Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Heather Elvis: Family's FaceBook Statement

The family posted this, and are obvious that they believe they know there is criminal involvement.   Is it aimed at Sidney Moorer?  

"To those who are keeping the silence...

Do you feel it? Can you feel the guilt? Do you look out of your windows day and night and feel it coming for you? You are right to be afraid, you are correct in feeling like something is creeping in on you and getting closer by the hour. Your feel the blood pulsing in your veins as if it were going to explode any moment? These feeling are well warranted, your days draw short as the trail grows hotter, it leads to only one place, it ends at your door, can you feel the eyes that are watching you? Can you hear the people around you whispering about your guilt? Does every knock at your door frighten you and your family? When the phone rings do you hesitate before you pick up or wait to hear a voice before you speak? Life like this must be a horrible way to exist, the sweat pouring down your back and dripping from your brow, your own family knows you are guilty and though you think they are family and must protect you, you wonder how long they will accept your guilt as being excusable.. You run thru your mind a thousand excuses that make what you did and are doing ok, but you know that its not ok.

You hear a bump in the night only to think you have been broken into by the police and they are coming for you, a trip to the store is pure terror for you because you are hiding in plain sight but who knows the truth, is it the one beside you in line? Will you make it back home thru the mob of people looking thru your disguise? Your guilt weighs you down like the anchor of a ship, it binds you to the bottom unable to move, you know that you are on borrowed time yet you think it is endless if you remain silent. You know you are caught but the waiting is killing you, when will they come for me you ask yourself over and over again, when will it be?

The trail is short now, the dogs are on your scent, your time walking free is so very very short, you can see it as if it were on hour glass and the sand it almost gone.
For the pain you have heaped on our family, your payment is due, the collector is at the door, there is no escape, so now what will you do, what will you say, what excuse will you provide that you know will be exposed?

Yes, our pain is real, it is constant, but your pain is real also, yours will soon get worse by the hour, yes, that noise you hear outside, it is the one you fear, it draws closer, it demands your attention, it requires your payment for deeds you have done, there is no escape, reap now what thou has sown, your season for harvest is due and your sand is almost gone from the glass."


shmi said...

Sounds like the Elvis family knows exactly who they are talking to.

Maggie said...

Does his car have"black"doors?

~mj said...


2 arrested for obstruction in Heather Elvis case.

Anonymous said...

Peter can you analyze this?

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be funny if it turns out that neither Sidney or Tammy had anything to do with Heather missing and likely deceased?

Maggie said...

I am guessing Heather's father wrote this piece.

"a trip to the store is pure terror for you because you are hiding in plain sight but who knows the truth, is it the one beside you in line? "
----I did notice that this was the 2nd time he has used the expression "plain sight". The 1st time he said of himself that he is in "plain sight" vs. "missing". He is now using the expression again saying that the culprit is "hiding in plain sight".
I am not sure what to think. I do hear anger in the piece. I also notice the writer has also very vividly imagined the emotions a perpetrator of a crime who is hoping not to be caught. I am not sure what I think of this.

Theresa said...

This poor family. I think the author is hoping to scare the perp into confessing. The family seems to have no thought that Heather is still alive...if they did, they wouldn't risk angering the perp.

They are seemingly speaking to the guy with the Fabio hair.

Anonymous said...

I think he's projecting. the repeated use of plane sight. it is he who is in plane sight as he originally said.

JerseyJane said...

In the dramatic piece he wrote above, he said, Does every knock at the door frightened you and your family?"

I'm not to fond of Heather's father saying that, being there are young children in the house.. Of course, he can say he is addressing the unkown person, that is responsible for her missing...

To me it's shameful to stoop that low, to include the innocent in his despair and rants, especially children.. I feel his pain but I have my own personal limits to what is acceptable... Now, Maggie, that father finally doesn't fly with me!!! Innocent highly likely but I can see Heather having problems with this kind of parent/ parenting..

Maggie said...

JerseyJane--I agree with what you wrote! I was troubled by his use of the line you quoted and I was also troubled by the line "When the phone rings do you hesitate before you pick up or wait to hear a voice before you speak?" The part about "do you wait to hear a voice before you speak" seems menacing to me.
This man does have some talent as a writer. What concerns me is that, in my opinion, this writing has a "fictional" quality about it. If I were him, I would be extremely angry, but this is not what is coming through in the writing. His writing, for lack of a better word, is almost "atmospheric"--he creates an eerie suspense where he is really conveying the guilty party feeling themselves "stalked" by fear and guilt. I can only speak for myself, but it comes across to me as having a fictional quality to it. And I certainly could be wrong.

Maggie said...

Anon @ 8:32--I wonder if he is projecting.

Theresa said...

I think HE's father is just projecting his grief, not any sort of guilt. I think that he believes writing eloquent statements is all he can offer at this point, and he's doing all he can to spur people into action.

Maggie said...

This line is odd:

"Will you make it back home thru the mob of people looking thru your disguise?"
1). I'm wondering about the "mob of people"--is this a literal crowd?
2) He feels the culprit is "disguised". "Disguised" only by lying about their innocence or what other disguise?
3). Why does he not name who he suspects?

Anonymous said...

I think Terry Elvis is projecting some of his own imaginary feelings onto Sidney Moorer, pretending that he knows how Sidney is feeling with every waking moment; thinks he's playing some sort of 'smart' psychology game, trying to drive Moorer over the edge with insinuations and accusations. BS!

He doesn't know if Sidney Moorer has even been out in public, disguised or otherwise, much less standing in line at the store! IFF, Sidney (and/or Tammy) are feeling as guilty and haunted and worried as Elvis projects they are, then they aren't even answering their phone OR going out in public.

I'm starting to think this Elvis guy is a freak; sitting around writing letters and poetry that he perceives to be cute and oh so talented. Yikes. He's starting to give me the heebe jeebies.

Deejay said...

Do any of you have any idea how horrible it is to lose a child? It is amazing to me that he can even put 2 words together. He projects pain- I hope the killer does feel like this. I even hope Dylan Redwine's father feels like this. Well said, Dad.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Justin, Phoebe, Elisha, Courtney,Lance, Heidi, Derek, Darrell all feel like this!

Justice for Ayla Bell Reynolds

JerseyJane said...

I can understand this anger, his insanity of not knowing, etc., etc. part of him that has awakened this poetic part of him........ Many famous poets have created great works of art with despair, gloom, sorrow, lost loves, etc etc.. BUT so early in the disappearance is freaky. I would think he would be drained not capable, a searching walking zombie.. My thoughts are he has info from the investigators that has enabled him to speed up his reactions.. He knows something from police OR is just fixated on one direction in the case
The father needs to be watched by his family, he may kill someone himself. I personally lost confidence in the police when they didn't confirm correctly that Heather Elvis was not in the hospital that night. They put it as fact in a police report .
Maggie, you were so right at the beginning to pick up on something with the father.. Whether it is good or bad, it's definitely bizarre. There are deep seeded meanings in his writings.. There are fathers that have no relationship with their wife and the intensity carries over to the daughter as IF she is his wife.. I just feel that's what the freaky is..I have seen single older men(30's 40's)that fight with their mom as if they are married and vice versa.. I'm not saying sexual but all other factors are there..

JerseyJane said...

You will cry over the victims more then the one responsible. I know. Guilt or compassion is not in their thoughts, unless for themselves. The large percentage of guilty are not phased by this man's words in this style. It is brushed off their shoulder and laughed over. Good example: Justin DiP. in response to the mother of his child when asked about the blood of his said child.. Not a drip of compassion or owning up...

Anonymous said...

terry elvisa just gets vreepier and creepier in my eyes

Anonymous said...

Good thoughts JJ; right on, excellent posts. I couldn't have said it better myself.

Danged right. I'm starting to have my doubts about this guys sanity.

DeeJay, I understand your deep feelings. I do. But this guy is stepping beyond the realm of reality. WAY beyond. And that ain't no joke. I'm starting to think that anybody whose in his line of 'guilty' association needs to stay out of his way. WAY out.

No joke. Run for cover.

Anonymous said...

To that end, I'll add that Elvis is spending HIS every waking moment practicing, jotting, thinking, drafting, writing and rewriting and stalking/harassing with what HE believes to be talented and catchy letters.

He's even lying in bed thinking up these catchy phrases and poetic prose, turning his light back on and scribbling them least he forget some by morning! That's why he can't sleep. He's obsessed now.

Seriously. He's become a damned flake.

SOOOOo, when's he out searching for his missing daughter? uhmmmm....?

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JerseyJane said...

Yup, you got it Anon above!! Nut behavior is always at 2 ends of the spectrum!!!!! Billie Dunn at one end and at the other this fella.....He may be/is innocent but he is very self-consuming during a time when you would think he should not be!! Picking out a 'favorite' pic of daughter vs. a very current descriptive one(someone one earlier mentioned that on other entry about case)....

I can understand his bleeding heart, I just don't understand his self-absorbed behavior.. Is it from having his hands tied not able to get to the person he deems responsible? My heart goes out to him and his family but this time bomb behavior must be watched.. No way would I stick up for the person responsible for such anguish this and all missing children's families endure...oh his statements are alive but just a....a....a....

Maggie said...

"You run thru your mind a thousand excuses that make what you did and are doing ok, but you know that its not ok."

"you know that it's not ok"

This is very mild criticism.

This is the only criticism of the culprit's actions/crime in the piece of writing.
I feel like a person's first instinct when someone has committed a crime against them or their family is to confront with the list of wrongs that were done and describe how hurtful and terrible the perpetrator's actions were/are.
This is missing from this writing. Rather, Terry puts himself into the killer's shoes imagining what he/she must feel like.

Unknown said...

This father seems to be trying to intimidate, and instill a sense of dread into the person he believes responsible for his daughter's disappearance.

Terry Elvis has made statements pleading for Heather, and for information that has not been forthcoming. Even if he only knows what has been made public, (which it is highly likely he knows MORE) it is obvious who is likely the perpetrator. The married man she was having an affair with, the last one to speak to her, the one with the vengeful wife, etc.

I think TE is understandably at the end of his rope, but I don't see his actions or language as bizarre, or guilty. His actions and statements have followed the natural stages of loss and grief. (Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance).

TE uses dramatic language to express himself, and he is consistant in its use. (If he talked like BJD in his spoken statements, and then wrote like this, THAT would be strange, lol). Also, if he was writing like this a day or two after Heather going missing, I would find it strange, but he has had plenty of time to ponder his feelings, and stew in anger about what has transpired.

I hope Heather is found and that those responsible for what happened to her are held accountable.

Maggie said...

I wonder why he does not name who he suspects. Under this post on facebook, in the comments some people ask who he suspects, others think it is Sidney, others think it is Sidney's wife. Why doesnt he name who he believes did it?

Maggie said...

Does anyone know if Sidney and/or his wife have an alibi for the time period when Heather disappeared?

Anonymous said...

So agree great point!"this is not ok". Absolute minimizing. terry is talking to himself.

Anonymous said...

there was an early intervier where terry says that he knew his daughter was going on a first date with a young man he hadn't met and he "didn't think much of it."

this I find so suspicious. this guy says heather is is heart beat. his place of work is plastered with her bigger than life image, he desribed her having moved out - which she did just a couple weeks before as having his heart ripped out. how on earth could he not think much of her going on a first date with a guy he hadn't met??? even if he didn't do anything about it -- you can bet he had feelings. be it pride, wanting to protect her - reticence, excitement, curiosity -- anything. I do not believe he "didn't think much of it" I think the fact that he said that is minimizing -- and suggests he felt a great deal about it,

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 12:53, no pun intended, but it escapes me how you find it so suspicious that Terry Elvis says he knew his daughter was going on a first ate with a young man he hadn't met and he "didn't think much of it."

Anon!! Heather was twenty years old. Not only that, she was of legal age, was living on her own and making her own decisions. There comes a point in time where ones parents don't sit down on their kid every waking moment. For example, if Heather had been away in college, do you think her dad would have known and met every young man she went out with?

From the time I was seventeen 'til I was twenty (and beyond), I must have had thirty or more dates with young men my dad had never met and didn't think much about it. Part of those times I lived at home and part of the time I didn't; but I was treated like an adult, trusted and allowed to make my own decisions as to who I went out with.

IMO, it is not possible to read anything into being suspicious of Terry Elvis not knowing or questioning who Heather went out with that evening. NOW, had I been going out with a married man and my dad knew this, there would have been hell to pay for that married man. MY dad would have never sat still for something like this; in fact, he probably would have stomped Sidneys' liver lose. Now THERE'S something you can be suspicious of!

Anonymous said...

i don't mean to say he didn't want her to go on the date --- just that he mus have had feeling about it. it must have meant something to him.

I also don't mean all fathers would have strong feeling about it.

but he in partictular, seems to me -- must have felt something.

terry elvis also knew about the married man, he hentioned him to police on first day when they found car.

anyway -- i suppose it's nothing to hinge the whole case on.

laterly I'm wondering if terry owed $ to anybody -- like this family friend who posted fake texts for example. just a thought -- hard to run a successful print shop for very long. not that lucrative.

Maggie said...

I also wonder how much money he could have made from that business. I'm guessing not much.
Perhaps this is wrong of me to wonder this, but I also think it is odd that his he just happens to run a print shop, his adult daughter goes missing and so he just so happens to have the ability to make all of her missing posters and fliers. What are the odds?
I also get the feeling he is a wannabe Steven King/Edgar Allen Poe type writer and it seems he is trying way too hard to produce "literature" out of the experience of his daughter being missing.

Maggie said...

I just looked at the findheatherelvis facebook page, and it seems Terry is threatening to take down the whole page (dedicated to finding his missing daughter) if a few people don't stop arguing. This is what he wrote in his most recent post.
I remember reading here on this site that the innocent do not care what is said of them, they care for nothing but finding their child.
Doesn't this then represent suspicious behavior? I don't know what the few people on the page are arguing about, I just read his long rambling post about how he will take down the page if a few don't stop arguing.
That is pathetic. That is the page for finding his daughter. I really get the worst vibe off of him!!!

Anonymous said...

Maggie, I am wondering why you keep pointing out all these character flaws in Terry Elvis? That is not to say that I don't agree with you on some of these issues as he certainly does appear to be some sorta festering nut case lurking behind the façade of anguish for his missing daughter;

HOWEVER, if you don't think he had anything to do with Heather going missing and very likely deceased; what is your point? Are you accusing him of something sinister in her death that is being implied by you within your continuous berating of this obvious kook?

It's almost like you have become so obsessed with this mans' every word and action that he has become a boil on your butt. What gives, Maggie?

Maggie said...

Hi Anon 2 6:56--Not that I owe you any explanation for anything that I write, but to answer your question, I am not convinced he had nothing to do with Heather's disappearance.
I am not obssessed with his every word either. I had googled the case to see if there had been any updates (mainly because I am curious if Tammy and Sidney have an alibi for the time of Heather's disappearance) and when I googled the facebook page came up. I looked at it, and the first thing I see is a post by Terry threatening to take down the facebook page dedicated to finding his daughter if a few people don't stop arguing and that he says he will continue with the search out of the public eye if the few people don't stop arguing. To me, this is a giant red flag! Not some minor thing I am picking at. I would have to be an idiot not to wonder why this man would take a few people arguing (out of the thousands of supporters dedicated to helping find Heather on the FB page) as cause to threaten to take down the page and reduce the chances of finding his daughter.
In my opinion, this guy is proving himself to be a fake through and through. HIs emphasis seems to be on himself, and describing his emotions in detail. Has he ever once even stated what Heather was wearing when she went missing? Everything that he is doing seems to be a quest for attention for himself and I feel this is the opposite of what he should be doing. I have seen interviews with him where he did give signs of deception also. What innocent parent threatens to take down a facebook page that is probably one of the best tools he has for getting out word and pictures to help find Heather, because a few people argued?

Maggie said...

Hey Anon @ 6:56 and 9:39--It doesnt take much to figure out you're the same anon who I was talking to on the other thread who stated how to control a cheating husband and stated how Tammy and Sidney arent in your league and then told everyone here talking to you that you are done talking to them. This is the same thing you stated when bashing Trista Reynolds for being the "other woman" and then stated how Justin is "not in your league" and you were done talking to the people here "because they are not in your league". You certainly didnt like my interest in the Ayla case. Still so curious--are you Heidi Tudela or Courtney Roberts? I'm thinking probably Heidi?