Friday, January 17, 2014

Casey Anthony and Baby Ayla

                                   What do we know about the Baby Ayla case?

          What is it that prosecution must overcome in order to gain justice for Ayla?

It is what is known that must be transmitted to a jury (or a judge) which means adequate understanding must be realized by someone in judgement; likely a jury.  This poses an element that we have only recently, in our generation, come to question in a new way.

We know that just before reporting his daughter missing, Justin DiPietro took out a life insurance policy, not for his children, but against one of his two children.  This he did, while unemployed, and would financially benefit from Ayla's death.

Weeks later, he reported her missing.

Surprise, surprise.

This would appear to be a very straight forward motive for prosecutors to work with.  The amount of money DiPietro stood to gain is something they can show using Maine's economy as a reference point, and show that he would, in this standard, make more money than he had ever seen before.  The prosecution could even tie this, via suggestion, to the drug trade.

A motive is not required for a jury, but it helps.

The prosecutor could allow the jury to hear the 911 call, which, apparently, law enforcement believed was significant enough to not only withhold from the public, but to allow Trista Reynolds, Ayla's mother, to hear privately.

Although not admissible in court unless all parties agree, the failed polygraphs are part of what we know about the case.

We know that prior to Ayla's demise, she suffered a series of injuries which suggest child abuse at the hands of her father.  We know about it, but is it something that prosecution wishes to press?  After all, if a motive is financial gain from the insurance policy, why show the pattern of child abuse?  Ayla's arm was broken by Justin DiPietro, who did not seek timely medical care, claiming to have not known.  Ayla had a black eye, in which DiPietro gave a dubious explanation about, saying the toddler "got into a fight" at the 'ball pit' of a child's restaurant, which we later learned had no such ball pit to play in.

Ayla reportedly had leg injuries, consistent with wrenching during diaper changing.

If the motive is financial, why might it be useful to use this information to persuade a jury?

It is something that shows depraved indifference, that can grow with time, as desensitization takes over.  It is something that might help a juror's queasy stomach digest what the love of money can do to a chronically unemployed or underemployed arrogant bully type, who believes he is entitled to what does not belong to him.

It might help.

We know, as a jury must, that there was a trail of blood that was more than any of us knew, that was cleaned up by DiPietro, and no reasonable explanation was given.

By now, I'm convinced.

Herein lies the two challenges faced by the State:

I.  Plurality of Suspects
II.  Casey Anthony

I.  Plurality of Suspects

Maine State Police deliberately stated that the three adults in the home, Justin DiPietro, his sister Elisha, and his girlfriend, Courtney Roberts, were all lying about what befell Ayla.  This was a weak attempt to publicly split them, so that one, at least, would tell the truth.

They should have arrested one of them, or better yet, removed Elisha's child from her custody.

Objection:  unfair and unAmerican.

Answer:   if police had evidence that a toddler, under the roof where Elisha was, came to foul play and has died, and Elisha is in a cover up for the perpetrator, her own child is in a state of jeopardy as to her safety and well being.  If one has such depraved indifference to the plight of a child, the person cannot be trusted with another child.  Period.

The State could have either arrested one of the three (remember, Justin DiPietro has given a few opportunities for such), or all three.

If Courtney Roberts and Elisha DiPietro were both facing not only incarceration, but loss of their own children, they would not have allowed it to continue for Justin DiPietro's sake.

                                         These are not mastermind criminals.

To date, I do not understand how it is the two mothers have custody of their children.  Three suspects represents an easy break:  at least one will talk.

Note that these are selfish people; at least this can be said for the DiPietro's, who did not mind putting money into the equation.  Remember:  not only do we see the money of the life insurance policy against a child, but we also know that custody of a child is free money in Maine's welfare system.  Justin DiPietro did not like the prospects of paying child support to Trista Reynolds for the upcoming 16 years of Ayla's life.  Courtney Roberts' own sister had a drug cache taken from her apartment (an apartment Courtney was at, as likely was Ayla) and so money, in the amount of the life insurance policy, was significant and more than a little bit relevant.

There are lesser charges, including obstruction, child abuse, failure to report, and so on.

There had to be a better strategy to split them than the press release about them lying...there had to be better ideas than that one.

Before going through with prosecution, they should seek the split the three via arrests.  Cold, sobering facts to those who may be allergic to work should have been used previously, but it is not too late.

Best to go to prosecution against one, but to pare down the three, stronger tactics should be employed.

II.  Casey Anthony

There has been a realization among Americans that, indeed, the dumbing down of our generation has been acute.

Lowering standards and egalitarian folly have not changed the inevitable down slide of entitlement and blame shifting. Teachers have been ham strung against holding children accountable and while we spend money building gender free bathrooms, children have not learned to read or to think for themselves.  The nanny state, which promises secure social living from cradle to grave has produced what it has produced...

the Casey Anthony jury.

When the Baby Ayla case had first broken, I wrote that a jury in Maine would not be like the Casey Anthony jury...

pride in tact, foot in mouth, the posting of statistics on the average Mainer was a slap in the face of reality, and prosecutors likely well knew it:  they would be facing a jury of those who cannot think rationally or logically, would likely struggle to follow an argument, and who could recite "if it don't fit, you must acquit" far better than any of us would care to admit.

There is the running joke in China:

"What do you call someone who speaks two language?  Answer?  Bi-lingual.
What do you call someone who speaks three languages?   Answer?  Tri-lingual.
But what do you call someone who only speaks a single language?

Answer:  An American."

We have college graduates who could not pass an 8th Grade English grammar test today, and our math and science scores are shown to be less than other countries around the world, including China. Teachers can't teach because parents all want their little ones to be responsible for nothing.  The kids can text, but they cannot write.

You might want to consider reading this even as you wonder about the ability of law enforcement to write a report.

We have more people on public disability than the entire population of the nation Greece, as the American Disability Act has caused the monumental upswing in numbers, which shows no let up.  Our debt has risen as our test scores have fallen with nothing on the horizon that suggests change.  There is an entire 'nation' of the entitled, who make demands upon others, and have become self advocates for self advocacy, with all else be damned.  They want more and more after that, balancing the checkbook notwithstanding.   This has crept into the consciousness and has become part of a personality.

                                                                  We are ignorant.

Prosecutors know that they face, not geometric logic, but emotionalism and the possibility of facing a Joe Tacopina who may decide that the publicity up here is worth the time invested to do what Jose Baez did:  confuse a jury.

It would not be difficult.

Tacopina, and others like him, are masters at tangents.  Like Goebells before them, they don't mind repeating a lie a thousand times until it becomes 'truth' in the eyes of the masses.  The only time Tacopina muzzles himself is when he is unable to control the interview, then, and only then, he ends the show.  (see Gerry Rivers radio show)

Lawyers in Maine have a reputation for being just a tad pedantic and hold to an artificial caste system in which not only do they feel 'above' non-lawyers, but within their own pecking order, state attorneys often project some serious anxiety about going up against their private sector counter parts.  It makes for lots and lots of deals in Maine.

DiPietro knows that people are sentenced more for illegally hunting a deer than harming a child.  He is not very intelligent in the sense that he took out the policy against one of his children, not both, and he telegraphed his plans by silly text messages to Trista about "worrying" someone might "kidnap" Ayla...

you know, how like kidnapping happens almost every day in Maine?

Justin DiPietro is a good example of what prosecutors might actually find...

in a jury.

Bristling, entitled, churlish, lazy, self centered with chronic attention deficits.

They will have to speak in short sentences.

They will have to avoid complex sentences and thoughts.

They will need simplicity at its best.

There will always be the claim that "we get one shot at this" after telling the family first that they "needed the body", yet this is now passed any time where the body might yield much forensically.  They've got to press common sense.

They must keep it simple.

Although the thought of a deal may have been anathema early in this case, I wonder if family (and those hoping for justice for Ayla) would, by this time, welcome a plea deal should prosecutors consider a strong tactic against one of the Waterville three.

It can be done.  The idea of getting "one shot" at justice should not be taken as not even getting up to the plate to take a swing.

I am not of the school that no justice is better than missed justice; at least not in this case.

Even for the 'low information' juror,

how many single, unemployed fathers do you know who have taken out life insurance not for, but against only one of his children who then had her go "missing."?

Yeah, that's what State Farm investigators are asking each other.

It's not that complicated.  It can work.  They need to step up to the plate.

Trista Reynolds needs this, and the citizens of Maine, and people who love justice around the country are all watching and waiting.

Ayla Reynolds' name is best honored by bringing justice for her death.


Shelley said...


This would be great for analysis.

Too long to post as a comment but it's the transcript from the Rameys on Barbara Walters. Barbara asks a lot of point blank questions.

Shelley said...

There was an update on the Isabel Celis case. They are back on site. These were quotes from the parents.


BECKY: It’s a good thing.. It’s a thing that you know and you see them and you know that there are gonna.. they are trying um im hoping that what.. yah know that’s the thought that they are trying and trying to get what they need out of this and so it’s a positive but has a negative effect too, it does bring back the memories of the whole thing.

SERGIO: "We have a lot of questions that aren't answered, a lot of things that we wish we could just close the book on. But until then, there's so many things that are left so wide open. You know, they did so much digging right here right here, in our house, right here between me and Becky, into our family, you know, we have already been stripped away from our little daughter and we were violated all over again. And we're hoping that this time around maybe someone else can get the attention. And maybe that, you know, all that strength, and all that force, can go somewhere else and we can really get down to a lot of answers,"

Then it does not show on the video, but is quoted as Becky saying to Isabel (they also quoted the above part of Sergio’s statement and it was on the video and it was accurately quoted so I would assume these were the actual words used.

“Baby we're still looking for you, baby. Don't give up and don't give up here. We're still out here, looking. Don't give up. We haven't given up so we hope that she never does, either,"

Interesting… Sergio NEVER says he wants his daughter home. Just that he wants the attention off them.

Becky stumbles over words. Could be nerves for the camera. I do that. But she does not talk about Isabel as I would expect her too. And to say they are “still out here looking” I wish the reporters would ask “what have you done too search” cause I don’t believe they have done a thing

Shelley said...

This was well written Peter.

I do worry that you are right. People are "dumbing down".

We need more Juan Martinez's. To me he seemed to care more about justice that profit.

Sadly I worry this will not change.

Criminals are taking over. Partnering with LE leaving the innocent people at risk. Especially children.

It's frightening when the number of those able to get away with murder increases.

And like you have said, we are not talking always about the best and brightest.

Anonymous said...

It's a pity "the state"couldn't breed"lawyers/solicitors"etc whose sole aim was to "represent"babies/children in the same way the vampires "defend"obvious criminals such as ayla's "father".(Me)...can't sign in.

Lemon said...

"These are not mastermind criminals." - PH


Maggie said...

Peter, why don't they use the telegraphed messages as evidence? I believe Phoebe telegraphed "threats to the house". Justin's telegraphed messages could be used, legally, as very strong evidence against him.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with a lot of this. One thing I think you missed was our society's propensity to think everyone has a right to an opinion on everything and a right to express it. There is a sort of narcissistic element to people being online so much with pages devoted to the minutae of their lives. This to me is far worse of an influence than the education level/quality of jurors. You don't need formal education to listen to common sense. You don't need to have met an integral or digested a predicate. You do need to listen, consider different points of view, and apply common sense.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

A body has been found and a person detained by police searching for missing three-year-old Mikaeel Kular.

The body of a young boy was found in Fife shortly before midnight, police in Edinburgh told a press conference.

Mikaeel went missing from his home in the city on Wednesday night, prompting a major search.

Assistant Chief Constable Malcolm Graham said Mikaeel's family had been told and thanked rescue teams and the public for their "fantastic response".

ACC Graham added that the investigation was continuing.
'Fast-moving investigation'

Police had said Mikaeel disappeared after he was put to bed by his mother at their home in Ferry Gait Crescent at about 21:00 GMT on Wednesday.

Hundreds of volunteers from the community had joined emergency services in the search for the missing boy.

ACC Graham said: "The investigation into the disappearance of Mikaeel Kular has been wide ranging and fast moving.

"As a result of these inquiries I can confirm that we have recovered the body of a young boy in Fife shortly before midnight. We have informed the family and the investigation continues.

"A person has been detained in connection with the death.

"I would like to sincerely thank everyone who has shown such a fantastic response to the incident in terms of assisting the police with searches and in terms of our appeals for information and coming forward to assist with information.

"Without such vital assistance the police cannot do their job assisting those who live and work in our communities.

"As a result of this development clearly there will now be no requirement for any further help in relation to searches in the Drylaw area."

a woman has been detained identified as his mom.

According to some commentators, the children had been in care since sept and the police were aware, sit is also claimed she was leaving them home alone whilst she worked.

Mikaeel had apparantly not been seen at nursery since before christmas and in police reports they had widened the timeline from 9pm weds night to sometime previously. No one had reported seeing him that day or earlier.

I have posted on various forums that something changed that caused her to report him missing.
I said it could be the school since he had allegedly been off with a 'cold' and they were going to do a visit , CPS could have been called in to do a check, a family member such as his dad could have been due to visit, the nursery needed some kind of note from the doctor to say why he was off and that he would be returnng (especially given the scarcity of nursery places)

it was like Ayla reynolds who went missing after sleeping alone in a bedroom she normally shared with her cousin, here he went missing from his bedrooom he normally shared with his twin sister.

They haven't said if he was fresh or decomposed, given the length of time since he was last seen by a non family member i suspect he didn't die wednesday night when he went allegedly missing.

Anonymous said...

Tough going against those private sector counter parts, especially those classy solid surface tops, but good quality laminate can hold its own too.

Anonymous said...

had leg injuries, consistent with wrenching during diaper changing.
would those injuries also be the same from molestation/rape?

there was a trail of blood that was more than any of us knew, that was cleaned up by DiPietro, and no reasonable explanation was given.

Anonymous said...

1) I think I have afore mentioned that Phoebe has friends in high places. Don't rule out this possibility. Certain municipal employees exchange pay-back favors among themselves. I kid you not, these tentacles have far reaching affects.

2) The low benefit amount of the life insurance policy Justin took out on Aylas' life is a mere pittance in the scheme of things. Such a small amount, that I don't see how anybody could think this would be much of a motive to kill the baby. But I guess it could.

This ain't much money at all. But then, when you're dealing with a 'ner-do-well, weak-minded, low-mentality, unemployed dope head you could be dealing with just about anything that flies his stupid fancy at any given moment. This little piddly life insurance pay out wouldn't even last Justin a week. Wonder why he took out such a cheap benefit amount?

Anonymous said...

How could JustinDiPietro gain from the LIP if Ayla's body is not found? Will somebody explain this to me. Would he have to wait seven years until she is legally declared dead?
Not that I son't believe he is as guilty of sun of probably beating that poor baby to death! But I can't figure out why he would murder her for the LIP money.

Anonymous said...

IMO, I don't think Justin did murder Ayla for the life insurance money, although he may have had it in the back of his mind at the time he purchased the policy.

Remember, he had sent signals to Trista that Ayla might 'disappear' or be kidnapped. Dead give away that it was clearly on the idiots' mind. For such a small pittance of money? In his retard mind, she sure wasn't worth very much to him.

Obviously he killed her in a fit of uncontrollable rage and be damned with the life insurance payout. I doubt it was even on his mind at the time. Poor sweet baby Ayla had already shown abuse injuries on three separate occasions while under his care that we know about, then the 4th, when he fatally wounded her and with no way to conceal her blood evidence.

Any insurance policy claim he might have made even if he had not violently killed her, would have been investigated by State Farm investigators anyway, with suspicions directly on him since there had been signs of prior abuse on the baby. HENCE, had she not been beaten to death by him, had been hidden and kidnapping claimed, he would still have been unable to collect his claim.

He won't be able to claim it seven years from now either, after she has been declared dead, whether he is ever charged in her murder or not. All of the same abuse evidence against him still exists and there is no way State Farm will ever make any insurance pay out to Justin DiPuke. If he was ever planning to file an insurance claim, he shot his wad when he abused her and then killed her.

Anonymous said...

Of course a junkie killed his kid for insurance $ first, among other reasons. Only 25k? How much can an unemployed basement dwelling junkie afford to put up for life insurance when he's gotta get high every day? Not much. He wasn't trying to buy a house and car, just more heroin.

Anonymous said...

State waited for one of them to talk or a body, and now it's been too long. Are they guilty beyond a reasonable doubt? Three people present, who gets convicted? The other two being there gets any one of them a reasonable doubt, cause you don't know who did the deed. It sucks, but that's reality.

Sherlocked said...

Disclaimer: I am not pro-Trista or pro-Justin. My only interest in this case is Ayla - she looks much like my goddaughter with her features though most of all the toothy smile. I am officially 'on the fence' and open to any and all possibilities. I continue o hold on to the hope that Ayla is alive. As such, I've read much on the case. Unfortunately, there's little facts to be found in amongst much conjecture and hearsay being treated as 'truth' and all this does is create more questions for me.

I question the proposed motive of LIP. The reason? It doesn't fit the usual formula of a LIP murder. I've studied many murders that were done for LIP or collecting benefits on the death of another - such as cashing in on social security or pension checks. The results of my research - targets vary, usually the elderly and adults are used for LIP murders. Targets are usually found deceased on the scene - very few targets 'disappear', never to be found again when LIP is the motive. After all, payout does require a corpse or proof that the target is deceased. Less so when it's check fraud (Dorothea Punete comes to mind) or robbing a person blind and then murdering them (Belle Gunness).

LIP murders are typically done in such a way that's there is no question the target is dead. Really dead. The woman who is accused of shooting her son in the stroller for life insurance? Please forgive me for being direct: a shot baby is obvious, a missing child is not obvious. The theory holds little to no logic - even from a criminal's mind. Consider it - if you are mentally depraved enough to kill your own toddler to cash in, if you are THAT desperate for pennies - why wait so long with a time-consuming 'missing child' story when an 'accidental death' would result in a quicker payout? There's also the difference - people who kill for LIP generally do not say their target is still alive. Trista has said 'Ayla is dead'. Justin has not. If he was seeking money for her death, why wouldn't he be as certain and direct as Trista is? It's not as if his reputation is in trouble - it's already been slaughtered by people, after all or he fears to be a suspect. That's already the way it is. It has yet to be proven that Justin has benefitted at all by Ayla's disappearance. If you can provide some to validate this theory, that would be lovely.

Anonymous said...

SHerlocked: It has yet to be proven that Justin has benefitted at all by Ayla's disappearance. If you can provide some to validate this theory, that would be lovely.

How Justin may benefit by Ayla's disappearance:
1) no child support or medical support payments for the next 16 years
2) no immediate arrest for child abuse ending in fatality/murder
3) no more having to care for a crying toddler
4)eventual payout of LIP after she is declared dead, if no one is ever tried...
5)revenge against Trista served, will never be under her thumb again
6) he gets his mother Phoebe off his back, and on his side instead-instant family support and poor me status

Ivy said...

FYI, from a few days ago:

Anonymous said...

"This was a weak attempt to publicly split them,"
It was. They should have told two of the three are witholding information.

Anonymous said...

Emerald @ 1:58 and Sherlock @ 1:24; IMO, you are BOTH RIGHT; all except for your item #6, Emerald. Sure Justin had a lot to gain, but not in Aylas' death, other than it is likely that Phoebe was the one making the monthly payments on the LIP as well as his auto insurance.

Phoebe was already on Justins' side. SHE is the one who schemed Justins' snatching Ayla in the first place and set the wheels in motion for him to be able to get custody of Ayla, enabling him to stop paying support to Trista, also enabling him to get food stamps and other state assistance, plus Medicaid for himself & Ayla, while also claiming support from Trista or additional State aid support for Ayla. Having custody of Ayla would have been a real financial bonus for Justin.

ALSO, Phoebe lied right from the beginning and has helped him cover up little Aylas death. Therefore, your items #6 is in error. The rest I agree with, as I do with Sherlock in her analysis of the LI matter, etc.

Anonymous said...

Can someone do analysis on this? Man comes home from work and finds mother dead, calls 911 and the dispatcher hangs up on him.

I am not interested in the dispatcher hanging up. The quotes from the 911 call and the man seem off to me. So would any of you be willing to give analysis a shot on the caller's words?

“Please, my mom. I just got off work, and I think my mom is dead.”

“Man, I don't know. I just got off work. I just worked like 12 hours today, and my mom... I can't believe it!"

I know this is a limited sample, but to me it felt like alibi building.

Maggie said...

Anon @ 3:26--Yes, you are right. I believe Phoebe masterminded the whole thing, and in fact, there are linguistic indicators that she may have been the one who broke Ayla's arm. I also believe Derek Tudela was heavily involved in the plan. Justin was also very much involved and he is a child abuser. I believe Phoebe's evil mind knows all the details of what happened to Ayla. In fact, I believe she knows more than Justin.

Anonymous said...

Peter, as hard as this is to admit, you are right. We are ignorant. I worked as a clerk in a small police department. Part of my job was assisting the police put complaints together for the Prosecuting Attorney's office. The statements that were written would make me cringe. I suppose some of those people could be called to jury duty also. Sad

Anonymous said...

I figured y'all would have had this case solved for MSP by now.
What gives?

Maggie said...

I really think the main perpetrators in this case are Phoebe--Justin--Derek.

Unknown said...

Hi Sherlocked-

You are looking at Ayla's case as a straight-forward insurance killing. In that sense the motive does not seem to make sense, due to the obvious logical problems with filing.

I believe that Ayla's story goes something like this. Trista became pregnant with JDip's unwanted child. JDip wanted the baby aborted. Trista has Ayla and files for child support, and the whole Dip family is in on the hatred of Trista. JDip doesn't work, so if child support is to be paid, Pheobe will be the one coughing up the dough. The few times that Ayla spends any time with the Dips, she is injured..however when Trista goes to rehab JDip along with Pheobe (with the help of Karen Small) sieze custody of Ayla. Now the Dips call the shots. No child support to pay, benefits paid to the Dips, and Trista may even be forced to pay THEM support when she gets out of rehab.

The only problem...Ayla required care. JDip's self-absorbed, self pleasing lifestyle is interrupted by the presence of a toddler. A toddler JDip never wanted in the first place. Now when he is out of dope, and going through withdrawls, he still has to get out of bed to change diapers, and feed/care for Ayla. Being a 'father' to his other child, who he see's occasionally is much different than living with a toddler who you are 100% responsible for. As JDips resentment grows, the abuse escalates. Each time JDip struck out at Ayla, he was driven to be more forceful. The life insurance policy was a promise of an 'easy' windfall of money. When he shoved her out of his way, into a wall or on the stairs, in the back of his twisted mind he hopes that she will be badly hurt or killed, in a way that LOOKS accidental. He doesn't have a foolproof murder planned to collect on the LI policy, but it feeds his anger and violence on a subconcious level. If Ayla was gone he would be rid of the burden of parenthood, AND get money. It may seem like a small amount of money to us, especially to murder a child, but it's more than he has, AND more than he has ever had, considering he doesn't work, lives in Pheobes basement, and does drugs.

The day it happened, he likely didn't wake up thinking, "today I'm going to kill Ayla". It was just another day full of abuse. Ayla's arm was broken, and who knows what other injuries her little body was showing from the weeks of abuse. Trista took the first steps to end his control, filing for her custodial rights and responsibilities that day, so JDip is feeling the pressure. Not only does he not want to turn Ayla over, lose to Trista, lose monetary benefits, or face paying even partial child support...but Ayla's injuries may be the biggest problem. What will happen when Trista comes to get Ayla for a visit and she has injuries all over her. He will have a lot to answer for. No doubt JDip is stressed and under pressure.

Then Ayla does could have been anything a normal toddler does everyday. She whined, spilled a juice, vomited or made a mess in her diaper, and JDip lashed out forcefully in anger, and this time he killed her, or hurt her so badly that she couldn't be taken to the hospital without facing charges, due to the severity of her current and prior injuries. So JDip, (likely with the help of Pheobe, Elisha and Courtney) do what they must to protect their interest. They dispose of Ayla, drive to Portland to stash the dope and contraband that they have to get out of the house before the cops are called in, return home and call 911. At this point the LI policy is a forfeit. They aren't worried about collecting, they are just worried about staying out of jail. They think they can shift the blame to Trista and her family, and set out to do so with the help of their cronies.

The rest is history.

Anonymous said...

that is good write Jen
so most young single parents i know, dump their babies off on grandma and go party. so maybe it was the grandma that was doing the abusing? the dad's explanations for babies injuries not add up? maybe it was because he didnt cause them but it was the grandma that caused them.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

The mother of three-year-old Mikaeel Kular has been arrested and charged in connection with his death.

Rosdeep Kular is due to appear in court on Monday.

Her son's body was discovered in woodland near her former home in Kirkcaldy, Fife, early on Saturday, following a major search.

The discovery is understood to have been made on land surrounding a house in Kirkcaldy, Fife, which is owned by Mikaeel's aunt Pandeep Kular.

The body was removed from the scene at around 3pm on Saturday afternoon.

Police Scotland Assistant Chief Constable Malcolm Graham said: "During the course of today, the investigation into the disappearance of Mikaeel Kular has continued at pace

"Following formal identification, I can now confirm that a 33-year-old woman has been arrested and charged in connection with Mikaeel's death.

"The woman is expected to appear at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on Monday."

A memorial service is also taking place on Saturday night at Edinburgh's St Andrew's Muirhouse Parish Church.

Candles were given out at the door before the service, which was open only to the local community.

The family lived there for a time before moving to Edinburgh and neighbours remember Mikaeel and his twin sister playing on the steps.

Mikaeel was reported missing from his home in the Scottish capital on Thursday morning.

Hundreds of police officers from across the UK joined the search and lines of volunteers swept the local area, searching for clues about his disappearance.

Police were told that Mikaeel had not been seen since his mother put him to bed on Wednesday night.

On Friday evening ACC Graham revealed the boy had not attended nursery since before Christmas and said there were "grave concerns" for his safety.

Police Scotland are also investigating an offensive Twitter comment relating to the case, which originated in the Greater Manchester area and was reported by an Edinburgh resident.

Anonymous said...

I doubt the elusive grandma Phoebe spent much time caring for baby Ayla; therefore, wouldn't have been around much to be involved or responsible for her care. Phoebe worked a full time job, plus she had a close 'girlfriend' she spent moonlit nights with. Phoebe would have been the one primarily carting in the groceries and paying the bills on her sleep-overs.

Justin was pretty much on his own caring for Ayla and dragging her around hither and yon to his drug fests, with the jerk-her-around, dirty diapers and all, help of his lovin' girlfriend Courtney when she was there and Elisha when she was there, while poor little Ayla whined to be taken care of. Justin was the main one abusing this poor little helpless baby.

I look at her beautiful photos and all I want to do is pick her up and hold her. Such a breathtakingly beautiful child. I love her and don't know her. I wish she could have been mine. She would have never have had an addicted mother or an abusive father or suffered the first pain; would have known only pretty dresses, love & sweet kisses. I am so sad for Ayla.

Unknown said...

I'd say they all had a hand in abusing her. Anyone who would stand by, and stomach the abuse of a defenseless toddler is capable of anything. Also the Dips hatred of Trista is so intense, they probably all saw Ayla as 'bad' and flawed simply because she was Trista's daughter. It sickens me to imagine what she endured during her short life, at the hands of those half-witted neanderthals.

Anonymous said...

I'd have to agree with you Jen. You are right, how could anyone stand by and stomach the weeks of abuse of this precious toddler baby. Yes, they would be capable of anything; they've proved this by not coming forward for Ayla in her violent death.

How they could hate Trista so much as to abuse the baby for it is pure evil. I doubt the poor little helpless baby ever had a pain-free moment while she was in the DiPuke's home. We can thank Phoebe for that; she's the one who had her snatched up and brought there. Guilty conscience? None of them have one.

There wouldn't be anyone or anything that could stop me from helping to nail those who abused and murdered, knew, or watched this little angel being abused or murdered. It breaks my heart knowing what this baby suffered, with no one helping her and ignoring her pitiful cries until at last they stopped her cries. Anon @ 9:12...

Anonymous said...

MSP has to do something. Why don't they name their person of interests?
Why are they OK with the three adults witholding information from them?
They say their main focus is finding Ayla. But finding Ayla might never happen if they do only random and eliminating searches.
They have to start plan B. They should also add some new detectives to their team.
I respect their work, but it seems if they did not find answers after 2 years, they have to do something new, something different, try new roads.

Anonymous said...

Relese the 911 calls!

Anonymous said...

If this case becomes a cold case, isn't it open for a new team of investigators to handle it, and open to outside scrutiny by media and public? But if the status quo is maintained.. that LE is actively working on the case...then nothing about the investigation has to be open.

Anyway, that's what I gathered from reading. I'm sure each state has different laws.

Why weren't the three in the house arrested right after blood was found throughout the house and determned to be Ayla's? I don't get it. I suspect the investigation was bungled from the first, perhaps by the first responders. They won't do anything, now, without Ayla's body. But what on earth could it tell anyone after two years> That is, if Ayla's body was not swept out to sea immediately after whatever happened to her.

Anonymous said...

Jazzie said...

Justice delayed is justice denied.
For all who are silent know.
For they hold the truth in contempt.
Justice hides in the shadows.
The guilty are never free.
If not in this life, it will be
in another.
A promise
for Ayla.

Jazzie said...

Plea deal for Anthony Bennett:

Jazzie said...

Jazzie said...

"On June 21, 2012," the plea agreement reads, "when he was left alone with Carnel Chamberlain at the residence on Tomah Road, Bennett killed Carnel. Bennett acted with callous and wanton disregard for Carnel's life when he killed Carnel. In other words, Bennett killed Carnel with malice aforethought. After he killed Carnel, Bennett burned and partially buried his body in order to conceal what he had done."...

The plea agreement goes on to read: "The U.S. Attorney agrees that defendant has assisted the authorities … in the prosecution of defendant's own misconduct by timely notifying authorities of the intention to plead guilty, thereby permitting the government to avoid preparing for trial and permitting the government and the court to allocate their resources efficiently."

Assistant U.S. attorneys Roy R. Kranz and Craig F. Wininger signed off on the plea agreement.

In exchange for his plea, the prosecution has agreed to dismiss the other six counts against Bennett — assault resulting in substantial bodily injury and assault within special maritime or territorial jurisdiction be severed from counts of assault with a dangerous weapon, animal cruelty and two counts of tampering with a witness, victim or informant. Earlier in December, Ludington separated the first three counts from the latter trio."

Jazzie said...

"In other words, Bennett killed Carnel with malice aforethought."

Jazzie said...

Silence speaks volumes©

Shelley said...

I think the "right to remain silentl" needs to go away. Especially in a murder investigation.

I also think they should force the truth drug on those that still refuse to talk.

I am fed up with these murderers going free. It's not right and leaves them walking the street to do it again.

This world it seems that for so many, crime does pay. Think about the Mccanns and the Ramsey's. A book alone made them bank. And let's be honest, funds from those books did not go towards helping find their child or the murderer. Cause mom and dad know what happened.

It needs to stop being a world of protection for criminals.

And if you did nothing wrong, you have nothing to be afraid of.

The laws need to change.

Shelley said...

Just got a message after my last post "comment will be visible after approval". Thank you! No more crazy trolls posting over and over!!! No need to post... Just glad to see this.