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Husband on Missing Wife Speaks Out

Husband on Wife's Disappearance: Not Knowing 'Most Brutal'

January 29, 2013

New Berlin, NY (WBNG Binghamton) After his wife went missing seven weeks ago, Ganesh "Remy" Ramsaran broke his silence and wept for her return.
On Dec. 11, 36-year-old Jennifer Ramsaran went missing after leaving for a shopping trip to Syracuse.
For the first time, her 37-year-old husband Ganesh Ramsaran spoke to the media about his wife's disappearance.
"There are days where I have hope," Ramsaran said. "And then there are days exactly the opposite."
Ganesh Ramsaran said he has spent nearly two months on little sleep wondering where his wife could have gone.
"You think about the worst, you think about other possibilities, you just don't know" he said. "The not knowing is the most brutal."
He does not say that not knowing is most brutal for him, nor does he say what he thinks; only what "you" think.  
Ganesh Ramsaran and his wife share three children. He said she has always been passionate for her kids and her artwork.
But in the few months before her disappearance, he said she stopped painting, lost weight and her mood changed.
"I was so proud of her because she was 190 pounds that Sunday the (Dec.) ninth. She hadn't been 190 pounds in years," Ramsaran said. "And you know, she changed unfortunately ... I'll leave it at that."
Ramsaran said he'd stayed silent to avoid disturbing the ongoing police investigation.
"The people that know us, I so appreciate their support. And everything that they've done, not just for me, but for the kids," he said. "The people that don't know us, that mudslinging and everything else, I have nothing to say. The truth always comes out."
He does not deny involvement in her disappearance even though he does acknowledge "mudslinging"
He tells us that the truth always comes out.  This is true.  
If he wants, he can tell the truth right now, and not wait, and tell us if he is involved, or tell us if he is not involved. 
He avoids doing so here. 
In a prepared note, Ramsaran addressed his wife of 13 years.
"I don't think you ever knew how much we care for you, and how much your love and everything else -- " he read, before breaking down.
We expect to hear a personal, singular pronoun, in the statement.  The use of the pronoun "we" is not expected. 

Regarding her smile, he referenced her in the past tense, "that's how I will always remember her" indicates belief or knowledge that she is dead. 
The Chenango County Sheriff's Office has no updates on the case since they discovered Ramsaran's car and cell phone last month in two separate places in the town of Plymouth.
Ganesh Ramsaran has offered his DNA, and to take a lie detector test if it would help the investigation.
website has been set up for Jennifer Ramsaran.
Anyone with information is asked to call Chenango County Sheriff's at (607) 334-2000 and dial 1.

There is not enough here to make a conclusion but thus far, he has not cleared himself and we cannot clear him if he will not. 


Shelley said...

The 3 things that I find most disturbing about his statements outside the obvious statement analysis notations…
1. He starts to disparage his wife. I know people who have had fights before an accident, death etc. All they can think about is that the last time they saw them the hurtful words… They are not focused on what they did wrong. They just want them home safe and sound. Feel quilt over those words. It felt as if he was disparaging her to lead to the idea that she was acting different and may be trying to lead listeners to the idea she left on her own. Like he was guiding us to a later conclusion. She left on her own.
2. All the thanks you comments. Ok, your wife is missing. This is recent. You should be looking for her. Asking for help to find her. What if someone just took her and shes being hurt. He has already switched focus to thanking people. It’s too soon. He should still feel a sense of urgency. Instead I feel like this is his attempt to show a kind side. “Look how nice I am, in my time of need I am thanking everyone”. I think he is trying to portray himself as a good man.
3. He comments “we will get through this”. This is a missing person case not a death. Not only is that not really something you just get through, this is still active. There is still hope. She may be alive. He is already setting the tone for them to be “fine and moving on”
So he has to me tried to sway people to believe his wife had changed who she was right before she disappeared, has portrayed himself as a caring thankful man, and led to the last stage of grief moving on.
She is dead. He knows she is dead. He has moved on.
He is now attempting to take everyone to that next step.

Shelley said...

I wanted to add something with another case with moving on.

Zahara Baker. That sweet little girl from Australia.

Adam - her father while still claiming she was missing...... After he was forced to leave the home he was renting, someone had taken photos of the empty home.... The entire home appeared to be totally empty. Except Zharas room. Her things were still left behind. That was the thing that lead me with out a single doubt (not that i had it before really) that he knew she was passed and didnt care.

I struggle just getting rid of my sons clothes as he grows out of them. Must less would I leave his stuff behind if he was missing. I would never give up a single thing.

Maryann said...

Thank you for the analysis, Peter! I knew you would see through this guy's false statements. The way he speaks about his missing wife is unforgiveable. Also, I have read that he's been having an affair with his wife's best friend, and that he and Jennifer were talking about divorce recently. He also made a horrible comment in one interview about his kids missing his wife from 8-9 months ago, before she started to "change". He's been trying to play like she left him, but she had no money, no car, no phone... She had recently lost weight and had started to pay more attention to her appearance. His disparaging remarks, his attitude and his arrogance lead me to believe that the truth will indeed come out. Hopefully Jennifer will be found and he will be put behind bars. I feel so strongly about this particular case. Jennifer, I hope you are found.

MizzMarple said...

In a prepared note, Ramsaran addressed his wife of 13 years.
"I don't think you ever knew how much we care for you, and how much your love and everything else -- " he read, before breaking down.


The above statement caught my attention :

"I don't think you ever knew ..." is PAST tense -- but then he goes into in PRESENT tense -- "we care for you ..."

Deception ...

Thank You, Peter for this analysis .

Anonymous said...

Another article to analyze:

January 30, 2013
Missing woman's husband speaks

By Joe Mahoney The Daily Star

Ganesh Ramsaran, the husband of missing Jennifer Ramsaran of New Berlin, said Tuesday that he appreciates all the work police have done to find his wife, including the interrogation he underwent as detectives sought to solve the mystery.

Commenting on the ordeal that began Dec. 11 when he said he last saw his 36-year-old wife, Ganesh Ramsaran, a project manager for IBM, said: “It’s been a mental roller coaster. One minute I have hope. The next, I’m not so sure. I have to hold strong for the kids.”

He said he has cooperated with all requests made of him by investigators, including taking a polygraph examination that helps detectives determine if an interview subject is being evasive.

“I volunteered the user IDs and the passwords (for online accounts) for everything,” Ganesh Ramsaran told The Daily Star in an interview. “They took all of our computers. My life is an open book. I have nothing to hide.

“I always cooperate, and I will never hire a lawyer,” he added. “I’ve done nothing wrong.”

The husband said at times he fears his wife was abducted by a stranger. At other times, he said that he fears she took off to be alone, or to join a person she may have met while playing online games.

Ganesh Ramsaran, a fitness buff who runs in marathons, said in recent months his wife appeared to be depressed, and had begun to diet after her weight climbed to 210 pounds.

“Before she went missing, she lost 20 pounds,” he said. “Let’s just say it was not the healthy way (to lose weight).” When she dropped to 190 pounds, he said, it put her at her lowest weight since she first became a mother in 1999.

“There were lots of behavioral changes,” he said. “I was so proud of her that she was 190.”

Asked if his wife was taking any medications, the husband said, “Let’s not talk about medication.” However, he did say her depressed mental state may turn out to be a factor in her disappearance.

“That is definitely one of the scenarios,” he said.

“The week before (the disappearance) she spent $300 on brand-new clothes just for herself, and got a new haircut the Friday before she went missing,” he said. “There were lots of different changes.”

The husband provided a partial answer when asked if his wife ever discussed leaving the household where the two have been raising three children.

“Nothing like that, not with me,” he said. “But apparently ... on ... yeah, not with me. I will leave it at that. I don’t want to go anywhere like that.”

“If you could just jot this down for me — the kids miss their mom, and I miss her, too,” he said. “The kids miss their old mom, not the one that was here the last six or nine months when she went through all the different changes.”

Police have said investigators were reaching out to Jennifer Ramsaran’s recent online contacts — such as her Facebook friends and those with whom she played games from her iPhone — to determine if any of them can offer information explaining her disappearance.

The Chrysler Town & Country minivan Ramsaran was reportedly driving that day was later found outside the Plank Road Apartments in the city of Norwich. Her husband, using a tracking application, located her iPhone near near Moon Hill Road in Plymouth.

Chenango County Sheriff’s Department Lt. Richard Cobb said the investigation into the disappearance remains very active. “Any leads that come in are being investigated,” he said.

The Sheriff’s Department is asking anyone with information relating to the disappearance to contact the agency at 334-2000.

Anonymous said...

“The kids miss their old mom, not the one that was here the last six or nine months when she went through all the different changes.”

I think the kids miss their mom, period. Kids don't analyze the old mom vs the new mom. But he does and he doesn't miss the "new" mom of the last six-nine months....

Anonymous said...

And now sadly the truth that is known is that they have found Jennifer deceased. The details slowly coming. I feel badly for her children. I am not quite sure about her husband. I know if it was my partner I would be so upset, so distraught I don't think I could even stand in front of a camera and discuss her death. But, that's just me.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious if this is the same "Remy" whose name was tattooed on Jessica Taylor's body, which was found dismembered in 2003 in Manorville, NY. The tattoo said, "Remy's Angel", and was scratched.

In 2003, Jessica Taylor was 20, if memory serves.

Remy's mother lives in Yonkers, NY.

Anonymous said...

have you continued to follow this case? I would be interested to hear your thoughts. Her body was found. He has since been arrested and charged with her murder.

Anonymous said...
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