what wives are called to do,right here ok? We're called to lay our lives down and that is a genuine, authentic, display of love. That no longer do we operate based on our desires, our whims, what we want to control, we lay our lives down for our wives."

Aside from the fact that Davey says a mans sacrifice is SO much harder than a womans, in lieu of what has happened, I wonder if Davey got confused about who exactly was supposed to lay down their life?

I'm getting pretty sarcastic and snarky's late..forgive me

MzOpinion8d said...

Speaking of Amanda's family, here's what her sister posted on FB - much more what one would expect.


July 28, 2014 : I was sleeping at my grandparent's house when I got the phone call. Amanda's water broke! It was 2:45 am, and Davey had informed me that Amanda had showered and was currently vacuuming the house just to make sure everything was perfect for when she brought the baby home. My grandma got up and we sat in the kitchen talking about Amanda and the excitement of getting to hold her new baby today! I drove so fast to make sure I was there. When I walked into the room, there she was. In so much pain. I squeezed her hand and told her it was going to be ok - the nurse asked if she wanted an epidural and Davey and I giggled as she didn't even hesitate to answer "YES"! The epidural FINALLY kicked in and she was able to get some sleep. She looked so beautiful lying there. She was dilated to 10 cm but wasn't able to push just yet. After hours and hours of waiting to push, Amanda finally decided on her own that she was ready to push and despite being "completely ready", she pushed with everything she had inside of her. For two hours, Davey and I held her hand and cheered for her with each push. She never gave up. Each push was just as strong if not stronger than the one before. She not only amazed Davey and I, but the entire staff of nurses and doctors taking care of her. She gave one last final push as she brought the most incredible life into this world. Weighing 6 pounds, 7 ounces, Weston James was here! I sat there completely in awe of what I just watched my sister endure. Through the tears and pain, she conquered. She fought with every ounce of her being. She knew it wouldn't be easy, but that it would be worth it all. I never respected her more than I did watching her in that moment. And oh the joy on her face when she held her precious baby in her arms. This day was one of the most AMAZING and incredible days of not only her life, but mine as well.


MzOpinion8d said...


November 10, 2015 : I was sleeping at my grandparent's house when I got the phone call. Amanda was found unconscious in her home and now in critical condition at the hospital. It was 9:26 am and I threw on clothes and jumped in the car. I drove so fast to make sure I was there. A million thoughts flooded my mind and I couldn't help but think back to the last time I was driving to the hospital to meet Davey and Amanda. My heart and mind couldn't process anything. I was in complete shock, yet filled with total hope that God was going to perform a miracle today. We walked into her room. She looked so beautiful lying there. She had tubes everywhere and a bandage around her head, and yet that sweet face was the only thing we could see. I squeezed her hand to make sure she knew I was there, and I held onto that hand in complete and total desperation for the next two days. Davey and I, along with hundreds of others, sat by her bed and cheered her on with each breath of the ventilator. We wept and laughed and sobbed and giggled about memories of Amanda that flooded our mind. She was a fighter. She was going to make it. She had endured one of the most scary and helpless moments of her life, in her own home, and I know Amanda pushed and fought with everything inside of her. She was stronger than she had ever been. She rose up in that moment and protected the precious gift she brought into this world only a year before. And I sat by her bed in complete and total awe of what my sweet sister endured. Through the distress and fear, she conquered. She knew it wouldn't be easy but that it would be worth it all. And oh the joy on her face on November 11 at 7:55 am when she was able to walk into the arms of Jesus, holding her precious little Evie Grace in her arms. This was the MOST AMAZING day of her life.

I have always looked up to my baby sister. I always thought it was ironic that my younger sister would be the person I respected most. I loved her more than she would ever be able to understand. She helped me through this life in every way. She encouraged me, challenged me, held me in my most difficult times, prayed for me, laughed with me, endured every phase of life with me. She never stopped loving me. Her life meant more to me than words will ever be able to express. I talked to her yesterday in heaven. Through the tears and sobs, I could hear her sweet voice saying "Aaaaaaamber! My sister! Please don't cry. It's going to be ok. I know you're sad, but I'm in the presence of my Savior. The one place in this entire world I feel most safe. Most loved. Most fulfilled. Most perfected. My Jesus is here with me and Evie. He's squeezing our hands. He loves me Amber more than anyone else on the earth combined. I know it's hard, but I'm in the very place I've always desired to be. I'm home. My true home."

Turn your eyes upon Jesus
Look full in His wonderful face
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim
In the light of his glory and grace

I love you ‪#‎amandagrace‬. More than you will ever know.

Sus said...

Well, I have a lot of problems with Pastor Davey's statement. I think he had opportunity to shoot his wife before he left for the gym.

I don't believe police when they say he is 100% cleared. What does that even mean? He's either cleared or not.

I wonder why police have not released a picture of the suspect. They say they have one. That makes me suspect the pastor more.

But something negates all of that, and tells me the police really do have another suspect. They really have cleared Pastor Davey for some reason. The police have described the person seen on video, leaving the Blackburn house, as Black. In these racially charged times no police force would do that unless they were certain.

Anonymous said...

He is an evangelical of sorts so praying or Amanda's soul would be out of place. She's already dead, there is no need to pray for her in that belief system. I despise the use of names like Davey, Timmy, etc as well. Am I wrong in my memory that they wouldn't know the gender of the baby yet? I have 4 children, but all but one is an adult so it might be different now. I thought that they didn't determine gender until 20 wks

Sus said...

To add, I looked up the gang LE talked about at their press conference. The big bust they made under Federal charges to end the violence in Indianapolis.

It is an especially ruthless gang. What makes it different is that it runs like an MLB franchise with farm teams for training. They had an associated gang of teens. Cute, huh?

It may be that LE knows the burglaries and Amanda's death were done by this gang. That would explain why the FBI spoke and why a pastor who works with intercity youth spoke. Why they all emphasized breaking the silence. It sounds like what we heard out of Chicago last week.

Just my opinion.

I'm not letting Pastor Davey off the hook as a narcissistic sex addict. One who sees his wife's murder as further proof he is the new Christ, and God has sent him this opportunity to be great. Geeze.

lynda said...

The one thing that got my hinky meter going was that LE was saying he was 100% cleared the day after she was shot. There was NOT time enough for him to be 100% clear. He is only clear of being the shooter because they have the alleged shooter on video. In 24 hours they could not have gotten his phone records, gone thru all their financials, interviewed all the neighbors and friends,family the congregation, text messages, etc. No Way. And they only way you can clear him is to say without a doubt, there is NO connection between him and the shooter and they have not said that yet. They have said his alibi checks out cuz he is on video in gym as she was killed.

I also have problems with the word home invasion. A home invasion is done by someone or someone's that KNoW the people are at home and invade like a swat team. This guy walked or knocked and she supposedly let a black male (that they don't see around there much, and she had asked about safety in neighborhood) in the house while she was alone, probably still in her pajamas, at 6:30 in the morning? Not buying that. Or Davey forgot to put garage door down and the guy walked in thru the garage. Tho if I'm not mistaken, LE said video showed him going to front door. Has it been released how many times she was shot? Neighbors report gunshotS, not just one shot. LE has said she resisted, how do they know that? Did one of the shots go thru her hand? Bringing her hand up in defense? I'm curious about that. They also didn't say unless I'm missing it, where in the head she was shot.

Unknown said...

Quite honestly, I would only make an initial statement if required. In my opinion, there isn't a soul out there..."in the nation" that warrants an in depth explanation of my grieving process. Because I'd be steadfast in my innocence, other than thanking community, family, friends, and investigators, I would feel that my emotional turmoil is just that, MINE. Mine to experience, mine to make sense of, mine to grieve in privacy.....MINE. And I would be unapologetic because I'd be INNOCENT.

Juliet said...

I get that, Heather Sigler - I'd be the same. Davey, though, would,probably feel a responsibility to say a bit more than others of us might as he sees himself primarily as a pastor - he'd feel obliged to give out a message to the church family, at the very least. No obligation, but there would be expectation - he doesn't seem inclined to,pass up the opportunity to be in the national spotlight, even if he doesn't want much to share it with his late wife - as in,life, so in death. I'm getting snarky, too, now - I should not be so cynical, but his attitude towards her was so bad - the man and his glib manner make me angry, for her.

aliasapology said...

Please! No one should feel obligated to release ANY statement at all if their wife and child were just murdered execution style! The people...all these church people, I'm sorry to say are your typical christian quacks! And Amanda paid for it with her life. Jeans to a funeral is just another one of his controlling requests. First of all I will wear what I want to a funeral. How is Amanda's mother feeling at this point I am wondering???
I have been to the type of churches these people run. They are fake and phony! The Lord is not mocked He is all seeing and all knowing. These churches are a wasteland of evil and they mock the cross of Christ. This entire family is lost in the organized religious system. They are the blind leading the blind. It is really sad what happened to Amanda. I agree with the above comment...Divorce would have looked really bad for Davey. The motives are blaring. The police are full of it when they say he is 100% clear. Please! I believe they are mincing words right now as a means to an end. If nothing else...this exposes how shallow and weird and wacko these church people actually are.

aliasapology said...

Lynda, Amanda was shot in the back of the head according to many sources.... Also, it was reported as an assault from what I know about the 911 call. The dispatcher was said to have dispatched to the police "an assault"....I wonder why? IS that even true? I need to hear the 911 call. I'll know if said person is guilty just by hearing the tone of his voice.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


I understand.

These greedy megalomaniacs give Christianity a bad name. Greed is a powerful drive and when one is as talented as Davey, along with good looks, it is a disaster.
They change the message to suit the audience; the ultimate pragmatism. While great hymns and psalms require intellectual engagement, they sing "jesus is my boyfriend" songs and have made everything about feelings and personal relationship and i was having 'coffee with jesus' this morning. That which was "Christ the King", of Whom patriots felt so obligated to in providing for their families, that they took up arms against their own king, who had "usurped the crown rights of Christ" by allowing the British parliament to exploit them.

The scripture needs 'help' and somehow, talking sex and wearing jeans and 'adjusting' scripture to fit 'modern youth' is at the core and it appeals to those who look at it as "starting a successful business" rather than preach truth; timeless truth.

As you can see, I have some very strong personal feelings in this matter and I have some real concerns about this case. So much so, that I sought out Christian friends, including in law enforcement, to look over my shoulder, and then finally a Christian leader with no connection to crime, analysis, or lie detection.

I am very concerned about the topic of sex. It dominates this man's life and my gut tells me it may have cost Amanda her life. She was miserable in marriage and he mocks her purity. He was competitive and controlling and if he was running a company, he would be very successful. The church, however, is not supposed to be a company but these people do not care.

Him working in a high school or jr high school while being obsessed with sex and "relating" to young people creeps me out and the little bit that Heather saw, creeped her out. That other sermons find their way to sex only confirms this. He will defend himself with, "hey, dude, this is what young people need..." and I think sex is something to be taught, but not through personal projection, nor even talking about his own sex life.

That he is obsessed with his career, too, is a major red flag. As others have shown here, divorce would destroy his career, but being a widower means all the sympathy and pretty women. Even if he is not related to the death of his wife, he certainly gave her, according to her own words, one very sad life.

Ok, here goes a bit on a limb: I think he resented her purity. Sexual intimacy, for the Christian, is the uniting of the heart (intellect and emotions) and the body. She wanted him, he wanted body parts. He is clinically immature. There it is. I have said more than I thought I would. Heather said she appeared lovely, innocent, but disinterested in his kinky desires (see the "butter" joke; isn't that about anal sex?) which although today's society is 'everything goes', she appears to be terribly used and not loved. Now, she is gone.

She talked in very negative terms about the marriage.
He talked of a bad marriage, signaling the child as a cause (context).

She was pregnant and now she is dead.

He is free and come laugh with him, and wear jeans.


aliasapology said...

Peter... he is definitely "dancing on her grave" if you know what I mean. I have many suspicions, or can I say.... intuitions about Davey and his sexual issues. There is more than meets the eye there. He certainly is very well coiffed. I'll leave it at that.

anonymous today said...

That guy takes such a "pretty" picture .
My, look at those bulging with gym muscle arms.

Oh, has anyone seen the new movie "Spotlight" ?
(Just asking)!

Shannon In CA said...

Because are so frequently called upon to die for their wives. As a modern (and admittedly non religious) woman, I call bs on that. They have to hypothetically and only rarely actually die just like mothers will hypothetically and sometimes really die for their children. But women have to submit daily, hourly...every minute.

If he believes in the submission stuff then I can see why he wanted her gone. She may have been very devout but she clearly wasn't duggar level devout and he seems to nearly be except for the wanting a million kids thing. She straight up said she would refuse him sex when she was tired. Michelle duggar would be quietly screaming at her that's wrong and it's her job to submit always.

Assuming davey really believes it. He seems to.

Carnival Barker said...


I think you hit the nail on the head with his obsession with sex. I watched the Q&A yesterday and at the very end, the last question Amanda answered, was clearly about them (I even think Davey is the one who wrote the question.) The question was, "I messed up a lot and feel really guilty, can I still have a great romantic relationship?" She goes on to say that one of Davey's "really close friends" had a very promiscuous past and that he met his now-wife in college and she hadn't ever even had a boyfriend, they started their own church, and they are even expecting a baby now. That is a direct contradiction to what they were saying earlier about how they never even kissed before marriage and that the most he did was touch her leg. It sounds as though Davey's strong sexual urges were getting impossible to control anymore. He spends $10 a month for the service that SENDS A REPORT every week to his wife AND HIS PASTOR of ALL the websites he's visited that week. It doesn't just alert his wife if he goes to certain sites. It sounds like Davey was caught doing something after Weston was born and Amanda and Davey sought counseling and he then enlisted his wife AND counselor to be the warden over his internet activities because he couldn't control himself. I think another baby and another year of no sex was just not an option for him.

Anonymous said...

Only my opinion,
His immaturity coupled with salesmanship is the basis for his tenure. His inability to deal with flaws may have been a major stress on the marriage, especially after seeing excess body fat, stretch marks, moodiness, etc. during and after the pregnancy

Others call her 'his' support system as if she weren't human in the same vein as he does. The term itself may have significance within their style of church

He doesn't bother to iron his shirt or at least fluff it up in a hot dryer but slouches before the audience. Perhaps he dresses down to reach his target. Meeting the people at their needs: sex (no mention of food). E-preaching to a demographic. Apps available for purchase.(?)

I don't think he had anything to do with her death. Having said that, it is more likely a picture of the area and the people within the area


I have been to the type of churches these people run. They are fake and phony! The Lord is not mocked He is all seeing and all knowing. These churches are a wasteland of evil and they mock the cross of Christ. This entire family is lost in the organized religious system. They are the blind leading the blind. It is really sad what happened to Amanda. I agree with the above comment...Divorce would have looked really bad for Davey. The motives are blaring. The police are full of it when they say he is 100% clear. Please! I believe they are mincing words right now as a means to an end. If nothing else...this exposes how shallow and weird and wacko these church people actually are.

Do you really consider this type of church "organized religion?" All churches are a wasteland of evil...technically. It's not like they are leaving their literature and calling card on the inside of their patrons vehicles or inside their homes while they are away.

Shannon In CA said...

Yes about the butter joke (again I HAVE NOT seen that movie but I read an article where the actress said the movie basically ruined her life). It's anal sex and in a way forced sex. Very borderline consensual sex in that scene. So his reference to it is concerning. I almost took it like a veiled threat.

She couldn't think it was anything but a weird comment since she's never heard about this movie scene. So him bringing it up I felt is almost like him saying "I'll show you...we can do this the easy way or the hard way."

And how many people watching his talk did know about the movie? It's explicit and old...from the early/mid 80s. So even though HE knew what he meant when he said it, most people watching did not. All they heard was a disturbing reference to using butter during sex. That was shocking enough (bc that is just disgusting...). For those who DID get the reference...they were probably mortified.

Super embarrassing comment on his part. What was he thinking? He wasn't, because he is literally THAT obsessed with sex.

Ode said...

A Sex addict * Histrionic Personality Disorder

Uploaded 3 wks ago, ' Bringing Sexy Back'
His wish that Sex was open in Church,

He is the guy to bring it " to church"
Sex that is.

as he preaches, sex and money aren't equal

sidewalk super said...

A new blog for political issues?
Where please !

Carnival Barker said...


It speaks (loudly) for itself, but I'm interested in your thoughts on the obit. This is the first time I've ever seen a plug in an obituary ...

Amanda is survived by her husband, Davey Blackburn, and son Weston. Davey is the pastor of Resonate Church of Indianapolis. She is also survived by her parents, Phil and Robin Byars; siblings Gavin and Amber (Byars) Wilkinson and James and Angela Byars; and grandparents Jim and Bobbi Cook and Lavoy and Mildred Byars.

elf said...

Is it just me, or does the sister sound like she's really close with her brother in law davey? And shouldn't she be more angry at him for not being there?
I had a little sister. She died of an over dose of oxycontin (sp) December of 2010. She'd met some girl at the hospital (My sister had a severe case of Crohns disease) and that girl had come over to stay the night. My step dad checked on them late that evening before bed and everything seemed fine and they were both there, the next morning he checked to see if they were up and wanted breakfast but my sisters visitor wasn't there. My sister was laying on her bed and when he went to shake her awake she was cold and unresponsive. I found out in the early afternoon. I was shocked and grief stricken. And I was MAD. I was so mad... I blamed my stepfather for not watching her more closely. I wanted to know who the other girl was and why she didn't get my sister help. I was mad at the Dr' s who prescribed oxycontin in the first place. I raged. But no one would tell me who the other girl was. After 5 or 6 days , time was blurred, my little sister was cremated and we had a service for her. After the service people were in small groups, talking, and I overheard my aunt talking about the other girl and how she'd been found by police dead from suicide. I was still angry. She denied me the answers I need about my sister.
The autopsy concluded that my sister committed suicide. She had the approximate levels of her doses of oxycontin in her digestive track and one 80 mg oxycontin (a different level than hers) in her esophageal area (I don't remember the exact medical phrase but it wasn't down to her stomach yet).
It will be 5 years since my sister died next month. I'm not as angry but I am bitter still.

Anonymous said...

If the "butter" comment does relate to a movie and homosexuality, then perhaps his discussion of sex24/7 express his boy crushes moreso than marital bliss. JMO, but men who focus on these type subjects are more likely to prefer being around men than women. Otherwise, why would the subject be repeated?

Difficulty in relationships with women, overbearing and controlling, and projecting that same control over male friends.

lynda said...

Peter..Nothing would shock me about "Prep Seminary" Makes me *shiver*

Amanda was a pretty regular tweet user until January of 2015. Then nothing until August and the first thing she posts is a link to a "commercial" for the church whole first order of business is to flash on the screen, "I will learn how to have distraction free sex." *shiver* again.
one of the churches in my town, Methodist, if it makes any difference, has a Pastor there that he and his wife are in a swinging relationship with another couple in the administration of the church. They tried to recruit a close friend of mine to join them.
My sister attended a catholic church and she said it is well known among the congregants that the Priest is involved in a sexual relationship with a nun. To the point where she openly spends the night at the seminary with him. Everyone knows, nobody discusses it.

You will know a person by their fruit...Pastor Davey appears to the unenlightened, young, immature, that he bears good fruit. I wonder how long it will take for people to figure out that the tree is dead/poisoned.

lynda said...

I might have my movies wrong...but the butter comment..are we talking about "Last Tango in Paris?" If we are, he's pretty young to even have that in his consciousness, much less refer to it to a group of young people. THAT is weird and obviously he has watched it. Unless there is a newer, trendier, film that does something with butter.

sidewalk super said...

ok, what was the butter comment?

(At the time I thought Marlon Brando was the best/sexiest/etc. actor I had ever seen on screen. Until "last Tango". Ugh and more ugh.
If you want to see him at his best, try "Waterfront" and "Viva Zapata" `

Anonymous said...

I don't know, maybe it's just you, elf.
Some people choose anger and bitterness when a death occurs and seek to blame others while others accept it for what it is.

Anonymous said...

I thought that about the sister and Davey but thought I was being overly suspicious!

Carnival Barker said...

Amanda said in the video that her sister was dating Davey's best friend and that's how Amanda and Davey met. I don't know if the sister married his best friend, but I guess that's how the sister got to be so friendly with him.

JMTO said...


"To the individual who committed this crime. "You are not as good as you think you are."
Investigator Eric Hench

Yes, a double meaning.

"Not as good as you think you are" meaning not as smart. You will be caught. You have made mistakes. We will find you.

"Not as good as you think you are" meaning not as good a person, holy, spiritual, holding themselves in high regards, perhaps bc of occupation. A person who thinks they are leading a pure life.

This was exactly my thoughts when I read it. Not that they meant "not as smart" but as they were sending a not so subtle message out to Pastor Davey.


JMTO said...

Bingo Elf!!!

Anonymous said...

Resonate Church is going to live stream Amanda's Celebration Service today at 5 pm EST.

Ode said...

Davy and I
Davy and I
Davy and I giggled
Lots of Squeezing Inside her
is the Egg that created first baby
Blackburn Ambers? something isn't right.
Squeezing is repeated, its' sensitive.

Amber: last days her account
I squeezed her hand to make sure she knew I was there
He's squeezing our hands.

Where Amanda was Giving Birth,
Or Dying in a hospital bed: inside of her

Amber's birth story, not Amanda's

It was 2:45 am, and Davey had informed me that Amanda had showered and was currently vacuuming the house just to make sure everything was perfect for when she brought the baby home.

After hours and hours of waiting to push, Amanda finally decided on her own that she was ready to push and despite being "completely ready", she pushed with everything she had inside of her.

I squeezed her hand and told her it was going to be ok - the nurse asked if she wanted an epidural and Davey and I giggled as she didn't even hesitate to answer "YES"!

For two hours, Davey and I held her hand and cheered for her with each push. She never gave up.

She not only amazed Davey and I, but the entire staff of
nurses and doctors taking care of her.

This day was one of the most AMAZING and incredible days of not only her life, but mine as well.

Hospital, Amanda not dead yet,
WE Davy and I, wept and laughed and sobbed and giggled
about memories OF Amanda that flooded OUR Mind


We wept and laughed and sobbed and giggled about memories of Amanda that flooded our mind.

She was a fighter.
She was going to make it.

She had endured one of the most scary
and helpless moments of her life, in her own home

and I know Amanda pushed and fought with everything inside of her.

Was Amber a witness, in her own home, via facetime or other technology that it seems Davy and I " inform each other"
at any hour of what Amanda did alone: In her own home

A Million - Flooded, this after Amanda's death.
Rain predicted $$$$$

BallBounces said...

"Some day, I will share my experiences at Prep Seminary."

Please do.

maudes harold said...

JMTO said...


"To the individual who committed this crime. "You are not as good as you think you are."
Investigator Eric Hench

Yes, a double meaning.

"Not as good as you think you are" meaning not as smart. You will be caught. You have made mistakes. We will find you.

"Not as good as you think you are" meaning not as good a person, holy, spiritual, holding themselves in high regards, perhaps bc of occupation. A person who thinks they are leading a pure life.

This was exactly my thoughts when I read it. Not that they meant "not as smart" but as they were sending a not so subtle message out to Pastor Davey.


My immediate and exact thoughts also JMTO. I thought the "100% clear" was a way to put Master Davey in a 'psychological ease' in hopes he would make a mistake in his sweltering overconfidence.

I watched a bit of the videos. He is on par with the Gospel of Prosperity and smarminess of Joel Osteen and the sex issues of so many other infamous tv evangelists. He had a not-so-subtle animosity of his now dead wife. Awful, just awful.

Sus said...

Amber's statements are subtle disparaging of the victim, under the influence of a narcissist. Note her view is taken mostly by the charismatic Pastor Davey.

"She had showered and was vacuuming."
This is meant to show Amanda as uptight, even OCD.

Wanting an epidural (after she and Davey giggled.)
They conspiratally knew what a big baby she was...through labor.

The whole episode of Amanda's labor is an example of triangulation. The narcissist aligns himself with another in such a way as to cause hurt and upset in his victim. It's subtle enough that the victim can't quite name it, just feel rotten.

I doubt Amber has anything going on with Pastor Davey. She is a victim of his narcissism, also.

Shannon In CA said...

No it was heterosexual anal sex...I'm not going to describe the scene. It's just wrong. If you want to read more just google the can find articles about that that aren't too explicit.

Shannon In CA said...

Yes that's the movie. I agree that it is weird for him to know that movie. I'm 37 and had never heard of it until like a month ago. But I can't think of any other reason you would bring up butter in the context of sex. He could have been exposed to it in a film critique class in college...or watched it with friends because it's pretty much all about sex. Who knows. I just really think that's why he said it. Because why would just mentioning butter "go over her head." That's what you say when you are referencing a joke, or another source.

Shannon In CA said...

She was saying sometimes she just doesn't want to have sex and is thinking of what time she can get it over with before she wants to go to bed.

And they kind of talk I've each other for a couple seconds with him saying how he tries to convince her and then he says something like "I mean, you want to bring butter into it?" And she says "what?? What does that mean?" And he says "never mind, went over her head." And then he laughs. I'm paraphrasing.

Shannon In CA said...

Over each other

JMTO said...

I wondered this as well on the previous first post!!! Agreed.

Shannon In CA said...

When I read she was vacuuming I thought "why the hell wasn't davey vacuuming???" I mean, I know why. He probably did nothing around the house. But she's in labor and vacuuming at 2:45 am? Ummmm. No. That would be my answer.

My Sew Imperfect Life said...

Hey Sus, I don't know, the sister's comments felt weird too. What is up w/that family? It would be lame if she was the "other woman." I don't think she was involved w/her murder, she seems to be doing what Peter said innocent loved ones of the murdered may do, which is canonize the person in their minds. I did also get a subtle disparagement too though. It was almost as if she was mad at her when she passed, and is trying to find loving things to say, so it comes out weird. She does what Dave did not, which is by her words place Amanda in heaven, which is the expected for a Christian believer.

I would have said "Two days ago my beloved sister Amanda was brutally murdered in her home, along with her baby, my unborn niece. I wish I had been there, I wish I could have protected her, and stopped it. The only comfort I have is knowing they are in the arms of our Creator, who, regardless of whether the murderer faces justice on earth, will pass eternal judgement on their soul. Please pray for Amanda's family and those of us who loved her, that we can find the strength inside ourselves to keep going despite our horrific loss, and that we can aid and serve Weston and Dave as they struggle on without her. Heaven has gained an angel while earth has lost one. Thank you for your kind words & prayers. God bless you.

My Sew Imperfect Life said...

Hey Shannon, it sounds like Amanda was "nesting." I'd get extreme cleaning urges too before both my kids. But I agree, I doubt "davey" did much housework ever.

Anonymous said...

Sew, I got "nesting" from that action phrase, too.
I also sensed he used sexual phrasing she wouldn't know to prove he was smarter-..."over her head" comment. Mocking her innocence of the world.

I wouldn't dare to write another's feeling(s) in time of grief. To me that is to assume all people are the same, have the same experiences, and robotic like performance is to be expected during different experiences according to policy and cultural demand.

Anonymous said...

If you look at the page discussing the service for Amanda, there is not one photo of her by herself. Davey is in every one. You'd think the main pic would be of only her.

Shannon In CA said...

at 2:45 am? In labor? I know women in Labor do weird things (I had a c-section and I don't nest...I hate cleaning in nesting was building furniture). But I feel that he should have been taking the vacuum away. But who knows. Maybe he tried and she refused. Sister wouldn't know that.

Anonymous said...

Her death is a major blow to the church family aa well as the family of each married partner. A photo together would not seem unusual to me.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

The view points expressed in this case is a help to me in gathering data.

One of my biggest concerns for analysts and investigators is the understanding of human nature. This understanding is related to what is now called 'emotional intelligence', and sometimes seen as "self awareness." Humility is related to this self awareness and it impacts directly "the expected" in analysis.

Some observations:

1. Lots of interest in this case
2. Few religious bashing as agenda
3. Discernment between Christian positions and churches without 'blanket' views while still doing fair generalization work.
4. Few condemnations that appear personally embittered even though some clearly show what they 'bring to the table', in terms of their own experiences. This is a very positive element.

I will continue to urge formal training. Those in training have commented how they see clearly the difference, in commenting, including their own commenting and how they jumped to conclusions that were not supported by analysis.

What may be missing is the "iron sharpening iron" blessing of working with other analysts and students.

The last few months, I have gone into the monthly training session "cold"; that is, without having read the submitted statement. This puts me, as instructor, under a crucible where some attendees are several years into training and are very sharp. Others, including some with only one year of training, have 10-25 years investigatory experience.

Some are psychological experts.

A great personal blessing:

in the madness of Child Protective Services, I had to not only interview up to 10 subjects per day, but had to dictate all these interviews, in detail.

In many cases, I had actual completed psychological evaluations in hand before interviewing, and while not only interviewing, but, perhaps more importantly for my 'data base', is that I had the psych evals WHILE typing up the transcript.

One can imagine how much insight this allows, especially over the course of two years of intense, unsustainable pace.


Commentators are doing really good work here. They are in a very sensitive and sad tragedy, and are keeping to the words, rather than unfounded speculation: the speculative views are founded.


Sus said...

Read Pastor Davey's Twitter. Of course, he wasn't doing housework.

He was busy watching college football, NFL, baseball (a Cubs fan, so he had that right at least. :-) ), going to high-school football games, playing his x-box.

Isn't that different than his Q & A vid where he must go out in the world with "intention." No time for Netflix.

Pastor Davey is all show. I betcha Amanda was sick of covering for him.

Pastor Davey doesn't mind at all that his wife is gone. I'll go so far as to say he would harm her to further his Church and keep his inflated Christ-like self image.

But I can't get past what the police have - the surveillance videos, the time stamps, DNA. Is it all a coincidence?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous said...
Sew, I got "nesting" from that action phrase, too.
I also sensed he used sexual phrasing she wouldn't know to prove he was smarter-..."over her head" comment. Mocking her innocence of the world.

I wouldn't dare to write another's feeling(s) in time of grief. To me that is to assume all people are the same, have the same experiences, and robotic like performance is to be expected during different experiences according to policy and cultural demand.

November 15, 2015 at 1:17 PM Delete

Anonymous, this is precisely what Cindy Anthony said.

When she said, "there is no book on grieving" the irony grew as they called an author on grieving to testify, who testified that everything is grieving!

The reality is quite different.

We do have a great deal of research on how people react to murder, familiar murder, unassociated murder, and on and on. Criminology and Criminal Psych have tremendous volume of material. For a simple exercise, go to Amazon and search on some of the topics and you will have many returns.

I dare to write of what others may experience in grief for a very good reason: justice.

I did this recently and may have to testify to it. A man spoke immediately after the death of his girlfriend and had passed a polygraph and the case successful closed, with him cleared.

For me His words showed contrary. He is in jail and may seek a plea. He murdered her and by putting myself into his words, in his time of grief, I have helped remove a killer from the streets who, in my opinion, would do it again to another woman who denies him what he wanted.


aliasapology said...

Amber, Amanda's sister, is a registered nurse. This might explain why she spoke so much about the birth and the hospital scene. Her post/statement to her sister is weird yes, but nothing diabolical there.

Anonymous said...

How might one get formal training in statement analysis? I'm very interested!! Thank you

Sus said...

Hey, why was my comment deleted? Now this one will be because I used the word deleted. I'm serious, though. I always get deleted on political posts. What gets us deleted on posts like this?

Sus said...

Cubs. Cubs.

I'm seeing if it's because I said Cubs.


Carnival Barker said...

Everyone does NOT grieve differently. I've always found it ironic that the only people who seem to "grieve differently" are always the ones who end up being involved in the person's death. In all the years of reading about crime I've never come across an innocent mother of a murdered child that "grieved differently." Casey Anthony sure grieved differently, though.

Anonymous said...

Excuse my error, please. I thought I read and commented on how the SISTER of the deceased were to grieve.

Is she a suspect, too?

aliasapology said...

Judging from the comments above, not everyone is even remotely good at statement analysis. Sus comments about the sister are far fetched to say the least. Speculation and confirmation bias is at work there.

Anonymous said...

my post about Davey's social media never even has shown up lol

Anonymous said...

I saw it mentioned on another forum, but Davey tweeted a picture on 10/14 of writing paper stating that he was preparing for a big speech/message in four weeks. The four weeks would of been this week. On the paper was the message "although we do not know what to do, our eyes are on you". Coincidently, hours after Amanda's shooting the Church tweeted the exact same message. There has also been speculation that due to similar writing styles in SM posts by the church compared to Davey's statements that Davey runs the churches SM accounts. Very interesting...

Sus said...

The stages of grief have been universally accepted for eons, or close to it. I try to keep in mind, though, that I am a member of the public. I do not see how a person grieves privately in their own home.

I can get hints when they speak, and hopefully speak a lot. Even then, they may try to cover their true feelings.

I could see where a pastor who is angry with God would not want to show that to the public.

I'll give Pastor Davey one on this. In his statement he said, "God is STILL good." Subtle, but it's in there for a reason. A little hint of subconscious anger.

Sus said...

That's what mine was about. That's what it is then.

Anonymous said...

They tried to try Casey outside the courtroom. Who wrote a book on THAT psychology?The effects and the end results? Anyone?

It was like the new millennial basis for norms.Some "experts" preferred over the "elected" get into heaven.

Anonymous said...

Peter, hats off to you for what you do! I had to view footage of the young pastor to see your points when you so readily saw them upfront.

It is a learning process.

Sus said...

Scroll on by if you can't discuss rationally.

Carnival Barker said...

Anon 2:00,

My comment was a response about Peter's post on grieving where he cited Cindy Anthony's words as an example. I wasn't commenting on anything you said. If I'm addressing someone's post directly, I address the poster directly. I appreciate your sarcasm, but in this case it's misplaced.

Anonymous said...

If justice is the goal here, why isn't there any mention of the black males with the hoodies in the stolen vehicle discussed? Maybe I am not now or will ever be smart enough to understand?

Would it be obtuse to imagine what they'd be saying?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Sus said...
Hey, why was my comment deleted? Now this one will be because I used the word deleted. I'm serious, though. I always get deleted on political posts. What gets us deleted on posts like this?
November 15, 2015 at 1:52 PM

No deletions.

I am online for a few hours, so it is just me and I haven't deleted you..


but it is still early.



PS Some go "poof", including my own.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I found a ton of these:

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They were spammed out.

Some comments disappear and some get deleted automatically if you try to put in two quickly, but with the ridiculously off identification process, I did not think this happened too much anymore.

Identify all the food:

I frequently get this wrong as the pictures are not clear to me.


Anonymous said...

It's a big day for Davey, with the "click here to donate" button conveniently located on the livestream webpage.
RIP Amanda and unborn baby. :(

Anonymous said...

Might want to up your filters or sink your teeth into keeping them off the blog. Intestinal psychology is prevalent in some religions.

JMTO said...

Listen I nested like crazy, but after my water broke here at the house - and I had my first contraction- the LAST thing I wanted to do was vacuum. I wanted to get to he hospital like yesterday.

After your water breaks, there is no "cushion" anymore, which is why a lot of women say that the "real pain" or real contractions come after.

She was in enough pain that by the time they got there she immediately wanted an epidural- so somehow I doubt she wanted to be vacuuming.

I am thinking that Davey likes his house kept a certain way, just like he likes his figure, hair, and wife. I wouldn't be surprised if vacuuming was his idea.

But I am surprised that her sister didn't read him the riot act, bc if that had been MY sister in labor, they would have had to reconstruct his eardrum after hearing that he didn't take the vacuum from her to help her at her most vulnerable time.


Anonymous said...

I got the boot after the last comment. I prayed-like allpray-and presto, I'm up and running again.

Deejay said...

Peter- regarding sticking to Statement analysis. I did not feel that I had the skills to analyze DBs statement as it was too vague and fakey.

You asked for a specific of what I would have said- I went though a death of a young brother. I was in severe shock, lost, hurt, desperately wanted it to be a mistake. Later, I was furious for probably a year. I have never been able to say my brother is better off, or only the good die young, or God needed him. Never. I finally had to stop asking 'why'. There is just no acceptable answer.

I threw out a list of logical points- which I know is not statement analysis. But I do find it helpful to look logically at what did a person have to gain or lose as a secondary set of info, after statement analysis. Hope you don't mind. DB seems manipulative and extremely controlling to me.

Sus said...

Well, who knew? Amanda Blackburn ran a business selling rustic furniture and decor. She travelled to festivals and flea markets on weekends. All so she could be at home with her son.

And I thought Amanda only supported Pastor Davey by building his church and providing sex. (Read sarcasm) Even now, with her death, Amanda is bringing people to Christ, specifically to Pastor Davey's church. It's like she was sacrificed for that purpose...willinging, no less. It was "her desire" for Pastor Davey.

Sus said...

Figured it out. I mentioned the SM by name. Reading his SM is quite interesting. For someone who makes fun of nitflex (spelled wrong on purpose) and goes out in the world with intent...he sure enjoys his baseball, college football, pro football, and game playing on tv. And then attending high-school football games. We all know he had a baseball scholarship, but chose the pastor ship? Yeah, right.

He is a Cubs fan. Narcissists are intelligent. :-)

JenB said...

I would not have been able to take my husband off life support so quickly. I would have prayed for a miracle for at least a few days or a week. I definitely couldn't have pulled the plug less than 24 hours after the shooting.

My heart hurts for Amanda's parents. I wonder if Davey consulted them before deciding to remove life support. I wonder why the sister's statement didn't mention her mom and dad. Maybe that's why it seems a little weird.

Anonymous said...

I live in the neighborhood across the street from them. While there is crime in the outlying area (and in these neighborhoods at times) it is never violent and definitely never violent random crime such as this. Sure there are burglaries, but why would she have been shot in the head? Neighbors are suspicious that this was someone outside the family nucleus, it has to be a job orchestrated by Davey.

My personal thought is that he hired someone and given that there is already some theft/burglary in the area at times, having them rob another house a few doors down would make it seem less suspicious.

Also, this is far fetched and I didn't know them personally but I'm wondering if the lack of mention of the unborn baby means he did not think the baby was his? Or maybe in his twisted head he thought it wasn't?

JMTO said...


Back to the very uncomfortable
"Last Tango In Paris" reference.

I just watched the whole, unedited, uncomfortable scene.
(Made myself do it, and then took Clorox to my eyeballs as even though it wasn't a nude scene, it was horrific.)

I noticed something.

In the scene, Marlon Brandos character is talking about "the family.....the holy family. The church of good citizens....and throws God and Jesus in there at the end as well as the F bomb."

The whole time he is raping her (I'm sorry I can't see it as ANYTHING else) he makes her repeat these things after him.

People are creatures of habit.
They gravitate towards movies and films about what they are feeling or going through at a certain time. Same with music.
Have you ever noticed that your tastes change with every life event, happy, sad?

If it really was this scene was on his oversexed mind, during a Q&A with his wife,
then I suspect that......

Pastor Davey probably has a mistress.

This mistress is probably someone he met at the gym, or online anonymously (like in the movie).

This mistress is much younger than he.
He is the "teacher."

She is more willing to try different things in the bedroom than his wife, and his wife's unwillingness displeases him.
(Hence the scene)
(I say this bc of the fact that he brought it up at a Q&A *ugh* and it "went over her head" means that she isn't knowledged in that department and probably doesn't want to be- but HE is.)

She might have even been in the audience as he humiliated her onstage.


(Going to throw up now)

*Even if he didn't do it- I still believe he has a mistress.

Shannon In CA said...

I actually read his Twitter a couple hours ago and I noticed all that and...

Very little mention of Amanda, or Weston. He said he sympathized with parents of crying babies in restaurants and took Weston to a football game. And he mentioned Amanda once or twice, until the last few days. Now it's all about Amanda worshipping.

Shannon In CA said...

Thank god I'm not the only one who thought it was weird lol! And I didn't even think about the epi but you're right. maybe she wasn't hurting as bad then....? Labor terrified me...this why I had a c-section. No joke on this. I was beyond terrified of labor pain so I'm probably bringing that into my opinion.

Shannon In CA said...

My mom has seen the movie and as soon as I asked if she had the first thing she said was "the butter scene"? So it's the only thing people remember about that movie. And she agreed with me that it was basically rape. I think so, too. Quasi-consensual since the characters were in a sexual relationship but I lean toward it being much closer to rape in that scene. Super disturbing scene. I've seen the short gif of it and I'm far from a prude...I also wanted to take Clorox to my eyes.

Shannon In CA said...

So do you think the neighbors mostly feel he was involved or not?

JMTO said...

Agreed, Shannon!

lynda said...

It's been about a week since she was shot and police have not released 911 call as of yet. Isn't it usually before this that they release a call to public? Unless something is amiss? Jessica Mitchell's 911 about Deorr was released next day? But her husbands call has NEVER been released.
Knowing that Davey is such a narcissist, I would think he would want the call released. Then the "nationwide" he would garner even more sympathy, more followers, etc. So I'm thinking, he may only sound distraught in his own mind.
If that is Amanda's sister on the church page standing next to her...they could be identical twins, right down to the same haircut.

Sus said...

I'm having trouble posting. I apologize if it ends up with repeats of mine.

To neighbor anon,
Was the burglarized home empty? The owners out of town? I read that it was, and it makes sense that the Blackburns knew this. It would lend credence to the theory of Pastor Davey setting up the burglary, then walking out of his home FORTY MINUTES LATER THAN USUAL as a signal to the shooter. Also, that he may have left the door unlocked for easy access. That would be why the police called it "not a typical home invasion." The police said there was no forced entry.

JMTO said...

Carnival Barker said:


It speaks (loudly) for itself, but I'm interested in your thoughts on the obit. This is the first time I've ever seen a plug in an obituary ...

Amanda is survived by her husband, Davey Blackburn, and son Weston. Davey is the pastor of Resonate Church of Indianapolis. She is also survived by her parents, Phil and Robin Byars; siblings Gavin and Amber (Byars) Wilkinson and James and Angela Byars; and grandparents Jim and Bobbi Cook and Lavoy and Mildred Byars.

I am thinking her sister is married to Daveys best friend. He says they had a double wedding in the LoveFest 6 Q&A and in the obit you shared it states Gavin as Amber's husband. JFYI

Anonymous said...

Her memorial service is live-streamed right now, Sunday 5 pm eastern time. Go to or access through resonate Indianapolis.

Been there. Left. Still blame myself. said...

I do not know enough about statement analysis, but I am trying to learn through reading the analyses carefully.

I do understand Amanda's situation prior to the attack. This may or may not be useful to other posters.

I grew up in an evangelical Christian house and was a conservative college-educated young woman when I married my husband in early 1990s. I dated him believing he was a devout Christian himself with a genuine desire for God's will.

We had a 2-year long-distance relationship before marriage. My first hint of problems occurred days before the wedding, but I thought he was stressed with pre-wedding jitters and I was understanding and forgiving. I made excuses for him to my family and friends and they dropped their concerns. I learned not to let other people know how things really were.

Our first night, after the wedding, was unpleasant and included tears. Obviously it was my fault. I spent about 13 years believing it was all my fault. One part of my brain knew that it might be emotionally unhealthy, but I had made a vow and there was no way I was going to divorce except for violence and/or biblical reasons.

I made the best of life with active Christian walk, lots of prayer, lots of bible studies, lots of women's groups that helped inspire me, and a positive can-do attitude. We had 3 kids and I was determined that they were going to have a strong and loving Christian upbringing. We were very active in our church and my husband rose to the top of the lay leadership. Even knowing what I know now, I cannot wrap my head around the idea that he was pretending the whole time. He really seemed to be a strong Christian, albeit a self-absorbed one.

He is a narcissist (my opinion), and when he wasn't happy, it was usually my fault. I spent much of my life trying to exude peace and calm so that he wouldn't blow up. I anticipated problems and tried to arrange things so that there would be nothing for him to react to. I kept kids separate from him most of the time, except for about 10 minutes a day when he did his Superdad act (10 minutes of roll on the floor, laughing hysterically, daddy will flip you around and toss you in the air fun). But then kids needed to leave him alone or I would be at fault for being a poor mother. Sex continued to be unpleasant, even though he was not violent or abusive. It was simply selfish, and there was something wrong with me if I couldn't enjoy such a great man as he.

Been there. Left. Still blame myself. said...

Part 2: When we were in public he was a great father. The kind of dad that people would look at and say "ah, isn't he the best dad! I wish my husband/father did that." And I suppose that I kind of bought into the fairy tale that he really was a good dad, after all, because everyone else thought he was. And wasn't 10 minutes a day of Superdad better than none? I told myself that he was trying, but work and church responsibilities were so stressful that he couldn't do more than that. I just needed to be more understanding and help keep the peace more in our house. It was hard, though, because it also meant that I was unavailable emotionally to him, because so much emotional energy was wrapped up in the kids and not focused on him (or so he complained).

On vacation one time I overheard him making plans to try and see someone. Oh, so that's why we went to this place for our vacation. I told him no way. He cried. I forgave. But I never trusted him fully again and would have done a Covenant Eyes type thing in a minute if it had been around. Because I still planned to married him forever. But my gut told me this could happen again. And I was stuck. I adjusted my expectations and just hoped I could control life situations enough so that he wouldn't get so stressed and act out again. Yet I still believed that he was a strong Christian who struggled with temptation, but would not give in to it. He asked me to monitor his phone calls so that I could be reassured that he wasn't going to do this again. I began to think of him as my fourth child. My least favorite child.

He did not become violent until about 13 years into the marriage when he choked our son while I was at a church meeting. Although our 2 other children witnessed the event and were all scared that Daddy was going to kill brother, my husband insisted he was just shaking the boy. He cried and cried and cried (husband, not son) and I didn't call the police (stupid choice) and within a couple hours everyone (3 kids and me)!was comforting husband and telling him what a good daddy he was. I did not leave the children alone with him again while we were married. Even then I stuck it out another 9 months because he agreed to anger management classes and intensive therapy. Strangely enough the therapy revealed to him that I was the most selfish person he had ever met. When he told me that I thought he was going to hit me. He didn't, but the seething rage and blame I saw scared me. I started divorce proceedings the next day.

He also became a vocal atheist. And has spent years "preaching" to our kids against the existence of a god. He scoffs at the Christian God. Sadly, two of my children listen to him. And I see this as largely my fault. If I had done a much better job of controlling problems around him, he never would have snapped. He would not have had a reason to snap. He would not have had a crisis of faith. Unless he never really had the faith at all -- sometimes he says he pretended the whole time. Other times he says he believed, but realized what a fraud religion was after I divorced him.

It makes me sad because it is faith and God that helped me cope as dreams deflated. It was Christian friends who ministered to our family. It is faith that God will take the horrible things that happen in our lives, and somehow, find a way to bring good about anyhow. But my children don't have that. It almost makes me think that I was too hasty in the divorce.

I see now how I used my Christian viewpoint to enable bad behavior and make excuses for him. It's not that God insisted on me doing this, but it is what I thought a good Christian woman would do. Foolish idealism and naïveté.

Been there. Left. Still blame myself. said...

After reading about Amanda's background, I doubt she was going to leave him. She was probably going to try and make the best of it. She was going to believe that he was a man who was struggling, but one who loved God and who would try to do his best. She wasn't going to let him off of the hook (covenant eyes), but she believed in the power of the Lord to transform his life and desires. She worked hard to be understanding and supportive even when he was contemptuous of her. She probably protected him and his reputation so that others were not aware of what he was like at home. The videos show him to be quite a performer and desperately trying to be hip, an image that Amanda would be loathe to counter. She probably hoped (no BELIEVED) that he'd become that cool hip Christian titan that he pretended to be.

Part 3: nHis only way out, if he is going to continue being a lead pastor at an evangelical Christian church, was to become a widower. Give him another 10-20 years, and I predict that his mask will have slipped.

He may not have had her killed. He may just be "blessed" (I am saying that facetiously). But since his statements have focused so much on him and his work, as opposed to Amanda, I can at least conclude that he is not unpleased with her death. I fully understand Romans 8:28 and it is important in making sense of my life. But it is something that christians cling to in spite of our circumstances. We acknowledge our pain or sadness or disappointment or tragedy and, while crying or yelling or accusing God, still say that we believe God can take this evil or junk and create beauty or hope. This husband used it incorrectly in his statement when he only acknowledged the loss of his ministry partner and best friend and that he was confident that good things will come of "this" (presumably the loss of his partner and friend.)

Anonymous said...

@ Been there

Wow! Very moving. Ultra believable to me when most the comments I view with "what's in it for them" attitude.

lynda said...

I'm watching Amanda's service. The pastor that set up DAvey in the church did not want to hire him or have him lead a church because even tho he passed all the tests, there was just "something not quite right with him". He called him crazy davey. He repeated it several times that "something was not quite right with him." As a last ditch, the pastor said let me meet your fiance and when he met Amanda...that cinched it for him. It was Amanda that made Davey "right"

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing your experience, and the perspective of someone who has endured this type of marriage!

Tania Cadogan said...

I wonder, if davey left for the gym at 5:30 am every day and has done for years, the day his wife got shot was the first day he was late by some 40 mins, what was the reason for the delay?

It seems strange that the one day his routine changed in years, happened to be the one day when something happened at his home resulting in his wife being shot and, eventually the death of both his wife and unborn daughter.

I would be asking what happened in those 40 mins?

Is it possible she was shot before he left for the gym, the alleged killer shows up and enters the house and davey comes home to find his wife still alive.

If she was shot in the head and there were multiple shots, where else had she been shot?

Was there any evidence of an assault such as cuts or bruising as she fought for her life and that of her baby?
I would be interested to know the point and angle of the head wound in that she was still alive when he got home, it sounds like a more shallow shot that bounced around her skull rather than a through shot.

Regarding his obsession with sex and him introducing butter into his sex life.
I suspect he has or had a mistress/lover, i would not even be surprised if he was bisexual or gay, he has that feeling about him.

His obsession with the perfect ministry and being perfect would mean that his wife who was pure up until they married (her choice) became pregnant whereupon she was no longer pure.
She got pregnant again with all that comes with pregnancy, weight gain, stretch marks, loss of libido, varicose veins and so on and then after the birth no sex for what 6-8 weeks and even after then there are the demands of parenthood, interrupted sleep, loss of privacy, no real me time as children needing fed,changed,bathed,entertained, comforted and so on.

When he related the story about the playboy friend, he was talking about himself.
he wants his playboy days back again, this time concealed behind a facade of religion and faithful loving husband.

He is and will use this to get his name out there, he has seen the money to be made as an evangelist, the multi million dollar homes, private jets and he wants a piece of the pie.
Of course he will say it is to memorialise his wife, to carry on her good work, to have his son be the next preacher (i expect him to get his son out there singing and preaching just like other televangists and the like have)
It won't be for him of course, it will be to allow him to spread the good word so he will need a big house, an expensive car (for comfort on those long journeys) the plane so he can travel the world spreading the word.

I fully expect him to introduce his new partner as someone who supported him at the time of his loss, who Amanda knew and trusted, you know the spiel.

What is not known at the moment, apart from when the black suspect showed up, is when she was shot.
Could it have been prior to davey leaving?
Did he set things up and one of his 'friends' did the deed on the promise of something?
Could it be a lover of his who wanted rid of his wife so they could move in?

Tania Cadogan said...


The height given is approx 5'4 which is short.
It makes me think a woman or a teenager.

If nothing was taken, why not?
If it was a burglary why dd they not take anything after she was shot?
It's what i would expect.
At least make it worthwhile.

To enter the house, shoot the mother, leave the child (who could possibly provide a description of the person who came in) or say what mom and dad did that morning, and take nothing strikes me as odd.

It makes me think this was not about a burglary gone wrong, this was the only reason the person entered the house.
If it was with the intention of killing Amanda then what was the motive?

Revenge perhaps?
What would they want revenge for if she was a fine upstanding christian woman?
Not drugs, theft, sex.

What about davey?
Drugs, theft not that i get the impression of, sex though would work.
Revenge against davey concerning sex would fit.
Disgruntled lover perhaps, if i can't have you Amanda can't either.
Not really, who benefits from Amanda being dead?


He gets money from any insurance they had, he doesn't have the responsibility and expense of two children especially since the unborn child was a girl.
He has a son to carry on his name and raise the way he wants.
He can now have relationsgips with no guilt.
He gets tons of publicity for him and his church and all the bonuses that come with it.
He gets sympathy and attention, he can eat out on his suffering as a widower and single father plus all the single ladies love a good looking man struggling to bring a child up on his owna 'devout' christian and a preacher to boot, a big plus in social circles and status.

He may not have pulled the trigger (though who is not to say she was shot before he left hence the delay getting to the gym)
I suspect he does know who did.

Will the alleged shooter stay quiet or will they spill the bins to get the death penalty taken off the table?

Davey knows more than he is saying, he will leak marbles every time he speaks.
His sermons would be interesting to listen to i suspect :)

Shannon In CA said...

And if everyone was "Amanda is amazing" and such, he would know that divorce absolutely wasn't an option. I have this horrible, horrible feeling he is involved. I really hope I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

does anyone have a link for the service? TIA

Statement Analysis Blog said...

lynda said...
I'm watching Amanda's service. The pastor that set up DAvey in the church did not want to hire him or have him lead a church because even tho he passed all the tests, there was just "something not quite right with him". He called him crazy davey. He repeated it several times that "something was not quite right with him." As a last ditch, the pastor said let me meet your fiance and when he met Amanda...that cinched it for him. It was Amanda that made Davey "right"

Is there a way I could hear this, specifically?

Thank you,


Statement Analysis Blog said...

I was only able to watch a few minutes of the celebration. It's embarrassing. Rock stars, front and center....

If he was involved, her family is going to be visited with devastation worse than what they have felt the past few days.

aliasapology said...

Peter I agree with you....totally embarrassing.

lynda said...

From a medical standpoint, there is a very real possibility (if he is the shooter) that it was done before he left. That would mean she was still alive over 2 hours later. There would be no time of death, no lividity, nothing to gauge how long she had been dead. That would then mean the 5'4 person, entered the house and let off a few shots so the neighbors could "hear" shots when Davey has an airtight alibi. Time of death would have been approx. 6:45 when neighbors heard the shot and that gives a window of about 30 minutes from the time that husband shot her (if true) to when 5'4 person sounded some shots. There would be no red flags as far as pinning down her time of death because it is such a small window of time. 30 minutes. If this is how something actually played out...the person that could do such a thing is diabolical and beyond evil. If husband did have something to do with it, I bet he was surprised when he came home and found her still alive.

JMTO said...

Amen sister!!!

She might have been ok at the time, but I'm sure her priorities were to bring their little girl in the world, not clean while he made phone calls. I mean maybe she did but he's so damn domineering on camera- I would hate to see how home life was - out of the public eye.

And c-section, natural, in a car, plane or a roof top- you do what's best for you and your baby and that is and will ALWAYS be the right decision.
And that's what you did!
So good for you, mama!!

lynda said...

Peter, I'm sure they will be replaying the service at some point. It could be on a continuous loop for all I no. I don't know if the service cut out or my computer, but right in the middle of "somethings not right with that boy" i lost connection. Luckily he talked about it for a bit. They still have the link up but it goes to blank page.

lynda said...

I was distracted during the lead singers performance from the deep v cut of his t-shirt and his manly, hairy chest. He looked like Sonny Crockett for Gods sake. (Okay, I know that reference just told my age! ha )

Anonymous said...

She was probably shot with small caliber which lodged and didn't kill instantly. Maybe a stolen "ladies" type weapon. Something a person may not realize is missing. Like the suspect's mother or grandmother.

Anonymous said...

Bwahahaha I noticed the v-neck too.

lynda said...

Peter, the Pastor also said that crazy davey was "charismatic" but Amanda was memorable (or that she was easy to remember because of her person)

Pastor also said right before he told the story of how he met Davy, "I don't think I've ever told you this Davey" and then launched into the crazy davey, can't quite put my finger on it, something not quite right about him." I bet Davey was blindsided by that! God moves in mysterious ways :)

JMTO said...

Baby was upstairs, mom was downstairs.
Baby still sleeping?
That would be the only explanation as a mother isn't going to leave her one year old upstairs while she is down stairs.
Usually they are in a pack in play downstairs if mom has to go up, not the other way around.

So a burglar comes in, sees mom and decides to shoot instead of flee.....

If she was shot in the back of the head, chances are she wasn't "defending" her child. That word was probably introduced to the police by Davey.

Sounds like SHE was fleeing, and probably running in the direction of the baby.

I don't know if any burglar, that breaks in after 6am. and accidentally runs into the homeowner, is going to be violent enough to shoot a pregnant woman three times (if she had time to yell she was pregnant), look around the house for valuables - find a baby or even wake the baby after the shots were fired, and leave the baby alive.

If the burglar were that violent why would he kill her so brutally, and then let their child live?

No I am convinced that Pastor Davey is involved. I wish I wasn't though.

And the "Crazy Davey" comment, is that possibly for LE? Just to let them know they felt something wasn't right either? Or to talk about how much Amanda made him "right."

The Pastor might feel a certain way as well.


Anonymous said...

Lynda at nov 15, 6:28pm: very very interesting theory, and it kind of jives with what Chief Hite said in the press conference (maybe).

DB shoots her, but has arranged (recruited) for someone to break into the vacant neighbor's house two doors down at 5:30 AM, and then break in to his house to "burgle it" after Davey leaves for the gym. Is that your theory?

I wonder what Davey told the police about the dog's whereabouts.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

The podcast on Fighting is very concerning.

If he is involved, people will point to this video.

It is difficult to watch. I feel more and more sorrow for the life that Amanda had with him.

Sus said...

I second that. Thank you.

Shannon In CA said...

Pretty much exactly how I feel.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid to look at anymore podcasts. The one I did view I found offensive. I was not there nor connected to the congregation so it is easy for me to say that.

I would be interested in the funeral services to connect to previous statements. I've already a clue into his personality. I can't connect him to her death readily, though. It's too convoluted to even attempt it at this point.

Juliet said...

I saw some of the podcast, from the point where Amanda's skill in furniture restoration was the subject (Davey apparently disapproved of that, too - he didn't get the most flattering coverage) but I would like to have watched it all, grating though it was, to my sensibilities. I've looked everywhere but there doesn't appear to be a video up yet - I hope there will be one, and that not edited. I hope Amanda would have approved of her memorial and it being not quite about her. To me it seemed not the time or place to be appealing for converts, but if that is their style, and as they did not want to 'waste' the opportunity - well, maybe she would have liked that, in which case, fine. Did the pastor slip and say it was all for 'our glory' rather than 'your glory' ? - it sounded that way, but I might have misheard,

Have Amanda's parents spoken yet? I wonder what is going on in their minds - the devastation must be awful. I didn't see any photos from Amanda's childhood in the slideshow, though I did not watch it till the end - there were hundreds of photos, and each one made me more upset for the pointless waste of her life, and at the heartbreak it is bringing to her family and friends. Did anyone see any childhood photos ? If not, it would appear all the photos were selected by Davey without reference to her parents or acknowledgement of her having a life apart from his, or a life pre-Davey.

No 911 call released as yet - interesting.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Statement Analysis Blog said...

The police investigators showed more emotion about the killer than the husband...well, actually, the husband didn't even mention the killer.

Does anyone know if Davey talked about the killer today?

This could be vital information.

If so, listen carefully, including for any minimization or justification, such as "he would have to be sick to do this to Amanda!"


Anonymous said...

They were mining the neighborhood prior. She knew trouble abounded. Perhaps a vacant house somewhere they could hole up and park a vehicle in the garage without being noticed, or just hang out at night after they've snuck out of the house

Does anyone know where their ride was stolen?

Juliet said...

Someone could have been set up for murder, if Amanda had 'suffered a gun wound to her head' (minimising - or is that normal if people writing it in church website can't deal with the horror of it?) before Davey went to the gym. There maybe were signs of a struggle if police are able to say Amanda was defending her child. There was just the one shot to her head - someone posted she was shot in the abdomen, or maybe multiple times as there were several gunshots, but the reports are that it was one shot which killed her. As several shots were heard, she maybe was dodging bullets before she died, overturned furniture etc., and there would be bullet holes in the walls or furniture. Why do they say she was 'defending her child'? Is it an indication that the baby was in danger from whoever killed Amanda? Burglars do not go for TVs and decide to seek out babies who are upstairs in their crib. Maybe they meant defending her unborn child - will have to read it again.

I watched the Judge Jeanine Pirro video - it's interesting how she zoned in on the pronouns in Davey's statements, and how it's all about him.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe Davey spoke today. He did not at the "Celebration" service. I think another pastor preached during church in this morning, but I don't know whether Davey may have spoke some as well.

I have a feeling that he may not speak about the murder at all...perhaps he has lawyered up.

Carnival Barker said...


A reporter had tweeted that a police source revealed that she was shot three times. I've read that it was in her abdomen, hand, and head, but the head shot was the one that was eventually fatal.

Tania Cadogan said...

Quelle suprise

Share a short story with us below about how Amanda impacted your life. If you would like to donate to support the Blackburn family, you can do that here.

Blackburn Family Support Fund

On November 10th our pastor Davey Blackburn returned from the gym to discover someone had broken into his home and his wife Amanda had suffered a gunshot wound. She was rushed to the hospital where she later died as a result of her injuries. Please consider supporting our pastor Davey, their son Weston, and their entire family during these hard days ahead. We have extremely heavy hearts and although we are hurting tremendously, we are hoping and believing that the best is still yet to come.

Anonymous said...

Is it significant that the burglary and the murder are distinctly separate in the solicitation of donations above?

Juliet said...

Thanks, Carnival - I didn't see that.


Is anyone else having difficulty in accessing the videos on Resonate Church website? - I can't get anything to open, don't know if it's my connection or if the site is too busy or if they have been taken down. I was going to watch the How to Win a Fight video.

Carnival Barker said...


I just pulled up How to Win a Fight and it worked for me.

Anonymous said...

The best is still yet to come may be a tagline used by the members to keep them motivated and not used soley by the pastor.

trustmeigetit said...

That's close to what I would say.

Religious or not, this should break your heart. Even if he and his wife had grown apart, I would still expect to hear pain for the loss of hos unborn child and his son who has lost his mother.

It is all missing.

trustmeigetit said...

That is huge if it's for sure.

I mean to be on time every day but the day your wife was murdered.

trustmeigetit said...

For me, the jeans would depend.

My best friends father was a biker. At his funeral, many dressed in jeans and biker type clothes including his granddaughters (they even wore his hats and shirts).

So if there was something specific like maybe jeans were her thing or she had ever said "if I die I would want everyone to wear jeans".

But it all depends. I am gonna look and see if he ever explains why.

I would expect that.

My best friend at her dad funeral commented on the jeans/biker gear saying that riding bikes was something her dad loved and it was why they chose to honor that.

Anonymous said...

I would assume the jeans comment were meant for people who aren't familiar with the church and the causal attire normally worn.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if we should believe the guy who said DB left every day at the same time except that day, because he was also repeatedly stating that another woman was shot at the other break-in that day but media "wasn't covering it". I'm pretty sure media would have been all over that if true!

trustmeigetit said...

I have been making a family history book and in it, I have many obituaries.

In every single one, it talks about the deceased. What they did for a living, what they loved to do, what kind of person they were.

This was void of anything about Amanda.

The only one In my book I have that even meantioms the surviving spouses jobs were when they owed a business and then it would for example say "Bob and Lisa owned and operated the little goose cabins together for 20 years".

If he wrote this, that again speaks volumes.

Anonymous said...

In the train station video made shortly before her death, Amanda talks about Davey setting a good example by getting up early to do "devotions". She says felt guilty about lying in bed and so has started getting up early to do "devotions" too, and that she now prefers early morning to any other time. In fact, she says she hates doing them at any other time.

Where does the info that crazy Davey goes to the gym at 5.30 every morning come from? Is it possible that crazy Davey gets up even earlier , say, at 5.00am, to do devotions? How long do devotions take? Do couples usually do devotions together?

I'm not sure where I'm going with this. It's just seems strange that she mentions getting up early in the morning to do devotions based on the good example of her husband versus him bouncing off to the gym at 5.30am every morning leaving her alone.

Also in the train station video, crazy Davey yammers on about wives having to submit BUT husbands are called to lay down their LIVES for their wives. In light, of this, it is odd he hasn't mentioned his regret at not being able to lay down his life to save Amanda and his unborn baby.

(Im sure he would have laid his life down to save them...if he hadn't, you know, been at the gym)

Anonymous said...

Anon @9:27, that makes the most sense to me, that he was indicating that the "people who don't know the Lord" who were being invited by all the church-goers should tell them to wear jeans, meaning to wear what they're comfortable in rather than jeans specifically. I'm willing to give him a pass on that one when I think about it that way.

Sus said...

I agree with this, and I'm the one that put it up.

As I read on, I saw he insisted that a woman was shot at the first burglary. That they just weren't telling it.

That can't possibly be true, or the police would have been called before 8:30. Right? Wait. How did the police know so quickly the other house was burglarized?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

When someone loses a spouse and death happens in a very poor marriage, the surviving spouse often suffers more than people realize as he/she is left with bitter memories, feelings of failures, and still loneliness and many moments of, "what if..."" as well as regret.

Even if this marriage was as bad as both Davey and Amanda said it was, I would still have expected him to mention his dead pre-born child, and that his living child is motherless.

Personally, and from a position of faith, I find the "celebration of life" to be inconsistent with Scriptural balance, but consistent with slick, made-for-TV showmanship, entertainment, etc.

Their philosophy is to "reach young people", rather than reach God with their worship, so it is very entertaining.

Today an 84 year old led us in hymns that require real concentration and engagement as the focus is quite different than to entertain. The minister dressed respectfully with the mindset of people not remembering what he wore because he does not want to draw attention to himself. This is message orientation.

It is different than strutting across a stage, flexing muscles in a tight shirt and saying "Yeah, you give it for Jesus, man!" that I find to be an embarrassment to the faith.

I appreciate that many readers have not used this to ridicule faith, though the slick, hollywood like production can produce some negative thoughts, and the videos of the narcissist projecting his sexual issues is more than distasteful.

Celebration? How about a bit of mourning first. Traditionally, black was worn as a symbol of the pain.

This feels more like a company that says "her death is the best thing to happen to our growth strategy! Ratings are through the roof and $ came in and x number of visitors played 'tag you're it' sign the card up front and research has shown that..."

I still hope he is not involved, but even without involvement, I think we'll soon see him making videos and saying "Amanda would not want me alone!"

That he counsels couples for marriage literally makes me feel a pit in my stomach.


trustmeigetit said...

Sometimes LE just fails to really investigate.

My mom lived next to a horrible man. He harassed her to the point she had to get a restraining order. And him and his wife constantly fought to the point LE was frequently at the home. And being next door my mom had heard each spouse threaten to kill each other numerous times.

Then one day, my mom was woken by a gun shot and later police sirens and an ambulance.

The next day she was told by some other neighbors he commited suicide. Gun shot to the head. The neighbors had just over heard LE discussing that so it was never confirmed.

There was never an investigation. Neighbors (including my mom) were never interviewed. The home was never taped off.

Wife and kids slept in the home that night.

With in a few weeks there were new cars, furniture delivery trucks, etc etc,. It went on for months until finally the home was put on the market. She heard from another neighbor they had bought a much larger home.

Never was an obituary that we could find. We looked as my mom was shocked that it was just labeled suicide. My mom to this day believes the wife killed him.

But it's been a couple years and no arrests..

Shannon In CA said...

Oh that Andy guy? He's a davey supporter and keeps repeating that another wife was shot at the other burglary and it's not true. So if he's saying davey left late that morning, he's got an agenda meant to help davey.

snap said...

My beloved thrust his hand forward...

why on earth did she change her mind?

Not just tension

But separated

Because of the conflict

The watchman found me.

In the middle of the night, she gets raped.

"Devastating things happen when we don't resolve conflict will destroy a relationship and ultimately it will destroy you"


Statement Analysis Blog said...

The obvious clinical immaturity is what made me uncomfortable when he spoke about "connecting" with teenagers at the school. I would not want him near my daughter.

I listened to a bit of another of his appearances.

In it, he tells us that his wife may not have been meeting his sexual expectations, which were, by the way, legitimate since he "expressed" them.

That he says he could not go to dinner on a date night until he had sex reduced Amanda to a series of body parts and his own selfish, immature gratification and not about being one with her, loving her, and making a good home for her.

I am beginning to get the impression that Amanda was a genuine Godly young woman and he appears to have resented her.

He craves the spotlight and when he has it, repeatedly, he goes to sex, and this is always about him.

When I was a teenager, we were told that there was one priest who kids tried to avoid in the "confessional"because he would, like in the movies, sexually quiz kids.

I got it once and ran out.

Like my friends, I could not tell my parents. They would not have believed the things that happened

I think Amanda "disappointed" him and he is no leader. Yes, he is talented, and yes, he has a strong intellect, but humiliating your wife in front of a crowd is not leadership, but cowardice.

We used to have a rule: if a man embarrassed his wife in front of others, he wasn't to take the liberty of apologizing in private.

"Man up" would not even come close to what I have heard listening to this troubled young man, but with each thing I hear or read about Davey, the more I feel sorry for Amanda. He competed with her, defeated her, bullied her, and reduced her to a sexual status of non-person.

He is not likely to hear advice but if someone older and wiser could reach him, like a father in law, or someone who knows him, I would hope they would get him out of the spotlight, and let him use his talents in life where vulnerable young people are not present.

If you've ever met a professional actor or actress, the talent is immediately noticeable. They are "different" and it is stark. He has "it." I fear, however, he uses "it" to try to fill an insatiable desire for "all things me" in life.

I wrote "narcissistic tendencies" from his written statement but then after watching the videos, it was confirmed, and of the comments I have read: no one seems to disagree.


Shannon In CA said...

I've said before that I'm not religious in the least, but I see no reason to ridicule the faith of those who are...other than to say I find THESE types of church's distasteful for the reasons you stated. They don't feel genuine to me at all. It does feel like a show and it just doesn't seem right. I suspect others may feel the same regardless of their religious convictions (unless they attend a church like this). This isn't a reason to bag on all pastors or churchs. It's a problem with pastor davey and how he runs, I guess? Because it sure doesn't feel like a real church to me, and I've always wondered how people are drawn to places like that. I mean...a middle school? No thanks. I'd rather go to a catholic mass at a Catholic Church (technically I am Catholic, although not practicing...but I still respect a lot things about the church).

maudes harold said...

Peter Hyatt said...

I am beginning to get the impression that Amanda was a genuine Godly young woman and he appears to have resented her.


I thought that too after watching a portion of the video.

Shannon In CA said...

I felt the same.

Anonymous said... Love Songs 2 ......minute 35.25 he says..."I HAD TO BE CAREFUL THE KIND OF LIFE INSURANCE I TOOK ON HER"... seconds later his face shows.......he realized he just said that....he looked frightened a little bit.....I bet he took a life insurance on her...

Anonymous said...

As bad as I disagree with his methods, personality,etc. it is still possible for the wife to be killed randomly and he not to be blamed.

He comes off as a pompous, backwoods redneck that likes to place spiders where little girls can scream and run.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Today, we have a young kid preach, about the same age as Davey, and did a solid job. I can repeat back his main points. He was in logic, and pressed application, and was natural in voice. He dressed in a respectful manner, but not so as to draw attention to himself. HIs young wife was present, lovely (I think Amanda showed loveliness from within, though hurt by the barbs, talk overs, and subtle humiliations regarding their private life), and teaches at my daughter's school. My daughter adores her.

The contrast was so stark to me this morning, as I have been bothered since I first touched upon this case and have thought a lot about it, as well as the citizens of Paris who have lost loved ones, or the hundreds who are injured.

Between a murder within a church community, and then the terrorist attack, it is a lot of sadness to read about.

The young preacher has much to learn, though he is studious, about human nature, marriages, forgiveness, and so on, which are things that will not come, except through time.

Then I played one of Davey's talks (I cannot call it a sermon) tonight and was disgusted.

The arrogance, dress, style, bearing...he was the opposite of the young man with the bright future I heard this morning. Davey has many times more talent, which may prove to be his undoing, while, perhaps, the young man can better stay grounded, as the only adoring face in the audience was his wife. It is a lot better this way. HIs topic is sex, and the main character, is Davey, himself.

Do you want to know what he is doing by projecting his sex life into an audience of teens? Consider it carefully.

As to sex and church: I have no disagreement with it being taught, rather my disagreement is him "sharing" his personal sex life with young people while reading faces and then meeting with the young kids afterwards to "hang you"....It is projecting himself, distinctly about sex, in a message to teenagers.

it is how grooming is done on a larger scale, and it is no different than what celebrities do to young foolish adoring fans.

Each time he tells these teenagers about his sex drive (this is his basic theme; his own "drive" and his wife not matching his drive) he literally invites the teenaged girls to picture him, sexually, in their minds.

Then afterwards, he "connects" with them. That is to go and read their faces and see which ones are adoring fans, and which ones are bankrupt, and which ones...

no different than the rock stars or athletes who use their celebrity to use teenaged girls and young women.

If your belief is that sex is a biological itch and scratching it is nothing more than satisfying the itch, there is nothing wrong with what he is doing.

For those of you who believe differently, you may be bothered as he is using his 'celebrity status' to invite young people to idolize him sexually: he talks about himself, and dresses in a teenaged way, walking back and forth, rather than standing behind a pulpit or podium as to say, "Look at me!"

On his "Bringing Sexy Back" message, Heather said, "I have to turn it off."

Too many years in child abuse investigations.

I believe that not only is he grooming young people which could lead to disaster, but I believe he knows precisely what he is doing, and it is choreographed, right down to the tight shirt and hoodie outfit, for this purpose.

He described a terrible marriage.
He contextualized the terrible marriage with pregnancy.
His pregnant wife has just been murdered.


lynda said...

Anon 7:01 PM..I haven't heard anything about a dog. I would imagine the dog would not have attacked or barked at police because crazy davey was in the house then. Regarding my possible theory, husband shot her once, then left, conveniently leaving a door open. Hoodie guy waits 15-20 minutes (time for Davey to drive to gym and be seen on camera) goes in the house and fires a shot off so neighbors can establish a timeline that she was shot AFTER davey left. The time between davey leaving and the hoodie gunshot is brief so when davey gets home after 2 hours, a coroner would take into consideration when the gunshot was heard when he estimated time of death. Again, putting davey at the gym at time of death. Perfect crime if they never find hoodie guy or hoodie guy never rolls on him. Like I said, diabolical...wait...does that mean I'M diabolical to think of it? *wink*

Peter..To my knowledge, CD (crazy davey) has not said ONE WORD regarding the murderer. He did tweet " daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn 15h15 hours ago

"Sunday's were always my favorite day, seeing @AmandaGrace in the audience cheering me on as I preached. I miss her so much #NothingIsWasted"

Again, nothing about her as a unique person, the tweet referenced what she did for HIM. He misses her cheering him on while he preached. His narcissism is so glaringly obvious you would think someone would tell him to knock it off.

The pastor that spoke today at the funeral (Peter Noble I think) seemed visibly upset and he did address the murder and saying only that she had been shot in the head. If indeed Amanda was "defending" her baby and was shot more than once, I think this guy would have mentioned it. He would have said that she died fighting, defending her child. I think it's rumor (coming from the neighbor stating shots heard, as in plural) that people are assuming she was shot more than once and it makes good copy to say a mom died defending her child. So until an autopsy is revealed and says something different, she was shot once. I also find it telling that police are not saying WHERE on her head she was shot.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous 10:31

I don't know if he is connected or not. I hope I have made this plain.

All I have had to go on is a short statement he made in an attempt to draw people to church.

If his 911 call is released, or if he is interviewed, I am very likely to have a stronger opinion.

Also, as my opinion of him has turned very negative through the videos, I still hope he is unconnected to this.


trustmeigetit said...


trustmeigetit said...

so question for the neighbor....

Were you a follower already and just happened to be a neighbor of a case Peter wrote about..


Were you suspicious of your neighbor and then after reading online for information... stumbled onto this blog.

lynda said...

Peter Hyatt said...

I am beginning to get the impression that Amanda was a genuine Godly young woman and he appears to have resented her.


I believe Amanda devoted her whole life to the Lord. During the service CD's cousin told a story where during the lent season Amanda was trying to think of the thing that would be hardest for her to give up to show her devotion to the Lord and she picked her relationship with CD. CD went to the cousin and was a little peeved that Amanda could "refrain" from him/give him up for lent. The cousin had to explain to CD that Amanda giving him up for lent meant that she loved God more than she loved him and that was what CD had always told him, that he wanted to find a woman that loved God more than him. That's when CD figured out "she was the one".

CD was not only resentful of her..he was jealous. She was everything he wanted to be but "there was just something not quite right with him" He was jealous and demeaned and belittled her because of it. Jealousy can turn to hate fairly quickly depending on the mental health of the jealous one.

lynda said...

Hashtag created #AmandaBlackburn

Peter! You made the thread! Someone referenced your blog when saying, "Seems like SA agrees with me." and then provided link to blog. People aren't holding back on that twitter account. Many coming right out and saying he killed her. Peter noble (Pastor that spoke today) posted he has lost all respect for Megan kelly after her show tonight because of the things she said. to find out what Megan Kelly said.

MzOpinion8d said...

In defense of the new style of churches, I have attended one that started in my city in Jan 2011 and it was wonderful. I have now chosen to move to a different church so there are more kids the same age as my kids (middle school) but it wasn't due to the church itself.

They wore jeans and tees sometimes, pastor included, but explained their philosophy according to biblical thoughts. The idea was that Jesus wanted us to love one another for who we are, not what we do or how we look or what we have. They don't want not having nice clothes or not feeling comfortable in nice clothes to be what stops someone from church. This, I agree with.

The church I'm talking about was also very careful about their teachings being scripturally accurate. They explained the meaning of the verses they used, as well as the context, and provided the exact verses so people could study on their own later if they wanted.

The staff was open about a lot of topics, including infidelity and sex, but it was done in a really respectful way. Several couples agreed to tell their stories about infidelity and that was pretty brave.

Our pastor talked about the computer accountability programs. Since it's become such a huge problem in our society, it's important for them to discuss pornography and the problems it can cause in relationships and lives. It would be nice to think one has the self control to never visit a porn site, but the reality is the temptation can be there, especially in times of stress or when marriage is difficult. Those programs can be useful. The difference I see is that when our pastor talked about sexuality he never once implied he and his wife weren't in agreement on that topic and he didn't humiliate her by making her look dumb for not knowing about an anal sex rape scene in a nearly 40 year old movie!

Ultimately Christianity is supposed to bring followers to Christ, and in the world in which we live today, different styles of churches are needed to help that happen. I personally would not have attended church at all if it wasn't for the casual atmosphere, because I never felt comfortable having to dress up, sing songs I didn't like, be pointed out as a first-timer, and feel awkward if people were raising their hands up while they sang.

There's nothing wrong with that style of church, either...I think all kinds are needed to being people to God and it really helps reinforce the idea that God loves people because they are people, no matter how they dress, talk, sing, what they do, drive, what kind of house they live in or how much money they make.

I recall our pastor telling a story about a former stripper who had been shamed out of a church by members telling her "your kind isn't welcome here" but she was brave enough to come to our church even after that, and felt loved for the first time in a long time in her life. He was moved to tears and said that if he ever heard of a member of our congregation tell anyone they weren't welcome at our church, he would ask the member to leave because that's not what God wants us to do.

Sorry this got so long, but I wanted to explain that even though I don't care for the way this Indianapolis church seems to be set up, as a money maker instead of a life giver, there are some amazing modern churches.

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