Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Heather Elvis: 2 Arrests Interfering With Investigation



Two men have been arrested and charged in connection with interfering with the case involving the disappearance of Heather Elvis, Horry County Police said Tuesday afternoon.
William Christopher Barrett, age 52, and Garrett Ryan Starnes, age 25, both of Myrtle Beach, are facing charges of obstructing justice.
"During the course of the investigation, suspect (William) Barrett began posting misleading information on a social media site regarding the disappearance of Heather Elvis, which created a community reaction that diverted investigating officers," police said.

Actual fake tips can lead to arrests if officers who are paid to investigate, must investigate the deliberate tangent.  This is not a "good faith tip" but must show intent to deceive. 
It was also discovered that in an effort to conduct a separate investigation from law enforcement, he began questioning a witness in an attempt to gain confidential information about the law enforcement investigation, police said.
In addition, he conducted an independent search, where potential evidence was uncovered and did not immediately report it to law enforcement, police said. 
"Also during the investigation, (Garrett) Starnes fabricated misleading information regarding the disappearance of Heather Elvis and then relayed the false information to law enforcement," police said.
This information was then posted to a social media site, causing investigating officers to obtain legal process regarding the information which diverted them from legitimate leads, police said.
 Both suspects were taken to the J. Reuben Long Detention Center.


Anonymous said...

Well by golly, I guess that'll learn 'em! You can't go around manufacturing false evidence or making private searches and hiding evidence from LE or posting it on the interwebs. That'll git you some time in the pen.. haha. ha.

Anonymous said...

community reaction that diverted investigating officers

first off, anything posted on facebook is not a fact, it is opinions only. never believe anything posted to the internet. nothing on the internet should be allowed to be submitted to the courts as evidence for these reasons.
the fuktards who believed the shit and thought they were the first dumbass to believe it so they called LE to tip them and tie up LE resources, should be the ones arrested, it is their stupidity and total rtardnation that eefffed up LE.
besides LE should have been able to tell it was bullshit right away.
if LE thought they had a monopoly on questioning witnesses and gathering evidence then why the fuk didnt they do the eeefffing job? LE sounds like a bunch of whining pussies who suk and should just kill themselves.

Anonymous said...

sort of like erica's ham bone.

Anonymous said...

You know those guys did it to please terry elvis. hes been saying whatever it takes, dont care about consequences.

Anonymous said...

The police arresting them seems like bigger distraction than the obs fake texts

Anonymous said...

Imo only person hindering investigation by posting lots of useless stuff is terry

elf said...

Why? Why were they giving false information? Who are they anyways? My thought is perhaps they wanted to give false information to hinder the investigation because they have something to do with Heathers disappearance. Or maybe that's too obvious...

Anonymous said...

Um... did anybody look @ picks of these guys? They look SCARED. more scared than these tiny charges should make them. and one is "family friend". Who ever heard of it taking TWO men to post fake texts?........can we read beteeen lines and assume these guys are under suspicion for rape & murder? The one guy being family friend for 5 years could have. Been eyeing heather for as long and waiting till she was on her own out of dads house & in empty apartment. as for other guy - maybe first guy just needed the help.

Anonymous said...

of course They look SCARED, they just got taken in by the Gestapo.

soon we will be stoning children in the streets because their father stole a loaf of bread. how much farther are we going to let obama take us down to the level of a third world nation?