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Statement Analysis: Jackie Presley And NY Jets Quarterback Scandal

A woman has now come forth to report that New York Jets rookie quarterback, Geno Smith, had sent a picture of his penis to her.  While this is not unexpected behavior among professional athletes today,  her statement is useful for instruction.  

Did she know he had a girlfriend?

Was she after his money?  Did she want to meet another celebrity and use Smith?

It should be noted that she admitted asking him for a picture of his penis, and then sent it to a website for publication.  It has since been taken down.  Presley also is alleged to have set up a fake instagram account in Geno Smith's name.  

"I logged on to my instagram about a month ago & seen that Geno had followed me. I looked to see who he was & I saw pics of him & Jay Z & saw that he played in the league so I followed back. Immediately he wrote under one of his pictures & asked for my #. I gave it to him & he contacted me asap. So we were talking via facetime for like 2 weeks then He told me to come to Charlotte for his game. Thats when I first actually met him in person. Long story short we had sex at the Marriott. We continued to talk via text & facetime then he told me to come to NYC for Christmas so I did. All this talking & texting, he NEVER mentioned a girlfriend. I went to his house Christmas day, we had sex & I spent the night. I finally found out he had a girlfriend after snooping around on his close friend page. And he didnt officially tell me he had a girlfriend until we fell out recently. So he is a asshole, who has a girlfriend but literally BLOWING me up to come see him. And we had unprotected sex. Smh but he never mentioned a girlfriend not once !These athletes are disgusting & cheaters. I blame myself too! He deleted his Instagram page because of me. He even offered to pay me not to talk but I dont want his money now."

******************************************************************************** Here is her statement again, with emphasis added, and Statement Analysis in bold type.  

Did she know he had a girlfriend?
Was she after his money?

"I logged on to my instagram about a month ago & seen that Geno had followed me. 

She begins with the strong use of the pronoun, "I" and starts off with "instagram" making it very important for her, and that "Geno" had followed her.  With "had" followed, we do not know how long Geno followed her prior to her response, as it is missing information regarding timeframe.  Is timeframe something sensitive to her? Overall, it is "about a month ago" according to her statement.  

I looked to see who he was & I saw pics of him & Jay Z & saw that he played in the league so I followed back. 

She tells us the reason she did something, without being asked, making it very sensitive (hence, the blue coloring showing the highest level of sensitivity in the SCAN system).  Here we have "two blues" very close together, making this a very sensitive portion of her statement.  

In between these two "blues" we see the name "Jay Z" and the information of being "in the league" (not in the NFL, and not "a football player) which indicates familiarity with the NFL.

Why did she follow him?

She followed him for two reasons:

1.  Because he was in a photograph with "Jay Z"
2.  Because he was in the league.  

Please note that she lists him being photographed with "Jay Z" before him being in the league indicative of priority.  Was she hoping to meet "Jay Z" through contact with the quarterback?

The reader should consider that the subject's priority is more "Jay Z" than Geno's status in the league, though both are connected. 

Immediately he wrote under one of his pictures & asked for my #. 

Jump of time.   Here is another sensitive issue about timing.  "About a month ago" and "had" followed were the first two ("had followed" may also reference that he no longer followed at the time of the statement).  She has an unusual way of measuring time and appears to wish to portray anything regarding herself as great rushing to see her, be with her, and so a sense of urgency. 

"He wrote under one of his pictures" indicates that there are other pictures, but "& asked for my #" follows it.  The pronoun drop may be simply as part of the sentence but she does want readers to know that it was his idea to get her number.  

I gave it to him & he contacted me asap

She acknowledges that she gave it to him, but notice that timing is again an issue:


This stands for "as soon as possible":  one might wonder how she knows that he contacted her as soon as it was possible for him to do so.   The timing is an issue for her and she wants readers to think that this was something done very rapidly, as if a high priority.  Yet, that is not what she says.  She says only as soon as possible, without telling us for whom it was possible.  

So we were talking via facetime for like 2 weeks then He told me to come to Charlotte for his game. 

Note the pronoun "we" indicates unity and cooperation.  At this point in the statement, there is a "we" between them.  Yet, there is a change.  He did not "ask" her to come to Charlotte, nor did he "say" that she could, or should, come to Charlotte.  She wrote:

"He told me" with "He" using the capital "H" for emphasis. 

"He" is given emphasis by her, (usually this is saved for Divinity) and she uses the communicative language that is stronger than "said" or "asked"; that he "told" her, in the imperative, as if by directive, to "come" (and not "go") to Charlotte.  (where was this statement written?)

Thats when I first actually met him in person. 

The word "actually" is used when the subject is comparing two or more things.  In this case, she may have "met" him electronically prior to meeting him "in person" and may have felt she knew him. 
Long story short we had sex at the Marriott. 

"Long story short" is a temporal lacunae; that is, a jump or skip in time.  Due to the time sensitivity, the "long story" is a month or so in length, at most.  
Note the pronoun "we" here, regarding having sex.  

We continued to talk via text & facetime then he told me to come to NYC for Christmas so I did. 

The "we" continues, showing that at this point of the short relationship, she considered herself unified with him, yet using strong communicative language, she says he "told me", and not "asked me" to come to NYC for Christmas, and then gives the reason she went:  because he "told" her to.  This should be also considered a sensitive part of the account.  She portrays herself as subordinate, taking 'orders' or directives from him. 

All this talking & texting, he NEVER mentioned a girlfriend. 

Question:  Did Jackie Presley think he had a girlfriend when she had sex with him?

In context of "never" mentioning a girlfriend, the pronoun "we" is not used.  This may be a break in the relationship.  
Note that this spanned only about a month in time in which she had sex with him, and she does not say that he "did not mention..." but "never" is used. 

Is this something surprising and upsetting to her?  Please note the change in communicative language:

he "told" her to go to Charlotte;
he "told" her to go to NYC, but when it comes to a committed relationship, that is, a girlfriend, she only uses the word "mentioned", as if it is something in passing to be mentioned and not "told."

For her, it is not the uninformed status, but that she only expected a "mentioning" of having a girlfriend.  This should not be missed by the analyst in understanding Jackie Presley, and what it reveals about her expectations and her morals. 

I went to his house Christmas day, we had sex & I spent the night.

She wants the audience to know that she was at his house and she spent the night, sandwiching in between that "we" (united by sex) had sex.  

"We" did not spend Christmas together;
"We" did not spend the night together, but "we" had sex. 

This is to show distance from him during the day of Christmas, and distance of spending the night.  The only unity between them is sexual.  

 I finally found out he had a girlfriend after snooping around on his close friend page. And he didnt officially tell me he had a girlfriend until we fell out recently.

Note that he never "mentioned" having a girlfriend, but she "finally" found out.  This is an inconsistency in language.  "Mentioning" is casual yet she employs "finally" as if she had been trying to get the truth out of him, but this is not what she says.  We let her words guide us.  She does not say that she asked him if he had a girlfriend.  Now she "finally" "found out" because she had been "snooping around" (soft language...did she hack his account?  Did she read his private information?)

This was on his "close friend page."

Does this indicate that the woman who had sex with him after knowing him a short time was not a "close friend"?

Note now she says "officially tell me" which indicates that he may have "told" her, though not "mentioning" it, but in telling her, it was not "official."

The reader should now question if the subject, Jackie Presley is deceptive in her attempt to persuade that she did not know he had a girlfriend and went ahead to meet him for sex anyway.  He only officially told her after (skip in time) "we" had a "falling out", and not a break up.  This is likely chosen language that she knows he did not consider her a "close friend" or even a "girl friend."

So he is a asshole, who has a girlfriend but literally BLOWING me up to come see him. 

She labels him a body part "because" (so, therefore) because he only "officially" told her after they had a falling out.  

It is likely, from her language, that she is deceptive and always knew he had a girlfriend.  

I do not know what "BLOWING me up" indicates but its capitalization is important.  Perhaps this is an internet term I am unfamiliar with.  Readers?

And we had unprotected sex. Smh but he never mentioned a girlfriend not once !

Sentences beginning with the word "And" indicate missing information between sentences. 
Note that "we had unprotected sex" may be out of chronological order, as this comes after the "falling out", and she continues to use the word "we" in regard to sex.  

Smh ("shaking my heard") "but he never mentioned a girlfriend" is not to say that he did not tell her he had "a girlfriend" but again uses only "mentioned" and then weakens this assertion with "not once!"

It is likely that Smith would claim otherwise.  

These athletes are disgusting & cheaters. 

Note that "these" athletes, using "these" (close) and "athletes" (plural) indicate more than just Geno Smith. 
Note that the order is being "disgusting" before being "cheaters."
One should wonder if she feels that her behavior of having sex with someone in a relationship, and that in such a short time period has caused her to think of herself as both "disgusting" and as a "cheater."  

I blame myself too

This indicates that the blame is upon him, but then she adds some blame for herself with the word "too."  This is not to own her own moral decisions. 

He deleted his Instagram page because of me. 

Here she takes credit for him deleting his Instagram page.  She is the focus.  

He even offered to pay me not to talk but I dont want his money now."

Interesting that he "offered" and not "told her" that he would give her money.  For one who seems to want to persuade the audience that she took orders for traveling, here it is an "offer" and it is for her to "not" (negative) talk.  She is doing that very thing here. 

The additional word "now" indicates that she did want his money at another time.   This is not something she likely intended her audience to know.  


JerseyJane said...

She is saying he was 'blowing' up her phone by tons of continuous text messages, emails, phone conversation, etc... Hence, the "blowing up".... Another way for her to say, " he wanted my ass". " It was all him!"

Anonymous said...

ha ha.. I hope she gets all the smear she deserves. She should have checked out his 'girlfriend' status before she ever bedded him the first time. Oh, but it didn't matter then! Silly low-esteem women do this sort of thing all the time then whine big time. They deserve all the dirty they get.

sidewalk super said...

sounds more like she was well aware sex was her only connection to this guy. She sounds like a "star f****r"/groupie kind of person, and now she gets the notoriety she wants.
Add in she is an electronics snoop/thief. Who knows what she could have done with snooped information.
Her motivation is pretty much the same as his, amoral quick score.
Wonder if she is familiar with aaron hernandez as well?

sidewalk super said...

on re-reading, he was paying her then, "now" she doesn't want his money. Since he's done with her services, no wonder he's no longer paying her.

Too bad football teams do not give their players heavy duty lectures on avoiding the obvious pitfalls of too much money with no adult supervision.

Unknown said...

There are a few text messages between them published with this article.

It seems she was chasing him and she knew that their rendezvous were secret all along. She flew cross country to see him, but couldn't stay with him? (In their texts he tells her to find a hotel room and he will pay). She also asks if he still wants her to 'come thru' later, (after flying to see him) which implies that something could disrupt their plans to perhaps his girlfriend being around.

Hopefully having his sausage splashed all over the internet once was enough to keep him faithful (or at least camera shy) in the future, lol!

Anonymous said...

Lol! Right on!

Carnival Barker said...

sidewalk super said...
on re-reading, he was paying her then, "now" she doesn't want his money. Since he's done with her services, no wonder he's no longer paying her.
I guess the unprotected sex was a way for him to keep paying her for the next 18 years?? I see no reason for her to blurt that out to the world other than being a foreshadowing of her next announcement that she's pregnant.

Tania Cadogan said...

but I dont want his money now."

These 6 words tells me all i neeed to know.

Whats the penalty for prostitution these days?

What about blackmail?

sha said...

Most women would suspect any well known person, any sports figure, any good-looking or rich guy (etc) to have one or more possible girlfriends. To think otherwise would maybe be to think they had one or more boyfriends.

So she met him on the internet and he was interested enough to fly her out to see him. That happens with 'regular' people as well, so it really doesn't make her all that special. She could have used her brain and figured out he probably has done that with other women as well.

So, sure it's her fault too. Glad she knows that. But regardless of whether the man is famous or not women look like idiots when they have to post tirades after they stop seeing a guy, or after they find out things are not working.

Personally, I don't care if she did know he had a girlfriend before she had sex with him. HE CERTAINLY KNEW THAT HE HAD A GIRLFRIEND BEFORE HE HAD SEX WITH HER, TOO.

So, they're both slores that make poor decisions and fail to practice safe sex. Awesome role models, maybe she can get a reality show.

Tania Cadogan said...

Carnival Barker said...

sidewalk super said...
on re-reading, he was paying her then, "now" she doesn't want his money. Since he's done with her services, no wonder he's no longer paying her.
I guess the unprotected sex was a way for him to keep paying her for the next 18 years?? I see no reason for her to blurt that out to the world other than being a foreshadowing of her next announcement that she's pregnant.

o0o I love a game of guess the daddy

Anonymous said...

Geno Smith Penis Picture Scandal? Jets QB Allegedly Sent NSFW Image, Texts To Atlanta Woman During Sexual Relationship [PHOTO]


“My Instagram/twitter name is @1jackiepresley. I am currently involved with NY NFL quarterback Geno Smith,” the woman allegedly told Baller Alert. “I recently found out that he has a girlfriend & he has been flying me out to cities to seem him & never told me. I don’t want to be anonymous. He is an a------. He meets women off the internet & tell them to come to whatever city he is in or to his house & he has damn girlfriend [sic].”

Again, the validity of the woman’s story has yet to be determined, and Baller Alert’s decision to remove the story from its website doesn’t exactly confirm its credibility. But that hasn’t stopped Jets fans from criticizing Presley on Twitter for going public with her story.

“You angry Jets fans are hilarious I do not care people always blame the chic…The guy is never in the wrong [sic],” she wrote. “Women get angry at guys & do things we might later regret, but no guy should treat a chic a certain way & not expect her to not be upset.”

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

Joseph McStay – the father of the family of four found dead in the Nevada desert after vanishing nearly four years ago – had suspicions his wife was POISONING him in the days before their disappearance, according to an explosive new book.

Joseph, 40, was suffering from a mystery illness in the months before he went missing with Summer and their two young children, and would spend days in bed barely able to walk.

Doctors couldn’t diagnose the energy-sapping condition and according to his close friend, Chase Merritt, he started to suspect that his fiery wife may have something to do with it.

Merritt – who was once a person of interest in the family’s 2010 disappearance – claims some of Joseph’s friends started telling him to be careful around Summer, 43.

And the fountain designer told MailOnline how Joseph once said to him, ‘Maybe I should start eating out more and stop eating her food’.

In further sensational claims, Merrit’s new book – Afraid of the Light – will detail how the couple were having major problems in their relationship and had not had sex for more than a year before they went missing

Merritt also says Summer had a terrible temper and would often snap at her husband over completely insignificant things.

The disappearance of Joseph, Summer and their two sons Gianni, 4, and Joseph Jr., 3 gripped the nation for almost four years, keeping people guessing until their bodies were discovered lying in a shallow grave in the Californian desert on November 15.
No one can explain how a seemingly normal suburban family who only moved into their new home in Fallbrook, California, three months earlier, could be living a regular life one day and then vanish the next.

They took none of their belongings, left $100,000 in the bank and even abandoned their beloved dogs.

The case has sparked endless speculation, with both the police and amateur sleuths coming up with countless theories, some plausible, some wild and outrageous.

When the McStay’s car was found in San Ysidro on the Mexican border four days after they were last seen and security footage of a family of four an hour later heading into the Central American country surfaced, the idea they had left of their own accord gained momentum.

But even then rumors of dubious dealings with Mexican cartels bubbled away. And when four skeletal remains were found in shallow graves in the remote Mojave Desert, San Bernardino County, it put an end to any belief the McStays had started a new life in the sunshine.

Now Merritt – who actually took a voluntary lie detector test at the time of their disappearance and was the last person to see Joseph alive – has decided to write a tell all book, in an effort to clear up the mystery. The book will be released later this year.

While Merritt does not think Summer was directly involved, he has revealed she treated Joseph horrendously in the years before they went missing.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline Merritt – who worked with Joseph in his fountain business - said: ‘I was extremely close to Joseph. Our lives were intertwined both on a business and a personal level.

‘We used to speak to each other 10 or 12 times almost every day and we would talk about absolutely everything. I was not his best friend, but he was mine and I believe he opened up to me about things he would not tell anyone else.

‘Around five months before his disappearance he started suffering terrible problems with his equilibrium and his stomach.

‘He was in a really bad way. He would spend days on end in bed. We were incredibly busy with the business, things were really flying, but he would often just have to work on his laptop from his bedroom.

‘He went to the doctor a number of times, but they just didn’t know what was wrong with him. It was a mystery and he started to consider everything and anything.

‘He used to spend hours at a time talking on his mobile phone and it got to the stage where he was convinced he had a brain tumor. He had this problem right up until the day he went missing.

Tania Cadogan said...

‘Then a few people started putting the idea in his head that maybe Summer was behind it. A lot of his close friends did not trust her and thought she treated him very badly.

‘Despite all the problems they had and how explosive Summer was, I don’t know if he ever truly believed she was capable of that, but it was definitely something he considered.

‘He didn’t know what was wrong with him and he was desperate. At one point he said to me, "Maybe I should start eating out more and stop eating her food". Joseph loved to eat out anyway, but I know he made a real effort to eat away from his house after that.’

Joseph’s illness was well documented and had left his entire family completely baffled.

His mother Susan Blake gave an interview to six weeks after her son’s disappearance, where she said she was very concerned about his health.

She said: 'My son had been sick since last August and he’s normally a very healthy person.
"He’s an excellent surfer and soccer player. I even went to the hospital with him to try and see what was wrong; we thought maybe it was stress.'

Mrs Blake described Joseph’s symptoms as something similar to vertigo and said he complained of feeling 'woozy'.

'When I last talked to my son, on February 4, he said he still didn’t feel good,' said Blake, adding that she had provided the Sheriff’s Dept with information on Joseph’s health problems.

His mother was not available to speak to MailOnline about Merritt's latest revelations. Neither was Joseph's brother, Michael.

But speaking on CNN in 2010 he said: 'My understanding was in the last year he’d been having these vertigo type symptoms. He was in the hospital for a couple of weeks, and on the (February) 4, he was talking to my mother and he had to pull over when he was driving home because he felt vertigo type symptoms.'

The shocking claims will stun everyone who has followed the McStay family disappearance since they first went missing back on February 4, 2010

They make up a small part of Merritt’s new book, which is due to be released later this year. The fountain designer has always been seen as a key player in the mystery as he was one of Joseph’s closest friends and his most trusted business associate.

He was the last known person to see Joseph alive, during an hour-and-a-half long meeting in Rancho Cucamonga, California just hours before the family vanished into thin air.

He then spoke to his friend several more times on his mobile over the course of the afternoon and actually missed a call from him at 8.28pm, which was the last time Joseph used his phone.

Merritt is fully aware that his book will ruffle feathers and anger certain people, but he believes his intimate knowledge of Joseph’s life means he may be able to shed some light on the mystery.

Tania Cadogan said...

He will focus on a number of key incidents and characters and try to paint a picture of what really happened in the lead up to that fateful day.

And while he does not believe Summer was directly involved, he will dedicate a significant amount of the book to her behavior and the couple’s relationship.

He said: ‘Summer was a very self-centered, self-obsessed person with an awful temper. She really didn’t like anyone being around Joseph and the family other than herself and a very small, selective group of people.

‘Despite all the time I spent with Joseph, I had no kind of relationship with her. He would often come up and visit me and we would go out for dinner with my wife at the time, but Summer never came.

‘And when we were out she would call him constantly. He would try to ignore it at first, but she would call and call and eventually he would have to go off and deal with whatever drama there was.

‘She would shout at him in the privacy of their own home, but then put on a front like he was the most important person in the world when they were in public.

‘She would fawn over him and call him, ‘her Joseppi’. She was obsessed with the idea of being Italian and that was her name for him.

‘But despite that public front, I know, prior to their disappearance they had not had sex in more than a year. Basically, she wouldn’t let him near her. They slept in the same bed, but were never intimate.

‘Obviously that was a real problem for Joseph and he used to talk to me about it regularly. He told me when they had first got together they had a great sex life, but she just lost interest.

‘The impression I get is that Summer would use her sexuality to get attention and get what she wanted. Everything with her seemed to be done for gain.’

Merritt added: ‘If I’m honest, I have no idea why he put up with it. He was such a great guy and he got his share of female attention. I remember one woman in particular was all over him for a while.

‘But he would not even entertain the idea of cheating on her. He had a son from a previous relationship, who he didn’t get to see much of and he was terrified that would happen with his two boys if he left Summer.

‘He always said, "I have messed up one family before, I will not be unfaithful and ruin another one".

‘And if the truth be told, despite everything, he was still infatuated with Summer. I know the thought of leaving her crossed his mind, probably quite a lot, but he would never actually go through with it.’

Read more:

Anon "I" said...

"He even offered to pay me not to talk but I dont want his money now."

I initially read this quote differently than others. I was thinking she meant that she didn't want HIS money now. It's like she wants someone's money, but not money from him. I was, also, thinking when she referenced "league" she was talking about a certain league of successful people, not solely the NFL. All IMHO.

JH said...

Some words can imply what the reader wants them to.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but who even cares about stupid people having sex?
Can these people even string one intelligent sentence together?
I felt like I just lost a couple brain cells after reading her description of their oh-so-deep love affair (and I believe me I probably shouldn't loose many more brain cells).

Anonymous said...

God, I wish he would have paid her not to talk, then I wouldn't have had to hear about their gross love affair and seen a picture here of his arrogant mug.

Theresa said...

OHMYGOSH!!!! At the MARRIOTT?!?!?! That is so fancy.

I wonder why she felt the need to include the hotel's name. Is it a step up from her usual travel accommodations?

Theresa said...

"but I don't want his money NOW."

Now. She sure did at one point; probably what led her to him in the first place.

Anonymous said...

I felt that she HAD wanted money from him previously and expected it, but that it had not been showered upon her or forthcoming, even though she ran around everywhere he wanted her too making herself available to him for sex;

NOW having been cast aside by him and feeling the humiliating pangs of rejection because she got nothing from him while she gave free sex, she is pouting about not getting any money from him and doesn't want his money now.

Now she'd rather make a humiliating scene and leave him with the same bitter taste he left her with. I think she is plotting a slick scheme that she thinks could make her even more money that she might have gotten from him had she ever gotten any. She's been scorned, is bitter and vindictive.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Make sense?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the McStay family update, Hobnob. I'd be very interested to read Merritt's story when the book becomes available. I felt from the beginning that Merritt likely would have a lot of knowledge about those surrounding Joseph, his wife, other family members and the custom fountain business.

On the other hand, how trustworthy is Merritt? IIRC, isn't he a former felony convict caused by some sort of crime in his past? This doesn't mean of course, that he couldn't be living a clean life and telling the truth now.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it Ms. Presley who instigated the transmittal of the lewd photos of Genos' junk genitals in the first place so she could view the size of his dong? Yep, I believe it was!

Did she bother to inquire if he had a g/f before she did this? Not. Nor did she ever until she decided to snoop around after she got herself hooked on him sexually and now needs payback money to feed her own costs of playing the sex game. Ahhh... too late! He's backing off now.

Initially all she cared about was making the sexual contact, so the chase was on, no questions asked but hoping to land a bigger $ playing field with him; no mention of her own financial cost outlay, just raw hot sex at his beck and call. Seems to me he is the one (good or bad, right or wrong) cheapo or otherwise, who fell into her trap.

Did she think dating him would be free even though he might have paid for the motel and airline flights? Is dating ever free for the woman? Not. There is a tremendous financial cost for a woman constantly dating, living the night life and on the move.

I'd be willing to bet that he never even offered to reimburse her for any of her own expenses involved in dating him. So what did she expect; a constant wad of cash voluntarily handed over by him or the unlimited use of his liberal credit cards? Why would he? Why buy the cow if the milk is free?

You can pout and yell all you like but it's too late sweetie, you already shot your wad. It's your own fault you got used... Your best bet would have been to keep your mouth shut since you had already made a fool out of yourself. You're not the first, you won't be the last. Git over it.

Anonymous said...

Police identify THREE prime suspects in hunt for Madeleine McCann. Was it a burglary gone wrong?

Anonymous said...

Maggie, I know you didn't. I think most of us realize it isn't you writing these disgusting posts. For one thing, I've never seen you use blue print. For another, your writing style is recognizable to anyone who knows the slightest bit of statement analysis. Not to worry.

Actually Maggie, I wonder if this last post above is really you as I've never seen you use the term "OMFG" before now. Did you?

Anonymous said...

I see her as being pretty honest. I suspect she may have suspected he had a girlfriend because of his patterns of contact. but she was also really into him and didn't know what she didn't know. men can work hard to seduce girls they only want for one thing and just blindside them with attention -- she probably was experiencing that. as for being into him cause she saw him in a pic w/ Jay z. I don't think that's too worthy of criticism -- who wouldn't be excited to date somebody who hangs with Jay z. must be an excitibg guy if jay z wants to hang with him. nobody is an island and attraction is rarely that tunnel-vision-ey. -- people get attracted to the person and to their world. you can want to see her as a slut -- but I think she's more a girl who fell for a guy who excited her and then realized she was being used and wanted to shame him for it. that she says "he told her" to come to his games -- totally believe it -- guys in those dynamics with girls do tend to talk like that -- they do not tend to ask nicely -- those rel;ationships are not about respect --- they are about extracting pleasure from they women until they discard them -- so I wouldn't expect him to have used any other type of language with her.

Anonymous said...

I am at a loss for words regarding your naïve ignorance, Anon @ 2:58. SHE is the one who lured him in by the time she asked him to send her a photo of his naked ding-dong and he obliged. He's not going to chase her hot bod after this? Are you crazy? She got exactly what she went looking for and deserved the 'after glo' she got.

A man will take from a woman anything she will give him and demand more. It is only the woman a man has an investment in that he cares about protecting; after all he's got an investment in this one. Not so with her. She asked nothing and got nothing. Why stupid women can't learn this is beyond me. Yes, I am a woman.

Unknown said...
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Tania Cadogan said...

Anonymous said...

Police identify THREE prime suspects in hunt for Madeleine McCann. Was it a burglary gone wrong?

Neither police forces are revealing what they know especially to the media. Any leaks are coming from the mccanns in an effort to divert attention and create smoke and mirrors especially given they were refused the chance to testify at their libel trial against Dr Goncalo Amaral (as was he) they had plenty of time to testify and refused even to their attorney isabel duarte saying they had no need to testify nor be there back in spet last year i believe) they only changed their minds once they saw how badly their witnesses flunked their lines even when using a crib sheet. gerry turned up twice demanding to be allowed to testify which was rebuffed as he hadn't followed legal protocol and kate wanted to testify via letter thus negating anyone a chance to cross examine her ( it too was laughed out of court. In none of these leaks has anyone explained why 3 burglars ( 3 is the liars number) would leave all the valuables and take a child, no one has come up with a believable reason as to cadaverine and body fluids detected by dogs. The mccanns despite claims the dogs were wrong still came up for excuses as to why the dogs reacted ( sweaty sandals, dirty diapers, rotting me, seabass suddenly like by Sean( apparantly it can release a cadaverine type odor) other people having access to the vehicles etc and no excuse as to why the trunk was left open to air the car over several nights because it stank ( jon conner admitted the car stank) There was no burglary, the kids were not left alone each night as an adult from each group was missing each night and gerry talked about one of the other ... twins 9 he was going to say children before realising it was an oops moment and changing it to twins although Sean and Amelie were the only twins there. Admit neglect and plea deal down was the only way an abduction could take place. An adult babysitting all the kids in one apartment meant no abduction. No abduction means a load of incriminating and awkward questions

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I am curious why Jeno Smith followed her Instagram account in the first place?

Maybe she takes great pictures of rainbows and puppies?

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Because he recognized that she was a free piece a tail. The end.