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Statement Analysis: Coffee Shop Flasher Robert Martin

"I AM NOT GUILTY!" wrote Robert Martin.

Martin wrote a 1,500-word statement and asked KATU News to read the entire post on television when we met him at his house in Sherwood.
The unedited statement is posted below.
"I don't want my words misconstrued," said Martin, who wasarrested on Saturday and charged with 10 counts of first-degree public indecency.
Lake Oswego and Tualatin police accused him of exposing himself on multiple occasions at drive-through coffee shops.
Detectives say surveillance video led to a tip that helped them find the car, and that led them to Martin.
"I would appreciate if you would read that statement in its entirety and give it the same news coverage you gave the victim," said Martin, hiding behind his door the whole time, referring to the Starbucks cashier we interviewed who said she was a victim of the flasher.

To say "the victim" acknowledges that someone was victimized.  
When informed a 1,500-word statement was simply too long to read on TV, Martin declined to appear on camera.

FOR THE RECORD ... First of all.. my deepest thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and all of those of who have been impacted by these events.. including my family.. friends.. and loved ones... 
Where someone chooses to begin a statement is always important and often the reason for writing/speaking.  Here, the subject begins with "thoughts and prayers" to the victims, and those impacted by "these" (close) events. 
Note that "victims" presupposes that someone has been victimized, and is listed first, followed by:
loved ones.
Order often shows priority. 

Secondly.. I do have the upmost respect for the law and do understand that the men and women who enforce the law.. do in fact have a job to do... However.. I think as a society.. we really do have to ask what has happened to due process.. respect.. and courtesy for all of the parties involved ?... 
He does not say he didn't do it, but speaks of respect and courtesy only 
To give you all a glimpse of things through my eyes.. on Saturday morning 1/4/2014.. I was approached at my home by two detectives... They made it very clear that they believed beyond a reasonable doubt that I was their man and that I needed to confess in order for this to all go smoothly.. "what ever that means..." Anyway.. 
I told them that I would not confess to something that I did not do.. just to have it all go smoothly.. 
This is to avoid saying he did not do it, but only that he would not confess to something he did not do just to have it all go smoothly.  One might ask him under what other conditions might he confess to something he did not do. 
"again.. what ever that means..." I was then told that I would be placed under arrest if I would not confess... We all waited until a uniform officer arrived... I was cuffed.. perp walked through my neighborhood to a patrol car parked down the street.. and then taken to the Tualatin Police Station.. never ever having my Miranda Rights read to me... 
Here he describes the lack of courtesy shown to him, but continues to avoid issuing a reliable denial. 
I waited in a holding cell at Tualatin until I was transported to the Washington County Jail... I was processed and waiting to be housed when I was asked to come to the counter and told that my bail had been posted... At that time.. I could now see the charges listed... Once again.. I would like to make it very clear that no one ever read me my Miranda Rights.. 
He repeats "my Miranda Rights" but avoids saying he didn't do it.  
or disclosed to me what the charges were going to be during this whole process... After being released.. it came to my attention very quickly that my name and picture was all over the news and that I had already been burnt at the stake... The witch hunt was now over!.. and I was now their man without any reasonable doubt... "Guilty!.. until proven innocent..." However.. from the research that I have done after being released from lockup.. the only description of the suspect that I can find before that I was arrested.. is of a fat man with a large pot belly.. with thin blonde hair.. or brown hair with a hat... I have heard no mention of any facial hair "?" ... For those of you who know me.. know that I have had a goatee and sideburns for many years... 
Note not what he has, but what he has had for many years
As far as I know.. 
Indicating limitation of knowledge to be revealed
I have never ever had anyone described me as a fat man with a large pot belly... I guess now that the sights are set on me.. that all goes out the window and we now have a new description of the suspect.. 
Still to avoid saying he did not do it. 
or should I say.. "me.. the sicko pervert monster..." 
Note what he allows himself to be called:  "sicko pervert monster"

I really do hope that the victims do in fact take the time to look at my picture.. and truly ask themselves.. 
Note the qualifiers

if in fact that they are 100% positive that I am the man that they saw beyond a reasonable doubt.. or am I just the man that they think that they saw.. due to the pre-programming or suggestion of the media coverage "?"
Note the willingness to say "I am the man" within his own statement. 
 ... Studies have demonstrated that the mind can very easily be influenced by repeat pre-programming or media persuasion... As far as the car.. from what I have seen.. I would speculate that it very well may be the same make and model... As far as a missing gas lid.. I do not know.. I did not see that in the video... However.. yes.. my car did have a missing gas lid.. which is a big problem on that make and model of car...

It is certainly a "big problem"; interesting choice of language. 
 I have seen many missing.. broken.. or replaced lids with different colors of paint on that same make and model of car... The gas lid is made out of plastic and has broken and fallen off many of times... "Sometimes.. things just are not what they appear to be!".. "So yes!.. I do in fact also fell a bit violated myself..." With that being said.. for those who truly know me and know my heart.. they know that I would never ever intentionally hurt anyone.. but only in self defense... 
He still avoids simply saying he did not do it
And for all of you haters.. "Rejoice!.. Justice Has Been Served!"..
He allows for his guilt to be celebrated by those who "hate"; this is not something an innocent person allows for. 
 I now feel as dirty.. disgusting.. 
hence, the recognition of himself above as "the man", and "sicko", "pervert" and "monster"
and as vial as the media has made me out be... Vindicated or not.. my reputation is forever ruined.. and I could very likely remain unemployed and homeless until the day that I leave this fallen world... 
Does he blame the state of the world for his perversion?
I was not always this worthless piece of (s---) that the haters are making me out to be.. 
Here he acknowledges being "worthless piece of s"
I owned and operated a very successful business and employed many people for quite some years... When the economy crashed and it was clear that I no longer had a viable business.. I did my very best to get all of my employees.. subcontractors.. and vendors paid in full... No!.. I am no saint.. 
Here he acknowledges not paying all those he owed money to...
just merely a mortal man trying very hard each and every day to do the right thing and to figure out how to navigate our decaying society... As a child of our heavenly father.. 
Note that many people who refer to themselves as a "child" have been victims of abuse, with 80% likely being sexual abuse in childhood.  This would correlate to him being a "monster" and "pervert", having acted out in a "decaying society"
He contemplates his own degradation:  

I have been asking how this can all be happening... 

The only answers I have as of yet.. is that those who truly walk with Christ will walk through the fire and their convictions will repeatedly be tested.. and that God works in ways that are beyond our understanding... 
This is to divorce himself from responsibility. 
He continues to avoid saying he did not do it. 
He considers himself a "sicko" which would mean those that are "sick" are in need of help: 
At the very least.. maybe this will become a dialog for where we are as a society and where we are really headed... For those of you who have already made up their mind.. rest assured.. I am seeking help each and every day.. 
The sick need help.  He is "seeking help" each and every day
as I pray that each and every one of you do the same... 
Common projection:  he believes others are just like him:
Let me remind you.. no one!.. absolutely no one!.. is immune... Your life can be destroyed and changed forever in a split second.. or it can be slowly dismantled over a period of time through a series of events... Understand this.. 
Here he blames "The Devil" rather than take responsibility.  
The Devil is in the details.. and he only comes to steal.. kill.. and destroy peoples lives... He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.. and he is very real... Each and every one of us.. must really ask ourselves what have we become as a people.. and what has become of the world that we all now live in ?... Why are we all so quick to pass judgment and share gossip ?... Why do we idolize poor behavior from our so called elite elect.. entertainers.. artist.. actors.. sports figures.. etc.. yet we condemn our fellow brother or sister for the same types of behaviors... 
Not to sound judgmental or be a source of gossip.. but when you hear about all of the high profile people and their cases.. 
Here he goes to sexual misconduct cases: 
like of Mayor Sam Adams.. Anthony Weiner.. Miley Cyrus.. Kony 2012 Director Jason Russell.. Michael Jackson.. Bill Clinton.. Etc.. and the list goes on and on... It would appear to me that the media sensationalizes that behavior and implies that it is completely socially acceptable if you are one of the elite class.. but not if you are of the simple day to day working class..
He blames his lack of celebrity for being prosecuted
It really is of no surprise to me why we seem to have so many people losing their way... Our world is bleeding badly and things are becoming more and more crazy each and every day... We must truly ask ourselves if this progressive liberal ideology and police state mentality is really serving we the peoples best interests ?... Most importantly.. we must ask ourselves if pushing God out of our society is helping us.. or really only hurting us ?... I am not hear to preach.. but after seeing things from this side of the fence.. 
What someone tells us in the negative is very important

I now realize that it is only a matter of time that our society becomes completely divided.. slowly devouring one and another... I feel so utterly sick and completely uncertain about my future journeys.. but must have faith and trust that my lord and savior Jesus Christ will continue to see me through my dark valleys and bring me out to the other side... Now that I have released this statement.. I ask that the media please respect my family's privacy and do not show up at my residence any longer.. as I have nothing more to say at this time... I may post some more of my thoughts at a later time.. but as of now I am trying to get my affairs into order... Once again.. please respect our privacy... Thank you!.. for those of you who took the time to read this... May peace be with you all.. God Bless!.. Over & Out...
He enjoys the attention


Suzanne said...

I wonder if he's exposed himself at church too.

Suzanne said...

I wonder if he's exposed himself at church too.

Anonymous said...

Well he's not exactly a celebrity ... but he is getting a lot of exposure.


Suzanne said...

I wonder if he's exposed himself at church too.

Tania Cadogan said...

Statement analysis is amazing.
Once you know what to look for his admission of guilt is so darn blatant.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


great pick up. My analysis is cursory --

IMAMOM said...

I agree that he has not issued a reliable denial, and embedded in his statement are several admissions of guilt. Regarding his statement "but as of now I am trying to get my affairs into order", I hope he's on suicide watch, as this seems to be a strong indicator that a person is considering suicide.

Unknown said...

He mentions 'reasonable doubt' several times, and asks the victims to look at his pics and consider their certainty. The innocent don't need to rely on reasonable doubt, because their innocence is absolute.

Also, as I posted on the other thread where Karen shared this, he is very concerned with his right to due process, and he repeats TWICE claims that his Miranda rights were not read. This indicates that he hopes to have these charges dismissed on a technicality, or even that he possibly made a statement to LE that he wants to 'take back', by claiming he wasn't informed of his right to remain silent.

Out of 1500 words, he only declares once that he is 'not guilty' (which is a legal term used after prosecution, much different from 'I did not flash those people'). Then he spends the majority of his statement explaining why he did it, and blaming society, the devil, the legal system and the victims, who's description he doesn't agree with of him as 'fat, with a pot belly'..(Guess that was a wake-up call, lol) and suggests that they should have some 'reasonable doubt' due to the changes he has made in his appearance.

sidewalk super said...

he's still exposing himself!
I gave up on reading beyond para 2, this man needs help.

Local anaon in the Hailey Dunn case said...

I agree, he says he is not guilty (not he didn't do it) once and then continues with all but an outright confession in explaining why he has become the man he is today. And his mention of Miranda rights, how he was treated by LE and repeated reasonable doubt is him setting up a case to dismiss the charges or go down this road in his defense if charged. He did it and does need help.

Suzanne said...

Don't know why my post posted 3times. Sorry about that.

Kellie Sue said...

In reading Robert Martin's diatribe Ted Kaczynski comes to mind. Martin wanted a public forum to spew from and he knew he would be caught eventually. He probably suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder.

SKEoD said...

creating causes of reasonable doubt through trickery ... would that be considered the same as alibi building?

Anonymous said...

so lets do as Robert asks us to, lets give the "victim" the same treatment we are giving him. let's analyze the witness' statements.

Police believe they're connected because witnesses describe a similar-looking man. <------ similar??? uh-huh...

"He pulled up to the window. I went to the window. Someone else went to get the coffee. I was like, 'Hi!" I saw what happened and immediately walked away." <----- establishes reason for no other witnesses. what "happened" lol how about what was happenING?

"He had his hand covering his face," the woman said. "I saw his shirt was pulled up to his chest. I don't know the proper way to say it. He was exposing himself. Playing with himself. <---- establishes reason for not having description, cant see his face.

"I've been having trouble sleeping. It's still bugging me. I just feel really violated. It's replaying in my head." <---- doesnt say why or when trouble sleeping started. It's ??? JUST FEEL REALLY.....ok

The worker stayed on the job for several hours after the incident on Thursday, but has not returned to work.

"We wear headsets that ding when there's a customer," she said. "Every single time it dinged, I'm like, Oh God, is he back ... or ... I'm nervous for wearing the headset." <--- only several hours of this "trauma".

imo, the witness is speaking "excitable".
imo, this witness is making the whole incident up.
imo, we should send her donations.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Can't wait for scan on Chris Christie's conference today!

Anonymous said...

Christie on bridge scandal: 'I knew nothing about this'

statemewnt analysis has taught me he's lying cause he used the hyperbolic "nothing" - what do you think?

Anonymous said...

'I want to tell them I had nothing to do with the murder': Amanda Knox begs to meet the Kercher family and profess her innocence over the death of their daughter
Knox is currently being retried for the 2007 murder of Meredith Kercher
She is not present at the trial, which is taking place in Florence, Italy

Amanda Knox has again stressed her innocence - and desire to meet the family of the British student she is accused of murdering.
Knox, 26, is being retried for the murder of Meredith Kercher, but is not attending the hearings in Florence, Italy. She is accused of stabbing Ms Kercher to death and sexually assaulting her.
Speaking to Italian newspaper La Repubblica as the case reached its closing stages she said: ’I want to speak to them. I want to tell them I had nothing to do with Meredith's death, that I liked her and we were friends.

‘When I saw them (Kerchers) in court I wanted to speak with them and I asked my lawyers if I could do that. My lawyer approached them but their lawyers rejected it.’

Knox was initially convicted at that trial in 2009, along with her then boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, 30, but two years ago they were sensationally cleared and freed from jail.
The high profile case, which has been marked with controversy, then sparked further headlines last year when that ruling was overturned and the case sent back to trial.
Officials switched the hearing from Perugia, where the murder took place seven years ago, to the Florence appeal court where proceedings started in September.
Knox has not appeared and explained herself saying: ’It was a really painful decision not to attend the retrial. I wanted to come. I wanted to be present in court.
‘I was put in jail for four years with no proof, but on suppositions.’
Knox added she hoped after being eventually cleared of any involvement it would lead to a meeting with the Kercher family.

She said: ’I know they believe I am the killer of their daughter. They are convinced that I murdered her and so even now it's not the right time to speak with them.
‘That day will come and I hope it will come soon after my innocence has been definitely proved.’
However, she still appeared to be apprehensive over the verdict as she added: ’I have spoken to Raffaele... he is more optimistic than me. If I am convicted then I will be, as they say, on the run.’
Sollecito has made an appearance at the retrial, giving an emotional 15 minute statement proclaiming his innocence and asking the court to ‘give him his life back’.
Summing up took place on Thursday and a verdict is expected on January 30, with the Kercher family expected to attend the hearing.

Anonymous said...

Meredith, from Coulsdon, Surrey, was found semi naked and with her throat cut in her bedroom of the house she shared with Knox in Perugia in November 2007.
Ivory Coast drifter Rudy Guede, 27, has already been convicted of murder and sexual assault and given 16 years and is eligible for parole next year.
When asked about Knox's comments, the Kercher family's lawyer Francesco Maresca said: ’Amanda is the accused. This is the moment of the accused. She should stop her declarations.’
He also confirmed that Meredith's brother, Lyle, and sister, Stephanie, would be in Florence for the verdict.
Knox's lawyer, Carlo Della Vedova said: ’Amanda is very worried. She is risking 30 years jail and she knows she is innocent. She is not sleeping at night and is closely watching the trial.’
If she is convicted prosecutors have demanded Knox be jailed for 30 years and would seek her extradition from the United States.
However, she is unlikely to return from her home in Seattle, as her legal team will argue that she has in effect already been tried and then cleared before this latest case and would claim double jeopardy.
Sollecito, on the other hand, who was in court for Thursday’s hearing and has been spending a considerable amount of time in the Dominican Republic, and who also risks jail, has insisted he will remain in Italy for the verdict.

Deejay said...

I read Christie's long statement in the Washington Post- No reliable denials, starts off with that his staff disappointed him and was stupid, stuttering at important points,etc. It reminded me of the line from Casa Blanca- 'I'm shocked that gambling is going on.' Good practice for SCAN but very long to post here.

ima.grandma said...

He wrote this letter after his "research" to build a defense strategy blaming the tangible and intangible for his lewd behavior through a continuous list of excuses. He portrays himself as a victim seeking sympathy.

He blames:
Law enforcement poor practices and behavior.
His lack of understanding law enforcement stating "whatever that means" at least twice.
Media reporting and media persuasion via pre-programming.
Victims' inability to avoid brainwashing by media.
Vehicle manufacturers.
Family and friends who don't "truly know him."
State of the world.
God and his "test."
Devil and his "dark valleys."
Celebrities and the elite.

ima.grandma said...

I forgot to list:
Those who don't believe in God.
Policy and lawmakers for the lack of religion in schools.
His neighborhood for their assumption to identify himself as "the perp."

All IMO, of course.

Ivanna-Anna said...

I'm giggling even though it should be no surprise that a flasher's vocabulary contains the phrase "... give you all a glimpse of things..."

Karen T said...

Peter! and everyone else, Thank you so much for the analysis!!

I love learning & reading everyone else's insight into these cases.

I also felt he did not issue a reliable denial. But he sure does want us all to view HIM as the victim.

If one is innocent, shouldn't they just say, "I did not do that" & then shut up??

Thanks all :)

Theresa said...

Thanks for the analysis. After reading this on the local news website, I had fun trying to analyze the first half. I stopped when he started rambling in the last half! The oddest part besides not denying what he is charged with is that he calls himself derogatory things like sicko, pervert, and PoS. Who does that??

Unknown said...

My favorite slip of all:

"I think as a society.. we really do have to ask what has happened to due process.. respect.. and courtesy for all of the parties involved ?..."

-Although he claims that he is 'not guilty', he considers himself to be 'a party involved' in the incident.

When he was exposing his genitals to the other parties involved, was he treating them with respect and courtesy? According to his preachy statement, he is the last decent human being left in this 'fallen world'! Also, he wants his 1500 word statement read in full, and to enjoy the same level of media coverage as his victim...but then leave him alone. No follow up questions, don't show up at his door. When he has more to say, he'll say it..but no pesky questions to trip him up.

That's fair. (Eye roll)

S + K Mum said...

That is the oddest statement I have ever read!

Shouldn't giggle but some of the analysis from readers here is quite amusing :)

He wants everyone to know he wasn't read his rights, this was one of the first things he wrote so I would guess this is his defence...... I think I am right that this is a technicality and cases have been dropped because of such (please correct me if I'm wrong). The rest is just someone rambling and really giving up far too much information. He is full of self importance and will believe that he is clever enough to get away with his offence.