Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Will Lance Have Last Laugh?

With talk of prison sentence and financial repercussions from law suits and having to return money, Lance Armstrong's highly publicized "confession" may end up making him a fortune just the same. 

USADA confirmed that before going on Oprah, he contacted them.  Everything he does is calculated. 
He granted the interview to one who knew nothing about cycling and could not ask, on the fly, follow up questions.  

Everything Armstrong has done has been calculated to benefit him, even if it meant destroying others. 

Tomorrow night's show is no different. 

Need confirmation?

When the CEO of Nike was asked about a possible reunion between Nike and Lance Armstrong, in light of his Oprah publicity stunt, the CEO said, "Never say never."

Expect a carefully staged "admission" along with blaming others, blaming cycling, and, if need be, throwing others under the bus to restore his own name. 

He is a sociopathic liar who does not care who he destroys. This is why he cowardly taunted and threatened the wives of his own teammates.  


Amaleen6 said...

He's a nasty cat that will land on his feet. Ugh.

Vita said...

Why? why now, this interview. Something stinks. His mindset is that he is an Entrepreneur. Money is his mantra.

He is not selling his soul to Oprah Winfrey, No. He using this as tactical leverage upon who?

How many people he has been in bed with, wheels and deals, at the long table. Scorned people not able to recoup their losses from him. Smells like leverage to me.

Satirist, Jon Stuart said of Armstrong, his attempt of redemption, to save face, with the O interview.

“America doesn't really like liars, but they love a snitch,”

Stewart's quote makes sense. Armstrong did not get where he became, by playing NICE. Who is his bait? that will be watching the interview? He/she will know what LA is disclosing. This interview is for his own self intensive purposes. Benefits for him, undisclosed.

He, Armstrong playing possum?
I may look dead..
Somethings up.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand this prick. Will never be shamed by him. Yes Nike, never never never.

Mainah said...

OT: This one has it all!

"Brian awakened three hours later, saw the text, and sent one back. There was no response. A couple of hours later, Manti called his parents, his heart in pieces. Lennay Kekua had died."

Mainah said...

^^ OT: Holy Mary! Athletic Director lied at presser for image reasons(?)and student football player(?) in support of said player's KNOWN hoax! This Manti Te'o story is making my gaydar detector signal. Yikes, Mormon, promising football star conspiring with a male friend to deceive to this extent? For what purpose? Not just because lying is fun-it's not. It's hard. It takes a toll. I can't believe the AD is taking himself down like Joe Paterno did, for the sake of the school, they'll lie and retire in comfort, truth be damned.

Anonymous said...

Mainah...he was catfished. BIgtime

Anonymous said...

Mainah...he was catfished. BIgtime

Jo said...

''I left it all on the table with her and when it airs the people can decide,'' he said in a text message to The Associated Press.

I am guessing very vague confession if any. Why would anyone need to decide if he came out and admitted his guilt.

Trigger said...

"Why would anyone need to decide if he came out and admitted his guilt?"

He's hoping that it won't matter when he makes his next statements because his falsehoods are so effective.

Mainah said...

Anonymous said...
Mainah...he was catfished. BIgtime
January 16, 2013 at 11:42 PM

I beg to differ. With all due respect, look beyond the Notre Dame AD's suit and the schools PR Packet. The AD is (voluntarily?) going down, like Paterno. He doesn't believe Te'o, or his own words when he defends Te'o.

I'm afraid for the naive young people involved. This, IMO, is an attempt to cover up something else. Lying to this extent is not a fun, entertaining hobby, typically, of smart, young, Mormon, male, athletes. It seems to have originated years ago when he began to lie to his parents, accounting for his time and phone calls. There is an big deliberate attempt to steer people away from the truth here, yet people are persisting in their endeavor to reveal it.

I ask, why? What would motivate a (described) young, smart, Mormon, athlete, male, to intentionally perpetrate, with no acknowledged history of such odd behavior, an elaborate lie pertaining to his love-life. And then "kill" the pretend girlfriend off in the story.

1) What could be perceived by a smart, young, Male, Mormon, athletea, as worse than being known as a liar?
2) What could be perceived as being worse for a young, male, smart, athletic, Mormon, then the embarrassment of admitting he's just a dumb-ass who fell for a prank (and this is no prank in the sense they are trying to portray it as)?

I see some of Notre Dame's agenda at play, and screw them, really, I hope someone is with this young man at all times, until his mental health is in check. I fear though, that the "groomers" surrounding him currently, will only make him mentally sicker.

Mainah said...

Peter: Big cover-up trying to happen at Notre Dame, more specifically, the athletic, football program. See Deadpan story on Te'o. I'm finding some other media only interested in regurgitating the program's PR Packets (lies and ommissions).

I would love if you would apply the SCAN and show Anon, and myself, all the ways in which Te'o was not "catfished". But please be careful. I think Te'o mental health may hang precariously in the balance, as he is further exposed for whatever it is he believes is being worse than famous for being an ignorant liar. (I think Deadpan reveals some clues as to that too, by introducing a male friend of Te'o involved, early on).

Is there something that is worse than not really having a girlfriend, who you killed off in the press when she began to be named there? A lot of people are making a great effort to make sure we don't find out: what is "perceived" as being worse then all that(?), aka: what is the truth?

If you don't know yet, brief background:

Young man described as a smart, exceptional athlete, diligent student, dedicated to Mormon religion and his close-knit family; leaves home in Hawaii to play football and study at Notre Dame. He deliberately executes an elaborate fictional story about a girlfriend. When it becomes public through tweets, bloggers and the press, he "kills" her off in another elaborate story. Now, in yet a 3rd elaborate attempt to conceal the truth, he claims he was duped by a "catfisher" who baited him, and he fell for a prank. But, that is not what happened, IMO. He told people he was with her. He left his parents home and (many times)said he spent times physically with her. He described how they express their love and how they met. Now, he and his groomers are portraying him as a liar that made (just) those details up.

Truth seekers persist relentlessly--and that's where we are right now...

Vita said...

Mainah, have you ever watched MTV Catfish? the first episode is not the show, but a documentary. The young man Nev Schulman created it. He and his friends made the documentary of Nev's own personal story, falling in love with a woman on line. They, he and she, finally to meet, to find out everything was a lie.

The statement of Manti, sounds as if he copied off if Nev's experience.

An article interview, Nev Schulman asked his opinion, Manti's actions and statements.

The article too long to copy.


Vita said...

The first portion of the MTV article - On Wednesday (January 16), sports site Deadspin set the Internet ablaze (and turned the sports world on its ear) when it published a report that debunked the story of Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o's former girlfriend, whose supposed death — and the performance it inspired from the all-everything athlete — made national headlines earlier this year.

* Question, is this what happened? he fell for a persona created, even as it says a male was behind it. Doesn't mean he did not have a female/s fulfilling the roles. Behind the screen, females, they IM'g, communicating with Manti. This to become a sick joke, even as Manti was aware/ or became informed of it, of how it started. He attempted to shut it down with the Leukemia story? she dies, end of relationship, no one will know. Or this cohort, created the end of the fake girlfriend with leverage?

Sounds to me, that Manti was not the instigator, but became the Catfish himself. This to begin as a publicity stunt, by a male.
Somewhere my gut says there was or is a female involved. Manti to fall hard, in this scheme. A 3rd party involved (playing the part of gf online) that aided in the beginning, that became emotionally entangled. This though went to far. The lies to build, it had to end somehow.

As now it is, affecting his career in football, his credibility is shattered. He to tell the truth, his option, as the pain is active. It will only become worse if he retreats. He can be free of this, end the spin. Begin to repair. I hope he is privately supported, helped by a counselor, as this is of his person. People, especially young people, do stupid things, when they feel everyone is against them. This too shall pass, does not compute to a 21 yr old's mind. Football, his career, is the what is raking the reactions, creating more pressure, bigger than he can handle. He is 21 yrs old, he was or wasn't sucked into this stunt? only he can tell the truth.

As it turns out, Te'o's girlfriend, Lennay Kekua, never existed, despite the fact that the two exchanged countless messages over the Internet, reportedly spoke for hours on the telephone (a Sports Illustrated story recounts how T'eo would stay on the line with her for hours as she slept in a California hospital bed, where she was undergoing treatments to combat leukemia) and supposedly even met.

The Deadspin report surmises that Kekua's entire persona — including a Twitter account and several online images — were actually created by a man who several sources identified as being close with Te'o, leaving some to wonder if the two were somehow using the supposed relationship to cook up publicity for the Notre Dame star's burgeoning Heisman campaign.

Vita said...

Armstrong, he granted his wish. You have our attention.

Armstrong Stripped of 2000 Olympic Medal

On the eve of Lance Armstrong’s publicly admitting that he used performance-enhancing drugs during his cycling career, he was stripped of yet another prize: his bronze medal from the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

The International Olympic Committee on Wednesday night sent a letter to Armstrong, asking him to return the bronze medal he won in the men’s individual road cycling time trial. The committee had delayed its decision to ask for the medal back while waiting for Armstrong’s deadline to appeal his doping case. That deadline has passed.

Armstrong, 41, last year was stripped of his record seven Tour de France titles and all other awards he received from Aug. 1, 1998, on. The record books will not have a winner for those Tours now because the sport was so rife with doping at the time.

Only a few accolades on Armstrong’s cycling résumé remain, including a national and world championship he won in 1993.

After years of denying he ever doped, Armstrong is expected to come clean about his drug use in an interview with Oprah Winfrey set to be broadcast on her network on Thursday and Friday.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

An 8-week-old infant in Los Angeles became ill after his father allegedly mixed the baby's formula with gin instead of water by accident.

Although it's not clear whether the father was telling the truth, the baby was found to have a high blood alcohol level — equivalent to about five times the legal limit for an adult operating a motor vehicle.

The baby was brought to the emergency room after his babysitter noticed that the infant was experiencing breathing problems— including gasping for air — and had gone limp. At the hospital, the doctors smelled alcohol on the baby, and ordered a blood alcohol test. The father mentioned the possible gin-water mix-up only after being questioned about the baby's high alcohol level.

This infant experienced what doctor's call an "apparent life-threatening event," or ALTE, an episode that is alarming to an observer because a person displays symptoms such as color change or gagging. When emergency room doctors see a case like this, they must work quickly to figure out what could be wrong with the patient, said Dr. Taylor McCormick, an emergency medicine physician at the Los Angeles County & University of Southern California Medical Center.

Cases of infant alcohol poisoning are rare, and emergency room doctors may not always think to check a baby's blood alcohol level when they see an ALTE, McCormick said. At McCormick's hospital, where the baby was treated (McCormick didn't personally treat the infant), doctors had ordered blood alcohol tests for infants just six times during the course of a year, and knew of only one other case in which the results had come back positive. (The emergency room treats more than 22,000 children a year.)

While McCormick doesn't think every baby that experiences an ALTE should be screened for alcohol poisoning, if maltreatment is suspected, alcohol screening should be considered, she said.

McCormick and colleagues describe this case of infant alcohol poisoning in the Jan. 14 issue of the journal Pediatrics.

Not many studies on infant alcohol poisoning have been done, but from what is known, babies appear to metabolize alcohol faster than adults, McCormick said. Symptoms of alcohol poisoning in babies can include difficulty breathing, reduced activity and seizures. Some studies have found a risk for low blood sugar.

The long-term effects on the baby are also unclear, and a one-time event may not cause problems. However, breathing difficulties could deprive the baby's brain of oxygen, possibly causing brain damage, McCormick said.

The baby featured in the journal article spent several months in the hospital, and was ultimately discharged to the care of foster parents after the Department of Children and Family Services was notified about the case. There was a plan in place for the baby to work with a therapist because the doctors were concerned the baby had a developmental delay, McCormick said. Whether this condition was present before the poisoning, or resulted from it, is hard to say, McCormick said, but "it's certainly possible that he could have a lasting deficit from the alcohol poisoning."

Read more:

How the hell did the father accidentally mix formula with gin?
Gin comes in a bottle with gin on it, water usually comes from a tap or a bottle with water on it. I am not buying this father's excuse

Anonymous said... are missing my point the other posters got it.

it's a catfish move.

Mainah said...

Okay, yes, sorry Anon, I thought you were implying Te'o was scammed (catfished) by someone, he wasn't, IMO. He is on his 3rd version of the girlfriend story. Now the Notre Dame AD has now come out, deceptive, to support him (aka: protect the schools image until the next big catastrophe captures America's attention). So much freakin' weirdness. Thanks!

Mainah said...

Vita said...
Mainah, have you ever watched MTV Catfish?

Oh God No. lol. I have't paid attention to MTV's line-up since they stopped playing music. That was a long time ago.

I'll just read up on "cat fishing". Wiki must have something. I turned my TV off when the scripted reality shows started popping up on Discovery and History, etc. I don't miss it.

Thanks for the input.

BostonLady said...

Lance Armstrong is only about himself and always has been. He hasn't changed. If he is "confessing" it is to benefit himself. He's not doing it to say I'm sorry to all who believed in him and supported him.

Do narcissistic personalities feel guilt? Do they feel they have ever done anything wrong?

Lance is a walking, talking, biking narcissistic personality.

Anonymous said...

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