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Baby Ayla Q & A

As information becomes available, we often post what we feel is the most reliable.  Statement Analysis allows for us to sift through the 'noise' of unreliable reports, but errors do exist and the following Q and A might help.

These are questions that are asked via email, postings, or personally.

Q.  When did you first say you thought Ayla was deceased?

A.  December 2011.  It was based upon two things:

1.  Behavioral Analysis:  Justin DiPietro was not cooperating with police.  Police had set up the immediate chance to address the 'kidnapper' via media, and cry out to Ayla.  This is a natural and instinctive response from a parent.  It does not need to be taught, or even coached (see Marc Klaas on Hailey Dunn). The only thing needed is to have someone facilitate the time and location and help the parent do two things:

a.  Personalize the kidnapped victim.  This makes the victim "human" to the kidnapper, in an attempt to cause, in the least, humane treatment of the victim.  This is where the parent uses the child's name, over and over, and often speaks of a specific medication the child needs.

Justin DiPietro refused.

b.  Direct appeal to the kidnapper, including using words of "understanding" and compromise.

Justin DiPietro refused. His statement said he was "emotionally incapable"; the most un-parentlike, and unmanly thing he could possibly say.  This was the first signal that he was cowardly involved in the foul play she met. Later, he would confirm this by hiding behind his friend's mother.

2.  His statement.  His statement referenced Ayla in the past tense.  It also said, "contrary to...floating around out there..." using the frightening word "floating."

I presented this statement to LSI's founder, Avinoam Sapir, who asked me what DiPietro did for a living.  I told him that he did not work, but was going to a truck driving school.  He said, "uh oh" because "truck drivers have their wheels solidly on the ground..." and will use phrases appropriately from this.  He said, "searchers need to search water..." which was terribly sad.

Statement Analysis recognizes that a guilty parent will speak of the missing child in the present tense, as they attempt to conceal the crime, but, if they let their guard down, may slip into past tense language.  It is something that an innocent parent of a missing child will not do early on in the investigation.

Sadly, within the first weeks of Ayla Reynolds hitting the news, we saw that the father was behaving guilty and his statement indicated that Ayla was dead.

News reports following this only confirmed the Statement Analysis.

Q.  Why don't you post sources?
A.  Next question.

This is silly, but I will answer it.

If someone wishes to share information, but does not want to be quoted, there is a reason to keep the source confidential.  It could be, of course, that the source is lying, which is why we use Statement Analysis.  S/A will not pick up error, but willful deception.
They could fear for their jobs.
They could fear repercussions.  Remember, we are in a case where someone was not afraid to spill the blood of a child, lie, and seek to cash in on it.
They could fear loss of friendships, reputation, and so on.

Yet, they may care enough to want the information out there.

Q.  Who failed their polygraphs?
A.   We have heard conflicting reports but it is likely safe to say that both Justin DiPietro and his sister Elisha DiPietro failed theirs.  Technically, we say their answers are "sensitive" as they were unable to say that they passed the test.

The conflict is this:  some reports say that girlfriend, Courtney Roberts, also failed her polygraph, while other reports say she refused to take it.

However, police were comfortable enough saying that "all three" were deceptive.  The means of the deception were withholding information.

One news report, in particular said that all three took the polygraphs and that police would have to give the results.

Q.  Didn't Justin DiPietro say "I told the truth" about the polygraph?
A.  Yes, he did.  He was deceptive in his response about passing it, however.  Let's look directly at his statements and use analysis to determine the truth.  Statement Analysis not only shows truth and deception, but also gives additional information from the words a person chooses to employ.

I asked for a polygraph on day one,” DiPietro said today during an interview with the Morning Sentinel. “I’ve taken one, and the results, I was never allowed to see them. It’s something you’re going to have to ask law enforcement about.”
Statement Analysis deals with what someone says, and what someone does not say.  It is here that one expects to hear, "I took it and passed it" allowing the topic to end naturally.  DiPietro does not.  By avoiding "I passed" he is seeking to avoid the internal stress of a direct lie.  He is aware that the interviewer has no interest in seeking the marks on a paper, the way a man with a heart condition wants only to hear the results of the EKG, and not attempt to read the erratic lines on a paper.  
Justin DiPietro avoided the question most relevant to taking a polygraph, indicating that "did you pass?" is a sensitive question.  This will cause a Statement Analyst, like a common reader, to conclude that he failed.  DiPietro gives further indication of his failure of the polygraph.  
The Sentinel wrote, "DiPietro, 24, was told how he did on the test, Steve McCausland, spokesman for the Department of Public Safety, said. He said he was baffled by DiPietro’s statement that he didn’t know the results.
“He knows how he did, because we told him,” McCausland said. “To say that he didn’t know, is just not true.”
DiPietro said, “I know I went in there and smoked it. I told the truth and that’s that.”
When asked if police told him the results, DiPietro said. “They can tell me whatever they want. Again, I didn’t physically see the results.”
Here is further confirmation that he failed.  He also shows himself as an accomplished liar, meaning that he was trained to lie in childhood, via Neglect.  All children  lie, and those who's parents neglect to correct them suffer many, many consequences later in life. I spend a good deal of time persuading business owners just how dangerous the liar is.  Because honest people project honesty, they struggle to believe that someone is a "true liar"; that is, one who will fabricate reality and be as bold a liar as DiPietro is.  This boldness in lying, also seen by his mother and sister, remove doubt of his capability of hurting a child.  He was raised in violence and violence is part of his language. This is why he excused Ayla's black eye as "she got into a fight."  Toddlers do not "get into fights."  His lie was to cover child abuse, yet it is his words chosen that reveal his own reference point. 
When Billie Jean Dunn is challenged about violence, perversity, and so forth, she hurls insults with the two elements most near and dear to her:  sex and violence.  For her, sex and violence are organically connected.  It is her reference point.  
Finally, DiPietro was challenged plainly, with the question, "Did you fail the test?" as the reporter saw how he dogged the question and would not speak plainly. 
Did police tell you that you failed the polygraph?
He said,   “That’s all irrelevant. I wanted to see the results myself. They’re not letting me see them. Why don’t they let the public see them?”
He could not bring himself to say, "No, I passed the polygraph" and then did exactly what career liars do:  he felt the sting of not being believed and issued his own challenge:  'Why don't police let the public see the polygraph results?'
This is the centerpiece of interview strategy when dealing with a habitual liar:  gain as much information as possible, show the obvious deception, and watch how they react in anger to the challenge. 
Q.  Why do liars get so upset when challenged about lying?
A.  Because they hold the world in contempt. 
This is core to their personalities. 
Think about it:  the subject has been lying since the earliest days of speech and have two things:
1.  An expectation that he/she will get away with it
2.  An expectation that he/she is smarter than the audience. 
As the audience grows from the parent and siblings to school mates and teachers, confidence in lying grows.  He/she (as I consider Justin DiPietro and Billie Jean Dunn) grows in success of lying, which cements in the practice.  Many believe that by age 7, the habit of lying is so deeply ingrained that it cannot be changed.  Should one undergo a religious conversion, the liar will always be acutely aware of how quick and how easy the lies comes. It will be a source of lifetime pain.  
Liars expect others to believe them, subordinating others to being "less smart" than the liar, himself or herself.  This is where, by age 18 or so, the contempt for others, especially authority, is seen.  This is why liars struggle to hold jobs; they are always 'smarter' than the supervisor, the boss, the customer, (etc) and will always blame others. 
This is also why police, with some skill, can get an obvious liar to take a polygraph, even though it means failure. 
Billie Jean Dunn and Shawn Adkins refused to take polygraphs, but police challenged Dunn, who, unlike Adkins (she described Adkins as having a form of mental retardation) could not bear the challenge, so she showed up, stoned, in an attempt to beat it.  When this did not work, her pride was such that she had to go through with the test:  she failed. 
It is the additional words that give us information, which is why we say the shortest sentence is best.  Look at Sentence A, from DiPietro, versus B, a sample response. 
Sentence A.  “I know I went in there and smoked it. I told the truth and that’s that.”
Sample    B.  "I passed the polygraph.  I told the truth."
With Sentence A, we have indicators of weakness:
I know I went in there and smoked it. I told the truth and that’s that.”
Even "I know I told the truth" is weaker than "I told the truth." To say "I know" is to affirm, leading us to ask, "Why the need to affirm?"  It is weak. 
I know I went in there and smoked it. I told the truth and that’s that.”
What does he "know"?  Here we see more additional and unnecessary words.  In order to take the polygraph, he will have to "go in" to take it.  Is he only asserting that he "knows" that he went "in there"?  
I know I went in there and smoked it. I told the truth and that’s that.”
To "smoke it" reveals his own reference point.  These words are substitutes for "I passed it" and to "smoke it" will likely elicit thoughts of junior high math tests (immaturity) or marijuana or crack cocaine use, but in any case:
a.  It reveals his world
b.  It avoids saying "I passed it."
I know I went in there and smoked it. I told the truth and that’s that.”
This portion, "I told the truth" is likely true, yet he feels the need to surround it with additional language revealing additional information. 
This statement, "I told the truth" in spite of the weakness before and after, (“I know I went in there and smoked it. I told the truth and that’s that.”) tells us, with certainty, that there were some portions of the polygraph that Justin DiPietro told the truth on.  I can think of two questions in which he likely passed:
a.  "Do you live at ______ ?" was likely passed.
b.  "Do you know where Ayla is now?"  may have also been passed. 
When a victim is thrown into moving waters, the subject can truthfully say, "I don't know where she is at" (not "at" is used:  see Mark Redwine's statement revealing the same) since the body would be moved by water. 
I think that Shawn Adkins did not tell the precise location, purposely, to Billie Dunn, on where he dumped Hailey's remains, at Dunn's insistence, so that she could later pass this portion of a polygraph.  
Q  If the others also failed, why can't they be arrested?
A.  This is something only the DA's office can answer.  

Q.  Will a Grand Jury hear the case?
A.  I believe so.  
Q   Soon?
A.  I believe so, perhaps by July, if not sooner. 
Q.  What charges do you expect the three to face?
A.  I think that Elisha DiPietro and Courtney Roberts are going to face some form of child abuse charges, which, upon indictment, would likely lead to the removal of their own children from their custody.  
This will cause them to think long and hard about sticking to the story that police said did not pass "the straight face test."
Both will be faced with losing custody of their own children for the sake of maintaining their story.  
Q.  Do you think one of them will break?
A.  Yes, but only if...
If both have criminal involvement, they will have to stay to their story, or...
If an attorney convinces them that they will be safe if they all stay to the same story...
If one or the other does not have criminal involvement, this one will save her own child from being removed from their care.  In Maine, a child is worth money to a non-worker and the mother, if she plays the system right, can get lots of benefits, at the expense of workers, far more than other states and far more than most people know or believe.  
Q.  Are you saying that they are cold hearted and only interested in money?
A.  Yes.  
If either cared about Ayla, even if they believed it was unintentional, they would have told police the truth.  It is incredibly calloused, beyond what most of us can believe, to hold to a lie, this long, and pretend that someone entered that home, spilled Ayla's blood, while everyone slept, and then took her to teach Justin a lesson, but left no DNA evidence, and Ayla has never been seen since. 
It is ridiculous. 
They also must be incredibly calloused to know that DiPietro bought life insurance against a toddler's life...against her life, while sparing the life of his other child. (He has at least one other child of whom, reportedly, he did not buy a policy against her life.)
Q.  Do you believe that the life insurance policy is the motive for the crime?
A.  Yes, at least in part.  
I need to explain this, however.  
Pat Brown did a good job on this, but I do not have her quotes.  Basically, what she said is a bit more digestible for some:
She said that it may not have been his sole motivation, but, as he grew embittered over making child support payments and she acted out, it was a subtle influence upon him.  
In this sense, it is a motivation. 
Why did he not purchase a policy for her?
Why did he not purchase a policy for his other child?
Can you imagine how badly the blood of the other mother ran cold when she first read about this?
I believe that the arrest of Breana Roberts is related to this. 
I believe that DiPietro deeply resented having to pay child support, and his feelings towards Trista were conflicted.  I think that Courtney Roberts (based upon the Angela Harry fictional account) was jealous of Trista and was in competition (What, on God's green earth, were they competing over?") and fueled the fire. 
Breanna Roberts had a large and expensive amount of drugs in her apartment.  In Maine, cash is hard to come by. 
Someone had to owe money for that cache of drugs. 
Justin DiPietro made a 160 mile round trip to Portland the night in question, you know, the "normal" night, according to Phoebe, and given the connection, through the Roberts, to the drug apartment connected with his own lack of education, and reported inability to hold a job (one source described it this way:  Justin would land a menial job and feel he was too good for it, and would bicker with superiors and have to be reminded that he was a minimum wage  worker, which would infuriate him and he would walk off), and need for child support payments. 
Resenting Trista, resenting the money Ayla was costing him, seeing how that the oxy trade in Maine is financially rewarding (see the Florida fireman driving up once per month), along with a really bad drug debt (drug wholesalers do not take credit cards and do not make polite phone calls reminding buyers of their debt), conspired with a selfish, immature, hot tempered bully, who was increasing in both violence and in de-sensitiivty towards Ayla (see black eye, twisted legs during changing, broken arm untreated)  in which he, thinking he was smarter than everyone else, telegraphed his plans texting the mother "worrisome" messages about someone taking Ayla. 
Liars are not known for patience. 
Impatience along with the increasing needs of the toddler, came together for one very large payoff. 
Just as he had "feared", Ayla did go missing.  A mere 6 weeks after buying the policy?
For those who think that buying life insurance policy against a toddler's life, while being a single, unemployed, frustrated father, and a "kidnapping" in Maine are just a coincidence, they must remove all sense and logic to embrace such folly. 
Q.  What do you think is going to happen in the case?
A.   I expect, after so much time passing, that this will go to the Grand Jury, who will hear evidence of violence in the home.  They will learn that a significant amount of Ayla's blood was found, and the attempt to clean it up.  They will hear the implausible deceptive story.  They can ask questions. They can use common sense. 
I expect indictments to be handed down, and that we will see all three in handcuffs. 
When this happens, the State will step in and intervene on behalf of the children of Roberts and Elisha DiPietro, and remove custody, temporarily, until some form of reason takes over. 
Q.  What if your analysis is wrong?
A.  If someone entered the home and kidnapped Ayla, and Justin DiPietro has told the truth, I will post here, as well as seek out media, to publicly apologize, and never post analysis again.  
Think of what you and I learned of Baby Ayla's life in summation.  
At 7 months, Ayla met her father.  Whatever motive the mother had for telling the father, matters little, for it will be the source of regret for the rest of her life.  
Reports that under Justin DiPietro's care, she had a black eye, and then leg injuries.  The explanation for the black eye was deceptive, (above) and from child abuse investigations, the leg injuries sound very much like the angry wrenching done on the leg when changing a diaper. 
She then had a broken arm, left untreated for 24 hours.  I have seen this before and each time it had to do with substance abuse:  Neglect and Substance Abuse are twins.   Where there is smoke, there is likely a source of fire somewhere.  
Then we learned that a significant portion of her blood was found in the basement of the home she stayed at, with her father. 
Then we learned that 6 weeks before this obviously battered child went missing, a life insurance policy was purchased against her life; betting that should she die, the father would stand to gain more money than he's ever seen in his life.  That he bought it against her is shocking, but to do so while single and unemployed is even more shocking; but to make it even more bizarre, he did so for only one of his two children. Then he communicated his fear of her being "taken" in one of the safest States in America. 
Then, surprise, surprise, the 911 phone call is made.  
What are the odds?
But the story's continuity remains on course:
After calling 911, an innocent parent will cooperate with police and call out to the child and to the kidnapper.  This father would not. 
Only when challenged by Trista, he responded, and showed his hand. 
Lies and failed polygraphs. 
He then bitterly challenged Nancy Grace. 
Like bullies are known to react, she accepted his challenge, yet he hid himself in the bathroom and refused to come out.  His friend's mommy is his leader. He and his brother go 2:1 to beat someone up.  How dare anyone question the Soprano wannabes of Waterville, Maine?  Birds of a feather. 
Ayla never had a chance. 
The DiPietro apologists have their cause in life, shamefully defending the indefensible, fulfilling a need to be oppositional, forgetting that Justin DiPietro is not the victim here. 
Ayla is. 
Let us hope that the District Attorney will have the courage to seek justice for Ayla and not fear the private sector attorneys, nor the media glare.  Let them see what Alex Hunter did in Boulder, Colorado, and how his legacy is now one of cowardice, and how Mary Lacy is now seen as self-congratulartory, to the excess of lying, and not of justice. 


John Mc Gowan said...

I found this interesting.

Sociopathic Lying Tendencies - The Sociopath as a Pathological Liar

CNN Video Is Your Boss a Sociopath?

Video - Is Your Boss a Sociopath?
Liar, Liar

Sociopaths lie. They lie a lot. In fact, they can create total and complete fairy tales out of ordinary, mundane events and can live within those fairy tales, until eventually their own fabrications become their reality. There are generally two recognized categories of individuals who constantly lie: compulsive (habitual) and pathological. Habitual liars lie out of habit. They are afraid to face the truth. Maybe they avoided punishment as a child by lying, so lying has become as ingrained into their personality as any other characteristic. There is no real reason, and they normally do not lie to intentionally hurt anyone. They just can’t help but lie. You can stand next to a compulsive liar and look together at the bright, blue sky and they will tell you that it just turned green. They simply lie to lie.

Sociopaths are pathological liars. They lie to gain something. Worse yet, their lying is usually calculated and cunning and in the end someone will get hurt. Rest assured, though, they’ve taken every precaution to ensure it isn’t them. A sociopath doesn’t care who their lies will affect, as long as in the end the lie fits their purpose and they get what they want. Unlike compulsive liars, pathological liars can help themselves. They know the difference between right and wrong, and they consciously recognize that lying is wrong. Unfortunately, they don’t really care. In fact, they are so good at lying, many times they become their own lie. Think about it for a minute. How much more convincing can someone who truly believes what they are saying be? The power of suggestion is a powerful thing. If a sociopath can stage himself to believe his own lie and truly live in his own fantasy, how many more people can he convince it is the truth and wreak his havoc and devastation on?

John Mc Gowan said...


Pathological lying is an invaluable tool for a sociopath. It is the ultimate weapon when trying to gain pity and sympathy from their unsuspecting victims. It may be an embellishment, it may be a slight twist in a story, or it may be a whole new reality. For you to know they lived through an extremely abusive childhood and that their mother abandoned them at a homeless shelter when they were 3 years old is most likely going to pull at your heart strings more than knowing they lived an average life in an upper-middle class family. It makes the average, empathetic person more vulnerable to the sociopath’s current plight. For some reason, many people make excuses for people’s behavior if they are aware of exigent circumstances. Sociopaths know and have mastered this game and will use it against you and never think twice about the results. How they are so adept at using empathy against you when they’ve never experienced it is really quite a feat.

If you pay very close attention, many times you can catch a sociopath in a lie because they have a tendency to tell more than one person contradictions in or different versions of the same lie. However, the sociopath is also apt to make sure that individuals who have been told different stories do not have the chance to meet or be able to compare stories. They lie to keep acquaintances apart to minimize the risk of being exposed. Everything the sociopath does is multi-layered and tediously formulated. Even if they are exposed, they are sure to create a new lie to cover the old. They can do this almost as naturally as they breathe, which also makes them very convincing. It’s kind of like watching a young child steal a cookie from the cookie jar then deny ever taking it, even though they know you saw them do it. The sociopath employs the same techniques, seemingly incapable of exercising adult judgment. Always remember when dealing with the sociopath—they will do whatever it takes to win. Your feelings or your perceived relationship with them does not matter to them. You cannot change them, and if you think they will “treat you differently than everyone else”, you are only fooling yourself. They do not have the capability or the desire to care about you. Nobody is “special” to a sociopath unless you are serving an immediate, necessary purpose for them.

John Mc Gowan said...

Sociopaths are highly likely to lie about and fake credentials in the business world. Don’t be surprised if you find out your sociopath boss never even went to college, let alone graduated from Harvard. Sociopaths are highly likely to lie about previous relationships to those that would be considered current relationships. Teen sociopaths are highly likely to lie about situational circumstances with their parents and/or siblings or other family members, if it will gain them sympathy. Sociopaths are highly likely to lie about physical or mental abuses if it will help them in a divorce/custody situation. Sociopaths are highly likely to lie about their recovery or reform to counselors if it will help them get out of prison. The list goes on and on, but the concept remains the same. A sociopath is a pathological liar and there isn’t anything you can do to stop them.

Apple said...

There are more children in the picture who are still at risk. Any parent withholding information from LE about a murdered baby should not be in charge of the safe keeping of other children.

sidewalk super said...

So, John, can I apply your textbook definitions to politics successfully?

hmmm, present politics?

Mainah said...

"emotionally incapable" = yes, "unmanly", indeed. I believe he borrowed these internal dictionary words from a woman, perhaps one of his "mothers" aka A. Harry or H. Tudela. Liars use what worked before up to and until it doesn't work, and then will tweak their story. (see Angela Harry's sophomoric writings/rantings)

I also think Heidi's (and Angela's) self-inserted involvement is not from an altruistic desire to locate Ayla and reveal her truth but is due to their own close relationship and culpability in Ayla's demise.

They have not spoken for Ayla's justice. From what I've seen, they have obstructed and tested obscure defense strategies on behalf of the people who hold the answers. That is unconscionable and reveals the character and true nature of the kind of people the DA is dealing with, as John offered above-a mix of willing and practiced (socio- and habitual) liars.

Harry was quick to reveal her nature in facebook as she bragged about neglecting her sick 5 year old child, to work on The Waterville Three (or more like The Waterville Dozen) defense strategy. It's not surprising she would write a blurb honoring Courtney Roberts for putting less important matters (a part-time job and a boyfriend, etc.) before spending "time" with her son. Angela Harry justifies and values neglecting others (even her own venerable child) for self-serving gain(s). She clearly sees neglectful parenting as admirable and honorable as long as it's done for (selfish) principled reasons, like protecting the (Constitutional) rights of a homicide suspects her family is closely involved with.

Lately, instead of answering questions, she belittles questioners calling them bullying names like "weak", "small-minded" and "haters".

Yes, Harry, I am a "hater" of people who lie to cover-up the death of an innocent child. I freely acknowledge this, now, can you answer some questions? Or are there more names and scarlet letters you'd like me to wear first?

Anonymous said...

I hope to see Justin sentenced to life with out Parole.

I hope to see Elisha & CR sentenced to whole lot more than child abuse.

I hope to see P.D. & H.T. sentenced to at least obstruction of justice charges.

What about Derek, Lance, and Breanna???

I wonder what their charges will be...

Deejay said...

Peter, I believe that the child's life insurance was the motive. Would you feel safe around Dips where they would receive $25K if you died??

As you stated, any parent wanting to protect a child financially buys life insurance on themselves, solely to benefit the child if the parent should die. J called on the insurance payday RIGHT AWAY- no time for seeking the child, no time for grieving. I'm sure he killed her for the money.

Vita said...

Searching YT with the terms only: Ayla Reynolds, comes up 100's of videos. News press, interviews and then video's made for Ayla in Hope she is found.

Who is the one standing for Ayla, who is in 70% of the video's that are of News press: Trista
How many videos are with Justin speaking on Ayla's behalf? you can count them on your left hand, and take fingers away.

Trista has provided, not hid. Opened her world up to everyone, by being on the Air for Ayla. Trista is out in the open, in the community, active. AYLA is the only reason. She is not vindictive. She wants one thing and this is Answers. Where is her Daughter, she does not win when this event happens, that Ayla is found. There is no Winners in Ayla's suffering, vanishing. No one has to inform her of anything that she doesn't already know, when it comes to her personal feelings.

What of her that she has offered, not offered, it doesn't seem to matter. People are tearing her to pieces for their own self intensive purposes. How this benefits finding Ayla? I don't have the answer. Proof is that she is stronger than she herself realizes. Having her entire life blogged upon daily, her person being put out for everyone to shred and poke at. This being done by people who do not know her, some not to care to know her. As they find " Trista" their entertainment. She shows her reverence for Ayla, as she doesn't throw her hat into the trash can to ensue the spew. Ayla is the only victim.

Trista her own words, this from press, 12/2012. She says it in order. AYLA first. Not Her. This is her only quest for the Truth, which the answer is Ayla Found.
This is one year past and Trista is consistent, her strength is from within, as she is Ayla's mother. You never give up on your own, as she has proven. She has not given up on Ayla. To be told to your face, your daughter is dead. Mortally wounds. Not having her as proof to see it for yourself, would be like being living on a seesaw. One day down on the ground, the next HIGH in hopes she is found. That one tip or one person to come forward, will lead to Ayla being found.
Going back to the beginning. This 3 wks post Ayla missing. Phoebe willing to take the plunge? she sits down with CNN Susan Candiotti. Date: 1/8/2012.

Not even 24 hours post this airing, she PD contacted Susan before she left Waterville, I want to retract my said, in the interview. "I made a mistake" her exact words. Since when is outright lying to the Nation, her " Granddaughters" life hanging in the balances, to her she calls it a " mistake". She did not say to Candiotti, I was MISTAKEN, no.

She in the video offers nothing more than " NO" to every single HARD question of Candiotti. This is not only unexpected, it does not equate to Phoebe's owned emotional state. 1:50 Justin told her, Ayla was MISSING. When you found out, what did you think?
When did she find out? where was she when she was informed? she was not at the house, the night of nor was there the AM of.

She is acting as she is desperate, for who? wringing her hangs, sticky mouthed. Listen to her words, do not hear them. Not much there why? because she is holding back information and admitted the next AM - I lied. There was a reason she conformed and confirmed to this interview. Justin set her up. He promised Candiotti the interview. He hid in the basement and then scooted out the side door. GO DAD. " Someone" from the Dip side had to step up to the plate, as CNN was inside the house. Which one? the one that was not there.

The path to least resistance is the easiest way, Justin's owned motto. His adopted Mother HT who took over, hid him from the public, that he could not himself " do the right thing" because of what PEOPLE Told HIM.

Vita said...

Anon pick a name, and share.

You seem to be confident as you wrote it. Trista lied. Her lies? what are they? you have her direct quotes? in order to prove a lie you must have contradiction to the truth. Then you, yourself know the truth?

Fuss is an interesting word choice.
Ayla is a fuss? She is the subject, Ayla is.

A display of unnecessary or excessive excitement, activity, or interest.

Show unnecessary or excessive concern about something.

Vita said...

Backing the source, who spoke the loudest, on behalf of her own self interest. HT1965 - Morning Sentinel commentary
on Ayla home struck by vandals | The Morning Sentinel, Waterville, ME

I 'm sorry maybe I was not clear. Justin has spoken to the authorities at length.

In fact that is where he was for most of the first two weeks. And he is very available at any time if they need to speak to him again.

He has told them all he knows.

And that is his whole truth.

It is only the public he is not going to go into detail with.

He just is concerned that it may give details that the police themselves for one are still not releasing for whatever reason.

Maybe so as not to give them to a potential suspect.

And because it just leads to everything he says being twisted anyway.

So that is why he is letting the police handle it.

And as for doing media appearances he feels that Ayla is getting plenty of exposure at this time.

And since I am writing another post let me just add to those who ask.

If this was your own child (Justin) who was going through this would you not stand by him?

Because what I have learned through this experience is that none of us.

Not one of us is exempt from going through this.

It could happen to anyone; anyone of you reading this today.

Where would you draw the line?

Would you not stand by your own child?

Or your sister, brother, friend? Would you not stand with them against a public's verdict of "possible baby killer" without a trial?
Lines drawn in the sand.
He told them all he knows. Therefore he no longer had to communicate? according to HT, not Justin himself. She to provide the world online with Justin's truth.
His or hers? No parent ends with, they begin with. And it is not " that's it" end of discussion. That's all I know. JD believes, has stood by, SOMEONE kidnapped AYLA right underneath his nose. It would be consistent communication, even pestering one owns self, what the hell did I miss? head banging, that was possibly left out, to offer LE a flow of communication to the normal, to aid the investigation. Who SQUASHED Justin?
He on his own? squashed himself, or he was TOLD to Keep quiet?

According to HT he did his JOB. He labeled by her the Victim.

HT has that right on the exemption, No one is exempt in her tribe. As it said Derek has been and is involved, tucked with Justin since he obtained Ayla in Oct 2012. He to come to Justin, in his best friends interest, not Ayla's. For future proceeds, this was his endeavor to help his friend out.

"If this was your own child (Justin) who was going through this would you not stand by him?"

Justin is her proverbial son?
Derek's brother from another mother? No, she is his friend, the mother of his friend "Derek".

Vita said...

HT1965 on Ayla home struck by vandals | The Morning Sentinel, Waterville, ME

I 'm sorry maybe I was not clear. Justin has spoken to the authorities at length. In fact that is where he was for most of the first two weeks. And he is very available at any time if they need to speak to him again. He has told them all he knows. And that is his whole truth. It is only the public he is not going to go into detail with. He just is concerned that it may give details that the police themselves for one are still not releasing for whatever reason. Maybe so as not to give them to a potential suspect. And because it just leads to everything he says being twisted anyway. So that is why he is letting the police handle it. And as for doing media appearances he feels that Ayla is getting plenty of exposure at this time. And since I am writing another post let me just add to those who ask. If this was your own child (Justin) who was going through this would you not stand by him? Because what I have learned through this experience is that none of us. Not one of us is exempt from going through this. It could happen to anyone; anyone of you reading this today. Where would you draw the line? Would you not stand by your own child? Or your sister, brother, friend? Would you not stand with them against a public's verdict of "possible baby killer" without a trial?
HT1965 on Ayla home struck by vandals | The Morning Sentinel, Waterville, ME

Also want to clarify I said 4 drops and I do think the police should release all information as opposed to just little bits. If they are going to let the public have this info to use for detective work than yes please by all means give them all information. Or at least wait till you have it all to give. So that exactly you do not start an all out panic or lynch mob mentality. And also want to add that it is therefore understandable as you said that you and others come to some of the conclusions you do. Along with the media's take on things. But as I said in previous post which is now gone. It is just beyond silly to try and untangle all the untruths. So for Justin he is determined for the truth to tell itself.

Lis said...

Derek must be more involved than first appears or his mother would not be in defensive mode to the extent she is. Perhaps he did not just ride with Justin to Portland. Perhaps he was at the house before that.

Lemon said...

"The DiPietro apologists have their cause in life, shamefully defending the indefensible, fulfilling a need to be oppositional, forgetting that Justin DiPietro is not the victim here." - PH

"fulfilling a need to be oppositional,…"
This is the best explanation I have seen for the reprehensible (look it up Heidi of the Manor born) defense of Phoebe's son.

One wonders if the term "Accessory after the fact" is something Team Tudela will get to know all too soon.

Lis said...

OT John, there is one theory that one form of compulsive lying begins in infancy due to neglect. Infants who are left cold, hungry, and in pain lie to themselves in order to survive: "I'm not cold. I'm not hungry. I don't have pain." Of course, an infant doesn't use words in a logical sense like this, but the effect is the same. An infant whose diaper is not changed for long periods of time, for instance, becomes covered in a blistering rash. Feelings of hunger are life threatening to an infant. This self delusion continues throughout the neglect victim's life.

A neglectful parent will not trouble themselves to correct a child as he/she grows up, either. They are left to their own devices.

Another situation is the child who is made king, who can do no wrong from day one. He is never corrected, never challenged, never held accountable. He lies to cover up his wrongs but is not exposed or corrected because the narcissistic parent equates the child with himself. Anyone else who tries to correct the child is seen as an attacker of the parent's own ego, because the chld is seen as just an extension of it.

Lis said...

" If this was your own child (Justin) who was going through this would you not stand by him? Because what I have learned through this experience is that none of us. Not one of us is exempt from going through this. It could happen to anyone; anyone of you reading this today. Where would you draw the line? Would you not stand by your own child? Or your sister, brother, friend? Would you not stand with them against a public's verdict of "possible baby killer" without a trial?"

Personally, I would always "stand by" my children but to me that does not mean I would cover up or defend a crime they committed. You can love a child and continue to support them without lying about what they have done. In fact, telling the truth and allowing them to be held accountable is the MOST loving thing you can do for a child!!

Amaleen6 said...

Trista said her and Justin never really had a relationship on Nancy Grace. Yet on her own step-father's website she admits to having an affair with him before she went to rehab.

Either she lied on NG, or she lied to Jeff.

Point is, she lied.


Yeah, whatever. Justin supposedly had a "long-time girlfriend" who made a "rushed trip downstairs"....No, wait, it was Elisha who did that....Around 8:20? And woke up Justin, who knocked down the baby gate? Wow, how did he do that? Wasn't he exhausted from being in Portland to ask Trista where Ayla was?

Those lies are far more telling than Trista's.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

There is a right and there is a wrong.

They are obligated to speak the truth.

In the parent's shoes, lying will only hurt the son more so. Better to lay it all out, and tell the truth, and bear the consequences, than to continue this way.

Justin has been 'bailed out' by mother his whole life. She likely made excuses to his teachers, and defended him right or wrong.

Neglectful mothers do this. They project the guilt of neglect and attack teachers, ministers, coaches, in short, anyone who dares correct the little darling that mother refused to correct.

It is how bullies are made.

Mother's indulgence made Ayla pay the ultimate price, but if Justin does not live in prison, he will continue to take out his shortcomings upon other vulnerable females.

He has two young mothers lying for him, and another older mother making a jackass of herself before her community.

He must either man up to the truth, or females will continue to pay for mother's indulgence.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

Team Tudela are in the unenviable position of defending Justin against all sense. There is a basis for this, as they must feel the sting of having been a part of the killing of Ayla, whether a direct motive, or, as Pat Brown said, an influencing motive.

Their State Farm office has had a lot of negative attention, and as the recent blowing out of windows showed, the public is really very angry.

Vita said...

Jan 28th, 2012 was announced that Ayla's blood had been found in the Dip house. Trista to be told, by MSP, that yes Ayla's blood was found in the house. This 4wks post Ayla's vanishing.

Video, News press:

Trista was part of the vigil planned, as it was an event, that many were part of. She appeared and was there the entire time. Justin and Lance appeared in the last 30 mins of the Vigil. She and he captured, she is not speaking to a reporter but to Justin. She hugs him to whisper into his ear, her being told, that Ayla's blood was found inside his mothers house. The audio is picked up. His response" Sorry about that". Then this was no revelation to him. He already knew. He knew as he was inside the house, the night of ?, the am of, that he called 911.

Justin had made an earlier request? to Nancy Grace. An I dare you? She not only heard him, she sent her staff, her Producer to Waterville. Bonnie Druker went to his mothers house in Waterville.
Bonnie Druker standing outside of MSP station, date: 1/29/2012.
NG demanding answers of her findings, Ayla's blood said found inside the home of Dipietro.

HT has typed her confess, of 4 drops of Ayla's blood, her all over, littering herself where ever she felt was fit. Not so as it is said in the video above. The learned by Bonnie Druker, by MSP is Ayla's blood was found, mixed within, the " Clean up" the cleaned up being part of the 100's of pieces of evidence removed from the Dipietro house. Her blood mixed with, was another persons blood.

The Follow-up as HLN remained in Waterville, the next day. The Vid of Bonnie Druker outside the Dipietro house reporting:
From Transcript:

GRACE: Bonnie, let`s take it from the beginning. What happened?

DRUKER: All right, so I drove up here. Of course, as a producer, I was trying to get some more answers. Phoebe came outside.
I was taking some pictures. She came outside and she said, Get off my property. And I said, Well, there is no sign on your property,
Phoebe she came out with a sign, took the hammer, took the nail and nailed it to the tree. She said, I don`t want to have anything to do with any of you.

All is breaking News, was investigative on HLN's part, new information incoming- Air Date: 2/1/2012.

GRACE: Where is baby Ayla? Tonight, we learn of an elaborate plan on Daddy`s part to keep Mommy from seeing or talking to the little girl long - - long -- before she`s reported missing. Every time Mommy would try to reach her baby girl, Daddy would say she`s asleep, she`s playing, she`s playing, she`s asleep, she`s playing, Mommy never getting to see or talk to her baby girl. And then she`s gone for good.

Tonight, has this turned into a homicide investigation?

This as we learn the girlfriend`s car, a 2002 Hyundai Sonata, has been searched for blood evidence.

And a neighbor there in the neighborhood has their home searched pursuant to police search warrant. Why is a neighbor`s home being searched?
We are taking your calls. I want to go back out to Bonnie Druker, standing by there in front of the home. Do we have any idea what cops were looking for in the neighbor`s home?

DRUKER: Well, all cops will say, Nancy, is that they took over 100 pieces of evidence from this home, Justin`s home. And we understood that they were looking for more evidence in one of these homes. So in short, no, we don`t know exactly what they were looking for, Nancy. I wish I had a better answer for you.

GRACE: Well, the truth is the truth, and police are playing it very close to the vest.
Yes the MSP did have it to the vest and remain holding it the vest. Yet, HT finds herself authority over everything not said. Isn't that interesting, yes it is.

Trigger said...

Great post, Peter!

Ayla Reynolds is dead. We have two more children at risk of death or abuse, who were in the same house, the same night, with the same three adults.

What is the role of the Child Protective Services in this case?

I hope that they are closely monitoring the lives of the other two children who were in that deadly place.

Shannon said...

Just wondering if you have seen, I came across it today and it was curious to me. There was a lot of information about the case that I had not known before. Also, the writer claims not to even know either family, yet in every post, they are bashing Trista and her family and accusing them of being involved. They also seem to think that Justin and his family are innocent so it makes me wonder if someone in his family is in fact the author of the blog.

Vita said...

This is Ayla's Sunday.

I am calling out to Selena Johnson to respond. Who I did chat with on BTR and as I/we did type in exchange, she is one to own empathy. She knows the good, bad and ugly in life. She has lived it. If not for Ayla who you did not meet, do it for Harley.

Tudela in Charge. Who's craft prompted this PUBLISHED exclusive interview? The interview took place prior to it being published? it was a work of tweaking? with concessions? final to posted on 3/11/2012

Investigators say a kidnapping did not happen, but Darrell, Heidi and Derek Tudela and DiPietro said they believe Ayla is alive somewhere, and if public opinion grows to exclude that possibility, they believe an abductor could eventually hide the toddler in plain sight.

WHO is to rebuttal foul play, not a kidnapping? damn we are so stupid as it written who this interview is for and about, as it is in order:

Darrell, Heidi, Derek - oh yes him, last to note, Justin.

Blood was announced by MSP: 1/28/2012

As it is written, *In a recent interview, the Tudelas and DiPietro also briefly spoke about the discovery of blood in the Waterville home* WHEN did Justin ever speak on the blood found?
This was not an exclusive, but a production. The director? Justin? no, do not think so, since he was not interviewed. This was Heidi's interview. As she is no one, but the mother of a friend. The friend being her son Derek, who is no longer 8 yrs old, but a successful businessman.

In a recent interview, the Tudelas and DiPietro also briefly spoke about the discovery of blood in the Waterville home from where Ayla disappeared, and a life insurance policy that the Tudela’s son sold to DiPietro a few months ago. * where is this interview?

NOWHERE TO GO (HT rolled out the red carpet) On the night of Dec. 16, there were six people at 29 Violette Ave.: DiPietro and his daughter, Ayla; his sister, Elisha DiPietro, and her daughter; and his girlfriend, Courtney Roberts, and her son, according to police. The next morning, DiPietro dialed 911 to report Ayla missing. After police responded, the DiPietros and Roberts cooperated with the investigation by voluntarily turning over the home, computers, cellphones and all other possessions to police, DiPietro said. Police also impounded DiPietro’s SUV and Roberts’ car.

“Derek called me up and said that Justin, his mom, his sister, Courtney and two babies had nowhere to go,” she recalled. “They had no home. They couldn’t take anything out of their home.

They had nowhere to go?

*His Mom, His Sister, no add of Courtney, as in his, no, Courtney is an appendage, not his girlfriend, but Courtney as stand alone"

First things first only 3 lived in the house: PD, ED with GD.

*Oh the Plight! plot engages, all that is missing, is it was Raining, and it was a Hairy MAN, wearing a ski mask driving a White Van*

With only the clothes on their backs and no place to turn, DiPietro called one of his best friends, Derek Tudela, to ask for help. Tudela then talked to his mother, Heidi Tudela.

“Derek called me up and said that Justin, his mom, his sister, Courtney and two babies had nowhere to go,” she recalled.

“They had no home. They couldn’t take anything out of their home. They had nowhere to go. “I said, ‘Tell them to come stay with us.’”
The figurative is blown. Waterville PD did not confiscate the house on 12/17. Presser 1/1/2012- House SHOULD have been, as it Was NOT sealed off on 12/17.

The case escalated late Friday, when Massey announced that police now suspect "foul play" in Ayla's disappearance. It has evolved into a criminal investigation, and Maine State Police have taken the lead, he said. Even before Friday, however, the late addition of crime-scene ribbon raised questions about the way police have handled a case that has gained national media attention. A manual for investigating missing-child cases, used by police across the country, indicates that the house on Violette Avenue should have been "sealed" soon after the first investigators arrived on Dec. 17.

part 2 - next.

John P said...

Peter in your story when asked about charges you did not mention any drug related charges. But later you mentioned three times in 4 lines that drugs could play a part in Ayla Bell's case.

I believe that the arrest of Breana Roberts is related to this.
I believe that DiPietro deeply resented having to pay child support, and his feelings towards Trista were conflicted. I think that Courtney Roberts (based upon the Angela Harry fictional account) was jealous of Trista and was in competition (What, on God's green earth, were they competing over?") and fueled the fire.
Breanna Roberts had a large and expensive amount of drugs in her apartment. In Maine, cash is hard to come by.
Someone had to owe money for that cache of drugs.

Ao my question is do you feel drugs are involved and if so do you feel there will drug related charges added?

Vita said...

Press- Earlier in the day, 12/19, two vehicles were towed from the home where she vanished from over the weekend. When asked about this development, Waterville Police Chief Joseph Massey would not comment.

HT her production article snip: For the next two weeks, the two families lived together in Winslow while investigators combed through the Violette Avenue home. Meanwhile, public perception was turning against the DiPietros, Heidi Tudela said.

HT: Holiday Inn or Keeper? Courtney Homeless? no, she has a home, in Portland. Phoebe she has friends, she vested in her community for 40+yrs, don't believe PD needed a keeper sorry. Elisha as well the same, had vested relationships of her own.

The storyline she HT provided is a lie. The autos towed 12/19. The cellphones were not the end all of communication, yet as it is written Justin and Courtney gave their cell phones up voluntarily on 12/16. JD was able to memorize Derek's #? He to contact him? when? Derek an adult did not bail JD out. He, Derek had to call his mother and she voluntarily " took over".

She to be called out of the blue and not knowing anything that had happened! became the resilient. She to TELL Derek, bring the sheeple to me. Off with their heads. He then called not to inform her of Ayla but to tell her what? the deed was done? His alliance to report, to his Momma.

As HT tells it, this is how it went HT: “They were devastated" not her shocked, as she was cool calm and in charge! Their granddaughter, niece, daughter is missing. NOTE the order. Justin closest in relation to Ayla is last. Who was her sensitive first to prove to all who was the weakest? Her to save? govern, monitor? her match: Phoebe

Heidi holds herself in her own esteem, as she TOOK the role from Phoebe? she became Justins' pseudo mother less than hours from Ayla's missing?. PD was played, by her son, the Candiotti interview 1/8/2012. He was the one to give the interview. Candiotti said, he stood at the bottom of the stairs, basement, and she said he barely exchanged any words, with CNN staff, and he left out the side door. PD did not have to speak, as it wasn't her interview. She stood in for him? or she was yet reeling from the threats of who was Manager of this all along? being HT. PD is to HT - Her mud flap. Selena PD's sister has said, and has typed her commentary upon here, in chat, and blogs. Selena to stand up for the Dipietro side. Her, it is expected. Her to stand up and join hands with for who she doesn't know is the unexpected.

Selena is a rogue take no prisoners woman. She informed of Ayla's missing, after the fact, never did she meet Ayla. She herself was duped and governed by HT herself, TLLOM. This proves HT's power of manipulation. Selena if you are reading this, think of yourself as a young girl. To have a female role player, your mothers age that directed you. Whoever that was outside your inner, that invested their said into your head, there is a greener grass on the other side. Ingrained to you to believe you were slighted. Kid's do not know what they are missing until they witness others that live above them. This is HT's own said of Justins' upbringing, she gave him, what he never had.

Selena by you being won over, or to become the insider, as BAIT, you too fell for it, HT's plan.
Selena you have the power to take this back. Step back and reassess. Think of how your own sister is not of this, yet was duped into the interview. It ate her enough, to say less than hours after: I lied.

Justin gained Ayla in Oct, he was influenced? what happened that he is in debt to the Tudela's? he bought what they were selling, that Ayla became collateral. Think long and hard. He Justin is no saint, he is a big boy. What was presented to him, was to him, bigger than he has ever known, that Ayla was put to risk for, that he rolled the dice. Ayla lost.

Vita said...

Links to articles,

Tudela's world as it was a production, not Justin interviewed.

Massey Statements, article 12/19

Vita said...

Links to articles,

Tudela's world as it was a production, not Justin interviewed.

Massey Statements, article 12/19

Emerald said...

Peter, you mention that the Tudela's SF agency windows were blown out recently...I have not seen this in the local news, can you tell me if it was a typo about the kid who smashed out the DiPietro house window, or if this is a different event you are referring to...thanks

BostonLady said...

From the article posted above by Vita:

“Suffice it to say, Justin is still very confident that eventually police are going to get to the bottom of it and find Ayla,” he said. “If whoever out there has her could help speed that process up, that would make thousands of people’s lives better.”

"speed the process up"? What is the process he is speaking of? And he states "that would make thousands of people's lives better"... Thousands? Is this what the father of a missing baby is hoping for, to make thousands of people's lives better??

My expectation is that a parent of a missing baby would be begging the abductors to return my child. I would be concerned with my child's safety and not talking about some phantom "process". I know I certainly wouldn't care about anyone BUT my baby. The statement Justin made is cold. He wants "this" over with so he can get on with his life.

Justin doesn't care about Ayla...

Jazzie said...

"Is Justin DiPietro involved in baby Ayla’s disappearance? I have no way of knowing, just as I have no way of knowing if Trista Reynolds has any anything to do with this ongoing mystery. However, I do know a few things. I am absolutely convinced that this is not a stranger abduction. Strangers don’t lurk in sub-zero temperatures any more than they target children with broken arms. I also know that these are troubled young adults who have a toxic relationship. I still believe that the universe of potential suspects is small and that the answer to what happened to baby Ayla exists within the murky waters of dysfunction. We need to stop chasing shadows and leave the investigation to the authorities. If they dig deep enough they will learn the truth."

JD: “Contrary to some statements floating around out there, I have been in communication with Ayla’s mother over the last couple of weeks. The Waterville police have transcripts from my phone for verification of those communications.”

"baby Ayla exists within the murky waters of dysfunction" + "Contrary to some statements floating around out there"

The truth about AYLA, I guess, is "floating" in "murky waters" out there. I can only hope LE has the tenacity and courage to to go froward with justice for AYLA and that the new DA for Kennebec and Somerset Counties lives up to the promise of "A zero-tolerance policy for domestic violence, child abuse"

A grand Jury is schedule Kennebec Superior Court for the March 4-8, 2013:

Jazzie said...

"If they dig deep enough they will learn the truth."

Anonymous said...

Good well thought and worded article Peter. From the start of Ayla's reported missing, I never looked further than the Father. I feel that the DA is holding out for Ayla's body to go forward for an indictment. I base my opinion on the facts presented they would have gotten an indictment by now. 17 months later what could be found of Ayla being out in the elements buried or in water? Very discouraging.

Jazzie said...

"McCausland said Monday that investigators stand by their original assessment...
“We looked at that scenario, and it doesn’t hold water,” he said of the potential for a kidnapping. “That some intruder came in — in silence — and no one heard a thing. It didn’t happen.”

"We looked at that scenario, and it doesn’t hold water"...

Sunday, Dec. 18, 2011: Game wardens scour the banks of nearby Messalonskee Stream.

Monday, Dec. 19, 2011: The search swells to 70 law enforcement agents, including game wardens looking at Messalonskee Stream with an airboat and circling the area in an airplane.

Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2011: Investigators drain a section of Messalonskee Stream to look for clues, and they examine garbage bins, garages, backyards, ball fields and wooded areas near the home.

Friday, Dec. 30, 2011: Police announce foul play is suspected in what is now a criminal case.

Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2012: Dive teams from the state police and the warden service search parts of the Kennebec River and Messalonskee Stream for any signs of Ayla.

Friday, Feb. 3, 2012: Dive teams from the state police and the warden service return to parts of the Kennebec River and Messalonskee Stream and continue their search for clues.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012: Police recover undisclosed items from the Kennebec River, which are sent to the state crime lab for testing. McCausland says investigators don't know if the items are related to Ayla.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012: Police drain a diversion channel of a Waterville dam to search for evidence. McCausland said some undisclosed items were removed from the scene by detectives and sent to the crime lab for processing as potential evidence.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012: Searchers find "nothing substantial" during another search of the Kennebec River and its banks from Lockwood Dam at the Hathaway Creative Center and upstream to the Hydro Kennebec Dam.

Friday, Oct. 5, 2012: State police detectives search Messalonskee Stream, which was drained by Kennebec Water District for routine maintenance. Detectives cover a half-mile of riverbanks upsteam and downstream of the North Street bridge. Nothing is found.

Jazzie said...

"As the morning unfolded into what felt like an eternity...he just kept thinking that by the days end they would have found Ayla. The police would have put every officer within a hundred mile radius on the case and they would figure out who could have taken her."

Angela Harry - TTLOM© 2012

Where's the truth? Where's AYLA?
"Within a hundred mile radius"

Nic said...

Since learning what the DA had in the Susan Cox case and seeing how it all turned out there, and just like there has been no movement in the Hailey Dunn case or the Kyron Horman case, I have no faith that Maine will act any different without Ayla.

There's no justice. It's unfair and frustrating.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


I understand.

I think that even the blogs that are dedicated to the case help put pressure on the DA to act.

The outrage over the Jonbenet Ramsey Grand Jury is also acutely on the minds of those who hold interest in justice.


Anonymous said...

Nic, I'm with you. I have no hope that the Maine SA or DA, whatever, will make any moves on this case unless Ayla's little body is found. What is the liklihood of her body being found...or found so any forensic evidence is possible to determine cause of death? If Ayla were put into a Maine river, her body could have been well out into the sea very quickly.

Let LE release the 911 calls from Justin! It's been over a year...I doubt if releasing them would compromise the case any more than it has been compromised already.

Anonymous said...

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