Thursday, November 12, 2015

Justice For Hailey Part Two

KWES to air part two of "Justice for Hailey" tonight.  

Part One is KWES

It has been five years with the case still unresolved.  

Will a new investigator bring justice for Hailey?

Is the circumstantial evidence enough for a conviction?


Anonymous said...

prayers for justice

Anonymous said...

Finding the body near the relative of the suspect who abruptly quits its job the day the deceased goes missing IS NOT circumstantial evidence (I think). Bar the porn reportedly found on the computers (must be a reason they were not arrested I assume). Bar the serial killer literature as it is a national pastime. Bar the drug use as it is common recreation native to the area where the deceased lived.

Yes, they can get a conviction if they keep the good ole' Texans out of it like the ones that want to relive a former FBI directors delusional scams. They may have to bus in a jury, but it can be done.

GeekRad said...

I look forward to watching the second part of the interviews. I do hope we will finally see some action on this case. There is so much evidence against Shawn based on his cell phone pings, lies about his whereabouts, behavior and statements.

Anonymous said...

I read the article and Clint say's LE told him Shawn killed why no arrest?? He said where she could be found...isn't that enough for an arrest???