Monday, January 28, 2013

Statement Analysis: Business Usage

Statement Analysis finds its best and brightest in the application of crime investigations.  We have seen its common good in the discernment of truth and deception by the accused.

We have also seen examples of analysis in personal application:  deception within relationships.

We then looked at its application in discernment in politics and in viewing commercials and advertisements.

What about in business usages?

We have talked about the importance of using analysis in the interview process; weeding out potential employees who are prone to theft and deception but what other uses might you find in business?

Please leave your list of suggestions in the comments section.


Tania Cadogan said...

finding those worth their weight in gold, worthy of keeping and promoting.

making sure the person is right for the job and the job is right for them, remember statement analysis also discerns the truth

Jo said...

Customer complaints. Those customers who try to have the company pay for something that they negligently handled and try to claim it was a defect or faulty product. Or customer trying to get a free meal/product due to customer service issue that is a he said/she said situation.

Anonymous said...

Can you consider churches a business? If so, screening priests for pedophilia. Or in scouting. There has to be a way to weed out the perverts before they get access to children.

sue said...

did anyone say sexual harassment lawsuits? have you done work on that before?

Anonymous said...

I am thinking about those who are most likely to lie or be deceptive in business.

***Bill collecting needs Statement analysis


or, do tsome already have it?

Sue said...

There is something else:

manager training

What about buyers? When a retail store trains a buyer to deal with wholesalers is not this a good place to be trained to spot deception?

Anonymous said...

I used it to tell if my deadbeat clients were ever going to pay