Monday, February 18, 2013

Ayla Reynolds: Life Insurance Motive Examined

Did Ayla Reynolds die at the hands of her father so that he could cash in on her death?

This is the question before us, and the best person to answer this question is Justin DiPietro, himself. 

This is something commonly debated.  

Many people believe that Ayla died as a result of child abuse, and that her death was unintended, but in panic, her father, Justin DiPietro, conspired with his sister and girlfriend, to cover up the death and make a false kidnapping report.  His behavior and statements show that she was not kidnapped, yet it is the life insurance policy that must be examined in light of the December 2011 report to police. 

Question for Analyst:  Will Justin DiPietro issue a reliable denial regarding the Life Insurance Policy?

From the site, the following text messages are between Ayla's parents. The site claims that Trista was encouraged to attempt to get Justin DiPietro to talk, which is likely true.  This site attempts to keep Ayla's name and case in the public view. 

Baby Ayla was reported missing in December of 2011, weeks after the father had taken out a life insurance policy against her.  

Statement Analysis is in bold type.

Trista:Hey its Trista so we are going on to five months you ready yet to tell me where or what happened to Ayla? i am so tired of not knowing if my Daughter is okay

a.  "ready" presupposes that Justin DiPietro possesses the knowledge that Trista seeks. 
b.  Note that "my Daughter" is with capital, "D" and is associated with being "okay" in context. 

Trista: And not one person can give me hope that she is still alive even with all the evidence. I just want to hold her again look into her blue eyes see her beautiful

Trista:Smile kiss her soft cheeks wake up to her jumping in her crib reaching her hands out yelling mommy mommy with a big smile on her face. I want to feel her touch

Trista:Ayla didn't deserve what happened to her. She was so amazing sweet funny out going a very well behaved child. i really want to know where she is i want her

Note that "what happened" is something Ayla "didn't" deserve, which presupposes that something was done to her.  This is consistent with the past tense "was", indicating that Ayla's death, at the time of this text, was beginning to break through the mother's natural denial. 
Note the word "child" is associated with risk, child abuse, etc. It is important to note that in this theme of risk, Trista says that Ayla was a "very well behaved child" putting sensitivity upon Ayla's behavior. 

Question:  Why would Ayla's behavior be sensitive to Trista?  We do not have to wait long to find out why.  The following is two texts with continued sentence: 


Trista:Home with me where she belongs. What bothers me the most is i trusted you to take good care of her and you let her and me down. I just don't understand what
Ayla did for this to happen. i swear if i never went to rehab or fought with you to be in her life she would still be here with me right now.

Trista associates Ayla's behavior with Justin's reaction.  This indicates knowledge that Justin would harm Ayla for acting out.  Please note to new readers, Ayla was a toddler.  

Trista:What am i suppose to think when all of the evidence points to the worst. Not one person including you can give me that little bit of hope that my baby girl is

"can" is the key word:  ability.  It is true that there is not one person can give the mother what she yearns for, and what she knows is impossible:  hope.  Please note the past tense reference to Ayla above.  

Trista: Alive and alright and coming home to me . The pain i feel everyday is  unbearable.

Trista: Is it true that your trying to collect Aylas life insurance? Because if so that is Fucked up Justin

The natural denial continues.  Although she has revealed that she feared that Ayla's behavior would result in danger at the hands of Justin, she still asks about the life insurance policy. 

Weeks before reporting her missing, the single, unemployed father bought life insurance against his child. This is extreme:

1.  He was a single father of two children
2.  He was unemployed or chronically unemployed.  He reportedly got into trouble with each job, as he, without any skills or education, thought himself above his superiors.  This is classic bullying and abusive behavior.  Reportedly he sought unemployment and welfare benefits, living off workers' taxes, rather than provide for himself and his children.  
3.  He bought the policy not for the children, but against Ayla.
4.  He bought the policy against Ayla, not for her, as most parents seek to provide for their children, not to profit against them.  
5.  He stood to benefit a large sum in the event of Ayla's death.  She was a battered child, having suffered various injuries in his care, increasing the 'acceptableness' of violence, something he reportedly was raised in himself.  Before she died, he broke her arm and did not seek medical intervention for 24 hours.  When I was previously involved in such cases where injuries were not treated immediately, all the cases were substance abuse cases.  It is the essence of Neglect. 

The average burial of a toddler in Maine is about $500.  Given his lack of work ethic, it is likely that Mainecare, the city of Waterville, the State of Maine, and other governmental outreaches would have likely paid for the funeral in total, and given their association with social services (see the Angela Harry 'story' analyzed) would have paid for Justin DiPietro to go to counseling, anger management, drug rehab, as well as .33 per mile gas reimbursement to and fro appointments kept or missed.  He would likely have not paid a penny towards the $500 funeral for his daughter. 

He stands to cash in on a reported $25,000 from her death. 

His girlfriend's sister's cache of drugs confiscated was, in the Sentinel, stated to be estimated by police to be $15,000 in street value. 

It is unknown if Roberts had paid the drug distributors for this large cache, or it was a debt owed.  It is also unknown, publicly, what connection may exist between the drugs in the Portland apartment and the life insurance policy.  

Justin DiPietro sought to have Ayla provide for him, just as he has never provided for himself.  

"If a man will not provide for his own household, he is worse than an unbeliever..."

Here, Trista is able to get a reaction from him with the challenging question.  

The question for the Analyst:

Will Justin DiPietro issue a reliable denial to the claim that Ayla died because of the Life Insurance Policy?  

A reliable denial has three components:  
1.  The pronoun "I"
2.  Past Tense verb
3.  Specific to the allegation

Trista asks if it is true that he is still making payments on it, or has he, in his grief, let the policy lapse.  It is critical because it speaks to the alleged motive:  that her blood was shed in that home, on that fateful night, when he drove back to Portland and back again to Waterville, hours before calling 911.  

As this was sent to me from the website, Red Coloring is used.  Blue has been added, along with underlining, for emphasis. 

Justin: I still pay it thank u very much because im hoping she will b home and until proven otherwise im going to continue too

Here it is repeated:

"I still pay it thank u very much because im hoping she will be home and until proven otherwise im going to continue too"

1.  Note that he "still" pays it. The word "still" refers to the passage of time from reporting her 'kidnapped' or 'taken' in December of 2011.  

2.  "thank u very much" is a type of retort where one feels justified in what he has done, and stands in defiance.  This need for defiance, itself, is sensitive. 

3.  "Because":  In the SCAN technique (Scientific Content Analysis, from the Laboratory of Scientific Interrogation) the highest level of sensitivity is given the color coding of blue.  This is in two indications:

a.  When someone uses the word "because" (or "so, since, therefore" and so on)
b.  When someone feels the need to mention leaving of a location, instead of arriving ("left" or "departed") at a location.  This shows that, to the subject, the place in which they left, rather than the place arrived at, is on the mind of the subject, and indicates that there is missing information. 

In using this color coding, many cases have been solved, simply by employing the color coding system, and holding the paper up to the light, focusing the investigation and the interview upon the part of a statement where blue exists.  In this blog, we have seen many examples, from simple theft to the OJ Simpson case.  We do not use the color blue to highlight anything else.  

Here, we see that Justin DiPietro explains why he makes payments still. 

It is this need of explaining, itself,  that is so sensitive. 

4.  He explains why he makes payments against her life by stating "im hoping"; yet it is only sensible to make payments because she is not coming back.  If she is coming back, he loses money.

"until proven otherwise"; when "proven" otherwise, he will not have to make payments.  

If this statement was true, he would have stopped when Maine State Police formally announced that Ayla was dead.  However, when it is "proven", that is, her body found" he will stop. 

This is because he will cash in on the $25,000 as he receives money and no longer pays it. 

5.  Defiance

"im going to continue too" 

He heightens the sensitivity of the sentence with illogic and now defiance in the face of the allegation. 

Justin: Eat shit i have one on myself too

6.  He continues his defiance, escalating the sensitivity with foul and unseemly language. He insults her and than adds that he has "one on myself too" as if this would justify anything. 

This is something low brow criminals think will persuade people that this is not the motive:  "I have one too", likely unable to intellectualize just how transparent it appears to the public and to Insurance investigators.   

Here is his denial: 

Justin: It has nothing to do w money never has

"It has nothing to do w money never has"

1.  "It has nothing" is passive.   Passivity seeks to conceal responsibility.  Here he could say "I didn't cause Ayla's disappearance" and "I didn't hurt her" and "I didn't buy insurance in order to..." but lying causes internal stress and the human brain seeks to cleverly avoid the stress of a direct lie.  He is not very clever.  (See "I smoked it" with response to the polygraph). 

2.  "never has" is added, making the weak denial much weaker. 

For those who questioned whether or not the life insurance policy was the motive for Ayla's death, the statement here should clear up any questions. 

Justin DiPietro, while unemployed, took out a life insurance policy against a healthy toddler, while ignoring his other child.  Weeks later, he made a false report of a kidnapping, failed a polygraph, and her blood was found in the basement. 

Statement Analysis of the words of Justin DiPietro show what is obvious: 

Baby Ayla died because of the implementation of a life insurance policy against her. 

                               "The love of money is the root of all evil."

The following texts show his desire to insult, his lack of education and his calloused demeanor in which Ayla suffered under before her death.  The texts show not only immaturity, but the language of domestic violence.  His spelling and usage is not corrected. 

                          Ayla Reynolds continues to cry out for justice. 

Trista: Today is farther's day and the one little girl you should be spending it with is our daughter and you can't because you and your girlfriend and sister murdered

Trista:Her. Hope your thinking of her today and what you did to her. you don't deserve to be recognized as a farther because you are a poor excuse for a farther.

Trista: You know i still have the very first farthers day card Ayla and i bought for you two years ago. Your a joke Justin i hate you.

Justin: I will never give up trista and i dont speak those words its not an option and thats the difference you gave up on ayla a long time ago

Trista:I have not Given up i Pray for  Her every day i did carry Ayla for Nine months a mother Nows when there is Something wrong with there child. I will never give

TRISTA: Up on Ayla. She is my world she is my life. I keep going every day because i know its what Ayla would want.

Justin: Whats wrong w u ur boyfriend dump you? What do u want? Ive told u everything trista

TRISTA: No one  dumped me where did you get that?

Justin: I want her home before anything justice will take care of itself y do u think shes not alive why even speak those words

Justin: U look like youve been eating

 Trista said she asked Justin where he was on the 15th and the 16th and where was Ayla?

Justin: Ur questions are redundant and retorical o wait let me break it down in your terms ur questions are fuckin retarded and ive answered evrything i know

His language is that of ignorance and indicate the high mindedness referenced above.  Ignorance and ego will keep one from being able to hold even the most menial of employment.  There are those who suffer from intellectual disabilities who volunteer their work or even, with assistance, hold a job and are filled with feelings of dignity when they receive a paycheck.  For them, it is a joy to work, even as DiPietro uses their mental disability to insult Trista, they seek, in the least, to work, while he seeks to live not only off of tax payer's backs, but sought to cash in on the life of a healthy toddler. 

He rips at Trista Reynolds' self esteem, seeking to cause her to question her own sanity, as well as her self-worth, seeking to hurt her, deeply, about being "dumped" by a boyfriend, asking her about mental retardation, and hearing voices.  

He likely knows her weak points and how to exploit them for the sake of control.  He knows where she is most vulnerable.  

He is a classic abuser. 

Justin: She was at my house and i went there after she went to bed to get my bed you idiot people saw her friday so good try

"so good try" is another attempt at juvenile insult, but it actually references that there is a reason to try.  It is like saying, "you missed me", but solidifies the fact that the intended target is the correct target, only that the shot missed. 

Justin: U got more stories than dr suess do u have voices in ur head telling u this shit

In spite of living off of social services, he shows his own ignorance and disdain for those who are truly in need of the services afforded them.  These are individuals who suffer from intellectual disabilities, many of whom attempt to work, but are incapable of doing so.  He references them in an insulting manner, showing that there is no one safe from his bullying, just as his target, Ayla, was only a baby.  

This is cowardly and his cowardly behavior, and that of his brother, was displayed for a nation to see.   

He targets, even in his insults, those without the mental capacities to defend themselves, just as he targeted a small child.  

His arrogant, violent but cowardly attitude will likely be put to correction in prison.  There, he will not find his opponents to be girlfriends, small children, or those with intellectual disabilities, but those who will not be so quickly or easily intimidated as Ayla was.  

He may just find that others will be able to...

fight back.  



Anonymous said...

Spot on Peter. The focus needs to be kept on that murdering coward. I have a renewed sense of hope that he will be charged soon. Justice for Ayla!

AnnieG said...

Which lies wohld those be anon 10:50? I don't see lies from Trista here. I do see a lot of avoidance, bullying, and childish behavior from Justin. I see a desperate mother wanting to know what happened to ger child. So please enlighten me to tbe lies from Trista

John Mc Gowan said...

Why this animal,sorry not animal that's a compliment,is not behind bars is beyond me.!!!!!

John Mc Gowan said...

Peter,given the amount of coverage that has been analyzed and discussed on this blog concerning Reliable Denials and the lack thereof, and we believe he has been trawling this blog and others.

Would he not be savvy with the concept of a Reliable Denial,and if so, issued one, would it mean nothing given his deceptive language and all other evidence circumstantial included against him.?

rob said...

Peter, JDiP and his cronies/family must monitor this site constantly. As soon as you post something about Ayla, they are on it, spreading their lies. I wish to God I was in the state of Maine and could be called to jury/grand jury on this case. I would plead more for justice for Ayla than the DA.

Sus said...

"Justin: eat shit I have one on myself too."

Angela Harry answered to a commenter that Justin took out a policy on himself that was worth AT LEAST DOUBLE, if not more than Ayla's.

Derek Tudela tried to skip over it, only mentioning car insurance, but then made life insurance POLICIES plural in the interview with the Tudela family.

The $50,000 or more policy on Justin D. is sensitive to them. The question is would he take out that large of a policy on himself just to cover one on Ayla? Or is Ayla's secondary to his?

$50,000 or more policy on smoking unemployed young man and 25,000 on his daughter. Premiums? Anyone?

AnnieG said...

Anon, Could you be specific about Trista being deceptive? Justin's deceptive statements can be found all over the blog. I would like an example of rhe deception you see from Trista.

BostonLady said...

Justin is a bully. This is his standard practice. I hope he knows when he is behind bars, he isn't going to be bullying anyone. Justin may learn what it feels like to be the person being bullied.

It won't be pretty.

Anonymous said...

How horriby infuriating after what he has done to Ayla that he still is merciless towards Trista. It is like he is playing a cat and mouse game when he says things like "nice try". I can't believe he is getting away with the murder of a toddler. What a POS!!!!

Anonymous said...

It is so frustrating, at least to me, that LE cannot come out and formally clear Ayla's mother of abducting her or harming her. Then perhaps some of the women defending Justin might cease their continual accusations against Ttrista and her family.

I know LE has complimented Trista and her family for doing their part in keeping Ayla's name before the public, in contrast, LE has said that "the paternal family" has not done so.

I realize that LE haas NOT said that Trista has been withholding information and, OTOH, has stated that Justin, Elisha and Courtney are not telling all they know about the night Ayla disappeared. The contrast between the two families is, IMO, a little understated by MSP and so it would be good if LE formally, in a press conference or in an interview, stated that they know that Trista is not involved in taking her daughter or being involved in Ayla's "abduction".

Some of the DiPietro defenders'theories (about how Trista sneaked into the DiPietro house and took Ayla without being heard or seen by anyone in that small dwelling) are really the stuff of second-rate fiction writers.

vs2vs said...

I did not read past this statement. Where was this verified as fact?

2. He was unemployed or chronically unemployed. He reportedly got into trouble with each job, as he, without any skills or education, thought himself above his superiors. This is classic bullying and abusive behavior. Reportedly he sought unemployment and welfare benefits, living off workers' taxes, rather than provide for himself and his children.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

vs2vs said...
I did not read past this statement. Where was this verified as fact?

2. He was unemployed or chronically unemployed. He reportedly got into trouble with each job, as he, without any skills or education, thought himself above his superiors. This is classic bullying and abusive behavior. Reportedly he sought unemployment and welfare benefits, living off workers' taxes, rather than provide for himself and his children.
February 18, 2013 at 4:45 PM

When you ask, "where" was this verified as fact, can you explain what you mean?

Interesting that you note what you did not do.


Mainah said...

What is sensitive to vs2vs before and after "this" statement? Perhaps everything before and after #2 has been "verified as fact" in their opinion (subjective dictionary)?

Chicky said...

The "blue" word, "SO" is used by justin 4 or 5 times right in a row when being interviewed at the balloon vigil in Waterville.

Anonymous said...

The case is not difficult.

The father reported her missing.

His story was deemed false by professionals.

The baby's blood was found.

That he took out a life insurance policy AGAINST his own baby is awful but then he reports her missing 2 months later?

how stupid does he think everyone is?

He must be smokin' something besides the polygraph!

Jazzie said...

Is it possible/plausible that Phoebe, Elisha or Courtney maybe be responsible for Ayla's "demise"?

Statement Analysis Blog said...


Police believe that Justin is responsible for her death, and that the other two are covering for him.
Phoebe wasn't at the home that night. They believe she died that fateful night and the cover up includes the trip to Portland.


Jazzie said...

"Steve Bourget, a general practice attorney in Augusta, said Phoebe DiPietro, 47, and Elisha DiPietro, 23, retained his services in early January, a few weeks after Ayla was reported missing from their home at 29 Violette Ave."

Statement Analysis Blog said...

She may have guilty knowledge and due to lying on TV, and perhaps lying to police, she feared being charged.

There has been nothing in her statements to show direct involvement. As you know, this blog focuses primarily on linguistic indicators.

She does show obvious deception, which presupposes the need to deceive.

"Speak ye every man the truth..." wasn't a lesson she received nor taught her children.

Jazzie said...

OK. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Written, February 2012, posts of HT from FB, found on Scared Monkeys.

Heidi Tudela
Okay I am just going to answer some questions right up front because it has been brought to my attention that there are some questions out there regarding an insurance policy and Justin trying to terminate his child support payments.

First of all he did not try to terminate his support payments, That is just not true. In fact I know for a fact that he was concerned about whether or not he should still be making them now. So called to see how to handle that and make sure he did the right things. ANd as far as the insurance policy my son sold him that policy. He contacted him. As my husband and son do all their clients. It is their job.

That is what they do. It is their job to make sure and offer to all clients to cover for life and insurance and also in this case it happened to give Justin a better rate because it gave him a mutil line discount saving him $40 a month. The policy itself was a a small one that would cover funeral costs and not much else. So there it is. But have to wonder once again why "people" are trying so hard to point fingers in another direction????

Heidi Tudela

First of all Justin did not bolt from police station untrue. He left calmly. ****When he was told by officer that Ayla was dead.****

He then said that he was done with interview. Unless they have proof of that then that is one thing he is not willing to listen to. Next Justin has spoken with DHS regarding what he is now supposed to do about child support payments. He HAS NOT filed papers at this time to terminate payments.

That is again simply untrue. That will be up to DHS and what they tell him he needs to do. And as for the insurance policy I can answer to that also. My son sold that to him. It is both my husbands & my sons job to make sure that their clients have proper coverage. And that is what they do. For ALL their clients. So my son approached does all his clients. And went so far as to point out that it would also give him a multi line discount saving him $40

Am I reading this as it is? Tudela called the court for Peach? that he was told Ayla was dead when? in January 2012? the blood evidence announced. She called and wanted to know if a baby was said dead by police without a death cert did he still have to pay?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Regarding the two others:

Police said that they are sticking together in their story.

This is important.

Did they do something to assist Justin that then forces them to lie for him and continue to lie?

Have they done something that has, forever, bound them to Justin? If so, it will never last; it never does.

Jazzie said...

If someone you love, who was afraid that someone might kill them, asked you to seek justice in the event that their death happened, I can see how you might be bound to that promise. But to be bound to a promise to cover and lie for someone who might have killed is something of an unspeakable realm.

taicraven said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


I'm sure they are in fear of their lives, afterall Justin is a killer.

taicraven said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


If you do not like fiction and rumors, this in not the place for you.

Lemon said...

To she who protesteth too much, who is not Skirts Tudeala©(?) at 10:52:
Your intentions are not being analyzed, madam, but your words. It is your words, you see.

Of note as well in your fine defense of yourself and your intent, are the words "because" and "since".
Two blues.
Thank you for your contribution to statement analysis.
Carry on.

Anonymous said...

I can't get beyond him (was mom in rehab at that time?) breaking her arm andmaking her wait 24 hours in AGONY to get treatment. AGONY, for a toddler, looking for someone, anyone to help her and no one would make it stop and the fear and desperation and the wanting of Mommy. OMG, I want to torture this man. I could not let a dog, cat, bird, wild animal on the side of the road suffer if it was in my power to stop it and just thinking of it makes me nauseated. But it must have filled him with dark joy. The same dark joy he will feel from his peers as they predate on him in prison.

Anonymous said...

Peter and others have said that Ayla's death was probably what the DiPietro and Tudela families regard as an unintentional accident. Whether LE, or we, would look at it as such is another matter.

For some reason, no one could call 911 for Ayla's condition and so it was better to have Ayla just go away, "disappear" by the phantom intruder. No embarrassing circumstances or questions need by addressed.

What I cannot understand is how Justin's defenders on the Net choose to implicate Ayla's mother in the "abduction". "Defenders"... not meaning the Tudelas; they wouldn't be so bold as to accuse Trista, but their followers do by "digging up dirt" about Ayla's mother and boldly accusing her of taking Ayla and hiding her from poor Justin.

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Devrie said...

Justin: It has nothing to do w money never has

Um, how could he know what "it" has to do with unless he was involved? The emphasis "it never has," makes it more profound that he KNOWS what IT has to do with.

If someone say, "You stole my jacket because you're jealous of me," but you have no clue where the jacket is, that's your response--something along the lines of "I don't know where the jacket is," or "I didn't take the jacket." Again that does illustrate the deflection from verbalizing innocence, as is mentioned in this blog.

So, back to the jacket example, you wouldn't say, "It has nothing to do with jealousy." That, again, implies you know what it DOES have to do with, and if you add, "It never was," that makes the statement even more profound, I think.

Anonymous said...

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