Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sidney Moorer: The Expected

Heather Elvis' twitter account is HERE.

Once upon a time, an angel and a devil fell in love. It did not end well.

Does it matter?

It might just matter if she described herself as "an angel" and a married man was described as "a devil."

The young woman has been missing for more than a month and salacious details have emerged including the drama of Tammy Moorer posting a response blaming Heather Elvis for having an affair with her husband, even while describing herself as in an "open marriage" or "non-traditional marriage."

Whatever description Mrs. Moorer uses, her posting is clear:  deception had existed between herself, and her husband, Sidney Moorer, who has not been interviewed by media to date, allowing us to analyze his words.  This, itself, causes us to pause.

Since Heather Elvis is missing, everything matters; everything is on the table.  Anything can give a possible hint of what happened to her, even as the investigation focuses upon the late phone calls made just prior to her going missing.

From the position of Statement Analysis, what is the "Expected" here?

Since Sidney Moorer is under a cloud of suspicion, and his wife has publicly spoken out, the expected is that Mr. Moorer would come out and issue a reliable denial:

1.  The pronoun "I"
2.  The past tense verb "didn't" or "did not"
3.  The event specific:  "cause Heather's disappearance" or "kill Heather..." and so on.

Instead, he appears comfortable allowing his wife to speak, in particular, to one who approved of her "lifestyle" which is, in and of itself, one of deceit, writing how Mrs. Moorer unfortunately lived in that pesky faith community which, is presupposed,  did not applaud their deceptive life style.

We don't care for her comfort level:  there is a young woman missing and information is needed.

Lying is behind a myriad of criminal activity.

We use Statement Analysis to screen out potential employees in business who lie in the application process for a simple reason:  liars will cause more trouble; liars will steal; liars will damage; liars will cause problems rather than fix problems.  Liars divide and do not unite.

Sidney Moorer needs to come out and speak plainly if he has no guilty knowledge of what happened to Heather.  Enough of the ugly details are out to sufficiently embarrass the couple.

It is expected for him to come out and give a reliable denial.  Statement Analysis deals with the unexpected.

It is not expected that he would remain silent, while his wife speaks for him.  Perhaps he took a page out of the Justin DiPietro book on manhood.


John Mc Gowan said...


High Peter,

iv'e always wondered, when people use lower case when writing a persons name for example, can this suggest that the person writing the name, does not feel the person they are writing about or to, deserve their respect thus not capitalizing their name?.

Anonymous said...

John, I can't answer for Peter and wouldn't even attempt too; but I have learned over the years that when a person uses only someones' last name in speaking of them, or to them, they generally do not like that person and have disdain for them.

Usually, they have such sour disdain for the person they are speaking of, that they cannot bring themselves to use the persons' first name in conversing about them. Interesting, huh?

John Mc Gowan said...
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John Mc Gowan said...

Hi Anon,

I get the surname thing especially if they have been addressing them previously using their christian name and then suddenly changed. We may then be able to look at what was said or done to warrant the change in the eyes of the person speaking.

When i was at school my teacher would call me John, however, if i was in trouble for xyz, then i would either get the full title John xyz and by my parents also or just my surname, and in past relationships too. lol.

I can't recall what article it was i read here, where Peter pointed out the lack off capitals, at least i think it was here?.

Anonymous said...

john i do that purposefully. some people i refuse to CAP to show i do not care about them and they are nobodies. other ties i am just typing fast or copying someone who used the name before. but take example, your name here, it is lower case, out of respect i type it the way you use it.

Anonymous said...

I don't get the feeling she was making a statement on behalf of her husband, at least not intentionally, but rather discussing her situation with another individual on facebook - and not realizing "everybody" would read it. She wrote it before there was wide spread media attention

Anonymous said...

thanks for analyizing this!

Anonymous said...

I agree Tammy didn't "do it". & I think she's turning a blind eye to the full nature of her husbands affair. And i agree it hurt/hurts her like hell and this is no doubt why, for now, she chooses to believe her husband's version - dulls the pain.

I don't for a seconf believe Sidney told Tammy whole story.

However -- there is a grey area -- that you've pointed out and I agree -- Does Tammy suspect her husband as is for now dancing around that suspicion and not answering what isn't directly asked of her. Does she know there is unnaccounted for time -- where her husband was not at her side that night/ next day. Or Did she even bare witness to something incriminating.

as it stands -- everybody still looks like potential villians in thise scenerio --- and it looks to me like it stll could have been a stranger/ or somebody ekse in her life we haven't been focussing on. she musta had casual contact with tons of creepy guys working as hostess in local bar,

Anonymous said...

need to find out who her pimp is

Anonymous said...

what about other ex mentioned in police statement

& who was Heather's drug dealer / connection?

Anonymous said...

I have a friend that has an open marriage, and well, I've never heard her nor her husband use bitter words like that to describe their 'flings'.

Anonymous said...

The people of interest is Sidney..and I believe that Tammy and her father William are also involved. They all know what happened. They each need to stop denying and lying. Its sickening.

Anonymous said...

The father has a violent criminal record as well as issues with civil court for medical bills. Look it up if you dont believe it. Perhaps he isn't so innocent. He is quick to point fingers and make accusations.

Anonymous said...

IMO I think they are both guilty. It's funny Heather's keys and phone are missing. That means she probably met someone she knew there, got in the car with them maybe only to find out his wife was hiding in the back seat or they were going elsewhere to be together but he took her to meet TM instead. Just my thoughts These two are GUILTY of something!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure either one of the Moorers are guilty. Wouldn't it be funny if they aren't after all of Terry Elvises' pointing the guilty finger at them?

It could have been a complete stranger or someone Heather had met from her place of employment. It could be any number of people. It could even be Terry Elvis for all we know.