Monday, January 27, 2014

Heather Elvis: Sibling Statement Analyzed

Statement Analysis in bold type.

The search for Heather Elvis is now in its second month, with no shortage of drama, yet a shortage of statements.

In spite of rumors surrounding the case of Heather Elvis' involvement with the married Sidney Moorer, it is only his wife who has spoken out, not Moorer himself. One report stated that Moorer had, at some point, either left his wife for Heather Elvis, or had planned to.

Tammy Moorer struck back harshly, not only buying into her husband's deception, but reserving her venom for the missing young woman, rather than her husband.

Police have not named Moorer a suspect, nor the co worker who was reportedly violent.

Last week, Heather's family held a vigil attended by over 100 people, greatly fearing that her name will be forgotten, even as their suffering continues.

Debbie Elvis:  
"It’s not getting easier, it’s harder.  When a crisis happens, once it’s done and it’s over you deal with it. You cope with it. You accept it. Time heals. This just keeps getting worse and worse and worse. There’s nothing to accept. There’s nothing to do but hang onto that hope and pray for her."
There are many ways to say something, but when someone says something in the negative, it carries a heavier weight.  
"It's not getting easier" is in the negative, making it a very important sentence.   Next we see the second person enter her language:
" deal with it...You cope with it.  You accept it.  "
The pronoun "you" is used, which can often be distancing language.  Yet here, it is not.  Here is why:
She said, "when a crisis happens" with the article, "a", making it any crisis and not this specific crisis.  This is universal language, that is, the word "you" applies to anyone going through "a" crisis.  
Her point is well taken:  if you or I experience a crisis, it will pass.  We deal with it, we cope, and we accept it.  We go through a process; universally so. 
She is using the second person pronoun "you" appropriately, as describing something universal to us all:  "a crisis."
She explains that a missing sibling is not universal, and it is not a normal crisis that one can deal with, cope, and accept.  There is no end; therefore, the passage of time is "not" (negative=important) getting easier.  It is (in the positive) getting worse because the inability to deal, cope and accept remains. 
She then returns to personal language:  "this", which is close ("that" is distancing).
Frustrated on where to search, she is left with attempting to hope and lastly, pray.  
This shows the uniqueness of a missing person and how it is not like other crisis that people in general face, and have the luxury of being able to fight, cope, deal, and eventually, accept. 
This language sounds similar to that to Terri Horman, even as years have passed.  
The sibling of Heather Elvis describes a pain that is not only increasing, but is void of resolution.  Even the worst toothache leaves the sufferer with the hope of getting medical intervention.  Here, in "this" case, every day gets worse.  


Anonymous said...

so....Billie Dunn all good then?

cctx said...

no, not all is good with billie dunn. she was a terrible mom who let her kids run wild, didn't keep tabs on them and could have cared less if Hailey made it to the little friends house. buying drugs and getting high after work is where her heart was. and keeping her love life on the front burner, and a few months down the road, flirting with married men and sexting them skanky pictures.

cctx said...

sound familiar?

Anonymous said...

never suspected the sister. but do think it's noteworthy that it's a good example of how innocent people speak with clarity and brevity .

& highlights how terry elvis still makes me uncomfortable/

TrishapatK said...

Did you mean to say "Terry Horman" at the end? I wondered if you meant Desiree ( Kyron's mother) or maybe Kaine Horman.

Anonymous said...

why does terry elvis never talk about concrete ways to identify heather such as tattoos -- & what she was wearing that night, etc.

he shows his "favorite" picture of her everyehere -- with her holding the family dog -- but you can barely see her face in it -- it's a way for him to show how he likes to remember her but not a practical way to get her FOUND asap. she's got a number of very prominent and disctint tattoos. seems the easiest way to identity her with greater efficiency, when there are a bazillion young women with long brown hair out there.

why does he never discuss the clothing she was last seen in -- this may be the outfit sombody spotted her in that night and didn't realize?

are these practical attempts to get her found - NOT the expected??

if I lost a puppy i wouldn't show my "favorite" pic of him that makes it hard to see his identifying marks -- I would show the most recent pic I had and then name identifying marks and plane and clear as possible. I would write poetry, i would get all the useful facts out. again and again -- that's the expected.

Anonymous said...

i wouldn't write poetry -- is what I meant to say. unless i just wanted sympathy and i didn't believe she would be found. so long as i thought she might be found -- i would stick to the most useful facts and repeat them over and over and not say anything else for distraction.

Anonymous said...

apparently there are some "false" texts out there from a fake Tammy saying Heather said hse was pregnant and Sidney went to meet her at doc. -- essentially the running theory. Terry elvis responded to this in his facebook page with utter certainty that those textx are false and telling whomever wrote them to contact him so he can help them not get arrested by police. …WHAT???
first of all -- why does he have that power.

second and more importantly …WHY is he crystal clear sure that those texts are fake. if he doesn't know what happened - shouldn't he not be sure those are fake??

Anonymous said...

here is the recent rant by terry elvis about a possible fake text featured in all voices.

tell me he doesn't sound nuts -- and not just because he's in a state of crisis.

WHY is he so sure those texts are false and baseless, etc. why is he so sure he's sure?? how can he rulethen out so seamlessly??

Anonymous said...

how is it possible that the loss of his child and false information are equally intollerable to him??

something is up.

the "false" information also mirrors what tons of people are suspecting -- yeah it's likely a fake text but it hardnly seems malicious against his camp -- if anything it helps to highlight who he thinks should be held accountable - and he himself said he didn't care what rules he broketo expose them.

WHY does this text make his so mad. what about all the other things being said on the internet? why does he respond like he does to that particular "fake" text saying heather told sidney she was pregnant and sidney met her down at the doc. WHY does this "prank" feel as intollerable as the loss of his daughter to terry elvis?

Anonymous said...

terry elvis's "sports" look like a little visual narrative that gives me the super creeps.

Maggie said...

Peter, I was reading an article last night and I think I saw the above quote in it. I think it may be Heather's mother's quote, not the sister's. I do get an innocent vibe off the mother.

Anonymous said...

Something feels "off" about Terry Elvis to me too. I'm not saying that he had anything to do with Heather's disappearance but... sorry.... there's a sleaze factor about him... I think there's wayyy more than meets the eye about the entire situation.

And if you truly believed someone was passing around faked text messages WHY would you ask them to contact you so you can HELP THEM stay out of jail?? That just makes absolutely no sense under any circumstances.

Lemon said...

~ gets out tin foil hat ~

Dani Kekoa said...

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