Friday, February 15, 2013

Statement Analysis: Phoebe DiPietro

Phoebe DiPietro, grandmother of Ayla Reynolds said:

"Again, I've given my theories and my opinions to the Waterville Police Department and detectives.
I just keep hoping that law enforcement is going to bring Ayla home and they are going to find her."

Does DiPietro really hope that Ayla will be found?  
After the case first broke, Ms. DiPietro told media that on the night before 911 was called, she heard nothing, and nothing out of the ordinary happened. 

Statement Analysis and Body Language Analysis agreed:  she was deceptive.  (see video)

That she was deceptive highlights the need for deception.  When someone repeats something erroneously, their language will not show deception because intent is not present.  It is the intention of deliberately misleading that is picked up in language, either through weakness, sensitivity indicators, or direct indicators of deception.  

Ms. DiPietro had a need to deceive the public about what happened the night before 911 was called.  Please note that on the night in question, which Ms. DiPietro wished to portray as "quite" and as 'normal', Justin DiPietro made a 160 mile round trip to Portland.  

We also know that in the Portland apartment of DiPietro's girlfriend's sister, was a large cache of drugs.  

6 weeks before reporting her missing, the unemployed single father, took out a life insurance policy not for, but against the life of Ayla.  He did not take out a policy for or against the life of his other child with another woman; only Ayla's, meaning that he stood to profit from her death. 

Ms. DiPietro had a reason to deceive.  Here, for the reader, is the question, "Does Ms. DiPietro, given her knowledge and need to deceive, have hope or expectation that Ayla will be coming "home"?

Here is the statement again, with analysis and emphasis. 

"Again, I've given my theories and my opinions to the Waterville Police Department and detectives.
I just keep hoping that law enforcement is going to bring Ayla home and they are going to find her."

Please note that this statement is out of chronological order.  
Note that she "just" keeps hoping (present tense):

1.  law enforcement is going to bring Ayla home
2.  they are going to find her. 

"Theories" is plural and it comes before "opinions", which is something more expected from a grandmother than the non-personal and distant "theories."  

When someone is deceptive, linguistic indicators arise, like this one, where the logical order is disrupted.

Casey Anthony drove around with the decomposing body of her daughter, Caylee, in the trunk. 

When asked about the unbearable odor in the trunk, she said, "Dead squirrels climbed up into the engine."

This is similar to the dislodging of natural order.  Before Ayla can come "home", she must be found.  

Deception continues to be indicated from Phoebe DiPietro regarding her grandchild, Ayla, who's spilled blood was found near Justin DiPietro's bed, in Phoebe DiPietro's basement. 

On the night when Phoebe heard "nothing", she was later forced to admit:

She was not in the home.  Here is the context:

Now in an exclusive interview of CNN on Friday, Ayla's grandmother implied that she was in the house that night. She said she didn't heard a noise and wasn't the last one to go to bed. Now it she seems she is changing her story. Here's Susan Candiotti.


SUSAN CANDIOTTI, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): In a story full of twist, the latest, a bombshell, Ayla Reynolds grandmother wasn't home the night the toddler disappeared.

In an exclusive CNN interview, she left the opposite impression when talking about what happened that night.

(on camera): You didn't hear any noise?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I did not hear anything.

CANDIOTTI (voice-over): She didn't hear it because she was somewhere else she now exclusively tells CNN, another location she declined to publicly disclose.

Why not come clean from the start? Dipietro says she was trying to protect the investigation at the request of police, but then felt she needed to set the record straight.

What does it mean for an investigation entering its fourth week and with no sign of the little girl? Dipietro says it shouldn't matter. She says police have always known her whereabouts that night.

Outside her home this weekend, people continue to stop by, leaving gifts and praying for her safe return. She disappeared about a week before Christmas after her father says he put her to bed only to discover her missing the next morning when he called police.

(on camera): Who do you think would do such a thing?

PHOEBE DIPIETRO, AYLA REYNOLDS' GRANDMOTHER: Again, I've given my theories and my opinions to the Waterville Police Department and detectives. I just keep hoping that law enforcement is going to bring Ayla home and they are going to find her.

Note that it is out of order. 

CANDIOTTI (voice-over): But if police are any closer to finding the little girl, they haven't yet said so. Police suspect foul play, but from the start of the investigation, have refused to say who was home the night Ayla vanished. This was home video shot last fall of the toddler who would now be 21 months old.

DIPIETRO: She's quiet, very sweet. Her eyes, she has the bluest eyes and the longest eyelashes.

CANDIOTTI: This video, exclusive to CNN was shot in Phoebe Dipietro's living room steps away is Ayla's bedroom, which she shared with her cousin who is untouched that night. Her face is blurred.

(on camera): When you found out that she wasn't there, what did you think?

DIPIETRO: I thought that I didn't want my son to go get any of his friends and go kicking indoors looking for her.

Note that which is in the negative:  "I didn't want"
Note that the first thought was of violence. 
CANDIOTTI: I take it you don't think some stranger walked in off the street and did this?

DIPIETRO: It is a very creepy feeling to think somebody had been casing your house, that they had been watching the family's activities.

Note "your house" and not "my house" indicates distancing language.  Anyone who has been robbed knows how personal and up close this is. 

CANDIOTTI (voice-over): After Ayla vanished, her grandmother told detective some things around the house didn't look the same.

DIPIETRO: Some oddities that I had noticed and we told the law enforcement what those were.
Note pronoun change. 
CANDIOTTI: She would not reveal them to us. Ayla's parents never married and live apart. The child's mother, who has spent time in rehab, her family says, questions whether the father, Justin Dipietro, mistreated Ayla, suspicious about a soft cast she had on her left arm the night she went missing.

Justin's mother said she was home when her son tripped while carrying Ayla into the house. In other words, it was an accident. Police say both families are cooperating in the investigation. Although she wasn't there that night, Dipietro says none of the people who were there are responsible for Ayla's disappearance.

DIPIETRO: Justin is a great dad. He truly, truly is and I know he loves Ayla.
Note the "double sensitivity" about Justin being a "great dad" making the statement very weak.  

CANDIOTTI: This sparkling reds dress and books are among Ayla's Christmas gifts never wrapped.

DIPIETRO: I have to believe she is OK.

CANDIOTTI (on camera): Do you have anything to say for whoever took Ayla?

DIPIETRO: Please bring her back, please bring her back.

CANDIOTTI (voice-over): So she can see her dancing again.


COOPER: Susan joins us now. There are obviously been a lot of questions raised about this family. Why and did she on Friday tell you one thing, that she was -- or implied that she was in the house and didn't hear anything and then later admit she wasn't in the house or say she wasn't in the house.

CANDIOTTI: She said that she didn't mean to do it. I had interviewed her late at night. The next morning, I went over to see her and her son, Justin.

She took me in and said, I have to tell you something. I have to tell you the truth. I made a mistake. I told you the wrong thing.

But she said, I was trying to be so careful to follow the police's instructions about not saying anything about what happened that night that I screwed up.

She was really upset. You know, I felt sorry for her. I give her credit for telling the truth.

COOPER: She said there were oddities in the house that she told police. It's understandable why she wouldn't tell anybody else because if somebody is arrested, that could be part of the investigation.

CANDIOTTI: Exactly, exactly. She wouldn't tell us exactly. That's why. But I could tell you that the inside of the house was covered in fingerprint dust. It took them a long time. They were still cleaning it up when we went in the house.

If you look around the outside of the house, you can see that there are windows on the side and in the back. So if someone wanted to make entry that way, if they came in to take her and snatch her, kidnap her, there are a lot of ways they could have come in.

COOPER: When you asked her about who she suspected or what her thoughts were, was it a stranger, she didn't really answer that question?

CANDIOTTI: She answered her own question, but you're right, she didn't say it. Because the police have told her, keep your mouth shut, we don't want to give any clues away about what we know and that's why she wouldn't tell us.

COOPER: Susan, appreciate the reporting. Thank you very much. Here's Piers Morgan with a look of what's coming up in "PIERS MORGAN TONIGHT" -- Piers.

PIERS MORGAN, HOST, CNN'S "PIERS MORGAN TONIGHT": Thanks, Anderson. Tonight as Newt Gingrich battles to stay alive in the campaign, I'll talk to two of the women who know his best, his daughters.

Plus former GE's CEO, Jack Welch, we're talking about the candidate he says is most qualified from a business point of view that he's ever seen to be president.

And the indy filmmaker who's latest effort cost just $9,000. He's also the envy of men everywhere, Ed Burns, husband to supermodel, Christie Turlington. That's coming up at 9. Back to you, Anderson.

COOPER: Piers, thanks very much.


C5H11ONO said...

"Again, I've given my theories ..."

-Wouldn't using "Again" be similar to saying "as I have said before", which is indicative that she is not being truthful because she is memorizing what she has said in the past as opposed to just speaking from experiential memory?

John Mc Gowan said...

OT,Peter coyld you have a look at this,ive highlited what stuck out to me.

Michael Le Vell Will 'Fight' Child Sex Charges
The actor says he will "fight" the 19 child sex charges "VIGOROUSLY" -

Coronation Street actor Michael Le Vell has said he is INNOCENT of all child sex charges against him and will "fight them ".

Le Vell, who plays garage owner Kevin Webster in the ITV soap opera, is accused of 19 child sex offences, including child rape, and sexual activity with a child between 2001 and 2010, Greater Manchester Police said.

Le Vell, 48, a father-of-two whose real name is Michael Turner, will appear in court charged with the offences on February 27.

Le Vell said: "I WOULD LIKE to make it QUITE clear that following the serious allegations that have been brought against me on Thursday 14th February 2013, I am INNOCENT of these charges and INTEND to fight them VIGOROUSLY.

"I will now put all my efforts into clearing my name and proving MY INNOCENCE."

ITV has dropped him from further episodes of the show.

Michael Le Vell was first questioned over the child sex allegations in 2011
A spokesman said: "Given the serious nature of these charges, Michael Le Vell will not be appearing in Coronation Street pending the outcome of legal proceedings. It would not be appropriate for us to comment further at this time."

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The investigation was dropped three months later when authorities said there would be no further action taken against him as there was not enough evidence.

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Speaking after the investigation against him was dropped in 2011, Le Vell said he was "delighted" to have been "completely exonerated", thanked police for their "thorough" investigation and Coronation Street staff and the public for their support.

Le Vell vowed to put the allegations behind him and returned to the show after a short break and is now currently involved in some of the soap's main storylines.

Alison Levitt, QC, principal legal adviser to the Director of Public Prosecutions, reviewed a file of evidence in relation to allegations of sexual offences and looked again at a decision previously made not to prosecute.

Ms Levitt said: "I have very carefully reviewed the evidence in this case and I have concluded that there is sufficient evidence and it is in the public interest to charge Michael Robert Turner with a number of sexual offences.

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Le Vell, who split from his wife Janette Beverley last year, is one of television's most famous faces after playing car mechanic Kevin Webster for the past 30 years in the

No reliable denial.

Optional said...

Phoebe's other spawn, Lance DiPeitro, organized a "vigil" (funeral) in the "church where his grandparents funeral" was held and then he left the state of Maine, said to have moved to RI.

Heidi Tudela, the the mother of Death Insurance Salesman Derek Tudela, is speaking on behalf of the DiPeitro family as supporter and as spokesperson. She recently gave written permission by "the paternal family" to disseminate an age progression photo of Ayla as she might look now, if she were still alive. Heidi is also "pinteresting" new single family homes (real estate for sale) outside of her current town of Winslow, ME, where her husband Darrell Turdela runs the State Farm agency that sold the policy for $25k to Justin DiPietro, the unemployed 24yo who lived in his mothers basement.

It's sickening to see these narcissists sacrifice justice for Ayla for their own greed and self interest. Heidi, Angela, and all the rest of them should be ashamed yet they selfishly continue to obstruct justice and pat them selves on the back for it.

Optional said...

Self-righteous or grandiose (?) written statement from a few days ago:

This Little Light of Maine
Shirley, you are not welcome at this page. If you don't like my thoughts just go elsewhere. It's really that simple. You are saying all these things directed at people who do not know where Ayla is or what happened to her, so yes, it is hateful. If you think I'm being naive, understand that I am entitled to be that and that you have no right at all to try to take it upon yourself to help me "see the error of my ways". You would be better off saying nothing to me about it. As you can see this case has been extremely heated and divided and no one who prays for Ayla and hopes that the evidence they have turns out to be wrong has, in any way, "delayed the time [till] Ayla receives justice." Your statement is not only obnoxious but it is incorrect. Are you seriously in the belief that my having a Facebook page for photos, prayers, well wishes, is delaying a criminal case or answers from the criminal who either took or harmed Ayla? absurd. are you honestly trying to make anyone believe that my spending time and money putting out flyers and billboards from California to Canada to Texas to Maine has somehow prevented the truth from arising? Quite the contrary. If you are right and Ayla isn't still alive, I will be as heartbroken as any and all of these efforts you consciously ridicule have only sparked ever more awareness of her case and prayers/energy asking for the truth to come out. What you don't understand is that while I don't enjoy strangers hating me based on false allegations I actually ALWAYS welcomed the controversy because I knew that as long as people had me to hate and rally against, Ayla would be thought of and worked for. Humans are weak. They bind and unify in hatred because they are too blind to do otherwise. I don't care who you hate as long as you harm no one and pray for (or send your thoughts and energy to) Ayla Bell Reynolds. I have had to take measures to protect my own children though because people are stupid, crazy, and irrational and have repeatedly threatened their safety. Ironic, isn't it, that my love for an innocent child has put at risk the children I'd give my life for without a second of thought. It's a tough position to have been in. I stayed put because I have courage in my own convictions. And I deeply believe in the foundation of our government and judicial system. So, Shirley, I hope that you are able to have some take away knowledge but if not I hope you at least find an appropriate outlet for your frustration. This Facebook page certainly isn't it.

Optional said...

What is this illusive "energy" and power Angela believes she gathers and possesses?

And will she soon author another deceptive account of the morning of the 17th to say, at 6am Justin crashed through the baby-gate, jumped in his car and drove 160 miles away before returning to Waterville first calling his State Farm Death Insurance Salesman, Derek Tudela to check his benefits before calling police? And will we get an update on the life and times of the generous, hard working, dedicated mother and girlfriend, Courtney Roberts? Is she still sacrificing herself for everyone else?

Statement Analysis Blog said...


no need for analysis by me: you did it yourself!

If he cannot bring himself to say he didn't do it, we cannot say it for him.

good job.


Anonymous said...

From what the maternal family has said of Ayla's personality, she wasn't a quiet little girl IMO. I've read this comment by Phoebe many times but it jumped out at me today. Phoebe says "she's quiet" in present tense. Did Phoebe know Ayla could no longer make a sound when she said this?

DIPIETRO: She's quiet,

Anonymous said...

I know Susan Candotti is paraphrasing P.D.'s words but this just smacked me in the head:

"But she said, I was trying to be so careful to follow the police's instructions about not saying anything *about what happened that night that *I* screwed up.*

I wish we could see the full transcript of P.D.'s second meeting with Susan Candotti!

Dee said...

"She's quiet, very sweet. Her eyes, she has the bluest eyes and the longest eyelashes."

** What bothers me about this statement is not SA related. PD is using present tense here speaking about Ayla. What bothers me is as Anon@11:47 said above - Trista has described Ayla as rambunctious, boisterous, stubborn and sometimes quite a handful. While I am sure she was sweet, why does PD describe her as quiet?

Lis said...

If Phoebe is the one who "gave her theories and opinions to the Waterville Police Department" does that mean she is the mastermind of the phoney kidnapping / blame Trista campaign? If so, she is a lot more involved than first appeared. Maybe she really was there that night.

Listening said...

DIPIETRO: It is a very creepy feeling to think somebody had been casing *your* house, that they had been watching *the* family's activities.


Am I seeing distancing 2 times here? "your house", as well as, "the family". Instead of MY house, and MY family.

It's funny how you (I) can read something multiple times, and pick up on something different each time. I've read her statement(s) a countless number of times, but just picked up on that now. Maybe I'm over thinking it? I know a lot of times "you" and "your" gets used as a generalized statement, but I have also learned that in such a personal situation, such generalizations aren't usually used. I'm wondering if "the family" is another instance of this. I can't even think of when using "the family" would properly fit, unless using it in a possesive and shared way, such as, the family business, the family car, etc.

Anonymous said...

The Dipietros lied to Angela Harry about the time Ayla was discovered missing,she said it was 8:30am.She said all the information came from Justin.Angela has not said one word about this,she feels its more important to talk about how much time and money she has spent on Ayla instead of telling the public why she wrote the wrong time .

Listening said...

OK, so... Elisha was supposedly home alone with Ayla and Gabby? Or was Courtney and her son down in the house, while Justin was gone on his little adventure?

It's sadly obvious that Ayla was not in her bed that morning, BUT, if we are to try to piece together the mess of lies, I wonder how Elisha likes being thrown under the bus, yet again by her brother (and maybe mother too), because technically at this point, Ayla was left in Elisha's care.

Listening said...

ITA anon above me, but it will probably be argued that Justin left for some innocent reason, and didn't know Ayla was gone until he got home, and Courtney/Elisha found that she was missing.

I guess him leaving at odd hours, for long trips, without checking his daughter is normal behavior; nothing out of the ordinary. So I wonder what oddities Justin noticed when he got home? He didn't check his daughter when he got home either I guess, just went down to bed.

Trigger said...

"I've given my theories and opinions...etc."

She knows that the facts are something that the police will have to uncover, not her.

I'll wager that her theories and opinions all point away from Justin's guilt in this case.

How do Justin's supporters account for the insurance policy against Ayla's life when Justin did not take out a policy on his other child?

The fact that they say it was to cover "funeral costs" for Ayla because Justin had "custody" of her, seems a little foreboding to me.

Did they think that Ayla would not survive in Justin's care? while Justin's other child was safe with the mother?

Anonymous said...

I guess you haven't been listening.
Jeff says that MSP believe that Justin could have disposed of Ayla's remains on this long trip.
Therefore he didn't need to check on her when he got home.

Listening said...

I've been listening.

"Therefore he didn't need to check on her when he got home."

That is obvious, but Justin is not going to admit to that, so I'd like to hear his excuses and lies. It was kind of a sarcastic question on my part.

Layla said...

Why didn't Phoebe make her location the night of Ayla's disappearance public? What could be so embarrassing about her location that she would withhold it rather than put it out there to get suspiscion off of herself. Something's not right there.

Anonymous said...

Lol you are a thorn in the side of JP, thats forsure, haha just RELENTLESS!! I love it, it is one of the reasons why ive remained a fan of this site. I too, believe justice is coming. I just wonder when


NVmommy73 said...


NVmommy73 said...