Saturday, November 21, 2015

Davey Blackburn: The Identity of "We"

Let's being with:         Davey Blackburn has no connection to the killer of his wife.

This is now a premise to follow.

We have been trying to learn the answer to the bizarre question,

"Davey, who is this 'we" you speak of?"

I can tell you plainly:  guilty suspects retreat to "we" quite a bit.  

Is there something so wrong with him that he uses this term, or is it just guilt? 

 Let's assume:  

Davey Blackburn is Narcissist Personality Disorder and the identity of "we" is Blackburn himself, and his "career", or "work" or "business" (church).  Because much of this is the antitheses of 'church', let's call it his 'company' or 'career.'  This is for the purpose of this analysis.

We now look at the statements and see if this theory fits.

If it does not, then there is an association.

This is the most bizarre murder case I have covered in Statement Analysis.

His language is the language that normally or on average, speaks to guilty knowledge of the death of his wife.

Yet, he is so driven, so obsessed with success, that he sees himself and his "work" as "one" and his wife was jealous and competed with this "love affair" to the point where he readily found ways to complain about her, justifying his own distance from her.

When she was the victim of a home invasion, she was violently raped and killed and all he could say was:  this will bring more people to my business.

"We are baffled..."

"We will have to figure out how to grieve"

"We are wondering how to move on.."

Is it possible that he is so obsessed with the success of the business that he is literally using his wife's death as a wonderful opportunity to advertise his 'company'?

That his 'jesus' is his product and has little resemblance to the historical Christ of the Bible is not debated by many.  

This is a man obsessed with numbers coming to his church and will do "whatever it takes" to sell his product with "the best is yet to come" phony optimism that his own language in the face of murder must match.

This, or guilty association, explains his bizarre language.

He is, perhaps, 'grooming ' his audience sexually, but this may be inadvertent, in his mind:  he may be trying to use anything he can to draw them in, as numbers equalling success including:

sex appeal
comedic appeal
emotional appeal
religious appeal
entertainment appeal (music)

He does not appear motivated by financial greed, and his complaints about his wife perfectly fit his 'warning' to his 'company' that "a wife is either a sling shot..." that is, one to propel forward the "company" or "career", or...

but to whom was he speaking?

Was this message to an audience of pastors or future pastors of whom the message of choosing the right wife was pressingly relevant?


He was projecting his own dissatisfaction.

If unassociated, even if he liked Amanda, he is a narcissistic opportunist and he sees anything and everything as fair game to make Davey successful, including assigning Amanda's murder to his company's success.

"Whatever it takes"

He will do whatever it takes to reach 400 last year, including negatively comparing the salvation of 16 people (real to him, not necessary reality:  remember, speech is the verbalized reality of the subject; it is not reality) to the fact that a goal of numbers was not met.

About her death, he did not talk of love or Weston's loss, he could barely contain himself that "6500 people" tuned in via internet.

He thinks they tuned in to hear his message through her death, not realizing, nor possessing the self awareness that his bizarre and extremely narcissistic language makes him look so calloused that he must be involved, and people tuned in thinking to see a public crash and burn,

a la Scott Peterson.

“It’s impossible to communicate all the emotions my heart has been forced to process. My wife was such a beautiful, gracious, loving woman of God. have not only lost my ministry partner and support, but also my very best friend. There is no way to prepare yourself for circumstances like these. As deeply as am hurting, am hopeful and confident that good things will come of this. rest in the truth of Romans 8:28 that God works all things together for the good of those who love Him and who are called according to His purpose.
“Amanda made it her life’s calling to love and serve everyone she knew. Even more, she has made it her life’s mission to see as many people as possible come to know Jesus as their personal Savior.”
know that in her death and legacy even more people will come to a saving faith in Christ. know beyond a shadow of a doubt her desire for me would be to continue what we’ve started here in Indy. I hold firm to the belief that God is still good, that He takes our tragedy and turns it into triumph, and that the best truly is yet to come.

Of this, we may ask collectively, "Who is he trying to convince, us or him?"

It is a message to use her death as a major advertising tool, making him look guilty, while he may not be guilty.  

Every scripture is given a twist, left or right, here and in his performances, designed for one purpose:  build himself his own empire.  It is his first and last love, and consumes everything he is and thinks. 

Truth from the Bible be damned;
Inappropriate behavior be damed;
Be it comical, be it sex, be it shocking, he will do, as he says, "whatever it takes" to get people into his company, including saying whatever it takes and making religion say whatever it takes to get those numbers in. 

Crassly capitalizing on his wife's death reveals who he is, at his core. 

As this trial is the worst thing a man could face:  the sexual murder of his own wife and unborn son, 

all this very disturbed young man sees is "close the sale."

Close the sale.  

Here is how bizarre this is:

if not for his off-the-charts crass narcissism and possible inability to see himself separate from his company, he would have been "deception indicated" in her death. 

The coincidental nature of telling us what a bad wife she was, pregnancy triggering, and his stage playing with a gun (a single shockingly bizarre theatrical prop in a long series of seriously bizarre stunts), and a short time later actually finding her dead is something separate from the language.  

We could be looking at a strange incidental occurrence from one of the most twisted disturbed, talented, but possibly innocent individuals we may ever encounter.  

It may be that the identity of "we" is his success or company, that he calls his "church."

It may not resemble a church to any of us, but in his warped and self absorbed perception:  it is and it is more important than anytime in the world to him.  

If this is the case, he is so mentally disturbed that he is unable to separate himself from his company, the word "we", in the plural, is he and the business. 

He and the business have to move on, grieve, talk to Weston, figure things out and are puzzled ,but, "whatever it takes."

If this is true, and he is mentally ill, it would explain the language.  

If not true, it will appear guilty association with the killer. 

The more I hear him speak, via all the posted videos, and as difficult it is to listen to him, I don't think he may be involved, and I don't think I have ever heard someone so intelligent and artistic, as disturbed and guilty sounding as Davey Blackburn.  

He is actually far beyond the egotistical narcissist celebrity he refers to himself in the 2nd person.  

Davey is "we" so often and for someone so obsessed with numbers, who has time for "love for Amanda"?

Something else for readers to consider and debate....

It is likely police have not released the 911 call because they have suspected him which is why they used the emphatic "100%" not involved.  It is inherently weak as "he is not involved" is much stronger.  

When DNA tests return, the killer will then be thoroughly interviewed to find out if "for us, we have nothing to hide" is associated with the killer, or if it "plural Davey" in his madness. 

Police likely have been just as puzzled at this disturbed young man's bizarre statements as the rest of us, and are doing due diligence to learn of any connection.  


BallBounces said...

We think you nailed it!

JC Graham said...

Exactly! Jesus is his cash cow! Imagine if a car sales man's wife was murdered and he tried to sell cars during interviews about her murder.....same thing. Would look guilty as sin.

JC Graham said...

Exactly! Jesus is his cash cow! Imagine if a car sales man's wife was murdered and he tried to sell cars during interviews about her murder.....same thing. Would look guilty as sin.

Gemini said...

Do I understand you correctly that you were once leaning towards him being involved, but now not so much?

JJBB said...

"It is likely police have not released the 911 call because they have suspected him which is why they used the emphatic "100%" not involved. It is inherently weak as "he is not involved" is much stronger. "

I don't get this. How is "100% not involved" weaker? It makes me, in the public, believe LE have "100%" left DB and moved onto to looking for other suspect. Please explain. Thanks;-)

MemphisPat said...

Peter, you probably can't answer this but have the Indy police contacted you about this case? It would be great if you could do statement analysis on the interview of the suspect they have in custody (for other crimes). Why do you suppose this one has so many people (like me) in a dither? Your Comments section has gone wild with new posters, hasn't it?!

Unknown said...

Perfect Peter ! Thank you. I believe he is involved. I came across a photo of a family member that left me cold. If it is correct what I saw, then there was a possible connection of some sort between him and the young man in custody at the moment. I am not prepared to say anything else, for in case I am wrong. The young man currently in custody, according to his sister, tried to turn his life around. We all know DB counsel young people.

Anonymous said...

Could you comment on the possibility, that the "we" when he talks about grieving and moving on, etc. could be him speaking for himself, his son, and other grieving family members such as his and Amanda's parents? Or maybe he's speaking for his church members who are also grieving? Just trying to cover all the angles, thanks!

Lanessa said...

"we" could be him and his or/and her family?

Unknown said...

I understand your take on this Peter, and from the S.A. point of view, I agree. Much of his language focuses on his career, and although he has not offered a RD, and avoided the topic of discovering Amanda injured like the plague, I'd really want to hear the 911 call before assigning him a 'deceptive w/guilty knowledge' label. (Although I strongly lean toward that conclusion!)

What pushes me toward the opinion of guilty knowledge is his behavior, coupled with what he has said, and failed to say, both before and after her murder. The bizarre string of 'coincidence' which would have to occur for him to be "100% not involved" is staggering! From the information shared in the Love Song series, his bizarre gun wielding escapade less than 48 hours before her murder, her asking neighbors about neighborhood safety/break ins, (was he 'gaslighting' her?) and him just happening to be running late the morning she was killed, etc. To use his expression, it's "hard to swallow" the idea of so much foreshadowing in his behavior, (and language) before her murder, and so much callousness after her murder, without him being somehow involved.

I also can't wrap my head around the idea that a burgular, (apparently working with others) suddenly deciding to jump from taking a few electronics from an empty home, to breaking into an occupied home, and brutally murdering a pregnant woman, with her baby in the home. I'd think that if they were there to rob homes, and noticed people were starting to mill around, (Davey leaving, neighbor awake/notices guy) that they would try to get out of there asap, and not hang around for 45min-1hr in a cul de sac where their presence was sure to be noticed.

As I said...there's so much to dismiss for this to have been a totally random, and 'happy accident' for Davey to be able to escape his marriage, and promote is 'church'.

MrsRob said...

Peter, is it possible he has a Messiah Complex? It would fit right in with his narcissistic personality disorder. Although he doesn't seem to have a problem using the pronoun "I" during his ranting "sermons" about his constant need for sex. This case has me puzzled for sure!

Deejay said...

Narcissists are about 5% of the population. Their world is a giant funhouse mirror- reflecting only their own distorted 'image'. Image is everything, and the rest of us are bit players in their grandiose stories and lies. They compete with, and relentlessly run down everyone else around them. They are needy, self-centered, and manipulative, and incredibly tiresome. They are capable of a sparkly (fake) personality in public, when they are 'on'. But in truth, they are exhausting with their constant needs. (And BTW you are never meeting their needs well enough) Truth is not important, it is all about the big fake stories. They don't really even understand love- their whole life is a fake. Sex with narcissists is flat- they may understand the mechanics, but the emotion is completely missing. They still desire sex and get angry when it doesn't happen, as they substitute physical pleasure for love. The partner feels used, never cherished.

Lemon said...

Resonate is his start-up, and "jesus"* is his brand. We expected to see a grieving husband...he sees an opportunity to push his "brand". The national exposure is his kryptonite. It amplifies the disconnect we expect to see and what he reveals.

He is very bizarre. I hope he gets help.

*Capitalized "R" in Resonate and lower case "j" intentional. I believe this is how he prioritizes...

MemphisPat said...

Obviously, DB is part of a pretty large movement in the US. Read "The Perils of Wannabe Cool Christianity" in the Wall Street Journal, 2010. Can these freak shows full of sex talk in the name of Jesus really catch on in a big way? I sure hope not!

Anonymous said...

DB is a narcissistic psychopath whose grandiosity is fueled by religious belief in 'Jesus' and the importance of his mission to serve him. His kind is far more common among religious men world over than most people may realize, but it is endemic in America, where success is confused with moral virtue.

He is not really unique, nor is he 'artistic' or talented. It is the strength of his narcissistic delusions that makes him such an effective con man: his followers fall for his genuine conviction (and it is genuine, but dangerously self-serving and deluded).

If he had nothing to do with Amanda's murder, then he is the most unlucky lucky man in town. Lucky, because her murder has so conveniently solved some of his problems (like being tied down by the wife who was not as 'hot' as he believes he deserves, becoming a media 'star' and getting free publicity for his growing enterprise); and unlucky, because try he might not to, he looks guilty as hell.

Jim said...

Look, while deployed overseas I witnessed several Afghan men dying due to head trauma (GSW/Blast Injuries), and it is not a pretty sight. Head wounds bleed a lot, the body may contort (look up decerebrate and decorticate posturing), and the breathing will become very agonal as the pressure builds within the skull. I am a Christian who is not afraid of the reality of death, yet watching those men die was far from being an "okay" or "no big deal" experience.

I don't care if their marriage was horrible or not. Davey had history with his wife that no one else shared; they had a child with one on the way, and there were feelings of love at least at one point in the relationship. The fact that CD has responded the way he has after his home was supposedly broken into, his son's safety potentially threatened, and finding his wife dying from violent trauma leads to two possibilities. One is that his house was never broken into, his son's safety was never in question, and he had a strong hatred for his wife. Two, he is a sociopath on the same level as Ted Bundy or Dennis Rader. CD's "sermon" videos may prove that he is egotistical, self-absorbed, and maybe even a hot headed fool, but I don't think you see an emotionless sociopath.

Unless there is a conclusive, hard evidence that an intruder with no association whatsoever to CD killed Amanda, then I am not convinced that CD is innocent.

lynda said...

If you read the list of the books Davey has read, they all have to do with keeping the customer satisfied, bringing in and retaining customer base, putting people in managerial positions that will help bring more customers in..they are all related to business and marketing. He does not appear to read theology, or biblical history. He has read the bible obviously, and can quote scripture, but then he puts his "twist" on the scripture to suit his own needs. If you watch that video that he says explains what marriage really is, it is a business to help him grow his business. The starter wife if in place until something better comes along, and he is free to pursue someone else because the wife is demeaning, manipulating, selfish, etc. He is demented by the Word that he reads because he is mentally ill. I see how Peter is not committing to a firm answer because how can he? Davey is "bent" spiritually, he's morally bankrupt, and in the free editing stage, e does not point the finger at himself as he is to busy maintaing church status. He is one scary dude.

Anonymous said...

Jim, there are no discernible genuine and convincing emotions evident in CB's behavior -- not during his TV appearances, nor in his videos. Watching him one gets an impression of someone who's always acting.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, meant to type DB and not CB.

South Pas Blogs said...

Are you a Christian? If not, your identification of Blackburn’s use of church/Jesus as a product is both fascinating and disheartening. That sort of shameful behavior is quite common among megachurch impresarios unfortunately. If you’re not a Christian, it is amazing that you are able to detect this through a statement analysis. If you are a Christian, then you understandably are able to discern this nonsense.

Skeptic said...

I've just watched the last love song video with Q n A of Davey and Amanda. Previously, I had only watched the media interviews Davey has done after Amanda's murder.

I have to say that I don't seem to see what everyone else sees in the love song video. I think they are an adorable couple here. I don't see him insulting her at all. She smiles at him, and at his jokes. I grew up in churches like these with people like this. They are "salt of the earth" people. I no longer believe in gods, any of them, but these videos make me a little nostalgic for the community you get in these churches.

But, when I watch his interviews, it's obvious something is wrong. He knows much more than he is saying. But I think he loved her and she loved him. So it's absolutely bizarre, as you said Peter. What could possibly be going on here?

I liked him in the love song Q n A. I liked him, and I liked her. However, I think you really see this groups enormous hang ups with all things sexual. I personally believe that the sexual repression imposed on teens in extremely religious families results in sex obsessed men and sexually inhibited women - not exactly going to mesh well.

Anonymous said...

1) Even in death Amanda is being made a fool out of. To give credence to Davey Blackburn 'having the wrong wife' is to give credence to him and his complaints against her. This spirit against Amanda is exactly what he was striving for, disparaging and demeaning her. He would do and say anything to turn others against her to gain their sympathy and loyalty to him. Loyalty increases his numbers.

2) Davey Blackburn did not have the wrong wife as he implies, this is another huge putdown to Amanda and is to disparage her; he had the right wife, a Christian Godly wife by his side. To allude that she was 'jealous' of his busy ministry is something you do not know to be true. I seriously doubt this inasmuch as she had already taken so much humiliation from him publically, what reason would she have to be jealous of his work or his ministry? She wouldn't. She was his helpmate, taking whatever he dished out and was still standing by.

3) To imply that all he wanted to do was magnify his career to increase the numbers is to ignore the obvious fact that increasing his numbers increases the money! The fact is, he was in a frenzy to increase his numbers, even using her death as a tool to increase his numbers. It is the numbers in attendance that increases the MONEY, that increases his sense of false pride, that is the total dollar amount coming into the church coffers, that defines his success. Got it now?

4) Do we all understand? Having his 'in my way' wife who was the thorn in his side (as Paul would say) like he wanted everyone to believe, now OUT of his way has done wonders for his business. We all agree, right? Davey Blackburn has used his wife's' life and death and the lovely name of Jesus in every way he could to 'better' his business.

(And yes, South Pas, it IS a spirit of discernment as well as common sense). ABB

Juliet said...

Peter - you can't have forgotten how, in the video you posted on an earlier article (the one in which he couldn't be too happy about the sixteen saved souls because there were not four hundred present) he was all 'l' - it's after Amanda's death that he is all 'we'.

The first statement - where he speaks about the church 'we've' started here - shouldn't that be 'we started'? I don't know, but that makes it sound as if he is writing it while Amanda is alive, yet It's her death announcement. Can that be accounted to her having just died, and the tendency to still speak for a time, in odd moments, as if the person is not dead?

Also, there is on Davey's blog a post in which he speaks about death, and how upset Amanda is at the death of her cousin - none of that, nothing remotely like that, in any of his reflections or thoughts on Amanda's death having a similar effect upon him, or anyone - just that 'the family is devastated'. So, maybe at that time he was more 'normal' (same obsession with sex was there, though) and mental illness has crept upon him? I do get that at times Davey comes across as sincere, and struggling with his problems, and it seems unlikely he could find murder an acceptable solution to his troubled marriage - but what if, maybe unconsciously even, he has been putting out the message 'Amanda is a problem which needs to be solved' and the how if that has been conveyed through his 'teaching' - culminating in the sermon with the gun prop/message?

Anonymous said...

Skeptic, I'd have to disagree with you that he loved her. He did no such thing. He could not, WOULD NOT, have humiliated and embarrassed her publically with his sexually explicit insulting overtones against her and their sex life had he loved her. He even insulted her for being pregnant again, when he is the one who got her pregnant. THAT, my friend, is not love. He is despicable. ABB

John Mc Gowan said...

Statement analysis teacher's us to look for subtle demeaning of a victim. Subtle demeaning of the victim is never a good sign, and can often be a linguistic sign of the guilty (perpetrator). It should always be flagged. We see with DB, he is not even subtle in his put down of Amanda.
This reminds me of Tammy Moorer speaking of Heather Elvis, although, hers was more of a character assassination.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty simple actually. In statement analysis we have learned that if the subject does not say it, we cannot say it for him. Keeping in mind; the subject is dead, the statement is alive. It is the STATEMENT, not the subject we hear and consider.

Repeatedly and on numerous occasions Davey Blackburn says "we", "we", "we", to numerous to mention, without qualifying who is WE, when there is no "we" standing with him nor has one been introduced or any name given as being a part of that "we". He is speaking alone. Mysteriously there is a "we"? Now we are to assume he could be saying this one or that one could be who he means by "we'. We make no unidentifiable assumptions, correct?

Peter, you have taught us well. If he does not say it we cannot say it for him. That's pretty simple. ABB

Anonymous said...

Ooops, mistake in my post @5:25: "....TOO numerous to mention...." Sorry.

John McGowan; you are right on. Davey Blackburn has been more than subtle in his demeaning of Amanda. He has been blatant in disparaging his tragic victim.

As for Tammy Moorer in her mud slinging disparaging comments against her husband's cheating sex partner, I could understand vocalizing her hatred of Heather Elvis to some extent; not agreeing, of course, that their adulterous affair gave her the right to kill Heather. NOT.

But did you know, that once upon a time, here in the U.S. in some states it was legal for a husband to shoot dead his cheating wife and her adulterous lover? A man could get away with murder simply by claiming his wife was cheating with so and so. But this is an entirely different situation. ABB

Anonymous said...

FURTHERMORE.....! He was, IS, entirely out of line in accusing Amanda of not satisfying him sexually. IFFFFF, and I say IF, she was not sexually satisfying to him then it was his OWN fault for not teaching her the fine art of making love.

And THAT makes it her fault? He is not even half a man, robbing his wife of the pleasure of sex, then publically humiliating and insulting her for it. What a low-life. She was sexually inexperienced, had taken a vow of celibacy and purity, had waited until marriage to experience her first lover; and if she could not please him in bed, THIS WAS HIS OWN FAULT. This b'stard is lower than a snakes belly. I just can't even imagine what he must have put her through in the bedroom. ABB

John Mc Gowan said...


Family of missing Ohio teenager plead for her safe return after two weeks

The family of a 15-year-old Ohio girl who has been missing for two weeks have pleaded for her to come home.

Alexis (Lexi) Boroviak disappeared from her home in the Cleveland suburb of Brooklyn on Sunday Nov. 8 after leaving to walk the family dog.

Just 10 minutes later, her stepsister discovered the dog in front of the house but Boroviak was nowhere to be seen.

Boroviak’s mother Linda Chalfant and stepfather Britton Ramsey pleaded for her to return home safely amid fears that the teen has run away, according to

"Lexi, the doors are open and the lights are on," Ramsey said.

"We love you, and we're not mad at you. We'll work through anything, we're family."

A massive search for the teenager is underway. In the past week, there have been unconfirmed sightings of Boroviak, who is 5-foot-3 and weighs 156 pounds with blonde-brown hair and brown eyes.

"There's always hope. But it's not going to be 'There's always next year, ' it's going to be now," Ramsey told a flashlight rally held to raise awareness

Angel Arroyo Jr., who is helping to search for Boroviak, claimed the teenager had recently been having some personal problems.

"In the past two years, [a family member] committed suicide and she had a boyfriend who was murdered a couple months ago," he said.

Boroviak’s boyfriend, 15-year-old Jesse Hayes, was killed in May when his cousin accidentally shot him as he showed him a new gun he did not think was loaded.

The search has received support from actor Nicholas Cage and three women who spent a decade held captive in a Cleveland house of horrors.

"The Rock" star, who is shooting a movie in the area, lent his support to the search by posing with a "missing" sign featuring photos of Boroviak.

Also in attendance at the rally were Michelle Knight, Gina DeJesus and Amanda Berry, who were abducted and tortured by twisted Ariel Castro in his Cleveland home.

Castro was arrested within hours of the women's rescue on May 6, 2013 and pleaded guilty to 937 criminal counts of rape, kidnapping and aggravated murder in court as part of a plea deal.

He was sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole - plus 1,000 years. He committed suicide in his cell just one month into his prison term.

Juliet said...

ABB - interesting points; I,d like to know why Peter finds Amanda is jealous, too - she finds satisfaction in her own roles, especially as mother, and sees herself in a supporting role to Davey; she likes restoring furniture, she also spends time listening to, and counselling the outsiders - she sounds busy, and that's what we learn from Davey's grudging acknowledgements of her - no doubt she had other interests, too. Trying to think it through - she is sure to have been feeling quite some negativity and conflict - Davey, presumably is adored by some, the same some in whom he fosters negativity towards her - she knows what he is really like, yet has had to keep,that to herself - it's conceivable there was some jealousy and she began to want people to know what really he was like - so she calls him out, shows him up as lying, in public - is that jealousy, though, because people like him and regard her as a hindrance - or is it frustration because she feels that it's only due to her that the show is even on the road? Recalling Perry Noble's it was Amanda who completed Davey. She must have felt a great deal of responsibility on account of that, yet was not able to complete him because he was only interested in himself and his ministry. Also, we don't know if that's what Peter really thinks, or if he's saying that just for the purposes of this particular analysis. I don't know - we've all (well,some of us) have more or less sainted Amanda by now, so he's maybe throwing a spanner into the works?.

Juliet said...

Sceptic - I'd venture they had a love-hate relationship, and in the Q & A videos we are seeing a couple who have loved one another, so the old shoe thing is there, they do sort of still rub along, but for the cause, but she's distinctly uncomfortable with what he is doing to her, and in public. Strange how we all see different things - or telling. It seems to me he tries to light his own candle by blowing out other people's - it doesn't work; we all must know or have known people who try to do that - not pretty, more light is always better than less.

Anonymous said...

You make some interesting points Juliet, and some of the same thoughts I've had. I don't think anyone has sainted Amanda, just, some of us have recognized the loving and beautiful person she was.

As for Peter alluding to her having been jealous, I don't know if this is true, I certainly don't believe it; or it could be that Peter picked up on this from Amanda's own words right after they returned from their honeymoon, seven years ago.

Amanda was in an utter state of bewilderment after the week long, supposedly devoted and loving honeymoon, when they returned home a week later and he immediately went to work, long hours, ignoring her. Personally, I don't think that was so much jealousy on her part as it was her feeling of total rejection when on and on it went, week after week, month after month, year after year and Davey did not care about her, he only cared about his career. Put yourself in her position.

She took on other interests, not only keeping house, doing the cooking and everything else, caring for her baby, working with her husband in church affairs and trips, always being there, then starts doing furniture refinishing, TRYING to make some money of her own; in my opinion, he ALSO made her tow the line financially; after all he WAS the head of the house. But she DID need to have some self worth of her own so she takes on a very hard and dirty job, refinishing old furniture, which must have disgusted him terribly seeing her unkempt and with stains and gunk all over herself, definitely not a big money maker, but she tried. The poor thing never had any time left to herself. She must have been exhausted.

He had no time for her. He had deceived her in even marrying her. All that mattered to him was his precious career. I cannot imagine what woman wouldn't have felt the same way. Imagine how her parents must feel now, having trusted him to marry their daughter, accepting him into and as part of their family, loving him; and all this time he has been putting her down and destroying her psychologically. If they have been doing any reading, they must be heartsick.

He is a pig; a male chauvinist hog at that. I wouldn't be at all surprised if he only married her for appearances sake, needing to portray himself with a wife, the dutiful husband; when his real sexual interests lie elsewhere, and THAT'S why he could not perform in a loving sexual relationship with her. Oh yeah, I think there is WAY more underlying Davey's deviant sex life than we know or may ever know. Just his having to be computer monitored tells me he has another whole world he prefers and it's NOT normal sex with a wife. Sick b'stard. He destroyed Amanda, permanently in the end. ABB

M said...

Sloane Berrie - Did you find that someplace where anyone could look it up or did someone share it with you?

Anonymous said...

This case reminds me of two cases I've seen on Tv, Id channel, I believe.
Wife was raped and murdered in both cases.
First case, husband was the person of interest for long, turned out to be innocent, a complete stranger killed his wife.
Second case, husband was cleared by DNA evidence, the killer was locked up. At the end of the trial the killer spoke, and told, the husband planned it, and the two were to share her life insurance money. Husband denied it.

Unknown said...

Yes, I went on some of the Facebook profiles, scrolled down the timelines and found a picture. It is on a male profile.

Juliet said...

These threads move so fast - I wondered if I missed any conversation following on from Sus's post of

Nov 21 at 3.07 am
Video - the Murder of Amanda Blackburn - second page of comments.

I try to keep up but there are so many comments.

It's so weird and strange if the pregnancy announcement was shoe-horned in as part of a sermon and without any reference to Amanda - strange he is talking about 'my kids' - not sure he intended that. Did he even intend the pregnancy announcement? Strange, that at that stage the baby was real enough in his mind to be regarded as on a par with Weston - since Amanda's death, he avoids mention of the baby, we wouldn't know she had been pregnant if it wasn't reported and if the interviewers didn't remind him. Was Amanda even pregnant - really? Someone was - hyper active imagination in overdrive. Destroy contents of abdomen, hope autopsy doesn't include all those tests to establish if she was pregnant - too far fetched, he'd know they could establish that fairly easily. Still, something very strange in that 'announcement' - I'm not convinced it was intended, and he is in the habit of lying to cover himself.

Peter - do you have any thoughts on that you would be willing to share? I'd also be interested to know what you think of the two part interview - the second part, where he talks of Amanda being willing to sacrifice herself, and the cancer cure bit. Also, where he is choking up about how Amanda would want forgiveness for her murderer. Please, at some point, if you will. It's so strange, I wonder how can he not be thinking of himself, or someone he knows and does not want brought to justice, in saying that? I can't get my hear round the absence of so much of what should be there - even if he didn't love Amanda anymore, he should be outraged at what had been done to her, and that Weston is now without her mother. Surely, he has to be involved - or could mental illness cause all that weirdness, and the soft language? Sorry if you already addressed those somewhere, and I have missed it.

Anonymous said...

There are a couple of other points I wanted to make; probably few care one way or the other what my opinions are, but I did want to say that in some areas double weddings are very popular. I say this because in a few posts on another article, some did not understand or agree with Amanda and her sister's double weddings, finding this to be very distasteful.

IMO, they can be very beautiful and definitely more cost efficient. Formal weddings and receptions are very expensive. It makes perfect sense that two sisters (or even close friends) would share in having a joint wedding. I knew of two identical twin sisters who married two identical twin brothers; imagine how beautiful and sweet this was! Very romantic and breathtaking.

Another point that really disturbs me is how some of us who are Christians could be criticized for feeling utter disdain for this type of false prophecy ministry, which it IS; when the focus is not entirely on souls saved for Jesus, NOT for tally numbers for the pastor, but for the Cross of Jesus and the absolute and unadulterated Word of God being preached, and the teachings of Jesus and him alone being preached, and where scriptures are being used and manipulated to ones own benefit and praise making themselves big money making machines. It is really sickening down in our very soul. ABB

JMTO said...

Thank you for your service and for your thoughts. I agree completely.
That must have been terribly traumatic for you. I can't imagine if it was a loved one, or even just a friend or acquaintance- to have to watch.

Bless you and thank you again.


Anonymous said...

Mornin' JMTO... I'm a little confused; if you don't mind me asking, to whom are you referring in your post just above @7:17? Curious. It is a very sweet post. ABB

Anonymous said...

"WE" may show the functionality of the group in which he derives friendship, counsel, and someone to pat him on the back even when he is wrong.

I once took a class in which being part of a group was required. Individually they may have been nice; collectively whatever "we" decide goes even if it means ignoring textbook examples and what the instructor wanted us to do. All women. I was met with frequency prior to class and they let me know in no uncertain terms outside suggestions, textbook examples, or any life experience wasn't welcomed because at contest time they wanted to win...and win big they would.I invited an outsider for an opinion on their behavior-a man-as I thought since I hadn't been feeling well their behavior may have been magnified in my own mind.So, in an open public place where I knew they wouldn't be as threatening, we met. He was flabbergasted! He thought the university may have been training prison guards. Looking back, I think he was right. I told him he should see what they are like when someone isn't sitting directly behind them. It was all about "we." They were pushy, caustic, and demanding their own way even in front of him in public. It was so bad that the last day I carried a weapon in my pocket. I had dropped from the group and went solo and won the contest (though never my intention, but to survive and not have to drop the class).

This is seen with much frequency, even in the business environment. "We" do not work when there are three or more. "We" are buddies and "We" are allowed to carry weapons to work and threaten other workers. "We" run the personnel dept. "
We" don't provide customer service because that is another group competing with our group and "we" will overtake them. "We" know how to get others fired as it is our job to do through investigations and that alone should provide credibility and stability to "Our" claims.(Unless someone else walks by and hears them huddled in the corner making fun of their beat-down victim and makes jokes about going to a competitor if service is what they want and laughing and cursing with the F bomb exploding in earshot)They become threatening when parking beside the person and staring when choosing to go to lunch. The one who does not want to tolerate the behavior may have a history of drug use and should be "watched."

M said...

Sloane - You need to share the location of that with LE while it's still there. They have likely already seen it, but share it just in case!

Apple said...

I agree, Peter. I have watched a few videos posted here and the more I see/ hear him talk, the less sure I am that he is involved. His behavior is so bizarre. Two days ago I would not have said this. The 911 call may change my mind but it may also be more of his same bizarre behavior. I think the easier conclusion using SA would be to say he has guilty knowledge. I think being cautious in that is a good idea.

Unknown said...

Hi "M", did you find it? I live in Australia. Not sure how to tell LE. Perhaps I should tell Peter Hyatt?

Unknown said...

Regarding the 911 call. Is it possible that there actually IS a 911 call?

M said...

Sloane - you're killin' me! (no pun intended) I don't have time to go look now...I'm sure it will be gone by the time I can sit and search it.

Unknown said...

"M"... lol. If I was able to post a little bit of the photo here, I would have. It is a person in a photo that look to me like the person currently held...

M said...

On CD's page?

Juliet said...

ABB - I don't know if I'd go so far as to say Davey deceived Amanda in marrying her - bearing in mind they were kids (to my mind) when they married. He probably had an image of himself, thought and intended to be a good husband - he couldn't have known until actually they were married that he wasn't cut out for marriage. I think any expectation Amanda had of him was one expectation too many, and he made that evident by not coming home for dinner that first week following the honeymoon. He was immature, still wanted to act single - he wanted it both ways. I think he imagined that a good husband had a submissive wife, and the first week was acting out to see how she responded to him doing what he liked - how submissive and accepting she was - he acknowledges he was selfish. I expect he continued that way, and Amanda became resigned to it, just tried to make the most of her bad decision in marrying and staying with him. The way they were raised would mean there was always potential for him taking advantage of her learned submissiveness, knowing that she would always try to please and excuse him - it seems that in the end it became too much for her, she was beginning to expose him. Depending on what he was doing online, she may have become repulsed and frightened - he was not who she thought he was. The monitoring of his browsing probably infuriated him - somewhere, in one of his talks he is about to say 'you shouldn't have told' (someone something) - he resented that she had sought help, no doubt. His pride could not take it - she was messing with his carefully cultivated image, and showing up his inadequacies - which he cast as hers. IMO.

Anonymous said...

Jalen Watson?

Anonymous said...

I have not seen the video of Amanda's funeral services but from what I've heard I'm not so sure I would have viewed it as being done tastefully. The services for a young mother and wife who has been horribly murdered is not my idea of a time for a glorious praise and worship service, which is what it sounded like went on at Amanda's funeral. That would almost be as if to thank God for it. The poor woman was just murdered for heaven's sakes! It is a time of mourning, tears and sorrow.

Certainly, the officiating minister could have said words of comfort to the family in being glad Amanda has gone home to be with the Lord, and thankful that she is not lingering in pain, but to actually make a praise and worship service out of her passing and leaving a child and family behind in such a tragic manner is not something to celebrate. Just my opinion...

On the other hand; my 2nd cousin passed on last year after lying in a coma from an incurable brain disease for three long years. He was a good man, a Christian, who owned and operated an auto dealership in his community, was well known and loved by all, he gave credit to customers when no one else would, only in his mid-50's. It was tormenting to his friends, his mother, wife and three children, and all who came daily and nightly to help care for him, turn him, feed and bathe and change him. Finally hospice came to help as his days became numbered at the end but still everyone lingered close by as he passed on to his eternal home, as they waited patiently for God to send for him.

THAT became a day of rejoicing. He was laid to rest in the family plot with doves released and balloons flying and great singing, dancing and praising God. It truly was a time of rejoicing when Jesus took Timothy home to be with him at last. So you see, there is a time to rejoice and a time to weep. Still, I have had many conversations with his mother, my close cousin, during the past year as she cried and lived the sorrow of losing him so young, and lamenting what could have been, but still so glad that God has seen fit to take him out of his suffering at last.

But with Davey Blackburn, there has been no Godly sorrow. It just isn't there. ABB

Anonymous said...

Assuming Davey Blackburn is not connected to the murder of his wife, his frequent use of "we" instead of "I" in talking about it - couldn't that be "guilt" - - even if he had nothing to do with the murder, he could be acutely aware he is a suspect, and also aware of how suspicious he appears, and therefore exhibiting a behavior common among guilty suspects?

Unknown said...

M, it is on JB's.

Unknown said...

Anonymous, yes, IF I am correct in what I am seeing, it might be him, but I might be wrong.

M said...

That looks like it's in Elkhart and if we are looking at the same pic, the name that is tagged is not Jalen Watson.

Unknown said...

No the pic that I saw was not tagged with a name.

Anonymous said...

Juliet, re your post @7:41; you cannot love someone one week and the next week you don't. I don't care what his image of himself was, or how young and immature he might have been at the time. He had just married a young inexperienced bride who was in love with him, and he supposedly in love with her; had he been, he would have wanted to be with her as well. Even the Bible speaks of the young husband taking time with his young wife. Davey refused and set her path on rejection.

Had he REALLY loved her he would not have started ignoring her just one week later, I don't care how hard he was 'working.' He could have still worked his long hours and managed to fit her in somewhere with some consideration for her, not rejection of her. Just ONE week later? He deceived her. He didn't need a wife, he used her for whatever reasons he had hidden in his sneaky soul, but it wasn't love. ABB

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Absolutely Juliet, he is blaming her for his own inadequacies, including in the bedroom. POS. He makes me wanna puke. ABB

Unknown said...

In my opinion, the thrill the get her overshadowed his thought process for a future with her. Once he had her, he lost interest, and his eagerness for power and a new thrill took priority. It is also my opinion that he was either caught on the web with wrong things, and in the process he might have had an affair, or perhaps he kept himself busy in chat groups on the net. I think he hurt her and that is the reason they had to get counselling. I also think that he made intimacy horrible for her, in that she had to compete against the ladies on the net.

JMTO said...

I said the same thing yesterday on the last post - maybe someone has been listening to Davey, talk about how awful his marriage was, the gun in Worship as a Weapon- and took care of his "problem" for him.

It wouldn't be too far fetched.

Anonymous said...

Assuming Davey Blackburn is not connected to his wife's murder, why is he always so conflicted when asked in interviews "What do you say to anyone listening who knows what happened to Amanda?", pausing, searching for words, saying (paraphrase)"Yeh, uh, if I were to say something it would be to please come forward, BUT Amanda would want forgiveness" and EVEN going on to describe it as a "conundrum"?

Anonymous said...

Is he afraid someone listening might actually think he is telling them to come forward, thus the tempered, cautious, request to come forward?

Heather said...

I think "we" is referring to him and his family collectively. In my opinion, he is speaking for the family and using the word "we" to latch on to the emotions of the entire family so he doesn't have to delve into his own emotions. Or he is looking to them for cues of how he is supposed to be feeling. I think it's an avoidance tactic again. Whenever he's used the word "we" it has appeared to me that he doesn't want to talk about his own feelings.

Unknown said...

The "we" might be to show that the families are in accord with how he feels. It makes him feel like there is support for him if he says "we".

He brought this suspicion on himself, if he was less in love with himself and more the caring spouse, he might have not been frowned upon.

Did you know that he told Noble that Amanda had a head wound. This made Noble think that she fell or something. A head wound ! He tried to soften the severity of her horrid injuries.

Anonymous said...

Must be quite a fine line to walk, having to publicly appear to encourage anyone with information to come forward while at the same time get the message to those listening who have information to not come forward.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Sloane. He couldn't get her any other way so he wowed her and married her. Once he had won his battle and had her, she was insignificant to him, and actually became burdensome to him.

My first husband did that same thing to me, THEN started the chase with bars and other women, leaving me crying many days and nights and with a baby to care for, AND broke with nowhere to turn and no one to turn too. Oh I understand it well. I also learned my lesson well too, at a young age.

Too bad Amanda couldn't move on a long time ago and make a real life for herself as she never would have had a life with him, and didn't; but I also believe he had other sexual interests as well and more than likely impotent as hell with women unless he was in some sort of illicit or kinky bi-group sex. My opinion of him is very low. After all, he IS a liar, using the name of Jesus to hide himself and his lies.

And honestly, I really don't understand why Peter is giving any possible slack at all to a liar when he is so keen on honesty. Or have I missed something? ABB

JMTO said...

Good morning, ABB!!!

I was responding to Jim @ 1:46am telling us about being deployed overseas and seeing afghan men dying of a bullet wound to the head.

Unknown said...

I must confess, I am the admin on the Facebook page for Amanda. The entire page revolves around the statement analysis of Peter. The page is growing by the day and there is no support for DB at all. The majority of the people side with 'he did it'. I think Peter might be treading lightly as his good name is important for all of us. Even I sit on the fence regarding guilty or not guilty. Since Peter started with the analysis on this case, it became huge. People flock to this blog to read.

Anonymous said...

Well Heather, all that may be true, but he certainly didn't mind saying "I" loud and clear in his so-called sermons when he was throwing sex subjects around and criticizing Amanda for everything under the sun that she did and didn't do.

So we come right back to: "If he doesn't say it we can't say it for him." ABB

Elizabeth K. Casey said...

Where do you find the list of books he's reading? I keep waiting each day hoping to read that the police are taking him in for questioning! It's just odd that so many ppl are here commenting about all the inconsistencies and he's yet to be forced to take a polygraph etc

XianJaneway said...

Sloane, who is JB?

Unknown said...

Family member. I can't say the name here. I might be completely wrong.

XianJaneway said...

Elizabeth, there's an older, pre-2009 blog of Davey's that had a list of books. One was "Good to Great" which was a popular CEO-type book. (Oddly, Phil Vischer read that book, and blames his following of *that* book's advice on some decisions he made that helped bring Veggie Tales down.) Davey was a Mark Driscoll fan, I remember that, but I don't know the link to his reading list off the top of my head.

XianJaneway said...

Sloane, if you're completely wrong, you've admitted it, unlike Davey. No one blames someone for being wrong and *admitting it* on the internet. I follow your FB page under my real name, and I'm proud of what you did. If you like, follow me @XianJaneway on Twitter and DM me.

Anonymous said...

Hi JMTO; I read Jim's post earlier. It was so touching, heartbreaking. My heart goes out to him. He has suffered, and seen suffering beyond words. Hope we hear from him again. And you too.... ABB

Juliet said...

Sloane - can you right click your mouse on the photo and save it to your computer before it is gone? At least then you will have it to forward or post online.

XianJaneway said...

^^What Juliet said!

Anonymous said...

I check spiritual and psychological clips when I feel I can stomach them.Upon hearing some of the emotional health clip, I noted they had used a Camero as a prop prior. The message was:no matter how racy the car, a person was going no where with a flat tire.

That, coupled with the Harley drawing for attendance, sent chills up my spine.
I had to wonder how many would be victims went to change a flat and found their proselytizing literature on their carjack.

Was Amanda just another dotter of the American revolution?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I use "we" in a cowardly way when it would be more honest to say "I". Here's when: Sometimes I call restaurants and say "We were wondering if you have vegetarian options on your lunch buffet today?" but there is no "we" b/c it's just me! I do it because I feel like I'm bothering them with my call, and saying "we" makes the call seem more worthwhile / less of an imposition.

Anonymous said...

His body language indicates guilt. His facial expressions are all wrong. He raises his eyebrows and opens his eyes wide when asked what he'd say to anyone who knew anything. He also fake cries during another interview. Fake crying means deception.

Anonymous said...

I think Peter is saying that with SA, there is a time that severe mental illness mimics guilt. Personality Disorders can occur co-morbidly. If you want to see someone who is as.cold as DB, watch interviews by Diane Downs who.shot her 3 children. She actually says at one point that she only has children so they can love and treasure her. There is nothing in her that sees people of any value except in relation to how they meet her needs. That is common with people with personality disorders but not to the degree of depravity it as seen in DB and DD is incomprehensible. In a person without this degree of mental illness, these behaviors and comments would indicate guilty knowledge. JLG

Anonymous said...

Some of you might be interested to know that the infamous Jim Jones started his ministry pretty much the same way, only initially even more devout in his Christian leanings and teachings, creating a big mass of followers and doing good works all in the name of Jesus; as HE interpreted the Name of Jesus, until it became all about HIM after he got them all under his spell.

By the time he landed his flock of pastor worshipers in the jungles of Guiana, he carried a rather small flock with him by comparison to the size his ministry had originally been. To their doom.

Does anybody really pay any attention to how these cult leaders get their foothold in the door with otherwise seemingly average and normal people; when all the signs and signals are right under their nose? I don't think so. People seem to follow them blindly. They back off a little here and a little there in their convictions until their leader has control of them. Always, to their doom. ABB

XianJaneway said...

Sloane, got the photo, and yes, it could possibly be him. Send it to the cops. I also downloaded it, just in case.

Anne of Port Charlotte said...

Anon @ 8:57; that's because he IS guilty. IMO, one way or another, this man's hands are not clean. EVERY indication shows his guilt, and it's not just in his use of the word "we". The "we" is small potatoes by comparison to his over all show of guilt. And it's NOT mental illness. ABB

eddie emmons said...


Juliet said...

In case anyone missed the live stream and would like to watch - Amanda's memorial service is online here:

Elizabeth K. Casey said...

Xian Janeway
Of course he was a Driscoll fan -insert eye roll- they're all linked together, these crazy Christian pastors who are obsessed with sex and power and subservient women! And usually their churches grow to be mega churches ex Driscoll, noble, Furtick etc. Davey was probably pissed he wasn't experiencing that fame!

XianJaneway said...

Sloane, even though they resemble each other, I'm looking through the other photos tagged, and don't see Davey, or a connection to Davey or Resonate, on any of those pages. :(

XianJaneway said...

Yeah, the photo was in New Hampshire, not Indiana. Likely not a connection. Again, IT'S OKAY THAT YOU WERE WRONG, because info can be VERIFIED. <3

Unknown said...

Thank you Jim @ 1:46, for your service, and sacrifice!

I agree. It bothers me that Davey has yet to describe the scene he encountered upon entering his home, his horror at her condition, and (I would assume) the panic that followed as he presumably raced to discover what state his son was in. He does not describe his relief to find his son unharmed, calling or waiting for the ambulance, holding or trying to rouse, or comfort Amanda, or even praying over her as he waited for help to arrive.

(I would think he would not miss the chance to describe how he hit his knees and prayed in his darkest hour, right?)

He doesn't describe their 'last words', or last pleasant exchange before he left that morning, nor his anger in what was stolen from him, and his son. He does't relate ANY of the things I would expect to be foremost on his mind.

If he isn't involved, he is deeply disconnected from normal human emotion, and apparently incapable of even imitating it properly.

thumbelina said...

Sloane -- #lakeannsnowcamp is related to Amanda's father's church. See fb page for the church 12-28-14.

Jaime said...

I've been reading and following this case from day 1 and his words, facial expressions, actions speak of such guilt and deception one doesn't even have to be trained in analysis to see it. i have a couple of questions and I hope someone can answer them.

1: the dog. Was the dog locked up during the attack and if so, why? According to what I've read this neighborhood was well aware of the break-ins, why would a home invasion deterrent be locked up?

2: No forced entry. DB didn't lock the door when he left so early in the morning with his pregnant wife and 15 month old home alone? My husband locks the door every single time he leaves the house.?

3: Davey left this particular day for the gym 40 minutes later than usual, why? Did he "need" his sexual urges satisfied before going or did a fight ensue over poor Amanda not being in the mood? I remember the first trimester and sex was the absolutely last thing on my mind and my husband 100% respected that.

Unknown said...

I was thinking along the lines of 'jealousy' regarding the commitment shown to his ministry, and the time he dedicated to it vs. his commitment to her and his family, and time dedicated to her and their son.

Bas (The Netherlands) said...

Didn't the neighbours hear the gunshot? It was very early in the morning, time for people to get to work.

JJBB said...

I check the news frequently. There has been no release of info for 2 days. I don't understand why LE is not having press conferences and updating the public. It makes no sense to me that DB is not a suspect.

Now, DB has left the state--clearly, LE has moved on to another theory and it doesn't include DB or I doubt they would have let him leave. I wont be surprised if DB commits suicide---and leaves a note saying it was because of his "grief" over losing his wife. That would fit his personality.

JJBB said...

BAS & Jaime--

It seems that the reporting of this case is shoddy. I keep thinking those questions would be asked by LE and reported in the news. I would expect the person who heard the dog barking would have been called by a reporter and we'd have his/her quote. So much of the reporting has been "sources say" and even the police have not been interviewed for follow up by reporters lately. If I lived in this community, I would be upset that LE has not released regular statements. At least the NP could report something like, "LE says it will nto speculate" or "LE has no new information to report at this time." Instead, there's little to no info. coming out

Unknown said...

LE has stated that the dog met them at the door, but by that point Davey had been in the house, so I guess there's no way to know if the dog was locked away during the attack. It's a huge question though!

Anonymous said...

Yeh JJBB - it seems excruciatingly slow-going.

JJBB said...

Wait! Did anyone actually hear a dog barking?! LOL! I wonder if I got that from the "dog talk" about the dog licking the police. See what I mean? There's so little concrete info and so much "story reporting"--like info about the dog licking police--that it's easy to make leaps:-( I think what was reported was that a GUNSHOT or GUNSHOTS were heard--not dogs barking. Sorry about that....Still, I stand by my statement that I think there's too little reporting on this case.

Anonymous said...

Why is there such little reporting? Isn't it because there is almost nothing to report? Seems like the cops just aren't sharing much at all.

Unknown said...

I appreciate everyone's contributions to this blog, and especially this case, which seems to have touched us all! I also see lots of new names, so welcome!

I can't stop thinking about this, and how opposite every aspect of Davey's behavior, and language is from the expected!

Unknown said...

On the topic of "who is we"...

Most of the time when Davey say 'we', I take it to mean 'the church', or in a broader sense, 'believers' in general. Much like, "we believe in one God, the father Almighty, maker of heaven and earth", " we believe in the resurrection and life ever lasting", etc. *(Examples from the Apostles Creed)

Basically, it's sounds to my ear as if he is incorporating a sermon into his interviews about his wife. It's distasteful, and interesting from a SA point of view, because he has proven himself WELL capable of using the pronoun 'I', and speaking for himself, (particularly when his favorite subject, sex, is involved)...yet when addressing Amanda's murder, he retreats to 'we' and packaged/rehearsed sounding 'pastor speak'.


Hi Sloane,

Can you post the link to Amanda's page, I'd like to check it out!

JJBB said...

Anonymous 10:47-

I suppose. I see your point--maybe there isn't anything to report.

But, haven't we come to expect a coalition of people who campaign on street corners with "Find Amanda's killer" buttons? Where are they? And, by "we," I mean the public from Amanda's neighborhood:-) The police could report that. There seems to be no movement at all in the public. It's all odd to me.

In my town, a few years ago, a child went missing and the t-shirts and posters started so quickly, I had to wonder if they had pre-printed them! FYI: The case went cold and the public was frustrated by the lack of LE follow-up. The husband took his other children to baseball practice a few days after the child was reported missing and said that life had to go on as normal--and this didn't seem suspicious to police here either. Child is still missing.

Anonymous said...

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous said...
Sometimes I use "we" in a cowardly way when it would be more honest to say "I". Here's when: Sometimes I call restaurants and say "We were wondering if you have vegetarian options on your lunch buffet today?" but there is no "we" b/c it's just me! I do it because I feel like I'm bothering them with my call, and saying "we" makes the call seem more worthwhile / less of an imposition.
November 22, 2015 at 8:56 AM

One of the most astute comments.

This is what has led to a wrongheaded conclusion that the lack of the pronoun "I" leads to "leadership" in the study of emails by CEOs.

They use "I" only when things are going well.

When correcting, or delivering negative news, they use "we" most always, except when they drop the pronouns entirely.

We all use the pronoun "we" when we feel the need to share, or the need to be part of a crowd, including embarrassment and guilt.

I hope the 911 call is released.

I have never come across a stranger use of the pronoun "we" by someone even remotely near Blackburn's intelligence level. Pronouns are instinctive and we (all) must still stay to the extreme statistics about them.

If Blackburn is connected to the shooter, statistic affirmed.
If Blackburn is not, AND even cold case detectives are convinced later, he is the extreme.

Principle is established upon norm, not exception.


Anonymous said...

I just watched the Love Song Week 6 Q&A with Davey and Amanda, that Skeptic referenced above. After following this case for several days, including reading all the analyses here, and the comments; I have to agree with Skeptic. If this video is where all the evidence of his supposed disdain and disrespect for his wife is coming from, I don't see it. I now regret not looking at this source videos first.

I see her holding her own. She is no wilting flower. This is absolutely not the type of presence I expected to see, based upon the opinions that have been posted here about her. And you can see at points her putting in her own critical digs about him, as well. I see a young couple that truly believes in trying to live a Christian marriage, and who have accepted that it involves constantly learning and holding Christ in their view, first, followed by their spouse.

At 43:30, specifically, is the question about what to do about having different sexual needs. Here is the mention of how they solved it,with advice given to them by another couple that they themselves go to for counseling: by having sex before they go out to dinner on date night. She says that this is a great solution for both of them. Davey lays all his stuff out there, and we find it offensive. But he appears to be truly committed to living a life guided by "Christian" values. Yes, it is an incredible challenge for him, but he is genuinely trying.

On the other hand, in this video we also see both of them talking about the restorative value of belief in Jesus Christ. He forgives even the worst sins. Davey specifically mentions the cases of Paul, specifically mentions how if a man who murdered Christians can be saved, anyone can. The other story he specifically details is David and Uriah. If a king who has a man deceptively murdered to hide proof of his adultery is forgiven, then anyone can be.

"There is a promise for the best ending that you can ever imagine... In Christ you can have the best ending... You can have all of your sins wiped away, just like that."

He is a physically attractive, intelligent, gifted, intense, passionate person. I do see that he often perceived that this "happy ending" in various aspects of his life was not happening fast enough for him, in his perception. Could he have indeed snapped, and psychotically part of himself justified the act of murdering his wife within that religious context? I'm not sure.

Regarding his affect in interviews and use of "we" in his responses, could it be something like his "higher self" or spirit he is speaking from when trying to access appropriate responses? He genuinely believes in looking first to higher, godly reasons for things, when trouble hits in life. In order to feel safe, his first instinct is to speak from that removed, philosophical perspective. If he is a "true believer," as I perceive him from this video, then I can see that as possible. The raw emotions are just too much for him. ...More recent responses from him seem to be showing a more personal emotional response, at last.


Juliet said...

Jen Ow - that sounds reasonable, though if I was Amanda, the more hours he spent out of the house, the better I would like him - he seems so critical - as someone said, living with Davey was probably like walking on eggshells.


Not convinced of Davey being the real deal - if he can't express love for his wife, no-one else is in with much of a chance either.


1If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but do not have love, I have become a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. 2If I have the gift of prophecy, and know all mysteries and all knowledge; and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. 3And if I give all my possessions to feed the poor, and if I surrender my body to be burned, but do not have love, it profits me nothing.

4Love is patient, love is kind and is not jealous; love does not brag and is not arrogant, 5does not act unbecomingly; it does not seek its own, is not provoked, does not take into account a wrong suffered, 6does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth; 7bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

8Love never fails; but if there are gifts of prophecy, they will be done away; if there are tongues, they will cease; if there is knowledge, it will be done away. 9For we know in part and we prophesy in part; 10but when the perfect comes, the partial will be done away. 11When I was a child, I used to speak like a child, think like a child, reason like a child; when I became a man, I did away with childish things. 12For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face; now I know in part, but then I will know fully just as I also have been fully known. 13But now faith, hope, love, abide these three; but the greatest of these is love.


No, we can't know another's heart and mind - yes, I am getting all judgemental. Davey makes me angry - if he's mentally ill rather than plain callous and unfeeling, then that's probably misplaced. But he's a pastor showing no signs of love, shock, horror, grief - regret, care. How can he be charged with the care of souls when he does not appear to care even for or about his murdered family? It's beyond words. So we all fall short - how can anyone fall that short in his position, and others not see through it? How is that even possible?


Even so, I quite liked Amanda's memorial service, for what it was - not anything I would care to have, or need to attend, but as modern worship goes, I can imagine it helped those who like the informality and the music - thinking well, Amanda, hopefully would have liked it, and at least Davey was not doing the preaching. Even so, I'm still quite surprised it was the funeral - I thought, before people said it was her funeral, that it was a memorial, and the more traditional funeral would have followed in a day or two. I feel quite badly for criticising other believers - my understanding and preferences are different, but those of us who believe are all where we are in our own journeys of faith - and like they say, nothing is wasted (on that journey). Unfortunately they seem to have mixed it up with the idea of recycling - oh, well.

Anonymous said...

"We" would wonder why someone who would call a restaurant that has a buffet and assume it did not separate the vegetables from the meat? Why do it? To hear the sound of your jaws jacking?

Anonymous said...

Despite my consideration above that he may be innocent, I'm certainly in agreement he is a deluded narcissist. I think it was an incredible challenge for him to work at living the "Christian" life he strove for.

And if he is innocent, has his concern for his image indeed overridden any latent human expression of true sadness?

That Inside Edition interview I found to be an astounding performance, the script and the awkward fondling of his wedding ring.


Chuck Cheesehead said...

A hypersexual man (male nymphomaniac) likely has a porno addiction and is a habitual masturbator. A forensic examination of his electronic devices may reveal some rather perverse results.

rjb said...

Is it possible that any of DB's linguistic choices could be due to his feeling a sense of culpability in his wife's death due to the fact that he was the one who would have made the decision to remove her from life support? In my experience with the Evangelical church, brain death is not often accepted as a valid diagnosis, and the decision to remove supportive measures is frequently viewed as being akin to murder (only God has the right to end someone's life, God could miraculously revive the brain dead individual, other reasoning placing the ultimate power over the physical death of the brain dead person in God's hands & God's hands alone.) I fully agree with the assessment that DB is a narcissist who feels no true sense of loss over Amanda's death or the death of their unborn child, but can being immersed in a culture and worldview where the conscious choice to remove someone from life support is generally considered questionable at best provide enough of a feeling that he is responsible, at least to some degree, for his wife's death, and therefore result in his using suspicious language?

The Beckster said...

Peter - could the "we" be him and the family? I would think he sees himself as the representative of Amanda's family and friends so he uses and inclusive "we" to represent himself being in front of and in charge of all those close to her. I did not think the "we" was his work. If I lost my husband and someone asked me about it, I might reference "we" as all those close to him (his parents, siblings, kids, myself, etc.)

That said, I still think he could be using that "we" to hide his involvement, or to avoid putting himself out there vulnerable to suspicion. I am highly suspicious of him and agree he is either responsible or feeling relieved she is gone. Still, I was wondering if the "We" was more related to a family "We" and not a work "We".

Juliet said...

Sloane - Davey wrote on his blog that he is a risk taker - but perhaps you are nearer the mark - he's a thrill seeker.

Donna said...

KC, I'm watching the LS #6 Q&A right now, and to me, DB comes across as a micro-manager.

At around the 13:40-ish mark, he talks about "Jesus is the only one who can complete you" - he seemed adamant about that - but in one of the interviews (Fox) he said, "dealing with losing the person that you feel like you know, completed you". Which is true for him? Jesus completing him or AB?

Anonymous said...

DB films his Good news/Bad news tapes from his bedroom.More people, people! Need I say more?

GeekRad said...

I agree Peter. And I still will not be surprised if the murderer has a connection to Davey and his church.

Donna said...

I've been mulling this over in my mind-- it wants to connect DB to something I know and am familiar with. DB saying that he had to avert his eyes (I'm getting a visual of King Arthur averting his eyes when speaking to God in Monty Python's Holy Grail, but anyway...) when he was surrounded by all the scantily-clad bods at the gym.

A close family member's boyfriend was a chronic cheater. He used to hit on my friends (who didn't like him at all, plus he was 20 years older than us), then go back to my family member and tell her that my friends were hitting on him before the true stories from my friends could come back to her about him. My family member believed him - she told me, "Look! He's being so honest, AND he's SO desirable that all the young girls want him, I'm so lucky!" IMO the guy was a sociopath; the predatory manner in which he 'stalked' my friends (we were teens at the time), the preparatory lies to make him look good.

rjb said...

His preaching style, topics, etc. instantly made me think, "This guy's a wannabe Driscoll." The main difference being, Mark Driscoll actually has charisma.

Anonymous said...

Where do you guys get your information about Davey putting Amanda down, blaming her or the pregnancy for his dissatisfaction, etc.?

The video on his site, which was made by someone else to supposedly show just that, does not suggest his disdain for her at all. It shows an immature, narcissistic, sex-obsessed clown, but he does not disparage his wife, even though he makes people cringe and his sexual 'revelations' could be humiliating to his wife (but also they would not be so, if she shared his beliefs and loved him, as she apparently did).

Are there any other specific videos or written statements that show his dislike and contempt for Amanda?

Skeptic said...

To what extent do we bring our own biases to analyzing someones statement?

I think he must have some involvement based on the post murder behavior, and he is hiding by using "we" as Heather has said above.

But Davey before the murder? He strikes me as very affable young guy, Hollywood hansom and a gifted public speaker. They seem like a happy couple. Passionate about Jesus, passionate about everything. Outgoing and full of energy. And as for Amanda? She had achieved the pinnacle of success for evangelical women - a devout, traditional husband, a pastor even. Cute house, baby etc... This is what all the teenage girls in these churches want based on my experience.

I think some Christians here are judging the Resonate church unfairly. How can you say they are not real Christians? What is a real Christian? Is there only one kind? Why then do we have so many denominations?

Everyone interprets scripture, everyone. The books are not like building codes, and contradictions abound. Who's to say one interpretation is more valid than another?

I don't see pre-murder Davey as being too overtly sexual. His shirts aren't that tight. His arms are so big he probably couldn't find shirts not tight! I'm a woman though, and I wonder if men will bring a bias based in a tad of envy to their analysis of him.

Post-murder Davey is a different story, something's definitely off.

Anonymous said...

As others said, Davey is likely using 'we' to refer to his family, including Amanda's parents. What's curious is that her parents have never appeared with him on TV, sharing their grief and pleading for help, in a way that would suggest any unity.

And now he's apparently taken his son and gotten away from them for some time.

Yes, people use 'we' when they want to dilute the burden of their personal responsibility and suggest that there are others who support them in their ideas and decisions. E.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone find his twirling of the ring during the IE interview to look like a premeditated act? I thought it was unbelievably over the top. E.

Unknown said...

Good Morning Everyone, from Australia.

Link to the Amanda page -

I took a screenshot of the photo.

Anonymous said...

I'm the Anon from 12:33 PM, asking those questions.

I meant to say, "The video on this site...," meaning the compilation video Peter posted a couple of days ago.


eddie emmons said... reason for a person to fake tears....unless you're insincere attempting to convince someone are easily duped.....

Anonymous said...

Sloane, that link does not work.

Anonymous said...

Re "the photo" convo that has been popping up...

I've looked at it, too. I'm on the fence about a resemblance - can't really figure out who.

XianJaneway, if I'm looking at the right photo, it was taken in Michigan and not New Hampshire.

Unknown said...

The name of the page is : Justice Seekers - The murder of Amanda Blackburn

Anonymous said...

LOL, never mind, Sloane. It works. I spelled 'justice' correctly. My bad.

Anonymous said...

Anybody have any clue why Websleuths just locked the Amanda Blackburn thread? It's already bad enough they over-moderated that thread and deleted tons of comments for anyone who even remotely questioned DB's behavior..but now the thread got closed?

Anonymous said...

The picture looks like JW, for sure. I wonder if the investigation is going in the direction of a suspect familiar with the family.

Anonymous said...

The closing of the thread on Websleuths is standard operating procedure there. It's only a place to read, not participate--way too much irrational censoring.

Anonymous said...

Why does Davey's twitter geocode (see his profile with iphone icon) show that he's in Duluth GA?

Anonymous said...

Idk, I am feeling quite a sympathy with him, watching that Q&A video. I think it is because I understand my own past challenges with narcissism--not on a diagnosable "disorder" level, but on a level of an awareness of my own thoughts of superiority, and my own selfishness (not "healthy" selfishness, but that my needs and desires and perspective are more important and valid than others in my life); and that I did not like feeling this way towards others. It has been life-long work to transform this, to disassemble that strong ego; to trust that there was some greater order and meaning of the universe--and my life--to yet perceive, and give up trying to control and make events and people as I want them.

I am touched listening to him near the end, there; his passionate belief in turning one's life over to Jesus when one gets tired of doing things "your way."

From the prayer he offers: [i]"My life has been full of doing things my way, and because of it I've experienced pain and regret and remorse..."[/i]

He understands that this egocentric aspect of himself is not getting him anywhere valuable, and he genuinely wants to transform.

The other examples of his apparently harsh perception of his wife not being a good enough partner toward the success of his ministry I can also sympathize with. He is a very capable person who has high expectations of himself. He also then expects that others have similarly high expectations of themselves. I have had the ability to be incredibly hard on myself in my past. This often also included being quite hard on others closest to me. This state of mind is rough to dwell within, until one finds some peace of mind and ability to forgive oneself, within the context of a solid spiritual outlook.

As Skeptic says, though, his post-murder behavior is still debatable. He is a fascinating case, in any event.


Been there. Left. Still feel like it was my fault. said...

I picked a ridiculous screen name a couple days ago, and I tried to remember what it was so I could use it today in case anyone keeps track of comments that leap from thread to thread.

I am a Christian woman who married a Christian man (I thought, later found out he wasn't, although he was a leader in our church and loved church activities and studying the bible) he is, though, a narcissist. I had three kids with him, I tried to make life as smooth as possible so he wouldn't have a reason to be upset, divorced after he became violent with our son.

I think the most relevant thing I want to say is what he told me around the time of the divorce. He said "I was never really 'Joe' (not his real name), 'Joe' is who I wanted to be. And I thought I could become him if I was married to you." Evidently he wore a mask for decades and none of us knew. The mask became a lower priority over time and he became an anger-filled man when called on inappropriate actions/reactions.

It made a lot of sense, in retrospect, though. I loved 'Joe' (part of me still does) deeply. The longer we were married, the less I saw of 'Joe,' and the more I saw of the narcissistic side. But there were still glimpses of him. And that could be intoxicating, because all I really wanted was for 'Joe' to be with us all the time. As hard as things were at times, I only entertained thoughts of divorce in the same way that someone dreams of becoming a millionaire. I might buy a lottery ticket, but have no expectation of winning. I loved him, but I did not like him.

I think Amanda probably loved him and worked very hard at their relationship. I think Davey loved her as much as a narcissist can. After reading some of his blogs from when they were dating, he really liked the person he was when he was around her.

So, I agree they loved each other. But I think the marriage Q&As show that they didn't like each other much. But they were working very hard.

I still don't know if I think he killed her. I'm leaning more towards the idea that someone read his cues and independently may have taken care of business for him.

JMTO said...

I see a lot of back pedaling, but I am sticking with my original feelings and thoughts.

I still think he is guilty as all hell.

He walked in from the gym, and found his beautiful, pregnant wife on the floor bleeding from her head.

He had no idea where Weston was in the house and if he was ok.

I want to hear him start his version of what happened from when he walked thought the door.

Like Jim @ 1:46 said about being deployed overseas- when you see someone dying of a head wound or bullet wound it is not just a "no big deal" "shrug" "conundrum" kind of thing.
It bothered him and he can recall seeing it- but it didn't absolutely shake Pastor Davey to his core??

No stories about running through the house looking for Weston, and praise Jesus Lord and Savior that he was spared?

No speaking of how horrible it was to be completely helpless as your wife lies dying?

"No big deal". "Shrug". "Conundrum"

Nope, not buying it.

I appreciate Peters work here, and I think he is brilliant. You can only go one what you have. We do not have the 911 call yet- if we ever get it.

And to those that saw a loving couple in the Love Song Q&A- I felt nothing but tension from those videos.
My husband and I like to pick and have fun- but there are limits.
Certainly in private but most definitely in public surrounded by how many people.
There are just some things you just do not say.

Lily said...

I don't see the photo, Sloane. Did you take it down? Which thread on the fb site is it?

Anonymous said...

Sloane Berrie,
Did you post the photo that may be JW on the Facebook Justice site? I couldn't find it.

Anonymous said...

On DB's Facebook friend list find James B. then look through his photos. Look for Snow Camp 2014

Anonymous said...

there are 2 james b's

Anonymous Been there. Left. Still feel like it was my fault. said...

I'm not back pedaling. I am reading arguments and evaluating them. I was never convinced he is guilty, but I did think it a probability. I find Peter's arguments persuasive in that there is not enough info to make a decision. In the absence of 1,000 hours of training, I respect his analysis, especially as he lays it out so that everyone can follow how he arrived at conclusions.
I am curious though because you seem to think that sticking with your original thought and feelings is more valuable than thoughtful consideration. I come to this conclusion because you termed change of thought as "back pedaling" and that is a negative term.

Anonymous said...

Juliet, your perception that living with him might have been like walking on eggshells I suspect may be accurate, if I may again relate it to my own experience of being the narcissistic person in a relationship, and very capable of extreme judgment and moods.

And Donna regarding micro-managing, I've certainly in the past been in the habit of judging about every little thing.

Again, though, it was really a reflection of my own inner unhappiness with myself. My own self-judgment about not being "successful," my perception that the world owed me something more than I perceived I had.

Paul's passages on love that Juliet quotes represent what the self-aware narcissist strives for, I'd say. It is foreign, in a way, to a narcissist: this thing called love. It is something to work on bringing out of oneself.

Post-murder DB seems to hold AB up as an embodiment of selfless love for everyone. I think he probably judged himself to not hold these characteristics, and perceived that she did. While in reality, he does have those qualities buried within.

Anon at 1:45pm above recounts her experience married to a narcissist who did NOT seek to change, did not apparently find that his own behavior was the cause of his unhappiness in life. While for myself, I got tired of feeling so constantly uncomfortable and guilty about my behavior towards others. Same thing, over and over.

It is VERY hard to give up on one's righteous ego, for those who have depended upon it for their very existence and identity for their entire lives. Integration and acceptance of one's various "selves," ..the "good Joe" and "bad Joe," takes a lot of inner work that most don't have the wherewith all or will to do. So, a life of unhappiness and making others unhappy continues.


Skeptic said...

I am wondering if men are more inclined to have a negative view of Davey. I know sometimes when I encounter a really attractive woman I sorta think stuff like... She thinks she's so hot, spends all her time at the gym. That's not her hair it's gotta be extensions. So selfish spends the family's money on extensions and gym memberships. I could look like her too but I'm not that selfish. Wow, ok can't believe I'm admitting such unflattering things about myself but it's true.... sometimes not always.

I'm just not seeing the narcissistic tendencies in him. I haven't watched most of his sermons though, and of course people can be quite different at home than they are in public. He's a public speaker, he's got to look good it's part of the job much like movie stars.

I do think though that there was a big problem with his "business model." Young people are increasingly not religious these days, all the polls show. His style is all about appeal to the young. Plus, they don't have much money. If you're going to make this a full time job it has to be self sustaining at some point. Could something have happened perhaps word from the "investors" that they're done with the funding. This church was his (and her I think) dream. Could it have started as a murder suicide but then he couldn't kill himself?

Anonymous said...

From what I understand, there is still only a one thousand dollar reward provided by and posted by Crime Stoppers. Is it just me, or does anyone else find it odd that the reward amount has not increased?

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

At the barest minimum (being human), Davey should be struggling with PTSD, instead of making the interview rounds. Seriously, finding any human being bleeding from a close* range head shot would be very traumatic. Between revulsion and horror at the injury , compassion for the injured as a human being (not even as a wife),instantaneous fear for your toddler, and overwhelming terror and panic that the perpetrator may still be in your home- I expect to hear PTSD verbiage in his language. NONE noted. (LE has said in interviews that this was "up close, personal")

I expect Davey to look haggard, exhausted from nightmares, or at best well-worn(sleep via sleeping pills-prescribed or OTC). Keep in mind, said Dad has a toddler missing his stay-at-home primary care giving mommy. I expect to see disheveled, dark under circles, blindsided- Pastor or not. Someone killing your wife in your house is personal, even if your marriage was shaky. The unexpected is put together, well-rested, pumped, and articulate (Note: only when it comes to his church message though).

P.S. Stupid I know, but I trust no one who is perpetually tanned and looking like a Hollywood wannabe.

Jenny said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dano said...

KC, I find your comments insightful.

Especially this:

It is VERY hard to give up on one's righteous ego, for those who have depended upon it for their very existence and identity for their entire lives. Integration and acceptance of one's various "selves," ..the "good Joe" and "bad Joe," takes a lot of inner work that most don't have the wherewith all or will to do. So, a life of unhappiness and making others unhappy continues.


I'm a woman and my first reaction to seeing Davey was distrust and repulsion. I thought, "What kind of a pastor spends so much time as he apparently does on building his muscles? What kind of a pastor displays his physique this way?"

I was also struck by the gap in attractiveness between him and Amanda. I know this is subjective and people's opinions will vary, and I know that external beauty is not all that; but I've assumed, correctly or not, that for a narcissist like Davey, who's committed to perfecting his looks with time, the possible dissatisfaction with his wife's less than ideal beauty would be an unspoken issue, and one that would influence his relationship to her.

That's just idle speculation, though -- it may or may not have anything to do with their reality. And as creepily self-centered and sex-obsessed as Davey boy is, it does not make him a murderer.

It just may be true that she was killed by a random burglar.

The police are not releasing much information, including the 911 call, because they have to keep what they know (and don't know) to themselves so as not to compromise their investigation, which, let's remember, is very fresh.

Jenny said...

Given the morbid curiosity surrounding him and his relentless desire to gain attention through it, this event could catapult Davey smack dab into Steven Furtick territory, with commensurate salary increases, megachurch pastorate, national exposure, ginormous house, book deals, and, in time, a bona fide tall skinny golden-girl beachy-blonde trophy wife. I think Davey has seen the future and it's totally worth it to have lost Amanda to a vicious brutal crime -- one in which I'm still three-quarters convinced he is somehow involved. It's no wonder his Resonate lackeys/friends are defending him to beat the band. They too sense the gravy train is pulling into the station.

Dano said...


Yes, we all expect that. But among possible reactions to trauma are denial, depersonalization, and dissociation -- all part of post-traumatic shock. These reactions can last for quite some time, shielding the person from pain and possible psychic disintegration. They would make him (or her) appear strangely or even inappropriately detached.

They seem abnormal to outsiders, but they are part and parcel of the self-protective mechanisms developed by our minds.

And with narcissists like Davey, normal emotional rules do not apply anyway. Their emotional lives are shallow and self-centered, so their grief -- if there is any -- after a loss of a loved one, even a spouse, will not look like that of an emotionally normal person.

While I too find Davey's behavior bizarre and suspicious, I'm allowing the possibility that he did not murder Amanda. (Although my inner radar points toward him, all the same.)

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

I think some of the issue surrounding Davey's narcissism is that unless you've had first-hand experience with a full-blown narcissist, you don't want to rush to judge. Generally speaking, that's a good philosophy and practice.

Having a NPD parent or family member, it's easy to recognize the way he goes out his way to out her down in the Q & A videos. The fact that Amanda gives back a little in the exchange is actually normal for victims of NPD abuse , particularly given that the abuse is being perpetrated in a public setting, that includes the congregation, her/their friends, and some of her own family members. Think if it as a family member bringing up one of your most embarrassing moments at Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, specifically to embarrass you because you are getting some attention and they are not. That's NPD behavior. It's the need to be front and center- they cannot abide someone else getting attention, their self-esteem can't take it. They will always grab the attention-whether by grandstanding, "performing", insulting and demeaning others (subtly or overtly), talking over others, or angry, jealous outbursts.

The way he grabs his microphone and loudly talks right over her is reminiscent of our family meals with our NPD member. She's escalated to yelling over us, telling family members to "Shut Up!" so she can talk, calling people names who are talking when she is trying to direct and control the action and interaction, and then she calls us all in to pray! She's very religious too. At our recent Thanksgiving, after rudely herding us all to pray, she launched into this holy Christian-speak sounding prayer to thank God for his many blessings and ask for help for the people in Paris, only to vehemently ask Him to give the Muslim terrorists what they deserve. <:0 I fully expected and was totally surprised that none of my family members kicked me under the table (as in "there she goes"). The children looked stunned. The adults all just looked at each other. Narcissism at it's finest-Judge & jury.

Recently my extended family member went to the ER. The next day, he called to tell me about the situation, his ER visit, subsequent hospitalization, and the follow-up. We talked about 15-20 minutes. Withing five minutes of his hanging up, I got an email from my NPD family member telling me all the ways he had it wrong and "what really happened". She was the hero, leading player in her version of his story, casting him as a hysterical hypochondriac.

If(and that's a big if) Davey is no narcissistic, then he's unbelievably immature with his locker-room attitude and banter. His blatant disrespect for women as a whole(sexual objectification, "girl drama", incorrect interpretation of submissiveness), his language, lack of appropriate boundaries (socially and otherwise), all disqualify him for being a pastor.

The lack of a system of outside checks and balances (outside the hand-picked pastoral close friend circle) and accountability, as well as the lack of actual Biblically-based teaching (as opposed to Bible buffet) make me avoid off-shoot churches like this like the plague.

BallBounces said...

KC November 22, 2015 at 11:01 AM

Thank you for your measured words.

JMTO said...

Been there, still feel like it's my fault,

If you have been on the fence the whole time about his guilt, then my comment had nothing to do with you.

I am talking about people going back and forth from one post to another.

I have all faith in Peter's analysis.
He has been doing this for years and he is brilliant.
(I am pretty sure I said that above)
And I wasn't trying to degrade him.
I value his opinion above all else on this thread.

He hasn't found enough evidence in Pastor Daveys statements to be able to say that he is guilty bc of his own guilt, or bc of having known who the killer is.

That's not to say the 911 call being released won't change that.

I am saying I am sticking to my theory, it doesn't mean that I am not open to others.
But I am not going to jump back and forth, condemning one minute and then sympathizing the next if you know what I mean.

Backpedaling is a term that describes going backwards after forwards, it wasn't meant to be offensive but if you found offense in it then I am truly sorry.

Ps. I am completely open to the theory that someone in his church watching his sermons decided to hurt Amanda.


Foolsfeedonfolly said...


I hear what you're saying and agree that some people do use depersonalizing, denial, and disassociation to cope with a loss. A very responsible, highly organized and self-motivated friend of mine turned into super human when her beloved parent passed unexpectedly. Seriously, she drowned herself in heavy projects (leadership, Church leadership, household, homeschooling, etc.). It was like a CEO on speed or crack. Nine to eleven months later, her marriage was falling apart, her children had serious behavior issues,her health was suffering, and she was falling apart emotionally. If I had not known her for years and understood what was happening, because she always seemed so nice, outgoing, caring about others,and close to her parents. To an outsider, it could have looked like she didn't care about her parent. Knowing her like I did, I just waited for the inevitable crash and it was pretty awful.

If Davey's narcissistic, because appearances and outside people's view of them is everything, I expect to see quite a bit of mimicry. They have to fake it because they don't feel it. They're self-aware enough to know and they're constantly assessing their audience (be that the interviewer, extended family & friends,or a group) to determine their "believe-ability". Then they adjust their performance accordingly.

I am not saying Davey shot Amanda. I am not saying Davey hired a hit man to kill Amanda. I am saying if Davey is not involved, someone needs to do an intervention- he needs some good psychological counseling from a certified counselor, independent of NewSpring, Resonate, and any of their other branches or members or affiliate ministries. He should not be any position of authority influencing and directing anyone's spiritual life, IMHO. That boy needs help. I'm going to hazard a guess and say that I'd bet his parents thought he was "precocious" and "he's always been a handful".

Unknown said...


>>We think you nailed it!

Lol! Well said.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

RE: Davey's cancer cure-"cutting" analogy

I found it alarming that he'd mentally link Amanda's murder with imagery concerning cutting. Now compound that with cancer (an insidious disease that eats away at the body, often a silent killer). Once identified, it has be aggressively removed. I have concerns that he identified Amanda or her complaints/lack of immediate submission as a cancer in his life or his ministry/the church (the Body of Christ).

This murder is so horrific and abnormal and I'm trying to understand the culture surrounding Davey & Amanda. It would appear,from Amanda's brother's Instagram, that there is some tradition or significance to gifting the men in the family with a serious knife on significant occasions ( and I wonder if Davey received a knife from Mr.Byars or if anyone has gifted Weston with a knife.

eddie emmons said...

All too true....

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Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Jalen Watson has a record for Burglary, Theft, Possession of a controlled substance, and Gang activity ( Other news sources additionally cite former neighbors recounting, breaking and entering and brandishing a weapon as a young juvenile.

None of these are assault-related charges (sexual or otherwise), much less murder or even attempted murder. Typically, before a thug shoots anyone at close range in the head, there's an escalation from assaults (multiple) toward more violent assaults (multiple). In this case, if Jalen is the shooter, he's gone from small fry to Life Sentence/Death Penalty at warp speed. While I recognize drugs cause people to do crazy things, this just doesn't seem to fit. Aside from a gang initiation, I'm having trouble squaring what appears to be somewhat minor crime(by Indy's standards) with a close, personal head shot murder that may or may not involve sexual assault/abuse. Given that he's got a lengthy juvenile record with no assaults, IMO I think he'd be more likely to run or possibly take a chest shot and run.

I also find it odd that whatever was taken from the Blackburn's was not TVs and electronics. LE came out early and identified those items as stolen from the neighbor's house- that's well within Jalen's juvenile record and seeming specialty. However, they've withheld what what was taken from the Blackburn's (or more specifically, Amanda)- credit cards aside. IMO if Jalen had stolen the credit cards, that would have been in the charging documents (or at a minimum, either possession of stolen property, receiving stolen property or credit card fraud).

Anyone as puzzled as I am?

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Sloan whose profile did you go to find the photo?

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I'm lost. Who is JB?

Dano said...


All good points.

I called Davey a narcissistic psychopath upthread (posting as anonymous, before opening my Google account). I happen to be a psychologist by training, and I specialize in this particular pathology (among other things). He fits the criteria, and I am happy to see that most people identified him properly. Kudos to human intuition.

I also think Peter's analysis is accurate.

These men -- as narcissistic psychopathy is predominantly a male pathology -- are sex- and control-obsessed macho-wannabe misogynists as par for their pathological (and often ideological) course. Religion is a perfect racket for them, because it gives them power (male headship) and puts women under their control teaching them submission in all matters, especially sexual.

So Davey's atrocious behavior toward Amanda -- behavior that raises red flags in normal people's minds and makes them want to either run or vomit, or both -- is, unfortunately, completely normal in the context of their religion.

But Davey's is not alone in his mistreatment of his wife and women in general among religious men. This happens to be the feature of that world, rather than a bug.

If you search the web for Christian patriarchy and related matters (Christian female submission, for example, or biblical gender roles), you will find many sources, including blogs with very active commentariat, that may raise the hair on your head with their medieval (and psychopathic) content preaching absolute male dominance, including abuse of women (e.g., wifely "discipline") as a part of their ethos, justified by the Bible.

I am heartened to see that most people are able to recognize this as pathology.

It should not surprise anyone that within a belief system teaching that women are male property, created to fulfill male needs (sexual and domestic), abuse is a given. Abuse in all forms is a natural consequence of such dehumanization. So disposal of "broken" property is no big deal, especially when its replacement is in the offing (as I suspect could be the case here).

We don't have evidence of Davey's involvement in Amanda's murder; but, psychologically at least, as well as statistically, he makes the no.1 suspect.

trustmeigetit said...

Then what about the direct comment about how he feels about his involvement where he used "us and "we"

The reporter was speaking to him and him alone about him and him alone.

There was no suspicion to his son or other family members.

That to me is the most troubling comment he has made.

We in other areas could really be him and Weston. But directly related to his involvement no. Us and we is not acceptable.

trustmeigetit said...

This crossed my mind as well. Even my worst enemy...if I witnessed something like that, I'm confident it would emotionally destroy me for some time.

Even if he didn't love his wife, that still should have been beyond tramautizing.

He has not shown an ounce of sadness or trauma. That is just not right.

The 911 call I think will really give us SA people answers.

Still bottom ally sure he is involved but I am pretty close to that.

Also the interesting thing that keeps going thru my mind is the shots to the stomach and head. As if the goal was to kill the baby and her.

Anyone have that thought.

sidewalk super said...

I'm wondering if crazy davy has missed any of his daily 3 hour gym sessions
since Amanda was murdered ?

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rjb said...

Is it possible that any of DB's linguistic choices could be due to his feeling a sense of culpability in his wife's death due to the fact that he was the one who would have made the decision to remove her from life support? In my experience with the Evangelical church, brain death is not often accepted as a valid diagnosis, and the decision to remove supportive measures is frequently viewed as being akin to murder (only God has the right to end someone's life, God could miraculously revive the brain dead individual, other reasoning placing the ultimate power over the physical death of the brain dead person in God's hands & God's hands alone.) I fully agree with the assessment that DB is a narcissist who feels no true sense of loss over Amanda's death or the death of their unborn child, but can being immersed in a culture and worldview where the conscious choice to remove someone from life support is generally considered questionable at best provide enough of a feeling that he is responsible, at least to some degree, for his wife's death, and therefore result in his using suspicious language?

What caught my eye was this brain death is not often accepted as a valid diagnosis, and the decision to remove supportive measures is frequently viewed as being akin to murder (only God has the right to end someone's life, God could miraculously revive the brain dead individual, other reasoning placing the ultimate power over the physical death of the brain dead person in God's hands & God's hands alone.
My issue is, if god called the person to him, man is interfering with his plan by putting them on life support.
They then claim if god wants them he will take them, ignoring the fact that god had already done so and they were denying him what he wanted

Betty said...

If I recall Peter's teachings correctly, the "100%" is considered unnecessry info. The unnecessry info gives a sensitivity to a previously neutral statement.

He is not involved. <-- simple and to the point.

He is 100% not involved. <-- extra info trying to convince us.

Unknown said...


The shot to the stomach coupled with the non-introduction of the baby is originally what made me wonder if he thought Amanda was having an affair. Then, I realized his language didn't support that (because he shows the same disconnect with Weston) and there are no linguistic indicators that he thought she was having an affair. It struck me as a strange and awful coincidence though.

Is it confirmed that she was shot in the stomach?


You are right, the 100% is a qualifier, unnecessary & extra information. That's what made it sensitive.

BB said...

We = Christians. He is using editorial "we" typically used by preachers. Very common for preachers when preaching. We = church members or we= mankind. It is not unusual at all for a preacher, and a person who views himself as an imparter of higher knowledge, to use the editorial we. Google some famous sermons. He is speaking to his church. The "we" as he employs it lately also seems in line with a person who is emphasizing "we" with respect to our distance from God. Now, that said, it will take something pretty significant to convince me that he isn't connected.

Anonymous said...

Don't you think making the decision to pull life support is enough to make someone feel guilty of murder?

BB said... Just a glance at this article shows us the prevalence of editorial we in the pulpit. Four of the top 10 sermons of 2013 use editorial we in the "purpose statement" or summation. Again, not saying CD has a clear conscience.

My World said...
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Anonymous said...

Why don't you submit it to the crime stoppers? If it comes out as nothing, no harm done.

Anonymous said...

To Foolsfeedonfolly at 2:41

I too think that DB's affect is inconsistent with the reality of the events. I Googled a scholarly article on this subject and it is expected that when one suffers an UNEXPECTED death of a loved one that it is only worsened when the death is violent and disfiguring. I do wonder if DB's years at being a pastor have created neural pathways which are altering the response WE (:)) would expect.

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My original comment was meant to be a reply to Lemon's comment, but when I posted it, it didn't post it as a reply, and the option to reply had disappeared. So I altered the comment slightly and re-posted as a stand-alone.

As you were.

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And neither do I.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to JC123 for this in the chat room just now.

A suspect has been arrested on murder.

Anonymous said...

Someone has been arrested in this case, they are calling it a home invasion.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the entire DB interview from that local news site, WTHR, from Nov. 17; parts 1 and 2, for a total of 28 minutes or so. And again, I regret not watching this first, before reading and interpreting comments.

This is curious, how we are differing so much in how we interpret this man's self-expression.

Here I see a man full of faith. I see him speak quite extensively about Amanda's qualities, about how they were close partners in their spiritual journey. About what her dreams and plans were for their family. He shares about what an impact she had on others in their faith journeys. I see him use "I" a lot, and be genuinely emotionally moved at points. He seems to indeed be an open book, as we have seen--even if we cannot believe this is possible, or that someone would admit such behavior as he admits to on stage. ...But that is because he does indeed innocently put full stock in his faith, that he has nothing to be "embarrassed" about, nothing to hide, because he knows he has submitted to God to continually forgive and make him a better person. I believe him when he said he and Amanda had no secrets, thus it does not seem "off" to him to whip out her journal and read from it. He does say in the interview that she didn't like him reading it; so she obviously was aware that he did this and expressed it to him. Yet, she was a patient woman, full of faith. I do feel from this interview that he did respect and admire this woman whom he perceived to be of strong faith.

As BB at 8:45 said, the use of "we" could be typical for a preacher used to speaking for "all of humanity," "all believers;" and who perceives himself in the role of the imparter of spiritual understanding in difficult times. This did occur to me earlier, though I'm not sure if it seems to explain all of his "we" usage across all interviews. In this interview, he does move from the "we" to the "I," so I think he does distinguish between his philosophical perspective and his personal experience.

Despite all that, like Skeptic above, he really perceived he was under a lot of pressure, it seems...especially with his church "business," and that his model was unsustainable and perhaps naively idealistic. I will honestly feel badly if he is responsible for something untoward.

I am a woman (and lesbian at that), if that might add to the understanding of why we are having different perspectives. ...I am sympathetic with Christ's message, and my spiritual journey has encompassed a lot of perspectives. I also have a brother who somewhat reminds me of Davey. He is also very physically attractive, but upon meeting his wife (who I'd say is not as physically attractive ---someone brought up this angle), turned himself toward full investment in the faith that she had. They are not really compatible, I'd say, but rather attempt to filter their relationship through their faith. He respects her strong sense of faith. I think it fulfilled something in him that he thought was missing before they met. He perceives that it gave him some grounding.


Unknown said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

To Sloane Berrie: Does this teen have anything to do with the picture you saw? Just curious, since now there is more information with the arrest.

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Thinking said...

Very well thought out and true. He is all you described.

Thinking said...

Very well thought out and true. He is all you described.

Anonymous said...

How are people drawing the conclusion that he is highly intelligent? I keep seeing something to that effect being posted, but I don't see any evidence that he is of above average intelligence.