Thursday, January 30, 2014

Amanda Knox Found Guilty of Murder Issues Statement

If there is ever an opportunity to say "I didn't do it" it would be here.  

"First and foremost it must be recognized that there is no consolation for the Kercher family. 

Their grief over Meredith's  terrible murder will follow them forever. They deserve respect 

and support.

I am frightened and saddened by this unjust verdict. Having been found innocent before, I

 expected better from the Italian justice system. The evidence and accusatory theory do not

 justify a verdict of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Rather, nothing has changed. There 

has always been a marked lack of evidence. My family and I have suffered greatly from this 

wrongful persecution.

This has gotten out of hand. Most troubling is that it was entirely preventable. I beseech 

those with the knowledge and authority to address and remediate the problems that worked

 to pervert the course of justice and waste the valuable  resources of the system: 

overzealous and intransigent prosecution, prejudiced and narrow-minded investigation, 

unwillingness to admit mistake, reliance on unreliable testimony and evidence, character 

assassination, inconsistent and  unfounded accusatory theory, and counterproductive and

 coercive interrogation techniques that produce false confessions and inaccurate 


Clearly a wrongful conviction is horrific for the wrongfully accused, but it is also terribly bad

 for the victim, their surviving  family, and society."

What is missing is a reliable denial:

"I" with the pronoun "I"

"didn't" or "did not"

and the specific allegation.  In this case, being present for the murder, helping clean up the blood, and lying to the police.  

She is convicted in concert, that is, working with others, in the murder.  


Theresa said...

Too bad there is no way for her to be arrested and forced to pay the price for her awful sins.

Anonymous said...

Exactly Theresa. Instead she will make millions on book and movie deals and live happily ever after.

Karen T said...

Maybe she has guilty knowledge. Maybe she was present. Maybe she has been threatened with something more horrific than imprisonment. I don't know. But, as much as I respect SA, I do not believe she killed Meredith. And, maybe I am naive.

Anonymous said...

Freed Ryan Ferguson
2 hours ago
Tonight I will be appearing on HLN with Jane Velez-Mitchell at 7 pm ET/6 pm CT to discuss the unjust verdict in Amanda Knox's case.

I will share more thoughts on the subject with you here after the show tonight.

Thank you for your support and we will continue to fight to bring justice to the victims involved in this case as well as others who have been wrongfully convicted.
The worshippers following Ryan Ferguson and Chuck Erickson on facebook s is unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Blogger Theresa said...

Too bad there is no way for her to be arrested and forced to pay the price for her awful sins.

January 30, 2014 at 8:16 PM

There's not? Why?

Jazzie said...

Amanda Knox Emails:

Knock yourself out with the SA on these beauties.
Emails R Forever ©

Anonymous said...

This is Casey Parsons' response to the FBI announcing an increase in the reward money:

"I think this is excellent. I am very excited to hear this. You have made my day with this announcement, thanks."

Anonymous said...

Theresa said...

No way to punish her because the US won't extradite her, ever.

Red Ryder said...

Interestingly while watching a clip from the Dianne Sawyer interview from Spring 2013 , I noticed AK give a quick half smile when asked if she kIlled Meredith. It was so striking I had to watch it several times. She says no, but nods her head that she was there that night. In another interview she frames "I was a murderer" among other things. She is astonishing!

Karen T said...

She said this in an email: "Knox’s email, which was read aloud to the court in Italian, said: “I am not present in court because I am scared. I am scared that the vehemence of the prosecutor will move you and that the smoke they are using will blind you.
“I am innocent. I did not kill, rape, steal, mastermind, instigate. I did not kill Meredith and I did not participate in her murder.” Link

Anonymous said...

The US demands other countries extradite criminals for crimes committed in the US. So how will US officials respond to Italy's request?

Anonymous said...

"Having been found innocent before, I expected better from the Italian justice system."
Having been found innocent is not the same as being innocent.

"Clearly a wrongful conviction is horrific for the wrongfully accused"
It does not seem personal.

charlotte from denmark said...

"Hello there, man I have never seen before! I notice you are about to rape and murder my room mate. That looks fun, may I join you?"

No amount of statement analysis will convince me that Amanda Knox murdered Meredith.

I think she came home, saw Rudy Guede, and fled without him seeing her. For that she is tormented, because she believes she could have saved Meredith. It is the same guilt that survivours get.

Yukari said...

Statement Analysis alone may not convince anyone that Amanda participated in the murder of Meredith, but there is a lot of tangible evidence, including DNA of both Amanda and Meredith on one of the murder weapons. Most mainstream media reports on this case have been manipulated by Amanda´s PR campaign and have only reported parts of the whole. Take a look at the facts ( is a start) and make up your own mind.

Anonymous said...

Who wants to place bets on how soon raffi rats her out for reduced sentence or just sheer revenge that he'll get locked up soon &she wont likely ever. you know thats her biggest fear now- her mom even said - when they watched the verdict on tv today ananda was more concerned about what was gonna happen to raffi. amNda may never get extradited but raffi is gonna spill moment he actually gets in prison

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I do not believe Amanda Knox murdered Meredith.

I think she was either present for it, or shortly after, and involved herself in lying, and in the cover up.


PS I don't believe she authored, by herself, her book. See the Patsy Ramsey deposition to learn more about who really authors a book when lawyers are involved.

Anonymous said...

@ Charlotte. Amanda Knox had seen Rudy Guede before plenty of times, they knew each other. Please stick to Statement Analysis before you weigh in in Knox´s defence.

After 5 years and reading here, she can NOW write ´´I did not etc´´

I´m not sure why Peter feels she was present but not involved in the murder. None of her statements are inconsistent with striking blows in concert with others. Meredith was stabbed, bruised, choked, and strangled by more than one assailant. Perhaps Knox feels she didn´t strike the final blow and is not responsible for Meredith´s death.

As usual, even with professional help to craft a letter that won´t disgust Meredith´s family, Knox still really only cares about her own image. She wouldn´t want people to think that she´s a psychopath. Hmmmm

Anonymous said...

she didnt kill, that is why per this letter she didnt offer a strong denial, this trial was based on the "involved herself in lying, and in the cover up".
they didnt prove their first bs theory about some sex game, so they came back with a lame, oh she got mad during an argument. these statements above she was addressing she was being found guilty of murder due to LE coercing "lying, and in the cover up" from her during their fubar investigation is what makes her guilty of murder.
" wrongful conviction is horrific for the wrongfully accused, but it is also terribly bad for the victim, their surviving family, and society"
"remediate the problems that worked to pervert the course of justice "

it would seem to me that the justice system is reverting back to the days of lynching, anyone, for the sake of revenge. officials need to be held accountable for their mistakes. that is the only way we can insure or place a check and balance on the system.

Eliza said...

I am not from the US or Italy and I don't know much about this case.. I have one question.. Why is it said that there is no way that Knox does her time in Italy? If she is convicted, shouldn't USA recognize the ruling of the Italian court? Isn't there a worldwide agreement (at least among EU countries and the USA) about these things?
Thank you for your answers and sorry for the ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Eliza, as i understand it, if a person is facing imminent danger if returned, we cannot place them in danger. if we believe she will be wrongfully imprisoned, we will not send her back.

Eliza said...

Thank you, Anonymous, for your answer!

Anonymous said...

people argue that she will get extradited - because we have an extradition agreement with Italy and we extradite back and forth with regularity. On the other side people argue that since this case is so in public eye -- and America doesn't see her as guilty (on a whole) that America will resist extradition and because there are so many legal ways to resist - the process could get dragged on for a decade or more and Italy will give up or not even try when they see what they are up against. Both arguments have good points. it's really an unknown for now.

Anonymous said...

I think she was involved in the killing. I think Raffie attacked first and Amanda helped. she may not have inflicted fatal blows but she was there with knife in hand making impact.

I also believeit wad her original idea and Raffie was way into it.

I believe it was premeditated too. i believe when they left Raffis apt to go to the shared house that night they knew their intent. I believe hteu waited until Meredith got home -- with full murderous intent.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous said...
I think she was involved in the killing. I think Raffie attacked first and Amanda helped. she may not have inflicted fatal blows but she was there with knife in hand making impact.

I also believeit wad her original idea and Raffie was way into it.

I believe it was premeditated too. i believe when they left Raffis apt to go to the shared house that night they knew their intent. I believe hteu waited until Meredith got home -- with full murderous intent.

Well put.

She lied and said she was at work. This shows a need to deceive.

In all the public statements she has made, we have had lots to go on.

I believe, specifically, that she was part of the clean up of the scene.

She will be a millionaire from all of this and has a following of love lorn male supporters.

Tania Cadogan said...

Is America willing to test diplomatic relations with a country they have an extradition treaty with? Will they risk the side affects of refusing to extradite a convicted murderer, convicted under italian law? I don't think so.

Double jeopardy doesn't apply as all the appeals etc are all part of the initial trial.

She was found guilty along with sollecito.

both sides would have appealed whatever the verdict.

In this case the defense appealed the next court up and won, The prosecution appealed as was there right and so could the defence if the court had upheld their appeal.

This court annulled the previous aquital which has the effect of making it no longer exist. I am not sure if there were other options based either on the facts of the case or legal argument.

Either way the aquital legally never existed and they were both convicted on the facts of the case.

The appeal by the defense to the supreme court will not be based on the facts of the case as they have both been found gyuilty of murder and knox also of slander hence her longer sentence.
The verdict will stay as is and the appeal to the supreme court will be on the legal points of the case (technical loopholes such as ineffective counsel and the like.

If the defence team cannot come up with any legal point to either overrule the verdict or the sentence, the supreme court will then ratify the verdict and both will then be recalled to prison if not in prison already.

Sollecitio looks to have attempted to do a run for it as he was found near the border ( leaving once they started deliberating the verdict or soon after)

at the moment his passport and id etc have been confiscated and he cannot leave the country. After his 'attempt' they may decide he has the funds and wherewithal especially since the EU has no internal borders that he has strict conditions set over and above not being able to leave Ital. he could even end up remanded in custody.

Knox is now legally a fugitive though italy will likely not demand her extradtition until the guilty verdict is ratified.

As it stands she cannot leave the States as the moment she leaves US airspace any country the plane travels over can be required to land and her arrested and extradited.
Also as a convicted murderer , even if another country, she will be unemployable and should she fight extradition , as a fugitive she will be unemployable.

What i don't know currently is the legal position of the parents as they were also charged with slander.
I also don't know if the publisher of her book will demand repayment of all monies on the basis she lied about her involvement and criminals cannot profit from their crimes.
If the publishers do sue, then the whole family will be screwed, the money was used to pay off debts incurred by her family for her defence since they pretty much bankrupted themselves for her.
Will the family pay it back or will they keep the money and leave knox to face all the finacial costs herself not only from the publisher but also all the fines and compensation she is liable for.

Tania Cadogan said...

it amuses me that many who agree with SA for anthony and arias and many cases we have covered here , refuse to accept it applies to knox when her own words tell us she was there and it was a sexual homicide.
She may not have struck the killing blow, or thinks she didn't, she was however present and took part in the clean up ( covering the body, especially the face is a sign of undoing the crime and is usually done by a killer who is known to the victim)

I also wonder who will throw who under the bus.
They were in a 10 day relationship so owe each other nothing, given the length of sentence is is possible that one will confess and do a deal to reduce their sentence and blame the other one.

Sollecito seems the quiet, nerdy, gentlemanly one from his words. His parents may well say you owe her nothing, admit what happened, who did what and aim for a lighter sentence. Knox who is a selfish witch will do it to him if it means she either gets a reduced sentence or is allowed to serve her sentence in the States.
All her statements have been about her and blaming everytone else for what happened. I suspect she was spoiled as a child and no one said no to her.
I also suspect that there is more concealed by the family than they are letting on. Was she a wild child? did she have a history of problems such as petty theft, animal cruelty, tantrums etc?

stalling stars said...

I strongly believe the U.S. will extradite her. They have nothing to gain by keeping her in the U.S.

Politically and militarily they have WAY more to lose with Italy should they chose not honor the treaty. There are thousands upon thousands of military and their families living on Italian soil with a sofa agreement. For fear of retaliation alone they will DEFINITELY extradite the killer. She did it and needs to pay. She makes me sick.

dinner4two said...

Are we blinded by appearance? If she looked more like a monster people would have believed she did it. America: packaged, branded and sold to all the sheeple who will buy it.

Thinker said...

This portion of her statement stood out to me this morning upon first reading, and still does now, later in the day after second reading:

"This has gotten out of hand. Most troubling is that it was entirely preventable."

Anonymous said...

What does it suggest to you?

Theresa said...

dinner4two said...
Are we blinded by appearance? If she looked more like a monster people would have believed she did it. America: packaged, branded and sold to all the sheeple who will buy it.

The oddest thing about it is that she is not attractive! I don't think she's anything other than a woman with average looks. Same with Casey Anthony. Everyone talks(talked) about how attractive these girls are/were, but I'm not sure I understand why. Maybe they aren't so bad looking as far as murderers go... but outside of that group, they aren't exactly winning beauty contests. "Foxy Knoxy..." remember that?

LOL all day long...

Anonymous said...

I noticed that too and thought she was referring to the murder.

Anonymous said...

hobnob, knox isn't going to say a thing. if raffi decides to call her out, she will just respond with a flat out denial (not reliable by SA standards, of course). there is no reason for her to speak up - she won't be extradited. she might even claim to support raffi's attempt to shorten his sentence.

Anonymous said...

Hobnob, among your guessing games while playing lawyer; you are assuming when you state that Amanda Knox is unemployable. Not true. There are states in the US that are "right to work states". This means that any legal resident, including convicted felons, has the right to work and earn a living under the guidelines of the state they are applying too.

They may also obtain licenses to operate their own businesses in 'right to work states.' Some are excluded from reentering their former profession; for example, an atty who has been disbarred in certain states cannot practice law again in those states, nor can a physician who has lost his license be allowed to practice medicine. However, this does not prevent them from entering into other careers or applying to sit for the bar exam or medical boards in some other states.

You might want to look into some of these 'right to work' state laws before you go declaring that Amanda Knox is unemployable. It might surprise you to know that even Bernie Madoff could obtain a license to operate certain businesses should he ever be released from prison.

Red R said...

If Raffi were going to cut a deal for reduced sentence wouldn't he have already done it first go round? What am missing that is different this time?

Anonymous said...

red r -
the only thing you missed was hobnob's graduation.

Thinker said...

Anonymous above:

Re: Amanda's comment about "this has gotten out of hand..." I read it as a reflection on what happened that night.

It seems like her marbles leaked out, as they will.

Anonymous said...

Most of us here are learning about & from SA. Not one of us has any inside knowledge.

I think it quite rude for anyone to belittle & talk down to people who do not share your own lofty opinion. This is directed at only one person & if you read the comments you will know who sets themselves up as more knowledgeable that the rest.

I appreciate that Peter never does that when responding to people. Thank you, Peter, for that.

charlotte from denmark said...

Hobnob said...
"it amuses me that many who agree with SA for anthony and arias and many cases we have covered here , refuse to accept it applies to knox when her own words tell us she was there and it was a sexual homicide."


That is because some of us needs other evidence than just the person's own words.

Casey Anthony's actions speaks louder to me than any of her words. As do the Ramsey's and the McCann's.

In the case of Misty Cummings and Billie Dunn, their actions and their words are equally important.

I will not judge anyone based on their words, if nothing else fits.

charlotte from denmark said...

Does USA extradite their own citizens? I didn't think any country would do that.

Shelley said...

I do not think the US will extradite her.

While everyone has an opinion on it, I think at the most basic level, since in the US if someone is “acquitted”…..they cannot be re-tried. That the US will not support Italy on this one.

Casey Anthony was acquitted and well, even if she told the world tomorrow she killed Caylee…. There is not a thing that can be done.

Now Italy has different laws. True….But I think that it will be a big fight to get the US to send her back. I think that the conflict in the laws may be on her side.

There is no way to know.

But with the simple fact remains, we do not have concrete evidence that proves her role. We have a man who has stated he was there and killed her and there is DNA evidence that supports that. We have his fingerprints and semen.

It is then hard to take some random roommate and tie her into this.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do think she was somehow involved. But I can not wrap my mind around her level of involvement or her actual role.

Nothing really makes sense when you have another man who admitted he was responsible. What role would her and Raf have? And the fact that I have been unable to find much of any statement by Rudy about their role, I have struggled with what to think.

Now again, just because I don’t know how, when or why, does not mean I am saying it didn’t happen. I just struggle with understanding why. But then there are plenty of murders with no real why.

But the fact that she lied about where she was initially, that she said she took a mop back to Rafs to clean water that spilled the night before (odd that water would be left and/or still there) and her odd behavior at the police station (she did a cartwheel – reminds me of Jodi Arias) leads me to question her role.

Those things are just too odd to me.

There is just not one thing that really clearly points to anything for me. Like with Jodi Arias, the gun on the closet shelf was that concrete proof for me that she planned this. The shelves would buckle if someone stood on them. Yet she claims to get “Travis’s gun” she climbed those shelves… FAIL. Not physically possible. To me that entire crazy show, the talk about her abuse and her PTSD was a waste. A

That case needed just one day. Ask Jodi again where the gun came from. When she said the top of the closest….. Wheel in a replica with the gun on top and tell her to go get the gun. When she was unable to climb to get that gun… Well, case closed. You just proved she already had the gun.

So my point is, nothing in the case with Amanda is clear. It makes it hard I think for the US to then turn around and say, you acquitted her and then changed your minds….yet have no concrete evidence….. Sure let’s send her back.

I do not think it will ever happen.

Even the evidence they claim… DNA on the knife and the bra claspe is hard to use since they have proven that that evidence was passed around and it could have been contaminated.

So what they have left is a theory and changing stories. That I do not think is going to be enough for the US to force her to go to Italy.

Shelley said...

I wanted to add one other thing.

I do think that once we hear what Rafs sentencing is, we could see a plea deal then.

Knowing Amanda is likely safe in the US and he alone facing jail he may at that time see what he can do to get his time reduced.

If not, then I really will struggle with their roles.

To me if he knows she's safe and does not at least try to use her to get less time that will be hard for me to digest.

Sus said...

The US does not decide if the evidence or verdict was "correct." A country we have an extradition agreement with has already ruled.

Italy will file the necessary papers with the US Federal Courts. The US hears none of the evidence and only decides if the papers are in order.

The State Department also does not rule on evidence or the verdict. They only decide if imprisonment in the foreign country would cause undue hardship to the extradited.

Now you can see why the Knox team hired a public relations firm, why Amanda Knox claims sexual abuse in the Italian prison, and why her book telling "her experience" was so important to the team...just in case.

Anonymous said...

On the matter of extradition of Knox, see:

The U.S. regularly extradites people. I am puzzled that anyone here would think that the U.S. doesn't.


Anonymous said...

"We have a man who has stated he was there and killed her..."

This is not true. Rude Guede, who was tried and found guilty in a separate proceeding, has ALWAYS maintained his innocence. He has NEVER admitted that he murdered Meredith Kercher.


Anonymous said...

Peter Hyatt wrote: "She lied and said she was at work."

No, Amanda Knox never said she was at work. Her first alibi was that she spent the entire evening with Sollecito at his apartment. When, on Nov 6, 2007, Sollecito told police that she left his place for several hours, Knox then said she was at the cottage she shared with Meredith Kercher and that her boss, Patrick Lumumba, raped and murdered Meredith. She did not retract this false accusation during the entire two weeks Lumumba was held in custody. He was only freed when a Swiss professor came forward and offered a compelling alibi.


Statement Analysis Blog said...


Thank you for the correction...

I was thinking of Patrik.


Anonymous said...

My pleasure, Peter.

And, BTW, I'd certainly be interested in your analysis of Amanda Knox's cry-fest in front of Robin Roberts on Good Morning America, the day after the guilty verdict from Nencini's court. (An examination of her text, of course, not all those tears.)


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Could you please analyze Knox's statements in the recent Guardian article, particularly this one:

She gets frustrated when people tell her nobody will ever know what happened, that it's too complicated. "I think it's very clear I'm innocent. It's literally impossible for me to have committed the crime with the evidence they have." What makes it impossible? "Meredith was my friend, and I would never have done anything like that. No history of crime. And there is no trace of me in that room. You cannot commit a murder and have all the evidence of the person who did it there, all the blood, and that not be me and then say I was the one who plunged the knife. So everything about it, the circumstantial bullcrap, is irrelevant, it is impossible. And the prosecution has never been able to account for the fact that there is no trace of me." Now she does sound angry.

Anonymous said...

I find the word choice of "plunged the knife" particularly interesting and suspect. Her lack of compassion freaks me out.

David said...

“I am innocent. I did not kill, rape, steal, mastermind, instigate. I did not kill Meredith and I did not participate in her murder.”