Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Statement Analysis of Justin DiPietro

We continue to look at the case of Ayla Reynolds and the deception perpetrated upon the public and police by the DiPietro family. 

Ignorance wed to Arrogance produces a noxious offspring. 

Liars hold the world in contempt.  They do so because when they lie, they hold expectation that they will be believed.  In this case, we have a lying father, a lying aunt, and a lying grandmother; all conspiring together to pervert justice for Ayla, all because they believe that what happened to Ayla was unintentional.  Linguistically they acknowledge that something "bad" happened to her, and that Ayla met her "demise"; while only denying the location of what happened to Ayla. While claiming to have "no idea" and to have told "everything possible", the father did find he had enough "ideas" to give theories to police; theories that police dismissed as they could not keep a straight face.  

No arrests have been affected to date. 

Ayla's father: 'Where's my daughter?'

By BEN MCCANNA Morning Sentinel
WATERVILLE -- The father of missing toddler Ayla Reynolds said he has just one question for police.
"The only question I have is 'Where is my daughter?' " Justin DiPietro said.
If Ayla was put in water, something I believe is likely, DiPietro would not know where the body is due to flowing water.  Recall his initial statement about "floating out there" regarding rumors. 
DiPietro's remark was in response to Department of Public Safety Spokesman Steve McCausland, who recently said that communication between investigators and Ayla's paternal family had "basically stopped" -- that police expect the family to ask them more questions.
DiPietro said if communication has stopped, it's because the questions he, his mother and sister ask investigators do not get answered.
"If I'm not calling them, it's for good reason," DiPietro said.
Note that this is present tense. 
Note the missing reason, which he calls "good"; This is withheld from his answer. 
Imagine the ego to say such a thing while his daughter is missing!  This arrogant is consistent with those who have reported personal testimonies to me about Justin DiPietro's inability to hold a job, get along with others, and so forth. 
DiPietro said he is cooperating with the investigation.
Police stated that he was not communicating with them at this time.  Note the following statement in context with, "If I'm not calling them, it's for good reason" yet he does not give the reason: 
"They have my phone number, they know where I live. I've made myself available to them and accessible at any point in time they've asked me or called me. As far as 'no communication,' I do not understand where that's coming from."
Please note that he also claimed to have given them, in December of 2011, "every" piece of information possible. 
Please note that innocent parents of missing children never feel that they have exhausted the well of communication.  Parents lose sleep while they continue to recall anything that might help.  When a parent of a missing child says that they have given "every information possible", they are saying that it is not possible to share anything else:
They want the flow of information to cease.  
Note here, "at any point"
As to "no communication" he does not deny this, but stated that he only does not understand where 'that' is coming from, using distancing language.  
DiPietro said he has offered tips and theories about Ayla's whereabouts to investigators. His attempts to follow up with investigators on those tips go nowhere, he said.
How can he offer "tips and theories" when he said he "has no idea" what happened to Ayla?
"You can try and try, but if you're not getting anything in return ... It's like (McCausland) said, communication is a two-way street."
Note the second person, "you" is used. 
Note the arrogance of quoting the police spokesman back.  
His mother, Phoebe DiPietro, agreed.
"Any time we've asked them any questions, we never get any answers. (Police) say, 'it's part of the investigation' or they never get back to us."
Justin DiPietro is suspected in the death of Ayla.  Police are not going to answer his or his mother's questions.  
She added that she and her son want police to release the 911 call that Justin DiPietro placed on Dec. 17 when he realized his daughter was missing.
"Why not release the 911 tape? Who is that going to hurt?" she said.
Please note the question posed that no response is sought, as the subject may be considering this for herself. 
Statement Analysis would like the 911 call released. 

Justin DiPietro contended that McCausland's most recent statements are among several inaccurate ones by investigators.
DiPietro cited a January statement by McCausland that there were three adults and two children in the house the night before Ayla was reported missing, which McCausland later clarified to say there were three children in the home, "two besides Ayla."
"That's a little detail that they're getting wrong at the beginning of this investigation, so how many other things?" he said.
This is another classic diversion from a habitual liar.  He took a small detail and raised a question about the entire investigation.  Note the insult of police is not just from Justin DiPietro.  Here, just as in the televised deception, we see the apple falling quite close to the tree: 
His mother added, "I think Mr. McCausland is very full of himself, and he should check his facts before he goes out and makes statements.
Might she say the same thing when her son is arrested?
"In my opinion, he is not giving my family any hope that they are looking for a live Ayla," she said. "And his statements are leading people to stop looking for her. I plead, I beg the public to continue to look for her."
The false report, the failed polygraph, and the blood found in the basement caused Mr. McCausland to make a sober-minded statement and not further the lies of the DiPietros, who, like the Anthonys before them, seek to cause the public to believe that Ayla is 'alive' so that Justin will not face murder charges.  Cindy Anthony made this very assertion while having Caylee's ashes in her possession.  The family likely draws much hope from the Casey Anthony trial. 

Police have disclosed few details on the ongoing investigation, but they have said Ayla was not kidnapped, her blood was found in the basement of the home at 29 Violette Ave., and the three adults who were with Ayla the night before she was reported missing -- Justin DiPietro; DiPietro's girlfriend, Courtney Roberts, of Portland; and his sister, Elisha DiPietro -- aren't telling the full truth.
1.  False kidnapping report
2.  Ayla's blood shed in the basement of the home
3.  Lies to cover up what happened, including the failed polygraph. 
Elisha DiPietro said the public statement about the three adults knowing more than they are saying differs from what she was told in private.
"I've had a detective tell me multiple times that he thinks I'm telling the truth. And then to have Steve McCausland publicly say he doesn't think I am," she said. "I'm not the person you're trying to paint me out to be, and I don't appreciate it.
Note "a" detective is not named.  Why would she not name him?
Note the use of "person"; she is not the "person" "you're" (who is "you're") trying to "paint."   Miss DiPietro, in spite of being rather unfortunate looking, fancies herself as a model.  Painfully ridiculed in the online world, the point here is not ridicule, but to highlight that deception takes many forms, including self deception. Police have said she is lying, and it is obvious to anyone that has seen a photo of her, she is lying to herself about being a 'model.'
Justin DiPietro wouldn't speak at length about the discovery of blood. He said police showed him evidence of "a few drops."
Why not speak at length?  What is to hide?  Since they are at enmity with police, why not speak out plainly about the questions the public has about the case?
"It is a fact that her blood was found in my house. Yes, it is a fact that she broke her arm in my house. But, it is not a fact that any of it was intentional.
This is likely the defense from the family:  that Ayla did via accident and that the family then conspired together, fearful of not being believed, to claim kidnapping, while having dumped Ayla's body in water.  
That they have told themselves, "we had to do this; we would not be believed" would only be "confirmed" in their minds, as they seek to portray themselves as victims of a police conspiracy, something their supporters have claimed.  This would mean that the FBI from MA, along with Maine State police, would have to conspire with Waterville Police, against a young man they do not know, for what reason?  
It is ludicrous to advance such folly, yet it is what keeps their arrogance at high levels. 
"My daughter did not come to her demise down in my house. Nothing bad ever happened to my daughter in my house. She never got anything but love from the people in this house," he said.
This is one of the most frightening of statements, that Justin DiPietro presupposes that Ayla came to her demise, only denying its location.  He acknowledges that she came to her "demise" but not "down" in his house.  
Note that it is "my house" and not his mother's house.  
Note that it is "down" in "my house", which further causes wonder if Ayla fell, or was thrown, down stairs in the house. 
Note that he also acknowledges that something "bad" did happen to Ayla, only denying the location. 
Something "bad" happened to his daughter; and she met her "demise", as his daughter, only that he denies the location. 
Is there an association with his trip to Portland here?
Why was there blood in the basement?
Since he and his mother are unafraid to  ridicule the police, why not tell Ben McCanna "everything", including the polygraph questions failed, the blood, and where it is that Ayla met her demise?
DiPietro acknowledged that the majority of public opinion is against him, but said it doesn't matter.
"People who know me, know me," he said. "They know I love my daughter, and I just want her home."
Note the avoidance of Ayla's name. 


Trigger said...

"People who know me, know me."

Is Justin saying that because people like Phoebe, Lance, Elisha, Derek, Courtney, and Heidi, are protecting him that he's innocent of any responsibility in Ayla's "demise?"

He didn't do anything "intentionally" so he's not accountable or responsible for anything that happened to Ayla while she was in his "custody?"

His "people who know" will validate all his non-responsibilities to Ayla and how much he loved her.

Anonymous said...

What a crock of shit.

Justin you are going down...

Anonymous said...

"People who know me, know me."

That statement doesn't give us any specificity, and we can't conclude anything from it but what it states. They may know he is a murderer.

Apple said...

"I've had a detective tell me multiple times that he thinks I'm telling the truth."

This is such an odd statement for an innocent person to say...

Anonymous said...

"My daughter did not come to her demise down in my house. Nothing bad ever happened to my daughter in my house. She never got anything but love from the people in this house,"

I've often wondered, in this statement, if "my house" refers to his place DOWN in Portland.

I wonder if "this house" refers to his home with Phoebe, in Waterville.

Optional said...

I agree Apple. "he thinks I'm telling the truth"...

How can they sleep in that house of horrors? How could someone even think about closing their eyes and falling asleep knowing what they know happened to a baby there?

And what will become of Elisha and Courtney's kids? They are bound to find out that they were present and survived the night of Ayla's demise. It breaks my heart to think about what they will go through in their lifetimes if they remain connected to this foul bunch.

Lance says he's on his way back to ME from WA state. Hopefully he'll be appearing before a grand jury soon.

Jazzie said...

Why didn't LE release the 911 call?

Optional said...

If I recall, in summation, Jazzie, they said it's evidence in an ongoing investigation. They did not want it released yet.

It's been noted that he hung up on the dispatcher a few times and locked himself in a bathroom. LE had to coax him out when they got there.

Unknown said...


I have a theory that I would like to privately share with you. Can I email you or can you email me?



Anonymous said...

--and locked himself in a bathroom.--

I'v told ya'll before that Justin was in the bathroom cause he had diarrhea.

Anonymous said...

No reliable denial.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I don't understand something. If the information about the father's 160 mile trip right before reporting Ayla missing is true, and LE knew about it, why were they looking mostly in the Waterville area?

Anonymous said...

Of course the police aren't going to tell this family anything. That would kill their investigation of them.
I have thought from the beginning of hearing this story that the father had something to do with whatever has happened to his daughter, which just makes me sick to my stomach. He is going to pay either way, why not just tell what he knows, so that this precious little girl can finally rest in peace? It is just awful. A parent that just wanted to find their child would be at that police station every day, no matter what the police thought of them. They would tell everything about their child they could think of, whether it was helpful or not. They would spend their own time looking for their child or someone who knew anything. they would not just sit at home and say, "the police know my phone number and where I live."

Jen04976 said...

Dies anyone else think Justin may be covering for a "family member" ? I have wondered that! Was it someone who didn't live there? If all she got was love from people living in that house, was it someone who didn't "live" there?? I hope Ayla's Killer rots in hell, along with every single one of You sicko's who know what happend and why!

Jen04976 said...

Pardon typos- it's an iPod.... And it should start with"Does..."

jo said...

"The only question I have is 'Where is my daughter?' " Justin DiPietro said.

This seems like a taunt statement to police. He is taunting the police with the fact that they have a lot of evidence but no body. Why would he ask the police where is my daughter instead of the person(s) he claims took her?

Anonymous said...

I want to know what was in the that "white box" Justin was carrying out his house one day?

Anonymous said...

Could someone be paying Justin to stay silent and not speak out for Ayla..because if Justin goes down, they go down also? Hmmm...maybe someone with lots of money???

Anonymous said...

Jo, I agree about the taunting. One of his typed statements had the same tone regarding LE having to "prove" what happened to Ayla before he would say anything further about the matter.

Like Peter said, liars hold the world in contempt and I hear contempt from Phoebe, Elisha, Angela and Derek too. Why are they all quiet? Why are none of them speaking out for Ayla? Because they know Ayla is gone and they know what Justin did with her. They are shameless and selfish in the most shallow way. Hidey Turdella will have her sweeping views at Ayla's expense.

Innocent people do not stall. They don't say "wait" for the truth. They don't hide behind skirts and ask for deals for the guilty. Innocent parents are quick to clear up mis-conceptions. They talk to anyone. These Turds and Dips only come out when insulted.

It seems like LE has enough to get convictions. The DA has to agree but apparently she's busy with her priorities including working on a deferment program for first-time drunk drivers. (rolling my eyes).

I hope State Farm is investigating the LIP. Derek was clearly not operating within ethical and legal boundaries and State Farm policies when he sold that policy to JD, contributing to Ayla's demise for profit. He should minimally be out of a job and kicked out of the insurance industry for these violations.

Soon I suppose, but not soon enough.

Anonymous said...

WOW Peter,

Miss DiPietro, in spite of being rather unfortunate looking, fancies herself as a model.


I think you are incorrect about Elisha wanting to be a model.

It's statements like these that cause our young people to have serious self esteen issues.
You should be ashamed. I hope you don't have a daughter.

Lemon said...



You "think" incorrectly.
Its statements like these that cause our older bloggers to have serious self-esteem issues.
You should be ashamed.
I hope you don't have an older blogger.

Anonymous said...

No, I do not think inccorectly.

Elisha aspires to be an actress, or actor as it is now referred to.

Irregardless, such statements, as Peter's, regarding someone's looks and size, are unacceptable.
It's way past time for women to stand up and speak out about this.

Layla said...

I said something about this on here last year, but I'll say it again. Is it possoble that Derek and Heidi helped Justin sell Ayla to someone? Now it has come out that Justin called Derek and made a 160 mile trip before reporting Ayla missing? WHY DID HE CALL DEREK???? I don't believe it was to tell him "hey man now I can cash in on the insurance money" BEFORE HE EVEN CALLED THE COPS TO REPORT HER MISSING???? What would the urgency be in calling Derek before he even called cops? But if Derek were helping him sell Ayla it would make sense about the timing of the phone call!!!! (I'm sure this thought will be ignored bc it doesn't agree w others).

Layla said...

Also, it would explain the silence of Elisha and Courtney if Ayla was snuck out of the house by Justin to sell her.

Lemon said...

In the spirit of all things correct, if you mean with your usage of "Irregardless" to say 'nevertheless', the correct form is "Regardless".

It is way past time for grammarians to stand up and speak out about this.

Brought to you by the letter R.©

Anonymous said...



Grammarically, irregardless may not be the proper word to use. (it is a word) However, Peter's statement about someone's looks and size deserves a double negative.

Jazzie said...

Is it possible that Justin isn't Ayla's father?
What if it was Lance?

Q: What if two biological brothers are both possible fathers of the same child? Do both brothers need to be tested?
A: While it is preferable to test all potential fathers (especially those who are related) at the same time, our laboratory runs a battery of tests which is typically able to exclude even a related individual who is not the biological father. However, we ask that if you are only able to test one of the brothers, you should let us know up front that the other possible father is a brother and in such a scenario, we would like to stress the importance of testing the mother of the child as well.

"I was very close with Lance DiPietro (Justin's brother) and I'm worried that he would be involved."


I don't know just throwing it out there.

Jazzie said...

I grew up in a small town in New England. My sister and I always look at each other and laugh when we witness stuff and say "You can't make this shit up even if you tried"

"Fact is stranger than fiction"

Lis said...

Layla, police have said that so much of Ayla's blood was shed in that house, she did not, sadly, leave there alive.

Jazzie said...


Is this what you were looking for:

18 Dec
Danielle Waugh
reporter for @WLBZ2 + @WCSH6

Police searching family's home on Violette Ave w K9 unit -- specifically the garage

Anonymous said...

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