Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cindy Anthony Continues to Infuriate America

Bella Vita;  Free from burden of Caylee
Cindy Anthony, mother of America's Most Hated Mother, Casey Anthony, has continued to enrage America for the sake of self promotion.

                      The Anthonys profited from Caylee's death from the very beginning.

They moved quickly and often, selling interviews, pictures and videos, and involved themselves in "non-profit" organizations, while attempting to control Caylee's name and image, in order to solely profit from her death.

When asked to swear to God to tell the truth, rather than say "yes", Cindy said, "so help me God" and promptly perjured herself.

The State of Florida did not prosecute her.

To this day, I have yet to hear a plausible explanation for this miscarriage of justice.

George may have congratulated Jeff Ashton on his book and movie, but Cindy remains toxic and will push for America to buy Casey's fictitious book.

When Cindy took the stand, any mystery of who taught Casey how to lie was removed.

Cindy, echoing the demeanor of Casey, was defiant in her lies, particularly about her date of being home and her computer searching of chloroform.  Cindy provoked America in her appearances on television, affirming the existence of "Zanny the Nanny", even claiming to know that Caylee was alive, with "Zanny" in Brooklyn, New York.

Hiding behind religion, calling upon God to be her witness, her boldness in lying taught America exactly who taught Casey not only to lie, but how to lie with impunity.  Casey lies with confidence and we saw Cindy lie with confidence.

We now may brace ourself for "the real truth" in a book by Casey Anthony.

The Casey Anthony trial has left a major hole in the justice system of America, something people thought was just healing from the OJ verdict.  Debates about jury qualification, educational standards, or even IQ standards aside, as long as someone had a pulse, they were qualified to judge. Prosecutors feel hamstrung and those who crave for justice for missing or murdered children are left scratching their heads.

Who will buy Casey Anthony's book?

Cindy will be spokesman for the family and for the book.  She will continue to be bold in her lies and deception.  Her retirement account is safe, while Caylee's blood remains unavenged.


Mainah said...

Cindy Anthony acknowledges (a) God yet worships at the temple of herself. She bows to no higher power in her deeds; yet her press packet gives lip service to the creator.

I'm no longer shocked, but I still tend to personalize and get emotional around certain triggers. In this case "my" creator was edited to "the" creator and still I further debated with myself there.

I loathe that the Anthony's get attention, but accept it's necessary for study.

BostonLady said...

I will not give a penny to the Anthony's in any way. I did buy Jeff Ashton's book and I watched the movie, based on his book, last night. Watching the movie brought back all of the horrible feelings I had during the trial and the subsequent outcome. I will never understand how Casey Anthony walked away free. She had an inadequate lawyer, her defense of being abused didn't hold water, and the circumstantial evidence was overwhelming pointing to her guilt. Even with Cindy Anthony lying, the jurors should have been able to see through her lies.

The jurors chosen for this case had to have been the dumbest group in the entire world! 2 & 2 = 4. They could not come to that conclusion.

One thing that I am surprised at is that George Anthony and Cindy Anthony are still together.

Bottom line. Justice was not served. I do hope that karma will come around and the liars will pay.

Vita said...

The lifetime movie aired last night, Prosecution of Casey Anthony. I tuned in late, began watching 8:40pm, it began at 8pm.

Boston, it was so difficult to watch, I agree. I am not sure I was watching, I think I was simply staring at the screen. The emotions to flood back of the actual trial. Actor playing GA, he on the stand, when I tuned in.

The portrayal of GA, disturbed me. Was if he was mentally challenged, slow, impaired, was not a good portrayal. Same with the actress who played Cin Cin, she simply did not portray the true Cindy Anthony. Cindy easily a character, snarky, liar, smitten to bite, as she has shown the world, in her own right. Was this on purpose?
Making them look as victims, not the assailants, co-producers, that they were/are in the biggest scam of history. Caylee is alive. Casey their connotation, she the mother of the year. Little Ms. Innocent.

I was in a chat, provided by a Florida news station. Rob Lowe was present, or? a bit confused, he was tweeting from his twitter, as it aired. His tweets in the chat. People typing to him, in this chat, he did respond. The reactions, Eastern time viewers, could have been simultaneous, that it appeared he was answering within (chat).

He to type in his own comments within the significant parts of the (real) trial. He to type in his reaction that GA said, Caylee called him, he to write " GROSS".
Rob Lowe ‏@RobLowe

Papa Joe hug. Gross.
She called him JoJo. This where the discrepancies even slight, were caught, noticed. The script Rob states was taken from transcript of the actual trial. His tweets.

All dialogue is now exact. From transcripts. #ProsecutingCaseyAnthony

The trial was 6wks in duration.
This why it was difficult to absorb, be of attention to the Lifetime movie. The 6wks condensed to fit the book of Ashton. Linda Drane Burdick, actress, to open with photos (showing the jurors) of an alive Caylee, to then show her skull in the woods *I closed my eyes* even knowing it was fictional, it is based on truth, how Caylee was found.

The photos to leak after the trial, Caylee's remains, I do not ever want to see them. I chose to remember Caylee whole. The movie did replay at midnight, and I chose not to watch, not even the beginning 40 mins I missed. Too much, not enough, this movie based upon the book written by Ashton, being the definer. Caylee in the end either way, the outcome the same: No Justice

This trial many do not realize set back the rights of children all over the United States. Now the bar set so high to prove the very least that Casey was indicted for, being child abuse, aggravated child abuse. How many children will suffer the same as Caylee has, no justice. :X

Child Advocate said...

The Anthony's will never get a penny from me.

~ABC said...

Casey Anthony walked free because of a power bigger than judges and juries. I am confident Karma will work it's magic. Truth will not be mocked.

Jen said...

Hi BostonLady-

I too watched the movie on Lifetime last night to my own disgust...I should have stayed in my Anthony boycott because like you, I found myself completely consumed by anger, frustration and disgust at Casey Anthony, Cindy, George and even Lee. The dysfunction of the family and their willingness to dismiss Caylee and rally around a murderer will never compute in my mind.

As far as the jury goes...I blame Judge Perry. He limited the time and the jury pool, basically ensured a pro-defense jury. Finding people who were unaware of the facts of the case, ensured that the pool of half-wits left over to pick from were uninformed, unintelligent and uninterested citizens. This was never supposed to be the standard of peer who would stand as the decider of fact. The standard for juror qualification was never meant to be a person who never heard of the was meant to be a person with the intelligence to set aside preformed opinions and listen to the evidence presented.

Justice was not served and the system did not work, but I firmly believe Casey Anthony and all those who assisted her in getting away with murder will face a lifetime of ridicule, hatred and the stigma that they deserve. Like OJ, as the stress of being a hated by the world will wear on them, and they will forever be in a prison of public hatred and disgust for their lies and failure as human beings.

Trigger said...

I have to admit that if George "confesses" that he sexually abused Casey when she was 8, then I might consider reading that part of the book.

Has George found another girlfriend/companion to keep him comfortable while Cindy and Casey go on the book tour?

Anonymous said...

Will the Anthonys EVER
JUST GO AWAY??? They are dangerous,lying trouble makers, and a disgrace to
America. The whole family knows who slaughtered little
Caylee, and did NOTHING to see that justice was done!
I can't imagine any decent man dating her! SHE'S A COLD BLOODIED CHILD KILLER.
She also appears to be happy as a that her burden of motherhood is
gone! Dangerous and EVIL!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the future holds for this killer? Does she still bar hop?

Lemon said...

Casey is the fruit of a poisoned tree.

MN Grandma said...

As a grandparent I have trouble fathoming how any parent/grandparent has no Love for another especially one of your own blood. A GRANDCHILD No less.
I would want justice for my grandchild, Even against my own ch.ild. I would be the first one demanding it!
Their Judgement Day suffering and punishment brings a smile to my face Justice at last for Caylee.

Anonymous said...

Lemon said...
Casey is the fruit of a poisoned tree.

so then what was Caylee? any problem with her being dead then?

Anonymous said...

You make a provocative point. However, Caylee was a child. It is possible she would have ended up poisoned in heart and mind by her mother and grandparents. But she was young, and she still had years of free will ahead of her. She might have possessed a strength or had a positive outside influence that enabled her to overcome her narcissitic family, unlike Casey. We don't know.

So Lemon's point is still valid. Casey was the fruit of a poisoned tree. Casey was a failure of upbringing. That doesn't mean we would condemn Caylee to the same future.

It is possible Casey was an innocent child once, too.

Trigger said...

"Casey is the fruit of a poisoned tree"

Lemon, I love this statement!

Too bad that she is still hanging on to the branches that give her support.

Trigger said...

Boston Lady said that she was surprised that George and Cindy are still together.

The reason for that is simple. It's the money.

Trigger said...

"It is possible that Casey was an innocent child, once, too."

Until George molested her at age 8 and forced her to keep it secret.

Anonymous said...

You know what disgusts me!? - Aphrodite Jones and her Casey Anthony expose. That is disgusting. But, she is all around a disgusting individual. She also capitalized on the Jon Benet murder pushing the "intruder" killed her theory. with Casey she actually says the jury got it right. Yeah.

Trigger said...

I wonder what section of the library Casey's book will be filed under, fiction or non-fiction?

Anonymous said...

Good one Trigger!

Trigger said...

"So then what was Caylee? any problem with her being dead then?"

Cindy has skillfully protected two child abusers. If she had protected Casey from George's sexual needs then things may have been different in Caylee's life.

Cindy's retirement is secure, so her needs have been met. It may have been worth it all to her.

Anonymous said...

"We now may brace ourself for "the real truth" in a book by Casey Anthony."

What is all the rukus about with this? Who said she is writing a book? Who said Cindy is involved?

Cindy isn't infuriating me. I still feel for her - she lost her beloved granddaughter AND her daughter (albeit she's better off sans Casey). The woman must have been losing her mind...I know I would if I had been in her shoes. She rationalized at first. And then massive denial.

I know people some people get emotional about her. Let it go! You will feel better.

NannyMyAzz said...

Don't be fooled~~~
$indy hasn't lost Casey - those 2 are still hot & heavy with their co-dependant love/hate relationship.
I am not at all convinced that George molested KC. I think he hung his head in disgust that his daughter is a lying POS murderer.

Anonymous said...

Sympathy for Cindy who lost her beloved granddaughter and lied through her teeth to get her granddaughter's murderer off?

And tried to implicate innocent people in first, the "kidnapping" and then in the murder of her beloved granddaughter?

Weird that she deserves sympathy. If possible, I detest her more than Casey. Cindy is the author of all this.

I agree that George and Cindy are still together for the money. Bloodmoney. And Cindy will never be separated from the object of all her desires: Casey. It's creepy.

Trigger said...

"It's creepy"

This is why people are interested in their family dynamics.

Lis said...

In a family of liars, what would be the point of reading any of their accounts?

Any book CA wrote would be a repeat of her trip to Universal Studios with the police officers in tow. In other words, another bold faced flight of fantasy.

There isn't one person in that family who is capable of telling the truth, and I mean that literally because I believe that people who lie to the extreme that they do really don't have a choice of telling the truth. Aside from a true technical detail here or there woven into their lies, they can't do it.

I find it hard to believe more than a handful would be interested in reading their book.

Question: If Lizzie Borden had written a book, would anyone have read it?

Anonymous said...

Why didn't the SAs make all the Anthonys hostile witnesses right off the bat? Why did they put this family of liars on the stand as credible witnesses? The knew that all the Anthonys were big-time liars and... worse. I don't get the whole prosecution.

Lemon said...

If Lizzie Borden had written a book, it would be a best seller. Dr Phil would have interviewed her, Dr Drew as well, there would be a made for TV movie, and a reality show named for her called "Ax to Grind".

LC said...

Why those 'hostile' witnesses were allowed to sit in the courtroom & alter their testimony to fit what they felt would best serve to keep the needle from their daughter's arm, I will never know...
That alone should have been Just Cause for an Appeal. Judge Perry was so afraid of having to Try the case again, he gave every advantage to the DuhFense & sent that quick-seated jury off without proper instruction on what can be considered as evidence.

Anonymous said...

"Judge Perry was so afraid of having to Try the case again, he gave every advantage to the DuhFense & sent that quick-seated jury off without proper instruction on what can be considered as evidence."

The Judge also cared more for seeing that his jury was entertained and fed to the gills than preparing them for deliberation. He also wanted to make sure the ones goiung on vacation got off on time! The judge was farcial.

Anonymous said...

I saw a brief glimpse of pain on Judge Perry's face when he glanced at the Verdict before asking the Jury to state it. He had a keen mind and ran his Court well, but he and the Prosecuation were up against dirty tricks.

It's unfortunate for Fair Play when jurors are easily manipulated by emotional ploys and tricks (such as GA's molestation charge - I've seen the same trick used often, and it's usually successful).

IMO, only highly-educated professionals, trained in Logic, should be allowed to serve as Jurors.

The OJ Case exposed the reality of Juror-Selection tactics, and books have been written on how to find and select impressionable and easily-manipulated jurors.

Given such, it's rare when Justice is Served, and it shows the underbelly of yet another corrupt facet of American Society, so easily manipulated through sensationalism.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Wow, what a crazy family. While I believe casey is guilty, I sometimes wonder if Cindy is just truly trying to seek out a lucrative opportunity here or if this horrible tragedy has just sent her spiraling out of reality on all levels??? I don't know about that, but I do know i will not purchase any book casey writes. I won't help her survive and thrive in this world firmly believing she robbed her own child of the same opportunity in cold blood. No way, never!!!! I do hope for healing for this family or at the very least some sort of alleviation of pain.