Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dylan Redwine Case on Dr. Phil Today

Note that even the headline plays into Mark Redwine's controlling nature.

Dr. Phil Finally Gets Dylan Redwine’s Parents To Talk Face To Face

Dylan Redwine's parents talk with Dr. Phil (credit: CBS)
Dylan Redwine’s parents talk with Dr. Phil (credit: CBS)

 – Volunteers probed a frozen lake on Monday searching for missing teen Dylan Redwine, but came up with nothing. The 14-year-old boy vanished during a court ordered visit with his father last November.
Redwine’s family is scheduled to appear on the Dr. Phil Show on Tuesday to talk about the case. In previews of the show it appears Dylan’s father and mother, Mark and Elaine Redwine, who went through a messy divorce, get into some heated arguments.
Searchers drilled a hole in the ice on a Vallecito lake over the weekend to look for any sign of Dylan.
(credit: CBS)
(credit: CBS)
CBS4’s Jeff Todd recently talked with Dylan’s father, Mark Redwine. He said he’s been working with a group called K-9 Forensics out ofAlbuquerque, N.M. who were going to search the Vallecito area so that they could eliminate it as a possible area where Dylan could be. But he also said the family feud that will play out on the Dr. Phil show the next two days could bring the national attention the search needs.
It’s a family feud that’s played out in the media for the last 90 days.
“Tensions are high between all of us, specifically with mom and my older son Corey and myself,” Mark Redwine told CBS4.
Twelve days ago when CBS4 talked to Mark Redwine, he said he was hoping the Dr. Phil Show could bring clarity to the situation.
Elaine and Mark Redwine on Dr. Phil (credit: CBS)
Elaine and Mark Redwine on Dr. Phil (credit: CBS)
“(By) keeping the focus on finding Dylan rather than airing our dirty laundry and pointing fingers and making accusations,” Mark Redwine said. “There’s plenty of time for that later down the road. What we need to be doing is focusing on finding Dylan.”
Signs still plaster the community in near Durango, but the family’s disagreements haven’t helped the search.
Dylan Redwine (credit: Dr. Phil Show)
Dylan Redwine (credit: Dr. Phil Show)
“All the things that have gone on and the conflict between us has put him in a bad situation,” Mark Redwine said. “Is it enough to make him run away? I would choose to say no, but who knows what goes on in a 13-year-old’s head?”
see previous analysis but know that the "conflict" is being used by Mark Redwine as a red herring.  
With signs and wrist bands now going worldwide, so has the search. Earlier this month, La Plata County sheriff’s investigators said they have tips coming in from as far away as Australia, but it wasn’t Dylan.
The entire conversation with the Redwines airs Tuesday at 4 p.m. on Dr. Phil on CBS4



John Mc Gowan said...

Order is important..

We see by this short sentence that tension's are high between Dylans parents.

“Tensions are high between all of us, specifically with mom and my older son Corey and myself,” Mark Redwine told CBS4.

He puts mum first with no proper social introduction which tells us they don't get on.Then comes Corey who does get a proper introduction,however he places him smack bang in the middle almost like a barrier between his parents.

Note the distance between Dylans parents they are separated away from each other in the statement..

BostonLady said...

All the things that have gone on and the conflict between us has put him in a bad situation,” Mark Redwine said.

This feels very much like a threat. Why would things / conflict going on between the parents put the child in a bad situation????

Did Mark punish Dylan for the mother moving away and obtaining stricter visitation?? Mark's statement gave me the creeps..

Anonymous said...

Red red wine oh such a swine!!

Anita said...

He also calls her mom, which is super creepy.

Vita said...

Mark cleans up nice doesn't he.
Elaine looks like Elaine. What if they brought Mark on stage as his normal, unkempt hair, beard. Wearing a greasy ball cap and worn torn casual clothes. The photo at the top, MR's body language is offensive towards Dr. Phil. He trying to control the good Doctor? or change the direction of the accusations?

Found a slice of footage of the show, to air. The press announced there will be two shows back to back. This was not one taping, but two tapings. Two different audiences. Who was asked and did appear on the show/s which to me is perplexing. Elaine, Cory (Dylan's bio bro) Mark, and his ex-wife (first wife) and his bio son from their marriage.

This the lead line, header of the first show, taken from Dr. Phil's own website.

The Disappearance of Dylan: Who's to Blame?
February 26, 2013
It's a headline-grabbing case that's left a family in search of answers: Fourteen-year-old Dylan Redwine vanished without a trace three months ago, while on a court-ordered visit at his father, Mark’s, house. What happened to Dylan? And, why are his parents, Mark and Elaine — who haven't spoken to each other since Dylan disappeared — pointing the finger at each other?

2nd show to air, tomorrow - taken from Dr. Phil's website.
Wednesday - February 27, 2013
The Search for Dylan: The Polygraph Drama

In Part 2 of this Dr. Phil mystery, the family of 14-year-old Dylan Redwine, who has been missing for three months, continues to search for answers. Dr. Phil sits down one-on-one with Dylan's father, Mark, in an effort to help find Dylan. Was he the last person to see the teen? And, what does Mark think happened to his son? Mark says he’s tired of having the finger pointed at him, and he’s willing to take a polygraph test to help clear his name. When the time comes, will he take the test?

video snippet of show from the Huffpo -


The vid above, the banter between Elaine and Mark of the texting. Dr. Phil to raise a good question as I questioned it myself. That there was zero mouth to ear communication between Mark and Elaine. That when Dy was announced missing, they as parents ONLY communicated via texting. They did not speak to each other via phone.
* it isn't a crime, it is though unexpected, they would not speak to each other. Not even it being that Dylan was reported MISSING.

As you watch it, it a snippet, Mark accuses Elaine of being involved.

Ney said...

"When the time comes, will he take the test?"
It seems (from the clip) he did the polygraph right there... If he went through with it.

Anonymous said...

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Jen said...

Here we go...the show is about to start. I'm sure this will give us more statements to analyze if Dr Phil can keep from stealing the spotlight and just let Mark talk...every time he does he reveals more.

John Mc Gowan said...


~ABC said...

AND there we go. When Elaine asked MR if he hurt Dylan MR responded," I wouldn't hurt him."

Jen said...

1st segment

Dr Phil calls both parent out for not communicating about Dylans disappearance. Elaine claims after Mark texted her that Dylan was missing and she responded by text, he blocked her from contacting him. (MR tries to align himself with Dr Phil when Dr says his singular agenda is finding Dylan..MR says 'I agree', but turns defensive as Dr Phil continues to talk about his (phils) training & experience and the fact that it appears that MR is only interested in bickering with his ex-wife, despite his claims of Dylan being his only concern). Elaine Redwine began the segment one-on-one w/Dr and she spent the majority of her time speaking of Dylan, his personality, his normal behavior, (texting/sleep/likes/tv habits, etc). She uses present tense language regarding Dylan, but admits that she fears after this long Dylan may not be alive. Her mentions of Mark are in response to Dr's question of their communication, and whether she thinks Mark may be responsible for Dylans being missing. Elaine says she HOPES Mark didn't hurt Dylan but she does believe it's a possibility. (In Elaine's pre-taped segments she says, 'To Mark everything is a game, and Mark is not good at losing'. This has been my thinking of MR's motive all along...he decided she won the custody battle...but he was going to win the war on Dylan)

Mark joins them on stage and Dr says to him..'you know this lady right'..and MR retorts...'Well, I USED to know this woman'. Then MR says the FIRST thing he wants to address is something 'MRS REDWINE' said in her segment, and proceeds to accuse Elaine of lying about trying to call him. He speaks NOTHING of Dylan or him being missing until called out by Dr Phil. (also ALL of MR references about Dylan in the pre-taped segments, news clips and w/Phil are past tense)

Elaine is bursting at the seams with emotion, she is practically begging for answers and confronts Mark directly, demanding..'You know where Dylan is...Mark where is Dylan', and she accuses him of taking no responsibility although he was the last one to see Dylan. MR then directs his answer toward Dr Phil, avoiding the question, 'Where is Dylan', and saying instead that Elaine is not accurate in saying that he was last person to see Dylan because of the supposed mail carrier sighting (the claim was not substantiated and the police said it was NOT Dylan the carrier saw, however MR clings to this info in order be able to say Elaine is wrong about something).

It would seem if MR was going to pick an accusation to deny it would be that he knows where Dylan is..but instead he chooses to argue he WASN'T the last person to see Dylan. However in his previous long interview he says those exact words regarding his status as a 'suspect', and claims it's because he was the last person to see Dylan.

Lis said...

“All the things that have gone on and the conflict between us has put him in a bad situation,” Mark Redwine said.

He blames Elaine for putting Dylan in the 'situation'- because she did not submit to his control.

Anonymous said...

Well where was the older brother when Dylan went missing I missed that part how old is older brother

Jen said...

Hi Anon-

I believe Dylan's older brother in in his 20's. He was not part of the custody battle or the ordered visit.