Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Amanda Knox' Boyfriend Writes Book

Amanda Knox thrown under the bus by former boyfriend?

Statement Analysis concluded that Amanda Knox was present for a sexual homicide.  Her language showed not only deception, but indication of sexual homicide itself.  She lied to police was convicted and then overturned.  Her family hired high powered Public Relations workers to flood the media with pro-Amanda information.   Statement Analysis gets to the truth, regardless of her legion of love lorn male supporters.   Knox is expected to make millions from her story. 

Raffaele Sollecito: 'I'm unsure where Amanda Knox was that night'

One of the former suspects in the murder of British student Meredith Kercher has revealed in a new book how his memory was 'poor' on the night in question.

Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito outside the rented house where 21-year-old British student Meredith Kercher was found dead.
Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito outside the rented house where 21-year-old British student Meredith Kercher was found dead. Photo: AP/Stefano Medici
It was one of the most sensational murder cases in years, a mystery with as many twists and turns as a detective novel. But less than a year after Amanda Knox was acquitted on appeal of the murder of her British flatmate Meredith Kercher, a new book by the American's former boyfriend again raises questions about where she was on the night of the murder.
Raffaele Sollecito - bespectacled, boyishly handsome and by his own admission "an incurable day dreamer" - fell for Miss Knox just a week before the pair were accused of the killing, for which they spent four years behind bars before both being cleared on appeal.
In Honour Bound: My Journey to Hell and Back with Amanda Knox, he questions whether she knew more about the murder than she revealed and also casts doubt on her key alibi – that on the night of the killing she was in his apartment, watching a film and making love.
Mr Sollecito, 28, who was acquitted of murder and sexual assault along with Miss Knox, 25, in a court in Perugia last October, concedes that his recollection of that night was hazy because he had smoked marijuana. And while he still insists that she was not capable of murder, he had doubts about the company she kept and wondered if she "knew something".
The couple became suspects almost as soon as 21-year-old Miss Kercher was found dead, with her throat cut, in the hillside cottage she shared with Miss Knox, on the morning of Nov 2, 2007.
Mr Sollecito, a computer studies graduate, chastises himself for having smoked so much marijuana that he could not give detectives a clear account of what he and his new girlfriend had been doing the night before.
"My poor memory seemed a ridiculous reason to throw me into an isolation cell and accuse me of involvement in the crime," he writes in the book, to be published by Simon & Schuster in the US on Tuesday.
"If the problem was with Amanda and the things she might or might not have done outside the house - assuming she left at all – why not focus the investigation on her?
"Maybe she knew something. Maybe there was something she hadn't told me. But please, I thought, leave me out of it."
Mr Sollecito goes on to insist that he "didn't believe for an instant she was capable of murder", but admits he had doubts about the friends that Miss Knox mixed with. Among her acquaintances was Rudy Guede, a local drifter and small-time drug dealer from the Ivory Coast, who is serving a 16-year jail sentence after being convicted of the murder of Miss Kercher in a separate trial.
The admission goes to the heart of one of the key points of the prosecution – that the couple could not give a convincing explanation of where they were that night and what they were doing.
Mr Sollecito acknowledges in the book that they had "no real alibi the night of November 1 except each other." He and Miss Knox were found guilty of sexual assault and murder at a trial in 2009 and sentenced to 25 years and 26 years respectively. But they had their convictions overturned after a judge and jury ruled that the proof against them was insufficient and the DNA evidence contaminated.
The book reveals Mr Sollecito's ambivalent and shifting relationship with Miss Knox, who was an undergraduate at the University of Washington in her home town of Seattle when she came to Perugia to study for a year.
At first, Mr Sollecito, from Bari in southern Italy, was clearly smitten with the vivacious American, whose teenage nickname of Foxy Knoxy came to haunt her as police and prosecutors became convinced that the murder was the result of a sex game gone wrong.
Four years later, however, after his acquittal and release from jail, his feelings for her had radically altered. As he planned to fly to Seattle for a reunion with Miss Knox last Christmas, the prospect of meeting her again "felt like a step back into the lion's den."
"I wasn't just nervous about setting eyes on her again," he writes. "I felt I was suffering from some sort of associative disorder, in which it became difficult for me to focus on my genuine and continuing fondness for Amanda without being overwhelmed by an instinctive, involuntary revulsion at everything the courts and the media had thrown at her."
Two competing recollections of Miss Knox jostled in his mind – "the real one, and the distorted, she-devil version I had read about and seen on television nonstop for four years".
They never did get back together, despite all the messages and presents exchanged in prison. Mr Sollecito has resumed his advanced computer science studies at Verona university and will this week promote his book in the US. In it, he complains bitterly about how the two of them were demonised by the police in the days and weeks after their arrest.
Miss Knox was portrayed as sex-obsessed after she candidly answered detective's questions about her previous sexual partners and police found sex aids in her wash bag.
Mr Sollecito claims the Perugia police tried to turn him against his lover, telling him he had "lost his head" for a woman of loose morals.
His family also joined the "anti-Amanda chorus", urging him to stop vouching for her with his statements, but he ignored them.
Attempts by police to depict him as a drug and pornography addict with a sinister interest in collecting knives were gross distortions of trivial elements of his life, he writes.
Investigators seized on his enthusiasm for Japanese manga comics as evidence of a violent nature, as they pieced together a lurid scenario – ultimately thrown out by the appeal court – in which he stabbed Miss Kercher in the neck during a drug-fuelled sex attack.
Mr Sollecito, whose father was a doctor and came from a well-to-family, describes his prison in Umbria as "like some weirdly dysfunctional high school", with rival clans and cliques: transsexuals, paedophiles, North Africans and Italians who stuck together by region.
He also relives the dramatic moment, at the end of their appeal in the medieval, frescoed courtroom in Perugia, when the judge announced that their convictions had been overturned. As he put it: "Our Italian adventure, one part love affair to 99 parts nightmare, was over at last," he wrote.
When they stopped at a motorway service station on the way home he asked at first for a Corona beer, but then realised what he really wanted was a Chupa Chups - a popular brand of children's lollipop. As he put it: "I realised I wanted something else, something to remind me of my childhood."
Summing up his ordeal, he says: "Neither Amanda Knox or I had anything to do with the crime but we came perilously close to spending the rest of our lives in prison because the authorities found it easier, and more convenient, to take advantage of our youth and inexperience than to mount a proper investigation."
The publication of Mr Sollecito's book is not the last word on the affair, however. Next March the Supreme Court in Italy will hear a prosecutor's appeal in the case, and Miss Knox is also writing her own account, having signed a book deal thought to be worth £2.5 million.


Florida said...

I haven't read this article as I don't have time now, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were BOTH involved in the murder of Meredith.

That doesn't mean to say that I 've made up my mind as to the boyfriends' guilt since I know so little about him; but IMO, you can never trust the memory of ANYONE who was high on pot or any other drug; nor can you trust what they might or might not do. Fla Anon

John Mc Gowan said...

Hi Peter

Is it possible for me to send you my first try at SA analysis and for you to look at it,i know you and heather are very busy,i would really appreciate it if you could, and send me feed back positive or negative.

PS.How do i email you if you accept.


Tania Cadogan said...

Since the prosecutors have appealed i wonder if anything he or knox write in their books can be used against them.
From those few words i see him distancing himself from knox which makes me think his family have been talking to him about the case and her specifically in order to minimise his role in the murder.
His family knows damn well when push comes to shove, knox is going to throw him under the bus in her book.

He admits histheir alibis are useless. They can only alibi each other and both were involved in the murder of Meredith Kercher.
He has inexorably linked them to each other so if one falls they take the other with them.

Knox's parents are not going to like what this book inplies and what the rest of us know, which is, their daughter is is a drug fueled sex-crazed murderer.

Her parents have spent million they don't have, even to making her grandmother spnd money she didn't have to the extent they practically bankrupted themselves to buy their daughter's freedom, buying top lawyers and favorable media reports to portray her as an innocent.

As far as i am aware there is no way to force their daughter to give any money she earns from her parents to her parents to repay the costs they incurred through buying her freedom.
I wonder , given what we know of knox, will she repay her parents what they spent so they don't end up bankrupt and homeless or will she say sod this and keep all the money herself.

If she does keep the money, i wonder what her family will do?
Will they still stand by her and support her as they have always done or will they realise what she is really like and walk away from her?

Knox is interested only in knox, her true character will come out, it always does.
One can only pretend to be what one is not for a short period of time, the will always be hints, leaks of the truth.

Lis said...

Very heavy drinking can cause blackout periods and a few drugs, such as PCP, can, as well. Marijuana? No, I don't think so.

The defense of "I can't remember" must be the next closest thing to a confession.

"Our Italian adventure, one part love affair to 99 parts nightmare" - I'd say that statement is accurate!

Anonymous said...

If he is still in Italy and the appeal is overturned by the Supreme Court in Italy, she is here and would not be extradited. However he could go back to jail, right?

Anonymous said...

Lis, no offense meant, but you are dead wrong.

I watched someone one night go completely beserk who had only been smoking pot and drinking beer. The next day he did NOT remember all that he had done, but I sure did. It wasn't pretty.

Anonymous said...

Peter, will you be analysing Katie Couric's interview with Sollecito? I understand a copy of it will be put up in a few hours time on http://truejustice.org/ee/index.php

Also, @anon at 10.56am: unless I've misunderstood her comment, I believe Lisa said that alcohol can cause blackouts.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 12:35; Lis was making an excuse for somking pot as if it can do no harm. IMO, there aren't any excuses, other than those that are made by current or former pot smokers. I know what she said and I know what I said.

The person I witnessed who went beserk after smoking pot and did one hell of a lot of physical damage as well as endangered the health and life of those around him, had been smoking pot on and off for two or three days, then had a few beers that evening just prior to his losing control.

Would he have gone nuts had he only had a few beers that evening (and without smoking the pot) after having only a few beers? The answer is no. Since I witnessed this episode, I have no doubt that it was the combination of the two, which I've seen many times before and I know how dangerous pot smoking can be, especially when used in combination with alcohol, which it most fequently IS.

In this case, this person did NOT remember most of what he had done the next day and only had slight recall when it was pointed out to him. Again, I was there and I KNOW what happened.

In the case of Amanda and her boyfriend, didn't they have one big fun-nighter of sex, smoking pot and drinking? Didn't the boyfriend also use q-tips to help clean the blood out of Amanda's ears and help her shampoo the blood out of her hair when they took a shower together? Then they both should shudder to think what they did whether they remember every little detail or not. Just where the hell did he think Amanda got the blood all over herself, in her ears and in her hair? And what about the blood he must have had on himself? To them it was just a fun evening of smoking a little pot and having sex.

Make no mistake; many studies have been performed on the use of pot that proves pot affects (and damages) the pituitary gland which affects the memory cells, both short term and long term. Studies have also been performed when using pot in combination with alcohol. I don't want to argue about it. Look up the affects for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Me too! They had no recollection at all. This person was pretty reserved and were VERY forward and wild. They had no idea they had been such a jerk!

CanadianGirl said...

I still don't understand their relationship. These two had only been dating for a little more than a week when Meredith was murdered. I certainly wouldn't put my freedom at jeopardy for someone I only knew for a couple weeks. I read the SA of Amanda's email of "events" and that is what convinced me that she had to have had some involvement with Meredith's death.

As for Raffaele, I still don't know what to think. I"m glad he's written a book and is doing an NBC interview. Hopefully SA of both of those mediums can be done and we'll get a better idea of how much he was involved.

It's interesting that marijuana only created memory loss for those most important and critical hours. The rest of their 24 hr time span they seem to have no trouble remembering!!!!

Anonymous said...

This biggest and most well known side effect of pot is short-term memory loss. Combine that with alcohol, and the stress of being accused with murder, it is no wonder neither of them remembered the next day what had happened. As has been noted, he didn't know Amanda all that well, and he didn't trust her friends at all. He could have lied and thrown them all under the bus, made a deal, and avoided any jail time. But he didn't.

MsCabinFever said...

HobNob or Peter, I have a question (unrelated to this article);
Has anyone ever done statement analysis on the West Memphis 3 or Damien Nichols specifically? They used to have all of the interviews, word for word, online.
It's one of those mysteries that has always really bothered me!

Shelley said...

I wonder if the books were written with their words or if they told someone else the story who then wrote the book.

If the latter is the case, then I would think SA could not be used to analyze. Since the person just relaying what they were told happened would not show deception.

I am curious and look forward to reading them. But that will be important.